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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  June 14, 2018 12:00pm-1:30pm PDT

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>> announcer: ktvu fox 2 news at noon starts now. >> good afternoon, everyone. i'm mike mibach. >> i'm gasia mikaelian. let's begin in san francisco where london breed has laid out her plan for leading the city. >> she traveled to rosa parks elementary school and delivered her victory speech. leigh martinez joins us live with the story. leigh? >> it was a packed and incredibly enthusiastic crowd. people were jumping out of their seats multiple times. in her speech, london breed detailed her overall plan for the city, on multiple different topics. >> yes, i'm your mayor. >> reporter: mayor elect london breed gave her victory speech to a room full of friends and supporters. school board members, unions,
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and firefighters. she wants to tackle the city's 2% unemployment rate, build more housing, and wants to reform the mental health system. >> it's why i've been talking about safe ingestion sites. as mayor, i plan to make them a reality. and it's not just about making it easy for people to use drugs. it's about treatment on demand. it's about making sure people have a real chance. >> reporter: breed went on to say that she is focused on an educational platform. she thanked her teachers and neighbors for not giving up on her when she was a difficult child. breed said that she was encouraged to go to college at a young age when she didn't even know what college was. she is aware her story is the exception but not the norm for children in poverty. >> and as mayor, i want to
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change what is normal in this city. >> reporter: now, after her speech, she did take some questions from the audience. we did ask whether or not she has someone in mind for her appointment to the board of supervisors, the position. she said she would not. we asked about the top three priorities she has and she says right now there's so much that she needs to go over and there's a lot of things that she needs to look at. so yes, she is just getting started and very enthusiastic. >> thank you. alameda county, rejecting a ballot measure that would have great sales taxes to pay for early childhood education for low-income families. measure a received 66 .2% of the vote. just a hair below the two thirds majority it needed to pass. it was expected to generate $140 million annually, which would have been used to help low income families with
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preschool. the current d.a. has extended her lead to just over 50%. there is still about 10,000 ballots to count. this race goes to a runoff in november. humint east bay was damaged when a car crashed into it this morning. >> the driver had to be carefully removed from the vehicle and taken to the hospital. ktvu's christina is where it all happened. >> reporter: glenside drive is back open this hour. it was temporarily closed after that driver drove the car into a home here in lafayette and that driver had to be taken to the hospital. take a look at the damage. these were crews working to remove that car from inside the house. it happened around 8:00 this morning on the 600 block of glenside drive. we understand that the driver had to be extricated from the car and taken to the hospital.
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no word on their condition. at this hour, the owners of the home were home at the time. one of them told ktvu off- camera that it was stronger than any earthquake they've ever felt. this home is located on the corner and is uphill. authorities believe that speed is believed to have been a factor in this crash. neighbors say this road can be pretty tricky. >> people do drive pretty fast, going in opposite directions. you have to be very careful. about the speed, for sure. it's just odd that they were going so fast right around this corner. usually it's the other way, they are going very fast. >> and this is a look at the pictures that ktvu obtained from inside of the house. the owner again, telling our colleague, allie rasmus, that the back windows of the home were out. the car went through two
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bedrooms, a bathroom, and the living room. we do understand that engineers or crews had to go out there to check the structural safety of that home to make sure it was down. no word, though, on whether or not it's going to be read take at this moment. we have reached out to local authorities to try to get an update on the driver. we do know that they were taken to the hospital. gasia, mike? >> thank you. san francisco police officer was hit by a car yesterday. he is recovering at zuckerberg general hospital. the motorcycle officer was on- duty when he was hit. in the potrero hill neighborhood. the officer was rushed to zuckerberg san francisco general hospital. his condition has improved from critical to now serious. police say the woman who hit the officer stopped after the crash. police say there's -- they are still trying to do -- two -- determine the cause. police say a a crash
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happened in the northbound lanes north of coleman avenue in san jose. the motorcycle crashed just after 1 am. please don't know what led to the accident or if any other cars were involved. one of the men facing manslaughter charges for the ghost ship warehouse fire. the trial is scheduled to start july 16. he is asking to have his trial postponed until september at the earliest. here is's legal team says they need more time to complete their investigation. but the prosecutors along with harris's quote offender said they do not want the trial to be delayed. one woman was arrested in connection to two home invasion robberies that claimed the life of a man. authorities have been searching for amber since february. she and four men are accused of two violent home invasion robberies where the tide people
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up and shot two men, killing one of them, according to investigators. the other four suspects are in police custody. she was found in an addict of a home. cechmanek a sheriff deputies say they've made one of the biggest marijuana busts in the department's history. they rated a nursery and another business near highway 99 is the. they say they found as many as 18,000 marijuana plants. they also arrested 17 people and sees more than a dozen guns. investigators state marijuana busts follows an investigation that began nearly three years ago. oakland police art is getting a deadly shooting. this one happened just before 7:30 last night near 31st at martin luther king junior for -- boulevard. the victim is a man whose name has not been released. no arrests have been made and police have not released any information. about a possible motive. police in almeda are hoping this video leads to an arrest in a burglary case.
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it happened around 3 in the morning last thursday. the burglars can be seen running around the store, stealing several items before taking off. anyone with information about this case is asked to contact alameda police. is from alameda county health officials are reporting a number in the cases of whooping cough. the counties are 180 whooping cough cases. last year, the same time, there were 40 cases reported. health officials say 60% of the cases are among teenagers. whooping cough epidemics usually peek every 3-5 years. the last epidemic was 2014, when the really -- nearly 11,000 cases. the justice department slamming the fbi and its handling of the hillary clinton email investigation. up next, details of the new report that falls -- faults james comey for breaking protocol. you see there's a mix of sun and clouds. cooler weather
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♪ for the latest styles where you'll spend less. ♪ spring dress. ♪ ♪ you gotta go to ross. if you want to save big on dresses for every occasion, you gotta go to ross. an explosive to court for congress could be spelling
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trouble for the fbi and james comey. >> a probe into the hillary clinton email investigation has been released. as doug luzader reports, washington is bracing for its impact. >> reporter: this is going to be a massive report, about 500 pages or so. the early indications are there's going to be a lot of water for both democrats and -- fodder for both democrats and republicans. inspector general from the justice department spent a year and a half looking into how that nation's premier law- enforcement agency conducted the hillary clinton email investigation. those who have been following this are expecting a bombshell. >> i think it will be devastating to the higher echelons of the fbi. >> reporter: among those that could be facing trouble, former fbi director james comey, who overtime managed to anger both parties. the democrats were furious back in 2016 when comey excoriated than provincial candidate hillary clinton and those around her for their email practices. >> they were extremely careless
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in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information. >> reporter: comey declined to recommend charges. democrats were further angered by comey was announcement that the probe had reopened. former attorney general florida jet -- loretta lynch faced criticism for her unusual meeting with bill clinton. the president is likely to use the report to question the fbi's role in another investigation that the ongoing russia probe. this report is really not expecting to get into that issue. the inspector general cannot bring charges of his own. in theory, he can recommend them depending on what he's able to dig up. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. new york's attorney general is suing president trump, his family, and the trump foundation . prosecutors say the trump foundation engaged in eighth pattern of illegal self-dealing >> the attorney general says there was an, extensive unlawful political coordination
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between the foundation and the trump campaign. the lawsuit alleges the campaign manager directed the trump foundation to disburse funds in iowa ahead of the 2016 caucuses. under what is suing to dissolve the foundation. the attorney general also sent referral letters to the irs for possible violations of federal law. president trump took to twitter this morning to respond, saying the sleazy new york democrats and their now disgraced and run out of town attorney general eric schneiderman are doing everything they can to sue me on a foundation that took $18.8 million and gave out to charity more money than it took in. $19.2 million. i won't settle this case. the president goes on to say, schneiderman, who ran the lenten campaign in new york never had the guts to bring this ridiculous case, which lingered in the office for almost 2 years. now he resigned to his office in disgrace. the congressional baseball game
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between republicans and democrats will be played today. members from both parties will late in the game. this dates back to 1909. it was a year ago at a ballpark in alexandria, virginia, when congressman steve scalise, two capitol police officers, and others were hurt when a gunman started shooting at members of congress who are practicing for the congressional game. the gunman was killed in the firefight with police. congressman scalise returned to work in september and is expected to play in tonight's game. president trump was asked to attend tonight's game. the white house has not confirmed yet if the president will be there. police and germany have arrested a man who they say was planning an attack with a deadly toxin ricin. they say they found ricin in the apartment of a 29-year-old man. authorities say he produced the ricin using material he bought online. a and diplomats across asia are working to get an agreement with north korea. top american officials pushing to keep the korean
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nuclearization -- denuclearization process up and running. it's also defending president trump's statement that the north no longer poses a nuclear threat despite his admission that denuclearization could take years to make. >> it was with eyes wide open. it could be the case that our effort could not work. we are determined to set the conditions. >> reporter: the aftershock is being felt throughout asia. including japan stepping up efforts to set up their own meetings with kim jong-un. >> translator: meeting in person doesn't necessarily mean that we will resolve things. >> reporter: in the dmz, military talks between the north and s. taking pl., hoping to further de-escalate tensions across the border. a potential for peace after
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decades of war and emma not -- animosity. >> translator: i feel deeply moved by the fact that officials are facing each other. >> translator: i believe if we cooperate and jointly make efforts, we could make good results. >> reporter: another side, south korea's culture ministry is looking for ways to bring south korean tourists up to the north. in seoul, south korea, ktvu fox 2 news. some san francisco city workers are mourning the death of a plumber employed by the city's public utilities department. >> a car slid off a tow truck and hit her. as debora villalon reports, the woman leaves behind a little girl. >> trying to finish the job. >> reporter: a city crew worked on a project that was halted by agedy hours before. >> just doing our job. was talking to the neighbor. i talked to her this morning. she is a little hard worker. >> reporter: lilianna preciado was a city plumber fixing a
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leak, replacing some types when a car slipped off a tow truck and hit her. >> my car needs the transmission. that's why i called the tow truck. >> the owner of the car had been watching as the tow truck driver tried to hook her black buick up. but he was struggling with it. >> i don't think anything broke. he was trying to hook the hooks under my car. and my car slid backwards. >> the vehicle slipped. there were three construction workers, city workers who were working industry at the time. right when the vehicle slipped off the back. >> reporter: two other workers managed to avoid the runaway car on the hill. preciado was critically injured. >> she was talking all the way to the hospital. >> reporter: conscious at first, rushed to the hospital and into surgery. but she died at san francisco
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general. at the scene, preciado's crew upset, gathered her phone and her watch. >> we collected her longings. every time you touch it, the baby shows up. it's heart wrenching. >> reporter: this 35 year employee remembers close calls and injuries to workers on city streets but never a death. the standard practice is to position a dump truck to provide a buffer and protect workers. but this truck had been moved temporarily away from the trench to make room for the tow truck. coworkers describe lily preciado as always smiling, cheerful, a great person. >> heavy hearted. we lost one of our own. >> reporter: debora villalon, ktvu fox 2 news. hillsboro police are warning people to be aware of mountain lions. there been mountain lions spotted at three different areas in town this month, including spots in the middle of residential areas. three different trail cameras captured these pictures of a
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mountain lion. they could be the thing animals or different mountain lions. please advise people to keep small children and all pets close by when hiking, also to avoid going outside at dawn or dusk when the animals are most active. weatherwise, a lot of us are surprised seeing it as cool as it is out there. >> a lot of 60 throwing up on the temps. we will get two hours in just a second. the cooling trend has begun for us. we also have a tropical storm. thank goodness, not a hurricane. but it is moving toward cabo san lucas. beginning to move onshore. it has weakened considerably. it will be rain and some wind. they are not looking for any hurricane force guts -- gusts. into the baja area, gulf of california. it's going to start lifting toward arizona. hitting them with some pretty good rain. it's kind of hit or miss, a could be phoenix, tucson, then part of new mexico and colorado. all the way up to wyoming. it heads into the latter part
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of the weekend as well. for us, fog is there. i mean, there was a lot more this morning. now it's getting chewed up a little bit. san francisco south, part of the san mateo coast, just a little bit left on the santa cruz coast. look at the temperature difference compared to yesterday. fairfield down 10. livermore is down eight. 8 for napa as well. santa rosa is 11. cooler than yesterday. cooler pattern against. that's what happened. we topped out today. very warm on wednesday. we will continue to see this temperature go all the way down into the weekend. today is the date we get this any breeze. we will continue that cool air all the way into -- the key for us is when -- the mountains might be dealing with them thunderstorm activity. the keepers san francisco as well is the record high, which was set 103 on this date in 2000. 66, 53.
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water temps are really cold. the fog will be back tonight. there is an onshore breeze. onshore wind for some out to the delta. not as bad as this morning. 50s, 60s, 70s, and a couple of 80s. around the bay, we are seeing a lot of 60s. el torito 62. the city, 59. sacramento, send it. that tells you they've cooled off as well. the system is going to take into northern california over the next few days. warm and hot from yesterday. today, we are taking it out of here for most. watch the colder -- cool air flight in and take us into the weekend. if you're heading up to the mountains, sunday, monday, tuesday, shasta lassen, watch out for thunderstorm activity. that will be on the weekend. 60s, 70s, 80s. still some 90s. one more day. then i think we will go about five before we see those again. temperatures will be above average. they will sell into near average. -- settle into near average. by tomorrow, they will all be low you guys. we take that right into sunday. in a minute, the flame that -- plane that went into a
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stocks are mixed in wall street. you see the dow is down just 20 points after starting the session on the plus side. s&p and nasdaq are slightly higher. elon musk office boring company is digging into chicago. the city picked musk's firm. musk promises to take passengers to the airport in
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just 12 minutes using a new vacuum tunnel. battery-powered vehicles carrying up to 16 passengers would speed through tunnels at more than 100 miles an hour. chicago says no public funds will go to the project. the boring company has one year to develop the construction plan. one of the jets and expert delete lost altitude during a flight on sunday from los angeles to australia. similar to this plane here. it's about two hours into its flight. when it hit rough errors caused by a jet that was traveling 20 or so miles ahead of it. the airline says the jet dropped for about 10 seconds before it was steady again. no one on board was hurt. the plane was not damaged. target is removing a commercial father's day card from the shelves of 900 of its stores. the card says baby daddy on the front and you see a photo of an african-american couple kissing under those words. some shoppers were offended by
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this card. target sent out an apology and said it was all store guests to feel welcome and respected. target is removing the card. relief for students stuck with that from -- debt from corinthian colleges. dismissing millions of dollars of debt after that college closed its doors. an addict fire breaks out in the east bay. the quick action from cruise to put it out before it spread.
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state assembly on the floor expected to vote on a nearly $140 billion budget deal. the budget calls for increased funding for you see and csu systems. billions of dollars into the state's reserves. it calls for $500 million in emergency aid to local governments and nonprofit organizations to address homelessness. critics say the budget proposal would raise spending by 9%. inflation in the state is round 3%. critics also want more funding to expand medi-cal. windy conditions led to a challenging firefight in lafayette this morning. >> it happened at a home in the hills on the west side of 680. ktvu's allie rasmus has an update him what happened. >> the fire is out at his home in lafayette. the couple who lived here did
12:31 pm
get out safely. so did their pets and all firefighters were injured. but the home is heavily damaged by smoke and water. the contra costa county fire marshal says the fire started in an, electrical panels. it was burning mostly in the attic. the smoke alarms didn't go off right away. i spoke to one of the homeowners who says he and his wife heard a loud boom and that is fortunately what woke them up. they went to the garage to check it out and that's when he saw the garage filled with smoke. the fire started at 4:00 and was out about an hour later. the windy conditions this morning in the east bay hills did lead to some challenges for firefighters.. there was a lot of -- there was also a lot of smoke when we arrived. so visibility initially was a problem. the other problem with the winds was that we weren't sure whether or not the tree was going to pull the wire down, which would have made a live electrical wire on the ground. >> reporter: why the electrical panel caught fire is still
12:32 pm
under investigation. they will have to have an electrical engineer inspected. many homes in this area have those weatherheads that connect the wires from the street to the home. it's a good reminder to any homeowners who may have those to make sure the trees, tree limbs, any vegetation are trimmed back. in lafayette, allie rasmus, ktvu fox 2 news. sponges about an hour ago, the attorney general announced a $67 million settlement to help students of the now shuttered corinthian colleges. >> they were shut down amid allegations of fraud. the estate is helping former students who were misled by the school. >> california's attorney general says the former christians students were cheated when those schools suddenly shut down. in his office, he is working to get them all of their money back. today during a news conference in san francisco, xavier becerra announced the settlement with balboa student loan trust.
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the private company that holds the loans of for about 35,000 former corinthian students across california. under this agreement, all of the students will have 100% of their outstanding debt forgiven and the lender will immediately stop collection and delete any negative credit reporting for those students. corinthian colleges also known as everest college and wyotech were shut down after the courts ruled the for-profit chain of schools defrauded students by giving misleading data about post-graduation job placement rates and also pressuring many low-income students into taking out loans they would never be able to repay. >> corinthian was a auditory institution that now is shut down because of its fraudulent practices. drinking intentionally targeted low income, vulnerable individuals, folks like me who were first in the family to have a chance to go to a university or college. they did so and they did these
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things through deceptive and false advertisement. >> reporter: while this is certainly a victory for many students, california's department of justice is continuing to fight to get full debt relief for tens of thousands of drinking arose on the hook to repay their federal student loans. california last year filed suit against the federal department of education for failing to offer full loan forgiveness to those students, something that was being done under the obama administration but stopped when the trump administration took over. as for the students impacted by today's settlement, the attorney general says they will all be getting letters over the next few weeks letting them know they owe nothing. in san francisco, alex savidge, ktvu fox 2 news. san francisco police will hold a town hall meeting to tell is the latest on last saturday's officer involved shooting. police say officers chased the man downed -- down grant avenue.
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the suspect had life- threatening injuries but he is now expected to survive. court documents show he is facing gun charges as he resisted arrest. the suspect identified as 28- year-old oliver was also shot by police in 2012. in a separate incident. from the occlusive city of -- has approved its first ever development. >> people who lived there is a the bay area housing project is forcing it to change with the times. >> housing is in such demand. any little bit we can do to help, it's a good thing. >> 60 years ago, monte sereno has remained the quiet suburb. gate define many property lines as streetlights and sidewalks are scarce. all the houses are single family. >> the state has mandated a
12:36 pm
long time ago that housing shortage is a problem. and hence, the reason why they have all the requirements. >> reporter: the city council and asked the site -- annexed the site of hacienda inn. the owners propose building 21 market rate single family homes and 15 multifamily homes. which would be the first in a city -- the city's history. >> there are new units coming into the silicon valley area, which is something we desperately need these days. >> reporter: many residents desperate to keep the opulent enclave the way it has been since the giants moved west. multifamily homes would mean a big change in the land of single family dwellings. >> there are residents who aren't really happy with the ruling. my guess is there's going to be other people looking to reverse the decision. >> reporter: some feel the
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inevitability of change means it's best to make this move now. >>, sooner or later, they have to move someplace somewhere. that's the right place for me. >> reporter: jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. sausalito officials are kicking down on peopleliving in both. >> authorities safe and increase -- an increase in crime. >> reporter: people who live on both in varying conditions on richardson bay. the land on short maybe expensive, but for them, the water is free. this man is one of the people. >> i was paying a bunch of fees. i couldn't go to school.
12:38 pm
>> reporter: others just like that lifestyle. >> i don't want a roof over my head. i want to live under the stars. >> reporter: police estimate about 180 votes are in the area. while anchor outs are nothing new, the increase has led to problems on land and sea. >> boat burglaries, thefts from vessels, assaults upon the water and upon the waterfront. we thought environmental concerns where we started seeing dumping on the waterfront. >> reporter: some of those living on the both have no business being out there. >> you know what i mean. there's a lot of that kind of thing that goes on. >> there's always blows and storms the country. when you live there, people on there's -- there boats can go adrift or drake or be blown into another both. >> reporter: boats are not supposed to be out on the water
12:39 pm
unmoored for more than 72 hours. some boats are not see where the. they've been part of bridges and bait for decades. the city is in the process of developing a waterfront management plan to address the problem, some anchor outs have -- >> we are focusing on when debris vessels, which are vessels that are unseaworthy. we are looking for those who are a danger to themselves or others. >> reporter: they've taken 22 derelict notes avid water and they say it more are likely to follow. in sausalito, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. one of the world's biggest sporting events is now underway. we will hear from some bay area soccer stars. cooler weather has many people wondering, where did the sun go? steve paulson tells us when we will get a warm-up.
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the world cup is now underway in russia. with people from all over the country -- world, you will likely see a lot more jerseys and flags as people show their pride. >> the german is also a huge deal for local soccer players. >> world cup winners for a fourth time. >> reporter: as sporting events go, it doesn't get any bigger than this. >> biggest, greatest players play there. we will be there. >> reporter: it would be more amazing if the u.s. was actually participating. for american-born players, the disappointment level is, well -- >> right up there. >> i think as a fan, you know, growing up as a kid watching the crazy games in the last minute. donovan scoring. and watching those as a little kid makes it the toughest.
12:44 pm
>> reporter: the quakes are an international organization. which will make for a whole lot of fun over the next month. >> a lot of banter, a lot of trash talking. how it goes. a lot of, you know, patriotism. >> the guys will definitely sit put wagers on the game. smack. >> it's an opportunity to make jokes. it's going to be funny. >> reporter: it is fun and games , but series business as well. rooting interests run deep. who is going to win? >> switch olympics >> i'm rooting for sweden. meteorologist steve paulson; [:03] christina is; >> reporter: have you gotten guys on board? >> i don't think they would join my squad. >> i hope --
12:45 pm
>> right now, being the operative term. the hope is that come in 2020, the u.s. will be back aboard the train. >> we got four years ago. get ready for the next. >> reporter: scott reiss, ktvu fox 2 news. the stadium in san jose is hosting free world cup watch parties. every match will be shown on the stadium's large video board. free coffee will be available for fans who come for the earliest match of the day. some of those matches start at three clock in the morning our time. fans are encouraged to show support for her favorite team. there will be a prize for the best draft -- dressed van. fox sports coverage begins at 7 followed by morocco versus around at 8. -- iran at 8. we
12:46 pm
will continue to live stream all your morning news on this is a pretty big sports weekend on ktvu fox 2. we are showing that major tournament of the season, he was open. roy malcolm roy, both had a very rough day. tiger woods is playing his rounds right now. he last won the u.s. open 10 years ago. you can watch the coverage here on ktvu fox 2. this afternoon. it goes through 4:30. the 4 on 2 can be seen on ktvu plus. it's been a lot of us are hoping for a nice warm weekend for father's day. >> speaking of wind, it kind of looks like that's going to set up for us as well. it won't be bad father's day, but it was -- it's not going to be hot or anything. 60s and 70s. it's sunny out there.
12:47 pm
breezy to windy. highs, 60s, 70s, a few upper 80s, low 90s. sunny and breezy, cooler for most. sometimes this time of year, it can take another day or two to get areas like clear lake and vacaville the cool off. still some fog. we had a pretty good push this morning. water temps are very cold. there's enough that it's going down the coast, kind of holding on. san mateo coast, just off the city. it will be back tonight and tomorrow. because there's a developing system. the temperature change from now, compared to this time yesterday, double digits. fairfield is in there. santa rosa. concord, anywhere from 5 to 7. if you notice it's cooler, it is. that's the source of our cooled down. low is going to develop and drop in. this is the setting the stage for what could be a pretty wet pattern. also tahoe in truckee over the next 7-10 days. just be advised, people take off, go to the mountains.
12:48 pm
don't be surprised if this develops into a pretty good thunderstorm activity. 50s-80s. 84 in brentwood. a lot of 70s in between. water temps, really, really cold. 51-52. as long as that's there and we get a system coming in, we will get that fog and also a cooler pattern. the key, though, it will be over the weekend as that low sales in. 113 in phoenix yesterday. one of five. some of the cloud cover sneaking in. there's one right off of southern california that might give them rain as well as central california and the moisture coming up from tropical storm but. is that it drops into the warm and hot from the next couple of days it's on its way out of here. they are going into a cooler
12:49 pm
pattern. it will be cool and windy for us. shower activity and thunderstorm activity will be popping up in the mountains sunday into early next week. 60's, 70s, and 80s. most locations are on their way down. everyone will join that party tomorrow to take us into the weekend. >> thank you. >> any time. a new report from uc davis shows the water clarity of lake tahoe is now at its lowest point ever seen. >> there are several reasons for the decrease including the recent heavy rain. >> reporter: lake tahoe is known for its blue waters. it's the jewel of the high sierra that attracts visitors from all over the world. scientists at the uc davis tahoe environmental research center measured lake claire the last year and chose 59.7 feet. >> clarity in lake tahoe is now at its lowest point ever recorded. >> reporter: uc davis professor jeff called the low 30 levels the perfect storm of nature. resulting from five years of drought followed by record rain >> large volumes of sediment into the lake. >> the ending of the most severe drought we've had in 1500 years was the last winter we had ever
12:50 pm
recorded in this region. >> reporter: the findings are a concern for environmental groups. >> we were expecting the clarity to take a hit. >> reporter: they manage growth and development on the lake, including construction now under way along the north shore. it's working to reduce runoff. >> reduce the amount of erosion, the amount of sediment coming from them into the lake. restoring meadows and wetlands that act as natural filters. >> somebody needs to grab the princess -- >> reporter: being able to see deep into the waters is one of the reasons why they are here. >> we need to keep it clean. we need to keep it clear. my kids' kids need to come here. >> reporter: a much brighter picture here with lake claire did not rising to about 65 feet. an indication, they say, lake tahoe is recovering naturally. mike luery.
12:51 pm
meghan markle makes her first appearance with queen elizabeth without her husband, prince harry. more on what the two did during their trip.
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meghan markle is wrapping up her outing with the queen on her first real trip without prince harry. new duchess of sussex traveled to northwest england for a day of public engagements. children from the school put on a performance of for the roads. the queen then unveiled a commemorative plaque to mark the opening of a bridge. this was the first time markle has been without her prince in public since her wedding last month. >> it's week two of the fox show the fourth battle for stardom -- "the four: battle for stardom". >> reporter: the four contestant who made it through
12:54 pm
week one had to fight to keep those chairs. >> song choice is so key. it's literally the make or break. >> i think it's more about focusing about you, your craft, your performance and give it your all. >> reporter: they know it's good to also estate positive. >> if you want to give up, you are in the wrong industry. this is what it's all about. there's a lot of heartbreak and sadness before you reach the good. >> reporter:. he says being adaptable is important. >> we are all still learning. social media has brought such an entirely new aspect to not only the music business but every type of ms. this. did he is so great at that and i'm in our watching what he does and tallied -- dj khaled and making as well. sometimes i'm a little more
12:55 pm
shy, but i'm getting out of there. and pushing myself. >> reporter: daddy says another tip is to stay genuine. >> looking for an artist, i'm looking for an artist. i'm not just looking for someone to sing a hit record that somebody else wrote. i want to make an artist that's going to be around here, following the footsteps of all the artist that i've worked with. >> reporter: fox news. >> you will see "the four: battle for stardom" at 8:00 right here on ktvu fox 2. after that, it's the 10 and 11:00 news. as we reported earlier, whooping cough is on the rise. up nearly 400%. >> we are going to speak with officials from the health department to learn the reasons behind the increase and really what you can do to keep children in your life safe. that is today on the 4 on 2. a couple minutes away from the closing bell. the dow jones started the day
12:56 pm
off in the positive. as you can see how does here, down 31 points or so. a positive day. up 61 points. a ghost town is up for sale. it's called cerro gordo. the ghost town and mining site came with 22 buildings on the site including a historic hotel, saloons, chapel, and eighth museum. -- a museum. they hope to sell it to someone who wants to preserve its history. >> i'm intrigued. i don't quite have the capital. >> maybe $1 million? still to come, fox's coverage of america's golf championship against in just 30 minutes. >> before that, coming up next, jason appelbaum gives us a look at back. you were there at the warriors victory parade. two days ago.
12:57 pm
jason has that and the highlights once again for you coming up next.
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
1:00 pm
it has been a great week for bay area sports fans. a week ago, the warriors wonder third championship and for we -- in 4 years. hello, everybody. the u.s. open coverage will begin in about a half hour right here on ktvu. until then, we are going to take a look back at the warriors big celebration.
1:01 pm
it was a picture-perfect day. the sun was shining and the crowd was excited. if you missed it, or even if you were there for the parade, we will show you the best moments of this year's championship parade. >> golden gate bridge -- steph curry got off the bus. of course, you came here to see everything, but look at these lucky fans. >> you know, you have been out to a warriors game. you have covered steph curry , and you have seen them in person. for fans who maybe can't even afford to go to a game, i mean this is incredible for a 2 time mvp and three-time champ to get down off of the bus.
1:02 pm
he is really amongst the crowd right now. this is a particular thrill for fans who just don't walk up and see steph curry every day. >> it was one big party out there. without a doubt, the big thing of the paradewas players interacting with the fans. that was by design. the other theme, champagne, and lots of it. if you were in the crowd, i am guessing you spelled it. on a hot day, it may be felt good and a little bit sticky. according to reports, this is unbelievable. the warriors spent $500,000 on bubbly during the parade. add to that the 600 bottles of high end bubbly they celebrated with in the rocker room -- in
1:03 pm
the locker room in cleveland, you are talking $1 million worth of booze. with so many courts to pop, you are bound to have maybe an malfunction or two. kevin took so long to pop this court, we put a clock on it. if you are at home and you are wondering how to pop champagne, typically you hold the court and twist the bottle. that is the key. he finally from the back gets a little help from a friend that says let me loosen it up for you a little bit and get it going. he says i got it. he says no, i am going to help you out a little bit. let me loosen it a little bit so that i can get right imposition for you. use your thumb and give me a pop here. 36 seconds, ladies and gentlemen. kb pops the champagne on the bubbly. champagne is not the only beverage consumed in the parade. in fact, rookie jordan bell,
1:04 pm
you know, he prefers hennessy, but he runs out. he says i don't have any. oh, you have got some hennessy, come on up. come on up and film -- and fill my cup. jordan gets off of the diver does not the double-decker bus and runs into the crowd. he says i am going to jump over the barricade and find my guy. now, some people are saying this wasn't a really good look, and that may be. jordan is 23 years old, he is living in the moment. he is being real to himself, next year if they win again, he may react a little bit differently, but i like that bell finds this kid in the crowd afterwards and give him a nice big hug. it was about players interacting with the fans. great, great great time out
1:05 pm
there in oakland. it wasn't just fans and the team that had a great time, some of our anchors and reporters got into the celebrating mood as well. >> all right. that was a little champagne shower for the crowd. >> it is all love and all positivity. you know how it goes. >> don't ever forget. y'all are a part of the locker room. >> thank you for coming out and supporting us and showing the love that you guys are showing all season not only today. we really appreciate it. that really drives us. >> awesome. they are having a lot of fun. but before you came to us, they shook up at champagne, shot it into the ground, and as you can see, i said you are going to
1:06 pm
stay on that bus, and he said oh no, we were not going to stay on that bus. >> you came up to his shoulder, not even his shoulder. >> i know, i know. >> mcgee quickly became a fan favorite. he was so valuable to the warriors down the stretch. i really love seeing the guys get off the bus. this is what the fans really want to see. >> it feels good. >> nick young. >> what about this crowd? what does this mean to you? >> it is the best thing ever. >> i love when they get off. it is just nothing better than that. >> good job, mike.
1:07 pm
>> is this the way you are supposed to open a bottle of champagne? >> i have a feeling -- i am drinking martinelli, but i think the champagne is going to flow here in a second. we have seen pictures of a champagne filled bathtub. truly, the celebration started friday evening, even before the game itself was over. >> i wonder is joe close enough to get any of this champagne sprayed on him. >> if he is in any range of champagne, he will be there. >> good analysis. no, i am not close enough. i have been sprayed with it before when you're in the locker rooms and you kind of get the overspray. there is a reason why the guys wore goggles, because that stings when you get in your eyes. they like to space out, and i am sure you saw the ownership
1:08 pm
that just went by. they like to space out those double-decker buses with the players. mcgee, jones, and nick young were on the bus together. the coaching staff is the next one out. they said to heck with this, we are going to get down in the crowd and start mixing it up with the folks. that is what you saw kind of at the tail end of that. we are at the corner of 11th and broadway. the marriott hotel is the warriors team headquarters. they said to heck with waiting, we are going to get down and mix it up with all of the folks. that was a kind of a fun dynamic to see the guys slapping high-fives with all of the fans. unfortunately no, i am not close enough to get sprayed with champagne. it would feel really good right now if that were to happen. >> you saw it and you heard it. the players getting off of the
1:09 pm
buses and interacting was the biggest change. this year, that was different. the other thing that was a little bit different about this one was the end of rock celebration. coming up next, the interview with the players before they boarded the buses to head out on the parade route. click --
1:10 pm
1:11 pm
this is hard to believe,
1:12 pm
but for steve kerr, this is his eighth championship celebration. he won three more as a head coach. it was 21 years ago almost to the day that kerr hit the game winning shot to clinch the 1997 championship. after the bulls game, this is how he remembered the final moments of that game. >> when we called timeout with 25 seconds to go, we went into the huddle. phil told michael that i want to take the last shot. michael said you know, phil, i don't feel real comfortable in these situations. maybe we ought to go in another direction. why don't we go to steve? >> so, i thought to myself well, i guess i have to bail michael out again.
1:13 pm
>> the shot went in, and that is my story, and i'm sticking to it. >> nothing but net, and he hasn't changed one bit. the same dry sarcasm and his ultimate belief in himself. this week's parade was different from the past. there was no big rally at the end, but the team did take a much smaller stage before the parade even started. >> how was this year different from the two previous? everybody has talked about how difficult it was obviously getting you back from injury. yet still, you came together at the right time. how did this year have a different feel? >> i mean, pretty much described every part of the journey with the injuries, the challenge of tryg to motivate yourself and get hyped chasing a trophy. we have amazing iq guys with
1:14 pm
great chemistry. when the lights are bright, we show up, and it all kind of came together at the right time down the stretch of the playoffs. now, we are here celebrating another championship. it was a special year, for sure. >> for klay thompson, the line of the season was i never used your ankle so much. you said you did not want to miss anything. you wanted to continue to play with these guys. what will you remember from this year? >> just the journey. i will remember the downs more, honestly, just because they made the victory that must sweeter this meant that much sweeter. -- victory that much sweeter. the journey was long.
1:15 pm
it has been like i blurt these last four years, but if you end up with this every time, you can't complain. >> you and klay always had the unbreakable confidence in shooting. no matter what happened on the prior shot, you are going to take the next shot. what was it within the team that had the inner belief that you are going to get it done? >> i mean, we usually respond when our backs are against the wall. that was a situation that we have not been in. to have to win two in a row without having a home-court advantage, we had so much confidence in ourselves that we could turn it around, and obviously, we did it.
1:16 pm
so, like klay said, all of the work that you put into it in the blood, sweat, and tears that you leave out on the floor during the regular season, training camp, and the playoffs all shows up at the right time. that is what happened. >> you have said you want to be known as one of the ultimate winners. i came up with a little number for you. 4200 guys play nba basketball. 73 has won three championships or more. that is less than 2%. five of those 73 dues are golden state warriors, and you are one of them. >> that is pretty special. that is pretty good. i have a lot of defensive breakdowns out there thinking about myself. you know, these guys cover up for me, so i can't act like it is just me out there making everything go. we all work out together, and you know, that is how our defense is so great. >> kevin, you talked about year number two being different than number one.
1:17 pm
how does it feel like someone releasing a second album after a megahit the first time around. >> like klay said, i think it is the journey being around these guys every day. i see my family, so i feel like we built a nice bond over the last few years. it is only getting stronger and stronger, and it shows on the basketball court. from bus rides, to shoot around and breakfast meetings, that is the best part of the year. to get here just it all off. it is a special year getting to know each and every one of my teammates even better. >> it is hard to ask an elite player what is the best game you have ever played. we think about in the finals, your splash brothers are hurting in the game and you need scoring, so you kick in 43. green needs
1:18 pm
help, you just grab 13, a need some assist, so you crank out and dish out 8. is that the greatest game you have ever played in your life? >> it was a fun game. i felt like we just helped each other do everything. you know, when guys are not making shots, you just pick it up in other areas. we defended, we rebounded as one. i didn't box out every time. they allowed us to come in there and get rebounds, so think we did everything together. we were able to walk out of there with the ew. -- with a w. >> it is now happening so many times that is the new normal.
1:19 pm
for four straight years, the warriors have played for almost 2 months after the majority of the nba has gone home for the off-season. three championships in four years guarantees not just comparisons to great nba teams of the past, but also to dominant eras in all pro sports. the mention of the dword, dynasty. >> honestly when i hear that, for me, a more appropriate reaction is the 49ers. that was the dynasty i grew up watching. these things are hard to measure in the present. maybe that is my own problem. i don't get mad at people want to say that. >> do you consider your warriors a dynasty and where you rank your team amongst the greatest of all time? >> have no idea. it is not for me to answer that question. i does know what we have been able to accomplish is really meaningful. it is something that not many players have been able to experience.
1:20 pm
we will have plenty of time in our lives to discuss that later. i want to keep this thing going as long as we can. >> maybe steph curry can put it in perspective. he won five championships as a player and a three now as a coach. >> i was only a part of the last three years, but winning three out of four is not easy. >> it brings us to what now has become an annual question. what do the warriors do for an encore? >> it started four years ago. what is exciting is the realization and thought that we are young enough to where we can keep competing for the next few years, and we hope to do so. >> 29 other nba teams will try to do that from happening. warrior fans should appreciate that what we are witnessing for what you call it a dynasty or any other name, doesn't come along very often. >> yeah, you really have to soak it all in. we will be right back. n:3:3:3
1:21 pm
1:22 pm
1:23 pm
the parade and celebration is not just about the players. it is really all about the fans. >> is an absolute party. there you go, i am no fool. hey, how are you doing? how is it going today? >> i'm good. >> are you ready for this parade? >> i'm ready.
1:24 pm
>> i want to show you this. look at this right here. can turn to find this way. are you working on your skills? >> yes. it is amazing. >> it is amazing. i am glad you're here hanging out with us all morning. let's send it over to mike. >> okay. i love that sign. it doesn't get better than that. who do we have over here? what is your name? >> gomez. >> what celebrates this team -- what separates this team from other teams? >> we are just the best.
1:25 pm
>> do you want to see them wake up? hey the nation, how are we doing? >> my photographer is working the other side of the screen. -- of the street. this side is wide awake. let me tell you. they have been here. >> box coverage of the u.s. open is coming up next. here is one final goodbye to the warriors. >> the golden state warriors are champions once again back to back with three in four years. from way downtown, the rebound
1:26 pm
goals to the cavaliers and jr smith brings it back out. >> you have to know the score. >> steph curry with the shot clock expiring. do you realize the degree of difficulty with these shots? i mean, -- >> that was kind of like the dagger shot. >> kevin durant way out, kevin durant way downtown. >> curry trying to draw the file. -- draw the foul.
1:27 pm
>> back-to-back. >> oh, snap. >> you know, three years ago, i can't believe this happened, and now, i can definitely believe this is happening, but it was hard. >> it feels so good to be a part of a group like this. >> that is what you want as an nba player. >> we wanted to be back in this moment. it is a great feeling to be back here. we have kind of unlocked greatness out of each other. i had a great finals, and i am the champ.
1:28 pm
1:29 pm
1:30 pm
it looks so peaceful from up there. down below the wind is up. the scores are up. it's the 118th u.s. open championship for you on fox. continuing first round coverage from shinnecock hills. the number one player in the world, dustin johnson, and 1 under at the moment. here he is at 5. the birdie to get to 2 under. went back to 1 under par, but then here at 8, the only one in this grouping not to hit the green. no big deal. knocked it in to move back to 2 under and into the


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