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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  June 24, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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>> i was on the mountain for three hours fighting the fire on my own. my neighbor believe me -- beneath me was helping me fight. they sat down there doing nothing from 9 pm-11:30 pm. when the fire crested the ridge. >> the fire got too close and she left her house and she says it was destroyed. they said they are now looking into her claims. we have more now from one evacuation center in the area and we have been speaking to victims of the fire. >> reporter: in aircraft dumps retarded -- retardant on the homes of this neighborhood. on one of these homes she is packing up her cars and leaving hours after the fire came within dozens of yards within her home. the tears are for her partner who is firmly planted in his decision to stay in their home
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even though it has gotten closer than he has seen in the years he has lived there. >> i have never had the fire come up to the property line like it did. >> reporter: the land is charred and even the firefighters got it under control, it was not out. does this make you any more frightened? we walked him over to the property to show him part of the fence was on fire. around his neighborhood along cache creek road for which there is only one way in and out, helicopters and aircraft doused flames in a battle that at times seemed fruitless. hotspots popping up shortly after they were doused. evacuation orders have been underway since saturday which is when and a , that was about it. >> reporter: the nearby moose lodge was turned into a shelter, crowds of evacuees packed the parking lot. >> i have been through this several times and seen stuff
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like this. it kind of happens. >> reporter: down the road from where the fire is burning, there was the moose lodge where many of the evacuees are right now. many brought cars, campers, rvs and sleeping in tents. there is space inside the lodge itself but for some people, to sleep for the night. i reached out to cal fire and they said they will not give updates on the number of people injured. fire strike teams from alameda county have been in lake county all day helping to fight the fire. they tweeted out this video showing cruise from berkeley, hayward leaving for lake county at 5 am. they will provide firefighters and resources to the crews battling the fire. planes have been up in the air all around lake county throughout the day.
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dropping water and fire retardant to help with the flames. see the green lines? they represent the routes of the planes and you can see they have been swarming all around clear lake for the fire has burned. >> we are in the weather center tracking conditions that they are facing. the red flag warning has expired but we had extreme heat over the past couple days, temperatures around 102 degrees 75 acre wildfire in this morning we had a report of 1500 acres in the most recent this evening was 7700 acres. rapid growth with the fire. we are tracking local clouds and fog but this could have an impact on the fire zone increasing the moisture levels. right around clear lake you can see the weather observations with temperatures in the 60s
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and 70s. the moisture levels are creeping up, winds have been shifting around around 10-12 miles per hour. stronger gusts around the fire zone where we don't have a weather station to track the conditions. coming in closer, you can see the evacuation area. we heard from cal fire an hour ago there was an extreme growth with this fire today. a push out to the east. the evacuation area -- as we coming closer, one station shows temperatures at 69 degrees, relative humidity with behavior should bac off a little head into the overnight hours. here is the deal, temperatures will be cooler than today, lower 60s with relative humidity close to 60%. i 3 pm winds could be around 10 miles per hour and a forecast high of 89-90 degrees.
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it will be a challenge for the cruise -- fire crews but thankfully it will cool off for the bay area in the monday forecast. more on that is coming up in a few minutes. that is certainly good news. as people flee homes, cal fire is busy trying to reduce the flames. eric rector reports that fire crews are battling four fires in northern california and they are ready at a moments notice to head out in an effort to save property and lives. >> reporter: before the long drive up to the reading area. strike team leader and fulsome fire make one thing very clear. they will hit the ground running. wilson's team is one of three local strike teams off to the front lines. two of those are using a we
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have strikes. >> that is where you see the yellow or green apparatus. >> reporter: the metro fire spokesperson says he has multiple firefighters and engines heading up to the fires. it is a call each department is waiting for. >> 365 days a year we have them all stationed and covered with personnel that are able and knowing that they may be deployed. >> reporter: when they hit the road, air attack is in the middle of its own implant. from a plane in the sky serving the flames. at the aviation headquarters, pilots know before they take off which fire they are headed to. we it may only come in minutes before the target is acquired. >> it is like an air traffic controller up in the air, what they do is determine what they need on the ground, to the aircraft. they determined where it drops.
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president donald trump came under criticism for suggesting undocumented immigrants should be deported without due process. in a tweet he said we cannot allow all of these people to invade our country, when someone comes in we must have no judges or court cases, bring them back from where they came. the system is a mockery to policy and law and order. we are live in the newsroom with reaction to latest comments on immigration. >> reporter: strong reaction from the american civil liberties union who says the president statements are illegal and unconstitutional. a local congresswoman said it would be challenged in the court. this comes as a wave of parents held in a detention center in texas released. in a series of tweets, president donald trump called for migrants to be immediately deported without a trial. in a tweet he wrote,
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immigration policy left at all over the world and it's unfair to all those people who have gone through the system legally. immigration should be maced -- based on merit. we reached out to a bay area congressman and in a tweet he said day by day this president takes the wrecking ball to who we are, compassionate and loving people. as he seeks to divide us we must bond closer together and do all we can to care for these families in need. this comes as 30 parents separated from their children, now in a shelter and given a number to get information about their children. originally, they faced charges but the charges were dropped after the president reversed a zero tolerance policy. anna eshoo was part of a delegation that visited the children at the border in texas on saturday and had this to say about the presidents tweets. >> it is shocking, to hear the
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president of the united states speak that way. i am not surprised. our country has been more leader in the world and he is taking that and turning it into mud. >> reporter: a fact sheet from the trump administration states that 2000 children have been separated from their parents. she said it was difficult to see what she called babies sleeping in cells and expressed concerns that agencies seems confused on the policies. >> we don't jail babies in our country. this is such a departure. of our laws, how we have honored them, it takes your breath away.>> reporter: this w house is going to vote on a so- called compromise bill that would give funding for border wall and path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. so far, republicans have yet to pass their own bill and we will have to wait and see.
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president donald trump's former deputy campaign manager david voss he used a racist phrase while talking with a black panelist on fox and friends today. he was arguing with a democratic strategist about the president policy many told him you are out of your cotton picking mind. he was clearly offended telling him he led -- he had relatives who picked cotton and would not let him speak to him on tv. he called his remarks deeply offensive and wholly inapprop he later apologized for his remark tweeting i should've chosen my words more carefully and never use the offensive phrase that i did. i apologize to joel pain, fox news and its viewers. ntinues its debate over illegal immigration, mike mccall is speaking out. >> i would argue that this is
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national security at stake. securing the border, the threats i can tell you, drug cartels, opioids and the terrorists. we stopped 10 terrorists every day from getting into this country. >> the texas republican as a sponsor of an immigration reform bill that provides a pathway to citizenship for the dreamers. $25 billion to build a border wall, putting limits on legal immigration. it also ends the separation of families, something he called inhumane. he said he is optimistic that the so-called consensus bill on immigration can be passed by the house this week. two people saved after crashing their car into the water at the berkeley marina. san francisco has one of the largest and most vibrant via -- pride parades in the country. we will take you to the festivities as nearly 1 million people filled the streets. introducing jack's new $3 sauced & loaded fries.
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good samaritans rescued two people after seeing a car crash into the berkeley marina. the driver ended up assaulting one of the rescuers. witnesses say the car drove off a ledge and into the water. a man in a nearby car says he heard screaming and once he saw the car in the water he jumped in to help. cal sailing club was out on the water and saw the incident. they say they helped all the
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people in the car onto their boat. >> we were hanging out here, teaching people how to sail and a car went off the ledge and before we know it happened, we went out with a couple club members and started pulling people out. >> they arrested the driver forward -- for reckless driving. to the east bay where an early morning fire caused minor damage to a two story apartment building. is happened about 3 am, no one was injured. the fire caused some damage to the first floor unit and smoke damage to the second floor. firefighters were able to get a handle on it, that was alameda county who will be investigating the cause of the fire. two people recovering from
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smoke inhalation after a destructive wildfire, temperatures in the triple digits when the fire started and spread to 10 acres. four homes, sheds and 50 cars were destroyed in the fire. it started yesterday as the car fire spread to a nearby home and officials say they knew weather conditions could make the fire harder to fight. >> the conditions are ripe for a fire to start easily. it might be more difficult if we had cooler weather and high humidity. it's harder for things to ignite. officials called in planes and helicopters to drop water on those flames and stayed on scene overnight to watch for hotspots. in san francisco, 1 million people showed up on for the ann danced the route. >> reporter: a colorful, lively and joyous parade stretched down san francisco's market street. crowds of people cheered from
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behind the barriers to support the community. as floats rolled towards civic center, the triangle visible on twin peaks. >> it is so much fun. we are having a great time. it is so full of energy. >> it is amazing. you get showered with love and appreciation. people come out in droves to support each other and show that love is love. >> reporter: this is the 40th annual san francisco pride parade and organizer say it's more than a celebration. this is an opportunity to educate the world. this year's theme is generations of says -- paying generations of resistance. >> a lot of people struggling with the trump administration, immigration, the assault on trans rights and people's visibility. this parade reminds us we have endured this and we have been victorious for generations.
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>> reporter: this year, some marched holding signs protesting gun violence. immigration policy, border separation and many took aim at president donald trump. like this dress with a not-so- subtle message for the commander-in-chief. >> that is why this year was so important, especially with immigration, being pushed on the outskirts of society. as gay individuals we note that is like. in this parade reminds us in diversity, there is unity and strength and power to overcome. >> reporter: supporters are calling on future generations to continue the fight for equality and joy. the bay area cooled off today, temperatures down a good 15-20 degrees across portions of the region. here we go, this is a look at the numbers. santa rosa 99, remember that
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yesterday? today the mid-70s, concorde 105 down to 84, san jose from the upper 90s to 86 degrees. the heat advisory has expired across the region and a red flag fire warning has expired. nice developments, no major heat and fire danger coming down. here is a look at the highs was san francisco at 73, looking out toward santa rosa at 70, antioch checking in at 89 degrees. satellite with fog making a comeback with an onshore breeze that will help transport the fog back into the bay over the next few hours. current numbers with santa rosa at 58, hayward 63, when speeds per hour. santa rosa reporting a wind of 9 miles per hour, reports for
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you with panel showing winds around 8-10-12-17 miles per hour. the oakland camera is looking towards tribune, more low clouds back in the picture for tonight. we will have that in the forecast first thing tomorrow morning. stepping outside tomorrow, most areas will be in the 50s to write around 60s to start out the day. san francisco, low clouds at 54 and sky cast showing clouds trying to break up. mostly sunny skies by 4 pm with when stopping 20 miles per hour. this area of pressure is scooting out of town. an onshore breeze for tomorrow and the weather system moves in from the north for monday. morning clouds, 60s, 70s and 80s and it sticks around over the next few days. the next major warm-up is friday and saturday but it will not be like this past weekend.
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here we go with clouds, skies becoming partly cloudy for the shoreline, there skies around the bay and sunshine's -- sunshine is inland. we are thinking 80s out there and the coast will be cool. san jose 79, gilroy 83. here's a look ahead at the 5- day forecast with temperatures up a little bit by tuesday. cooling-off later in the week and friday and saturday, could be the hottest day of the week that could lead to mid to upper 90s. just amazing, we were trying to find a way to stay cool and now you are looking for the sweater, jacket to try to stay warm. >> when it rolls and rolls and cool. >> just a big, significant impact. sports wrap is just a few minutes away. here are joe and jason. >> nascar hits sonoma, we will show you how lake gambles payoff. home record on the road and
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welcome back, as protesters denounced the fatal shooting of a black men by minneapolis police, authorities say they protesters delayed the start of the parade in downtown minneapolis today, after police shot and killed a 31-year-old
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man last night. another 300 people protested outside a police station, not far away from the shooting scene. they say he was firing a handgun as he walked down a city street in north minneapolis. authorities plan to release the names of the officers involved in the shooting after both were interviewed. dramatic body cam video from last falls mass shooting at a las vegas musical sizzle -- festival shows chaos on the scene. 22,000 people packed the festival last october when a gunman opened fire killing 58 people and injuring more than 500 others in the worst mass shooting in modern, u.s. history. video following media requests. it gives a graphic view of people hiding behind whatever they can find and laying on the ground trying to avoid being hit by gunfire and screaming
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desperately for help. a tearful apology from rosen bar, and a tweet actress and comedian compared a former obama advisor to an ape. at the time she tried to excuse it by saying she was on ambien but within hours they shut down the revival of her show despite its immense popularity. in a podcast interview she admits she feels terrible about what happened. >> i am a lot of things, i am a loudmouth and all that stuff. that i am not stupid. and i never would have wittingly called any black persona monkey. i d that, it kills me. >> on thursday they announced they will era 10 episode connor family sitcom without roseanne barr. dinosaurs ruled the box office.
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jurassic world fallen kingdom raced its way to the number 1 movie in north america with a massive $150 million in its opening weekend. worldwide it has made $711 million since opening overseas. it exceeded universals expectations but the sequel was nowhere near as big as its 2015 present assessor jurassic world. and the star of the film surprised moviegoers, these pictures were posted on the police department facebook page. happened on saturday at the brandon theater where people showed up to catch the movie and take part in a charitable auction designed to raise money for children of law-enforcement officials suffering from cancer. his brother is a deputy with the solano county sheriff's department. chris pat participated in the auction and stayed to watch the movie. what a great surprise for
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people. can you imagine being there? >> he is really proud of his brother. >> and he should be. he is with the sheriffs department and a big thing for them to take part in. >> people trying to escape the heat yesterday. those temperatures were hot. >> thanks for joining us. ♪ i feel most times we're high and low ♪ ♪ high and low ♪ if i had my way enhance your moments. san pellegrino. tastefully italian.
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this game is over. >> for the giants, a blast from the past. hunter pence comes up with his biggest hit in a while as the giants walk off. we will introduce you to the pitcher who is beginning to show the apple does not fall far from the tree. i believe we have a record. >> the a's do something no s ev it enough to earn a win? in sonoma, a late race gamble and some acting pays off for the toyota save mart 350 winner. hop on over to your favorite chair, it's time to get fired up , maybe that not -- maybe


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