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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  June 28, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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afternoon. officers responded to the call of an active shooter at the capital gazette and quickly evacuated 170 people from the building. five people were killed and several others are said to be gravely wounded. the gunman is only identified as a white man. he is being interviewed by police but they say he is not being very forthcoming with information. officials are saying he was armed with a long gun and police also did recover an explosive device inside that building. here's a look at exactly where this attack happened today. the offices of the capital gazette are located on best gate road in the northwest part of the city of annapolis. >> ktvu's cristina rendon is live in our newsroom tracking the latest developments. cristina. >> reporter: julie, alex, we're now learning that the gunman reportedly mutilated his fingers in an attempt to prevent investigators from easily identifying him through a fingerprint match. u.s. officials say he was identified using facial recognition technology but the suspect's name hasn't been released yet.
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one reporter who was inside the newsroom at the time described what it was like when the gunman opened fire. reporter: a gunman shot through the glass doors of the capital gazelle in annapolis, maryland thursday afternoon -- gazette in annapolis, maryland thursday afternoon opening fire on multiple employees. phil davis, the crime reporter of the newspaper, says it was like a war zone inside tweeting in part: there is nothing more terrifying than hearing multiple people get shot while you're under your desk and then hear the gunman reload. officers responded to the building within 60 seconds. >> i want to praise the local official who responded so well and perhap people's lives by getting there while the thing was happening. >> reporter: authorities evacuated more than 170 employees to a reunification center at a nearby mall. the gunman was taken into custody without incident. he is now being questioned. >> we don't have an identification yet. he is an adult white male.
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he used a long gun. >> it's annapolis' newspaper. you know, it's about politics. it's about events, you know, and so to have such a small news organization that a lot of people know directly, the reporters, you know, it just makes me afraid that, you know, that could have been me. >> reporter: members of the bomb squad were called in after a possible explosive device was discovered inside but they don't anticipate finding any more explosives. president trump was briefed on the shooting before he departed for wisconsin for meetings and a speech. on twitter, the president said, my thoughts and prayers with the victims and their families. thank you to all the first responders who are currently on scene. >> and there is a media conference being held right now to give us an update on what's happening there in annapolis, maryland. we'll listen in now. >> our investigative people have entered the building and started their investigation. as we already stated, we have one person, a white male, in
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his late 30s, in custody. and our criminal investigation division investigators are interviewing him now. he entered the building. this was a targeted attack on the capital gazette that is located at 888 best gate road on the first floor. he entered the building with a shotgun and he looked for his victims as he walked through the lower level. we have secured the building. we are in the process of notifying next of kin. we have five confirmed fatals and two injuries. the injuries, my understanding, are superficial, possibly from glass from the shotgun blast. we are working now on securing his residence. he does live in the state of
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maryland. we are in the process of securing that residence and preparing for search warrants. so this is the next phase of this scene. and that is the investigative phase. this is the part that takes the most time. as i would assume many of you have already heard from many other police agencies in the state of maryland and across the country, the investigative process is very difficult. we must be thorough. that's why you will not get the information from social media from us unless it's been confirmed. we have allowed our investigators to do their job. they are there now and we are going to continue to provide you with information. i want to share something with you that i think is important. we mentioned before about the improvised explosive device.
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that is not an i.e.d. it was actually canisters, um, of smoke grenades that he used inside of the building when he entered the establishment. so this person was prepared today to come in. this person was prepared to shoot people. his intent was to cause harm. and as i stated before, the investigative part of this is going to be thorough and it's going to take some time. as you can see behind us, we opened up best gate road. we thought that we may need to, um, secure that roadway for a long period of time. as we get further into the investigation, we realized that we don't need that roadway. but the building 888 best gate will be secured for some me. i don't have a time flame on that yet. we are going to be inside
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there for quite a bit until the investigation is complete. i will share that confirmed information with you when i have it. >> why specifically this newspaper? what was his beef with this newspaper? >> that's what we're investigating now. >> there are already reports that he had a history with the newspaper a couple years ago. >> that's what i'm hearing. but before we confirm that i need our investigators to go and look into that. [ inaudible question ] >> no. i can't share that with you. that's the first time i have heard facial recognition. >> he being cooperative answering your questions? >> i can't answer that. he is at our criminal investigation division. our detectives are down there with him. i have no interrupted them to ask them if he is being cooperative. [ inaudible question ]
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>> you will have the information as soon as we confirm it. [ inaudible question ] >> the only connection i can tell you about right now is possibly, possibly, through social media. i have no other confirmation. we are still looking into it. i cannot confirm whether or not our department has come in contact with him. we'll have that at a later time, as well. [ multiple questions ] >> is he a resident of maryland? can you tell us is he a resident of maryland or came from outside? >> no, he is a resident of maryland. [ inaudible question ] >> that's going to be part of the investigation. >> you have been listening to a live press briefing there in annapolis, maryland giving us the very latest details as to what happened gazette newspaper earlier this afternoon when the gunman walked in with a shotgun and
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opened fire killing five people and wounding two others. we did learn through that news conference those two others we heard earlier that the wounds were grave, but now they say superficial wounds so that's a little good news for the two people injured being treated for superficial wounds. >> just a bit of good news during all of this. and according to the chief there, this man walked into the newsroom with a shotgun, began opening fire, apparently very targeted attack. he described this gunman as looking for his victims and opening fire on them. we also did learn here that there were initial reports about a possible explosive device or improvised explosive device that may have been found and the chief said it turns out those were smoke grenades that apparently the gunman set off upon entering the building. >> he went into the building, they said, very targeted, looking for people. used the smoke bombs. he was prepared. he knew what he was doing. he is being interviewed right
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now by authorities but isn't giving new information and not being very forthcoming. authorities are in the process of notifying the victims' relatives, which is a very difficult, difficult -- as you can imagine, task to do. they are also saying getting ready to go into the man's home. he is described as a white man in his late 30s. he is now in custody. he is reportedly from maryland. there are getting ready to search his home. so still so much to go through after a very horrible day at the capital gazette newspaper there. one of the oldest newspapers in the country. >> we are still waiting to learn the identity of the gunman from this shooting today. of course, you can stay with ktvu throughout the night for the latest on this shooting in annapolis today. we'll bring you all the latest information we are getting from the scene on this i d going to win this trial.
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it's already a tragedy. >> less than 24 hours from now, derick almena will be back in court. first he is sitting down and speaking with "2 investigates" ahead of his july trial with plans being made for what could be weeks worth of testimony. there is also talk tonight of a possible plea deal. >> "2 investigates"' brooks jarosz learned new negotiations may prevent the victims' families pain and suffering and brooks joins us now with what he has. >> reporter: derick almena turned down 18 years but he said he is considering a new offer for less time. and just wants to put all of this behind him. reporter: >> my only chance of getting out of here is to blame everybody else. and i can do that because they are at fault as well but i don't want to do that. >> reporter: spending a year in a jail cell, derick almena has had time to think and may be having a change of heart. >> i don't want to ruin any any
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because they came and gave me back my children. they came and said it was safe. >> reporter: after 36 people died in the fire following a party at the ghost ship warehouse, master tenant almena faces three dozen counts of manslaughter and for the first time, he is telling us that he is ready to own up to his share of the blame. >> like, i feel responsible. i feel like i created something and people died in my home. you know? it's horrible. i have to live with this the rest of my life and this is, like, my children's legacy. i'll never get out of from under this. >> reporter: now he tells us that he is considering a deal settling and serving time to save others from more sadness. >> sit through months of parents looking at the burnt remains of their children and, like, it's not even worth it. , like, it's not -- what that's going to do to their psyche, to world, that sadness is going to
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reverberate through this entire -- through the universe! creating just more suffering, like, i can't -- i can't be part of that. >> reporter: several times during this 40 minute interview, almena says he is nervous about going to trial and even if he takes a deal, says responsibility is still only being pinned on him. >> i didn't hold anybody down. i didn't put a bullet in anybody but i'm taking it all on. i know that if i take a deal, then it ends. and nobody is going to be, you know, to blame after me. it's all going -- it's going to go down in the history books, wikipedia, derick almena started this fire and found guilty, whatever. i don't care. my life is over. like i'm never going to get a job. no one is going to hire me, you know? what are you going to do? >> reporter: we don't know the details of prosecutors' latest offer but almena is earning credit for time served right now. his kids are 7 and 8 years old and he told us if he takes the deal, they will be in their
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early teens whengets out so it appears if he settles, it may be for around 12 to 14 years but could spend 10 years or less in the end in jail. >> okay. brooks jarosz, thank you. a cold case that happened 40 years ago may have come to an unlikely conclusion today. sheriff's investigators say a suspect who has been under the microscope for years in the brutal slaying of a woman took his own life today as they tried to serve a search warrant at his apartment. ktvu's south bay reporter jesse gary joins us now live outside the sheriff's office in san jose with more on what happened. reporter: good evening. coming up in a half-hour or so, santa clara county sheriff laurie smith will hold a news conference where she talks to reporters with more information about the events of today. earlier today, the deputies were trying to serve a search warrant when the suspect shot himself. now the san jose police department is investigating
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that apparent suicide while the sheriff's department investigates the case that ultimately brought them to the suspect's apartment. reporter: >> he was a good guy, very quiet, kept to himself. >> reporter: the apartment manager says the subject of the search warrant steven crawford was in failing health and heavily medicated. she said around 9:30 in the morning, santa clara county sheriff's investigators asked for the keys to unit 185, then ran upstairs. crawford, a long-time suspect in a cold case, was inside and unwilling to come out. >> they were trying to get in and trying to talk to him. you could see them through the window trying to get him to open the door. >> reporter: moments later, she says she heard a muffled gunshot. >> we did the search warrant and, um, the suspect shot himself. >> reporter: sheriff smith says crawford had been in her department's crosshairs since 1974, when he, working as body stanford's
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memorial church. investigators say she was stabbed in the head with an ice pick. she had also been beaten and molested. smith says technological limits at the time couldn't lead to a case against crawford. but current advancements in dna testing did, which produced thursday's search warrant and violent conclusion almost 44 years after the crime. >> this was an extremely brutal homicide. it happened in 1794. the year after i started the department. it's one that all of our cold homicide detectives really have wanted to solve. it's gratifying that we were able to identify the suspect. >> reporter: arliss's husband bruce was cleared of any involvement in the killing. he moved on with his life and got a it doctorate in mental health. the sheriff is going to have a news conference in a little bit less than 30 minutes or so and kind of a soft time but around 5:30-ish. we'll stream it live to and, of course, on the mobile app. at 6:00 we'll have new
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information for you. live outside the santa clara county sheriff's office here in san jose, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. we'll head back to you. >> jesse, thank you. now to the latest on the pawnee fire burning in lake county. fire crews kept it from growing overnight. they now say it's 40% contained. the burn area remains at 13,700 acres. people evacuated from the spring valley area are being allowed to return to their properties to see what condition their homes are in. the people who live in the double eagle ranch area are still being kept out of their neighborhood. the 4th of july holiday fast approaching and "safe and sane" fireworks began going on sale today in some bay area communities. but for many up in the north bay, the thought of people setting off their own fireworks brings worry. >> ktvu's rob roth went to sonoma county to speak with fire officials and people who are buying fireworks and he joins us now live from sebastopol. reporter: hereby in this safeway parking lot is one of three fireworks stands that
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opened today in sebastopol. these are the so-called "safe and sane" fireworks, but with firestorms very much on people's minds, many residents and firefighters are uneasy as the 4th of july approaches this year. reporter: fireworks went on sale today here in sebastopol. it's one of four cities in sonoma county and 12 in the bay area that allow the sale of so-called "safe and sane" fireworks. >> i bought the biggest firework i could find. >> reporter: what does it do? >> biggest and the best. >> reporter: this 18-year-old drove down from santa rosa where fireworks are illegal. >> i will set them off in an illegal area. we have some fire extinguishers that we purchased. we are ready just in case. >> reporter: the 4th of july is an anxious time for residents >> this is the fire c and fire marshal that i have to live 24/7. i'm thinking about itout fires.
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>> reporter: santa rosa still is suffering from the devastating wildfires from october, will have teams of police and firefighters working on the 4th of july. >> we don't want santa rosa residents buying them in communities that sell them and bring them into our community. we want to keep santa rosa safe. following what happened in october, that's the last thing this community needs is another wildfire. >> reporter: this man will be setting off the fireworks he just bought in a parking lot in sebastopol away from anything that could catch fire. >> completely away, of course. it's -- it's way too hot out and dry out to, like, in the fires last year, it's not worth messing around with. >> reporter: the money from fireworks sold at these stands goes to charities and nonprofits. firefighters say they are more concerned about m-80s and aerial fireworks. >> the issue that we have is not the "safe and sane" fireworks. it's the illegal fireworks that are going -- that people will go out and purchase in the black market or they will just go out of state, nevada, and purchase. >> reporter: the sebastopol fire chief says he is considering recommending to
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the city council that even the sale of "safe and sane" fireworks be discontinued after this year. julie? >> things are just so dry out there. rob rot in sebastopol tonight, thank you. we're talking about the weather here. it's going to change moving into the weekend. a major warmup coming our way. >> yeah. >> bill, now there is going to officially be a red flag warning that takes effect tomorrow. >> yes. in the hills to the north bay and the high locations. mainly for winds it's going to be hotter but winds will goes up to 40 miles an hour in the hills on friday night into saturday. that's when the red flag warning will be in effect. let's outline that warning for you. we are still a day away from it but we have had a real good run of weather in terms of helping firefighters. 40% on the pawnee fire and good containment in northern california. this red flag warning friday and saturday, we have a few cool or mild days and now boom, we go back into it. that starts -- it started a
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little bit today. temperatures today came up about five or six degrees. it's not hot. just warmer than yesterday. yesterday was cool. here's a red flag warning, gusts up to 40. humidity going to be low. that's the problem here. it sinks when air sinks. it warms and dries. low humidity is the kiss of death -- not the kiss of death but it's a difficult issue for firefighters. really low humidities cause major fires. and that's what we saw. that's how this pawnee fire fire got started, very low humidities last weekend if you remember. so along the coast the fog has been chewed up a little bit. we'll see patchy fog try to make it back to the coast but looks like it's going to be clear at the coast as temperatures warm friday, saturday and tail off sunday. so the heat wave does not look to be an extended heat wave beyond a couple of days, 48 hours. 83 degrees in fairfield. 81 degrees in concord. 75 in livermore. and then these temperatures you can see they are warmer than yesterday but again, look, they're -- i'll go back to it. they're not that warm. 78 in napa?
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i would expect fairfield 93. instead it's 83. even though we're warmer today, temperatures are still manageable. now, tomorrow will be another story. tomorrow we'll see a lot of 90s. outside you go. at last the campanile over at berkeley. so you can see pretty good air quality there. you can see claremont hotel right there. so it's not bad. and there's days you can't see. it that's when the air quality is bad. we'll have more coming up. san francisco woman whom the internet nicknamed permit patty did in fact call 911 on a little girl selling bottled water without a permit despite claiming she never did. >> 911. what's your location? >> i'm on the sidewalk. hi, i'm having someone that does not have a vendor permit selling water across from the ballpark? >> okay. one second. let me transfer you to the police department. hang on. >> we obtained this 911 call audio from the city of san
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francisco. the woman in the clip allison ettel previously told the "san francisco chronicle" that she was only pretending to call police on the 8-year-old girl selling water in front of her apartment building near at&t park last week. ettel has since publicly apologized for this incident. we did reach out to her for comment. no response. coming up a new clue in the search for a hit-and-run driver who struck a pedicab carrying a family of four. up next tonight, the surveillance images just released that could help lead to an arrest in the case.
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new clues tonight in the search for a hit-and-run driver who struck a pedicab carrying a family of four. that pedicab operator had life- threatening injuries. christien kafton is in the city now with the surveillance images that were just released by police. reporter: >> reporter: this afternoon san francisco police released the photos of the vehicle that was involved. they are hoping the photos lead them to whoever was behind the wheel at the time of the hit-and-run. reporter: san francisco police say this gold or champagne colored four-door honda civic smashed into a pedicab at 4:15 wednesday afternoon and fled. operators returned to work today worrying about kevin manning their fellow driver injured in the crash. >> he is great. he has been riding with us for six years. nobody has a bad thing to say about him. he is a lovely human being, really responsible. and he never had any kind of accident that was his fault. >> reporter: friends have set
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up a "go fund me" page hoping to help his family focusing on the 65-year-old's recovery, not bills. we are also learning about the more about the crash that sent him to the hospital and injured that family of four. >> it was pretty unbelievable. the woman and her two kids went flying. >> reporter: bob was walking his dog when the crash unfolded right before his eyes. >> he just went right through the pedicab. no stopping, no nothing. and accelerated through that and off down the street. >> reporter: police say the family of four is expected to recover. manninor whoever drove the car that witnesses tell police sped from the scene. >> by the time he hit up here, by lombard, he was probably hitting 60 miles an hour trying to get away, make sure nobody could see his license plate or him, i guess. >> reporter: pedicab operators say they are always on guard for careless drivers. they say that's part of the reason why this is the first
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serious injury accident involving a pedicab in 35 years. still they are pushing for protective bike lanes along the embarcadero saying their safety and the safety of all cyclists is at stake. >> absolutely. >> reporter: one more look at that gold or champagne colored four-door honda civic that police say sped away from the crash yesterday afternoon. the driver of that car facing felony hit-and-run charges. live in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. tragedy in a maryland newsroom today. up next we have continuing coverage on today's shooting that left five people dead and two injuries. >> and oakland mayor libby schaaf calls out the trump administration once again. her angry response to a video that an i.c.e. information about a bay area i.c.e. raid.
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we have an update on the
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shooting in a newsroom in annapolis, maryland. a gunman carried out a targeted attack at the capital gazette newspaper and official saying the gunman used a shotgun that went through the lower level taking aim at his victims. five people were killed before the gunman was taken into custody by police. >> this person was prepared today to come in. this person was prepared to shoot people. his intent was to cause harm. >> police say what was reported as a possible explosive device was actually a smoke grenade that the gunman used during the deadly attack. officers say they are now preparing to search the gunman's home. they say he is from maryland. again, he . his name though hasn't been released. we'll bring you continuing coverage of the latest deadly mass shooting coming up tonight at 6:00. first lady melania trump spent the morning in tucson, arizona, visiting a short-term holding center for migrant
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minors. she toured the facility and held a roundtable discussion with u.s. marshals and border patrol agents. it's the second trip the first lady has made to the border since the controversy over a policy separating immigrant families illegally crossing the border. in the meantime, thousands of people gathered at the federal courthouse in brownsville, texas, for an aclu protest today. they are calling for the immediate reunification of separated families and an end to the president's "zero tolerance" policy. it is just one of many protests happenings across the country today. many parents and their children gathered outside of i.c.e. offices in what they call play date protests. >> we're immigrants. we all come from immigrant stories. i'm not sure where people forgot that. >> this was the scene in portland, oregon. federal agents moved in on protestors at the i.c.e. offices there. that facility has been closed for more than a week since
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protestors started camping out there in protest. now to the latest twist in the back and forth between oakland mayor libby schaaf and the trump administration. today oakland's mayor responded to a new video of a former i.c.e. official being told he is under investigation for leaking information about a bay area i.c.e. raid. >> that official is a former local i.c.e. spokesman who resigned after accusing his own agency of misleading the public. allie rasmus explains. reporter: department of homeland security security investigators unexpectedly came to his door after a brief terse exchange at the doorstep schwab saying. >> they wanted to talk to me about the leak with the oakland mayor. >> reporter: days before the i.c.e. raid happened, oakland mayor libby schaaf tipped off the public about it saying she wanted her residents to know their rights. ice's former director accused her of jeopardizing his officers and the public safety. schwab said he was told by his bosses afterward to parrot the department of homeland
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security's account that an unspecified number of criminals got away because of the mayor's warning. schwab said the numbers were inflated and misleading and that prompted him to leave his job and speak out publicly about it. schwab says now the department of homeland security is trying to intimidate him. >> i watched that video of dhs pounding on the door of an ethical public servant. to me that was the sound of tierney knocking on his door, the idea that the trump administration is continuing to intimidate and villify good public servants, someone who has stood up to the simple idea that government should not lie, um, just offends everything i believe about government and democracy. >> reporter: schwab says he doesn't know the mayor, has never spoken to or contacted her. schaaf has never revealed who gave her the tip about the
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i.c.e. raid but her warning about it sparked outrage among people including president trump and attorney general jeff sessions who threatened to investigate her for obstruction of justice. >> i have not officially been contacted by the department of justice. but that does not mean that they are using all the means that they have to investigate the matter. i am assuming the worst. i am preparing for the worst. but i will not back down. >> reporter: our calls to the department of homeland security's office were not returned. james schwab has no comment, either. allie rasmus, ktvu fox 2 news. house republicans passed a resolution today demanding that the justice department turn over sensitive documents regarding the russia investigation. the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein testified before a house committee today along with fbi director christopher wray. rosenstein overseas the investigation into the russia interference in the 2016
5:36 pm
election and whether the trump campaign colluded with them in that effort. house republicans showed their frustration that the special counsel's investigation has not yet concluded. >> if you have evidence that this president acted inappropriately, present it to the american people! >> i have heard suggestions that we should just close the investigation. i think the best thing we can do is finish it appropriately and reach a conclusion. >> some republicans accused rosenstein of withholding information from congress an accusation that rosenstein denied. a summit between president trump and president putin will be on july 16th in finland. the white house said they would discuss u.s.-russia relations and a range of national security issues. the two leaders have met before. but this will be their first full one-on-one summit. before the meeting, president trump is scheduled to attend a nato summit in brussels and is also planning to visit the united kingdom. a sad update in the case of a 93-year-old woman who was
5:37 pm
robbed outside of a mall in concord. we are now learning she died. we'll tell you about the additional charges the suspect in this case may be facing. >> also ahead tonight, a warning to residents in the east bay. you may hear gunshots along highway 4 tonight. why it's all part of an evident to make the freeway safer.
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prosecutors plan to charge an accused purse snatcher with murder after a 93-year-old concord woman died from injuries she got in the attack. ann peterson had a broken hip and other injuries in the robbery outside a bank of america branch near sun valley mall last month. she died june 18th. the suspect is 29-year-old otto halafihi. he already pled not guilty to charges of second-degree robbery and elder abuse. he is accused of grabbing her purse and violently knocking her to the ground. us suspected of armed robbery at a lowe's in fremont. later tonight authorities in contra costa county will be testing a new shotspotter system along highway 4. this is part of a system designed to crack down on freeway shootings, an ongoing problem in the area. ktvu crime reporter henry lee joins us live tonight along highway 4 near pittsburg with more on what's going to be going on. henry.
5:41 pm
>> reporter: there will be gunfire here with testing a system designed to catch the next freeway shooter. reporter: officers already firing shots on highway 4 between antioch and pittsburg from 11 p.m. thursday to 4 a.m. friday. >> it's going to be live fire and blank ammunition for the different acoustics for the calibration of the shotspotter sensors. >> reporter: since 2015, 8 people have died along interstate 80 and highway 4 in mostly targeted car-to-car shootings. shotspotter which detects gunfire is part of a groundbreaking effort to put an end to the violence. >> this is actually applying it on the freeway for mile segments at a time so this is the first shotspotter installation, testing, on state freeways. >> reporter: shotspotter can pinpoint the source of gunfire and differentiate between weapons and fireworks. it will be used with movable cameras and license plate readers posted along the freeways. >> shotspotter actually moves the cameras in the direction
5:42 pm
of the gunfire. so that we basically have eyes on the freeway at the time of the shooting. >> reporter: it will also prevail when people don't call 911 or call with what turns out to be wrong information. twice in pittsburg citizens called police assuming that the wreckage they saw was because of a car crash. >> it wasn't until our officers were able to get there and determine that a person had been shot. so i think having that information initially is critical and will definitely expedite our response. >> reporter: the technology paid for by a $3.5 million grant should deter the next shooter. >> we hope they think twice before pulling that trigger. >> reporter: another reason they are testing this shotspotter system is to isolate the sound of the test firing -- [ loud background noise ] >> -- daytime traffic. the system will be up and running on two freeways by the end of the year. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> i imagine there are probably plans to install
5:43 pm
similar systems on other stretches of freeway in the future, right? >> that's right. they will start here and move east and then by years end we'll have all of 4 and most of 80. >> thank you, henry lee. amazon expanding again. a look at its newest accusations and what it means for consumers. >> an effort to make oakland streets less bumpy. the major construction project that's under way and where the money for it is coming from. >> we are tracking the weather forecast which includes that red flag warning as we go into the weekend. i'll let you know what will happen coming up. maybe you could save energy by weaving your own shoes...
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out of flax. or simply adjust your thermostat. do your thing, with energy upgrade california. we know what we stand for. we stand for a rod and reel instead of a cell phone. at bass pro shops and cabela's we stand together for you.
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welcome back. the over expanding retail giant amazon -- the ever expanding retail giant amazon is broadening its scope again. the company wants to change the way many people get their prescriptions. amazon is also planning a move that could affect delivery services. tom vacar reports. reporter: think about it. you know, when you think fedex, u.p.s. and united states post office, their big customer is amazon. the question is, for how long? in its 24 years of existence, amazon has acquired 86 companies including many
5:47 pm
online retailers in the u.s. and abroad as well as high- tech firms that enhance online retailing. in 2017, it went "brick and mortar" with a$13.7 billion acquisition of whole foods and 479 stores in the u.s., canada and the united kingdom. today, amazon has announced it is buying pill pack, an online pharmacy which will deliver pills same day, a huge foray into the pharmacy business. >> now the pharmacy has just become in some ways like buying anything else. there really isn't that special relationship where consumers feel like they have to have a trustworthy pharmacist anymore. >> reporter: now amazon is also proposing amazon flex, its own delivery service. so might it take over fedex or u.p.s. or the u.s. postal service? no. it would cost $62 billion to buy every share of federal express. u.p.s. stock would cost $92 billion.
5:48 pm
experts say if the u.s. postal service was a private company, it would be in the $92 billion range, as well. so amazon is pulling uber-like moves to get it essentially for free by partnering with individuals to deliver packages like uber delivers people. >> we got great uniform pricing. we have fuel contracts that people can sign for. we have done negotiations for benefits packages and insurance rates for both vehicles and for their employees which enables them to have a great cost structure coming into the business. >> reporter: combined, fedex, u.p.s. and the postal service have almost a half million delivery vehicles. but they have been amassed over many decades. uber and lyft already have more than a million u.s. entrepreneur drivers who use their own cars, did it in less than a decade. >> we live in an age of disruption. so thinks we possible to bring down are falling left and right. we'll see restructuring of those businesses when this
5:49 pm
comes about just as we see restructuring of every business that amazon has attacked. >> reporter: unlike uber and lyft, it seems amazon really prefers to have owners of multiple vehicles, not necessarily just one. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> the ever expanding amazon. tom, thank you. all right. let's get a check of the weather now. red flag warning coming up for the next few days. let's go over to bill in the weather center to find out more. it starts tomorrow night and the main event will be overnight into saturday morning. higher elevations will be the main areas that get higher winds. definitely concern. we have had a good run of mild weather which helped firefighters on all fires in california. and hopefully, you know, today -- tomorrow it's not going to be a horrible day. but it's going to warm up tomorrow. today warm up a bit but these were the highs. so again, look at the numbers. these aren't impressive for this time of year when you're
5:50 pm
looking at 82 degrees in morgan hill. i would expect morgan hill to be 92. so these temperatures are pretty in line with below average. the fog -- you kind of saw, see the fog? everything is going offshore being pushed away. that's one of the indications that the high is building in. so there's patchy fog at the coast. there will be more tomorrow. but not much. the green is generally the sea breeze right there. you see that. and getting cut off a little last night at this time remember i showed you a bunch of green up into napa and fairfield. this encroachment is more in line with a northeasterly flow. so it's pulling the heat out of the valley and sticking it here and here. tomorrow we'll see more reds and yellows. certainly sadder the warmest day of the week. with temperatures in the triple digits, 15 degrees
5:51 pm
warmer in santa rosa, then you look out there. it's going to be a nice weekend. fire danger takes the fun out of it because the red flag warning obviously but it's not for the entire bay area. it's going to be for the hills. these purples are 100s. so there's the temperature footprint. you see more encroachment, westerly travel. so there's the high building in. doing what it's been doing really a spring and so it's going to be warmer friday and hot saturday. 95 in brentwood tomorrow. these are what i would expect for this time of the year, maybe a tad warm. but not much. i mean, maybe 83 in san jose instead of 85. so it's not out of control. tomorrow it's -- until saturday, it's just as we have been talking, everything is dry, crispy early and temperatures getting into the triple digits on saturday will cause us some problems. probably see a "spare the air"
5:52 pm
day on saturday, as well. >> thank you. a well-known mexican restaurant in the east bay closing its doors for good after nearly a century. coming up next here, a big turnout as customers look to and coming up at 6:00 new information on that deadly shooting at a maryland newspaper that's left five people dead. tonight we are learning more about how the gunman carried out his attack. >> it's a tragic situation. but there were some very brave people that came in and kept it from being even worse. it's time for the 'lowest prices of the season'
5:53 pm
with savings on the new sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses and automatically adjusts on both sides, for effortless comfort. for a limited time, save up to $500 plus free home delivery on sleep number 360 smart beds. ends june 30th.
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oakland's department of transportation is beginning a summer long project to repave more than 2 dozen miles of city streets. mayor schaaf announced the start of the project today. the city is in the process of hiring 20 additional workers to complete this work of
5:56 pm
repaving 25 miles of local roads. some of those roads have not been repaved in more than 40 years. >> those streets carry 500,000 vehicle trips a day. those are 500,000 trips less at risk of -- of damaging a rim or breaking an axle. >> money for this project comes from the measure kk fund that oakland voters passed. the city's transportation director also said that state gas tax funds are being used to pay for about a third of the 25 miles of city streets being repaved. after nearly a century a bay area restaurant will close its doors for good. tomorrow mexicali rose in oakland will serve its last meal and as paul chambers shows us, the lines have been long all week as hundreds of customers have been coming back to say good-bye. >> reporter: just before the doors opened, some of the employees walked the line. they showed their appreciation
5:57 pm
to the people who kept restaurant in business for almost a century. 93-year-old dyna borrows is one of those people. she has come to the restaurant since 1944. >> i wanted to see and say good-bye to the wonderful people and the good food that they served and everything. >> reporter: the owner says after 91 years, she is closing not because she want to but because it's time to take care of her mother and family. before she can do that the customers will take priority this week. >> we got in line three hours ago this morning to be part of this. >> reporter: inside, the restaurant was abuzz. the kitchen was at full throttle. the owner says these people are the unsung heroes you never see but their food you know. the head chef has been preparing meals here for 44 years. many we spoke with say they have been coming here as long as they can remember. >> my parents, we would catch the 81 bus on 69th and east
5:58 pm
14th, come out here and have enchiladas, rice and beans. >> reporter: back outside, they spoke of this restaurant which one family-owned next door to mexicali rose. a few years back, they closed their doors after serving the community for 71 years. >> we were the last two remaining businesses from the latino barrio that existed here in west oakland from the late '30s through the late '60s. >> reporter: since the announcement of the closing the line has been up to three hours to get into mexicali rose. the owner says she is grateful for the support. friday will be the last day. where will people get the next mexican fix? >> we'll have to search. we'll enjoy our meal and make the best of it. >> hopefully, i'll pick up some good flavor tips and go home and make it at home because there's no place to replace this. >> reporter: in oakland, paul chambers, ktvu fox 2 news.
5:59 pm
a gunman goes on a shooting rampage at a newspaper in maryland today. five people are dead tonight. the deadliest attack on journalists in u.s. history! >> i want to praise the local officials who have responded so well and perhaps saved other people's lives by getting there while the thing was taking place. >> that gunman opened fire at the capital gazette newspaper in the state capital of annapolis, maryland. he is in custody tonight. good evening, everyone. i'm alex savidge. frank is off tonight. >> and i'm julie haener. police described the shooting as terrifying and like a war zone. some people the shooting was a target attack. the gunman used a shotgun to kill five people in the newsroom. two other people had minor injuries possibly from flying glass. officers say the suspect is a white man in his late 30s from
6:00 pm
maryland. but his name still hasn't been released. >> he entered the building. this was a targeted attack on the capital gazette. he entered the building with a shotgun. and he looked for his victims as he walked through the lower level. this person was prepared today to come in. this person was prepared to shoot people. his intent was to cause harm. and as i stated before, the investigative part of this is going to be thorough and it's going to take some time. >> the suspect was arrested by police without an exchange of gunfire. authorities say they are now preparing a warrant to search his home. officials also said the newspaper received threats through social media as recently as today and are trying to confirm now who sent those threats. here's a map of where it happened. the offices of


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