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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  June 19, 2018 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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inland, although we can see a few high clouds. temperatures were near average yesterday. some will go a little above today. we have a still -- we still have a delta breeze. west winds in vacaville. we are slowly warming things up. the whopper of a low that drop in mid june is still there in idaho. it went to the west and is now moving to the east. 50s and low 60s for the temperatures. low 50s, berkeley lab, the city is 53, 55 in alameda. oakland 53, 54 and 55. except for a few high clouds it will be mostly sunny and warmer from any. upper 70s and pushing upper 80s.
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we already saw the bay bridge was backing up. is that still happening? >> yes. we are looking at some of the other commutes starting early. we already have traffic on the altamont pass. we will start there. traffic will be busy as you drive into 205 and 580. you can see traffic is backed up. there have been no major issues driving into livermore. if you're driving over to 880, it looks early, but traffic is moving along relatively well. this is westbound to the bay bridge. there was road work being picked up, it could've been because of that or people showing up to the toll plaza early. let's go back to the desk. police in union city her on the scene of an officer- involved shooting that sent one person to the hospital. ktvu alyssa harrington is live with more.
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>> reporter: it all started during a traffic stop. police attempted to pull over a car this intersection when the police are -- when the people inside and officers began shooting at each other. here is video from earlier. you can see police approaching a home with guns drawn. union city police attempted to pull over a vehicle in the area late last night, just after 11:30 pm. there were three people in the car. during that stop, the occupants and police exchanged gunfire. the driver took off and drove a short distance to whipple road, where they dished the car. the suspects all ran into the surrounding neighborhood. other agencies to -- showed up to help with the search and all the suspects were taken into custody. no officers were hurt but one suspect did suffer a that suspect is expected to survive. police have not released any names or information about why they pulled the car over in the first place. information at 6 am. some of the surrounding neighborhood is still taped off while investigators processed the scene. the trump administration is
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doubling down on its controversial immigration policy separating children from their parents at the mexican border. that is despite the release of a heartbreaking audiotape of children crying out for their parents at a u.s. immigration facility. >> the recording of these spanish-speaking children crying was released by a human rights attorney. it aired on the cable news network shortly before yesterday's news conference by the secretary of homeland security, kirstjen nielsen. she said she had not heard the audiotape, but she says the painful scenes are the direct result of current immigration laws. >> it is because of the loopholes in the immigration laws that prevent them a great -- immigrate minors from being
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placed with their families. >> it is about families and who we are as a country. >> president trump is set to meet with house republicans tonight to discuss two competing republican bills on immigration. neither house bill will eliminate the trump administration's current policy that has led to the separation appearance from their children. former south bay congressman my condo says seeing the detention center images are a sad reminder of the japanese-american determent -- interment centers. >> my father said to me when i was young, if it was for our security, why weren't the machine guns
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pointed at them and why were we the ones inside the barbed wire fences? >> he says the difference between then and now is there are more protests against separating families. he said back then, most of the people detained were american citizens. president trump is threatening a new 10% tariff on $200 billion on chinese imports. he says the new terrace will go into effect of china refuses to change its practices and insists on going forward new tears of its own. president trump recently ordered tariffs on $50 billion in chinese goods. china responded by saying it would match those tariffs dollar for dollar. they say they will respond with similar countermeasures. new this morning, lights are back on in the fillmore district but pg&e is looking for the cause of a power outage that affected 4000 customers. it happened before midnight . almost 4000 homes and businesses lost their electricity. within two hours, pg&e crews had the lights back on. facebook is taking steps to
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prevent anyone under 18 years old from viewing ads for gun accessories on its website. facebook already prohibits ads for guns, but not for gun accessories. those ads will still be allowed on facebook, but will only be seen by users that are 18 or older. the policy follows the school shootings in parkland, florida and in santa fe, texas. elon musk is accusing a tesla employee of sabotaging operations as tesla ramps up production of the model 3. according to reports, he sent an email to workers sunday night saying an employee had been involved in quite extensive and damaging sabotage to our operations. he said the sabotage included changing the code to an internal product and exporting data to outsiders. he also wrote that the employee admitted doing it and that his motivation was anger because it was not promoted. yesterday morning elon musk sent out a second email about a small factory at its fremont factory and again referenced possible sabotage.
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tussle is in the middle of making big layoffs. they are also in the drive for probability, while under a lot of pressure to produce 5000 model 3s by the end of this quarter. humidity advocates plan to return this morning to union point park in oakland to try to prevent nearly a dozen homeless people from being evicted from their encampment. supporters say oakland police threatened to arrest the group of homeless people last night as they work camping at this part. -- at this park. supporters went out to keep an eye on the situation and the police officers did not return. advocates say the was group was already evicted wants but were not provided alternative housing. supporters plan to be back at the park at 8 am.
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later today in a south bay, vector control will be spring to get rid of mosquitoes that may be carrying the west nile virus. crews in santa clara county will spray parts of sunnyvale and santa clara after two dead birds were found caring west nile. in southern california, the first human case of west nile virus this season has been confirmed in l.a. county. this break is not harmful to humans or pets, but officials advise to close windows. officials say hodder weather is contributing to more mosquitoes being around and therefore raising the risk of the west nile virus. the marine mammal center is investigating the death of a "blue whale" after a whale watching group spotted it over the weekend. the center plans to determine the cause of death. the carcass washed ashore saturday. it was a few miles south a point rich national seashore. they are the largest animals on the earth and are listed as an endangered species. in oakland, a man was hit and killed on bart train tracks
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near the lake merritt bart station around 11:30 am yesterday morning. they were is a systemwide bart delay for two hours because of the investigation. ac transit set up a bus bridge for passengers between fruitville and the west oakland stations. bart says the unidentified victim was a man. there were no other details as of now. authorities have identified the fremont man while -- who died while scuba diving. the sheriff department says 50 when you're -- 51-year-old mark alcott was diving when he lost consciousness. he was airlifted to shore but pronounced dead a short time later. the coroner is investigating the cause of his death. san francisco police are investigating the discovery of used needles. a ktvu via were took pictures of these needles and syringes in san francisco. the pictures were taken during the morning commute yesterday. it is unclear who left the meat
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-- the needles behind but many mass transit riders in san francisco told ktvu they see them all the time. >> i take this every day. not a day goes by that i don't see needles somewhere on my commute to work. >> i have never seen people shooting up before. i have seen needles on the ground, that is all. >> a spokesman says the agency averages one complaint a month of needles that stations. they are placing patrols at stations in response to the problem. arson fires in santa rosa. we have new details about the investigation of these fires along a popular trail in that area. the coast guard is coming to the rescue in san francisco. we will tell you what they
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the u. s. coast guard came to the rescue of five people after their sailboat got into trouble in san se nearby, when the urgent team was on th in a few minutes. the coast guard crewmembers immediately discover that one man have fallen off the 30 foot sailboat. >> one of the lines on the mainsail just snapped. he was leaned against the mainsail. hewa rds.
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>> the coast guard says the 35- year-old san francisco man was wearing a life jacket, which may have saved his life. he is recovering at the hospital. the four other people managed to stay on the boat. starting july 1, the price of caltrain's monthly passes will go up. the cheapest monthly pass will go from $89-$96. caltrain officials say rates are going up so they can fully pay for maintenance and operation costs, now that their aging system has more riders than ever. the new forces -- the new passes go on sale this thursday. let's go out to sal castendo , who is watching the roadways for us. >> we are off to a good start. we don't have a lot going on, which is just the way we like it. it is nice and quiet for a tuesday morning from gilroy to
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san jose. one of the things we did notice is the bay bridge got early -- busy early. here in the south bay, we are off to a nice, early start. if we go to 280 in san jose, traffic is moving well getting up to highway 17. the bay bridge looks normal for now but it started early. it is backed up to the maccarthur maze. the metering lights are on. not a lot of wind, at least as far for drivers on the bridge. we have a warmer forecast, although there is still plenty of low clouds and fog from santa rosa to san jose. we still have a decent fog bank. yesterday was a little bit stronger and made a bigger push. there was a delta breeze that is still there. it is not as strong as it was. santa rosa 75 to 83, redwood city 77 to 80, livermore, those for this inland get the
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furthest job from 83 to 89. it is just a little above average for many, more so as you head inland. we do have a pretty good fog bank. that is making its push inland. there is still an onshore wind or breeze. it has come down a little bit for travis. still southwest at 20. west at vacaville, south at davis. there is no north or northeast breezes there. during winter, we were hard- pressed to find a low of this ilk. here it is in to mid june. it decided to retrograde back to oregon. 50s for the temperatures to just one temperature of 60 in brentwood. 56 sfo, 54 in oakland. temperatures are not that much different into you get something you find upper 40s and low 50s. gilroy 49 degrees, which is the coolest by far. 51 boulder creek and mid to
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upper 50s cupertino and saratoga , bookends and 57 degrees. 57 to 67 from sacramento down to fresno. we have a few clouds popping up over mendocino county yesterday, we might see a repeat of that. the fog will burn off sooner, but there is plenty there. temperatures will be up because of forecast products i use are bumping temperatures up. it feels like a warmer day more inland from anywhere else 50s, 60s, upper 70s, 80s to near 90 degrees. brentwood, antioch up to ukiah and clearly, a little bit cooler wednesday and thursday and then we warm it up friday and saturday. want to hot inland and then it looks like a kohl's right back down. it is a different pattern this year. >> just in time for the parade on sunday. ktvu fox 2 news is your
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home for a pair of world cup matches. you have poland versus at 8 am and russia takes on egypt. both of those matches will be right here on ktvu fox 2. "mornings on 2" will move over to kt you plus this morning starting at 7 am. you can catch all the latest news, traffic and weather there. in a few weeks, a popular restaurant in richmond will close. we have the growing dispute with the restaurant's landlord. enforcing the nation's border laws and at the same time separating families. i am doug luzader in washington. i will have the fallout on the administration's policy is just ahead. ♪ ♪ legendary jockey víctor espinoza is insatiable when it comes to competing. ♪ ♪
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so is his horse. ♪ ♪ when it comes to snacking. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ that's why he uses the chase mobile app, to pay practically anyone, at any bank. life, lived victor's way. chase. make more of what's yours. the growing dispute with the restaurant's landlord. enforcing the nation's border laws and at
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". a fundraiser by a bay area couple aimed at helping to reunite families who have been separated from their children at the border has so far raised more than $3.8 million. the couple organized it on facebook over the weekend. the money will go to a nonprofit legal services provider based in texas. that organization will pay the bonds needed to get parents out of detention and reunited with their kids while they wait for court proceedings. president trump will go to capitol hill today and meet with house republicans as his his ministry should is increasingly under fire for the policy that separates children
5:22 am
from their parents at the border. doug luzader joins us live from washington. a lot of lawmakers from both parties say the policy has to change. >> reporter: the president will be here with lawmakers today. he is not making any apologies, saying he is simply enforcing the law. >> reporter: faced with images and unverified reported of crying children at holding facilities, president trump would not back down from an issue has long championed, enforcing immigration laws. >> the united states will not be a migrant camp. it will not be a refugee holding facility. >> reporter: the president has to the held today in the face of bipartisan anger and outrage from democrats, many who have been visiting the border. >> the message to trump is to stop this inhumane and barbaric policy, resend your actions and take responsibility for it. >> i would say that is a
5:23 am
cowardly response. >> reporter: the president's director of homeland security defense the zero-tolerance policy. parents illegally crossing the border are charged with a crime under zero-tolerance. the law says the children must be held elsewhere. there are efforts from both parties in congress to change the law and allow families to remain together through the detention process. >> of a family is caught at the border, the mother, father and children, i want to make sure they stay together but the parents show up for the family but if they broke the law, they get deported together. >> -- >> reporter: the president may be anxious to sign something like that. that is a possible area where we could see some action on the part of the white house and on congress. >> with more republicans and even conservative religious leaders condemning the policy
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of separating families at the border, this? >> reporter: the president has joined in the condemnation of the law itself the way it is written. that is why he may be looking for anoff on. >> doug luzader live from washington. in san francisco, we are wanting new developments on the case on a woman who has been detained since november by immigration authorities. >> [ speaking spanish ] >> when claudia portillo was eight years old she was brought to the u. s. from el salvador. her lawyers and her family says she was unexpectedly detained when she checked in with ice -- i.c.e. a benefactor offered to posterior $12,000 bond. she could be released from detention in bakersfield as early as today. >> this is just one case out of so many in the united states. this is a victory for us.
5:25 am
there are more done. >> her lawyer says it will be likely she can get a permanent visa after winning a temporary stay from being deported. critics of california's gasoline tax gathered outside the state capital pushing for repeal. the republic -- the republican candidate joined them. he says taxesof transportation and other everyday necessities. >> it is about time the working people of this state had a voice. not just the special interest in the donors to these campaigns. >> supporters of a repeal gathered enough signatures to put the measure on the november ballot. there just waiting on the state to certify them. the state legislature passed a bill last year gas tax by $0.12 a gallon. it increased the vehicle
5:26 am
registration fees for the state, as well. the tax is expected to raise more than $5 million a year for roadway and transit projects. suspects wanted for shooting at dozens of cars in american canyon. you will see the new video that investigators released of those suspects firing bb guns. a baby eagle fell out of its nest. how fish and wildlife officials rescued it and where it is now. right now, traffic is moving along pretty well on the bridge getting into san francisco. there is already a big delay at the toll plaza. we have a pretty big fog bank out there. it is making a strong search and is expected to burn off sooner today. some inland temperatures will get a little above average. hi.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". >> ♪ >> it is a happy day. that's all makes you happy. >> these are live pictures around the bay area, as much as you can see. steve has been telling us it is overcast. the sun will come out later. >> ♪ >> you have to let them sing. welcome back to "mornings on 2". it is tuesday, june 19. i am dave clark. >> i am claudine wong in for
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pam cook. steve paulson is joining us now. >> if you like the gray, there it is. >> i do. >> we have some locations that are clearing, it will start to warm up today. it has been a slow process for us. today it looks like temperatures will go above average for just about everybody, or closer to it. more so toward livermore, jumping from 83 to 89 degrees. we have not gotten rid of the fog. the water temperature is still cold. you get an onshore breeze and the fog has no problem forming. it looks like it will burn off sooner today. this high pressure is nosing in with the flap pattern. there are no extremes into the end of the week. 50s to one temperature at 60. we have a couple clouds popping up over the lake county. the low clouds will do their usual
5:31 am
retreat and hang out by the coast for some. temperatures are beginning to nose in a little bit above average. 60s, 70s to upper 80s to near 90 degrees today. this is when traffic gets really busy. >> things are definitely busy. we are looking at people getting on the roadway s early this morning. we will start with solano county and interstate 880. you can see traffic is moving along well. if you're driving on 37, there is already stop and go traffic there. as you drive west toward sonoma and marin county, you can see slowing on 80 as you past 780. it will be slower approaching the carquinez bridge. at the bay bridge we had an early start. it is backed up for at least a 15 minute delay before you make it onto the bridge.
5:32 am
let's go back to the desk. authorities in santa rosa is warning people that someone is literally playing with fire. there were several suspicious fires. the arsonist may have been on a bicycle, possibly using a butane torch to start the grass fires. the santa rosa police are asking the public for help. >> there are lots of people on that trail at all hours of the day and night. we are looking for them to come forward. we were out that night contacting people. >> so far, investigators do not have solid leads yet. a $2500 reward is being offered for information in the case. cement police in san jose are asking for help in identifying an armed robbery suspect. there is surveillance video that shows this man entering the public storage offices. you can see him there. he pulls out a gun and demands money from that employee. this happened on y a 1990 silve he is described as latino and heavy start -- heavyset.
5:33 am
cement police in san francisco made an arrest on an unprovoked attack on a homeless man on leavenworth street. it was caught on surveillance camera. you see the man in the suit carrying a briefcase. he viciously kicked someone lying on the sidewalk. on sunday, two police officer spotted the suspect. they say he is 58-year-old samuel youmtoub. they spotted him on market street and arrested him. they say he was wearing the same suit . >> the man was laying down sleeping on the sidewalk and anfor no apparent reason, just kicked him in the face, causing major injury. >> police say five days after that kicking incident, the same suspect may have been involved in another attack on a muni bus where a man was attacked. a dog owner caught on video tearing down a homeless
5:34 am
encampment at lake merritt has pled not guilty. the man who is been called "jogger joe" was recorded following -- throwing a homeless man's belonging into a lake and trashcan. later, he was confronted by another man and police say he was caught on video stealing that man's cell phone. the 38-year-old, whose real name is henry sintay, was arraigned last wednesday and released on $55,000 bail. he is scheduled to return to court on august 1 for a pretrial hearing. the san francisco da is issuing a safety warning after a man was charged with selling counterfeit prescription drugs. the district attorney spoke about the case at the self-help for the elderly center in chinatown. he said elderly people can be unsuspecting targets. investigators say a 67-year-old of san francisco is facing 14 c were sold out of his herbal medicine shop on jackson
5:35 am
street. investigators say they recovered 600 products believed to be prescription only, counterfeit, misbranded, or unapproved. >> you may be thinking you are getting the medication and the right dosage and you are not at all. your condition will worsen, you make it something that is not a medication at all and is completely fake. the worst-case scenario is that it could be directly harmful to your health. >>into the counterfeit prescription drugs after taking drugs from an nsed seller. the district attorney reminded everybody to be watchful for visible signs of counterfeit drugs. he said he regular packaging or pills that are different colors and sizes are d of attacking a president trump supporters of berkeley rally were found not guilty. the rally was organized in support of president trump and drew a large crowd of counter
5:36 am
protesters. the five men were accused of attacking a supporter of the president after he was sitting on the ground and being treated for a laceration. sure investigators are releasing video of the bb gun suspects in american canyon who are wanted for shooting at dozens of cards. the surveillance video shows a passenger in a dark blue dodge charger with her hand out of the window, firing a parked cars. this happened friday morning on the east side of town. police say at least 30 neighbors woke up to find their vehicles with broken windows and are behind bars charged with charges. they were taken into custody yesterday. police say the two are responsible for several recent robberies at starbucks coffee shops in but dublin. investigators say a search of their home led to additional
5:37 am
evidence, including a laptop that was stolen in a previous robbery. firefighters in country are still battling a wildfire in mariposa county. it is called the wheeler filer -- wheeler fire. it is only 10% contained so far. as of last night, mandatory evacuations were lifted. crews say the tough terrain is making battling the flames very difficult and hard to contain. the fire was still reported at noon yesterday. stilcare services on college campuses after a scandal at e m registered complaints against dr. george tyndall who retired last year. dozens of women filed lawsuits in two former students testified at the state capital yesterday. they say the university allowed him to practice at the university, despite decades of complaints about racial and sexual abuse. human resources at usc did not report those alleged abuses.
5:38 am
dr. tyndall was not subject to peer review. that is a loophole lawmakers say they will consider closing for college health centers statewide. baby eagle bend has been nesting in a tree in milpitas is now a wildlife center after falling out of its nest twice in the past two days. it was rescued by fish and wildlife agents. the eagle is at a rehab center. it has been a cup -- a tough couple of days. it fell out of its nest edits tree -- from its tree and then it fell again yesterday. firefighters in milpitas took this videoued the eagle. >> it was in there upside down, actually. it was having a hard time getting out. >> the eagle it is 10 pounds. it is at the lindsay wildlife
5:39 am
center in walnut creek. it is being watched closely for week before it is once again released into the wild. we have new ratings for president trump. how his recent meeting with north korean leader kim jong un is influencing how people feel about him. a popular restaurant in richmond will be closing in a few weeks. details about a growing dispute with the restaurant's landlord. sure we here is the maccarthur maze traffic, it is slow. the approach to the bridge is slow because of the accident on the san francisco side of
5:40 am
5:41 am
north korean leader kim jong un was welcomed to
5:42 am
beijing by the chinese president. it kicks off the leaders two day visit to china. he is expected to discuss his next steps with chinese leaders after his son met with president trump that resulted in a surprise announcement of suspension a military drills with south korea and the u. s. we have an update from japan. at least four people were killed, including a nine-year- old girl in sunday's big earthquake that hit near osaka, japan. it was a magnitude 6.1 earthquake that damaged many buildings, including a major hospital. it also flooded streets with broken water mains. people were hurt, windows were shattered and walls were not down. president trump was to form a new branch of the military with a focus on space. >> very importantly, i am hereby directing the department of defense and pentagon to immediately begin the process necessary to establish a space force as the sixth branch of
5:43 am
the armed forces. that is a big statement. >> the president gave the keynote address before the national space council and stressed the importance of leading other countries in space exploration. he says when it comes to defending american, he says we must have quote, dominance in space. we have been talking about space and traffic and all of that. sal castendo is watching what is happening on the roadways. >> we have a couple of busy commutes this morning. let's start off with the tracy commute, which will be very slow on 580 and 205, the tracy super commute. as you are driving on 205, it is solid and it stays that way
5:44 am
on 580 through the altamont pass. we have had a few minor incidents, but for the most part, it is typical slow traffic there. the bay bridge approach will be busy because of an accident in san francisco. that is one of the reasons come on the other side of the bridge, southbound 101 at the ups building, there is an accident blocking the two left lanes. the camera cannot see it because it is foggy, but traffic at the bay bridge is going slow. you need to give yourself extra time this morning to do this commute. let's bring in steve paulson for our weather. >> we have a lot of fog, but it will burn off sooner. it will still make a big push. we have gradual warming. temperatures are up, i am a little reluctant because some of them are warmer than this. we will see warmer temperatures 75 to 83 santa rosa and redwood city. san jose from 79 to 82. san jose has low clouds. other locations do not. there are plenty of low clouds out there. we have a robust fog bank with an okay breeze.
5:45 am
it is still there, not roaring or anything, but up to 20. even vacaville has a westerly component. the delta breeze has not collapsed to get. it is a textbook low that dropped in. it is finally beginning to move. it was heading back toward eastern washington and oregon. as it moves to the east, 50s on the temperatures to one degree of 60. santa rosa is cloudy and 52. livermore is clear. 54 in american canyon, 51 bodega they -- san rafael and cloverdale are 51. occidental is, too. parts of mendocino county could see some clouds later this afternoon. they are innocuous and you don't have to worry about any shower activity. overall it looks a little warmer today. 60s, 70s, inland 80s to near
5:46 am
90 degrees. tomorrow about the same, we might take a few degrees off some of the temperatures. we level it off thursday, that is the first day of summer. the first full day of summer gets warm and then it gets hot inland and then it gets really hot. >> dress in layers? >> it depends on where you live. >> just keep the night kind of cool. >> they are not bad. >> i need that temperature swing at night to cool down. sun california lawmakers are considering a bill that lawmakers say would protect consumers from unknowingly ingesting harmful toxins. manufactures would be required to label food wrappers and two boxes that contain chemicals. those chemicals help to prevent moisture and grease from
5:47 am
seeping through, but toxins can get into the food. lawmakers say the legislation will push consumers to make more informed choices on what and how they eat. see me -- >> we believe it will move the needle on this and bring consumers to asked the question about this chemical and if we need to have it. >> the food packaging bill is being considered in sacramento already approved by washington state. a popular restaurant in richmond that has become a local landmark is about to close for good in a few weeks. >> you are such an asset to richmond and everybody. >> the owner of the salute restaurant on the marina bay has become a beloved figure in that community. of the past two decades, she has provided free food and meals to the homeless on thanksgiving and for mothers in need on mother's day. the owner has decided she is going to close her restaurant next month because of a growing dispute with her landlord. >> he is a landlord, not my life lord. the last day will be really
5:48 am
tough for me. really hard to say goodbye to everyone. >> the immigrant from ethiopia moved from italy to the united states 23 years ago. she had a job with the former owners of salute and moved up and became a supervisor, then the manager and then she bought the restaurant in 2003. a teenager has been honored for speaking out against hate. the 16-year-old is the winner of the 2018 award, which is a $36 -- $36,000 grant. last year she started a program called speak. it is a group of students who talk to younger kids about issues like racism and social media. she started the program after albany high school administrators learned racist images were posted on a student's private instagram account. cement public works crews have repaired some of the damaged areas done by mother nature.
5:49 am
mudslides hit the county in 2017. newly complaining sites -- newly completed sites will reopen. that project cost $1.4 million. othat will be covered by fewith new information from detectives about an overnight police shooting in union city. we are talking about a modest home in palo alto selling for millions of dollars, which is a new here in the bay area, but could the housing market be cooling? we will tell you why that could be in the forecast. right now, comcast business is doubling your internet speed.
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happening now, we went to you live look -- they just lost the picture. they were just holding a press conference in union city. we are getting new information. we will continue to follow that story for you all morning long. we will have report. >> alyssa harrington is there talking with police. we will talk to her r. here in the bay area, we are used to hearing about ridiculously high prices in real estate. maybe it is coming down after all. >> check out this house in palo alto.
5:53 am
it is 897 square feet. you can see the price on your screen, $2.6 million. >> that is amazing. there a lot of people coming to look at it. it has been on the market 20 days and it has not sold. it is in an era area for the average closing is just nine days. >> we are looking at the value. i love the fact i can walk to town, live in ite size of the f some point in time. >> agentconsider adjusting the asking price and bringing it down. that could be a sign that the red-hot bay area housing market may or may not be cooling off. >> think of the stories where people are saying, is that real?
5:54 am
prices are high for very small places, but i think that realtor was saying, in this case, they were trying to set it so high that they didn't have a bidding war. >> we will see what happens. let's go to sports. this was a heartbreaker last night. the giants lost 5 to 4 -- 5-4 to the marlins last night. >> it is out appear! >> it started it -- out so well. san francisco took the lead all the way to the ninth-inning. closer hunton -- hunter strickland allowed three runs. those teams play again tonight. europe continues its strong play at the world cup. england beat tunisia 2-1.
5:55 am
>> it nearly went in. >> what a shot. that is england in the red, tunisia and the white. england had an early lead but tunisia tied up the match with a penalty shot. the game would go into extra time. that is when england's captaid >> ktvu fox 2 is your home for a pair of matches today. world cup starts at 7 am and then poland versus senegal at 8 am. then russia takes on egypt right here on ktvu. "mornings on 2" continues on ktvu plus this morning, starting at 7 am. you can get all your latest news, traffic and weather. >> used needles at muni stations.
5:56 am
we will tell you how the city of san francisco is responding. >> we need borders, security and safety. >> outrage continues to grow about the way immigrant families are being handled at the border. we will tell you about the latest push from lawmakers to try to solve the problem. not all commutes are slow. the 680 commute looks pretty good if you are driving south on the commute. we will tell you more when we come back. june gloom continues. it looks like burn off a little sooner today. enforcement --
5:57 am
5:58 am
an officer-involved shooting in union city. we have learned all three suspects are juveniles. i have details coming up. a country without borders is not a country at all. >> this is not about immigration. this is about humanity. it is about families. >> lawmakers are speaking out about immigrant families being split up. up next, how the outrage over
5:59 am
the trump administration policy is growing in the president's response. good morning on this tuesday, june 19. i am claudine wong in for pam cook. >> i am dave clark. we are talking about your weather . steve paulson is right over here. that good-looking guy right there. >> we have a lot of low clouds and fog in place. it looks warmer, at least away from the coast. near the coast and bay, probably 60s and 70s. morgan hill is clear and 49. foggy and 59 in south san jose. we see that once in a while. the observation i have is 52. i saw a 49 earlier in gilroy. boulder creek 51. then you see 58 in center togo and san jose state university. there is a difference. the nights cool off and claudine
6:00 am
likes that. the fog is still there. there is plenty to go around, although not as much to the east. we have an onshore breeze, not a wind. there is a westerly component. than we have a lot of low clouds. we have upper and lower 50s. we have a lot of low to mid 50s. 52 el cerrito and walnut creek and lafayette are close.


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