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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  June 19, 2018 6:00am-6:58am PDT

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foggy and 59 in south san jose. we see that once in a while. the observation i have is 52. i saw a 49 earlier in gilroy. boulder creek 51. then you see 58 in center togo and san jose state university. there is a difference. the nights cool off and claudine likes that. the fog is still there. there is plenty to go around, although not as much to the east. we have an onshore breeze, not a wind. there is a westerly component. than we have a lot of low clouds. we have upper and lower 50s. we have a lot of low to mid 50s. 52 el cerrito and walnut creek and lafayette are close. mendocino county will see low
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cloudsatwill lead to 60s, 70s a 80s and for those well inland close to 90 degrees. traffic is getting busier. we have had the busy traffic for sure this morning on 80 westbound and the a bridge. we will start there because of westbound 80 traffic. it will take a while to get out to the maccarthur maze. part of it is the crash in san francisco on southbound 101 at the ups building. the two left lanes are close. the fog is preventing us from seeing it, but it is there. trmetering lights down to san francisco. here is interstate 880 in oakland. traffic in both directions is moving well.
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westbound 92, the san mateo bridge is getting busier. some people are avoiding there is a little bit of room to get over to the peninsula without major delays. let's go back to the desk. new information about an officer-involved shooting in union city that injured one of the suspects. we learned all three suspects are under age. ktvu's alyssa harrington is live along railroad avenue with new details from police. >> reporter: there are multiple crime scenes, this is just one of them. this is where the initial traffic stop happened last night just after 11:30 pm. police pulled over a car and the occupants exchanged gunfire with police. the driver that took off and drove a short distance down the roadway to whipple ran, along with the occupants of the car.
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other agencies moved in to assist. they eventually arrested the three suspects. they are all juveniles. sad, obviously, when it is juis scary for the officers to have to deal with this. it is scary for everyone involved. we are fortunate that none of our officers were hurt or killed during this incident. we want to thank all of our allied agencies for the assistance we received during the course of this incident. there continuing to help us. it has depleted our resources. >> reporter: there is a lot police will not tell us. we don't know why the suspects and police started shooting at each other, or who fired first. they also would not tell us exactly how old the juveniles are, why they were pulled over in the first place, or where they are from. whipple road between whipple and ithaca will stay closed for six more hours. where we are will also be considered a crime scene. the roadways will stay closed for several hours this morning. president trump goes to capitol hill today to meet with
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house republicans. his administration is being attacked for its policy of separating children from their parents at the border. >> [ speaking spanish ] >> an audio recording that appears to capture the voices of crying children calling for their parents at a u.s. immigration facility in spanish has led to more outcry. a group of house democrats, including house minority leader nancy pelosi called on president trump to change the policy. >> the message to people. >> a country without borders is not a coun all.
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we need borders, we need security, we need safetyance po to this separations, as anyone who crosses the border without documents is charged as a criminal. a fundraiser by a bay area couple hoping to reunite families separated at the border has so far raised more than $3.8 million. the couple organized this event on facebook over the weekend. the money is supposed to go to a nonprofit legal services provider based in texas. that organization will pay the bond needed to get parents out of detention and reunite them with their children while they wait for court proceedings. community activists will go back to you in point park in oakland to tried to prevent almost a dozen homeless people from being evicted in their -- from their in camera. oakland police threatened to arrest a group of homeless people last night while they were camping at the park. group
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to keep an eye on the situation and the police officers did not come back. advocates say the police already evicted the homeless group wants last thursday, but they did not provide any alternative housing. supporters say they will be back at that park at 8 am this morning. san francisco police made an arrest in last month's unprovoked attack on a homeless man on leavenworth street. it was caught on surveillance camera. you can see the man caring the briefcase kicking the man lying on the sidewalk. and sunday, two police officer spotted the suspect, samuel youmtoub , or market street and arrested him. they say he was wearing the same clothing. >> the man was sleeping on the sidewalk and the suspect walked up to him and for no apparent reason, kicked him in the face and caused major injuries. the suspect may have been lv
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in an unprovoked attack on a minibus, where man was a -- was attacked. president trump is threatening a new 10% tariff on $200 billion worth of chinese imports. the president says the new tariffs will go into effect if china refuses to change its practices and if it insists on going ahead with new tariffs of its own. china calls president trump's new threat quote, an increase act of extreme pressure and blackmail. president trump recently ordered tariffs on $50 billion in chinese goods. china responded it would match those tariffs dollar for dollar. china says it will respond with similar countermeasures if president trump imposes the new tariffs. a new poll shows president trump
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has his highest numbers. 45% of americans approve of his job performance, which is the same rating he had after his first week in office. the rating is up three points from june 10. this comes as his administration faces more backlash over immigration policies. his meeting last week with north korean leader kim jong un was seen as a success. it was the first meeting between the two leaders and kim jong un agree to denuclearize north korea. the marine mammal center is investigating the death of a "blue whale" after a whale watching group spotted it over the weekend. they plan to perform a necropsy today to determine the cause of death. the carcass washed ashore saturday. blue whales are the largest animals on earth and are listed as endangered species. new threats of tariffs from the white house. we will tell you the latest move from presiden using public transportation say drug use here is a problem and they are becoming increasingly
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uncomfortable with finding needles. with the city says it plans to do about it. we already have slowed traffic in many commutes, including the bay bridge. this is because of some problems on the other side of the span. we will let you know what they are coming up. temperatures are said to warm up a little bit, mainly inland. there is still plenty of fog out there. it will retreat sooner today, but we will take a look at the tuesday temperatures coming up.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2".
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we have a look at what some many commuters are noticing in their stations, needles. passenger say it is a serious problem, but police do not agree. with the city says it's options are. >> reporter: we just talk to a passenger who asked us what we were doing out here. when we told him what the story was, he said, yes, he had noticed needles here and at the civic center bart station. police say they do patrolled during regular commute hours and special events. they are not aware of any increase in complaints surrounding drug use. viewer took these photos during monday morning's commute. the photos show several syringes left on the ledge of the entrance and another showing them strong across the steps. for the photographer, it was the first time seeing the needles at the station. other
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locals have come to expect syringes on city streets and near public transit. it is unclear who left the needles behind, but they were quickly cleaned up. they appeared to be capped. san francisco municipal transportation agency says it has not seen any new trends of drug activity at their stations. >> anytime we see something like that, it is concerning. when we do get complaints about something, where customers have seen syringes on the floor or near the stairs or anywhere in the immediate vicinity, we are trying to do our best to respond and get them out of the way as soon as possible. >> reporter: public works cleans the street level while muni maintains its own station. they average one complain a month regarding syringes. during her victory speech on may 14, mayor elect london breed says she wants safe injection sites across the city. >> it is why i have been
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talking about safe injection site and as mayor, i plan to make them a reality. if not, it is -- it is just not about making it easy for people to use drugs. it is about treatment on demand. >> reporter: those safe injection sites will become a reality on july 1. there are two plans. they really will be the first of their kind. that brings us to our question of the day. would new, safe injection sites in san francisco help eliminate needles on the streets? let us know what you think about it. vote on the ktvu twitter page and comment on the ktvu facebook page. caltrain is raising the month of its nty passes starting july 1.monthly
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pass will go from 90 -- $89- $96. caltrans says they need to raise the rates because of maintenance costs. new passes go on sale thursday. sal castendo is back. >> we have a couple of issues. right now we have a crash on southbound 680 at mission boulevard. it was slightly visible on our camera on southbound 680 as you drive south toward the fremont area. you can see traffic will be affected. the crash is behind the tree. can you see how everyone is looking at it? after you pass that, . the fire department is on the way, although it does not seem that the injuries are life- threatening. it will be a slow commute. we are looking at the bay bridge, which has been slow. we had a crash in san francisco. they are clearing it, but the damages done getting into san francisco. the lane is open, but traffic will be slow as you drive
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across the bridge. that means it is slow with the toll plaza. 880 is stop and go as you pass the colosseum. on the san mateo bridge, it is moderately heavy. in the south bay, we have an accident on southbound 101 near 13th. it is reported southbound, but northbound appears to be affected. i have a feeling it is north. let's bring in steve paulson. >> we have a lot of fog, not everyone is in on the low clouds. some of already clear. temperatures are expected to warm up. there is a lot of fog, but i have to buy into the forecast predictions when i put my forecast together. livermore from 83 to 89. san jose from 79 to 82. just a that is the one that dropped in on saturday and gave us the
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wind of 40, 50 or 60 miles per hour. then it moves out and backtracked a little bit. some of the cloud cover came back to seattle and portland. now it is moving to the east slowly. it is heading into wyoming and montana. as it does, it allows high pressure to building code. it is not strong. there is plenty of fog's -- there is plenty of fog out here. it is not the push we saw yesterday to the east. we are seeing a little bit of an onshore breeze west- northwest. we had gusts of 28, now it is 20 and 17. we still have a westerly component. there is still a breeze, it is just not strong. 50s for almost santa rosa 52. a loor 53. belmont and san mateo are 52. san francisco went down from 54 to 52, so did
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bodega bay was supposed to be fixed on the 18th. i am hoping it shows up today or tomorrow. it is very important. you can find 50 degree water temperatures down to the santa barbara channel. when you go out for the come you can find 63 and santa monica is 66. the fog has no problem playing in. 50s for the temperatures, monterey is 53. a few clouds, pop up during the afternoon. a few clouds over mendocino county but it is all about the fog. it will retreat. there will be some low 90s, vacaville is in there, clear lake, it will be closed for some. 60s, 70s and mid 80s, upper 80s to near 90 degrees but 70s around the bay, including berkeley and oakland. san jose is in the upper 80s, santa cruz 74, 60s on the coast
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and the city, 70s to soft 80s on the peninsula. soft 80s. thursday summer begins and then it gets warm to hot really quick. that will happen friday and saturday and cool off sunday. scary moments for saudi arabia's team as the soccer team was landing at the russia airport. the team plant caught -- the team plane caught fire. the plane made an emergency landing. it did land safely. no one was hurt. the airline is blaming a bird that flew into the engine. ktvu fox 2 is your home for a pair of world cup matches today. starting at 7 am it is world cup today.
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they have poland versus senegal at 8 am and then russia will take on egypt. both of those matches will be right here on ktvu fox 2. "mornings on 2" will move over to ktvu plus starting at 7 am. that is where you can get your latest news, weather and traffic. >> still ahead, a string of vandalisms in american canyon. the video police released hoping to catch someone shooting a bb gun at cars. >> the amount of people smoking hits record levels. we will break down how e- cigarettes are influencing those new numbers.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". two teenagers, arrested by santa rosa police are suspected of using a pellet gun to rob people outside of a bank. the two suspects drove up to a woman near the bank of america branch just after 6 pm. police say they stole her purse and as police were investigating that incident, another attempted robbery was reported about a mile away at the valero gas station on farmers lane. police arrested 18-year-old ryan coley and 19-year-old pisano massey, both found thewo person the car. critics of california's gasoline tax gathered outside the state capital to push for repeal.
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republican candidate for governor, john cox, join that rally. the san diego businessman has focused most of his campaign on california's high cost of living in says taxes and regulations are key factors driving up the cost of transportation and other everyday necessities. >> it is about time the working people of this state had a voice and not just the special interest groups and the donors of these campaigns. >> supporters of the repeal gathered enough signatures to put thesure on the november ballot. there waiting fo gasoline tax by $0.12 a gallon. it also increased california's vehicle registration fees. the tax is expected to raise more than $5 billion per year per roadway and transportation projects. consumers may soon be able to sue apple. it stems from allegations a company ran an illegal
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monopoly. the supreme court is set to review a case from january that was presented to the circuit court of appeals. it focuses on a lawsuit that alleges apple forced app developers to pay a 30% commission fee. the alleged fee may have inflated the prices of apps for the iphone. the lawsuit is also looking into whether consumers should be able to purchase apps without being subjected to the alleged 30% service charge. president trump was to form a new branch of the military with a focus on space. >> very importantly, i am hereby directing the department of defense and pentagon to immediately begin the process necessary to establish a space force as d forces. that is a big statement. we met the president gave the keynote address and stressed the importance of leading other countries in space exploration. he says we must have american dominance in space.
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a new study reveals fewer people are choosing to light up. 14% of adults are still smoker s. that is down from 16% last year. more people are using e- cigarettes or other vaping devices. >> an issue we have been talking about all morning, families being torn apart at the border. the increased uproar over immigration policies that remove immigrant children from their parents. increasing diversity in the film industry. the new legislation in sacramento that would only give tax credits to those who disclose diversity information. it will be aquatica meet at the bay bridge toll plaza because of earlier issues. it is more crowded than usual. we will tell you more about the drive times here and on other commutes. the skies are crowded with some fog. even livermore airport
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partly cloudy skies. fog in napa and santa rosa but it looks warmer for those inland today. we will take a look coming up.
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this is ktvu "mornings on 2". welcome back to "mornings on 2". it is tuesday, june 19. for many, it is a historical day, juneteenth. good morning, i am dave clark. >> i am claudine wong in for pam cook this morning. let's go over to steve paulson. he is watching fog.
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it may fool some people this morning into putting on a sweatshirt they will not need a later. >> it is cool. it will warm up and burn back. there are plenty of locations that have fog. it has filled in now. we have a good search on the low cloud deck. that plays into a warm-up. everything says we will warm up. i think coast and bay stay close to what they are. there is an onshore breeze, that is the direction the wind is coming from, it is coming out of the west-southwest in napa airport, vacaville and fairfield. 50s for the temperatures to upper 50s in a few low near the santa cruz is 52. saratoga, santa clara, san jose university roof station are all
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near that. we have sunshine and it does look warmer inland, 60s, 70s and 80s, these are above average. i know you have been busy since 4:45 am this morning, mr. sal castendo. southbound 680 there was a crash with a badly damaged car. it is still there on the shoulder. you can kind of see it. traffic is slowing down on 680 heading south. you can see the emergency vehicles. traffic is going to be slow as you pass mission. it gets better right afterwards, but there is a delay.
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as you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, it has been heavier than normal because of an earlier crash on the san francisco side of the bridge. that is gone but we have a lot of slow traffic. interstate 880 northbound is still moving along pretty well passing the colosseum with no major issues. it is getting crowded on the mid-bay crossing, san mateo bridge. the southbound commute will be slow on one-on-one. 85 into adr still better options. let's go back to the desk. president trump is scheduled to meet with republican lawmakers to talk about immigration bill sica come up for a vote this week. as ktvu s allie rasmus and explains, it comes amid the policy instituted of separating families at the border. >> many are condemning the practice of children being separated from their parents at the border. at quinnipiac poll says about 60% of americans are opposed to this practice. a bay area congressman is leading a group to tour one of those child detention facilities along the border. there about 2000 kids who have been separated from their parents over the past six weeks. we have seen the images from incised -- inside the detention
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centers. many have aluminum blankets. they are not allowed to have their personal belongings with them and are grouped together by age. siblings can even be separated. the american academy of pediatrician says this amounts to child abuse. these are the images dominating the debate on capitol hill on what to do about the overall issue of immigration. attorney general jeff sessions said people crossing the border outside the port of entry need to be criminally prosecuted. children cannot go with parents to jail anthat is why they families could because of the trump administra- tolerance policy, not anymore. >> the united states will not be a migrant camp and it will not be a refugee
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>> the message to mr. trump is, stop this inhumane, barbaric policy. resend your actions. take responsibility for it, instead of blaming it on other people. >> what will happen next? senator dianne feinstein has a bill to immediately stop it but has no support. senator ted cruz plans to introduce his own bill to stop family separations. president trump wanted the issue of family separation to be part of a broader immigration package to include things like money for his border wall. with all the uproar over these images over the children, the focus may be shifting to immediately resolving that issue and stopping it. a former south bay congressman says seeing the detention center images reminds
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him of the japanese internment centers where he was detained during world war ii, along with more than 100,000 adults and children. >> my father said, when i was young, he said to me, if it were for our own security, why aren't the machine guns pointed at them? why are we the ones inside the barbed wire fences? >> he says one difference between then and now is that there are more protests against separating families. he said back then, most of the people detained were american citizens. we are learning new information about an officer- involved shooting in union city. police say all three suspects involved in the incident are juveniles. it happened around 11:30 pm last night near railroad avenue. police say there was an exchange of gunfire between officers and the three suspects.
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investigators say at least one suspect was wounded and is expected to survive. the two other suspects were taken into custody. police say they are dangers in dean to -- dealing with young suspect. >> regardless of the age, it is sad. obviously, when it is juveniles, it is very scary for officers to have to do with this. it is scary for everyone involved. we are fortunate that none of our officers were hurt or killed during this incident. >> it is not clear what led up to the gunfire, but ktvu's alyssa harrington will have a live update from union city in the next hour. san francisco's district attorney is warning about a man who was charged with selling counterfeit prescription drugs. he spoke about this in chinatown at the self-help for the elderly center. he said elderly people can be unsuspecting targets. investigators say a 67-year-old from san francisco is facing 14 counts of selling counterfeit drugs and drugs without a prescription from his herbal medicine shop on jackson street. city and state investigators say they recovered 600 products
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believed to be prescription only, counterfeit, misbranded or not approved. >> you may be thinking you are getting medication the right dosage and you're not at all. your condition could worsen, you could get something that is not a medication at all, it is completely fake. it could be directly harmful to your health. >> investigator started looking into this about four years ago after 73-year-old man was hospitalized. he took drugs from an unlicensed seller. the district attorney is urging everyone to watch for signs of counterfeit drugs like irregular packaging, or pills that are different colors and sizes. those are red flags. firefighters responded to 13 suspicious fires along a s.
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investigators say it appears the arsonist was on a bicycle and possibly used a blue -- butane torch to set the fires. investigators have now released video of a bb gun suspect in american canyon that i wanted for shooting at dozens of cars. look at the surveillance video. it shows a passenger in a dark blue dodge charger with their hand out the window, firing a parked cars. this happened friday morning on the east side of town. police say at least 30 neighbors woke up with their vehicles having broken windows and dents. there were similar incidents in vallejo and venetia. if you have any information, call police. people living around the school are being warned to keep an eye out for mount winans. several people say they spotted one near parkside intermediate school. police are working with state and fish wildlife officials to remove it. keep children and small pets
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inside. mountain lions are more active during dawn and dusk. public works crews have fixed some of the damage caused by weather last year. crews have her installed retaining walls and completed roadway upgrades at four sites that were damaged by severe storms in mudslides in early 2017. the four newly completed sites are expected to open soon. the project cost $1.4 million. a lot of that will be covered by federal funding. lawmakers has been -- have
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passed legislation to place conditions on film companies seeking state tax credits. it is designed to encourage the reporting of sexual harassment. the goal is also to promote diverse hiring in the motion picture industry. the law comes amid revelations of sexual misconduct. the legislation requires filmmakers who are seeking tax credits to report diversity statistics to the state and designate specific employees to handle all sexual misconduct claims. the new approval ratings for president trump are out. we will tell you how the president's recent meeting with north korean leader kim jong un is affecting how people feel about him. hundreds of local workers are set to be laid off. you can see traffic will be busy this morning on some of the bridges, including the san mateo bridge heading to the peninsula. we have a pretty good . tem warm up a little bit, especially away from the coast. i have your story for the rest of the week.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". both investors and civil rights groups protested against amazon for selling facial recognition software to the police. it happened in seattle outside of amazon's headquarters. the group says the software can
6:44 am
be used to discriminate against minorities. protesters delivered the petition with 152,000 signatures, urging amazon not to sell that tool to the police. amazon says it is supposed to be used to fight human trafficking and locate lost children. bay area employees at tesla will lose their jobs as part of a reorganization plan according to bloomberg. tesla detailed the plan in letters to state and local officials. the company will be cutting at least 420 employees from its assembly plant at fremont and 86 workers at its palo alto headquarters. the most common positions being cut are process technicians in fremont and mechanical design engineers at palo alto. last week, ceo elon musk confirmed that tesla would be letting go 9% of its employees. he says tesla will still need
6:45 am
to meet production targets for its model 3 sedan. elon musk is blaming a company employee for sabotaging operations as a names up model 3 production. cnbc reports that elon musk sent an email to test the worker sunday night, saying the worker have been implemented in the quote, quite extensive and damaging sabotage to our operations. he said sabotage included changing code to an internal product and exporting data to outsiders. they are under pressure to produce 5000 model 3s per week by the end of this quarter. diehard disneyland fans are getting the chance to attend a special preview of a new attraction. they have to be willing to pay the price to be the first to see the new pixar attraction before it opens at california adventure park. it is a six-hour preview that runs $299. >> six hours? >> you are paying $50 an hour. disney, keep in mind, has already raised its ticket
6:46 am
prices by 20% for the park over the past five years. it is still crowded there. even though they raised ticket prices, people are still coming. we will see how many people pay $50 an hour. >> let's see what is coming up in the next hour of "mornings on 2". i can't count the number of parenting talks we have had. we are talking about those parents who dominate what their children do at play and school in hopes of making sure their young lives have a good outcome. research shows what that kind of parenting can do to children as they older. how older children will rate when it comes to depression, anxiety or loneliness when they had overbearing parents early on and what the children are missing as children are having things unknowingly taken away from them. many of you run alexa at
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home. alexa could be with you during your next hotel stay. what can save hotel guests time and effort and how it is seen as a strategic move. don't forget, we are about to bring you world cup suffer right here on ktvu fox 2. switch with me to ktvu plus. we will bring you "mornings on 2" there starting at 7 am. alaska airlines has come up with a plan to deal with the weather problems that pop up at san francisco international airport. >> it is foggy there. the plan calls for rerouting some flights to oakland international and san jose airport and busing those passengers back to sfo. flights can be rerouted to cities who rarely experience weather delays. they have the equipment to handle this rerouted flights.
6:48 am
sal castendo is following are problems on the roadways. what is happening now? >> we have that problem in the tunnel that seems to be getting better with a six car accident. they moved it to outside. the problem is, traffic was very slow. now it is backing up. it was backed up only to hear, but it is backing up further. it may soon reach the 24-680 interchange. we only have a couple miles before the backup is all the way to walnut creek. give yourself extra time. it looks like they are waiting for some of the last tow trucks. they were on the shoulder, but that is not helping much because everyone can see it when they come to the tunnel. here is a look at the richmond bridge. traffic here will be moderate approaching the span. looking at the eastshore
6:49 am
freeway, 46 minute drive from the carquinez bridge maccarthur maze. the bay bridge toll plaza has been extra slow because of a problem earlier on the other side of the bridge. they have cleared the crash at mission. it is actually on the shoulder behind that tree. it is hard to see, but traffic has been slow ever since. if you're driving to the south bay commute, give yourself extra time and give yourself time if you are driving on 8080 south. let's bring in steve paulson. >> i have been waiting all morning for that toss. we have mostly clear skies away from the coast, a lot of fog closer to it. you can see some the lode. it is tough to warm up when you have an onshore breeze in a fog that. it is there. we have another beautiful sunrise, 91 to 93. fog and then >>, morning fog and afternoon sun. we are in the summertime parent when you get anywhere from 60
6:50 am
to miami -- 60 to 90. the record is 92 in 1920. that is a textbook low for mid- june. that brought us wind on saturday. it kicked out a little bit and decided to go back into the pacific northwest. now it is moving to the east. the low clouds have ramped up. it is down from eureka down to a lady in san diego. we h but we have and low clouds. there is an onshore breeze. the pattern so far is different this year than last year. the highs that are normally near the four corners are in taxes. you can actually look out about 46 days for the european model. this was back in may. there was a week trough over the west coast.
6:51 am
give that credit. that looks to be the pattern, a little different this year so far. a west wind at 17, coming down but an onshore breeze coming off the water. inland we will be warm. 51 in san rafael, everyone is close. 56, 57 ukiah to sacramento. we could see some clouds in northern lake county. the low clouds will burn off and a high pressure is building in. it is not strong yet, but by saturday it looks like it was to flex its muscle. 60s, 70s and 80s to a few low 90s. 71 in alameda, 86 in walnut creek, 90 in antioch and
6:52 am
brentwood. san jose 82, for the santa clara valley. sunnyvale 83 degrees. san bruno 71 and 64 in daly city. temperatures tomorrow are about the same. summer begins thursday and then it warms up. inland looks warm to hot saturday, a little cooler sunday. a new study shows how much money it takes to have a wealthy lifestyle in san francisco. research from charles schwab says people living in san francisco need more then $4 million to live wealthy. many are living paycheck to pa30% of respondents said the short-term comes to feeling rich in their day-to-day lives, 53% said it meant having time to themselves because that made them fill wealthy. -- feel wealthy. us needles. >> it would be kind of nice to not have to walk down and pass a bunch of needles.
6:53 am
>> we will tell how the city of san francisco is responding to increased drug use around many stations. we have the latest example of the housing crutch to get the bay area as the cost to buy a house continues to soar.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". the coast guard rescued five people after their sailboat got into trouble in san francisco. the coast guard was training nearby when an urgent call came in for help shortly after 2 pm yesterday. a rescue team was there within minutes. the coast guard crewmembers immediately found one man had fallen off the 30 foot sailboat. >> one of the lines on the mainsail just snapped. he was leaning against the mainsail. >> the coast gu he is in the hospital recovering. four other people managed to stay on the sailboat. we are used to hearing about high real estate prices, but maybe there is a limit. in palo alto, this is an 897 square foot cottage.
6:57 am
it is listed at almost $2.6 million. the real estate agent says a lot of people have looked at the place but after 20 days on the market, it has not sold. this is in an area that the average time from listing to seal is just nine days. >> we are looking for somebody that says they see the value, i love the fact that i love to town. i love the fact that i can live in it and maybe increase the size of the footprint at some point in the future. >> if there are no offers in the next month, they will consider asking -- adjusting the asking price down. that could mean the red-hot bay area housing market is showing signs of cooling off. >> europe continues strong play at the world cup. england beat tunisia 2-1. >> ashley young. it nearly went in. >> that is england in the red, tunisia and the white. england jumped out to an early lead but tunisia tied up the
6:58 am
match with a penalty shot. the game went in to stoppage time. that is when the england team's captain scored the winning score. we are about to head over to ktvu plus so you can watch the world cup. up next, it is spots world cup -- fox world cup. don't forget, "mornings on 2" continues on ktvu plus and streaming live on stay with us, we will use -- we will see you on the plus and just 60 seconds.
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