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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  June 13, 2018 6:00am-6:58am PDT

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thank you for waking up with this on this wednesday morning, june 13. i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark. it was really hot yesterday. steve paulson is back. it is good to see you. it was t for you, pam. >>hot. cool it down a bit. >> no problem. we have a little bit of patchy fog that will not make too much of an impact. by tomorrow, i think it will be gone. there is a lot out there, it is not making much of an impact. some patchy fog, nice to mild to warm to hot, cooler coast and bay. some inland areas will cool down a bit. 66 and 53 or the average, we are pretty close. 91 in 1966 was a record high, 47 in 1896 was a record low.
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a little bit fog, a little patchy, but the bigger fog bank is out there. it is raring to go. it is needs a little help. it will start to get it as we iday and the weekend. 51, 52 and 53, the water temperatures continue to be really cool. bodega bay is 49 or 50. west-southwest at 16. it is picking up a little bit. 50s, 60s and 40s on the san mateo coast. can we find any 40s around the bay? we get close. 54 officially for the city, alameda 55 in el cerrito 54. observations in oakland 54, 52 and 55. this system will eventually drop in over the next few days. that will give us a bicool down. today is the leading edge. 60s, 70s and 90s inland. sal castendo had an issue earlier. >> we have a couple of issues, but right now we are looking at the general commute in the east bay. traffic is getting a little bit busier, but it is not a bad one on the eastshore freeway on 80 westbound coming in from the carquinez bridge to the maccarthur maze. it is 22 minutes. that is just slightbetter
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summer vacation season, but we might see -- barely disconto the bridge it looks good. you can see on 80 north and southbound it is a nice-looking drive passing oracle arena. we are looking at the south bay commute. we had that earlier accident northbound 101 at oakland road at 880. your alternates are pretty simple. you can use 85 to 87, if you want to do that. you can use 280, if you don't want to get on 101 at all. woul let's go back to the desk. we are following that developing story out of walnut creek this morning where an elderly man was killed and two other people were injured in an overnight house fire. it happened near ygnacio valley high school. ktvu alex savidge is on scene with what investigators are saying about what happened. >> reporter: an elderly couple
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and their adult son matt -- son were sleeping inside this two story home this morning when interrupted in flames. according to investigators, the son was able to help his mother get out the home. when he went back inde totry to rescue his father, the fire was to -- too content and he could not get to him. this started about 5:45 am here in walnut creek. when contra costa county firefighters got here, flames and thick smoke were pouring from this crewstreated the elderly woman and her adult son, who were already outside of the home, but of them suffering from smoke inhalation and other injuries. firefighters married -- made their way into this burning home and found the father on a second floor beoom. >> unfortunately, by the time we were able to gain access to the utterly male, he had suffered the consequences of
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>> reporter: that man may have been inside the me minutes before crews were able to get to him. investigators cannot say at this point whether smoke detectors were working inside this home. firefighters tell us it looks as though the fire started on the first floor the home. the cause is unclear. investigators are here at the sce trying to figure out how it started. the elderly man in this overnight fire has not been identified. we are told he is in his 70s. his wife and adult son remain hospitalized this morning with injuries. in november, california voters will decide of the state should be broken up into three separate states. that proposal just qualify for the november ballot. ktvu's allie rasmus joins us live in alameda. what would happen if voters say yes?
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>> reporter: the question all california voters will see this november and have to decide on is whether to split california into three separate states. i will show you a map of what the proposed boundaries of those three states would look like. under the ballot initiative, 40 counties from the bay area, sacramento north of the oregon border would be called north california. fresno to the san diego rder would be southern california. the coastline from monterey to los angeles would be simply california. adventure capitalist tim draper is backing this initiative. he tried to push a similar measure 2014 to split california into six states. that idea did not get enough signatures to get on the ballot. this latest proposals to split into three states did.
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if it passes, it g implications for california's rural and presidential elections. it would divide the electoral college votes into three. california would no longer be a guaranteed win in terms of its electoral college votes for democratic presidential candidate. approving a split of california, even if it is assedters would still when virginia and westvirginia split. that leads to our question , , you support the cal 3 initiative? 21% say yes, you do support it, 79% say no. let us know what you think by voting on our ktvu twitter page. you can also comment on our ktvu facebook page. we still don't know who will be san francisco's next mayor. london breed, the board of supervisors president, has a slim lead over former state senator, mark leno. the latest count shows london breed withof the vote.
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she only votes. the depames says there are only about 8000 male in and provisional ballots left to be counted. london breed's lead has been growing over the past tds -- the past few days. officials hope to finish the count by friday. today major effort is underway to protect san francisco's seawall. the singapore summit is now over, but did president trump strike a good deal? i am doug luzader in washington. i will have more reaction coming up. we do have slow traffic on some of the east bay commute. if you are on 680, once you make it out of pleasanton, it looks pretty . not too many changes but the coast and bay will cool down a bit today. we have patchy fog, but other warm forecast inland. with big changes by the weekend.
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on 2". president trump is back in washingtonhis morning, after his historic summit meeting at leader, kim jong un. you can read his tweet with me. just landed. a long trip, but everybody can
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feel much safer than the day i took office. there is no longer a nuclear threat from north korea. meeting with kim jong un was an interesting and very positive experience. rth korea has great potential for the future. doug luzader is joining live from washington to tell us what is next after that big summit in singapore. >> reporter: there is a lot of potential, but north korea's nuclear program remains in tact. thprocess of getting rid of it is the next goal. >> reporter: air force one touching down back in the united states this morning, just after dawn. president trump emerging with the wave. the long flight back of time for critics to pylon. was a historic summit with kim jong un worth it? did the u. s. e that the from potential nuclear catastrophe, his critics did not wait for his arril to time in. dent trump has seemed to given away two th major things kim jong un wanted. a meeting, flags next to each other, a delay of exercises wi
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getting anything in return. >> reporter: the decision to suspend military exercises with south korea hagenerated a great deal of attention. president trump says he wasn't crazy about the es to begin with. >> number one we save money, a lot. number two, it really is something that is much appreciated. >> reporter: was at too big of a concession? what kim jong un agreed to was to work toward dismantling his nuclear program, but no timelines or verifications >> north korea forces, 70% of them deployed on the dm that has to change if we are going to suspend our exercises. north korea has to make a corre >> reporter: we have now sethe that the president played for kim jong un during the sun, showing the potential for a wealthy and prosperous north korea if the agreement ultimately holds.
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>> reporter: it seems like something like a charm fast -- festival to win kim jong un over. will it be enough to hash out all the details involved in flushing out digreements? >> with all the analysts and the pundits talking about it, how soon will we know if the summit was really a success? >> reporter: we will probably have to hear more from secretary of state mike pompeo as he tries to work out these with north korean negotiators, to see if they can move along the path to getting the north to dismantle the program. >> very interesting. doug luzader live from washington. thank you. house republicans are
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making moves on the issue of immigration and daca. the house will vote next week on two immigration bills because the internal gop struggle. moderate and conservative conservatives could not agree what to do about dreamers. the hardliners do not want to give dreamers a path to citizenship. there will be a vote on that does not. one that has a children brought across the border illegally may be staying in tents on texas military bases. officials are considering what some are comparing to tent cities. many of the shelter facilities are maxed out. since april, the government hab guardians when s into america. many of them crossover illegally. in other news, let's check our commute.
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have you fixed everything on thco far, sal? >> we are trying to. we are looking at highway 24 because they were a couple of incidents. i told you about the car fire earlier. there was an accident westbound 24. fortunately, it has not charged -- caused major slowdowns but it will be slow in the area. as you head out toured the maccarthur maze, traffic is moving pretty well around the corner to the bay bridge toll plaza. you will see at the bay bridge, was backed up for a 15 to 20 minute delay before you make it onto the span. we have been looking at interstate 8 re in oakland. it is not a bad commute, it continues to move along well. northbound 101 san jose is still slow approaching 880. i would use a different route, if you can. 880 and 280 are good alternates. let's bring mr. steve paulson back in. good new what was hurricane bud. it went from a category 3 to a tropical storm. it is still moving toward cabo san lucas, but it will be considerably weaker by the time it moves in, probably in the next 24 hours. it is moving west-northwest
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about five miles per hour. it is not even a category one. it is a tropicalstorm. a of that moisture might be heading to arizonnew mexico by the weekend. temperatures are coulee dam. 91 in santa rosa dropping to 87. at the palo al airport it was 79. there is always a big difference. 96 in livermore yesterday, 91 today. still hot but down. e san jose will still be around 87 or so. the average is 70 in san jose. it was in 2000. 36 on this date in 1893. i don't see that happening again. there is your patchy fog down toward monterey bay and santa cruz. half moon bay is now reporting some low overcast skies and a
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brisk 45 degrees. the low cloud deck is out there and inching closer. it runs into a little too much resistance today but will be back in a big day -- big way tomorrow. temperatures are really cold at 51, 52 and 53. that plays into the fog. there is a system on its way, not much of a delta breeze, holding steady at 15 in travis. 40s for some, 50s for most with a-fib you 60s. santa cloy are 52. upper 40s for the santa cruz mountains. campbell is 51, santa clara is 55 degrees. this system will drop in from way down h. it will drop in here. asdoes, it could give us from t something to keep in mindinto early next our temperatures will pond -- plunge early tomorrow and then big time into the weekend. 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s for temperatures. the fog bank will come roaring
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in and a big cool down moves in for the weekend. it was a "dub nation celebratioto er there was achampagn we will look at some of the warriors big championship parade moments. >> the bay area has thousands of new electrical charging stations. we will tell you who is spending millions of dollars to install them.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". that joggers seen in a viral video trashing the belongings of a homeless man at lake merritt confrontation involving jogger. on a cell phone in lak merritt. within moments, this happened. >> hey! hey! are you out of your mind? are you out of your mind? - >>reporter: the man recording the video then screened. >> help me! >> reporter: o
6:22 am
heay stole the phone that matt nelson was using to record the confrontation. matt nelson said he suffered a mild concussion, scrapes and bruises and strained muscles. in this video, henry sintay is seen taking a homeless man's belongings and throwing them in the lake and in the trash pickup matt nelson asked henry sintay about what happened. >> what happened here? >> well, this guy has taken a permanent residence over here. >> reporter: matt nelson asked if henry sintay through things into the lake as some witnesses said he did. >> no. i cleaned it up. >> reporter: matt nelson asked henry sintay while he was remov lake. >> reporter: he chuckles momefore the struggle. oakland police arrested henry sintay on monday afternoon suspicion of robbery. on facebook, mnelsonsaid
6:23 am
of the incident, i am lieved one of the men who robbed and assaulted me has been taken into custody. he should be held accountable for his actions. while what happened to me was horrible, it does not begin to both -- to compare with the daily mistreatment with our neighbors who are in house, homeless or in shelter. prosecutors will review the case before deciding whether to follow -- file charges. it is convert. 9% of tesla's workforce will be laff. tesla's ceo, elon musk, made it official and say workers in fremont will not be affected. 3600 salaried tesla employees will be targeted. elon musk says the cuts are difficult but necessary. as tesla ramps up production on its model 3, companies are also -- the company is also trying to become profitable. >> he has this model 3 he is
6:24 am
trying to crank out in large numbwhile trying to become a mainstream car company. you can't afford to do that at a lost month after month after month. ot elon musk says the layoffs interfere with production goals and ys it does not involve refractory workers in fremont. it is another indication that the long antipated sales force bus plaza will open. it will begin this saturday. the bus lines incle the 38 geary. additional transit service including greyhound will be part of the second phase the summer. that is also an -- when the entire transit center will be open. it will be a four story high transportation hub located just off of marquette, serving travelers and commuters throughout the bay area. some d hamburger buns forestall in and out burgers -- in a now -- in and out burgers in texas to close.
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they were not a health risk, but it did not me quality standards for the company. all 37 restaurants in will reopen today. for the first time, an unmanned nasa planning -- plane was remotely piloted. there was no safety chase plane. it was equipped with avoid technologies. nasa says the flight is one step closer to normalizing unmanned aircraft operation in public airspace. mars is being blasted by a dust storm right now. later today, nasa will announce how the weather is affecting ongoing operations. in the past week, the storm has grown larger than north america and russia combined.
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the dust is turning day to night since last wednesday. the operator has -- the robot has been operating in crisis mot. hopefully, it will last a few more days, otherwise nasa could lose the mission because of that dust storm. the bay area will soonget 2000 electric vehicle charging locations. the bay quality management district approve a more than $6 million to pay for the new charging stations. they will be installed at 134 locations, including workplaces, schools, transportation hubs and apartment complexes. a local nonprofit solar energy company called grid alternatives also received's a grant to pick -- also received a grant to pay for the project. a $4.00 car registration fee part two go toward electric 1 vehicles in the bay area. the new street sweeper is rolling out today and a city ic
6:27 am
lane. i icis in the running to ho one of the biggest sporti events in the world. i will have more on thacoming up. you can see traffic is going to be busy if you are driving this morning and marianne ayers -- in many areas. traffic is busy. down toward cabo san there will still be a tropical storm paying a visit, but it is no longer hurricane. we have more on that coming up
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this is ktvu "mornings on 2". we would like you to go cabo san lucas this morning. good news. this is a live picture. the skies look gorgeous. the water looks nice. let's go. the good news is for people headed there, we have been talking about the storm that is rapidly decreasing in size. it is a tropical storm. it is expected to make landfall tomorrow. it is weakening rapidly. you will grain. if you are in cabo, a a bad thi
6:31 am
>> look at the waves rolling onto the beach. we need to be there. i am glad you're with us here. thank you for joining us here on "mornings on 2". it is wednesday, june 13. i am dave clark. >> i am pam cook. steve paulson has been tracking news. >> there will be a lot of rain, but it is now a tropical st not a hurricane. >> that is good news. t is heading in that direction. it went from a category 3 to a category 2 to a category 1, now it is less than 74 miles per hour winds so it is a tropical storm. it will continue to weaken as it slowly moves towards the north. a lot of that moisture will end up in arizona and north meck -- new mexico by the weekend. temperatures take a dip today, down five in san jose from yesterday. livermore, as well, 96 to 91. palo alto, 98 to 91. san francisco 71 yesterday will be 68 toda 54 is the average. we are darn close.
6:32 am
91 in 1966 was a rerdhigh. in napa, lots of sunshine with a breezy afternoon. it will not be as warm as yesterday. it depends on what part in the happy valley you are in, -- what part of napa valley your in. temperatures are on their way down big time tomorrow. we have a little bit of fog that is patchy. the san mateo coast and down toward monterey bay. that is where it will hang out. the big fog bank will move in later tonight and tomorrow we will have a major cold in. the water temperatures are really cold. they just need a little help and they will get.. west-southwe travis. occidental is 49, 58 in american candy -- american canyon. the fog is not on the coast but it gets pretty cold. the system will move in and drop back into the mountain ranges and settle over us for this weekend. there is a possibility for the higher elevations and parts of mendocino county in northern sacramento valley to get rain over the weekend.
6:33 am
it will be more of a shower in nature. keep that in mind over the next few days. if you are heading up in that direction, keep that in my. 60s, 70s, 80s and low 90s today. sal castendo has something on his plate? >> it is not quiet, but it is getting more crowded. we had a couple of incidents this is highway 4 on the good. approach to the willow pass grade. you can see the traffic will be okay if you're driving on the highway. i mentioned the richmond bridge and i can show you a nice picture. i went to give you that. the golden gate bridge looks good. let's talk t some of these
6:34 am
things steve mentioned. highway 24, we had a couple of incidents that cleared up. the maccarthur zeapproach, a 28 minute drive from the carquinez bridge to the maccarthur maze. that is not too bad, considering that a couple days last week we had a 60 nute drive time because of incidents. i will take 28 minutes if i had to choose. at the bay bridge we have a 15 to 20 minute delay before you make it onto the spam. we don't have anything reported on the actual bridge as you drive into san francisco. i checked in with public transit and no major delays systemwide on bart. let's go back to the desk. in walnut creek we have a sad story. a deadly house fire killed an elderly man, his wife and adult son were hurt and the fire. this happened early this morning near ygnacio valley gh school. thn's wife and son were found by firefighters on the front lawn. when that fire started, the man was able to get her out of the house. when he tried to save his father, the flames oo intense. firefighters found the elderly man on the second floor bedroom . by the time twere able to
6:35 am
pull him out, it was too late. authorities have not us his name. he was a man his 70s. the and son who were hurt weaken to john muir medical center with injuries that include smoke inhalation. the investigation continues into what happened in walnut creek. ktvu's alex savidge is on the story and will have a live report coming up at 7 am. this is something a lot of people are talking about this morning, a proposal to break up california into three separate states has qualified for the november ballot. venture capitaliststate into three separate states area incl the bay area and sacramento all the way up to the oregon border. southern california would run er of san diego with the its border with mexico. a strip of coastline here from l.a. to monterey would just be called california.
6:36 am
even if the measure passes, it would need congressional approval. the last time estate was divided was in 1863, when west virginia broke away from virginia. a 31-year-old man is now facing charges of murder. he knocked an 85-year-old man to the ground during a robbery in san francisco. than died. police say the man was running out of the store in north beach near columbus avenue about 4:00 last thursday when he knocked him into the ground. the man was taken to the hospital. he died on sunday. the suspect is due to be formally charged in court on the murder charge tomorrow. the santa clara county sheriff investigators are praising a woman for ghting off an attack in our home. the woman says her neighbor broke into her home north of gilroy sunday afternoon. she says he tried to remove her
6:37 am
clothing and attack her. ged to get away. she ran outside, but he tried to drag her back into the house. she escaped by fighting him off a second time and called 911. when deputies arrived at the house, they found the suspect hiding in a nearby drainage ditch. he was and now faces charges of kidnapping, burglary, falsimprisonment and assault. investigators are as anyone who saw or heard anything to contact them. for the second time in less than two weeks, a contra costa county jail inmate was found that. 52-year-old philip jacobson of antioch was found dead in a show at the martinez detention facility. it is believed he committed suicide. he was facing a charges of child molestation. last week, 74-year-old linda
6:38 am
thomas was found dead in her cell at the west contra costa ce also believe she ility in committed suicide. the coroner is investigating the death of jacobson. the da is independently reviewing both deaths. this morning, the city of san francisco will debut new street sweepers made specifically for protected bike lanes. the three new sweepers will be unveiled a am. the city will hold a demonstration of the special narrow sweepers on the northwest corner of market street octavia boulevard. they will put in place to help the city's protected bike lanes. they want to make it safer for cyclists. the san francisco board of supervisors has approved a $425 million bond measure for the november ballot in an effort to repair the city pa sewall. the three mile line wall runs from fisherman's wharf to mission creep.
6:39 am
it needs to be able to hold up to a strong earthquake and prevent a rising sea level from flooding the city. ennee worried it could slip without major repairs. the bond measure would cover 85% of the $500 million needed for the first of three repair phases. ci officials hope to supplement the bond funding was state and federal money. big news. for the first time since 1994, the world cup of soccer wears -- is coming back to the united states. north america won the bid tohos stadium being considered for this major soccer event. >> reporter: how would you like to see the world's best soccer ers here in santa clara? feet is including this as a possibility. officials are looking at the venue and the entire surrounding area. are the hotels? is there access to airports and training facilities? the u. s. won a combined bid with mexico and canada to bring the world cup to north america. it is the first time t three countries will split hosting
6:40 am
duties. 60 of the matches will take place in the united states. here's the moment the announcement was made and the impact it could have on these three countries. >> the member associations of canada, mexico and us 80have been selected by the faithful congress to hold the 2026 people world cup. thank you. >> this a huge, huge light, a beacon to go towards. this is a great day, not just for the sport of soccer, but for all three of these countries and a lot of countries around the world. th will make a lot of money, as you will say. >> officials are excited about the possibility of posting. coated the 49ers president has seen the stage for many
6:41 am
things and we are humbled to know we are preparing for the once-in-a-lifetime possibity of posting the people wop. unfortunately, the united states did not qualify this year, but it will get an automatic spen the u. s. ber, ktvu your home for the 2018 world cup . we will carry the soccer matches live right here on ktvu starting tomorrow. the first match pits russia against saudi arabia. the live coverage begins at 7 am. don't worry, you can still watch "mornings on 2", just switch over to ktvu plus. still no winner in the san francisco race for mayor. how many votes separate london breed and mark leno this morning. popular section of yosemite national park is due to reopen this week after being past three years. we will tell you how sing you can go to mariposa grove. e. we do have traffic that is full strength, in case you're wondering.
6:42 am
it is not a lighter than usual day on the richmond bridge approach. we have a little bit of fog near the santa cruz-monterey area. today looks nice. still want to hot inland, but colder for some. we will take a look at is wednesday temperatures coming up. make ross your destination for savings. you're looking for anie brands you love, this season's newest trends for a fraction of what you'd pay at department stores, ♪ you gotta go to ross
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street this morning. we have a little bit of a different picture today. the dow, nasdaq d p 500 are all up a little bit. here is a live look at the dow. new information about inflation coming in this morning and the federal reserve will talk about interest rates today. there is a lot to coming up. today we talk about the warriors and the big parade? hundreds of thousands of people lined the parade route for yesterday's warriors chamip parade. that is a great shot. the warriors were on open aired buses through the streets of oakland near lake merritt. then they hopped off the buses and partied with the fans up close and personal, celebrating the third nba championship in four years. the players and the coaches thanked all the fans for all of
6:46 am
their support and they hope to do it again next season. it won't be easy. >> it just gets tougher as you go along. some of the journey was a long one. >> it is great to be back here. >> that huge crowd soaked up the sun. the players were assigned to different buses, but many of them got off the buses and walked through the crowd to mingle with the fans. >> this is for you guys. this is what makes it so special to play in the bay areas in front of you fans and all of donation. we appreciate your support. we will try to get greedy and go get some more. >> and they get greedy? >> yes. >> the warriors announced they will reimburse the city of oakland for the cost of the paris. they will pay up to $1.2 million. bart wille right -- will announce the final ridership numbers ofeothat took public transportation to the parade. as of 3 pm yesterday afternoon there were 380,000 individual exits from the system.
6:47 am
that was 20,000 fewer than the saiod during last year's warrior parade. it was more than a typical tuesday. no word yet on whether the warriors will accept an invitation from democrats to visit capitol hill. house minority leader nancy pelosi posted this photo with congresswoman barbara lee wearing their warriors gear. pelosi tweeted she would be delighted to welcome the team to washington. president trump announced last week he would not invite the nba champions, whether it were the warriors of the cavaliers to the white house. both teams said they would turn down any white house invitation. >> i want to give a shout out to dave clark and pam cook. you guys are the best. you guys rock. you got my boy right here. they want to say what is up to you guys, to we want you guys every day. keep it up, guys.
6:48 am
>> i love to hear from you. plenty of warriors fans and channel 2 viewers. it was like "mornings on 2" fans were all up and down the parade route. we love it. i want to see more of it. let's watch it at trained to. we have a slideshow and more video . just go to . they grew up within blocks of each other and they got to be on the same bus with each other. they were honored to be together let's check happy to be wit too. coming up ? reported problem i
6:49 am
the bay area. we will focus on one proposed solutithe south bay, giving people who live in their vehicles a place to park worry free. who is creating the safe havens for those who say they have no rest ago. i took bart into the city with my dad last week. we were having one of those good father-daughter conversations but had to stop abruptly from the screeching that sometimes comes from the wheels on the trac it is deafening. what bart says it is halfway done with when it comes to making your ride a lot quieter and less cringe inducing and how it in a way involves reinventing the wheel. tooon was climbing a building in minnesota. course, the video has gone viral. >> there it is. that raccoon climbed 25 floors outside the ubs financial services building outside downtown st. paul, minnesota. the om is the
6:50 am
raccoon made it to the top about four hours ago. it just made it back down to the bottom. they captured it. the minnesota animal control set up traps at the top of the building, hoping the raccoon would eventually make its way to the roof, so they could capture it there and send it back to the wild. more than 70,000 people have been following this raccoon on twitter since his journey began. >> when i first saw the photo, i thought it was edible window. than we had video of that raccoon, the new superhero, climbing up the side of the building. >> hopefully he or she will be okay. >> he or she looked a little nervous sitting on that ledge. we have a lot to get to. highway 4 has been a le bit
6:51 am
slow this morning coming up to the willow pass grade. we have slow traffic waiting for you in 680 from about 242 heading to highway 24. highway 24 had a few earlier incidents. they have not caused a major delay. there is a little bit of slowing at lafayette and that is about all. thnd bridge approach is getting busy to the tollplaza. if you're going to the maccarthur maze from the carquinez bridge, it is a half hour drive to a 15 or 20 minute delay at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see 880 northbound past nor does my past oracle is not crowded just yet. let's bring in steve paulson with today's forecast. we have a little change coast and bay. good morning, south. >> good morning, steve. >> thank you very much. we have a little bit of fog down toward monterey and the san mateo coast, but not much. morning. over the weekend, we have a big cool down. we go from one extreme to the other. there is a little chill in the air this morning. it feels great. let's look and see what we have. 50s for many, 58 in moraga, 58
6:52 am
in black hawk. 64 in pittsburg upper 50s el cerrito and elsa brontk. 60s to 90s today, some fog around santa cruz. it will be nice to want to mild to hot, depending on your proximity to the coast. inland will drop three to five degrees. oakland we start off at 54 with lots of sunshine. we go to 76 today. you can see some of the fog down there. it is patchy but it will keep you on the cooler side. a big fog bank is inching closer but it is not here yet. 51 san francisco, half moon bay is 52. it continues to be cold water for us. it is holding steady southwest 16 at travis. nothing great, but it is holding. 50s on most of the temps. there are a few 50s. eventually this will settle in over northern california by the weekend. that could give some mountain shower activities there.
6:53 am
i think it is a little overdone, but fyi, it looks like not only a big changein the temperatures, but maybe some mountain thunderstorms as we head into the weekend. 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s today. most locations will drop a few degrees. some close to the bay will drop even more. the bigger cooldown starts thursday we really bring it down for the weekend. splitting california into three separate state the proposal you will get to vote on this november. getting through a backlog of rape kits in santa clara countythe money just approved to process 200 of those kits.
6:54 am
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ice cream inspired iced coffee is here at dunkin' in the flavors you love, cookie dough, pistachio and butter pecan. and now, enjoy any medium iced coffee for $1.50. america runs on dunk
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an agent to authority yesterday. 29-year-old chase bishop i in -- had a gun discharged someone in the leg. his gun falls to the ground. higher him went off when he picked it back up. a truck driver was arrested in texas last night after 55 suspected undocumented immigrants were found in the back of a big rig. several people inside of truck our young teenagers. some
6:57 am
of them were treated at nearby hospitals. the rest were taken to a detention center. san antonio's fire chf says they were fortunate the truck had air conditioning and water. >> this is a totally different outcome than what we had several months before where we had a tractor-trailer incident down south. we are only reporting five patients that are going to be transported tonight, and all of them are minor injuries. >> a year ago, 10 people died being illegally smuggled in the back of the truck. officials have not said yet where these people were from where they were going. pressure is mounting on the petaluma school district after a controversial decisia high school to turn off the microphone right in the middle of the valedictorians commencement speech. the 17-year-old says she was
6:58 am
sexually assaulted on campus when she was a freshman. in her graduation speech, her microphone was she was about t school district what she considered a lack of action by the administration. her supporters criticized the school board last night for the way they handled the situion. about 10,000 people have also signed an online petition calling for the principal to be removed. administrators say they followed policy to turn off the microphone when a student deviated from a scripted speech that was approved earlier by the school district. a board of supervisors voted to speed up the processing of rape kits. right now, it takes 94 days to prkit. supervisors hope to reduce that to 30 days. two new criminalist are going to be hired to help meet the goal.
6:59 am
testing the rape kits in a timely fashion is the most obvious way to demonstrate respect for those survivors. starting friday, you will be allowed again to visit one of the most popular attractions in yosemite national park. it will reopen friday morning at 9 am. the beautifuscenic area has been closed since july 2015 because of a restoration project. during that time, people walking or riding on horseback could still take a trail with only a small number of sequoias that could be seen. it will hopefully enhance the experience for visitors while at the same time preserving a natural wonder. good morning. an elderly man is dead, and his wife and adult son both hospitalized after an early morng house fire here in
7:00 am
walnut creek. this is ktvu mornings on 2. we will start your day with the future. construction is well underway on what is to do -- be the new chase center. it is the future home of your nba champions, the golden state warriors. they will be playing over at the chase center i believe starting in the 2020 nba season. it is wednesday, june 13. >> good morning to you. i am dave clark.


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