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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  June 25, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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we are all bay area people, we clock in at all hours. proud members of every community. each of us has a unique perspective. our stories are your stories. news for the bay area people from bay area people. ktvu fox 2 news. the 10:00 news on ktvu fox news starts now. the governor declared a state of emergency in lake county after a summer wildfire destroyed dozens of homes and forced evacuation. >> most people left, the rest of us major nothing was broken into, no d lighting houses on fire. >> the fire started saturday evening and has grown to more
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than 10,000 acres. good evening, i am julie haener.. i am alex savidge, frank somerville is off this week. this is called the pawnee fire, it started on the pawnee trail in the spring valley neighborhood, the east side of clear lake. spring valley is under evacuation tonight, along with the double eagle ranch division. >> from sky fox, you can see firefighting crews have a big job. we are less than a week into summer, they have their hands full. tonight, the pawnee fire is 5% contained, it has burned 500 acres and dozens of homes have been lost and 10 outbuildings. hundreds of people are under evacuation orders. 10 covege with ktvu news debora villalon. >> tell us about the conditions. >> reporter: this is the time of night we get a cooldown. fire is expected to lay down
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and get ground crews a chance to get ahead. we are in spring valley, there is active fire behind us on the ridge. we have watched at the last hour as flames kicked up. as you traverse it, though this the smell of -- is strong. headway is slow. >> when can we get back in? i will not guess, i'm hoping for sometime this week. >> reporter: the sheriff knows everyone at the community meeting is worried about their properties, animals, and their futures going into the third night of evacuation. the strain shows on their faces. >> along the western edge of the fire, crews are making good progress with bulldozers and hand crews. >> reporter: cal fire is making the best of it. >> it is around the communities, that is where we are working hard to secure the area.
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your homes and property are the number one priority. >> reporter: a glance at the skies shows how far it is from over. afternoon heat and wind picked up, pushing the pawnee fire to the north and northeast. the air attack intensified also with helicopters pulling water from bittner's pond as another neighborhood, double eagle ranch evacuated. 50 homes and marijuana growers in remote words. >> whenever we saw a driveway along the roads, we tried to make contact. some people answer the doors and some did not. >> reporter: the damage estimation is not complete, 12 homes and 10 outbuildings damaged or destroyed, this county and community has been through the 70 times before, they know how to swing into action. they serve three meals a day at the lodge. they provide cots and campgrounds. >> we had five minutes to get out.
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we kept nothing. it's really bad. this is the worst. we have been through four of them, we have been elected four times. >> some stuff pops into your head, you say a profanity. you think of other things, you think of children's mementos. you have memories tied to them, the little things hurt the most. >> reporter: this is a look at how fast the fire is moving, this hillside, 15 minutes before, barely a flicker of flame and then it exploded. it's the combination of fuel, heat, wind, and humidity. alex, julie, this is only june. as you know, this is a sort of fire we expect to see in late summer or early fall. when things are dryer. >> you covered so many fires and they have gone through so many major fires up there the
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past few years, is there a big difference you noticed between this fire and previous fires? >> reporter: it's interesting, they have gone through so much of this, several big fires in 2015 including the valley fire were 2000 homes were lost. fires going back to 2012, in some ways, they are desensitized. they know what to do. in another way, people did not evacuate right away because they have evacuated in the past and the fire did not get to them. this time they thought it would be the same, this time it came so much closer and took their homes. you really never can tell. what i notice is an emotional fatigue among everybody. i think first responders feel it and the rest feel it because it takes a toll, emotional toll every time you go through this. >> why us, why again? debora villalon in lake county. meteorologist, bill martin joins us now. there's a chance for the fire crews battling them.
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fire can plan their attack. the last 48 hours, the wind shifted, gusting above 35 miles per hour. you can see where the growth in the fire was, it is up to 10,500 acres. the height was here at 3000 acres last night. it went up to 8200 acres this morning. it is 10,000 now, the growth is slow, the winds have become more consistent out of the west, much better direction for firefighters. they can plan their assault on the fire based on the knowledge of the next few days will be west southwest through this zone. temperatures will be in the upper 80s tomorrow. humidity will be around 30%, the winds with the westerly component is huge. current conditions right now are 41% in kelsey belle. 62% in cloverdale. this is huge. they get this moisture recovery every day. firefighters have this planned out, cal fire knows what to do,
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they said fire lines east of the fire, counting on the westerly winds to help with this fire. i think we will get good news tomorrow and the next date based on firefighting efforts. this is early to have a big fire like this and it does not bode well for the season. >> bill, let's talk now and get an update from jonathan cox, the fire chief talking about the progress made. you have a break today, cooler conditions, the winds are lighter than they were over the weekend when the fire took off. how much progress did you make today? are you expecting to up the containment numbers tomorrow? >> yeah, you are right. we had the 5% containmentand tonight. bill weather conditions have changed into our favor and pushing the fire away from most of the community
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in the spring valley area which is great news for both firefighters and residents. it also has challenges because it is pushing east, it goes through open country. it is less populated, more access for us. today, you saw a heavy firefight from the air, dropping large air tankers to get several thousands of retardant down in front of the sink on the eastern side. >> jonathan, talk about the challenges, what are the biggest challenges facing firefighters in attacking this fire? it is 5% contained. what you do overnight to get the containment lines around the fire and improve that number? >> yeah, there's a couple things going on, during the day we have went during the fire, the weather is a dominant factor pushing the fire during the day. when that comes down in the evening, we get a fuel driven and topography driven fire. that's a dynamic. on our side, we ch and overall based on the weather forecast
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and the way the fires behaving. tonight, we have bulldozers and hand crews that can go direct on the line and try to get good containment around it. and continued to defend the structures. there are multiple strategies used right now. many firefighters have seen mutual aid throughout northern california. they are working seamlessly together to make sure the residents of lake county have the minimum impact with the fire. >> chief, let me ask, we don't expect fires of the size and explosive growth this early in the season? this is usually late summer and fall when this happens. why do you think this fire took off the way it did? >> yeah, we have a couple things going on right now. there was quick turnaround, that the testament, the fuel loading we have in california in the heat we experienced and the late-season rain we got grew the grass crop. it is all aligning, unfortunately, to make
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california susceptible. we saw an increased number of me of year then we did a year ago, that's concerning to us. we will respond to every fire and try keep it to less than 10 acres. it is a challenge and unfortunately our reality now which is the normal. >> battalion chief, before you go, this fire started saturday, any indication to what started it? >> that's a great question. that takes time, investigators go meticulously through the investigation to ensure they get the information they need. it could be sometime, we recognize it is our responsibility, it is too early to speculate. >> that is cal fire battalion chief. thank you. lake county sheriff's office arrested a man living in the fire zone. they pulled over christian campos this afternoon, he was
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driving through an evacuated neighborhood with an expired license plate. they found two pounds of marijuana and a loaded gun in his car. he is now in the lake county jail facing charges of being an unauthorized person inside a disaster zone. he faces drugs and weapons charges. tonight, cal fire response to one woman who expressed her anger about losing her home to the pawnee fire over the weekend. tracy gatland believes firefighters did not act quickly enough to the flames during the first few hours of this fire on saturday night. >> i was on a mountain for three hours fighting the fire on my own. neighbor beneath me was down there fighting. cal fire sat there in those vehicles doing nothing from 9:00 until 11:45 when the fire crossed the ridge. >> they are aware of her complaint and have made contact with her. the agency issued a statement
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saying, "we take all complaints against our organization seriously as our mission is to protect lives and property." their crews have been working long hours to save as many structures as possible. we like you to go to for the latest updates, including the acreage and containment figures on the pawnee fire burning in lake county. you can get the update information on evacuation. stomach coming up, the u.s. supreme court weighs in on a 2013 caseworker sheriff deputies shot and killed a sonoma county teenager. at 10:30, what it means for the lawsuit filed by the teenagers family. tensions over the immigration crisis ran high at the nation's capital. democrats and republicans a minute each other. i am derek kenny in washington with the details coming up. tomorrow, the world is on
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ktvu plus. >> we talk to the iconic star of sesame street tomorrow morning.
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new at ten tonight, dozens of people came out in berkeley this evening to protest the urban shield program. protesters held signs outside berkeley city college during the mayor's state of the city address. they are upset the mirror reversed at city council vote earlier this month after initially saying he would pull berkeley police out of the
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urban shield law enforcement training exercise. critics say the program has the militants are -- militarization of police agencies. >> i thought exercises that were wargames. offensive actions with unrealistic scenarios where police were trained in warfare. >> the mayor previously said he had concerns but reversed his boat after he realized it could violate the city charter. new details on the crisis along the border with mexico. the department of health and human services released this video today of a temporary shelter for children. they have air-conditioned tents in texas. customs and border protection side for now, it is no longer referring parents with children for prosecution by the a policy forcing families to part with 2300 children taken to
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detention facilities and their parents went to jail. it touches the nerve among many. the situation got so tense, the department of homeland security warned its employees they may face a heightened threat. foxes garrett tenney joins us live from washington. the white house addresses the controversy hitting close to home. garrett. >> reporter: democrats and republicans are at odds over immigration with tensions heating up after a weekend of controversy. >> it's a democracy, you get the right to protest. i believe in peaceful protests and is a civil way to do it. >> reporter: congresswoman maxine waters backs up her statement to the trump administration insisting she did not call for purchasers to harm cabinet members when she said to push back. tell them they are not welcome when they are seen in public. >> we need to focus on getting this president to come up with a credible plan. a plan that reconnects the
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children and make the plan public. >> reporter: her comments come after the white house press secretary sarah sanders was asked to leave a virginia restaurant on friday. the owner of the red hen said it was due to disagreements with that immigration policies. >> the calls and harassment of any trump employees is unacceptable. >> reporter: despite the controversies, he defends his executive order keeping families together after crossing the border illegally. he is not letting up on his demand for congress to fix what he calls a broken immigration system. >> we need strong motors. -- voters. >> reporter: house republicans formed a committee meeting for children who arrived at the border thout parents. it was called off because of a scheduling conflict, democrats claim it was to avoid discussing the administration separation policy. governor gary brown blasted
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a measure for increases in that state gas tax and vehicle license fees. it was flawed and dangerous because the revenues from the taxes are set aside to fix roads and bridges. california secretary of state says supporters of the appeal gathered enough signatures for the measure to appear on the november ballot. polls show a majority of californians support a repeal of the tax. the gop hopes the ballot measure encourages conservative voters to show up on election day and vote for republicans in tight congressional races. we have a nice cool down, it's nothe weekend. temperatures dropped a few degrees and continue to trend on the mild side this time of year through wednesday and thursday which helps the fires burning in northern california. more than the pawnee fire, there's some around redding,
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california. there's a trough in the pacific, the pattern keeps things mild. firefighters have a good shot at the fires the next three days. after that high-pressure, this is thursday, friday, and to saturday, high-pressure johnson like last weekend, it heats up again. we get back to a period of upper 90s, maybe triple digit heat as we go to the latter part of the week. outside you go, there's fog along the coast. i don't pick it up in the live camera shot. it was here over the weekend,  it is gone now. the low-pressure dials in. it is not obvious or pronounce, it gets to the area. today, we noticed cooler temperatures. tomorrow, there are more coastal clouds, not many 90s and 100s, mostly 80s in the valleys. it's a huge help to firefighters. with the winds, you bring in higher humidities, more moisture and cool air.
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the winds are a constant out of the west which is great news. tomorrow will be a lot like today. the heat comes at the end of the week, we talk about that next. still to come, shocking reporting, what is considered low income in the bay area. the jaw-dropping figures released today, what one expert tells us. ahead, the warriors introduced their newest team member. what the draft pick had to say about joining the champions. a program that benefits drivers in the south bay giving them a place to sleep between their shifts. plans are in the works to eliminate battle together. we explain why coming up.
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ktvu fox 2 news.
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>> expose septic tank service. how many children are in those places? >> covering your community. only on ktvu fox 2 news. waterpark in brentwood has closed after several children got sick earlier this month. the east bay times reports the children suffered from vomiting and diarrhea after playing for two hours in the spray area of blue goose park. the manager claims the park is closed because the city is waiting for parts. no word on when the park will reopen. the santa clara pta looks to phase out a program allowing drivers to sleep overnight inside rvs in parking lots. many drivers live in the central valley because of the high cost of bay area housing. the last 20 years, vta about rv permit allowing tired drivers
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to sleep on the lot instead of making the long trek home. is a program drivers say they loved but vta says the program simply is not viable as a long- term solution to the areas housing problems and they say it puts a strain on the resources. new government figures show the low income level for the bay area is the highest in the nation. the government's latest definition of low income comes in at $117,000 a year for a household of four in san francisco, maryland, and san mateo counties. a household of four bringing $94,000 a year is considered low income under the hud guidelines. alameda and other counties, $95,000 annually is the low income threshold. we get more from amber lee, she is live in the city with reaction. >> reporter: julie, we spoke with homeowners and renters, everyone told me they are not surprised by the new definition of low income.
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many don't know if they can afford to stay here themselves. san francisco has long been known for its beautiful skyline. in recent years, the city earned a dubious distinction, lack of affordability. >> it's insane, expensive to live here, it's crazy. >> reporter: this homeowner is raising two young children with her husband, with two incomes, they have to be careful with suspending. >> not just housing, after you incorporate other things like transportation, food, all of that -- >> reporter: had released new numbers monday on what it defines as low income. in san francisco, marin and san mateo counties, $117,000 a year qualifies a family of four for certain affordable housing programs. >> and jaw-dropping is how i described it. >> reporter: he looks at quality-of-life issues. despite the numerous construction projects going up
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in san francisco and elsewhere in the bay area, housing has not kept up with the tremendous job growth in the region since 2011. >> many new jobs are higher skilled and higher-paying, that puts more pressure and demand on the limiting housing which drives up prices. >> reporter: the median home price in the bay area is $935,000. this man shares a two bedroom apartment with a roommate. the rent is $5000 a month. he's a software engineer. >> a large part of my income goes to rent. >> reporter: what percentage? >> 40%. >> reporter: one woman tells us relatives and friends moved out of the city and out of state. she says owning her home does not mean she can afford to stay inside the city. >> i just retired, i seriously have to think about it now,
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where would i go? >> reporter: the bay area council says that 46 percent of bay area residents plan to leave, that's a 50% increase from last year. those planning to leave include millennial's, renters, and those that do not have a college degree. many plan to move out of state. live in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up, we follow the latest developments on the pawnee fire burning out of control tonight in lake county. wiese tell you what we learned from fire -- we tell you what we learn from fire officials. what president trump said about the harley davidson move. closed captioning for the 10:00 new is brought to you by mancini's sleep world. enjoy big savings during the adjustable mattress sale. visit
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an update now, the pawnee fire burning out of control in lake county. evacuees were told they may be able to return to their homes later this week. the fire has burned more than 10,000 acres, a dozen homes lost, and 600 more are threatened tonight. the fire is only cal fire says cooler weather and lighter went should help crews gain more ground on the fire overnight and into tomorrow. so far, there's no word on how the fire started. president trump's tariffs on trade policies designed to
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protect u.s. jobs have the reversed impact on one iconic american manufacturer. the european union retaliated against u.s. tariffs on aluminum and steel by imposing their own tariffs. that prompted harley davidson to announce today it can no longer afford to make motorcycles for europe at its u.s. plant and will ship some production to asia. jana katsuyama joins us live from the newsroom with why experts say this could be the beginning of american job losses. >> reporter: alex, harley davidson officials warned president trump previously tariffs could hurt the company's business. expert say escalating tariffs and trade disputes can lead to job losses for other u.s. manufacturers. as harley davidson celebrates its 115th anniversary this year, customers at the oakland dealership were ringing bells
10:32 pm
celebrating their purchase from a company that has been a long icon in american manufacturing. >> harley davidson's n steel. we have jobs here, this is where we need to work. >> reporter: monday, the wisconsin company said it will stop manufacturing motorcycles for the european market inside the united states. they will shift the production to a plant in thailand because of new tariffs imposed by the european union. increasing national production to alleviate the eu tariff burden is not the company's preference but is the only sustainable option to make motorcycles accessible to customers in the eu. they responded friday to president trump steel d aluminum tariffs with their own tariffs on $3.2 billion of american goods. harley davidson says that raises tariffs on their products from 6% to 31%, adding thousands of dollars to each motorcycles price tag in europe. >> they sold 35,000 units last year, total sales, that's an
10:33 pm
important market for them. >> reporter: he says other companies that export to europe could follow, leading to the loss of american jobs. >> when you play the game of protection, dealing with national corporations shipping their production from country to country, i think you will see more examples of this kind of reaction by multinational corporations. >> reporter: president trump responded with a tweet saying he is surprised harley davidson of all companies is the first to wave the white flag. i fought hard for them and they will not pay tariffs selling to the eu which hurt us badly on trade. along with harley davidson motorcycles, levi's jeans, bourbon, orange juice, yachts are other u.s. products fa on mexico, canada, and you, your main concern is china, it seems a long strategy. battle
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could escalate more, president trump threatens to add another 20% tariffs on european car imports. canada said it will enforce tariffs on u.s. goods, $12.8 billioofu.s. products could be affected. >> jana katsuyama live in the newsroom, thank you. growing concerns about a trade war pushed stock flow, the dow fell 328 points after being down almost 500 points. the nasdaq lost 160 points and there are reports the trump administration may limit chinese investment in u.s. tech companies. the s&p was lower by 37 points today. the u.s. supreme court announced it will not hear the lower court ruling involving the controversial shooting death of a teenage boy by a sonoma county sheriff's deputy. cristina rendon reports. they lost 13-year-old andy
10:35 pm
lopez. >> reporter: the u.s. supreme court world it would not hear an appeal by the lawsuit filed by the parents. they asked the county to review a lower court decision allowing a civil trial to determine if the deputy used excessive force when he fatally shot lopez in 2013. he was carrying a replica ak-47 air soft gun with the safety tip removed. the attorney representing sonoma county argued the deputy made a split-second decision to open fire because an ak-47 was turned toward him. he says that should be protected under immunity capacity. law enforcement >> right now, these officers are unclear on the law. this particular decision, hopefully provides clarity, law enforcement needs to protect people we serve. >> reporter: although disappointed, it is not
10:36 pm
entirely surprising or unexpected. the supreme court granted hearings 1-2% of cases presented to them. they say today's ruling is a victory but bittersweet. they maintain lopez did not raise the replica gun towards the deputy. >> the bottom line, this case will be presented in front of a jury. they will decide whether or not it was reasonable for him to kill a 13-year-old kid walking down the street with a toy gun. >> reporter: a professor of law at uc berkeley tells us the law regarding qualified immunity can still be made before the supreme court, maybe in a later instance of this case. >> it may be some of the judges did notwant to granted today, let's see what the jury does first. and then with the ninth circuit does in reviewing it. it may have been too early.
10:37 pm
it may have been this was not the appropriate case to do this. >> reporter: this civil case is likely to go to trial next year. in sonoma county, cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. still to come tonight, if you find an open toys "r" us, it will not be for long. the chain closes its doors for good in a few days. we tell you the dates they have spent. we're tracking the cooldown and the heat up to follow.
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celebrating 60 years of serving the bay area, ktvu fox 2 news.
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this week, toys "r" us stores across the country are set to officially close shop. the retailer says all toys "r" us and babies r us stores still in operation will close for good by friday. toys "r" us filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy last year. in march, they announced going out of business. the chain liquidated merchandise over the last few months. a new high-tech longer- range and lethal torpedo called the mk 48 is crafted by u.s. navy weapons developers. the torpedo lunch from submarines allows the navy to hit enemies from farther ranges. the new technology allows the u.s. to better compete with emerging undersea rivals like russia and china. an mk tornado -- torpedo weighs more than 3500 pounds and can destroy targets five miles
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away. the fda approved the first prescription medication made from marijuana today. it is used to treat seizures caused by two rare forms of epilepsy that began in childhood. it contains a purified form of a chemical ingredient found in cannabis or cbd. it does not have thc which is what causes a marijuana hi. the medication is made by a british drugmaker and is expected to be available this fall. 'tis the season for fireworks with the fourth of july around the corner. a safety reminder, a new app launched in the south bay for people to report illegal fireworks use. chief meteorologist, bill martin will return in a few minutes with the complete bay area forecast coming up.
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new at ten, with the fourth of july approaching, bay area law enforcement agents use new tools to curb illegal fireworks. aston smith is co-live in san jose with her agencies in the south bay hope people turn to their smart phones. >> reporter: billboards are up throughout the city of san
10:45 pm
jose. english, spanish, vietnamese highlighting how to prevent fires. this is the only city set up with illegal fireworks, as is the city of gilroy. illegal fireworks are a big problem throughout the bay area. this is the video of unsanctioned fireworks shows from last july 4. >> i think it's a problem, in the sense we had fire problems in gilroy. >> reporter: new this year, police turn to four alert, it's a free mobile alert in somerville. citizens can support -- report suspicious activity in real- time and officers respond. >> it sends a message, we knew we needed to change the way we handled extra patrol duties. >> reporter: the process is simple, after downloading the app, you can report the crime providing videos and photos. it will run from 6 pm until
10:46 pm
midnight july 4. >> fourth of july season is the biggest and highest risk. this time of year is when the vegetation is dry. there are dry roots, something will burn. >> reporter: this year, the city of san jose promises an improved system of the online reporting tool. after last year, several people were wrongly cited. this year, residents have the ability to upload video evidence. last year, they did not. >> reporter: is a huge problem. >> there's no way with over 1 million people out there in the city, 670 firefighters and 2000 police officers can enforce. >> reporter: jeff guenther remembers the fire from last september that scorched 100 acres in gilroy caused by illegal fireworks. >> there was millions of dollars in damage and labor. >> reporter: boots are -- boots
10:47 pm
are sprouting up. they are the only county that allows them. police are trying to stay one step ahead. >> many industries are behind the times. that's what law enforcement needs to do, i support it. >> reporter: in both cities, people can report illegal fireworks anonymously online, through the app, or through the city website. it's a fine start at $500 and go from there. >> azenith smith in san jose. we check-in on tuesday which will be like monday in terms of temperatures. not as hot as over the weekend. temperatures cool down as we talked about earlier for the first half or 2/3 of the week. at the end of the week, temperatures go back up and fire danger becomes an issue. the next few days, cal fire has
10:48 pm
a good opportunity with high humidities, mild and cooler temperatures, not as erratic winds, they have the opportunity to get a handle on the fires before we go back into the heat coming towards the end of the week. similar timing is what we saw last week. mostly on friday, the bigger heat. you get the idea, there are a couple 99 degree days, hundred degrees, it cools off on sunday and monday. current temperatures, there they are, they run behind where they were last night which is helpful. i checked the fire zone at the pawnee fire, humidities were 60, 65%. that's huge for cal fire. the winds are blowing, they come from the west southwest, 10-12 miles per hour. the humidity is huge. tomorrow, there's patchy fall, partly sunny in the afternoon. san francisco taps out at 64 degrees, breezy typical summer the pattern is conducive to
10:49 pm
fighting fires. clear lake will not be 102 or 103 with 12% humidity. it will be 88 with 18% or 22% humidity. tomorrow's forecast, temperatures by colors, you get the classic early summer pattern. that is what you expect to see this time of year. there are some 100 towards fresno. that footprint stacks up for tomorrow, wednesday and thursday, not as much thursday, certainly on tuesday and wednesday. thursday and friday it warms up more. than the heat shows up. the forecast highs tomorrow, 89 in brownwood. you would expect 95 this time 86 in pleasanton and 87 in livermore. the five day forecast looks like this, 97 is the hottest day. it cools off a little on sunday. it's about timing.
10:50 pm
rainy season, three days of heavy rain, flooding issues. dry season in summer, three days of heat, you have fires. now we have three days of lack of heat, higher humidities helps firefighters. there's a lot of luck involved with how these things pan out. we had heat back to back and went and red flag warnings. >> a bit of a break. >> they need that, bill. thank you. a stark warning is in effect for a santa cruz beach.'s -- several great whites were spotted. giancarlo thomae posted this video, it shows kayakers and sharks. the shar the sharks were 14 feet long. coming up on the 11:00 news tonight, more on the growing wild fire in lake county, the flames destroyed 12 homes and people are evacuating.
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the a's power their way to a comeback win. we have highlights of the sports coming up. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits
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may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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this portion of fox 2 news is brought to you by mercedes- benz. welcome back, joe is here,
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we meet the newest member of the golden state warriors. we like what we see. >> you have to keep the new blood coming in, winning nba championships is tough, saying on top of something else, you need a steady influx of new talent to do that. bob myers introduced the newest member of the team, jacob ivins. he is from the university of cincinnati. he was their first round selection in thursday's draft. the warriors expect evans to find a place in their rotation. thursday night, evans found out he was taken by the warriors, the two-time nba defending champs. a good place to start your career. >> knowing my family and several close friends, they sacrificed a lot for me to have this opportunity. it's like we did it, finally here. i'm excited to be here, joining a great organization, one of the best teams ever. i take a lot of pride making sure my loved ones and my support team know it every
10:55 pm
morning. >> it was record-breaking perpe oakland starter, edwin jackson tied the starter playing his 18th starter game. he had seven strikeout victims. jackson went six innings allowing one run. the eighth trailed, he steps to the plate to get lewis coleman, it is 1-1 on biscotti. seven homeruns of the year, 26 straight road games the a's homered, that's an ongoing record. the tigers had a big swing in the seventh, he goes opposite field with a pair of runners on. the three-run shot makes it 4- 1. the 8th inning, the a's were not finished, brando found a gap in e first. the a's or even, 4-4. in the
10:56 pm
eight, with shane greene on for the tigers, another long ball, it goes to write, number 12 on the year for lowery. this is his 18th essay, the a's win 5-4. great play is over in the world for groups a and b. these were the iranian fans outside the hotel trying to keep the opponents from getting sleep. cristiano ronaldo acknowledges them. he looked no worse for wear during the game. cell that passes back, he bends in a goal for portugal. the replay shows what a good effort it was on both ends. portugal can take a commanding lead with rinaldo attempting a penalty kick. look at the effort by the iranian goalie, it stays a 1-0
10:57 pm
game. early stoppage time, i ran converted the penalty kick. i ran -- iran is eliminated. the iranians make their best showing to date on the world stage. also in group b, spain against morocco. a beautiful corner kick by morocco. they had the ball into the goal, morocco leads. it stays that way until spain scored a late goal. he gets the net here, he was initially rolled offsides. they review the play and reversed the ruling. the goal stands. the two teams finish 2-2. spain and portugal move onto group b. in group b, suarez and paraguay face russia.
10:58 pm
suarez had the shot over the wall of russian players scoring the game's first goal. in the eighth minute, uruguay wins. russia moves on and will play spain in round 16. the fourth game of the day was e, saudi arabia against egypt. neither team moves on, no shortage of emotion. too much activity in front of the egyptian that, they bury the goal for this audis. that was the winning goal in the 2-1 game. they know how to celebrate. it's the first win of his country's world cup history. we leave you with things to check out monday night. toronto and houston with the roof closed in minute maid park. anderson pops up, the catcher removed his mask, weights, long wait, the ball gets stuck in the roof. anderson hit two home runs, try
10:59 pm
to had a 6-3 win. here's one for the fans. the angels albert who holds hits a high foul ball to the states, that one is in the beer cup of a kansas city fan. back to the houston toronto gang, the astros down 6-3 in the ninth, george springer thinks he ties the game with a pair of runners on. he says not so quickly, it goes above the wall to take the home run away. they preserve the toronto win. finally, no surprise houston's james harden was named the nba's most valuable player. he outdid lebron james and kevin durant. the award that matters the most. that sports for now. i will see you at 11:25. >> thanks, joe. next at 11 --
11:00 pm
>> it's sad to see people lose their homes and belongings. cars and motor homes. state of emergency from the ground and air. firefighters try to gain the upper hand on a destructive wildfire in lake county. the 11:00 news on ktvu fox news starts now. a wild fire destroys homes and forces evacuation. hello, everyone i am alex savidge. frank somerville is off. >> i am julie haener.. the firebirds away from popular areas and spreads into heavy brush and trees east of clearlake. and the community of clearlake oaks. >> officially say the pawnee fire burned 10,500 acres since it broke out saturday. it stands at 5% contains. we told you about the 22 structures destroyed, we now know that includes 12 homes and


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