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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  June 28, 2018 10:00pm-10:59pm PDT

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the 10:00 news on ktvu fox2 starts now. is dragon gunman opened fire at a newspaper in maryland. 5 people are dead in what is being called the deadliest attack on journalists in u.s. history. >> this person was repaired to shoot people. his intent wasn't to cause harm. >> employees it described the shooter as terrifying.
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some hid beneath their desks. good evening.>> somerville is often a. we now know for of the victims were journalists. the fifth a sales assistant at the newspaper and we are learning the suspect had a long- standing grudge against the paper. a lot of new information to give you tonight. the newspaper is the capital of is a. a daily in marilyn's -- the capital city of the annapolis, maryland. used a shotgun to kill five people inside the newsroom. two more suffered minor injuries possibly from flyin glass. officers were able to arrest f >> the associedthe 38-year-old had a long-standing beef with the capital gazette and had sued the paper in 2012 for defamation. his social media posts are filled with hundreds of angry
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messages latching out at the paper and his court case. >> it's about 30 miles east of washington dc. the capital gazette is housed in an office building that is shared with other businesses. it is about five miles from the u.s. naval academy. >> we get the live coverage now in annapolis, maryland with the very latest. >> police say they are investigating threatening social media posts directed at the gazette. threatening messages that have been sent as police have not officially provided the media or public with a motive in this case, but they say this was a targeted five people e capital gazette dead.>> police the shooter walked into the building with a shotgun and looks for his victims. >> wendy winters. the second victim is rebecca smith. the third victim is robert
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hiasson. the fourth victim is gerald fishman. >> first responders revived -- arrived within a minute and stopped the suspect and help evacuate over 150 people from inside the building. >> i am very proud of that response. not only the speed of the response, but to the courage of the demonstrated in entering the building without a moments hesitation and fighting the shooter apparently hiding and taking him into custody without shots being not cooperating with investigators. sources told foxnews he mutilated his fingers to make it difficult for authorities to id him. they are still working to determine a motive. >> we are deeply saddened by what happened today. we are saddened we had to make those notifications and that we
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are deeply saddened a person had to take this into his own hands and this is the result. >> since this started to unfold the capital gazette has not stopped reporting. they have five stories out tonight. each one on one of the five victims who lost their lives. they also are reporting on the suspect and they say according to their sources it is a 38- year-old man named jarrod ramos. he filed a defamation lawsuit against the paper in a columnist in 2012 . they say tomorrow they absolutely will be putting out a paper. >> the police response time today was incredible. officers were there within 60 seconds and there are reports that they just have undergone active shooter training. >> what can you tell us about that? >> officials say they had undergone training about a week ago. they say they feel like the casual injuries here would have
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been a lot higher if it had not been for that training. they did evacuate over 170 people safely from the office building where this occurred. >> the newspapers crime reporter continue to report even during the active shooter situation today. this is what rote on twitter. there is nothing more terrifying than hearing multiple people get shots while you are under your desk and then hear the gunmen reload. to mecca trump tweeted i was briefed on the shooting at capital gazette in annapolis, maryland. my thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. thank you to all of the first responders who are currently on the scene. >> the senator weighed in as well. i am heartbroken by the shooting. journalists play such a critical role in our democracy and to often face risk at home and abroad. my thoughts are with their
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families, friends, and their paper. other parts of the world journalism can be a dangerous profession, but here in the u.s. attacks are less common. the committee to protect journalists had says seven journalists have been killed in connection with their work in the u.s. since 1992. that was before today. of the seven include television journalists who were killed during a live report and virginia in 2015. chauncey bailey was killed in 2007 for his reporting on the financial problems of the business called your black muslim bakery. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage and you can visit for the very latest any time. i do not think anybody is going to win the trial. it's already a tragedy.>> in less than 24 tenant of the ghost ship warehouse is due en the two inv
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that are scheduled to go to trial next month, but there's talk tonight of a possible plea deal. >> he turned down a deal a couple weeks ago in the state was offering 18 years, but he told us he is considering now a new offer for last time and just wants to put all of this behind him. >> my only chance of getting out of here is to blame everybody else. i can do that because they are at fault as well, but i do not want to do that. >> spending a year in a jail cell. he has had time to think and maybe had a change of heart. >> i do not want to ruin any lives because they me back my children. they said it was safe. >> after 30 -- 36 lives were taken by fire following a party of the ghost ship warehouse the master tenant faces a three dozen counts of manslaughter
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and for the first time he is telling us he is ready to own up to his share of the blame. >> i feel responsible. i feel like i created something in people died. it's horrible and i have to live with this the rest of my life. this is my children's legacy and i am never going to get out from this. >> now he tells two investigates producers he is considering a deal settling and serving time to save others from more sadness. >> i have been through months of parents looking at burned remains of their children and it's not even worth it. what that is going to do to their psyche of the world and what that sadness reverberates through this entire universe
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creates just more suffering. ra interview he says he is nervous about going to trial and even if he takes a deal says responsibility is still only being pinned on him. >> i did not hold anybody down. i did not put a bullet in anybody, but i am taking it all. i know if i take a deal then it ends. nobody is going to be to blame, but me and it will go down in the history books. he started this fire and he was found guilty. whatever. i do not care. my life is over. i am never going to get a job. no one is going to hire me. you know? what am i going to do? >> we do not know the details of the prosecutors and leaders to offer, but he is earning credit for time served right now . if he does settle it could be for 12-15 years, but he may end up only serving 10 years or less. at we posted
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an extended portion of our interview. just look for the covered right on the front page and we will have crews in court for tomorrow afternoon's hearing with live coverage of developments at beginning with the 4 on 2. a san francisco woman who the internet nicknamed permit patty did in fact call 911 on a little girl selling bottled water without a permit despite claiming otherwise. >> 911 what is the exact location? >> i have someone that is selling water without a vendor permits.>> okay. one second. let me transfer you to the police department. hang on pigment we obtained the 911 call audio from the city of san francisco. the woman in the clip previously told the san francisco chronicle as she was only pretending to call police on of the eight-year-old girl who was selling water in front of her apartment building. she has since publicly apologized for this incident and has stepped down as ceo of cannabis -- of her cannabis
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product company. a cold case came to an end today. the suspect in a gruesome 1974 killing of a young woman at stanford took his own life moments after sheriff deputies tried to serve a search warrant. we have the new details and now live in san jose at the suspect's home.>> reporter: deputies expended the evening is searching the home here looking for more evidence. those who are familiar with the case are not surprised crawford was ultimately the suspect. they are surprised with how it unfolded. >> in 1974 there was a coldhearted murder of an exceptional young woman. >> reporter: it was the biggest unsolved murder in santa clara county history. a 19-year-old newlywed who just moved to the peninsula found murdered inside stanford memorial church. stabbed with an ice pick, region, and molested. >> it comes with great honor to announce we solved the 43-year- old cold case. >> they announced the arrest of
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the 72-year-old, stephen crawford. a security guard at the time of the murder. the sheriff said crawford had been a person of interest from the start, but they never had enough evidence to the reston -- to arrest him until recently. authorities were able to link his dna to the crime. >> were trying to talk to him and you could see them through the window trying to get him to open the door. >> at 9:30 thursday morning and they served a search warrant at his apartment in san jose. then knocked on his door and he took his own life with a gunshot. the apartment manager says crawfords health was failing. >> he acted strangely that morning after he found the body. his first words to the cops were we have got a stiff here. >> this is a retired columnist who reported on the killing about then. he said he always
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knew it was an insider. crawford was at the top of his list. >> if you look at the way she was laid out. it's kind of ugly and ritualistic. this was probably done by somebody -- it would have taken him maybe 30 minutes to do this. that is somebody who knows he is not going to be interrupted. >> of the sheriff's office called it closer but there still unexpanded questions. mainly a motive as to why someone would kill an innocent woman so brutally and satanic. the question that may never be answered. in a statement stanford university express the gratitude to authorities for solving this case as it did their family. the sheriff's office is now investigating if crawfords dna is linked to any other unsolved murders. life in san jose, ktvu fox2 news. up next. a brush fire brings traffic to a stop with flames burning on
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both sides of the bay area freeway. things are heating up other. tomorrow after is coming up. a degrees warmer for saturday. police need your help finding this car. the driver is suspected in a hit and run that injured a 5 people. tracking several hot temperatures tomorrow morning on ktvu fox2.
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a grass fire shut down
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interstate 780 for almost 2 hours tonight. the chp says this a fire started at the state park at about 6:45. at one point flames were burning on both sides of the freeway. the fire eventually was contained by about 8:30 tonight and all lanes but one of the freeway are back open. is still no word on what caused the fire. crews will be on scene throughout the night. fire crews in lake county are making more progress against the poni fire east of clear lake. cal fire reports it is 50% contained. it has not been five days since it started. the fire acreages holding steady at 13,700 acres. that number did not increase today. people who live in the double eagle community were allowed to return to their homes. there is going to be extreme fire danger in our forecast
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this weekend. especially up in the north bay. a red flag warning has been issued and it is set to begin at 11:00 tomorrow night. for the upper elevations of napa, sonoma, marin lake, and solano counties. that warning the last three level -- 11 pm on saturday. with the fourth of july coming fireworks are beginning to go on sale in certain communities around the bay area. that is a big concern for some people in the sonoma county fire zone. fireworks went on sale today here. is one of four cities in sonoma county and 12 in the bay area that allow the sale of so-called safe fireworks. >> about the biggest firework i could find. >> what does it do? >> the biggest and the best. >> reporter: this 18-year-old drove down from where fireworks are against the law. >> we have fire as temperatures that would just purchased just in case. >> the fourth of july is an
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anxious time for residents and fire chiefs especially these days. >> this is the most nerve- racking seven days as fire chief and fire marshal that i have to live. 24 seven i am thinking about it. i am thinking about fires. >> santa rosa still suffering from the devastating fires from october. >> we do not want residents buying them and bringing them into our community. we want to keep santa rosa safe. following what happened in october that is the last thing the community needs is another wildfire. >> he will be setting off his fireworks in a parking lot away from anything that could catch fire. >> of course. it's way too hot and dry out and it's not worth messing around with it. spent the money made from fireworks goes to charities and nonprofits. firefighters do say they are
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more concerned about an 80s and aerial fireworks. >> the issue we have is not the safe fireworks. it's the illegal fireworks that people will go out and purchase in the black market or they will just go out of state and purchase. >> is still the fire chief says he is considering recommending to the city council that even the sale of safe fireworks be discontinued after this year. among the other bay area cities where fireworks sales are legal pacifica and san bruno, new york , dublin, and gilroy. our temperatures today were on the mild side. warmer than yesterday, but still reasonable. at hot. sa at 88. certbut not sweltering. i could easily get santa rosa at this time of year at 92 or 93. 74 in san francisco. 86 in san jose. a bump up in temperatures
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again. for the second straight day and a row our numbers come up. friday is not the real concern. it's friday night into saturday morning when the strong offshore winds at the higher elevations will kick in and those are the concerns and the red flag warning as we go through the weekend. there is thursday and tomorrow is a little warmer. these 2 days are the outlines. after that sunday backs off a  little. this is the bull's-eye. saturday with inland temperatures reaching 102 degrees. with that said a red flood warning will go into effect tomorrow night and we will see the bulk of the concern of overnigh winds gusting pretty hard. in the meantime we have got another date tomorrow that looks like a pretty warm one, but not horribly hot. >> thank you. first responders during at san francisco pride celebration.
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nine records show there was a spike in medical calls in total there was more than 7600 calls for ambulances on pink saturday and pride sunday. that is more than 700 additional calls compared to other recent weekends. medics were staged at the parade route in your the main event at civic center plaza. there were no major problems reported. a construction project creating confusion for commuters is also a bus for businesses.>> a live report from san francisco on a big job that got underway unintended consequences. college their side. trail of an unlicensed fire alarm technician. at 10:30 we visit buildings that may be at risk. even apartments and schools.
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♪ south l.a. is very medically underserved. when the old hospital closed people in the community lived with untreated health problems for years. so, we built a new hospital from the ground up and having citi as an early investor worked as a signal to others to invest. and we were able to purchase an mri machine. we've made it possible for the people who live here
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to lead healthier lives and that's invaluable. ♪
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in east bay tonight northbound pacheco boulevard remains closed in martinez hours after a major accident there. the chp says the pickup truck hit a power pole which snapped in half sending wires across the road at about three this afternoon. crews are working to repair the lines. in the meantime the 89-year-old driver is expected to be okay. a construction project upgrade the twin peaks tunnel in san francisco is raising
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concerns on merchants. the work just started this week. new at 10 tonight. amberly's life where the project has closed the street and taken away parking. amber. the work on this construction project is 24 hours a day seven days a week. merchants tell us of the closure of the avenue is costing them business. >> the work to upgrade the tunnel is scheduled to be nonstop and estimated to last two months. it started monday. >> it's kind of overwhelming to see all of the stuff happening on the street right heo . the w passengers are now using bus bridges. >> it took me almost an hour to get onto a meeting and i was
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supposed to be there at 10. it was a challenge. >> normally it would take 15 minutes. >> it's annoying. annoying. >> annoying for passengers and whirring -- worrisome for the mom and pop stores that lined the street. >> right away our sales were off . >> by how much? >> probably about half of. >> the owner here says these safety barricades discourage foot traffic. a vital element to bringing in business. >> we know this has to be done. >> we are not naove about that, but the planning did not quite do it all. >> across the sea the owner says that 40% of his business relies on takeout and delivery. he says the street closure and loss of parking spaces hurt. >> business is going to go down.
10:27 pm
there is no doubt. >> and they are working with individual merchants to come up with ways to mitigate the impact. >> the subway is 100 years old. we have tens of thousands of people going through the subway every single day. we have to make it as safe and efficient as possible. >> the upgrades in groove esme include uptrend -- upgrading the track. >> it's a disruption and we have to live with it. >> they say it has designated loading zones to help merchants with deliveries. as the project continues it will work with shop owners to make adjustments. merchants tell me the to math test will come this weekend when they are usually the busiest. live in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu fox2 news. >> a minor earthquake shook lake county late this afternoon. the 2.2 magnitude quake was centered about 15 miles south of clearlake. the quake struck just before 5:00. there were no reports of injuries or damage. salvation army canteen out
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of commission. at 10:45 what vandals did to a truck that helped serves thousands of meals after the firestorm. health officials reveal a source for the contamination that sickened hundreds of people. following the trail of an unlicensed fire alarm technician who works everywhere from businesses to schools. see what we found.
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are we able to ask if you
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questions? we have been trying to reach you. >> are you still working on fire alarm systems? >> tracking down an unlicensed fire alarm technician linked to a deadly fire in san francisco. we learned he continues to work on alarm systems for three years after the fire. our report last month prompted the san francisco district attorney to launch a criminal investigation. >> joining us now with new information and there are other properties that he worked on it? >> that is right. after investigation the san francisco part -- fire department warned tenants of -- of the problem is much larger than we thought. he worked on fire alarms at least a dozen more properties where many of the residents have no idea of the danger they
10:32 pm
may be in.>> reporter: our investigation started with a mission. a raging fire in san francisco's mission district. it led us across san francisco to more than a half-dozen locations. with the fire alarm systems worked on by the man we exposed in may as the technician who worked on the mission district fire alarm system. tenants say it failed to go off and may have prevented the death of a 38-year-old. >> we never heard the alarm working. >> have you ever been a licensed contractor of any kind? >> no, i have got flooded with he is one of several people who contacted us after watching a report. he says for years he found at
10:33 pm
half-dozen buildings. >> we would have hold buildings without any notification knowing the fire alarm system was working the building. we found that the pulsations located in all the common areas. none of them were working. >> you believe he puts people lives at risk? >> absolutely. if an occupant needed to notify or activate the firearm system and couldn't -- >> they obtained internal emails are from the fire department where inspectors identified seven more addresses he worked at. we went to each one starting here near the park station.>> he was using someone else's license? i had no idea. >> then we went to a gymnastics club for kids on bayshore art where he found his company sticker. >> hey, how is it going? >> our third stop in of the outer mission. we went to for
10:34 pm
apartment buildings around the richmond district in pacific heights. we saw his sticker on every fire alarm panel showing he had been certified alarm systems as recently as march 2018. >> are you the property manager? >> this manager had no idea anything might be wrong, so we showed him the story. >> after months of the calls and door knocks we tracked down tom. >> are we able to ask you a couple questions? we have been trying to reach you. are you still working on fire alarm systems? >> i am sorry. i do not want to be harassed>> you admitted last year you were using someone else's license. are you concerned you are putting lives at risk? >> it's not my decision. >> are you still working on properties and fire alarm systems? are there other properties people should be worried about? >> firefighters always say on a fire scene that is seconds or minutes and if a system does
10:35 pm
not go ought -- go off in a certain amount of time there are seconds wasted that you could be getting out of the building safely. >> as a result of our first investigation the fire department says they sent tom a cease and desist letter. if you are worried about this we have made an interact map of the places we found and it's on our website, >> he was working how long? >> at least 10 years and he admitted to working without a license in 2016 and kept working for two more years to >> if you have a tip we want to. new details of tonight on the massive e. coli outbreak stemming from romaine lettuce. tonight health officials say tainted canal water in yuma, arizona appears to be the source. earlier this year 5 people died
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and more than 200 got sick from eating that contaminated lettuce . officials are still investigating exactly how the bacteria got into the canal. this is the largest e. coli food poisoning outbreak in more than a decade. the weekend is just around the corner. from a the just visible to the music festival there is plenty to do for you and your family. here is your weekend watch. rolling into the weekend. here are a few things happening around the bay. in san francisco the jazz festival is back. check out live music on multiple stages. arts and crafts and food vendors all on fillmore street the entire weekend. had to celebrate -- headed to celebrate san francisco's birthday on saturday on the main post lawn. in the north bay along the river for the annual today
10:37 pm
rocky game including canoes, swim and enter two braces. a water balloon toss and ice cream eating contests. there will be tons of fun to be had at the marin county fair this weekend. or head to the east bay where you can see over 65 local alameda and bay area artists at the our festival on sunday. you will be able to see paintings, sketches, sculpting and illustrations. live music, poetry, and performance art. the festival will take place at studio 20 gallery. in the south bay celebrate puerto rican culture. complete with live music, dancing, food and entertainment at history park in san jose. the silicon valley music festival continues saturday with live music to enjoy a several locations in and around san jose. giants are on the road. days are home. about is your weekend watch. coming out. hundreds arrested effort immigration protesters descend on the u.s. senate office building.
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we are tracking the warm-up around here with the red flag warning that will go into effect tomorrow night. details are. we know know the time and place for the first summit meeting between trump and vladimir putin. what about him?
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people gathered this evening to protest the separation of immigrant families at the border with mexico. >> they are calling for the trump administration to reunite children with their parents as quickly as possible. rally organizers compare this detentions two world war ii japanese internment camps. the machinations capital hundreds of people filled the senate office building to protest the trump administration that zero- tolerance policy. and many were silver thermal blankets like those used at detention centers. demonstrators say they want changes to the policy that separated hundreds of immigration children from their parents. many of those migrants are seeking asylum from violence in their home countries. 575 people were arrested today including at least one
10:42 pm
congresswoman from the state of washington. is summit between trump and putin is set for july 16 in finland. the white house said today the two leaders would discuss u.s. russia relations along with a range of national security issues. the leaders have met with before, but this would be the first full one-on-one summit. before the meeting trump is scheduled to attend a nato summit in brussels and he is also planning to visit the united kingdom. new information on a hit- and-run accident that left a cabdriver severely injured. san francisco police say they are looking for this gold or champagne colored four-door honda civic that hit the cab yesterday afternoon. police say for members of a family were riding in the cab and they are expected to recover. friends of the operator set up a fund to help with his recovery. >> he is great. he has been riding with us for six years. nobody has got a bad thing to say about the guy. he is a lovely human being. he is responsible and has never had any kind of accident that was his fault. >> in 35 years in the city.
10:43 pm
vandals hit a salvation army truck that feeds the hungry after disasters. >> i would rather have had a knock on my door and say i need help. >> up next. the damage that was done and what it will take to get it fixed. meteorologist tracking the red flag warning. back with a complete bay area forecast.
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new attend tonight.
10:46 pm
the salvation army is reeling from a break in. >> a food truck that has served thousands of people was stripped of its equipment. live now with how the army hopes to keep rolling, deb. >> reporter: this mobile kitchen is a workforce. recently feeding evacuees from the sonoma county fires. all it took was one hour and an open gate for its own mini disaster.>> we stocked some of our stuff already. >> reporter: his truck has been tidied since it was found ransacked. empty and everything thrown to the floor. >> we had a couple pots left behind. >> reporter: serving trays and grills and utensils were stolen. someone skilled at the front of the rig. >> when they got to the top they took the bin and destroyed it.>> reporter: dropping
10:47 pm
through the vent to grab what they wanted. >> they took the grab and go type snacks. the protein bars, the granola bars -- >> this van with a crew of 15 served 17,000 meals over six days during sonoma county october firestorm. if that call came now -- >> the best we could do is go out and serve them a cup of coffee and give them a smile and a hug. that does not meet the need. >> reporter: police took a report and talk to neighbors. it does not appear anyone saw anything. >> most breakdowns team -- tended to be a simple thing. >> reporter: this is as simple as it gets. the recycles did not even close the gate behind them. they have apologized. >> we are glad about their honesty and certainly accepted the apology. we move forward from there, right? >> it won't be easy or cheap.
10:48 pm
commercial grade restaurant quality supplies and stockpiling surplus stuff is not the army way so fundraising is on to get the truck on the road 20 years ready to respond to the next misfortune. >> it is interesting place to be on the side of the table so to speak. to be the one going we have lost. us get back to work and to solve this.>> there are cameras here, but not on the parking lot. that may change going forward. donations it can be designated to help replace those emergency supplies. the red flag warning goes into effect tomorrow night just about this time and it will be for the higher elevations of the north end.
10:49 pm
you can see the areas where the winds will be the longest -- strongest pierced -- strongest. gusts of 40 miles per hour. that is when the red flag warning will verify in terms of wind speeds. usually the basin on a number of different things, but most likely the wind speeds will verify at about that time. temperatures today generally were warmer than yesterday, but you can note they are still not too bad. look at that is not the hot. 82. for this time of year that is nothing. even though it warmed up today i think today was a bit of a reheat that has been here and is coming. alluding to the fact that the firefighters gave a better opportunity to get a handle on this stuff. patchy fog along the coast and it will linger in patches for
10:50 pm
the next couple days. not anything substantial. current temperatures. that is a big seabreeze. no fog along the coast here. that looks like a painting of the golden gate bridge. a beautiful night out there. tomorrow night is going to be stunning also. if you like those nights to go sit on the wall and see the sunset you got it. i think these compliments you will have that. we did tonight. i think tomorrow night is the same. saturday night as well. i pressure is settling in and it will be here for about 48 hours. then and start to we can on a sunday. saturday will be the hottest day. temperatures will start to come down a little bit. is not going to cool off immediately, but it will be slightly cooler on sunday. which is always a benefit. you see the 90s inland.
10:51 pm
these temperatures are getting up there. you getting nothing out of the ordinary really tomorrow. even saturday. these are the numbers you expect to see in the summer in the bay area. >> thank you, bill. coming up. five people killed in a maryland newspaper. the suspected gunman. next in sports. an athlete achieves the highest honor in college baseball. jason appelbaum is coming up next.
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a lot of activity and a lot of hits in the giants game, but did not get the result they were hoping for. >> it was a crazy game if you are at the ballpark today. 17 total runs. 26 hits. five the changes at at&t park this afternoon as the worst head coach was chatting it up. 11 rings combined. and those 2 guys together. a lot of championships. the bottom of the first. belt. fourth pitch of the game. he deposited into the arcade and his 13th homerun of the season. a two run blast. giants up to -1. bases-loaded now for alex
10:55 pm
hansen and he doubles to write. that will score. waving in all the runners as the giants take the lead. hansen is pumped up. you would think the giants would have won with the highlights. with one out in the ninth. a two run home run off samet dyson who is closing now for the giants. he was a giant killer today. five rbis. they still this one and they win 9-8. the a's. they have not had a record this good this late in the season and four years . six games above 500 at the midpoint of the season going for the four- game sweep of the tigers. lowery is a big reason why. having a career year. ties it up with the sit in the third. the next batter is going to
10:56 pm
line 12 center. that brings home market. a's take a lead. getting the gym late in the game with the bases loaded. -- getting the gym late in the game with the bases loaded. they completed the four-game sweep in detroit. they have now 19 straight against the tigers. a huge honor today for cal is ballplayer. receiving the golden spikes award, the nation's best college baseball player. he is just a sophomore. he is a bay area kid from santa rosa and he absolutely tore it up last year in the pac-12. 402 he hit. 23 home runs. first player ever win the award. very good company for andrew vaughn. >> world cup. the round of 16 is set with the final teams advancing. based on obscure rule known as
10:57 pm
fairplay columbia featuring james rodriguez it took on the senegal with both teams hoping to advance. corner kick in the 74th for columbia. got to show you a replay. what a great effort for the goal is columbia celebrates very creatively. 1-0. they are moving on. poland is eliminated despite beating japan. japan and senegal with the same number of points and goal differential. the tiebreaker is who played cleaner. japan had too few yellow cards so they advance. senegal is headed home. tunisia beat panama, but both of those teams are eliminated. belgium with a 1-0 win over england. tiger woods changed his a putter to a mallet style putter, but the results are the same. he is a two-time winner of the quicken loans national invitation. here he is. getting into a little trouble. slicing one.
10:58 pm
right into the hazard. he had to take a drop on that whole. part three 12 with the new putter. misses the birdie putt. he is tied for 48th. >> we scoured the feeds for a few more items. it's time to check this out. u.s. seniors miguel gimenez pulled magic the. his approach shot onto the green. perfect r an eagle. he is tied for second. back to russia. >> not how you want to celebrate a goal. talk about a header. belgium's player self-inflicted come back to the face. ouch. belgium does beat england as we show you. >> at the college world series oregon state freshman kevin
10:59 pm
abel retired the final 20 batters including the strikeout to end it. the beavers beat the razorbacks 5-0 playing their third national championship . some are calling it fate since last night arkansas could have one at all, but with the lead in the ninth the that a pop foul drop amongst the three players. that would have been the final out and their celebration was not so. >> i do not know if you are following the thompson in china. he is caning -- hanging with some strike a pose, -- strike a pose klay. that is all for me now. now is time for the 11:00 news. >> jason, thank you. next at 11. >> i'm going to share the names of our five victims with you now.
11:00 pm
>> five people killed when a gunman opens fire at a newspaper in maryland. tonight we have new information about the victims and suspects. the 11:00 news on ktvu fox2 starts now. it's been called the deadliest attack on journalists in u.s. history. >> the newspaper is the capital gazette. a daily in maryland's capital city. it has posted photos of the five victims. forward journalists. on the left is rob hiasson. he was a generous mentor. next is gerald fishman described as a quirky voice of a community newspaper . the paper says sports reporting was his dream job. >> wendy winters was a prolific writer who chronicled her community as for the sales assistant rebecca smith the paper says that she loves spending time with family and was new to the paper. >> annapolis, maryland


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