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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  June 25, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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under dent police auditor in san jose. the calls for him to step down. details on the controversial report at the heart of the debate. >> and a shark warning. dozens of great whites spotted off the shores of santa cruzcounty. dramatic video of the close encounters. >> and from the ground and air, firefighters continue to battle the fire in lake county still but putting up a -- still putting up a fight. live pictures now from sky fox. new images here showing a large plume of smoke right now over the lake. welcome to the four on two. >> i'm heather holmes, we begin with an update. mandatory evacuations may remain in effect this afternoon. the fire has burned 8200-acre since it started on saturday
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evening. at least 22 structures have been destroyed and another 600 are threatened. from sky fox, you can see some of the buildings that burn. the fire has had no containment. jerry brown declared a state of emergency for the county. >> here's a look at where the evacuations are happening in the spring valley. that's northeast. carson on the frontlines today. lake county, what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, i tell you, this is really very interesting. i want to show you something. over here, you can see some smoke. that is a lot of smoke because earlier today there was no smoke there but this fire blew up around noon and we were on top of a place called the double eagle ranch taking pictures which you'll see in my video report. what you'll see is they're just evacuating. quiet a few homes and other
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structures up there. this morning, the fires were contained. no one on the fire lines was fooled. this morning, the panini fire -- the fire was holding steady at about 8200-acres, a fire that looked to be in remission. helicopters using water from cash creek vineyards attacks each of the hot spots to prevent burning in unburned areas. firefighters knew already that today was shaping up towards growth. >> they're facing a lot of challenges with the terrain and the weather creating some erratic winds. >> those winds came up and temperatures plunged. the fire went from remission to a full blown fire. hot spots theired up. lots of flames -- hot spots flaired up and lots of flames.
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choppers and big jet tankers brought load after load of retardant. >> 600 homes still threatened at this time. those evacuation orders do remain in place. >> some folks stayed behind as a kind of block watch lookout. >> most of the people left. the rest of us were making sure no one was being broke in and no one is trying to light a house on fire or anything like that. >> he was ready to turn his horses as well as anybody else's livestock not already evacuated. >> i'll just take some marker paint and put the address right on them, let him out and we pretty much all know each other. we'll know where they belong. >> a series of new simultaneous fires are more for he and others to ignore. >> i consider it a terrorist attack someone fighting these
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fires. >> hand crews including inmate crews as far away as los angeles saving each period of rest for a reward as a job well done knowing surely, there's much more work to do. we'll have more reports at 5:00 and 6:00. reporting live, ktvu fox 2 news. >> john, let me ask you, this has been going on for a few days. do we know if anyone has been injured? >> no reports that we are aware of but again, this is very big fire. everybody up here because of all the previous fires in the past years, the ones that stay back seem to know what they're doing. the ones that take leave take their valuables and livestock with them. so far, portionally, we have no report of injuries and deaths. >> tom baker reporting live for us, thank you very much.
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>> some of the more than 3,000 residents and evacuation orders have gone to the local moose lodge. that lodge is off highway 20 in clear lake oaks. volunteers have set up tables and tents as well as offering food and drinks. organizers are also taking care of pets. evacuees are grateful for this cause. >> really nice cold water and all day yesterday i just would go by and totally soak her. just soak her. it didn't take long to dry off, you know, it cooled her down. up at the moose lodge, it's cool in there. i got a little overheated yesterday. i had to go up there. it's too hot for me. >> the moose lodge is one of two evacuations. the other one was at the console in the lake. a shelter for evacuated animals has been set up at the service center. >> businesses are bringing water there to help as well. you know, the weather is going
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to play a roll in what happened there. >> yeah, weather has a direct impact on what the fire does. we're still very warm out there. dry, the vegetation already dry as well. on the day that the fire broke out, red flags in place and temperatures up above 100 degrees. you can see still a warm one out there. widespread 80s reported there. out at 88 degrees and relative humidity down at 21%. taking a look at observation. the winds coming in west, southwest. you may notice these little arrows as well president -- indicating a west, southwest breeze. sunday we had the red frag warning in place. we had a dry northeast breeze. we're beginning to see a shift and the southwest breeze bringing in the cooler air and moist air. that helps slow down the fire
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as well. bringing it down to 20%. evening hours right around sunset, 79 degrees and the winds are expected to remain primarily from the west and southwest. that's the good news. we're going to hold on to the pattern for a few days. that will help the firefighters for a bit. meanwhile, at home, it's a cooler day as well. i'll have a look at that coming up in a bit. >> coming up at 4:30 i'm going to have a live update on the fires. stay with us. >> santa rosa police are investigating a shooting that left one dead and two injured. it happened inside of a home on garfield park avenue and the valley last night. they said a man walked in and started shooting. police identified the suspected gunman as 55-year-old walter from colorado. they believe he was looking for his estranged wife and was not home at the time. officers say the 43-year-old tried to stop the gunman and
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was stopped and killed. the 41-year-old son and grandson was wounded and he turned the gun on himself. >> eastbound interstate, police say a man fired a gun at officers. the man was armed with a rifle. when police arrived they saw the command and he got in a truck and drove off. sparking a police chase right on the interstate 80 all the way to fairfield where officers were able to arrest him. authorities say they found the fire inside the vehicle. it was reopened at about 8:00 this morning. >> a veteran firefighter was killed in a shooting. crews from the long beach fire department were responding to an explosion in a high-rise senior home this morning when a man with a gun started
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shooting. 17-year-old captain was killed and another firefighter and civilian were struck by that gun fire. investigators say they obtained a person of interest at the scene. residents say the suspect lives at the senior facility. >> soon as we got in the doorway, stairwell, a gunshot went off and there's a man sitting there with a gun in his hand and i hollered he's got a gun. we went back up the stairs. we seen him before but i don't know him by name. he lives in our building, yes. >> authorities say they don't know why he did this. the firefighters say the injured firefighters are in stable condition. the third victim has more conditions. >> the san jose police seeking the ouster. they're calling on the mayor and city counsel to take action for the misconduct. jesse joins us live for more on what led to the stance and more on what the independent police
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honored. >> reporter: heather, good afternoon to you. the first of their kind had the city counsel meeting last month. a portion of the meeting indicated certain use of force cases based on race. that auditor refused to retract the report but instead resubmitted it after making changes. they want him removed from office. >> we have to respect integrity and honesty. it does not. >> yesterday, paul kelly handed a letter to the mayor. it has substance. the group is calling for the removal of the independent police auditor. >> we couldn't do it if we knew we had to move past it and move
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on. he used the incentives to show disparity and how white and black suspects are treated differently in the use of force cases. they objected the report. >> it was an oversite on my part. i take responsibility for it and want to make it right. >> by phone, he says he could have been more rigorous in his process in presenting all the data. the good relationship with the s.a.p.d. continues. >> we worked presenting this information to draw a conclusion. we were presenting it as
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information available. there's a whole bunch limitations about the dashboard. >> the resubmission of the reports to the city 10 days ago comes too late for the p.o. a. the association had signatures from 500 rank and file officers and the police chief. >> we just can't move forward in that position. >> city counsel does meet tomorrow. they're going to reconsider the report from the ipa, not the letter from the p.o.a. seeking his ouster. they can do that at the next meeting. city counsel goes on the month of july. the earliest the counsel members can take a look is in august. what comes after that? if they were going to remove the ipa from office, it would take 10 votes in the affirmative. there are actually 10 counsel members and the mayor who votes. only one person descends. they need 10 votes.
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unsure if they'll get 10 votes. there's no love lost between the p.o.a. and ipa. we're live, ktvu fox tv news. heather, back to you. >> yes, that is very clear this afternoon. thank you. >> coming up, a new line in san francisco expected to effect hundreds of thousands of riders. >> plus, the u.s. supreme court weighs in on a shooting in sonoma county and clears the way for a deputy to stand trial. we know when they grow up,
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. deputy eric said he thought the gun was real and the 8th grader was raising it toward him. he opened fire. the deputy and somoma tried to file the suit by lopez's counter. they're deciding whether they'll use force. >> let get right to it. they wanted immunity. in oakland, the judge refused. what was his argument.
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>> he also took it to the ninth circuit. it went a couple of steps. any police officer is entitled to qualified users. it goes back hundreds of years. it says somebody like that needs to have a little bit more protection from it. they have to make executive decisions and it has to be an extreme case before they're going to be liable in damages for something. the trial looking at the case, they couldn't decide this question to be qualified as a matter of law. there's factual issues that has to be decided and the jury has to do that. the officer in sonoma, we had to get out of the case on summary judgment. what these reports said is they have to go to a jury. the. >> the officer shooting and
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killing the 14-year-old. >> the question is is the officer using the senior for his life at the moment he made the decisions. there's 20 seconds that went by between the time that the police officers got the light on the car and the boy was killed. it's a period of time and a split second decision. busy officer, reasonably feared at that moment. there are issues about which way the facts were and that's what all these courts that had to be decided by a jury. >> let's get to the details by the parents here. they say he didn't raise the weapon at all here. we don't have any images of what happened here in that day. what could a jury decide in this case? what are they looking at to decide whether or not this police officer acts appropriately? >> they're going to be looking at a couple of things.
4:19 pm
number one, officers on the scene. they have previously testified and in fact, it's a video where the officer shot and that's what he demonstrated he saw. we have expert testimony from the plaintiff and defendanten and the jury is going to have to decide was the gun in a position such that the officer reasonably could have felt in danger. if he thought it was a real ak47 and remember, he said at the top, the orange tip was not there, it was removed. he had to make a decision in a split second. it was protection from the ak47. it's a position that the gun was in. the evidence is in on that and the jury is going to have to decide was the gun at the side or had it been raised at that point. >> making a murder. the difference, he was the
4:20 pm
subject of the 2015 netflix documentary making murder confessing to rape murder. he was convicted on his confession. where does this leave the case now? >> where it leaves it is he'll have the same jail. >> it was false and coerce. he had intellectual abilities plus his youth. they thought the profession was proper and the claims were not valid. the supreme court denied the view. the rule is you have to have four justices to say we think the case is significant and we need to review it. obviously, they did not think it was worth it. >> all right. the update on that, many of these people were talking about
4:21 pm
the documentary coming out and mandating the relevancy of the case. college of law, thanks for joining us again. >> always a pleasure. thank you. >> all right. another cool down today. 3:00 to 6:00 degrees. here's a look at the blue skies over the east bay. we do continue with temperatures right about here as we get into your bay area tuesday. here's a look at your storm tracker 2 with low clouds hugging the coastline. that hasn't changed most of the day. pulls out a bit and thins out here and there. partly cloudy and always down towards the golden gate bridge. looks like they're seeing a bit of sunshine at this point and mostly included did i skies. ocean beach a little bit of clearing into the afternoon. partly cloudy skies at the moment and down at the bay where it's mostly cloudy, crisp and sunny clouds here. the winds have been on shore for most. taking a look at fairfield, the
4:22 pm
winds sustained at 22 miles per hour and the flow coming in from the west. that cool pacific air continuing to move through. temperatures right about average and a tad bit below average for some. 82 degrees in liver more. 81 concord. 61 napa. upper 60s for you, oakland. as we get in the overnight lows, temperatures range from the upper 40s to low 50s in san francisco. we're going to be steady here a little bit and temperatures heat up closer to the weekend. we'll have a look at those numbers coming up. >> >> we have more on the work being done. estimated impact hundreds of
4:23 pm
thousands of riders. enter a confusing morning for thousands of riders. passengers board shuttle buses at a block away. >> i think it's going to be really tiring overall. >> the 100-year-old tunnel is getting the safety upgrades. it has a drainage system as well as size mick reinforcement. one says it will impact every single rider. >> a project like this impacts all riders. >> that means you want to add an extra 10-20 minutes to your travel time. passengers can expect a faster,
4:24 pm
smoother ride. >> really at the end of this, this should allow us to bring it up to the design light which will make it when you see the number of trains going through, you're talking about a 2-3 minute reduction in travel time right away. >> it impacts the kl and y. they can transfer under ground and continue downtown. they guide riders to shuttle buses. >> i didn't even know that. >> people i talked to just want to make it to work on time. >> i think it's an unnecessary change. it does impact me in that i'm waking up earlier trying to make sure i can get to my job on time. other than that, these things
4:25 pm
happen. >> ktvu fox 2 news. >> harrell lee davidson says they'll shift overseas because of the rising cost of tariffs. the european union hit the motorcyclist with the tariffs after president trump imposed tariffs on imported steel and aluminum. harrell lee davidson says iu tariffs on their motorcycles jumped to 31%. the company says they don't want to raise prices. this afternoon president trump tweeted harrell lee would be the first to wave the white flag. shares fell 6% following that announcement. concerns pushed stocks sharply lower today. the dow fell 328 points. the reports of the trump administration limit tech exports as well as investment by
4:26 pm
china. >> both latest bills get the votes to pass. details coming up. dog: seresto, seresto, seresto. jake... seresto, seresto, seresto. whatever your dog brings home to you, it shouldn't be fleas and ticks. seresto gives your dog 8 continuous months of flea and tick protection in an easy-to-use, non-greasy collar. seresto, seresto, seresto. ohh no, jake. seresto. 8 month - seresto, seresto, seresto.
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. now to the latest on the national debate. how republicans say they expect a vote as soon as tomorrow despite the president's tweet it would be a waste of time. fox tells us the president sounded off about ending the process for those who crossed the border illegally. >> last week, house republicans
4:29 pm
postponed a vote on the compromised bill when it was clear it didn't have enough support to pass. now, after tweeting the bill over the weekend, lawmakers are going to try again. >> we've got to secure the border, stop illegal immigration, move to american based immigration system and move this country forward as leaders. >> house republicans kicked off the work week calling for support. lawmakers prepared for a show down. the president on twitter this morning doubled down on the position and it's too consuming. adding if this is done illegal immigration will be stopped in its tracks. >> as we recover from the chaos this last week, it's important to recognize children are not invaders.
4:30 pm
children must not be used as political pawns for wreckless immigration enforcement policy. >> while no democrats are expected to vote in favor of the republican bill, house majority leader says this time around is optimistic it will have enough support to pass. >> not only will it put the money forward for the wall, it will tie any proposal going forward for the money for the wall. >> late last week, the president said republicans are wasting their time on immigration and should wait until the midterm election in hopes of getting more g.o.p. support. but house leaders are forging ahead and saying they expect a vote on their immigration bill sometime tomorrow. in washington, i'm garret kenny, fox 6 news. >> u.s. custom and border control said this is in response to president trump's order last week to stop separating parents. a group of 30 immigrant parents
4:31 pm
is among the first to be released. parents are being held by shelter. as of now, advocates say the parents don't know where their children are or when they'll be reunited. more than 2300 children were separated from their families before the white house executive order temporarily ending the process. they have chosen a facility and army base and air force base. >> coming up next, we'll get a live update from fire officials on the latest of the fire burning in lake county. looking live at the images of smoke and flames from sky fox. we'll be right back.
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. coverage now on the fire on lake county. since the fire broke out, it has burned 22 structures and more than 8,000-acres. >> for the latest now, jonathan cox. >> we'll update exact acreage between 6:00 and 7:00 p.m. firefighters are out there aggressively trying to get some containment lines on this thing. the wind is kind of wreaking havoc out there in this deep terrain as it continues to push out east. it's kind of a lot of country
4:35 pm
unobstructed country out in front of it. >> it's been a pleasure talking with you but now talking about a fire. you mentioned the winds playing a role in helping the fire explode saturday night. how does this, the on going wind situation and tough terrain change your fire fight? >> we have three factors, the topography, fuel and weather. we tend to fight this heavily from the area of engagement where we can actually get in there and put some line in. probably the most dangerous thought for the firefighters right now is the head of the fire. there's a couple of heads on this fire as it approaches that indian valley reservoir. what we have right now, we have
4:36 pm
some very large air tankers and large air tankers as well as quiet a few helicopters really using the opportunity of this wind pushing it to get behind it and drop 20,000 pounds of retardant at a time. there's a reload base and trying to get some definitive line on those things. the head of it is not there. we have concern of spring valley community back to the west of the area. it still has fire impacting it. we kind of have a lot of different priorities at the moment. definitely, the homes in that area, quiet a few resources in there are actively doing structure defense. we have a strong areal fire fight going on on the east side of the fire.
4:37 pm
>> what direction you travel and go in, where is it right now? >> yeah, it's an interesting fire. the issues to the west offshore with the offshore winds. the regular normal pattern kind of reversed and pushed back. as far as the spring valley is concerned, the fire has surrounded that valley there. there's fire on the hillsides to the west, north and east. it's the north side of the spring valley and impacted the most chop mountain road and out to the west. they're off the roads that come off of highway 20. those are the areas of concern
4:38 pm
right now. as you mentioned, lake county has kind of a lot of fire history there. there was a fire back in 1973. the bakerville fire burned over 26,000-acres in this same area. since then, we've had other significant fires in lake county. we've had resources and firefighters throughout the state. we'll be out there until it becomes 100% contained. >> yeah, we're just about out of time. do you anticipate any other evacuations? >> that's constant. our commanders and sheriffs evaluate this. we create the warnings for their safety and for the ability of firefighters to actually engage. >> all right. thank you so much. calfire's chief updating us on the situation. >> still ahead, a hall of fame catcher and now derrick
4:39 pm
rodriguez is trying to make his name. we'll hear from him about the shoes he's trying to fill after the break. >> colorado moved into the bay area this afternoon. it's a trend we'll see for a couple of days before we heat up once again. we'll have a look at what you can expect for tomorrow and the rest of the week coming up. copd makes it hard to breathe. so to breathe better, i go with anoro. ♪ go your own way copd tries to say, "go this way."
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. coming down with the giants. >> providing one of the daggers of the giant's past. >> 15 years later, his prog did i is among the foundation of the giant's future. >> it's crazy how things work out. >> crazy and appropriate. derrick was born into baseball and born for baseball. >> i grew up in major league while kids were out in pool parties and all that with their friends. i was here taking ground balls and finally being here. >> i remember when he was a
4:43 pm
little kid in the clubhouse. it's what the pitching throw, what time and when to go in and things like that. he was around the game quoth. it's a big advantage. >> i can't imagine it helps. at the same time i'm sure there's a lot of pressure on his end to feel like he has to live up to a certain standard. he's going out doing his thing and doing better and better. >> clearly, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. it's no coincidence that major league talent runs in the family. he forced his own identity as a pitcher. >> i was pretty good at it but being book there squatting, it
4:44 pm
was not fun. >> catching the pitchers, curious he hasn't caught the most important. >> he likes to see more. >> and dad is behind him all the way. fostering this unique relationship between fellow ball players and families. >> this is a beautiful place. it's hard i'm going to join every play. >> all that hard work and years in the minor league. it's everything i dreamed about. i made it here as a pitcher and hopefully it takes a long time. >> in san francisco, fox 2 sports. >> following in his father's footsteps. a shark warning posted after a dozen of great whites were
4:45 pm
spotted near santa cruzbeach. the video was posted to facebook. the sharks were 30-yards from the shore and very close to a kayaker. they've up to 40 feet long. >> nice for people venturing out in the water. not so sure i want to venture out and come across a shark too. >> one of the reasons i don't go in the ocean. it was a beach day saturday very warm along the coast and hot inland. temperatures have fallen out dramatically into yesterday and today cooling down in many areas giving you a live look there. san francisco checking in about 61 degrees. 71 santa rosa. upper 60s in oakland. low 80s in livermore. little breezy. the on shore breeze moving through the end. low clouds and fog thinned out a bit and pulled back and didn't go away completely over
4:46 pm
portions of the north. remaining with the golden gate bridge in the clear. look at the west edge of san francisco all the way to downtown there. this afternoon happening and covering in it. sunny at this time. on shore breeze continuing and low clouds moving back across the bay. right now, reporting northwest wheeze at 20. livermore 15. high pressure continued into the area. cooler air continues to move in. tomorrow we'll start out with the clouds. a lot of 10th around the bay and upper 80s for the hotter location. that's a big change from saturday when we were 100 degrees and above in some spots. here's a look at the overnight breeze. 49 santa rosa and low 50s
4:47 pm
expected. starting your day in ant i don't care. afternoon highs tomorrow 77 the record kentfield and mid-80s in santa rosa. starting farther north, clear lake expecting to hit 90 degrees. warm day there. the south westerly breeze helping out a little bit with the moisture air moving in. above 100 degrees as well when the fire broke out saturday. as we head to the east bank, temperatures upper 60s to low 80s. south bay locations for the afternoon tomorrow 86 morgan hill. 82 san jose and along the peninsula, 79. 64 in the city of san francisco. pacifica, half moon below 60s. there's a look at your extended forecast. temperatures similar today for tomorrow afternoon and wednesday, going to cool it off more before we turn it around to warm back up on thursday, friday, saturday looking to be
4:48 pm
the hottest at as. mid-to upper 90s doesn't last. >> this morning, that's the one we've seen. >> the temperatures have come up but we're still doing the roller coaster ride. >> no triple didn'ts. we'll take it. >> alex joins us now with a look at the stories we're working on at 5:00. >> all right. thank you very much. coming up at 5:00, we're going to have team coverage on the fireworks that continue to burn out of control in lake county. we will have all the latest numbers and the evacuation orders in place for the fire which has destroyed 22 structures. >> you're also updating the tragic encounter that happened in santa rosa as well. >> a man traveled from colorado to confront his estranged wife in the north bay. police say that man opened fire inside the home killing his neighbor and wounding his own son and grandson.
4:49 pm
we have our own crime reporter in santa rosa last night. he's been talking to witnesses what about they saw and he'll explain how one neighbor died' hero. >> see you in a few minutes. >> meantime, right here coming up next. a medical milestone and the fda will allow a prescription to be sold primarily made from marijuana. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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. there's some important medical news for people living in mountain states. >> eric cox reports some don't work as well at high altitudes. >> new research shows depression rates might not be disrooted in our culture but impacted by higher altitude. >> known for our high mountains and the best snow on earth, utah is known for a staggering statistic. >> utah has one of the highest anti depressant rates in the u. s. >> a resent study at the university of itth shows people might come here to be high in the mountains but that also might bring them down. >> our work suggests it's the thin air, not that the oxygen does anything directly but changes brain chemist erie in ways we feel about things. >> changes how your brain
4:53 pm
produces seratonin and it changes how anti depressants work too. >> if it's really the case, then that's a pretty big impact on having unresolved depression despite people being treated for depression. >> up to 80 percent of anti depressants could be impacted by altitude. they say this research is hopeful for utah. >> once you pack the car and go to the coast, it doesn't mean you get in the back. understanding it was causing a drop to be treated better. >> what the next step is looking to see if they can implement this into anti depressants and make them more effective. fox news. >> the food and drug administration approved the
4:54 pm
first prescription medication made by marijuana. it contained a purified form of cbd which is a chemical ingredient found in the plant. it's expected to be available in the fall. >> coming up, north korea canceled a major event which could mean good news. details coming up after the break.
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4:57 pm
uber is making its case to work in san francisco, lawyers said that they told a london court it had made significant changes, and inspections have shown a perfect record of compliance. in september, london regulators refused to renew their license on the grounds of public safety and security, uber has been allowed to operate normally during the appeal process. north korea canceled an annual event, good news for diplomatic efforts. >> moron with the changes mean for potential denuclearization of north korea. >> reporter: more signs of north korean diplomacy following the summit between president trump and kim jong- un. skipping the dental -- the annual anti-u.s. imperialism rally, marking the start of the korean war, it usually starts
4:58 pm
off a month of anti-american events in the country, a south korean event, the prime minister also acknowledged the reasons to hope for peace. >> we will proceed towards ap sediment on the korean peninsula, with common prosperity, despite difficulties. >> as defense secretary james matus is reiterating the white house's plan for denuclearization. >> complete, irreversible, and verifiable denuclearization of the korean peninsula, this will include our agreed-upon reduction of large-scale exercises. >> experts say that kim jong-un will have to deliver pretty tangible results and soon. a little bit of a showdown, they have to come forth with the edification, and location of everything, if they are not willing to do that, we know they aren't serious, and all of these other good-faith measures are sort of hollow.
4:59 pm
>> north and south korea are still technically at war, so the conflict ended in a truce without a peace treaty. fox news. ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 starts now. huge flames, homes destroyed, and cal fire planes making eardrops, the pony fire burning out of control, in lake county, as the damage adds up, and thousands of people have been forced to evacuate. good evening, i am alex savidge, frank is off tonight. >> i am julie haener, a state of emergency for the county, they will receive more resources to fight the fire, along with cal fire, crews from 100 other agencies around the fire lines tonight, so far, no containment this afternoon. >> the pony fire has burned -- pawnee fire has burned 20 structures and 600 are threatened by the flames, from
5:00 pm
sky fox you can see some of the building that burned over the past weekend.>> mandatory evacuations in the spring valley community, northeast of clearlake oaks, between clearlake and indian valley reservoir, we have our team coverage with tom. >> reporter: this morning, the fire, aided by high humidity last night, and light breezes this morning, was holding steady, pawnee fire, it looked to be a fire in remission. helicopters using water from the vineyards attacked each of the still smoldering hotspots to prevent burning and unburned areas. but firefighters knew already that today was shaping up towards growth.>> facing a lot of challenges with the terrain, and the weather, creating some erratic with his. -- erratic winds.


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