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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  June 28, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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next at 11. >> i'm going to share the names of our five victims with you now. >> five people killed when a gunman opens fire at a newspaper in maryland. tonight we have new information about the victims and suspects. the 11:00 news on ktvu fox2 starts now. it's been called the deadliest attack on journalists in u.s. history. >> the newspaper is the capital gazette. a daily in maryland's capital city. it has posted photos of the five victims. forward journalists. on the left is rob hiasson. he was a generous mentor. next is gerald fishman described as a quirky voice of a community newspaper . the paper says sports reporting was his dream job. >> wendy winters was a prolific writer who chronicled her community as for the sales assistant rebecca smith the paper says that she loves spending time with family and was new to the paper. >> annapolis, maryland is 30
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miles of washington dc . the capital gazette is in an office building shared with other businesses. police said the gunman was armed with a shotgun.. the associated press identified the suspect as jarrod ramos who is from maryland. p 38-year-old reportedly held a years long grudge against the capital gazette and actually sued the paper in 2012 for defamation.'s social media post are filled with hundreds of angry messages lashing out at the paper and its staff and his court case. more now from annapolis, maryland. police say what happened here today was not a random act of violence . this was a targeted attack on the capital gazette and the gunman had a vendetta. >> reporter: the shooter walked into the building with a shotgun and looked for his victims. >> wendy winters. rebecca smith. third victim is
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robert hiasson. the fourth victim is gerald fishman. the fifth victim is john mcnamara. >> first responders responded within a minute. the evacuated over 150 people from inside the building. >> i am very proud of that response. not only the speed of the response, but the courage of the demonstrated in entering the building without a moments hesitation. finding the shooter who was hiding and taking him into custody without shots being fired with law enforcement. >> reporter: the suspected is not cooperating with investigators. sources tell fox news he mutilated his fingers seemingly in an effort to make it more difficult for authorities to id him. lease have not confirmed of that and say they are still working to determine a motive. >> we are saddened we
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had to make those notifications. we are deeply saddened that a person had to take this into his own hands. threats made aga gazette on social media. >> one of the journalists killed was remembered by his brother. the novelist carl hiasson. he posted this photo on facebook. rob is on the left. carl wrote robert was an editor and columnist at the paper and one of the most gentle and funny people i have ever known. he spent his whole gifted career as a journalist and he believed profoundly in the craft and mission of serving the public's right to learn the
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news. the committee to protect journalists released a statement saying it is appalled by the shooting. violence against journalists is unacceptable and we welcome the thorough investigation into the motivations behind the shooting. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage and you can visit for the latest any time. interstate 780 was shut down for almost 2 hours earlier tonight as crews battled a grass fire. the chp says the fire started at venetia state park at about 6:45 tonight. at one point the fire was burning on both sides of the freeway. it was eventually contained by about 8:30 tonight. crews do plan to remain at the center of the need -- throughout the night for hotspots. further north. cal fire reporting the poni fire is 50% contained. the fire acreage is holding steady at 13,700 acres. that number did not increase today. today people who live in the double eagle community were allowed to return to their homes . it has now been five days since the fire first broke out. new information tonight on
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a four-year-old old case that came to unexpected and stay in the south bay. the suspect in the gruesome 1974 killing of a young woman at stanford took his own life as serifed deputies arrived to serve a search warrant. live now in san jose outside the apartment where the suspect lived. >> reporter: deputies spent the evening searching stephen crawford's home. those who are familiar with the case are not surprised that crawford was the suspect. they are surprised with the violence and the conclusion. >> in 1974 there was a coldhearted murder of an exceptional young woman. >> it was the biggest unsolved murder in santa clarita county history. in 19-year-old newlywed who just moved to the peninsula found murdered inside stanford's memorial church. stabbed with an ice pick, beaten and molested. >> it comes with great honor to announce we solved the 43-year-
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old cold case. >> county sheriff announced the arrest of stephen crawford. a security guard at the time of the murderer who found her body. he had been a person of interest from the start. they never had enough evidence to arrest him until recently. thanks to technological advancement authorities were able to link his dna to the crime. >> we were trying to talk to him and you could see him through the window trying to get him to open the door. >> at 9:30 thursdayhis apartmen when they knocked on his door he took his own life with a gunshot. the apartment manager said crawford'seawas failing. >> he acted body. his first words to the cops were we have got a stiff here. >> this is a retired columnist reported on its back then. he always knew it was an insider. crawford was at the top of his this. >> if you look at the way she
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was laid out it was ugly and ritualistic. this was probably done by somebody -- it would have taken him maybe 30 minutes to do this. that is somebody who knows he is not going to be interrupted. >> the sheriff's office calls it closer, but there is still unexplained questions. mainly a motive as to why somebody would kill an innocent woman so brutally. a question that may never be answered. >> her family has expressed gratitude to authorities for solving this case. the sheriff's office is investigating a proper dna and seeing if it is linked to any other murders. the mother of a former oakland girl at the center of a medical and religious debate over rain death has a died after surgery. doctors in new jersey declared her dad last friday. they say she severed excessive
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bleeding and liver failure after an operation to treat an intestinal issue. california had declared a jahi mcmath dead in december 2013 after she suffered irreversible brain damage during an operation to remove her tonsils at children's hospital in oakland. the family then moved the girl to new jersey. it is the only state where families can reject rain death on the grounds of religious belief. >> the master tenant of the ghost ship warehouse that burned down is due in court tomorrow. this week he spoke with to investigate about the's possibility of a plea deal. he turned down a deal a couple weeks ago for 18 years. now he told us he is considering settling and serving time is saying he does not want the victims families to endure any more hardship. >> i have months of parents looking at burned remains of their children and it's not even worth it. what that is going to do to the
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psyche athe sadness reverberating through this entire universe. it creates more suffering. i cannot be a part of that. >> 36 people were killed in the fire. they were charged with 36 counts of manslaughter. >> a former bay area high school teacher and babysitter accused of molesting children pleaded not guilty today to seven felony charges. the 28-year-old was a teacher at valley high school in lafayette and a part-time babysitter for children including those with special needs. he was arrested earlier this month after a six-year-old and a seven-year-old told police he had exposed himself. to more alleged victims later came forward and prosecutors say police are now interviewing
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more potential victims. late today police released photos of a car that struck a pedicab carrying a family of 4. the driver sped away leaving the cab operator with life- threatening injuries. >> police say this four-door honda civic smashed into a pedicab at 4:13 wednesday afternoon and then sped away. the operator returned to work today worrying about their fellow driver injured in the crash. >> he is great. he has been riding with us for six years. nobody has got a bad thing to say about the guy. he is a lovely human being. really responsible and never had any accident that was his fault.>> reporter: friends set up a gofundme page. we are also learning more about the crash that sent him to the hospital and injured the family of four. >> it was pretty unbelievable. the woman and her two kids went flying>> he was walking his dog when the crash unfolded right before his eyes. >> he just went right through the pedicab. no stopping and he accelerated
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through that and off down the street. spirit police say the family of four is expected to recover. he is still injured and investigators are looking for whoever was behind the wheel of the car.>> by the time he hit up here he was probably hitting 60 miles per hour. trying to get away to make sure nobody could see his license plate or see him i guess. >> operators say they are always on guard for careless drivers. that is part of the reason why this is the first serious injury accident involving a pedicab and 35 years. they are still pushing for protected by clings saying their safety -- protected by clings saying there -- protected bike lanes saying their safety is important. >> he sped away from this crash yesterday afternoon. the driver of the car is facing felony hit and run charges.
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in san francisco, ktvu fox2 news. a honey oil explosion injured two men in sonoma county. last night they found a butane honeywell lab in a home about 25 minutes outside. it is a concentrated form of cannabis. the two men checked in with suspicious burns. while searching the home and they say they found a melted garbage can of marijuana and hazardous materials. both suspects are still in the hospital recovering from third- degree burns. privacy protections for all california. legislation signed just today and what it means for your personal data. >> a red flag warning will be up tomorrow night at this time tracking some heat that could be a real issue for areas in the hills. we will see you back here with first to gunfire in the
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east bay tonight as officers test technology designed to curve freeway shootings.
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welcome back.
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you may hear gunfire tonight along highway four as authorities test out a new shot spotter detection system. >> it's all part of a new effort to reduce the number of freeway shootings. >> officers will be five shots along highway four from about 11 thursday night until 4 friday morning. >> it's a combination of fire and blank ammunition for different acoustics. >> is since 2015 eight people have died along interstate 80 and highway four in target shootings. this is part of a groundbreaking effort to put an end to the violence. >> this is actually on the freeway for mile segments at a time. this is the first insulation testing on st between weapons and fireworks. >> shot the cameras in the direction of
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the gunfire so that we basically have our eyes on the freeway at the time of the shooting. >> it would also prevail when people do not call 911 or call with what turns out to be wrong information. twice in pittsburgh to citizens -- citizens called police. >> it was not until they were able to get there and determine someone shot. having the information initially is critical and able expedite best expect the new technology should deter the next freeway shooter. >> we do not think twice before pulling the trigger. >> the system should be up and running on both freeways by the end of the year. oaklands department of transportation is starting a summerlong project to repave it
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25 miles of city streets. the mayor was on hand today as cruise repaved 35th street. she calls it the summer of paving. oakland is hiring 20 additional workers to get the job done. some of those trees have not been repaved in more than 40 years. >> those streets carry 500,000 vehicle trips a day, so those are 500,000 troops that are left at risk of damaging a rim or breaking an axle. >> money for the project comes in from major kk fu state
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gas tax funds are being used to pay for about a third of the 25 miles of the city streets being repaved. lawmakers are giving people more control over their personal data. experts say the new bill signed today by jerry brown will give consumers an unprecedented amount of protection. the new law takes effect in 2020. companies will have to tell customers upon request what personal data they collected and explain why it was collected in where the date is going. consumers will be able to ask companies to defeat their information and refrain from selling it. lawmakers say they will likely make amendments before the bill takes effect. a measure to eliminate daylight saving time has qualified for the ballot in november. governor brown signed a bill today putting the question to the voters. californians have been changing their clocks twice a year since 1949. supporters of the measure argue that changing the clock causes lost sleep and lost it will still require the approval congress. arizona and hawaii are the only states that do not observe daylight savings time. checking in on the red flag warning. tomorrow night at this time it will be in effect mainly for the hills in the north bay. you will see the areas in red represented for the red flag warning.
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most likely they will range from 25-3. communities will dropping temperatures will come up a little bit. fire danger will increase as you might guess and that is the sweet spot for the red flag warning. tomorrow night into early saturday morning. these are the highs from today and highs from tomorrow were generally warmer by 5-8 degrees. there is fog along the coast, but it's super patchy and fractured. it's around. you'll bump into a little bit here and there, but it's not going your day at the beach tomorrow or saturday. sunday will see some more aggressive fog. last night at this time we had a ton of fog if you remember right out on the day. be fog model shows the fog going away in the temperatures popping in. look at the purple. those are 100. davis and certainly up there. upper 90s and low 100s in the heart of the central valley.
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all of this heat block is going to shift further west on saturday, so the purples would bleed into our area. we will start to see places like that going triple digits. tomorrow at the warm-up begins. it began a little today, but it was not that much. even though it warmed up it was still 82 degrees. tomorrow it will be 93 degrees. 90 in morgan hill. event of the five day forecast. there it is with the weekend coming up. n of fireworks on the fourth of . be careful. it's going to be dry. this red flag warning is one of
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many more to come. >> thank you. -- group play is over for the world cup. the best goals of the day as the round of 16 is now set. jason appelbaum coming out next. now a look from our cameron san francisco. thanks for joining us tonight. the 11:00 news continues and just 2 minutes. ♪
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jason is here. talking about the giants. sometimes he play well enough to win and is not -- does not quite work out in the end. >> that is what happened today. it was a crazy game. a total of 17 runs. 26 hits. not enough for the giants in the end. they had a lead going into the ninth inning. he could not hold it. today was all about steve kerr. alan hansen doubling to write. that brings them in. steve kerr helping out. third-base coach waving them in. they take the lead. hansen is hyped. however, top of the ninth. he had five rbis. two of them right here on this home run. and that was it. it gave them the nine emma --
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the 9-8 lead. they would hang onto it as the giants lose and their win streak is over. the a's have owned the tigers. they are playing pretty good baseball with six games above 500. davis is a big reason why. the liner to center. a's up 3- 2. then getting in trouble here in the six, but strikes him out to end the inning. a's win and complete the sweep of detroit. they have beat detroit ninth street for the first time since 1931. >> arkansas missed out on a golden opportunity to win the college world series last night. today oregon state made them pay and the freshman pitcher retired the final 20 razorbacks including this strike out on his 129th pinch -- pitch to end it as they beat the razorbacks 5-0. they claim their third
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national championship. particularly painful for arkansas. they could have won it last night with the lead in the ninth. they let a path i'll drop a month for three players. that would have been the final drop -- the final out. this is their third college world series championship. >> the round of 16 is set at the world cup with colombia and japan moving on to the knockout stage today. we take you to russia for the goal of the day. england taking on belgian. 51st minute. incredible crossover move. then teeing it up. letting it rip. we were talking earlier this is the equivalent in soccer. we freeze it right here. we want to show you how airborne the goalie got. i love the reaction by the coach. look at the fans. you have got to see these watch parties as they go nuts. belgium wins one my zero.
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both teams move on. >> we have got time to let this play. thompson tours through china. he is promoting his basketball shoe. this looks like a fashion show. >> or something. >> he is striking a pose. >> yeah. with a kid. >> looks like they created their own costumes i am assuming. >> yeah. klay is loving china. last night klay was really angry because a friend of his was playing a pickup game and he got out and went down hard and klay really started swearing and yelling at the other team saying this could and somebody's career and he ended the game. he was upset and we have seen that he turned the page and is on to a new day. >> thank you. thank you for joining us tonight. good night.
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