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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  June 27, 2018 6:00pm-6:59pm PDT

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a major shake-up at the supreme court as justice anthony kennedy long known as a swing vote announces his retirement. >> he displayed tremendous vision and tremendous heart and he will be missed. >> president trump vowing to move quickly to name a replacement signaling a shift to the right. good evening. democrats are considering a strategy to delay a vote on a replacement until after the midterm elections. ellison barber reports. >> reporter: justice kennedy's retirement goes into effect at the end of july. already lawmakers seem to be preparing for a fight when it comes to his replacement. he was nominated by president
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reagan. he served as a key swing vote since february of 1988. reporter: supreme court justice anthony kennedy is stepping down. the 81-year-old said in a statement his resignation is effective as of july 31st. >> this retirement is earth- shattering and gut-wrenching. >> reporter: the president praised the long-time justice for his 30 years of service and says the search for a new justice will begin immediately. >> he is a man who is displaying great vision. he displayed tremendous vision and tremendous heart. and he will be missed. >> reporter: justice kennedy cast the swing vote on several divisive issues, including abortion, affirmative action, and same-sex marriage. >> need to have someone who has the ability to see both sides of an issue, is not ideological, is going to use his best judgment when looking at cases. >> reporter: maj ority leader mitch mcconnell says the senate will vote on the president's nominee this fall. >> it's imperat the president's nominee be considered fairly and not subjected to personal attacks. >> reporter: senate minority leader charles schumer is already pushing back on a
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potential vote. he said today that republicans should follow the standards they set after justice anthony kennedy died in 2016 and not consider a supreme court nominee during an election year. that's after justice antonin scalia died in 2010-had20. the president has a short list of nominees. >> the president has a list he put out last fall of 25 names of potential supreme court nominees. two judges on that list were finalists for the supreme court opening that ended up going to justice ilpresident tr interviewed both of those two. we are hearing that they are at the top of the list but at the very top according to our sources right now is a man
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named brett kavanaugh. he is a judge, currently serves on the u.s. court of appeals here in d.c. and he was nominated for that job back in2006 by george w. bush. thank you. senators dianne feinstein and kamala harris both calling for a delay in filling kennedy's seat until after the midterm elections. elections. the supreme court delivered a setback to organized labor. in a 5-4 vote with the conservative justices in the majority, the court ruled that not to join unions should not be forced to pay dues saying forcing them to pay was a violation of the first
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amendment rights. it means unions could lose tens of millions of dollars and lose power to bargain on behalf of their members. the plaintiff in the case said he was thrilled by the ruling! >> the important thing is that we have now got 5 million public sector workers across the country that are free to make their own decisions. that's what it's been about. >> an illinois state worker refused to pay dues and sued the union arguing he shouldn't be forced to pay fees because he disagreed with the union's positions. coming up tonight at 6:30, we'll take an in-depth look at the ruling and we'll hear some local reaction. joining us now onset is david levine professor of law at uc-hastings. we certainly appreciate you being here to add your perspective today. this has been a busy couple of days. >> altogether plus the 4th of july. >> let's talk about how this will tilt the court. obviously, the assumption is that this is going to move
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things to the right. >> that's right. what will happen is the chief justice roberts will now become the swing vote. 12 years ago, justice o'connor stepped away and justice kennedy became the swing vote. now we are going to take another step to the right with chief justice roberts being the person in the middle. >> what do you think about the replacement? any potential nominees that come to your mind as tops for president trump? and what qualities is he looking for in a nominee? >> reporter: the list that we have all been talking about from last time as well as this time was created by the federalist society, the people who justice scalia, justice alito, fit that mold, justice gorsuch certainly fits that mold. so that list was created to give aid and comfort to people in that wing of the conservative movement that president trump would go in that direction. so these are people who will like these others. they will say, quote, unquote, they are strict constructionists. they will say they will will apply the law and not make the law and all that stuff but it really means we are going to move way to the right.
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the person i would bet on right now is judge hardiman of the third circuit. he was on the short list. you might remember president trump made a show when he unveiled justice gorsuch and he had judge hardiman actually come to washington from philadelphia so that the media would think oh, it's hardiman. and so having come in second, i -- i think he probably would be a pretty good bet. so i'll bet at least he will be one of the finalists but i wouldn't be shocked if he is the one who bubbles up from that list. a very reliable conservative. the federalist people will be very happy with him. and we'll see what happens. >> thank you. republicans now pushing to get that nominee in place before the midterms. thank you. on you will find the list of nominees to replace justice kennedy and more. look under "web links." we want to get back to
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breaking news. we are continuing to follow a story in oakland where as many as 4 people have been shot inside of a mini-mart. this is all taking place at 89th and macarthur in east oakland. the view from skyfox here, you can see -- we did see one person taken away by ambulance. and, of course, a massive police presence there in that area. we would imagine that a number of streets are likely blocked off. certainly a good area to try to avoid here tonight as you make your way home. this shooting happened about an half-hour ago. we are being told that three people are now being treated at the hospital. one of the victims is possible -- it's possible that person died. but we are waiting for confirm confirmation by police on that. they are looking for witnesses. we have a crew on the way to the scene. we'll have more information as soon as we get it into our newsroom. on capitol hill today, house republicans voted down a compromise immigration bill
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that would have given dreamers a path to citizenship. the president made a last- minute push for the bill on twitter after telling republicans last week not to waste their time. republican leaders are now trying to draft a narrower bill to address the controversy over family separations at the border with mexico. but a vote seems unlikely before congress leaves for its 4th of july recess. there will be no immigrant detention facility in concord or anywhere in california at least for now. that's the word from concord city officials this afternoon. a special meeting to discuss those reports began with an email from the sheriff's office with word that concord is not on the list now to house immigrants. more than 100 people on hand welcomed the news. the city officials say they are not letting down their guard. >> i don't necessarily want to say, oh, hey, we're off the hook because that may or may not be the case. we are not sure. we would take a defensive position at this point. >> this afternoon, congressman
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mark desaulnier said: he is pleased the effort to turn concord nave weapons station into a detention facility has been halted. he called it dangerous and i am more. oakland nonprofit group launched a new online tool to help locate immigrant parents and children in detention. the organization freedom for immigrants has an online form that allows immigration attorneys advocates and family members to log information about detainees who are trying to find in u.s. government custody. advocates will be granted access to the data and can log their own updates to sort out more quickly where parents are being held. now to the south bay where fire crews are keeping a close eye on a large vegetation fire in san jose near capitol expressway and tours road. authorities say several fires were reported near coyote creek at around 3:15.
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investigators are trying to figure out if the fires were intentionally set. they say the fires burned on both sides of capitol expressway. now we turn to lake county where cal fire says all evacuation orders were lifted this afternoon four days after a wildfire broke out and threatened hundreds of homes east of clearlake. the pawnee fire is now 25% contained. today crews were working to create more fire breaks to keep the flames from spreading further. ktvu's tom vacar spoke to people living in that area who are relieved and grateful they have homes to go back to. reporter: mauricio perez hadn't seen his house for the last four nights. but at 1 p.m., he was finally allowed to return to his spring valley home. >> i'm glad. we are all just worried about the weather. couple of friends lost a couple of things. just happy, glad to be back. >> reporter: santos modesto's family just returned. but he never left.
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>> i had animals and my home and unfortunately, due to last fires, i couldn't afford insurance any longer so i wanted to be able to put out spot fires if they started, protect my neighbors's homes from looters that tend to come into the area and loot areas. >> reporter: so spring valley got sprung from a raging wildfire. and everybody around here knows exactly who to thank. >> by no means is it a done deal. we have interior parts of the fire that are still smoldering actively burning and they will continue to burn until the crews out there patrol and mop up. so we still have work ahead of us. >> reporter: there are dozens and dozens of bulldozers of all sizes. even at the fire's height, bulldozers were cutting fire breaks throughout the area. the fire breaks not only slow the fire but if cut wide enough, they can prevent the fire from spreading. while fire breaks already exist in the region, this fire was intense enough to cut more and of the existing ones, cut them wider. just as important are the hundreds and hundreds of
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ground crew who make sure the hot spots are out as well as cut fire break lines in areas so steep, that not even bulldozers can cut them. this is incredibly dangerous, exhausting and tedious work in high temperatures on incredibly steep irregular and unstable terrain. >> we do have an expected change in the weather pattern this weekend. the weather is cooperating now so we are working hard to aggressively put in some stop gaps to ensure safety for the weekend and every with higher temperatures in the area. >> reporter: consider this. 100-plus days of prime time fire season weather still ahead. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up, thousands of pounds of illegal fireworks seized in the east bay. up next more on the bust and why authorities tell us it's just a small fraction of the problem. >> this is a drop in the bucket. yeah.
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there's so much of it out there. >> and we are tracking that warmup not today, not tomorrow, but it's going to get hot with higher fire danger towards the end of the week. >> plus, we continue to follow this developing news out of san francisco tonight where several people have been injured after a hit-and-run accident involving a pedicab. >> and a live look at your wednesday evening commute. this is the bay bridge toll plaza. it is slow going out there at this hour. >> and we'll give you a live look at the maze in oakland. right now, not a lot better. you can see slow traffic especially on eastbound 80 at this hour. we'll be right back. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet,
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fire officials say five people were seriously hurt in san francisco including two children in a hit-and-run crash involving a pedicab along the embarcadero. skyfox was over the scene in the past hour. you are, a pedicab in the crosswalk. according to the fire department, a family of four was riding in that pedicab. two of the victim were children. one person was taken to the trauma center. this all happened near sansom street and the embarcadero. very close to pier 29 at about 4:15 in the afternoon. as you can imagine, people are being urged to avoid the area because of very heavy traffic
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as this investigation continues. police have only a vague description of the car involved in the hit-and-run crash. it was a light-colored sedan that was last seen heading toward the bay bridge. oakland police say they seized thousands of pounds of illegal fireworks just days before the 4th of july. ktvu's henry lee joins us now from the newsroom with more on the bust and the suspect now under arrest. henry. >> reporter: well, the suspect is a parolee and the fireworks all illegal and capable of maiming or killing people if they ended up in the wrong hands. acting on a tipoakland police seized these boxes of fireworks on tuesday night in san leandro. i have learned that officers arrested huh-year-old kong truong din a convicted felon from hayward. >> he was arrested for a variety of illegal fireworks charges and this will be presented to the district attorney's office for charging. >> reporter: police seized more than a ton of fireworks worth up to $50,000 on the street with names like super shell and thunder bombs. these fireworks could have been used for illegal displays. it might be pretty but police
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say the damage from these imported devices can be ugly. we don't want to your community injured and we don't want any fires to start. >> this is all from yesterday's bust. this is 3240 pounds of fireworks most of it aerial pyrotechnics. >> reporter: alameda county sheriff's sergeant ray kelly is on the bomb squad and helped safely remove the fireworks found by oakland preliminaries. they sit in this shipping container at the sheriff's office in dublin. >> there's individual tubes in here. sometimes these things -- people either intentionally or unintentionally end up like this. so this ends up firing projectiles out at a high rate of speed and then people get hit by these and they stick to you and they begin to burn. >> reporter: although this bust could have saved lives, authorities are being realistic. >> do i think that we took a huge dent out of the 4th of july fireworks celebrations that are going on?
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no. this is a drop in the bucket. yeah. there's so much of it out there. >> reporter: now, this 4th of july authorities hope that people enjoy these fireworks displays put on by professionals or by "safe and sane" fireworks. dublin is one of about 12 bay area cities that offer these kinds of fireworks. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you. we are tracking the warm weather out there. it's going to get warm towards the weekend. temperatures tomorrow like today and friday warming up and saturday temperatures pop up into the critical fire danger area. this is the current conditions -- these are the current conditions around the fire up around pawnee. the pawnee fire up around clearlake and lake county. and the thing to note are these humidities.
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this is huge. midity. we are just triangulating. we are going to observing sites and look at them all and get a good idea of what's happening at the fire. i look at the humidity right away. it's doing well for them up there. the fire it's in. it's a bear to fight. even though the weather is helping, they are still struggling with terrain. 37% right now right at the fire and then you see what happens. not just for the fire zone but temperatures for the bay area come up on thursday a little bit, not much more than today and then friday they really do come up and saturday we are in triple digits again maybe 101, 102 in some of the warmest spots. these are the highs from today. highs tomorrow for the bay area add 5 degrees to these. so mid- to low-80s in the hot spots something like that with lots of 60s and mid-70s around the bay. so not too hot then. but hot on friday and saturday and fire danger is back up. we'll have the five-day forecast coming up. bart train.
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>> no eating and dre rounds now media. >> and mexico suffers a big loss at the world cup. their fans are still celebrating tonight. joe fonzi explains in sports. >> also ahead new information on this deadly crash on an east bay freeway that snarled the morning commute. what we are learning now about the man who was killed. you could generate your own energy,
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at home. or to save energy, unplug unused appliances. do your thing, grade california.
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a man who died in a crash that closed lanes of westbound 24 in oakland this morning has now been identified. the alameda county coroner says 29-year-old oakley resident was killed in the crash on 24 near broadway. the chp says his suv was rear- ended by a honda causing the suv to go up an embankment and turn over. he was ejected from the vehicle and then struck by another car. the wreck closed several westbound lanes for more than two hours during the morning commute. a confrontation on a bart train that was caught on video is now going viral on social media. >> sign says no eating and drinking. you don't get it? you don't get it! you must be stupid! >> the video shows a man in a hawaiian shirt aa passenger for eating on the train.
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the man who is complaining calls the driver over the intercom. he asks for bart police to come and cite the man for violating bart rules by eating on board the train. eventually the man with the burrito left the train at the oakland coliseum station. a gun buy-back in san francisco this weekend has members of the community speaking out against gun violence. as christien kafton shows us, political leaders, police and citizens affected by gun violence are hoping to get as many guns off the streets as possible. reporter: united players in san francisco has a mission, get as many guns off the street as possible. >> i'm very glad that everybody here as partners to end senseless gun violence. >> reporter: organizers held a news conference for the gun buy-back this weekend. they say every gun off the street saves a life, something patty understands well. a former "san francisco chronicle" staffer, her son robby poblete was shot to death four years ago. >> when my son was shot and killed in 2014, i understood what it meant to have that headline, um, be about your family.
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>> reporter: she now runs a nonprofit bearing her son's name, buying guns and turning scrap metal into art. guns like the one that killed her son just as he was about to start a new career. >> he set his suit out for his interview on his bed and that was the suit that we buried him in. >> reporter: san francisco police say firearm-related homicides in the city are down 63% compared to last year. all shootings are down by 14%. >> now the bad news. last night, early this morning, we had two shootings in two different neighborhoods in the bayview-hunters point where illustrates the point that we need to get more guns off the street. >> reporter: in a show od incom francisco showed their support >> why i'm so excited to be here today, um, with united players with our police department with mayor-elect breed because san francisco is doing something different once again. we are leading the charge. >> we not only have work to do here in the city and county of san francisco. we have work to do around getting guns out of our
6:27 pm
communities all over this country. >> reporter: that gun buy-back is scheduled for saturday morning between 8 a.m. and noon right here at the united players headquarters on howard between 6 and 7th streets. they are going to be given $100 per handgun, $200 for long guns and no questions asked. they just want the guns off the streets. in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is up next with outrage from bay area union workers over a by th court. >> i feel that it's an attack -- a corporate attack on on tha ruling and why some say it's harmful to employees. >> and some unwanted attention for a bay area the restaurant that refused to serve white house press secretary sarah sanders.
6:28 pm
>> and a silicon valley estate up for sale for just a pinch under $100 million. we'll take you inside the place. please stay with us. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is up next. is up next.
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now to our top stories and breaking news in east oakland where as many as 4 people have been shot inside of a mini- mart. police were called to 89th avenue and macarthur at 5:35. from skyfox we saw one person taken away in an ambulance. we are being told three victims are now at the hospital. initial reports suggested one person was killed in this shooting. buhas not been confirmed by authorities. police were speaking to witnesses. supreme court justice anthony kennedy annong. the 81-year-old justice is a conservative but has been a
6:32 pm
critical swing vote on the courtsiding with the more liberal justices on things such as gay rights and abortion. a new vacancy on the court gives president trump now a chance to nominate a more conservative replacement. republicans are promising a vote on the nomination by this fall. some democrats are calling for the vote to be delayed until after the midterm elections. also today, the supreme court delivered a huge blow to organized labor. in a 5-4 vote with the conservative justices in the majority, the court ruled that government workers who choose not to join unions should not be forced to pay dues. the court said that forcing employees to pay for collective bargaining was a violation of a nonpaying worker's free speech rights. you're watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. that ruling on unions could have long lasting effects across the nation. as rob malcolm explains, local union officials are worried about what it means to their bargaining power and what it means for their members. >> what do we union rights! >> when do we want it?
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>> now! reporter: the 5-4 decision members of national nurses united, the largest union and professional association of nurses in the nation. ucsf med francisco. >> i feel it's a corporate attack on working people and communities, and, um, i think it's an unjust use of the first amendment. >> reporter: noon rallies were held across california. nurses argue about safety as a state mandated patient ratio that unions have fought for could be changed. >> it's going to be a little harder for us to speak up and make changes as hospitals want to put us in dangerous situations with patients and dangerous situations and with the union, we have the strong ability to speak up, make changes without fear of losing our jobs. >> reporter: the decision also fulfills the wish of conservatives to get rid of the so-called fair share fees that nonmembers pay to unions in roughly two dozen states. >> no worker in the u.s. has to pay union dues or join a union.
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but where you have the union that represents everybody, now these workers don't have to pay. so it's an incentive to take a free ride. >> reporter: professor shaken adds california's politically powerful labor unions are left fighting for members as their influence crumbles. >> all working americans -- working californians, union or nonunion alike, are going to be affected. this will diminish unions politically. they will have fewer resources. >> reporter: this statement from lieutenant governor gavin newsom: >> reporter: the train is certainly tougher for unions who will now have to be creative. floyd rollins with firefighters local 798 welcomes the challenges. >> what we will do is we will certainly educate our members as to why it is important to
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be a member of the union not to mention the fact that, you know, it's a fair share pay. you know, we negotiate contracts, you know, wages. >> reporter: the effects could be long lasting for the democrats who relied on those unions who donated to labor- friendly candidates. some unions may now have to cut back on the political spending. rob malcolm, ktvu fox 2 news. san francisco's department of elections has just certified the results of the june 5th primary election. the final results show london breed winning the san francisco mayoral race over mark leno in the final round by a little more than 1%. the mayor's race was a ranked choice election that really came down to the wire. the final results also show san francisco congresswoman nancy pelosi with an overwhelming victory in her race with 68% of the total votes cast. a restaurant in napa is getting some unwanted attention because it has the
6:36 pm
same name as a restaurant in virginia that refused to serve white house press secretary sarah sanders. as ktvu's rob roth reports, the owner of the napa restaurant says his business has dropped substantially. >> reporter: the red hen bar & grill has been a fixture in north napa for the past 35 years. but the owner says it's now appears to be a victim of mistaken identity. >> i was stunned! >> reporter: many angry people appear to be confusing this red hen a cantina with another one in virginia. the restaurant refused to serve white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders last friday because of the administration's policy to separate immigrant families. >> i just thought the restaurant owners were extremely rude and i could hardly believe they did that! for political reasons? they're not letting someone dine in their restaurant?! >> reporter: but within hours, the napa restaurant started getting hate messages clearly meant for the other red hen. the general manager read a sample.
6:37 pm
>> i pray your restaurant goes into the toilet. we're stick of scum like you. don't mess with president trump's supporters. idiots. it wasn't us! >> my employees, you know, they're getting stressed out because of all the phone calls. >> reporter: the owner says business dropped by about a third this past weekend. more than 400 negative yelp reviews came in. >> you go from 4 or 5 stars down to one star? >> reporter: yelp says it will remove reviews that aren't based on consumer experiences. this stepfather and daughter heard about what happened and came in for lunch to show support. >> i'm not going to say that the incident itself with kicking sarah out of a restaurant because of their political ideas was --this is really justified. but the reaction and how people have been responding to ter: the owner is hoping that all just blow over will get back to normal and all the misplaced anger will stop. in napa, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news.
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coming up, a pennsylvania police officer now facing charges for the shooting death of a black teen. the announcement by the district attorney after several days of protests. >> i find that rosfeld's actions were intentional. >> and an unusual sight shuts down a busy l.a. freeway today. a man in shorts and sneakers climbed to the top of a traffic sign. we'll show you this dramatic dismount coming up. as people who love to fish,
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a man climbed a highway traffic sign in los angeles at about 8 a.m. snarling the morning commute. he dressed only in shorts and sneakers standing above the 110 freeway. if you look closely you can see him. dozens of police and emergency crews are standing below. after about two hours that man suddenly jumps off doing a backflip landing on a yellow inflatable air cushion. he was quickly then taken into custody. the ordeal left traffic backed up for miles. the man appeared unhurt. he was placed in an ambulance though for evaluation. new developments tonight out of pennsylvania where a police officer who shot and killed a black teenager has now been charged with homicide. the killing of 17-ficer year-old anher teenager ran off they were pulled over by police who suspected their involvement in a drive-by shooting. rose was shot three times in
6:42 pm
the back. and that led to days of protests in pittsburgh. the local district attorney says the officer acted recklessly without justification. >> i find that rosfeld's actions were intentional. and they certainly brought about the result that he was looking to accomplish. >> authorities say rose had nothing to do with the earlier crime, although they did find guns in the car. officer rosfeld was initially released on a $250,000 bond. a judge later changed the conditions and ordered rosfeld to be held on home electronic monitoring as he ts onjuly 6. the district attorney says rosfeld is remorseful. the patriarch of the jackson family died today in las vegas. joe jackson was the father and manager of his famous children
6:43 pm
including michael jackson. he was hospitalized this month with terminal cancer. his wife, children and grandchildren were at his side when he died. tmz's harvey levin told us joe jackson was a figure in the family who loomed large. >> there is good and bad in joe jackson. and, um, you know, the bad that michael jackson talked about was that he drove the kids hard and even beat them at times. on the other side, there wouldn't have been a jackson 5 if it weren't for joe. >> according to tmz, family members say he was moved into hospice care in the last two days. joe jackson was 89 years old. another bay area home on the market. this is not your average property. >> this is sort of the quintessential silicon valley estate. >> a look at what nearly $100 million will get you. >> and temperatures -- what's that look like? temperatures around here are going to be on the warm side towards the end of the week.
6:44 pm
see you coming up.
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a silicon valley estate is up for sale but with an asking price of $96 million very few people will likely be able to afford it. in fact, it's one of the most expensive houses to ever come on the market here in the bay area. >> very few buyers for this one. ann rubin reports on what $96 million will get you. reporter: if you have $96.8 million to spend, this might be the house for you. situated in the foothills above palo alto, the listing agent describes it as 13.35 acres of pure privacy and tranquility. >> i think this is in a lot of ways for a buyer with the
6:47 pm
funds. this is sort of the quintessential silicon valley estate. >> reporter: the home features a conference area for executive board meetings, and a safe room for emergencies. it's also got a poker room, a pizza room with a wood-burning oven and a sports setup a pro athlete would envy. >> it has its own private pavilion an ice hockey rink that doubles as a tennis court. >> reporter: that's separate from the indoor basketball court. there's a full locker room and indoor spa and massage room. >> what i like is it's split on four separate levels so actually each one of the levels is not too overwhelming. they are 4,000 square feet each. >> reporter: it could set a sales record for palo alto. built in2008 it's own by sun microsystems cofounder scott mcneeley. he sits on the board of the company that's selling the home. they use artificial intelligence to match people and properties. in this case, perhaps another tech mogul looking to move in. >> we need to find the right buyer and the right methods. >> um --
6:48 pm
>> why not use technology to make that happen? >> reporter: if you think you might be interested, act quickly. the listing agent said he talked to several prospective buyers already. in palo alto, ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. what did you think? >> oh, -- funny when you -- how quickly -- -- >> right. >> i couldn't afford the utilities. >> the pg&e bill alone, the property taxes. >> oh, my gosh. >> can you najaf wow. >> fun to look at. >> better hurry. >> tempe good news for firefighters down 5 to 8 degrees down from yesterday. tomorrow's temperatures will be up a little.
6:49 pm
the firefighters have had a nice little 72-hour catch-up on the pawnee fire in clearlake but then things turn around on the friday and saturday and the heat is back on so fire danger goes up. there's good containment on all the fires so this time has been helpful and hopefully everybody is buttoned up by the time we get to friday and saturday when it's not going to be out of control. it shouldn't be out of control red flag warning but it will hot, dry and windy at higher elevations. you see where the sea breeze s there's a lot of green. there's the sea breeze in the green and there's a lot of it. temperatures are behind where they were last night at this time. 12 degrees cooler in livermore. a lot of fog in pacifica, half moon bay and oakland and looking across the richmond/san rafael bridge. and -- no, it's the bay bridge. why did the bay bridge obviously. you can see the fog coming in. it's high. so it's pushing well inland.
6:50 pm
great help for humidity recoveries tonight which is helpful to firefighters. and so then the fog at the coast. there's going to be patchy fog toll morning. 80 in vallejo 82 in concord. cool weather tomorrow and friday and saturday hot. saturday temperatures peak in the low 100s. >> getting semi breaks in between the 100 degrees. >> you don't want to see is 1, across the top with triple digits, that's not good. >> thank you. it was a crazy day at the world cup as mexico sneaks into the next round but the same can't be said for the
6:51 pm
germany. how germany's loss was mexico's game, up next in sports.
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welcome back. joe is here. we're talking world cup. and mexico kind of backed their way into the knockout round. >> we do this once every four years. we all get excited about soccer.
6:54 pm
it's the best time of the year to watch it. no question. great day in the world cup which points out how important soccer is across the world. mexico was in the driver's seat today in group f a win or tie against sweden and mexico moves on to the round of 16. after scoreless first half the swedes had something going. nice passing against the net after a deflection from the mexico goalie. the swedes piled on. look at the reaction in sweden. a penalty kick, and own goal by mexico made this game 3-0. sweden knew it was moving on. the emotions by the fans and players tell the story. ry. >> mexico needed help. it would take a lot for them to move on. germany would have to lose to
6:55 pm
south korea. lots of action in front of the korean goal. the goalie made a great save there. he had 6. germany took 28 shots. they went to stoppage time. still scoreless and a corner kick and he is there at the right place to boot the ball and south korea scored another goal for a 2-0 win. the emotions again. south korea going nowhere but knocked off a giant. germany had never been defeated in the first round in 16 appearances in the world cup. despair by the german fans. the mexican celebrated. avaya stadium is an adopted home for the mexican team. check out the reaction there by fans at 8:40 this morning. [ cheering ] there will be a bigger crowd at avaya stadium on monday
6:56 pm
when mexico plays brazil in the round of 16. now, brazil needed a good showing, a win or tie against serbia to move on in group e. beautiful play on both ends here. the pass and the effort by paulino who controls the ball on the toe and finds the serbian goal. approve by the fans, yes! brazil then padded the lead on the corner kick. they are celebrating in rio, in the amazon even the girl from ipanema. serbia eliminated. switzerland and costa rica 2-2 draw. switzerswitzerland goes on the a's enjoy the stay in the motor city. who says there aren't pretty shots to be found in detroit? little highway robbery by the tigers in the second inning. matt olson takes one in left. jones takes a home run away that would have been 28
6:57 pm
straight road games for the a's in which they had homered. that record in jeopardy. the tigers loaded the bases against chris bassett in their half of the third. watch bassett get out of the inning by striking out nico goodrum. gardenhire with issues in the strike zone and is ejected. the a's finally broke through in the fourth against jed lowrie with the drive in the right field corner matt joyce not remembered for his speed on this play. joyce leaking oil but still makes it all the way around to score. and that's where they stand now 1-0 in the 8th with the a's leading trying for their third straight win over the ha good night. >> quick check of the weather first? >> hot friday and saturday, triple digits. >> good night.
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you'll never believe what happened to me at work today. hmm? this old guy was choking on his food, and i saved his life. you're kidding. did you heimlich him? no. i said, "oh, my god, i think that old guy's choking," and then one of the busboys heimlich'ed him. you're a hero. yeah, that was the point of the story. oh, yeah, speaking of work, do you know if you have thursday night off? um, i think so. why? what do you mean, why? it's valentine's day. oh, right. yeah, we can do something. you could be a little more into it. no, i'm into it, i'm into it. just, there's so much pressure to make the night special, and it never works out. okay, well, this time it's going to be different. because i am like a romance ninja. you don't see it coming, and then bam! romance, watch out, hearts, kisses, love, ooh-ya! you know, sometimes i think i've made you so much cooler than you used to be, and then you go and do that. so, in conclusion, i believe the painful sensation felt


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