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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  June 15, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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dozens of drivers find their car windows shattered, tonight police are asking neighbors to check their cameras for video as they look for the vandals responsible. >> somebody broke the glass. >> at least 30 cars in american canyon were targeted. good evening. overnight bb guns spree left
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residence done that. we get live coverage right now. she's alive in american canyon. >> reporter: this is what so many residents discovered today. car windows shot out, completely random but all within two square miles. the police department is right down the road.>> school has been out a couple of weeks it could be some kids.>> reporter: lucy luke got home from work and noticed what she'd overlooked in the morning. a blown out window on her rv. >> it bummed me out a little bit. i called to see if other people have this problem. >> reporter: not just someone else, but at least 30 neighbors in her subdivision. vandalized the same way, in the middle of the night. someone shooting a bb gun from a moving car. it left broken glass in dense on
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a dozen streets. nothing was taken from any of the vandalized cars, but owners must spend time and money getting them fixed. >> we still have to's -- to pay for the deductible . >> reporter: the police chief say officers spotted a shattered window about 4 am. and scrambled around the neighborhood hoping to catch the shooter. as reports roll in, police wants residence with surveillance cameras to check their video for any images that might help identify suspects. >> people have to sleep so they can go to work. people want to drive around and do property damage. >> reporter: if the overnight spree may not be isolated. this vic them says the rear window of his other car was shot out a few nights ago. it is newly replaced.
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police want every victim to file a report. they're handling them collectively, as one crime. felony vandalism. as words spread, residents may move vehicles off of the street. not an option for this big motorhome, and its owner is unnerved by the reckless gunplay. no description yet on suspects or what they are police will be pushing that information out as soon as they can glean something from the surveillance video. they also caught a break finding a piece of bb gun, they hope to lift fingerprints from that. >> let's hope they are able to. knew it 10, judges reinserted california's assisted suicide law. the law overturned the law, the
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law allows terminally ill patients to request life ending medication from the doctors. the law was inspired by brittney minard, a young woman who was from california who was terminally ill. she moved to oregon to end her life in 2014. the lot reinstates the law in california even though appeals in the case are expected to continue. >> reporter: to a noisy protest in san francisco outside the offices of immigration and customs enforcement's. hundreds of demonstrators gathered and blocked traffic. they rallied against the recent order crackdown on it entries that meant thousands of migrant children are in federal custody. we are live in san francisco to explain. >> reporter: heather, they actually closed off the street. there were several hundred people who stood up side the office, they were opposed to
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the separation of children from their families at the border. they also criticized the trump administrations immigration policy. outside the immigration and customs enforcement offices, the crowd chanted and waved signs. protesting the separation of children and their parents who cross into the united states illegally. organizers say they felt they had to speak out.>> ickes spoke to me personally, the trauma and the torture happening to those kids is unbearable.>> reporter: these teachers say they work at in oakland school for immigrant youth. >> this is the -- devastating for them. >> reporter: on friday, the associated press obtained family separation data from the department of homeland security. 1995 minors were separated from their families between april 19
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through may 31. the separations do not apply to or include asylum-seekers who declare themselves at official border crossings. president donald trump blamed democrats friday. >> i hate the children being taken away. the democrats have to change their law. that's their law. we can change it tonight. >> reporter: inside the democrats did not enact any lot enacting separation. the submissions come in the wake of a zero tolerance policy. jeff sessions orders anyone be detained for criminal prosecution. >> our goal is to reduce and ultimately end illegal immigration.>> reporter: congressional republicans have been working on two bills, the moderate version would give 25 billing for the board -- border wall. president trump infused republican leaders when he declared on camera that he
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would not sign the moderate immigration bill, which he previously supported >> we are waiting for the president to clarify his comments. we negotiated the deal.>> reporter: a senior white house official said president trump had misspoken. the democrats were sized president. >> he is using children whether they are dreamers, or children at the border now, for political purpose.>> reporter: along with the moderates version, republican conservatives have been working on their own version of an immigration bill. late today president trump said he would be willing to sign either one. president trump's former campaign chairman was sent to jail today. over allegations of witness tampering while he waits for his trial on felony charges. the judge said paul manafort abused the trust that was placed in him, under house arrest. doug tells us president trump
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was critical of the decision even as he tried to distance himself. >> he was with me for a 40 nine days , a very short time. i don't think it's right.>> reporter: paul manafort in federal custody, as a judge revokes his $10 million bail and ordered him to jail. the judge saying she could not turn a blind eye to the new charges of witness tampering, brought on by special counsel robert mueller. he is accused of obstructing justice when he called and used encrypted messages in february in an attempt to influence the testimony of potential witnesses. paul manafort was indicted by the special counsel on 12 charges last october including conspiracy against the united states, and conspiracy to launder money. he has pleaded not guilty to all charges. >> it is clear
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this effort to put manafort in jail was to put pressure on hampered >> reporter: after the bail was revoked with the president voicing his disapproval in a tweet saying wow, what have sentence. who has represented ronald reagan and other top clinical people and campaigns. didn't know he was head of the mob. what about hillary, and all the others.? >> reporter: in washington foxnews. a company ran by former employees is now working for president trump's 2020 bid. cambridge analytica was brought down after they gave out private information for facebook users. they are now affiliated with this new company which is doing similar work. democrats will hold their convention in 2020 earlier than
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usual, they will convene almost 2 weeks earlier than the 2016 nominating convention. officials say they want to get a head start on the general election campaign as they're expecting a busy primary with two dozen candidates. the location has yet to be determined. the founder and ceo, was indicted today in san jose on criminal fraud charges, elizabeth holmes and chief operating officer each face charges of wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud. their company theranos developed a cheaper more convenient blood test using finger instead of a needle and a vial of blood. prosecutors say she defrauded investors, doctors and patients with false claims about the labs abilities. according to the indictment, they delivered to doctors and patients, blood results that were inaccurate, unreliable and improperly validated. they also delivered blood test
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results from which critical results were improperly removed. >> california house officials say coffee does not cause cancer, estate ruling last month ruled that every cup of coffee needs to come with a warning label. that's because of a possible carcinogen in the roasting process. today, the office of environmental health rejected that ruling, citing more than 1000 studies they say coffee is safe and a proposed regulation to clear coffee of the stigma that it is linked to cancer. coming up, two women who described himself as sexual deviance they are accused of having sex with teenage boys. one of the women worked at a middle school. neck we are tracking a cooldown today, that will continue through the weekend. san francisco mayor elect, her first priorities in office. she talks about those when she stopped by ktvu studios today.
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and the transition to her new home at city hall. >> after the swearing-in, we hit the ground running.
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knew it 10 a man shot by police are out of the hospital and in jail. an officer shot 28-year-old
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oliver barcenas in the back as he ran away from police in san francisco's north beach neighborhood last saturday. police say he was reaching for a pistol in his pants as he ran. the shooting was caught on camera. police say he is a known gang member. he has charges. this is the second time he has been shot by police. back in 2012, the current assistant chief shot him after oliver barcenas pulled a pistol on officers then. in less than a month, london breed will be sworn in as san francisco's new mayor. one of the first thing she will need to do is pick a replacement on the board of supervisors. we have more tonight on the transition ti that's about to take place at city hall.>> reporter: inside city hall, the business of government continues onti but by july 11, the city could have it different board of supervisors and a new mayor sworn in. london breed is working with her team to ensure a smooth transition. >> we are working on transition and how we plan to get ready so that we can hit the ground
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running. >> reporter: the elections director said he hopes to have the final count of the mayor's race certified by the end of june. he has that of to the board. because of the july 4 holiday, that date would likely be july 10 meaning london breed would be sworn in on july 11. when she is sworn in, she would appoint her replacement on the board of supervisors. >> i have a number of great candidates. district 5 is my home, it's important to me and the community that we appoint someone that represents the community. >> reporter: when she leaves to become the mayor, supervisor melia collins of the board will take out the vote for a new president after the new board has been set.>> the vote for the board president hasn't been scheduled yet. it's unclear when that will happen. it is most likely that the new
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member of the board of supervisors will be taking their seat on july 10. >> reporter: the most recent election was to appoint a successor to ed lee following his untimely passing. they will be voting for will or mayor again in n in 17 months. ths. this morning the mayor elect stopped by to discuss her top priorities. she said they include affordable housing and the homeless. mental illness is something that so many people who sadly are homeless on our street are struggling with. reforming our mental health system here in san francisco, to make the conservative sure that it works and is effective that we are able to provide a guardian that can make decisions for someone who can't make decisions for himself. it's something that i am focused on, something i'm determined to address to help people with mental illness. >> she promised to do more to
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clean up the city, clearing homeless encampments while finding housing solutions for the homeless. we are learning new details about a shooting that left five people injured last night at a funeral home near the hayward city union line. that shooting at chapel of the chimes happened as a viewing was going on inside the mortuary. >> reporter: chapel of the chimes, place of quiet reflection turned into a chaotic crime scene. floor -- mourners and flowers joined by first responders. the shots ring out just after seven p.m. thursday night as mourners grabbed -- gathered for a viewing. >> we thought it was a noise from outside. >> reporter: camille was at a viewing for her mother who died two weeks ago from lymphoma when the shooting happened outside the chapel. everyone was told to stay put.>> the director told is not to get out just yet.
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we were on lockdown for the remainder of my moms service. >> reporter: officers arrived to find three victims on scene, fourth was found nearby and a fifth showed up at a hospital. all are expected to survive.>> we are not going to lose anyone from this incident. >> reporter: police aren't saying anything about the victims or whether they are targeted or not. nor are they saying why this happened.>> we do have a lot of leads we are following up on, and the investigators are looking into some possible motives. >> reporter: police and that is unusual for violence to break out at a place like this. >> i have not seen this at my career. hopefully we will not see it again.>> out of all places, i'm still in awe of the audacity of how people could bring guns to a sacred place.
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>> reporter: the chapel says the safety of all of our families, employees and visitors is our top priority and one we take very seriously. we are taking immediate action to ensure stricter security is in place. police are asking anyone with information to come forward. firefighters in san jose battled a fire at a homeless encampment earlier tonight the flames broke out around 5:15 pm. a large plume of black smoke could be seen for miles around. the fire spread to nearby vegetation and burned about one half an acre. the cause of the fire is under investigation. sky fox was overhead as a grass fire burned on a hillside for the flames broke out shortly after 3 pm near lake herman and grew to 10 acres. several agencies responded and helped get the
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flames under control. no structures were tures we damaged and no injuries reported. in the weather did cool off. it was a second day of temperatures dropping. the fire was able to get a handle early. we had upper 90s inland. as we go into saturday, these temperatures from today hold for tomorrow so you can take a look at what you can expect. antioch will go 79, tomorrow. temperatures generally in the mid-60s to mid-70s for the bulk of us in the bay area. it's not a warm day but certainly not cold. it's pretty breezy outside in the hills. the story this week is the week system here through the bay area tomorrow night. maybe a drizzle, keep things on
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the cooler side with plenty of fog and low clouds on the coast. the whole weekend, looks like more of what we had today. which is just fine. fog at the coast, mild to warm inland. when we come back i will get specific with the forecast numbers and what you can expect. it is an important weekend as father's day weekend is coming up . we had to a busy restaurant and to a sporting goods store to see how some bay area bands celebrate dad. portugal and spain, what an epic battle of day 2 in russia. we will have the incredible story. that's coming up next. also coming up, investigators detail the case against these two women, accused of having inappropriate sexual relationships with several underage boys. make ross your destination for savings.
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two women are under arrest in the south bay accused of having sex with underage boys. santa clara sheriffs say 24- year-old talia sisco and 23- year-old tina pourani has sex with at least three high school students who are 15 and 16 years old. investigators say they used social media to meet their victims. talia sisco was a student teacher at a middle school when the investigation began in april.>> we don't have any evidence inwere victims at the school where one
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of the suspects were teaching up. nowhere is there any other victims at this point, at the school the victims were attending. >> detectives seized what they call graphic evidence that one of the suspects homes. the women brag that they were sexually deviant and they would go to hell for the sex acts they engaged in. police arrested a man accused of cutting comcast cables. richard bridge, a transient is accused of cutting fiber-optic cables. once in april and again last month. costing comcast more than $10,000. authorities say bridge was wanted for drug related charges and has now been booked into the county jail. the navy says it will conduct new soil sampling and scans at the former naval shipyard at hunters point shipyard. this comes after two former supervisors in charge of the cleanup admitted to falsifying soil tests. the navy retest will cover
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partial a where homes have been built and partial g where the falsified tests were taken. the engineering company says they them by their cleanup p . still had, graduation day at san quentin, the new high- tech skill these inmates have learned to prepare for life on the outside. they roll out some service upgrades how the agency is trying to tackle over crowded buses. retailers and restaurants are busy preparing for father's day, we will show you how people are celebrating.
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a father's day is sunday and retail experts say sunday should be strong. an average of $133 per person according to the national retail federation will be spent. >> reporter: frank, we are in downtown walnut creek and we found plenty of people shopping and a restaurant owner who is busy preparing for what he anticipates will be one of the busiest days of the year. at
10:30 pm
the mediterranean grill in walnut creek, the owner says extra food and extra staff will be needed for father's day. he anticipates sunday will be 30% busier than normal. >> we are pretty much booked for brunch and dinner. >> reporter: dinner out on friday night but come sunday, patrons say they will be dining on a home-cooked meal with their family. >> i do very good home cooked ribs. >> reporter: at dick's sporting goods, customers were shopping for father's day gifts. this woman says she's buying a present for her husband. they raised six children together. >> he was a good dad to all the kids. he's been to all their sporting events, and all the school events. >> every day as father's day to me. they are out there and they are productive citizens. >> reporter: the retail federation says it translate to spending.
10:31 pm
a record $15 billion this year, second only to last year which was 15 year high and the history of the survey. the largest share of the spending will be on outings with dad. >> probably hit some golf balls on the course. >> we are going to the movies and getting dinner. >> reporter: this man is picking up new mountain bikes, his and hers for his wife to celebrate father's day. he says the best gift of all is his children. >> i love you so much, you are the best father ever. i would never replace you.>> thank you. >> reporter: it's been said that people spend more on mom's then dads but not the people we spoke with. they tell me both are equally important. happy father's day everyone. >> that little boy was priceless , saying i would never replace you. [ laughter ]
10:32 pm
>> he was great, he was adorable. knew at 10, and award winning chef is being sued over label -- labor violations. we don't know the names of the restaurants in this class- action lawsuit, just that according to the chronicle, former and current employees say since 2014, they were routinely denied meal and restaurant breaks back rest breaks. the suit does not specify the number of workers involved or how much money they are seeking. today muni announced improvements to their system. the announced new buses to ease overcrowding. they tell us one problem for passengers, is proving more difficult to overcome. >> reporter: many muni writers have the same complaint when they board the bus.
10:33 pm
those who run the san francisco agency say they are aware of the problem and say these may help with the solution. they are new 60 foot long buses that will be replacing 40 footers on some major lines. the larger buses can carry about 50 more people.>> they will have larger buses with more frequent en service. on the trains, we are adding more trains. >> reporter: here on cesar chavez street, they unveiled this friday, it's this new maintenance yard and 30 years. it should do a better job of keeping the g buses on the roads. writers will see less breakdowns. passengers still have another complaint besides overcrowding.
10:34 pm
>> i ride it daily. sometimes it's 20 minutes late. >> reporter: according to statistics, the on-time rate is under 60%. on-time rates have improved on some lines, transportation officials say getting to 85% may not be possible anytime soon. >> to try to keep a schedule, to ski keep the service reliable while you are stuck in traffic it is difficult. we've been working to give muni more help. >> reporter: area voters passed a measure to raise bridge tolls. hundred $40 million of that will be going to buy more muni buses. apple is reportedly preparing to release a new lineup of iphones this fall. some of the new phones will likely have lcd screens rather than the more expensive and
10:35 pm
newer led screens. there were rumors they would switch entirely but the wall street journal says some of the new iphones will still have lcd screens so that they can have a lower price point. only the iphone 10 has one of those screens that has better image quality. today, apple announced a multiyear deal with oprah winfrey to create original programming. they did not provide retails -- details. apple is trying to come compete with netflix. when free will remain chief executive of her own cable channel which is called own. astronomers say they've never seen anything like this, coming up a black hole devours a star and it happened while astronomers were watching. i want to see that. we will talk about the weekend forecast
10:36 pm
we have some cooler temperatures than you might expect. pe there is an escalating trade war with china. the tariffs on american goods.
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tonight china is warning of a trade war with the trump
10:39 pm
administration announced $50 billion in tariffs on imported chinese goods. the white house says the 25% were -- tariffs will go in effect on july 26. in response, china is promising to respond with tariffs on $50 billion worth of american goods, including beef, poultry tobacco and cars. one local business group says the prospect of a trade war is bad for american consumers. go up in cost that us back and will hurt every american family. it will hurt jobs in america. >> reporter: president trump is imposingtariffs on metal imports. those countries have also said that they are going
10:40 pm
to retaliate with tariffs on american products.>> the escalation of tension over traits sent stocks into negative territory today. all three major indexes closed down. the dow jones fell 84 points. the nasdaq was down 14 points and the s&p 500 lost about three points. mcdonald's has stopped using plastic straws in britain. replacing them with paper ones, and is considering a similar change in the united states. for years the fast food chain has been under pressure from environmental groups in britain to stop using plastic straws because they end up in dumps and the ocean. endangering wildlife. one study found that 1 million birds and 100 thousand c mammals die each year . the unemployment rate in california held steady at 4.2% in may. after the state said employers added more than 5000 jobs. the rate tied the record low set back in april.
10:41 pm
the hospitality industry reported the largest gains. nationwide the unemployment rate fell to 3.8%. a new mountain view elementary school sa-- was named after pulitzer prize- winning journalist. the school district voted this week to name the new elementary school after josi antonio vargas. vargas was born in the philippines and immigrated with his family to the united states when he was 12 years old. he graduated from mountain view high school. it was a graduation day at san quentin. >> when i walk in every morning, i forget i'm in prison.>> a program keeping these inmates -- teaching these inmates modern job skills. we will take we you through the father's day weekend with the forecast. with the forecast.
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okay we talked about it earlier, lack black hole has been captured devouring a star. here's the video for the first time astronomers witnessed the
10:45 pm
event using highly specialized telescopes. they say the star was twice the size of the sun and it got way too close to the black hole. it is more than 20 million times as big as our son which, it helps astronomers just how galaxies develop your it was a special day at san quentin, more than two dozen inmates graduated with skills in computers, coding or construction. a new tech center also opened today that will provide even more training opportunities. >> reporter: inside one of the nation's most notorious prisons, it's graduation day. >> i feel great. >> reporter: inmates at san quentin are finding hope that was once lost. >> when i walk into the classroom every morning, i forget i'm in prison.
10:46 pm
you can't put a value on that. >> reporter: the technology training program called 7370 teaches inmates computer coding skills to become more employable after they leave. jason jones is set to be released in september, and is creating his own app to help student athletes succeed.  >> i didn't even know what this was for i was in school. >> reporter: harry is an alumni of the program, now employed as a lead software engineer for tl m works while he's serve the remainder of his serve -- sentence. >> we are creating websites for outside companies. we earn the highest hourly wage in a united states prison. >> reporter: this has been a success story since 2014. not a single graduate has come back into prison after release. the graduation ceremony was followed by the grand opening of the tech center with three
10:47 pm
new classrooms that will serve as a model for the future of training in prison. it was built by inmates in the construction program, some of them graduated too. >> we put up the frames, drywall. painted it. i put up the ceilings. this is amazing, two years ago this was an old print warehouse. >> reporter: many representative from tech companies were networking with the inmates. there are a handful of success stories including one inmate who works for the initiative in palo alto.>> if you want to employ someone who is the hardest worker, who shows up early and goes home lasted someone coming out of this program. it's important to me that they have a willingness to get out of prison. >> reporter: seen others succeed inspires these inmates to succeed. they know everyone is deserving of a second chance.>> i hope to
10:48 pm
be hired by a company in the silicon valley area for a couple of years. then it's my desire to start my own web development company, and hire a lot of men that may be leaving this program in the future. let's take a quick peek at today's temperatures which were cooler than the last few days. today was cooler again. these highs will translate well into saturday forecast. i think you will see a couple low 80s tomorrow but that will is way inland like brentwood and the valley. sunday will be cooler with most highs in the upper 70s to mid- 70s. the idea being the whole weekend is lot -- a lot like today. the population in the bay area,
10:49 pm
we will be 65 degrees. nothing wrong with that. it will not be hot. the county fair, we talk about how hot it is. it makes it difficult to attend in the middle of the day but not so for your saturday and sunday. we will have mid-70s. temperatures right now everywhere in the 50s. foggy on the golden gate bridge. it's cool and it stays this way through saturday into sunday. we start to warm up again and that cycle repeats itself. a couple days hot, a couple days cool. father and low clouds linger at the coast most of the day. temperature footprint looks like that, the 80s are pushed to the east. 80 in fairfield. gilroy 70. livermore 79. in the five day forecast,
10:50 pm
starts to heat up as we get towards monday and tuesday and wednesday. none of this is devastating heat. it's not red plaid -- red flag warning stuff. it works out well for us. we are not getting any problems that sometimes come with their summer weather.>> was a little too cool for me in the city today. >> drive a little bit east and you will warm up. coming up on the 11:00 news, a half $1 billion for broadband would installations on every light pole in one city will mean for connectivity. the giants on the road, mark will have the highlights in sports coming up after the break.
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mark joins us not to talk about baseball. as he mentioned not a good week for the giants or the a's. >> we have had a severe downbeat of baseball right here. the giants have lost four of five. the dodgers looking like a team that all giants band -- fans feared they would be. the if you get my drift.
10:54 pm
evan longoria missing 4 to 6 weeks. as he watches early, hernandez homered and matt kemp takes derek deep into the fourth, 2-0 lead. the defense shoddy .. they brought in jackson here, he completely misses the ball, goes for a three base error. it leads to an 3-0 lead. the dodgers don't score until the seventh, the giants had only four hits on the night. that was your final score 3-2. not a whole lot better for the oakland a's, they got swept by the world champs. than is the angels coming to town, and their defense like much of last year very shoddy. there is your best fan, he's in the bad mood.
10:55 pm
albert, a little tapper on the mound, chris bassett will field it, doesn't get a good grip. just airmail that thing over a six foot five inch basement. and then again, grounded to chad on third, and he throws poorly. the play not made at second. they gave up five runs, one of them earned and the angels lead 8-0 nothing. 8-4 and the a's have lost four in a row. they have lost seven out of 10. jordan and tiger woods and rory mcelroy, what do they have in common?t going to be playing this weekend at the u.s. open. three of the biggest names in
10:56 pm
golf all missed the cut. remember the problems tiger woods had with the triple bogey? a double bogey today. this time he goes past. he shot respectably but ended up 10 over par as that will finally roll to a stop. he's out. 66 on the day and he finds himself five back of the sky, the hottest golfer in the world dustin johnson. look at this putt. par three, 45 feet. he hit this perfectly because he needed every millimeter to get it and he does. three under 67 and here is your leader going into the weekend. most sports pans don't particularly care for a tie but i will tell you what,
10:57 pm
so far what has been the marquee matchup of the world cup, a tie none bring back neither one of these teams deserved to lose. take a look, it is portugal with cristiano ronaldo and spain with their new coach. cristiano ronaldo benefiting from the spanish goalie, david just flat-out making a bad play on that weird portugal goals up to-1. spain evened it up and now looking for the lead, and absolute missile. 3-2, spain. they think they've won it up but in the 88th minute, portugal with the kick and cristiano ronaldo looking to tie it. unbeli cristiano ronaldo, if you look at the replay it's even more sensational the way he bends it. a hat trick for cristiano ronaldo.
10:58 pm
the match ends 3-3 portugal and spain. one of the favorites in the entire tournament. meanwhile, as we have time to check this out, uruguay was a winner today. down in south america, you know how popular soccer is? watch this classroom as they watch the final seconds of your gaze -- - uruguay's victory. that's adorable. bedlam breaks out, they are 1-0 . in chicago, on the south side it is a mullet night out there. they had some fun. who was more excited about making this play? the kid or his dad? he is all pumped up about his son grabbing that souvenir. football fans you know about
10:59 pm
odell beckham junior, this is his son. look at the play the kid makes enough flag football game. with the one hand grab and the haircut too. another foul ball at that a's game. the little kid out maneuvers the big guy for the ball. he beats his dad to it and as we rounded out tonight, this is outside. after they left the classroom in uruguay. absolute pandemonium and they are loving it. that was certainly worth checking out. that is this boarding live. it is time for more news. coming up next, at 11. this is devastating for them.
11:00 pm
immigrant children separated from their families at the border, outreach ch in the bay area over a policy. the 11 pm news starts now. almost 2000 children have been separated from their families at the united states border in the past few months. under the zero tolerance policy. that policy is under fire tonight by immigration advocates , clergy members and members of the public. we are in the city tonight where protesters rallied earlier this evening.>> reporter: there were so many people they shut down this street at one point. nearly 200 people that we estimated were here, who decided they were going to show up and speak up against the trump administrations immigration policies.


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