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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  June 15, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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immigrant children separated from their families at the border, outreach ch in the bay area over a policy. the 11 pm news starts now. almost 2000 children have been separated from their families at the united states border in the past few months. under the zero tolerance policy. that policy is under fire tonight by immigration advocates , clergy members and members of the public. we are in the city tonight where protesters rallied earlier this evening.>> reporter: there were so many people they shut down this street at one point. nearly 200 people that we estimated were here, who decided they were going to show up and speak up against the trump administrations immigration policies.
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outside the immigration and customs enforcement offices in san francisco, the crowd chanted and protested the separation of children and parents. >> is spoke to me personally. the trauma and the torture happening to those kids is unbearable. >> reporter: these teachers say they work at an oakland school for immigrant youth. >> this has been totally devastating for them. they are being portrayed as monsters and criminals and all their dear doing is saving their lives. >> reporter: separated from the families between april 19 through the separations do not apply to or include asylum-seekers who declare themselves official crosses. president trump blamed democrats. >> i hate the children being taken away.
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the democrats have to change their law. that's the democrats law, we can change it tonight.>> in fact that the democrats did not enact any law mandating separation for the separations, in the th wake of a zero tolerance policy. jeff sessions ordered anyone entering the company be detained for criminal prosecution. >> our goal is to reduce and ultimately end illegal immigration. >> progression >> reporter: republicans have been working on two bills. the visa lottery system allows dreamers me to apply for six year renewable visas. democrats criticize the president.>> he is using children, whether they are dreamers or new children at the border for political purpose. it's shameful.>> reporter: there was some confusion when the president said he would not sign the moderate conservative bill.
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then the white house corrected the record saying the president had misspoken and that he would sign either one if they make it to his desk. president trump's former campaign manager paul manafort is a gel tonight after a judge revoked his bail, citing allegations that he tampered with witnesses. he is awaiting trial on federal charges of mind-reading back money laundering and making false statements. he has been under house arrest. prosecutors say he tried to influence the testimony of witnesses by sending them encrypted messages on a cell phone. president donald trump the jailing unfair. >> he worked for me for 49 days. i feel badly for some people because they've gone back 12 years to find things about somebody. i don't think it's right.>> paul manafort works for the campaign for five months.
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knew it 11, city workers have reached a tentative agreement with the city tonight avoiding a threatened strike. the proposed two-year deal for clerical and maintenance workers includes pay increases to keep pace with inflation, the union says the tentative deal also includes safety measures and development of a an apprenticeship program. a vote on the agreement is expected to come. bb gun spree overnight has residence stunned. at least 30 vehicles had shattered windows. we are live in american canyon where police are asking neighbors to check their surveillance cameras. >> reporter: lots of calls to insurance agents today from this eastside neighborhood. we saw window after window shattered all within a two mile area. >> school has been out for a
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couple of weeks. >> reporter: lucy luke got home from work and noticed what she'd overlooked in the morning. a blown out window on her rv. >> it bummed me out a little bit. i said i would call and see if anything happened to anyone else around here. >> reporter: not just someone else but at least 30 neighbors in her subdivision. vandalized the same way, in the middle of the night. someone shooting a bb gun from a moving car. leaving vehicles with dents and dings and broken windows on almost a dozen different streets. >> this is a safe place. that's why am surprised. >> reporter: nothing was taken from any of the cars but owners must spend time and money getting them fixed. >> we have to pay the deductible which is 100. >> folks are angry. >> reporter: police chiefs say
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officers spotted a shattered window ow at 4 am and scrabbled around the neighborhood hoping to catch the shooter in the act. as reports roll in, police once>> reporter: want residence with cameras to check their video. the overnight spree may not be isolated. this victim says the rear window of his other car was shot out a few nights ago. it's newly replaced. >> i said to my wife and my wife said it happened again. >> reporter: they want every victim to handle a report. officers have surveillance video to look at, they hope to get more and they have a piece of bb gun that they may be able to get fingerprints from.
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some people are put in their cars in the garage. not everyone has the space to do that. the chief says they shouldn't have to. he really wants these vandals caught.>> new information about a san francisco motorcycle officer who was injured on wednesday when a car hit him beer tonight the department says the officers condition is upgraded from critical to serious and that he is continuing to recover at the hospital for the collision happened and police are trying to determine the cause of the crash. they say the driver of the car is cooperating with the investigation. satellite -- san jose police have arrested these four men in connection to a deadly stabbing. the suspects are from sunnyvale. they are charged with one count of murder and three counts of attempted murder. officers responded to the area on saturday in west san jose.
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they found a 20-year-old man suffering from stab wounds. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. officers found three other victims with stab wounds by his injuries were not life- threatening. a motive is not clear. two self-proclaimed sexual deviants are charged with having sex with teenage boys. the women met their victims on social media. santa clara county investigator's believe there may be more victims. >> reporter: is a startling case because you do not see young women victimizing underage boys and that's what this cases. investigators say 24-year-old talia sisco and 23-year-old tina pourani were both arrested back in april. each is charged with having various forms of sex with at least three teenage boys. lead detective says
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the women used social media to meet their victims who are all 15 or 16 years old high school students. those relationships turned to sex in december 2017. evidence se women bragged with each other that they are sexually deviant and they would go to hell for the sex acts they engaged in with the minors. >> is same -- it seems like a game for these women. >> reporter: at the time, talia sisco worked as a student teacher in a middle school. the school district officials declined to comment about talia sisco who has been barred from the school. the sheriff department says none of the victims are connected to that middle school.>> we don't have any other evidence of other victims at the school where one of this >> reporter: the victims were teaching at.>> reporter: officials say they have been
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friends since high school, they will now face justice of their crimes. >> no one is exempt from becoming a victim of the crime. i thought we have to be very diligent and protect all of our kids. >> reporter: talia sisco is being held here at the elmwood correctional facility without bail. she committed the most crimes. tina pourani posted $60,000 bail and was released from the main jail in san jose. investigators believe there is a fourth victim but they don't have any information on him. there asking parents to come forward if they believe their children en have been victimized by either one of the suspects. knew it 11, members of the korean community gathered in oakland tonight at a demonstration for peace. the crowd enjoyed traditional drumming and speeches from
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local activists. many of those who were there gave credit to president trump for sitting down with kim jong- un. they say the summit gives them hope that lasting peace will come to the korean peninsula, even perhaps reunification of korea. which has been divided between the north and south for 73 years.>> in contrast to this time last year where we were all shaking and quivering and nervous about the possibility of war, we are hoping for peace . we are here to be together in this moment to celebrate. smack june 15 is the day were special symbolism for many koreans. in 2000 the leaders of north and south korea signed a joint declaration for some families to be reunited. coming up, another ruling on california law allowing terminally ill patients to end their lives. >> reporter: better broadband
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in silicon valley. they put in wireless gear on center bay -- light poles. we will get you set up with your saturday and sunday forecast.
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new at 11, oakland says charlie is expected to return to rick -- worked after employees accused of misconduct. dozens of employees accused him of sexually harassing employees for years. hallowell agreed to take a six- month leave without pay y and now that time has come to a managers have invited employees to meet next week to talk about his return. a judge has reinserted california's physician-assisted suicide law. the state appeals court overturned a lowers court ruling. the law allows terminally ill
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patients to request life ended medication from their doctors. the law was inspired by brittany maynard, a woman from california who was terminally ill so she moved to oregon so that she could end her life legally in 2014. today's ruling effectively reinstates the law, even though appeals of the case are expected to continue. the founder and ceo of the blood testing startup theranos was indicted today on criminal fraud charges. elizabeth holmes and her chief operating officer face charges of wire fraud and conspiracy to commit, after coming to develop a cheaper more convenient blood test using it fingerprint. he defrauded investors and patients with false claims about the labs abilities. according to this indictment the defendant delivered to doctors and patients blood results that were inaccurate, the defendant delivered to doctors and patients blood test results from which critical
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results were improperly rl removed. san jose said it has a plan now to significantly improve broadband coverage. the deal involves commitments from three large telecom companies who will put their technology on city light poles. the deal also requires those companies to commit funds for the public good.>> reporter: talk about information overload. with experts projecting there will be 4 billion cell phone tablets and other devices in people's hands in the next five years, infrastructure cannot keep up. that, according to san jose is why they are taking action now. >> this is the largest deployment of small cells in any city in the country. more than 4000, and investment of more than one half $1 billion.>> reporter: agreements with three telecom communities verizon, at&t and mobility. the deals will allow them to attach tiny cells to city light
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poles. in theory they will improve coverage and facilitate 5g down the road. >> by moving the data off the macro cell towers and onto the small cells, we are accommodating these explosions as a result of the phones and connected devices and other things. >> reporter: there is more. in exchange for access to the light poles, the city once access to technology for everyone. part of the deal requires the telecom companies to contribute $24 million collectively to the city's new digital inclusion fund. city officials will work with others like schools and community groups to help get the piety -- devices to those who can't afford them.>> it will give access to service at lower cost and skills training around how to use devices. >> implementation is always key. >> reporter: there is some concern about how this might work. more than that, they are hopeful that getting technology iwho ne
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it will make a big difference. other telecom companies are negotiating with the city as well. the current plan is to roll out the small cells over over the next five years. the county fair open today. festivities kicked off with a cattle drive in pleasanton this morning. you can see here. earlier we spoke with fair spokesperson angel more about some of the new activities you can expect this year. >> reporter: we have a new sky ride this year. it's a gondola just like a ski lift it will take you from one side of the fairgrounds all the way across the property. it gives you the best overall view of the fair but also the valley.
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>> the fair runs through july 8 at the alameda anti-fairgrounds. it will be open from 11 am until 11 pm. until 11 pm. temperatures cooled down today. the last few days temperatures have plummeted quite a bit. we had temperatures inland that were in the 90s. we had a couple tripled digit heats in sacramento on tuesday. captures and since then have dropped off. these highs have dropped off today. temperatures will be right here tomorrow. maybe a littcooler. i think will be 79 degrees but for the most part the bulk of us 75 or 76 degrees. not just for saturday but sunday as well. it's a cool pattern which is keeping us out of the high fire danger. let's go with it. if you don't like the father, there will plea -- be plenty of it.
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if you keep driving hard enough to sacramento you will find at low 80s. there is a lot of fog. lots of cool moist air into the valley which helps the fire danger as well. the low pressure gets close, tuesday and wednesday that wasn't the case. it's expanding again so we are going into a cool phase. we've been on again, off again all spring and coming into summer now. it's been a pretty good pattern for firefighters. there is the forecast for tomorrow. yellows are ar 70's, greens or 60s. that will be the same for sunday as well. san jose 76, the county fair, will be nice.
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it's part of the history of california, these fares were how people use to communicate and show off their livestock and agriculture. e. the weather should be great. thank you. cristiano ronaldo and portugal battled spain in a 2 of the world cup. look at this, what an incredible play. that's coming up co p next in sports. live pictures from oakland, home of the golden state warriors. traffic is moving smoothly on this late friday night. thanks for joining us. we continue in just a few minutes. a few minutes. (sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes)
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(sound of footsteps) (car door closes) mark is here now with sports. it's been a long week for the oakland a's and the giants. they seem so middle of the pack. >> when you say win some, lose some they are taking it literally. with the warriors out of the picture now, the spotlight is going to hit the giants and the a's, not too friendly. playing the dodgers, trying to show they have some life but without that guy. evan longoria who doesn't seem
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to be taken the broken finger too hard. bad defense by the giants hurts them tonight. they were down 2-0, austin jackson turned into a three base error. they would score another run shortly after that for a 3-0 lead. giants get in the ballgame. he goes for eight two run homer. they muster only four hits all night and that's your final score. remember how poorly they hit in miami. the oakland a's and angels, that very well dressed man is not going to be happy with the way things worked tonight. defense seems to be the problem with oakland. it pounces on them again. chris bassett lets loose over olson by about five feet. then it is chad at third, in
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for the injured matt chapman, poor throw here. the a's find themselves 8-0 before falling 8-4. meantime, it's going to be a different kind of weekend at the united states open, the network carrying it would hope that tiger woods would be around. none of them made the cut, tiger starts out on the first kind of like he did yesterday. he triple bogeyed this whole . today, and proves by one. 2/72, 10 over part. tiger does not make the cut. it might be a foregone conclusion anyway, here is your winner, dustin johnson. number one in the world. very hot. look at this beautiful putt from 45 feet. he needed it to drop.
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he is your leader. in the meantime, sports fans not crazy about a tie but this was your marquee match and it did end up even right here. 2-to spain looking for the win. look at this that put spain ahead 3-2. they look like they would take it but the greatest, cristiano ronaldo looking to tie it on the kick, that team will do with the masterful shot . a hat trick for him. spain and portugalas you look at it again 3-3 is the final. fans don't usually like a tie. that was awesome. aw good night have a great weekend everyone.
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that is so freaking funny. [ laughing ] i know, right? what? dad just wrote another classic one. tell her. oh! i don't know about "classic," but here we go. "if you're looking for a two-story house, i'm your man. "i'll tell you one story before you buy it and then another story after." luke: no, you didn't! [ both laugh ] tonight is the s.c.a.r.b. the southern california annual realtor's banquet. i think they know what it is. mm-hmm. it's the mother of all residential-real-estate banquets. now, for the last five years, gil thorpe has hosted, but as luck would have it, he's having a sketchy-looking polyp removed, so they've asked me to..."phil in." [ laughing ] see what i did? oh, yeah. "phil." you think i should open with that? you betcha. you should. [ both laugh ]


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