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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  June 18, 2018 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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the latest from the border. where the pentagon will be forced to make a safe force. many coastal homes could be flooded out. bay area community that is most at risk. how home values will be affected. ktvu fox 2 news at noon. >> i am gasia mikaelian. >> anger escalates over the administration's integration policy. >> the president is defending the policy. cabinet members say they will not apologize for it. >> we do not want to separate children from their parents. we do not want adults to bring children into this country unlawfully either. placing those children at risk.
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>> there must be consequences. no more free passes. number get out of jail free cards. no more wallet wallace nest>> president trump was at an appearance in washington. >> the united states will not be a migrant camp. and it will not be a refugee holding facility. it will not be. you look at what happens -- is happening in europe and other places. we cannot allow that on my watch.>> the president said it is the democrats fault there is not been immigration reform. he called democratic lawmakers objection us. a group of democratic lawmakers visited an immigration 10th area in texas. regarding separating children from parents. the lawmakers with two immigration facilities were
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2000 children are being held. democrats say breaking up families is cruel and unnecessary. immigration officials say it is no different than the way other criminal cases are handled. >> the zero tolerance policy means zero humanity. it makes zero sense. >> immigration officials say the children are being cared for in a getting hot meals, as well as medical care. while the president is announcing a new branch of the military based on safe -- space travel. he gave a keynote address and stressed the importance of leading other countries in space expiration. when it comes to defending america, our nation has to have american dominance in space. >> very importantly, i am hereby directing the department of defense and pentagon to immediately begin the process necessary to establish a space force, as these next branch of the armed forces.
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it is a big statement. we are going to have the air force. we are going to have the space force. separate, but equal. >> the president wants his administration to embrace the space industry. he says they will modernize space regulations that are out of date. a recent climate report says many coastal properties may be flooded by 2045. marin county is the greatest risk. other waterfront properties in oakland and alameda may soon be under water. >> we are outside the studio with the warnings. >> reporter: local government officials say this morning is not just for people who own homes along beaches or waterfront. rising sea levels would impact roads, utilities and other services. the latest climate report from the union of concerned scientists says 4400 homes in marin county might not make it beyond the 30 year mortgage due to the rising sea waters.
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stinson beach has experienced erosion this year. the parking lot collapsed in april. creating what locals call the many niagara falls. iron county officials say see desert mayor and county officials say -- marin county officials say they have seen it in is a concern.>> it is accelerating. since the mid-90s. >> reporter: the climate scientists use the federal government high end projections for sea level rise. they also use the 2014 national climate assessment high estimate for sea level rise. putting bay area water 1.7 feet higher. >> in the next 30 years, across the nation, there are over 300,000 homes at risk of chronic footing. meaning, they would see flooding on average every other week. took county officials say they
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have a number of initiatives to address sea level rise and educate locals. >> we have a great program based on clean injury -- energy. you can opt in and use less electricity and natural gas for our efficiency programs. we have a lot. you can drive less, like, walk and take public transport. -electric vehicle. there are many ways you can lessen your impact. took the client scientists say as of right now, home sellers do not have to disclose a property risk of flooding with these predictions with rising sea levels it should serve as a warning to the real estate market that home values could decrease. it could affect revenue going into counties and cities. news at noon, a man from phoenicia is getting his date in court against monsanto, the manufacturer of weed killer, around up. he was a groundskeeper for three years at a school
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district. he suffers from non-hodgkin's lymphoma. he is first in line to go against monsanto. he used round up 30 times a year. his case will go before a jury this week in state court. his lawsuit alleges monsanto covered up the dangers of the product for decades. thousands across the country are suing the company. monsanto says the herbicide used in roundup is the most tested in history and it most likely is not a cancer risk. the latest west nile infections are being seen in southern california. health officials in the center area are concerned. they have to confirmed cases of dead birds found in santa clara county. tomorrow night and wednesday morning, vector control trucks will spray in parts of santa clara. the spray is not harmful to humans or pets. people should close the windows . they weren't that westmount can cause flulike symptoms. in wear symptoms, meningitis.
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>> i am scared. we just moved in a year ago. i see the birds all of the time in my yard.>> i do not think much about it, but it is mosquitoes, right? they are dangerous and not good for you. i do think about it, mostly for my kids. >> health officials say there are several things people can do to avoid being eaten by mosquitoes. including getting rid of standing water on property. also, use mosquito repellent and wear longsleeved clothing, especially during the early morning and early evening hours, the times for mosquito activity. tracking you down in case of emergency. the new technology from apple that will help first responders find you when you call 911 from a cell phone. a live look outside. temperatures are creeping up. it will continue through the week. steve paulson is here. another possible diplomatic break through in north korea. following the trump kim summit.
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i have the details coming up.
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today the survivors of the marjory stoneman douglas high school shooting in florida are taking the road to change tour into kansas city, missouri. they started the tour on friday. i will visit and hold rallies in 20 states.
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they want to encourage people to register to vote and exercise that right so their voices are heard. the student say they do not want people to focus just on mass shootings, but to pay attention to gun violence across the country. two gunmen opened fire at an all-night arts and music festival early sunday morning, sending people running over each other in the scramble to safety, authorities said. one suspect was killed and 22 people were injured. of 17 people treated for gunshot wounds, four of them, including a 13-year-old boy, remain in critical condition late sunday morning, said mercer county prosecutor angelo onofri. the shots rang out around 2:45 a.m. two suspects are in custody and a third suspect died. he was recently paroled. police say down the event. due to the violence, everyone who is hurt, is expected to survive. a decking suspect who was shot and killed outside mart in the town of tumwater. he injured a 16-year-old girl and a man into separate carjacking attempts. two men standing outside of the store saw what was going on and pulled out their own guns. both armed civilians fired shots at the suspect to died at the
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scene. north and south korea are still technically at war. south korea's foreign minister says there are plans to change that.>> jenkins has more.>> reporter: american diplomats are working throughout east asia to get the denuclearization process going. calling the historic summit between president trump and kim jong-un changing. they are finding a way to formally and they were by the end of the year. the move comes as representatives from both sides meet at the dmz, discussing ways to bring the countries closer. including a permanent merger other national sports programs. >> as we all saw at the olympics, sports opened up the gates of reconciliation between south and north korea. >> reporter: the un is applauding the diplomatic activity, but pushing the use of thawing relations to improve human rights in north korea. >> the people of the the rk recognize they risk their dignity.
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seeking to leave the country.>> reporter: those concerns are echoed by many democrats in washington. they criticize the president for suggesting the nuclear threat of north korea is not over. >> the president cannot say that. >> reporter: republicans are pushing back. claiming the president hard- line stance is what wrought north korea to the bargaining -- brought north korea to the bargaining table. >> a cause them to step up and know what it is to have a verifiable denuclearization plan.>> reporter: president trump has a rally planned in minnesota on wednesday to celebrate his historic agreement with kim jong-un. griff jenkins, ktvu aux 2 news. a senate judiciary committee is conducting a hearing looking into the recently released report about the fbi's investigation into hillary clinton's personal email server. fbi director, christopher wray and inspector general, michael horwitz are expected to
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testify. the 600 page report released on thursday concluded that fbi director james comey made a serious error in judgment in announcing the reopening of the clinton email investigation less than two weeks before election day 2016. the report details text messages between fbi employees that were critical of president trump. let's take a peek outside. it is getting warmer. >> inland, we are warming up a little bit. there is still talk on the coast. it is a different twist. a year ago we were baking. 108, concord, 106, livermore. even san francisco set a record height one year ago. not today. that he is somewhere else. a fog bank this morning except monterey. a breeze held it out. it is starting to sneak back in. nothing compared to saturday, when it would punkers. west, northwest and 15 at sfo.
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there is still a breeze, but a lot of 70s. concorde and livermore, 75. san jose, 74. upper 60s and low 60s around the bay. temperatures are running 1-6 degrees lower. san jose is plus 6. mountain view plus 5. we are running warmer. this is where the heat is centered. deep south and ohio valley. all the way to the great lakes. these are current temperatures. add in humidity and this is what it feels like. 11, detroit. 95, cleveland. , cincinnati. 99, chicago. 96, philadelphia. central park, 96. washta d.c., 97. 100, omaha and kansas city. things are different this year so far.
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temperatures are below average today. san jose, 80 and the average is 79. 103 set last year at this time. things have changed a lot. the temperature swing will be up-to-date tomorrow. the first date of summer we will start to warm up. temperatures are on their way up after an unseasonably strong cool weekend. we are bumping temperatures back into the upper 70s and 80s. that was the low that created the wind over the weekend. it gave us thunderstorm activity in the mountains. fog is still there the water temperature is cold. they have been coming up. monterey had a easterly breeze. 53, monterey 53, san francisco. 54, half moon bay. are coming up. we will see if it continues. 75, sacramento 63 with sunshine
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in monterey. high pressure is coming in. the cool bottom out -- bottomed out. warmer inland. once we get to the end of the week, temperatures will get into the upper 90s for some. today, 60 and 70s. upper 70s inland. these are where they should be this time of year. unseasonably cool over the weekend. it makes sense we returned to warmer temperatures. we have a dip on wednesday and then hello summer on thursday. warmer temperatures on friday and saturday. if you went out last weekend -- >> it was nice and cool. we went to the fair. a gas leak is in the marina district. evacuations are taking place in a one-block area in the vicinity of filbert street and van ness avenue in san francisco because of a gas leak, according to fire officials. there is an evacuation and shelter in place order in effect for the 2500 and 2600 blocks of van ness avenue and the 1400 and 1500 blocks of
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filbert street, fire officials said on social media. they were able to it around 11:30 am and and all clear order was given recently. the mayor of coralville -- oroville is trying to reassure residents about catastrophic flooding from the dam. the city and county are suing the state department of resources. they say the agency failed to meeting the dam for decades. the cost of repairs has soared to $870 million, three times the original estimate. small cracks have appeared in some of the new concrete that has been poured. the mayor says there is nothing to worry about. >> our infrastructure will be repaired. mistakes may be made, but they will find out now. the next dam that gets repaired will be done correctly. >> state lawmakers passed legislation to increase dam inspections and federal regulators are ordered a review
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of other dams across the country. there will be more buses and longer hours for several bus routes money through hayward, san leandro in nearby communities. the changes affect extending services to find small. as well as the addition of a route between hayward and the union landing shopping center. federal highway patrol is launching a crackdown on drivers and pedestrians in san jose to make streets safer for people walking. officers are at two busy intersections looking for drivers who fail to yield the right-of-way. one is our rock avenue and white road. the other is scott street. highway patrol says since january of last year, there have been six fatal industrial vehicle collisions in the south day. programs like this are helping to reduce the number of collisions. >> we have had a drop in collisions. in fact, in 2016- 2017 timeframe, we have a drop in vehicle versus pedestrian
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fatalities. about 75 percent. >> one of the things officers are reminding drivers about is that vehicles are not allowed into an intersection until the pedestrian is safely out of the crosswalk. are you a big tip or? a new study that shows who tips the most. which generation skims and who does not tip?
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taking a look at the
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market. stocks are mostly low. the dow jones is in the -126 points. the ceo of luxury automaker audi has been arrested in germany as part of an investigation into emissions cheating. munich prosecutors said monday that rupert stadler, who has worked for audi parent company volkswagen since 1990, had been detained because of concerns he could influence witnesses in an ongoing fraud investigation. stadler, 55, is the highest ranking volkswagen executive to be arrested in connection to a costly diesel emissions scandal that burst into public view in 2015. prosecutors said they have opened a criminal investigation into potential fraud by 20 current or former audi employees including stadler. the case is related to suspected emissions cheating in 240,000 diesel cars sold in the united states and europe. volkswagen spokesman nicolai laude confirmed that stadler had been arrested, but declined to comment on the investigation. he said the company's supervisory board would discuss the matter on monday. >> the world health organization announced a new classification of the disease. videogame addiction. the gaming addiction is characterized by several factors. impaired control over playing video games. an increase in priority given to playing games over other activities. in the continuation or escalation of gaming, despite negative consequences. the organization says there is
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plenty of evidence to suggest it should move in this direction.>> and gambling disorder is similar to gaming. we feel confident we have made the correct choice. >> the disorder will be added to the organization and their 11th revision of the international classification of diseases. nike is dropping a clothing line that was featured in the u. s. u.s. navy claims it is a rip off of the u. s. naval academy coat of arms. the company apologize to anyone offended. here they are, side-by-side. nike debuted the logo last week for their soccer line. the naval academy said it looked like their historic crest. the academy said on twitter, the similarities are undeniable. they believe it is clearly an infringement under trademark law. >> and jay-z leased a surprise album together.
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beyonce posted a music video on her instagram account. the video for the album called everything is love, was shot in paris. there are some songs we can hear jay-z go after the grammy awards. he had eight nominations this year, but did not win any. and another song, he appears to confirm that he turned down an invitation to perform at the super bowl halftime show. the battle for big names behind original programs is heating up. apple wants to deal with oprah winfrey to create new programs. it would be five projects and a lineup of original content. it would not conflict with the opera winfrey network. apple says it does not know how to make television so it is calling in experts. one free may not -- oprah winfrey may not appear on any of the shows. netflix recently signed former president barack obama and michelle obama as well as david letterman. a new study finds your age,
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gender and marital status can influence how you tip. credit and the younger you are, the less you tend to tip. a survey found that women are better tippers than men. race and marital status can be an indicator of what percent you leave. according to the survey, younger adults who prefer to get rid of tipping, prefer to have the tip built into the bill. a new initiative will be on the november ballot. the question regarding local rent prices and what it could mean for families across the state. apple is rolling out new technology for iphones. that the company hopes will save lives. alex wood how it works. dog: seresto, seresto, seresto.
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the trump administration is facing criticism over its zero- tolerance policy.>> the current and former first lady are waiting in. -- weighing in. >> reporter: customs and border protection releasing images from border troll detention facilities in california. they show children separated from their families, as they cross into the united states illegally. nearly 2000 kids separated over a six week time frame in april and may. due to a zero-tolerance
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policy. >> it is heart wrenching. he does not like this, but he understands the law of the land. you have to enforce these laws.>> reporter: the policy is facing fears criticism from democrats. some of whom are visiting san diego immigration detention facilities. >> we are concerned about the policies at the border. certainly, the zero-tolerance policy means zero humanity and it makes zero sense. trump prominent republicans are weighing in. including former first lady laura bush. she calls the policy cruel and immoral. current first lady lonnie at trump is speaking out as well. melania trump hates to see children separated from their families at borders melania
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trump 'hates to see' children separated from their families at borders just hours before bush's piece was published, trump's communications director stephanie grisham told cnn, mrs. trump hates to see children separated from their families and hopes both sides of the aisle can finally come together to achieve successful immigration reform. truck this is the house minority leader, nancy pelosi will visit an immigration detention facility. at the white house, kevin court. news at noon, san francisco's district attorney issuing a safety warning to the public after a man was charged with selling counterfeit drugs. >> 1024 is live in the newsroom. >> due to an investigation, a man faces 14 counts of selling counterfeit drugs without a prescription. the district attorney spoke about the charges in the investigation. at the self-help and elderly center in china town. the man accused of selling the drugs so the out of his herbal medicine shop in the 700 block of jackson street in chinatown.
12:32 pm
that is were state investigators recovered 600 products, believed to be prescription only, counterfeit misbranded or unapproved medication. >> you may be thinking you are getting and medication at the correct dosage. and you are not at all, or conditions worsen. you make it something that is not a medication at all and is fake. in the worst case, it may be directly harmful to your health.>> the arrest followed a 2014 investigation. and man ended up in intensive care after taking something called anti-remake capsules from an unlicensed seller out of oakland. the capsules are not approved by the fda and are illegal. to purchase legal persistent medication, a pharmacist must have a license from a physician and they have to be licensed. other warning signs about spotting possible counterfeit medications is if it comes in a regular packaging or if the pills inside are different
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colors and sizes. anyone who suspects that have purchased them counterfeit or altered medication should contact their healthcare provider telephone department of public health drug hotline to report it. breaking news out of oakland. bart officials say there are major delays on the fremont line in both directions. a spokeswoman with bay -- bart, so the richmond wound train was involved in an incident. it happened 15 minutes ago. you can see a ladder truck at a fire engine. sky fox was overhead minutes ago. it appears the train and killed a pedestrian. no word on how long the trains will be affected throughout the investigation. bart says there is a bridge set up for passengers impacted this incident. 2 fires in south san jose are under investigation. one happened at a home on raposa court. not far from the capital expressway. it broke up before 2 am this
12:34 pm
morning inside the garage at the house. a caused serious damage to the garage area and spread to the attic. there were no reports of injuries. there was also a small brush fire at the same time, a block away. investigators are looking for possible links between the two fires. police and fire officials in santa rosa are investigating a dozen grass fires they call suspicious. the first was reported before midnight on saturday on the west side of santa rosa between the 10 avenue and fulton road. it is near the santa rosa creek trail and railroad tracks. over the next couple of hours, firefighters put out 13 small grass fires. investigators believe the fires are linked. the fire emotional -- marshall said it appears they were set by lighters. no buildings were damaged. anyone with information is urged to call santa rosa police. to the east bay, two grass fires prompted a quick response from firefighters. plans got along highway 84, not
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far from the ruby hill's golf course. firefighters were able to contain the flames by 5 pm. no buildings were threatened or injuries reported. the causes under investigation. in japan, a magnitude 6.1 earthquake killed three people and injured more than 200 this morning. it was centered near osaka, japan. the second biggest city in japan. a nine-year-old girl died when a concrete wall fell on her while at school. the quake also killed two men in separate locations. buildings and roadways in japan flooded with several water main's broke. scattered fires broke out. the morning commute was disrupted as safety workers checked highways, subways and train lines for damage. several flights to and from osaka were delayed until all runways could be tracked. apple has new technology. >> it involves sharing an exact location with i want responders. >> reporter: the people i talked to said in an emergency
12:36 pm
situation that could mean life or death, they want help as soon as possible. there are hold ups about privacy they want to know exactly what information apple will send out. >> it sounds like a great idea if it will save lives. why not?>> it is about privacy. everyone will know your home address. as long as it is secure and encrypt it, it is a positive.>> reporter: when you called 911, the technology will send your exact location to a system where only emergency responders can access it. dickinson firefighters, paramedics etc. to the emergency right away. now, 911 operators rely on a system originally set up for land lines. to ask the caller their address and track information from cell phone towers. as well as other methods. apple hopes the feature will save lives and improve the data emergency response system. the new feature should roll out this fall for iphone users
12:37 pm
running ios 12. >> you always have people who are afraid of people following or tracking them. if you have nothing to hide, it is a great idea. >> i coach basketball. when we do emergency training, they let us know that it will go to fresno dispatch and then around here. there are three or four different points that it goes from before it gets to you. >> this new feature is meant to streamline that information. sometimes callers do not know where they are are are to hurt or upset to medicate important details to 911 operator. apple will not share the name of the caller. this feature can only be used during an emergency call. alissa harrington. voters will decide if calpurnia rent control laws can be expanded. there are enough signatures to
12:38 pm
repeal the current rent law. the state law sets tight limits on the number of housing units that rent control can apply to. if repeal is past, cities and jurisdictions will have more authority in limiting rents for new tenants. the secretary of state plans to certify the measure later this month. santa cruz county is accepting applications for short term rental permits. the county adopted a law requiring those who rent their homes on site to have a permit. the cost is $145 for property owners who want to rent out one or two bedrooms. the county is capping the number of short-term rentals at 250. there could be more limitations for homes along coastal areas. the county has been trying to strike a balance between addressing the long-term housing shortage and homeowners looking to make extra income by renting out part of their house a teenage college graduate. who this impressive student says pushed him to work harder than
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anyone else. a live look outside on monday afternoon. we will check back in with steve for a look ahead. when we can expect a warm-up. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet,
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we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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one of the biggest moment in the world cup. >> here he comes. fernandez leads it. looking good. goal, mexico. >> that one goal came in the 35th minute. in mexico the lead. germany had a free kick in the 38th minute, but did not score germany became the third defending champion in the last 16 years to lose its opening match at the world cup. mexico's win over germany actually shook the earth and triggered at least two earthquakes. sensors in mexico city with thousands gathered to watch the match on a big screen tv. fans jumping up and down in celebration caused what felt
12:43 pm
like a minor quake. >> today is day five at the world cup. yesterday, one of the favorite was surprised by switzerland. >> billy could he know.>> cell went first for a 1-0 dig lead. the game ended in a 1-1 tie the latin brazil did not went its world cup opener was 1978. the match in costa rica and serbia was decided by a free kick. >> and that is beautiful. >> the game was scoreless until serbia's captain got the ball past costa rica school keeper. they played a good physical game and serbia one 1-0. we are home for many of your world cup matches. today is that foxworth 1. the world cup returns tomorrow on ktvu fox 2 with poland taking
12:44 pm
on senegal at 8 am. at 11 am, post nation russia is for another victory when it takes on egypt. both matches will be on ktvu fox 2. morning time√£mornings on 2 changes over to ktvu plus . brooks koepka has the game to win a u.s. open on any course. one year after koepka overpowered the wide fairways of erin hills in a u.s. open remembered for low scoring, he navigated his way through the brutal conditions of shinnecock hills and closed with a 2-under 68 to become the first repeat champion in 29 years. curtis strange, the last player to go back-to-back in this major, watched the entire final round sunday as the fox sports reporter on the ground, and they shared a brief hug off the 18th green after koepka tapped in for bogey and a one-shot victory. he captured his second major on sunday. it would not have been possible without his 72 on saturday in conditions so severe the last 45 players to tee off in the third round didn't break par. the usga conceded the course was over the top and pledged to get it right for the final round. no one took advantage like tommy fleetwood, who made eight birdies -- none of the two par 5s -- and became the sixth player to shoot 63 in the u.s. open. that got him within one shot of koepka, who still had 11 holes to play. but he never caught him and had to settle for the silver medal. could he make it a three heat? it is in our backyard. it will be fun. as my buddy would say, i
12:45 pm
think he will like that. we will get to it. what a change in the weather compared to a year ago. event over the weekend, when the wind was howling. up to 50 miles per hour from a deep upper low. fog came roaring back this morning. and his peeled back parts of the coast. 60s, 70s and 80s. we are running warmer compared to yesterday at this time. we have to go back and jog your memory from one year ago. i remembered 100 degrees from livermore last year.
12:46 pm
at a sizzling 106 a lot of record highs were set this time last year. not today. box the fog is on the coast. 60s, 70s and 80s. there is thunderstorm activity that came to the shasta area last night. that was the wind ladouceur. it came flying in and made a surge except the moderate coast. it looks like it is reversing in the fog is coming in. it is pulling off the san mateo coast. you do not see the pattern often. there is a west southwest trees . there is an onshore rees. a lot of temperatures are inching upwards. san francisco went from 51 to 53. noonday -- half moon bay moved up to degrees.
12:47 pm
water temperature has been cold for a long time. 50s go down to santa barbara, which has turned into 60s for water temperature 71, we know. the lopez out and high pressure is not that strong. if you high clouds moved in. the cool we have on friday, saturday and sunday is replaced with warmer pictures warmer tuesday. -- warmer temperatures. it will be warmer on tuesday. it will not be blazing hot on friday, but it will be warmer. today, temperatures over they should be. 60s, 70s and 80s. tomorrow should be warmer. the coast will stay the same. summer arrives early thursday morning. warmer temperatures friday and saturday. now to something you do not see every day. a 15-year-old boy graduated from uc davis with a degree in biomedical engineering. this is not his first degree.
12:48 pm
the unique abraham -- eric abraham graduated in 2016 from his junior-college. >> my quest for knowledge has driven me to continue. >> his parents say they never had to push their son to study or learn new things. instead, he pushed them. coming up, no one is helping it to get up. we will tell you why and what people are doing.
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12:50 pm
the san francisco mayor delivered a message of hope at third baptist church of san francisco. that is where she has attended church since she was a teenager.>> we have work to do. we have homeless people
12:51 pm
sleeping on our streets who are mentally ill and sadly, addicted to drugs. just because we do not want to see those things, does not mean they are going away. >> yesterday, she talked about her top priorities as mayor elect. including affordable housing and helping the homeless. she thinks the congregation for their support during her campaign. she claimed victory last wednesday afternoon won over mark leno. ballots were mailed to every voter ahead of the states primary. it may have boosted voter turnout five counties in california, including san mateo, mailed ballots to every voter. turnout was close to 50 percent, up from 39 percent in 2014. elections officials say they were motivated by competitive races mr public outreach. many of us spent time volunteering at covenant house.
12:52 pm
nonprofit that helps teenagers experiencing homelessness. >> as part and of an initiatives where we get time spending -- where we spend time giving back to our community. >> reporter: it is easy to drive by this nondescript building in oakland and never know what is happening inside. >> i have driven by this place so many times and i had no clue it was here. >> i knew very little about covenant house. and i am very excited now to share this with other people. >> reporter: this building on harrison street was once in jerry brown's home. now, it is a safe place for teenagers and young people experiencing homelessness. 18-24-year-olds, roughly 4000 people experiencing homelessness in the area. we house 80. even though that is impressive, it does not make a dent. our waiting list is significant.
12:53 pm
>> reporter: for privacy and safety reasons, we could not show you the faces of the teenagers who use the center. in addition to homelessness, some have faced exportation and trafficking.>> when you come in here, you, who cares about them and makes them not feel invisible. i think that is phenomenal.>> reporter: covenant house offers services in a two-year residential program. here to they hope to wrap the young people in their arms.>> not just shelter and food. also, job preparation and helping them with education helping them with life skills. how to clean their room and make food and how to have a healthy relationship.>> reporter: it starts with a place like this. they tasked the ktvu team to make it shinier. we cleaned everything we could find.>> we are surface cleaning the kitchen and chairs and couches. giving everything a good scrub. > reporter: with organized a closet of close the color and
12:54 pm
style. -- clothing by color and style. >> we are turning the closet into a nicely organized place, where they can come in and find some things nice to wear for school or a job interview. there are things with tags, which is great. >> my closet does not look like this at home. i was going to make this row perfect. it is the least that i can do. it puts a smile on their face. it is fantastic. >> reporter: we did what we could. truth be told, we all had a sense that whatever we did, was not enough. >> as great as this facility is , it is just a fraction of what these kids need.>> it is overwhelming. it makes you feel very insignificant. if everyone does a little bit, maybe we can make a big difference.>> reporter: covenant house says big
12:55 pm
differences, and small gestures. it is not the smell of a clean room. >> a clean space is the beginning of dignity. >> reporter: it is about taking part in the ongoing mission. to wrap young people in safety, warmth and carry -- caring that too many have gone too long without.>> i hope it is the start of restoration. the start of the reflection of their work. i think the small thing we do speak louder than the big things. in oakland, claudine wong. we go in-depth on a report released by the world health organization . >> we will sit down with child psychologists about videogame addiction. how to tell if your children are affected and what steps to take to make sure safety comes first. today at the 4 on 2. a couple of minutes away from the closing bell. nasdaq is slightly up. s&p 500 lately down. dow jones down nearly 100 points. a south lake tahoe family
12:56 pm
quickly found out a crime scene was not caused by the typical intruder. instead, a bear was caught on security video breaking into the house. you can see the bear gets into the kitchen window and goes through everything in the sink. the family who lives here says it is the second time of year has broken into their home. no one was home when it happened. authorities in the south they are keeping a close watch on and eaglet. an eaglet fell from its nest sunday morning near curtner school in milpitas. and bird lovers are trying to figure out how to save it from being eaten before it is old enough to fly away. silicon valley wildlife came out to look and said to leave the eaglet alone. it will likely strong enough tofly in a week to 10 days, the experts told grilli. until then, the fire department erected a mesh fence around it to try to keep it safe. what it will eat is unclear. its mother was not feeding it, grilli said, but that might be because there are several onlookers who might be making the pair uncomfortable. our news continues at and on twitter and facebook. will see you back at 4 on 2
12:57 pm
later today. >> have a great afternoon. dog: seresto, seresto, seresto.
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