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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  June 15, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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talia sisco of saratoga and tina pourani with at least thre teenaged boys. >> evidence that we have obtained at this point is indicating that this was occurring in one of the houses of the suspects. >> reporter: the lead detective says the women used social media to meet their victims, 15- and 16-year-old high school students. those relationships turned to sex starting in december 2017 with evidence saying the women who bragged with each other that they were sexually deviant and would go to hell for the sex act they engaged in with the minors. >> this seemed like a game that they were playing but these young boys were victimized by adult women. >> reporter: at the time of the crimes, sisco worked as a studenter teacher at bernal intermediate school in san jose while authorities say pourani is a financial adviser. oak grove school district officials declined to comment about sisco who is barred from
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the school. the sheriff's department says none of the victims is connected to bernal middle school or the oak grove school district. >> at this point we don't have any evidence indicating that there are any victims at the school where one of the suspects was teaching at nor at the schools the victims were attending. >> reporter: the two women will face justice for alleged crimes that rattled veteran members of law enforcement. >> no one is exempt from becoming a victim of a crime and so we have to be very diligent and protect our children. >> reporter: talia sisco is held here at the elmwood correctional facility without bail because investigators say she committed a lion's share of the crimes dating back six months. tina pourani posted $60,000 bail and was released from the main jail in san jose. sheriff smith says investigators believe there is a fourth victim but they don't have any information on him. they are asking area parents to come forward if they
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believe their child or children have been victimized by either one of these women. in milpitas, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. we are learning more tonight about a shooting that left five people injured at a funeral home near the hayward- union city line yesterday at the chapel of the chimes as a viewing was going on inside the mortuary. ktvu crime reporter henry lee joins us now after talking with witnesses and police today. >> reporter: police aren't saying much about why the shooting happened but if there's any good news, it's no one was killed at the cemetery. chapel of the times a place of quiet reflection was chaos. flowers and mourners joined by yellow tape and first responders. [ sirens ] >> reporter: the shots happened at 7 p.m. thursday night as mourners gathered for viewing. >> a lot of us didn't think it was a gunshot. most of us didn't. it was just we thought it was a noise from outside.
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>> reporter: this woman was at a viewing for her mother who died two weeks ago from lymphoma. when the shooting happened outside the chapel, everyone was told to stay put. >> the director told us not to get out just yet. so we were on lockdown for the remainder of my mom's service. >> reporter: officers arrived to find three shooting victims on scene. a fourth found nearby and fifth showed up at a hospital. all are expected to survive. >> we don't have a fear that we're going to lose someone as a result of this shooting incident. so no fatalities that are anticipated. >> reporter: police aren't saying anything about the victims whether they were targeted. nor are they saying how many shooters there were or why this happened. >> we are trying not to get into those particulars. we have a lot of leads we're following up on. and the investigators are looking into some possible motives. >> reporter: police said it is unusual for violence to break out at a place like this. >> i haven't seen this in my career, and hopefully we won't see it again. especially with the number of victims that were involved. >>
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of, like, the audacity of how people could bring guns at -- to this place. >> reporter: the chapel released a statement this afternoon that says in part. >> reporter: union city police are asking anyone with information to come forward. live at chapel of the chimes, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. -- live in the newsroom, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you. new developments now in the billion-dollar project to clean up the former naval shipyard at hunters point in san francisco. the u.s. navy says they are going to conduct new soil sampling and scans. this comes after two former supervisors with the company in charge of the clean-up admitted to falsifying soil tests. the navy retests will cover parcel a, where homes have
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already been built, and parcel g, where the falsified tests were taken. >> i think it's important for us to put people's health before property, before, um, profit. and so this is just a step in that direction. >> supervisor cohen says the city expects to learn more details next month on how the retesting will be carried out. the engineering company tetra tech said today they stand by their clean-up. they have also offered to pay for independent retesting of their work at the shipyard. police in american canyon trying to track down vandals who damaged as many as 30 vehicles early this morning. voters say they were likely in a car their own driving around and then shooting at parked cars with a bb gun about 4 a.m. many of the cars had broken windows as you see here and some had dents and punctures. most of the damaged cars were on the east side of american canyon in several different neighborhoods. president trump's former campaign manager paul manafort
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is in jail tonight after a judge revoked his $10 million bail this morning. doug mckelway tells us why the judge made the decision and the president's reaction. >> 49 days or something? very short period of time. i feel badly for some people because they have gone back 12 years to find things about somebody. and i don't think it's right. >> reporter: former trump campaign manager paul manafort in federal custody as a judge revokes his $10 million bail and orders him to jail. judge amy berman jackson saying she could not turn a blind eye to the new charges of witness tampering brought on by special counsel robert mueller. manafort accused of obstructing justice when he allegedly called and used encrypted messages in february in an attempt to influence the testimony of potential witnesses. manafort was initially indicted by the special counsel on 12 charges last october including conspiracy against the united states and conspiracy to launder money. manafort pled not guilty to all charges.
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>> it's clear that this effort to put manafort in jail was an effort to ramp up the pressure on him. >> reporter: the president voiced disapproval of his harsh sentence saying, wow, what a tough sentence for paul man ford, who has represented ronald reagan, bob dole and many other top political people and campaigns. didn't know manafort was the head of the mob. what about comey and crooked hillary and all of the others? very unfair! >> reporter: manafort will remain in custody as he awaits two separate trials that are expected to begin in the next few months. in washington, doug mckelway, fox news. the company run by former employees at the consulting firm cambridge analytica is working for president trump's 2020 re-election bid. cambridge analytica was brought down after it was revealed that the company had obtained private data from facebook users. the "associated press" has now confirmed that at least four ex-cambridge analytica employees are affiliated with
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the new company which is doing similar work to what cambridge analytica did. the white house this afternoon said president trump will support an immigration compromise despite his remarks earlier today. the president said on fox news this morning that he would not sign a moderate bill that would provide a path to citizenship for daca recipients. it would also reduce the separation of children from their parents at the border which has become a focus of controversy. the bill would also provide $25 billion for the wall. and tighten restrictions on legal immigration. a white house official said the president misspoke. >> the number from the department of homeland security shows nearly 2,000 children were separated from their families over six weeks starting in late april. some of those children are being housed in a former walmart in texas. the trump administration's "zero tolerance" policy all cases are referred for criminal prosecution. since children are not charged with crimes, the u.s. will not
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hold them in jails with their parents and takes them to other places instead. in san francisco, today more than 100 demonstrators rallied outside the immigration and customs enforcement office downtown. protestors are angry that the u.s. attorney general has used scripture as justification for the policy separating children from their parents. they also spoke out against the trump administration's recent withdrawal of domestic violence as grounds for refugee status. a new mountainview elementary school is being named after a pulitzer prize winning journalist who is an illegal immigrant. the school district voted this week to name the new elementary school on northwestman road after jose antonio vargas. he was born in philippines and came to states with his family igh school. coming up body camera of la police shooting in san francisco's north beach neighborhood. why police say that officer fired even as the suspect was fleeing. >> a contract dispute in
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berkeley. the hundreds of workers who could go on strike if a deal isn't reached by the weekend. >> the weekend just ahead of us right now. i'll let you know if this cool weather is going to continue. see you back here. >> machetes, guns, cash seized in scotts valley and a police dog is getting credit for the bust. make ross your destination for savings. if you're looking for an incredible selection of the brands you love, this season's newest trends for a fraction of what you'd pay at department stores, ♪ you gotta go to ross
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they'd tell you to go to ross. because there's so much to choose from. listen to your pets. they're your best friends, so they don't want you to spend more than you have to. if you want to save big on pet accessories, you gotta go to ross. new at 6:00, police in scotts valley have arrested a man with a loaded sawed-off
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shotgun, two knives and a large amount of money, cocaine and marijuana. they pulled the man over for a moving violation when they saw he was acting nervously. a k-9 was deployed and alerted police officers to the weapons and drugs. the suspect is now booked on several drug and weapons charges. hundreds of city workers in berkeley are poised to go on strike if a deal isn't reached for a new contract. more than 400 clerical and maintenance workers voted this month to authorize a strike. the contract expires at midnight tomorrow. the workers are demanding a pay increase that keeps pace with inflation and they are asking for more active roles in matters of health and safety on the job. >> at the core of the issue that we have not been able to come to an agreement on is the safety of our members. two years ago one of our own garbage men lost his life due to having to use unsafe equipment. it was really old trucks that had no business being on the
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street. and he lost his life due to that. and we need to make sure that nobody else loses his life or is injured. >> after the rally, union northerners sat down with city officials to try to resolve the dispute. the bay area job market stayed strong. employers added 6800 jobs. in santa clara county alone, 1800 jobs were added. but a financial expert says increasing home prices and rising rents could affect growth in the future. statewide, unemployment remains steady at about 4.2%. many passengers who ride muni should start seeing less overcrowding on some bus lines tomorrow. they also unveiled a new high- tech maintenance yard today but one problem for passengers is proving more difficult to overcome. rob roth explains. >> many righters have the same
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complaint when they board at commute time. >> elbow to elbow, stuffed in. >> reporter: those who run muni say they are aware of the problem and say these may help with the solution. they are new 60-foot-long buses replacing 40-footers on some major lines. the largest buses can carry about 50 more people. >> there will be a few larger buses with more frequent service, both of which will provide for more capacity and less crowding and likewise on the trains, we are adding more trains. >> you have to wait longer. >> reporter: here on cesar chavez street, the sfmta also unveiled this new maintenance yard in 30 years. it's modern, safe, should do a better job to keep the buses on the streets. >> less slowdowns, delays and breakdowns. >> reporter: despite upgrades, passengers still have another complaint besides overcrowding. >> a few times it's been 20 minutes late. >> reporter: according to
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sfmta those on-time performance rates are about 60%, below goal of 85%. on time rates have improved on some lines. transportation officials say getting to 85% may not be possible anytime soon. >> try to keep a schedule,to keep a service reliable while you're stuck in traffic with everyone else is difficult. we have been working to give muni more dedicated space on the streets of san francisco. >> reporter: last week bay area voters passed a measure to raise bridge tolls. about $140 million of that is expected to go to buying more muni buses and trains in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. we are tracking the weather out there definitely cooler today. these were the highs from today. check them out. 83 in antioch. highs dropped down, you know,
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10 degrees, 15 degrees more today. so we had a consecutive days of significant temperature drop-off. after tuesday and wednesday. tomorrow will be the same. same cloud cover and burn-off. fog through the temperatures weekend with temperatures like this. 70s and 80s inland. most of us mid- to upper 70s. winds gusting to 26 at sfo and lessened fire danger and good air quality pattern. so as we push forward into tomorrow, fog pulling in along the coast. there will be more fog the next couple of days. we see a lot of it filled in
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over the last hour or so. we have seen more of it push in here on the satellite. we are looking at temperatures right now that are running well behind where they were last night at this time. so it makes sense today was cooler by a few degrees. so as we go into tomorrow, maybe a degree or two cooler. forget the 80s tomorrow. just look at the 70s and a few upper 70s. maybe a low 80. 77 in the hot spots. not hot. it's just going to be cooler than it was wednesday and thursday or tuesday and wednesday. when i come back, we'll give you specific numbers for tomorrow which is saturday and the rest of the weekend. concerns about salmonella have prompted a cut melon recall in more than 20 states including california. the u.s. food and drug administration is warning people not to eat fruit salad mixes containing precut melons processed by cato foods. the salmonella outbreak has affected 60 people. 31 people have been hospitalized. anyone who has bought the
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product should dispose of or return them to your place of purchase. she was credited with coming up th a new way of testing blood for illnesses. but now the ceo of a bay area company is facing fraud and other charges. details coming up. >> also, portugal and spain put on an epic battle today in day two of the world cup soccer match in russia. we'll have the finish coming up in sports. >> coming up next though, more tariffs announced by both the u.s. and china from tech to agriculture, a look at the products that may be impacted.
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a kansas sheriff's deputy is dead and another fighting for his life after officials say an inmate shot the two. it happened this morning in kansas city. officials say the inmate was being moved from a jail to a courthouse when he overcame those officers. officials believe he may have also used the officers' own weapons to attack them. the deputy that died has been identified tonight as 35-year- old deputy patrick -- . the suspect was also shot and there's no update on his condition yet. you might call it a tariff back and forth between the united states and china. president trump today announced a 25% tariff on chinese goods and almost immediately china responded with their own new tariffs. tom vacar looked at the long list of items that will likely be impacted. >> reporter: the president says he wants to lower the amount of money going offshore to pay for imports as well as try to return jobs to america.
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while many support that idea, many do not and say no one wants a trade war. from walmart to amazon, from wholesale supply houses to equipment dealers, importers of a huge range of targeted products and components will either have to eat the tariffs or pass them on to their customers. but whoever pays, the federal treasury will pocket the money. >> a tariff is a tax on american consumers. >> reporter: the silicon valley leadership group says high technology overwhelmingly is dependent on imports and exports that may lose both ways. >> what's amazing about tariffs is they are like a boomerang. we throw them and they come s w overseas sales. >> they are going to attack us fast. when they do when they put prices on our goods, then our goods are going to go up in cost. that's going to hurt every american family. it's going to hurt jobs in
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america. >> reporter: beyond tech, agricultural experts say for every 3 rows of soybeans planted in the u.s., one row fully one-third of the entire harvest goes to china. 33million tons. with at least 300,000 u.s. soybean farmers let alone their employees, many farms and farm jobs could be lost an economic boon for brazil and argentina. >> it would put some people out of business. including maybe ourselves. we, um, we can't just keep going without nothing. >> reporter: china targets boeing's biggest seller the 737, the kind of planes southwest airlines flies. the average price of the 737 is now about $115 million. but it would climb to $144 million. that's $29 million more than the comparable european airbus which china would likely buy
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instead. >> this is not just bad for business. this is bad for individuals and families. >> reporter: consider that many long unemployed or underemployed americans want the tariffs in the hope that they'll work. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. the founder and ceo of the blood testing startup theranos was indicted today in federal court in san francisco on criminal fraud charges. elizabeth holmes faces charges of wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud. her company which was based in newark claimed to have developed a cheaper more convenient blood test using a finger instead of a needle and vial of blood. prosecutors say holmes solicited doctors and patients to use the lab even though they knew it was not capable of consistently producing accurate results. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is up next, no rest for the office of the mayor. details on how the city of san francisco is handling the transition now that london
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breed has been elected mayor and also, what she told us today when she visited the queue studios. >> plus, body camera footage of a san francisco police officer shooting a man who was fleeing. why the officer says he fired. >> a final good-bye to stephen hawkings. the ceremony to honor him. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is next.
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now to tonight's top stories. a teacher trainee and another woman are behind bars charged with sex with minors. investigators say in the south bay that 24-year-old tanya sisco of saratoga and tina pourani from san jose began a relationship with boys they found on social media. none of the victims is connected to any school in the district. president trump's is in jail tonight after a
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judge revoked his bail citing new charges that he tampered with witnesses. manafort is awaiting trial on federal charges of money laundering and making false statements. he had been under house arrest and prosecutors say he tried to influence the testimony of witnesses by sending them encrypted messages on his cell phone. police are investigating a shooting last night at a funeral home that left five people injured in the east bay at chapel of the chimes on the union city-hayward border as mourners gathered for viewing. police aren't saying anything about the victims and whether they were targeted or not. officials at the funeral home say they are now taking action to ensure stricter security measures. ou're watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. san francisco's mayor- elect london breed is ready to take office. earlier today she stopped by "mornings on 2" to talk about her top priorities. >> we all have a deep love for san francisco. we want to get the work done. it's going to require we work
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together do it because we can't do it alone. >> she promised to do more to clean up the city clearing homeless encampments and working to find housing solutions for the homeless. she told us the city needs to build more affordable housing, more quickly. she wants to look at turning underused properties into places for people to live. >> part of what i plan to do is reform our mental health system, open more mental health stabilization beds, provide guardians for people who clearly can't make decisions for themselves in order to get people to help them, the support they need and get them off the streets. >> breed came out on top in the hotly contested race to carry out the remainder of ed lee's term. she defeated former state senator mark leno. she will serve until 2020. one of her first tasks will be to pick her replacement select which was a position that london breed has held since 2015.
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christien kafton in san francisco now with more on the next step. reporter: inside city in hall the city of business continues. but a new board of supervisors and new mayor will be sworn in. london breed is working with her team to ensure a smooth transition. >> we are working on transition and how we plan to get ready so we can after the swearing-in, day one, we hit the ground running. >> reporter: san francisco's elections director said he hopes to have the final count in the mayor's race and the results certified by the end of june. he then hands that over to the clerk of the board of supervisors and the board would certify the results. because of the july 4th holiday, that date would likely be july 10th meaning london breed would likely be sworn in on july 11th. once she is sworn in, she would then appoint her replacement on the board of supervisors. >> i have a number of great candidates that i'm going to be meeting with because district 5 is my home. it's important to me. it's important to the community that we appoint someone that represents the community. >> reporter: when she leaves to become mayor, breed also leaves vacant the office of
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the president of the board of supervisors. supervisor cohen says the board take up the vote for a new president after the new board has been set. >> the vote for the board president hasn't been scheduled yet. it's unclear when that will happen. but it is most likely that the new member of the board of supervisors will be taking their seat on july 10th. >> reporter: this most recent election was just to appoint a successor to ed lee following his death. san franciscans will be voting for mayor again in 2020, in 17 months. in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. ch is police released body camera -- san francisco police released body camera video of the officer-involved shooting in north beach. they stopped men with open alcohol containers. [ yelling ] >> foot pursuit!
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[ gunfire ] >> on the video, you can see the suspect 28-year-old oliver barcenas a documented gang member fleeing before being shot. the video was released last night at a police town hall meeting. police say while barcenas was running he took off a jacket and pulled out a glock gun with a laser sight and extended magazine. according to police, one officer fired two shots. barcenas remains in the hospital. he is set to be charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm among other crimes. a big rig rollover caused major problems for people in the east bay this morning. it happened on westbound 580 in castro centrally near eden canyon road. the truck rolled over around 4:45 a.m. and closed all westbound lanes. three vehicles were also involved in the crash. the chp says it appears that there was a lane change and the vehicles clipped each other. lanes slowly reopened
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throughout the morning with the fourth and final lane finally opening after 9:00. police say two people had minor injuries in the accident. and that wasn't the only crash involving a big rig this morning. just about 15 minutes after the crash on 580, the chp believes a car rear-ended a big rig on southbound 680 in sunol. the big rig caught fire. all southbound lanes were blocked for about an hour. the crash was completely cleared and all lanes were reopened more than three hours after the crash. the chp says at least one person was hurt in that accident. the sacramento police department today announced a $50,000 reward to try to help solve the killings of a couple and their daughter 30 years ago. marci jacobs worked for the department of justice for the state. she was killed at home in 1991 along with her husband michael and the 9-year-old daughter.
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investigators have long believed that the killer broke into the house to steal bullion from a safe. police hope the reward may motivate someone to come forward with information. >> it's the difference between having people of interest and making an arrest. that's why the reward is so important. >> we won't rest until we're able to bring justice to a former friend and colleague of the california department of justice. >> police have identified persons of interest but never had enough evidence to name suspects or make any arrests. physicist stephen hawking was laid to rest today at westminster abbey in london. his ashes were buried at the abby alongside the remains of other scientists. hawking died back in march at the age of 76 after decades of living with als. in addition to his family and friends, 1,000 members of the
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public also paid their respects. the service included readings by an actor who played hawking in a bbc drama. . coming up a deal to help connect people in san jose to improve wireless service and help local schools.
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san jose has a plan to significantly improve broadband coverage involving commitments from three companies who would put it on
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city light ktvu's ann rubin says the deal also requires those three companies to commit funds to the public good. >> reporter: talk about information overload. with experts projecting there will be four billion cell phones, tablets and other devices in people's hands in the next five years, infrastructure simply can't keep up. and that, according to the city of san jose, is why they are taking action now. >> this is the largest deployment of small cells in any city in the country, more than 4,000 small cells, an investment of more than half a billion dollars in our city. >> reporter: this took agreements with three telecommunications companies, verizon, at&t and mobility. the deals will allow them to attach small cells to city light poles. they look like this and in theory will improve coverage in san jose and facilitate 5g down the road. >> so by moving the data off of the macrocell towers onto small cells, we are able to accommodate that explosion as a result of our phones, as a result of connected devices, the internet and other things.
6:41 pm
>> reporter: but there's more. in exchange for access to the light poles, the city wants access to technology for everyone. part of the deal requires the telecom company to contribute $24 million to the new inclusion fund. officials will then work with schools and community groups to get devices and service to the poor. >> we think it will mean access to devices at lower or no cost, access to services at lower or no cost, and it will also mean skills training around how to use devices. >> reporter: a nonprofit in east san jose says there is some concern about how this might work. but more than that, they are hopeful that getting technology into the hands of families who need it can make a big difference. >> the digital divide is real and we are right in the heart of silicon valley so we feel like we definitely shouldn't be left out of it. >> reporter: other telecom companies are currently negotiating with the city, as well. the current plan is to roll out the small cells over the next five years.
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ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. inmates at san quentin are learning new skills at a tech center for them. skills that will hopefully allow them to succeed when released from prison. >> i didn't know what coding was until i got to this program. i left the street before smartphones even came into existence. >> we have the weekend right in front of us and temperatures really dropped today. how will that apply to your saturday and sunday? we'll let you know coming up.
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it was a special day at san quentin today. mother two dozen inmates
6:45 pm
graduated with skills in computing, coding or construction. cristina rendon tells us the new tech center opened today that will provide even more training opportunities. >> reporter: inside one of the most notorious prison it's graduation day. >> jose rivera. >> whoo! >> feel great. like i'm cashing in a a big -- feel like i'm cashing in the biggest paycheck of my life.>> reporter: inmates are finding hope that was once lost. >> when i walk into the classroom every morning, i forget i'm in prison. you can't put a value on that. >> reporter: the technology training program called 7370 teaches inmates computer coding skills to help them become more employable after they leave. jason jones is said set to be released in september and already created his own app to help student athletes succeed. >> i didn't know what it was. i left the street before smartphones was even a thing. so i been in prison about 13 years now. >> reporter: terry is an alum of the program now employed as a lead software engineer for tlm works while he serves the remainder of his sentence.
6:46 pm
>> we are actually creating websites and apps for outside companies and earn the highest hourly wage in the u.s. prison, $16.49 an hour. >> reporter: code 7370 has been a success story since it started in 2014. not a single graduate has come back into prison after release. >> 3, 2, 1! >> reporter: the graduation ceremony was followed by the grand opening of the tech center with three new classrooms that will serve as a model for the future of training in prisons. it was built by inmates in the construction labor program, some of them graduating, too. >> we put up the frames, drywall. sheetrock, painting, i put up all these ceiling grids. two years ago, this was an old print warehouse. amazing! >> reporter: many representatives from tech companies in silicon valley were on hand to network with the inmates in the coding program. there are a handful of success
6:47 pm
stories including one former inmate who works for the chan zuckerberg initiative in palo alto. >> if you want to employ someone that's the hardest work, that shows up early, goes home last, it's something that's coming out of this program. it doesn't matter why they're here. what's important is they have a willingness to get out of prison. >> reporter: these inmates say seeing others succeed inspires them to come back to help once they get out because they know everyone is deserving of a second chance. >> when i parole from prison, i hope to be hired by, you know, a company in the silicon valley area for a couple of years, then it's my desire to actually start my own web development company and actually hire a lot of men that may be leaving this program in the future. >> reporter: reporting from san quentin state prison, cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. outstanding. >> absolutely. let's talk about the weather. bring in our chief
6:48 pm
meteorologist bill martin. hey, we saw the fog today, huh? >> a lot more than we've seen. >> cool today. >> yeah. second day in a row we dropped temperatures. there's two very warm days. tuesday and wednesday. upper 90s in the inland valleys. kind of increased fire danger, air quality was getting not so great and then temperatures really dropped the last 24 to 48 hours and today we have come up another 10 to 15 degrees in some places. here are today's highs. >> temperatures on saturday and sunday like this. i think we'll see motionly 70s. might see a low 80 tomorrow in one of the warmest inland spots. most of the hot spots in the 70s even toward davis in vacaville in those areas. the winds are blowing significantly. that makes sense. big onshore flow. so this pattern, what happened today, that's what's going to happen tomorrow. that's what's going to happen sunday in terms of how the fog got here, how it burned off,
6:49 pm
how it felt in your house. so what you got right now is probably what you will see tomorrow night. so if you are planning an event outdoors, especially at the bay area on the coast, morning and evening jackets, not unheard of in june. a lot of fog now at the coast. there will be more fog tomorrow morning and will have a good travel push far inland. you can see the temperatures there, you can see the fog here. there it is. gloomy looking there, isn't it? there it is in san francisco, patchy fog in pacifica and santa cruz and you will see fog in san rafael in the morning hours, as well. probably over in oakland and kensinging to and moraga. then it burns off except at the coast where it will be patchy fog all day. then you end up at 65 degrees for daytime highs in san francisco. fog tries to burn off tomorrow afternoon but there it is. kind of lingers at the coast like i said broken and then that's the temperature
6:50 pm
footprint. yellows are 70s. that's the temperature footprint for tomorrow. greens 60s, oranges are 80s which are kind of out of the area except maybe up by healdsburg here. so that's saturday. its also sunday pretty much. monday should warm up. so the forecast highs 76 in san jose, and then 76 in morgan hill. you would expect it to be 90- something this time of year there. but it's fine. it's fine. good with it. >> here we go. >> it's the weekend and it's not going to rain and it's going to be plenty warm. if you don't like the call, drive east a little bit. >> what's hot to you? >> it's subjective. 82 but this time of year i would say 94. >> that's real hot. >> in fact i'm going this weekend and it's going to be 97. >> that's hot. >> that's hot. >> bill, thank you. cristiano ronaldo and portugal battled top-seeded spain today in day 2 of the
6:51 pm
world cup. mark will tell us about the incredible finish! this was an amazing game! coming up in sports.
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the u.s. open mark has the details.
6:54 pm
tiger woods is not the only big name that's out, huh? >> it's going to be an interesting weekend because chances are, some of the golfers we haven't heard so much about are going to be thrust into the limelight and that's my way of saying, tiger won't be around and a few other big names have gone by the wayside. we are at the halfway point of the u.s. open. and again, kind of breezy out there. and the score is not particularly high. and you won't be seeing tiger woods over the weekend. remember last evening we showed you the shots on his first hole? he triple bogeyed. well, a double bogey today, 2- over 72. 10-over for the tournament! and he is gone. who won last year? yeah. i thought you knew. brooks koepka. up in 8. long birdie putt he had a 66 on the day five strokes back as the returning champion and charlie hoffman really moving on up. he has a great short game, shows it off here at 16.
6:55 pm
another birdie putt, one-under for the tournament. and he is in it tied for second. but the man of the hour, the man of golf, number one in the world, dustin johnson, and proving it! par 3 seventh, this is 45 feet! look at this putt! i needed every little inch to get it to go as he is 3-under 67. 4-under total for the two rounds and get this rory mcilroy, jordan spieth and jason day are out failing to make the cut right along with tiger woods. it's the world cup and it is without a doubt the marquis matchup so far. what sensational soccer you are about to see. as ronaldo arguably greatest player in fact world against spain. their new coach, 44th minute, ronaldo benefits from a blunder by the spanish goalie. watch it! he should have had this!
6:56 pm
portugal because of that error goes up 2-1. spain has tied it. in the 58th minute looking for the lead, absolutely missile! look at this thin bend! beckham at his best days could never do it quite that well. and 3-2 spain looks like a winner. now the 88th minute, portugal free kick. >> ah!! >> crushing spain. they looked like a winner. 3-3. you watch it again, ronaldo not only tied it look at that shot, just absolutely incredible. a hat trick for ronaldo. and spain one of the favorites winds up for them a disappointing tie 3-3. one of the nba's greatest players will probably have a new home this summer and we're not talking about lebron. it is kawhi leonard. reportedly it's come out he no longer wants to stay with the spurs and has asked for a
6:57 pm
trade. he played only nine games this past season with a quadriceps injury. let the rumors begin. right now, lakers, boston celtics, those are a couple of the names coming out already. no rest for the champions. we are less than a week away from draft day in the nba. the warriors have the 28th pick. they had 6 potential draftees come in including liangelo ball there. remember him out of ucla? busted on the shoplifting, went to lithuania and benefited him. >> going overseas helped more in my opinion than college. i didn't get the type of play time or whatever there. i thought i would get. so when i went overseas over there. playing against grown men that play the game. little techniques helped me coming back here. >> don't worry. he won't be picked by the warriors. >> good. >> bye.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
hello, i'm dr. sheldon cooper.
7:00 pm
welcome to sheldon cooper presents: fun with flags. before we get started, i'd like to announce the winner of our design your own flag competition. but i can't. the only entry was from gameygamer75, and i know that was a jpeg of your buttocks. now this week we have a very special episode where we explore the flags of the popular entertainment franchise,star trek. and to help me, i'm pleased to introduce internet personality, former star ofstar trek: the next generation, and the only guy i know lucky enough to be immortalized in 1/16 scale-- set phasers to "fun"... ...for my friend, wil wheaton. hi, sheldon. thanks for having me. i'm happy to be here. cut. what's wrong?


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