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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  June 20, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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what the administration is asking congress to do now.>> we will have strong orders, but we will keep the families together. continued pressure. >> no matter what executive order is handed down today, we will continue to fight. >> testersãprotesters expressed their outrage. the action bay area politicians are taking. and the fate of those already detained. a direct hit. >> we heard a huge bang. we got really scared. >> and out of control them plows right into a san francisco apartment building, forcing people to evacuate. the extensive damage and condition of the delivery driver and the wheel. 4 on two starts now. president trump signed an executive order meant to end the practice of separating children from the family at the united states border.
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the action allows families to be detained together and definitely. it will not end their zero- tolerance policy for those crossing illegally. white house was under growing pressure as anger grew over the stories and images of young children being detained without their parents. welcome everyone to 4 on 2. >> this comes days after the director of homeland security insisted he had no choice but to separate families -- she had no choice but to separate families at the border. >> good afternoon. the trump administration has set for quite a while that under current law, they had no choice but to separate families apprehended at the border. and the only way to stop it is for congress to go and change the law. president trump changed his stance today. he picked up a pen and signed an executive order aimed at keeping families together in detention facilities. >> it is about keeping families
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together. while at the same time, making sure we have a very powerful and strong order.>> we expect the house to act this week. we ask them to do their job. >> president trump signed an executive order aimed at ending the separation of families at the border. he offered few details in the meeting with congressional leaders. sources told foxnews the order would allow children of adults illegally crossing the border to state with their parents -- remain with their parents. it would end keeping children in detention centers alone. >> if we did not do this, you would have hundreds pouring through the border. >> they separated more than 200 miners from their families in recent weeks. the presidents executive action could be seen as violating a 1997 court order, known as the florez settlement. it requires the government to release children detained by
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immigration to their family. a ruling tied to the settlement keeps officials from keeping children for more than 20 days. the eccentric -- executive order says attorney general jeff sessions will file a request to modify that rule. they want to keep families together throughout criminal proceedings. >> allison barber reporting. the executive order seems to catch-22 to some. keeping families together, while enforcing the zero- tolerance policy on immigration. we are joined from our newsroom about the legal fight. >> that executive order modified, but does not and child detentions. experts say, things are very much the same. the court battles will likely continue.>> we will have a lots of happy people. >> after insisting only
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congress can solve the problem, with a stroke of a pen resident trump signed in executive order. what really happened? >> children will continue to be held. i suppose you could say it is a victory of sorts for political sentiment. in the sense the children will not be separated from their parents. >> there is little compromise. >> we will not separate the children from the parents, but we will detain you for a long time together. in order to get the authorization to detain you for a long time, we will go into federal court and have a previous agreement modified. >> that previous agreement was a ruling from a federal judge, who in 1997 rolled that family detention violated a 1997 flores settlement. which says federal authorities must detain children in the least restrictive area possible. and should favorite releasing them. reaction from local lawmakers
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was swift. this from representative conroe. the presidents executive order is a very small nod towards decency by ending the barbaric practice of separating children from their parents. but it simply just replaces one problem with another, by locking up families in detainment together. and the president is leaning on the department of defense to open facilities to house more detainees. the executive order could fail and he has to rely on congress for fx. human rights groups are lining up for court dates. friday, congress members plan to visit detention centers in texas. >> rob malcolm in the newsroom. coming up emma we will speak with representative duckies beer. we will talk about the legal
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fight ahead. and 2 votes that will happen later on this week on separate immigration bills. the san leandro please department is looking for two people. san leandro police are looking for two men believed to be responsible for a deadly stabbing in a downtown safeway parking lot. police say around 11:30 p.m. on tuesday the four men got into a fight outside the store on washington street. two of them were stabbed. one died at the scene, and the other was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. we don't have a lot of details. police are still looking for the two men responsible for the stabbing and they will be talking to witnesses who saw what as well as look at surveillance cameras. >> witnesses reported it as a fight between 4 individuals. there is nothing seen or heard prior. >> all we know is what we heard about a violent stabbing on the news. what would cause that type of violence for a kid that was so mild-mannered and respectful?
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>> relatives showed up at the crime scene in the hope of learning more about what happened last night. investigators have collected surveillance footage from nearby shops. they are continuing to speak with witnesses. a new partnership between bart police and as a pd to clean up the station. there is a growing concern about open drug use at the station. it was captured on video that was widely seen last month. the city announced that the san francisco police, including plainclothes officers will conduct patrols at civic center station. it will add an additional 300 patrol hours per week to that station. >> it should not matter to people that use bart, which police department is covering this area. they just want to feel safe. and they deserve the right to feel safe. we will make that happen. >> the city says safe disposal for needles will be set up outside the station.
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they will provide affirmation on services if they see someone using drugs in the station. trolls begin july 2. a driver is in critical condition. a van slammed into the bottom of an apartment building in san francisco's inner richmond neighborhood wednesday morning, which evacuated dozens of residents and the driver of the car to the hospital with life- threatening injuries. the accident occurred on arguello boulevard and clement street just after 3:30 a.m. police and firefighters say the driver was in a large white van, and somehow lost control and crashed into the building. a van slammed into the bottom of an apartment building in san francisco on arguello and clemente streets on june 20, 2018. san francisco fire spokeswoman denise newman said the utilities had to be shut off and the building had to be braced so it wouldn't collapse. the driver was taken away by ambulance; firefighters had to use the jaws of life to get him out of the van. it's unclear why he drove into the building. the impact was so intense it felt like an earthquake.>> we heard a big crash. the building shook. my roommate woke up and we ran to the window to see what was going on. >> all of a sudden, we heard a huge bang. we both got really scared. i rolled out of bed thinking it was an earthquake. >> firefighters built a temporary wooden brace to shore
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up the three-story building until engineers can move in and determine if it is structurally sound. it will who live in the holding need to find a new place to stay. the exact cause is under investigation. stay with us for 4 on 2. 2 motorcycle officers are hit by bottles as they arrest a homeless man walking the streets. cool to mild today. we are tracking changes. coming up, how much warming in the thursday forecast. and triple digit heat returns for the bay area or cast. -- forecast.
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to san francisco motorcycle police are recovering after being hit with wattles. >> -- bottles. >> reporter: a violent day on the streets of san francisco. is a german dignitary was being escorted. a charity in the area says it was the president of germany who was being escorted through the area. as a matter of fact, in the video, you can see the motorcade making its way through. the violent encounter included an officer punching a suspect and one bottle being thrown by the surrounding crowd. police say, the motorcade began moving. once they get moving, they do not stop for anything. the man stepped out into the street. officers ordered him out of the
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way for his safety. they grabbed him to get him out of the road the man kicked an officer and officers wrestled him to the ground. he grabbed one of the officers by a lanyard around his neck and begin pulling at it. trying to fight the officer. the officer punched the man repeatedly trying to prevent a bite. >> someone tried to you is trying to assault you in the worst manner. the subject was close enough to striking distance. and so is the officers equipment. >> reporter: in this video, you can see an officer holding his head and shoulder. a witness and police officers say at least one person through a bottle at the officers as they grappled with the man. one officer was hit in the head and another in the leg. one officer was taken to the hospital to be evaluated. he has since been released. the man wrestled to the ground
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is also being evaluated at a hospital with non-life- threatening injuries. he is under arrest, facing a series of charges. police are not releasing any information about the man. we will continue to dig into the story to find out more details. at this point, the search is on for whoever in the crowd was throwing bottles at the officers. officers are reviewing surveillance video as well, that may have captured the encounter. back to the coverage of the immigration debate. and resident trumps executive order today to keep families together at the border. will go live to capitol hill from commerce woman, jackie speier. this lac district policy was widely unpopular. your thoughts on reversing course. >> the president heard the outcry, but he has not seen the
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light. this executive order does little. it is temporary in nature and does not address the 2300 children in texas right now. north their parents who are an hour away and have been stripped of their children. there is no plan to reunite them. it is for a short period of time. 20 days. what the president should and could have done was tell the attorney general to recall the zero tolerance policy that he imposed in april.>> in response to the president, he says he is following the law.>> it is totally false. he has lied repeatedly on this issue, as he has on many issues. there is no law that he has to require congress to act upon. this was all triggered by the zero tolerance policy that attorney general jeff sessions
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announced in april. it has been in effect for the last six weeks. where parents have been ripped from their children. and children have been in cage like environments and taken to detention centers. it is such a heartbreaking visual to have to observe or listen to. i think we have heard loud and clear from the american people. can i tell you, we have beautiful americans, as compared to the ugly american in the white house. when you look at the bay area. i have 11 moms, who are traveling to texas on friday, who will be distributing close and toys and books to kids. and helping out. because they have been so heartbroken what they have seen. we have others who are trying to raise $1500 on facebook, who have now raised $8 million york
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it may be as much as $13 million now. great american in the bay area and across the country. we have a problem with the person in the white house. >> it seems as though the president was using this policy to get action on immigration reform. can you tell us where things stand on the 2 bills making their way through the house?>> they were not making their way through the house, there has not been one effort made to engage democrats in these measures. the good lap will is extremely acromion. there is no way any daca fix is put into the bill. it restricts immigration throughout the country. the other bill was an effort to be a more moderate compromise. again, the docket kids would not be guaranteed -- the docket kids would not be guaranteed a pathway to citizenship for a long time. as much as 23 years.
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there were issues around reunification of family members for persons already here in the united states. it does not have votes. pure and simple. neither bills have republican votes to put on the house floor. they then look to democrats to support it, when they have not engaged them in any compromise. that is white nothing will happen. >> congresswoman jackie speier. if you would like to see the full executive order and resident trumps remarks, head to our website. it is on the homepage at >> we will talk about whether . changes are coming. high pressure is building across the bay area things will start to heat up.>> it remains on track. today not so bad and neither is tomorrow. we will have changes as early as friday. we are looking toward the tower. the marine layer is compressed. that is a good sign of warming
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in the upper levels of the atmosphere that will continue. we will notice that change in a couple of days. the overall forecast shows temperature swings all week long. today is a cooler day. we will warm back up thursday and friday. saturday be the hottest day of the week. temperatures inland could be topping 100 degrees. at least around 99 degrees or 100 degrees. we could have 102 in spots. possibly 103 as you were closer to sacramento. satellite shows the fog up and down our coastline. from eureka down toward monterey bay. it looks like we have clearing. a good onshore breeze as well. it looks like we have clearing near the golden gate. closer to marin county. out towards half moon bay it is still overcast this wednesday afternoon. we take a closer look at the fog and pattern later on and into the evening.
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the cloud deck will expand in coverage. 80s toward concord. san jose, 73. oakland, 73. san francisco, upper 50s. 59 degrees. the last few hours of spring. we talked about the vernal equinox a few months ago. the summer solstice is first thing tomorrow morning. early at 3:07 am. we will talk about summertime heat over the next few days. for overnight lows, there is fog coast side. 50s in san francisco. low clouds. 56 degrees at 7 pm. hartley sunny at lunch time and approaching upper 60s. 60 degrees. tomorrow, pockets of fog coast side. right around the bay. clouds gradually clear to the shoreline. revealing partly cloudy skies. inland spots, upper 80s and close to 90 degrees for thursday. you will notice the change in
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temperatures tomorrow. triple digit heat is coming. we will have more coming up. a manager at a san francisco diner says he is scared to go to work. coming up, we will talk with the legal expert about the prostitution problem the manager says he is facing. what he is asking the city to do. (sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪
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and i am a senior public safety my namspecialist for pg&e. my job is to help educate our first responders on how to deal with natural gas and electric emergencies. everyday when we go to work we want everyone to work safely and come home safely.
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i live right here in auburn, i absolutely love this community. once i moved here i didn't want to live anywhere else. i love that people in this community are willing to come together to make a difference for other people's lives. together, we're building a better california. (sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪ welcome back. the manager of a popular diner
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in san francisco says he is being harassed by prostitutes and crime is taking a toll on businesses in that area. jared stratton claims the prostitutes have threatened and assaulted him because he refuses to let them use the restroom at lori's diner, which is on powell street off union square. stratton says the problem is especially bad late at night. you no longer feels safe going to work.>> it has turned into a red light district. the homeless camp and open-air drug market is not safe. they try to turn tricks in the bathroom. >> the diner security cameras has captured several recent violent incidents inside and outside the restaurant. stratton says he wants to seek more police foot patrol at night. he says he does not plan to return to work unless the owner puts him on a dayshift. , on all of this, we are joined by our legal analyst, michael cardoza.
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it is a tough situation for this restaurant manager. what can be done? >> it is a tough situation because you are cutting into their business. you are affecting their business but the entire union square area. it seems the prostitutes and drug dealers and drug users have taken over. what can be done? you turn to the police and the mayor. you turn to the district attorney. today, they e getting nothing but lip service from them.>> from a legal standpoint, what recourse does the owner of the restaurant have? is there any legal action or order this person can get to bar these people from coming in in? >> i say this tongue-in-cheek, but you can soup civilly. what is at the end of that rainbow if you are suing a prostitute or drug dealer or drug user packs there is no point in doing that. you have to look to the police department and the district attorney.
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this is inside baseball. i used to be a district attorney in san francisco before i came to alameda. it is the only county in california where the district attorney's office does not work arm in arm with law enforcement. they do not get along at a certain level. they are individuals. overall, the police do not trust the district attorney office. >> this manager says it is a problem beyond the diner. it is the entire union square area. we rely heavily on the tourists who visit this part of san francisco. does it reach a boiling point at a certain point, where the city and police department need to step up patrols? >> wait until the merchants get together. the people that pay business taxes in san francisco. that bring aliens of dollars to the city. they will go to the mayor and say clean this up. it is affecting us. tourists are not coming down here. our bottom line is affected.
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what the mayor should do, in my opinion, is get the chief of police and the district attorney and put them in the same office with the mayor. and start chatting. what is going on? the police will say, look, if we arrest them, the district attorney will not prosecute them. the district attorney will say when we bring prostitution charges charges like that, juries in san francisco will not convict. i think it is a hollow answer. the police need to make the arrest. gave them to the da. if they do not file charges, the mayor will know who 2.2. once they file charges, and they bring them to the jury and they get not guilty verdicts, so be it. notwithstanding, you are getting the sex workers off the street. at least for a short while. it is a problem and they better sell it or they will ruin san francisco business.>> michael cardoza, our legal analyst.
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still to come on 4 on 2, we get into the politics behind the immigration debate, taking place on capitol hill and across the country. what will be the fallout after signing today's elective order? the trump administration defended its tough stance on trade with china. even if it costs american consumers. i am at the white house with details coming up.
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welcome back, president donald trump's reversed course and find an executive order to address the controversial policy of separating families
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at the united states order. it comes days after the administration said only congress could resolve the problem. it had no choice other than to separate families. the white house is zero tolerance policy prosecute anyone crossing the border illegally and will continue. families detain will be held together and definitely. -- indefinitely. >> anyone with a heart feels strongly about this. we do not like to see families separated. at the same time, we do not want people entering illegally.>> since may, or than 2300 children have been separated from their parents. it is not clear what will happen to those families who already have been separated. now that this executive order has been signed. the administration could also face a legal challenge over the directive, for violating rules about how long children can be detained. from on all this, we are joined by our political analyst, brian sobel.
4:32 pm
what will this accomplish? >> effectively, it will take the debate and move it down the road for further debate. it solves the problem of the separation issue. now, we will have parents who are essentially in prison, with their children. awaiting a time with an immigration judge and disposition of the case. this does not solve it for the future. that is part of the problem. >> it raises a lot of other legal questions. now, you talk about floresthe -- the flores act. it seems like they are in for a major legal fight challenges will come fast and furious. >> absolutely. when you talk with people back east and elsewhere about how
4:33 pm
the situation -- as much as anything, we are talking about kids. it is a very tough optical question for the president and administration. it raises another question. over and over again, we are seeing presidents, not just trump, utilizing the executive office and executive orders to carry out legal proceedings in the united states. somehow, someway our congress have to start getting together. to debate the key questions.>> earlier, we had representative jackie speier. we asked her about the 2 immigration bills coming up for a vote. it sounds like in her estimation, they are not going anywhere is there any chance they gain traction? >> no. they do not have 218 votes. why? republican and democrat parties are not monolithic. of extreme right-wingers -- you
4:34 pm
have extreme right-wingers in the republican party. same with the democrats. finding 218 people of like mind is difficult. that is what the immigration problem continues to be unsolved in congress. >> we appreciate you coming in. heather? president trump's trade work with china appears to be back on after the president announced $200 billion worth of new tariffs on chinese goods. >> reporter: the trade war with china is heating up. both sides announced $50 billion of tariffs on each other's products last week. president trump upped the ante on monday with a threat to impose duty on another $200 billion of chinese goods. prompting an angry response from beijing. >> what the united states is doing is retrograde and leading the country further and further down the wrong path. >> reporter: the president is
4:35 pm
sticking to his guns. claiming in the united states is running a massive trade debt with china.>> we have been really hurt, as a country, on trade. for many years. despite bad trade deals, we are doing very well. we are making good trade deals. congress is into the file. >> unless we make it more painful for them to continue those practices, then to do otherwise, it is unlikely we will succeed. >> reporter: american consumers by more than a half trillion dollars of chinese imports every year. lawmakers and economists say the u. s. needs those products to keep prices low. and the trade war will hurt americans by forcing them to pay more for a range of imports. they also say, they will put the squeeze on farmers and manufacturing firms limiting access to the chinese marketplace. >> that price will be passed along to the chinese and u. s. consumer and will impact the competitiveness of u. s.
4:36 pm
products. >> reporter: the new round of tariffs are scheduled to go into effect on july six. new numbers from san francisco police showed the role officers play in responding to those in the midst of a ntal health crisis. we have a live interview. cool to mild temperatures for wednesday. patchy fog and things will heat up. especially toward the weekend. we will highlight the hottest day, coming up. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet,
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we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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kate spade new york will donate more than $1 million to mental health causes and suicide invention. following the day -- death of the founder, kate spade. she was found dead due to suicide earlier this month. there is a free 24 hour confidential text message service for people in crisis. often times, it is police were dispatched to help those in the throes of a crisis. last year, san francisco police fielded more than 24,000 mental health calls. a majority of the calls, 18,000, were regarding someone rental state. 4600 suicide attempt calls are in that number.
4:40 pm
this is not include the 20,000 calls to check on well-being of those in distress. handling those incidents is a growing challenge for the department it is working to better prepare officers to handle these situations. joined me now is san francisco officer james risk of mission police station. and spokesperson grace pandan, an officer with the department. officer risk, you recently responded to a suicidal man, barricaded inside a home.>> on that particular night, it was toward the end of our shift. around 2:30 am. there was a call of a man who was possibly suicidal in a local hotel. we responded and made contact with the gentleman through the hotel door. he did not want to open the door. one of my surgeons had an ingenious idea of connecting with the judgment via facebook. -- face time. we were able to get onto the phone with the gentleman via
4:41 pm
face time. >> he is seeing you, and you see him. >> we had a digital human connection. >> how did he respond?>> ultimately, positively. we were able to use the techniques that are addressed in training, which is the escalation and time and distance. above all, connecting with people on an individual level. treating them as individuals. we were able to convince the gentleman to drop the knife and we were able to safely detain him. so that he was not able to hurt himself. >> good work that might. we have seen this happen just last month, for example. we have video in which officers responded to a mestic dispute . a woman was barricaded inside a home. she was refusing to come out. officers used those techniques of time and distance. they were able to get that person to surrender peacefully. i know right now you have 897 officers who are cit trained.
4:42 pm
that is a priority for the department. >> it really is. this year we have 40 classes. we want the department, as a whole, to be cit trained. from the academy, everyone has cit tactics. they come out of the academy with them. as you know, with mental health calls, police work is unpredictable. the best thing that we can do is to get these trainings and information to officers. so that they can use them. >> how do cit officers respond to a situation differently, then a regular beat officer? >> whenever going to a call, you do not know what you will have. you could go to an audible alarm call and the individual could be suicidal. during that interaction, the person is scared or may have a recollection of a prior incident they had. they do not want to leave. you have a situation where someone might want to hurt themselves and do not want to leave. a could be at night and
4:43 pm
everyone is starting to come to work. we will do everything we can to get them out safely without harm to them or the officer. >> the skills that you learned, officer risk, i'm sure you thought there was a time you would need them. do you find you are relying on those skills, the critical incident training skills, that crisis intervention training provides?>> both myself and officers throughout the department use these techniques on a daily basis. >> you are one of 22 of your fellow officers who will be receiving an award tomorrow. as well as the department of emergency management dispatcher at a ceremony tomorrow. congratulations on your work. before we leave, your remarks to those concerned about how police respond in these situations and the work the department is doing. >> the department is going above and beyond trying to have everyone trained.
4:44 pm
i think everyone can understand if you have a family member or a friend who is experiencing grief or any type of ptsd or situation that may cause someone to be in a different state of mind. if it were not for the department and everyone, we are human beings to reach out to that person. we will build a rapport with you and get you the help that you need. at the end of the day, if everyone leaves safely, it is a success for us at the city. >> the department hopes to have everyone trained soon. congratulations again. let's turn over to meteorologist, mark tamayo . i was getting really selfish and asking about san francisco weather. it seems cooler. >> the cool, blustery breeze reminding us it is summer and we have low clouds and fog to remind us of cool temperatures to talk about. that will change, as we head toward thursday and friday here is the overall plan. tomorrow, warming to upper 80s and close to 90.
4:45 pm
a big leap in the numbers on saturday. it could be the hottest day of the week. it could top 100 degrees. here is a rough draft. santa rosa could be 100 degrees on saturday. san francisco, low 80s. concorde, 102 san jose, 97. be prepared as things heat up. stay cool under glass of water and seek the shade as we head toward the weekend. fire danger will go up as well. we could be tracking stronger trenton first thing saturday morning. satellite shows fog up and down the coast line. the pockets of clearing new portions of the coastline. we will take a closer look. it looks like we have clearing near the golden gate, closer to the headlines. it looks like the fog is closer to pacifica, right around half moon bay. as we expand the view, san francisco, upper 50s, concorde, 84, livermore, 81, and san jose at 73 degrees. wind speeds, we have an onshore
4:46 pm
breeze. fairfield is up to 30 miles per hour. oakland airport up to 15 miles per hour. out toward sfo, sustained at 22 and gusting to 26 miles per hour. a layer of warm air is settling in and compressing the marine layer. dense fog could be a factor at the coast and near the bay. instead of a deep marine layer, it will be shallow over the next couple of days. these areas of high pressure -- we have 2 building in. it will warm up the entire west coast, as we had toward friday and saturday. tomorrow, a bit of a bump in the numbers. or missed locations close to 90 degrees in the thursday forecast. friday and saturday are the two hottest days. saturday will be the hottest day near 100 and lunch. temperatures coast side could be lower 70s around 69-72 degrees. we will have and a hint of an offshore flow developing saturday morning.
4:47 pm
tomorrow morning, 7 am thursday, the clouds are coast side for the afternoon, we should have clearing skies. a patch or two of fog near portions of the coast. here is the red contour waking up with the 90s. more 90s to talk about in the thursday forecast. antioch, 90, san francisco, 68, santa rosa, upper 80s and more neighborhoods. san jose, 80 and morgan hill, 84. a look ahead. the advertised warming trend remains right on track. five day forecast says goodbye to spring. we say hello to summer first thing tomorrow.>> oh really?>> it will feel like summer. look at the temperatures by saturday. hottest spot close to 100 degrees. >> winds as well on saturday . >> order line red flag warning. -- order line red flag
4:48 pm
warning. we have more on ktvu fox news at 5 pm. >> we are following the fall out of separations at the border. major airlines are refusing to help the government to transport the children. a story out of the east bay. >> concerns from residents in east bay after potentially toxic soil from the naval shipyard is now being dumped at a landfill. we will look at that and a lot more coming up at 5 pm. next on 4 on 2, white mexico city is taking an unusual step in combating homelessness. details are coming up after the break.
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lawmakers in seattle are working on ways to help the homeless crisis in that city. the city will open doors to city hall to shelter the homeless overnight. we have more on this newly improved plan. rock it is better than them -- >> it is better than them being on the street.>> reporter: john starts his day at 4 am at the coffee shop. it will soon have a lot of company when the city opens the main lobby to 120 people who have no place else to go in the overnight hours. it is in addition to the 60 sleeping mats the city has rolled out in the lobby for years. >> so many people are homeless in the city with so many riches. they have to find a solution.>> reporter: resident, julie, says
4:52 pm
she is disappointed more is not being done to help those in dire need. >> we need housing today.>> reporter: this week, the city council approved the 15 nine dollar plan to get 500 people who are homeless and two temporary shelters by the end of summer. that includes 125 spots in tiny house villages and locations throughout the city. critics say it is not enough with more than 6000 people in the annual count. it is a 50 percent jump from last year. the concern is the same with encampments. vandals and trash. >> you have the homeless camp. and there is trash.>> reporter: he is confident the security and cleaning team can handle the mess. there has been no problem with the ground floor lobby. he is more concerned about how many people are priced out of seattle and affordable laces to live. >> in this economy, we are all one paycheck away.
4:53 pm
a lot of these people are not that far off the mark i have been in my life. i have zero problem with it. the new california trip exhibit at the oakland zoo is scheduled to open in a few weeks. today, we got a sneak peek. visitors can hop on a gondola to get a birds eye view of the $72 million expansion project. which is more than 20 years in the making. the new exhibit will feature grizzly bears, ice and and black bears. there will be several new native california species selected for their historical significance to the state. >> what we want to do is teach people about california's natural mild diversity and some conservation challenges that we have going forward in california. >> the new exhibit more than doubles the zoo size. it is expected to provide a major boost to oakland tourism industry on opening day.
4:54 pm
canada gives recreational cannabis the green light. we have more on the new marijuana law. al zeldorf, doozles are dozing. their eyelids so heavy, they're drooping and... even heroes need incredible sleep. closing! introducing the new sleep number 360 smart bed. the only bed that actually senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. and snoring? does your bed do that? experience the new sleep number 360 smart bed today and unleash your incredible, only at a sleep number store. disney pixar's incredibles 2, now playing !
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after a year and a half of debating walnut creek city council has decided to regulate marijuana sales and cultivation. last night they voted unanimously in favor of an
4:57 pm
ordinance that allows personal marijuana cultivation and medicinal delivery services. here's how it will work. if you live in a single-family home, you can grow your own pot with a limit of six plants either indoors or outdoors. if you live in a multi-unit home, you can only grow pot inside your home. and if you are renting a home, your landlord can make the rules. our neighbors to the north only the second nation in the world to legalize marijuana. >> it's a move that the country's prime minister says will protect canada's children. david lee miller reports from new york. reporter: >> we ver pleased to have -- we are very pleased to have reached this point in delivering on our progressive policy promise, commitment and strictly regulate cannabis. >> reporter: lawmakers in canada becoming only the second in the world to legalize marijuana. uruguay was the first to fully legalize the drug. >> the legislation is transformative. it marks a wholesale shift in how our country approaches
4:58 pm
cannabis. it leaves behind a failed model of prohibition. >> reporter: bill c45, known as the cannabis act, will allow canadians to use the drug for recreational purposes. medicinal use of marijuana has been legal since 2001. >> we trust that if they choose to grow cannabis within their homes they are going to be doing so safely. >> reporter: the prime minister praising the bill focusing on the benefits for cannabis use saying, quote, it's been too easy for our kids to get marijuana and for criminals to reap the profits. >> our shift in policy will protect youth from the health and safety risks of cannabis and keep those same criminals from production, distribution and sale. >> reporter: nine states and the district of columbia in the united states now allow for recreational marijuana use. 30 allow medicinal use. new york becoming the latest state to consider legalizing the drug.
4:59 pm
in new york, david lee miller, fox news. the border is just as tough but we do want to keep families together. >> after days of public outcry, president trump signs an executive order ending the controversial policy of separating migrant parents from their children. good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. the reversal came following days of pressure and protests over children being kept in detention after being taken from their parents at the border. the administration previously insisted there was no choice but to separate them. ellison barber reports from washington, dc. reporter: president trump is speaking at a campaign rally in minnesota right now. immigration is expected to be something that he talks about. a few hours ago he signed that executive order aimed at keeping families who are detained at the u.s./mexico border together. it was a dramatic reversal for the president who claimed more than once that only congress
5:00 pm
had the power to stop the controversial separation. >> it's about keeping families together while at the same time being sure that we have a very powerful, very strong border. >> we look forward and expect the house to act this week. we ask them to do their jobs. >> reporter: president trump signed an executive order aimed at ending the separation of families at the southern border. >> thank you very much, everybody. >> reporter: he offered few details in the announcement of the white house meeting with congressional leaders, but sources told fox news the order would allow children of adults illegally crossing the border to stay with their parents through the entire adjudication process potentially keeping them with their parents in a detention center for a long period of time. >> if we weren't strong on the border, hundreds of thousands would pour through. >> reporter: the department of homeland security says they separated more than 2300 minors from their families in recent weeks. the president's executive


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