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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  June 29, 2018 6:00am-6:58am PDT

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>> the water, the sunblock, stay hydrated. it's going to be another doozy out there. when it comes to the heat, a lot like last week and with saturday expected to be the hottest day of the weekend. here's a look at opened this morning where the sun is shining. just a little bit of fog out there this morning. widespread 50s to start the day. partly cloudy, mostly clear. mostly clear elsewhere.'s san francisco, sfo, 52 to start your day. low 50s in santa rosa. mid to upper 50s oakland, livermore, and san jose. temperatures are up by a few degrees over what we had yesterday. you may not really notice the difference. here's a look at storm tracker 2. you can see portions of the north bay and a little bit more widespread areas near half moon bay down to santa cruz. and era's over monterey. mostly sunny for the afternoon. again, that north slope already setting up. a bit of an onshore breeze. still not going to help us out
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this afternoon. that flow coming in, the higher levels, the north, northeast for today. and tomorrow. not only going to warm us up but going to dry out is out and gusty conditions -- a possibility starting tonight. it's a wet -- a red flag warning. let's take a look at would begin expect for today. we get into your eight, 9:00 hour. by lunchtime, all ready a warm one. 84 for you. you can follow this timeline north bay east bay, we are talking areas like antioch, brentwood, where you are expecting to go to 95. 80 hayward. 81 san mateo. cindy for on thatning coming up 6:01. let's check the highways with the sal. >> right now, traffic is doing well on -- and almost all the bay area. at vargas, there is a crash and traffic is going to be very
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slow as you drive only -- drive. only one lane is getting through. use 580 and 880, which actually looks very good. holiday like. that would be her alternate route. you will notice the stop and go traffic in pleasanton. you'll be in much better shape. or use the alternate i just talked to you about. northbound traffic is moving well. at safeco two, let's go back to the desk. thank you for there. a man accused of killing five people in a newspaper in maryland was charged with five gerard ramose -- jarrod ramos.
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>> we learned a little bit more about the alleged gunman but not much because police say he is not cooperating. >> the images are all-too- familiar. survivors of the workplace attack being led away with their hands raised as police at the scene. inside the offices of the capital gazette newspaper, what police described as a gunman armed with a shot and whose goals were crystal-clear. >> this person was prepared to shoot people. his intent was to cause harm. >> reporter: killed in the attack, five newspapers -- newspaper employees. all while others hit and texted loved ones. many even in neighboring businesses feared for their lives. >> you would never think something would happen to you at work. >> reporter: the paper itself has identified the shooter as 38-year-old gerard ramose --
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jarrod ramos. at one point, he sued the paper for defamation. this community mourns the loss rally around a small newspaper that was first published back in 1884. >> we come to city council meetings, have to listen to boring politicians. it's immoral to be lodged in danger. >> while they are still being -- while the paper is still being published, police are still walking off the entrance to the building behind me. >> i can only imagine writing an article about your colleagues that passed away. it must have been a pretty tough night for them. doug luzader life for us. thank you so much.we are learni information about the five that workers who were killed. four were journalists on the left is robert hiaason, the
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paper describes him as a generous mentor. next is gerald fischman. he's described as the quirky voice of the community newspaper. for john mcnamara, sports reporting was his dream job. wendi winters is said to be a prolific writer. and sales assistant rebecca smith. the paper says she loved spending time with her family and was new to the paper. police are investigating the discovery of a body found early this morning in the san francisco castro district. but across the street from the popularfight or a robbery in pr person died and they leigh mar the scene. she will have a live update
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coming up a 2:30. a hearing is scheduled this afternoon regarding the ghost ship warehouse fire. attorneys for the two defendants, derick almena and max harris will continue negotiations with prosecutors about a potential plea deal. almena's attorney says the two sides are close to and -- an agreement. harris his lawyers is any jail time over the time that's been served is unacceptable and they are ready for trial, which is set for july 16. almena talked to ktvu 2 investigates about the charges against him and my he is considering a plea deal. >> sit through months of parents looking at burnt remains of their children and -- it's not even worth what that's going to their psyche and to the world. that sadness is going to reverberate through this entire -- the the universe. just more suffering. i can't be a part of that.
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>> we had a 40 minute jailhouse interview with almena. will be don't know the exact details of the prosecution offer, almena is earning credit for time served right now. it appears a deal could be 412- 14 years behind bars. he could end up serving 10 years or less. almena and harris are both charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for that december 2016 fire. fourth of july holiday weekend is almost here. the tsa is warning travelers to be ready for a lot of company in the skies. ktvu's christien kafton joins us where the agency is predicting today may break some records for summer crowds. >> reporter: yeah, good morning. it's going to be a busy one out there if you're traveling at all. we are here at oakland international airport. you can see there are some cars here. there are some crowd here. not that busy right now. i've certainly seen it busier. that is expected to pick up. the tsa is saying that could be
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the busiest day. today is expected to be the peak travel date for the fourth of july travel. the agency will be screening 2.7 million travelers. current record, was the sunday after thanksgiving, 2004, when more than 2.7 million people traveled then. this year might be different. travelers have lots of gifts -- tips for beating the crowds. >> we pack light. we are going to texas. we got shorts and t-shirts. and flip-flops. >> you don't check anything? >> no, we don't check anything. >> reporter: yeah, smart idea, not checking anything. it's not just the skies that are expected to be packed. tripoli is expected -- expect and 39.7 million americans will be planning a fourth of july
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road trip. sal is saying that we are expecting our travel traffic to start to pick up over the course of the day. and he says in the afternoon, that's when you might seeing -- start seeing those bigger crowds. people looking to get out of town for that as of july holiday weekend. >> christien kafton, thank you. fire crews are making more progress against a fire. the fire is now 50% contained. the area burned is holding steady at 13,700 acres. budd lake at that number did not increase yesterday. more evacuees are now being allowed to get back home. people who live in the double eagle community are now returning back to their neighborhood. interstate 780 between vallejo and phoenicia is back open was shut down because of a grass fire. the chp says it started at
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benicia state park at about 6:45 last night. at one point, that fire was putting on both sides of the freeway. it was contained about 8:30 last night. benicia fire says crews are on scene to watch for any hotspots. there's still no word on the -- word on the cause of the fire. spacex rocket launched from cape canaveral in florida. watch. >> three, two, one. we have ignition and lift off. the falcon 9 rocket powers the dragon spacecraft toward the international space station. >> there it goes. the market hearing almost 6000 pounds of equipment and supplies, also a basketball sized robot on board. it's using ibm's watson artificial intelligence technology to act as anargo shi to reach the international space station early monday.
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6:10 is the time. something you and i have been talking about all morning. geoffrey the giraffe calls it quits. toys "r" us closing all of its st. when we return, what happened to all those empty buildings. democrats meeting with president trump to discuss his nominee for the supreme court. the very latest development when we return. mcdonald's new fresh beef has leterrific four words:ley ts
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welcome back. happening today, the end is finally here for toys "r" us.
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its remaining stores are cl the retailer filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy last year. in march, it was announcing that it was going competition from box stores and online retailers. the chain has been liquidating merchandise ever since the for the past few months. it had 735 toys "r" us and babies "r" us stores in the united states. many of those empty buildings will soon be occupied ironically because of the growth of online shopping.  some retail real estate analysts say many online retailers are looking to add brick-and-mortar locations, believe it or not but across the country. there have been 4100 stores closing announcements. they are being partly offset by 1900 planned store openings. according to analysts, some toys "r" us buildings will probably be back in use by the holiday shopping season. many could have new tenants within a year. that brings us to our question
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of the day. with the closure of toys "r" us, is it going to make you rethink your shopping? have you let us know twitter page. you can also comment on our ktvu facebook page. pay companies are backing down from their proposed ballot measure to have tax be -- >> those taxpayers clean up lead paint. -- have taxpayers clean up lead paint. court of appeals decided companies only have to pay for a -- homes built before 1951. as part of the new deal, lawmakers are dropping most of the bills, holding the company's accountable. instead, they are authorizing billions of dollars in state loans. president trump moving quickly at the process to come up with a nominee to replace retiring supreme court justice
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anthony kennedy. the white house says the president met last night with six senators to discuss the vacancy the group included three democratic senators who voted nominee to the supreme court. justice neil gorsuch, whoever the president nominates will have to be confirmed the senate whether republicans have -- where the republicans have a very slim majority. >> my question for sal is, do we have the sal traffic jam seen ? >> it's going to be hitting the road. >> hitting the road! >> that's a good one. i like that one. ray charles, hit the road, jackie. i like songs that predate my birth, too. >> are you seeing i'm old? >> no, you were probably very yoenun that came out. take foo mouth and then continue with this traffic report. motorcycle
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accident. i would not advise you to drive on 680 from pleasanton down to fremont at the moment. the best way to do it would be to use an alternate route and this morning, the double grade -- grid looks good. this route that i'm outlining here, if you come to it, that's what you should do. unless you can get yourself on the freeway after vargas and then it will be much better for you. rest of the bay area has been looking good. we don't have the typical meat. i think today is more of a day of getting on the road, getting out of town, i think as you heard christien kafton say earlier, we are going to have a getaway commute this afternoon. the 80 freeway westbound looks all right. going the other way, it's going to be a different story. there's not much of a backup at the bay bridge toll plaza at all. so it's not a typical friday
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commute. so get in the car early is what -- let's go! people are going to be on the road already! all right, rosemary. >> yes, always. definitely. we are in for some good weather. i don't know if folks want to go anywhere. maybe to the coast. temperatures heating up today and even hotter for your bay area saturday. beautiful view there at the golden gate bridge. mostly clear skies around the bay and inland. fog at the coastline this morning. seeing some right around point reyes. a little bit down along the san mateo county coastline. high pressure is strengthening into the bay area. temperatures will come up by if you'd -- a few degrees today. 80s for areas over santa cruz. and then communities back about 100 degrees or so. this weekend setting up a lot like last weekend. saturday going to be the hottest day. and increased fire danger in the forecast.
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it will last until saturday night. for the bay area, it's our hills. our north bay hills. east bay hills not included. not at this point. that may change. for now, it's our north bay hills stretching over towards the solana contra costa county. you can see it's more widespread over areas over the sacramento valley and toward ukiah. for us at home, over that north bay hills tonight into tomorrow night. that flow already setting up. north, northeast. dry, a little bit gusty later today internet. 56 degrees walnut creek. 51 in nevada. 52 in sanderson so -- san francisco. 51 menlo park. 54 degrees right now, belmont. afternoon highs are going to feel warmer. over the north bay, widespread 90s. 90s for napa. novato, 94 santa rosa. 95 in antioch. closer to the water, it's a comfortable one. 34 san francisco.
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57 four pacifica. 86 expected for san jose. here's a view of your extended forecast. even hotter for your bay area saturday. some of ou temperatures come back down on sunday. as we get into the clouds return to the bay area. we will be tracking that possibility of the fireworks and the clouds and how they sometimes seem to come together at the same time. we will be watching there. >> thank you, rosemary. 6:20 is the time. three championships in four years and a lot of cash. basketball fans, for the warriors. who has the most popular jersey? the nation's number one law- enforcement officer threatening to subpoena calls and emails. >> no, sir. there's no way to subpoena phone calls. >> heated moments during a
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hearing on capitol hill. the latest on the russian probe when we return.
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and beginning to get -- i'm getting old. i'm repeating myself. let me let you know that you can hit me up on twitter, facebook, or any grant by using the hashtag ktvu. that's how i part of the song. let's go back to frank and pam. >> i think they played that at woodstock. that gives you an idea of how old we are. in a contentious public hearing, up on capitol hill, republican lawmakers accused top federal law enforcement officials of with holding documents related to the russia investigation. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein and fbi director christopher ray appeared at the house you judiciary committee. -- house judiciary committee.
6:25 am
refusing to produce documents they believed would show improper fbi conduct. >> who are we supposed to believe? staff members who've never misled us or you guys, were caught hiding information who are we supposed to believe? >> i'm telling the truth and i'm under oath. >> i know these staff members. >> the hearing unfolded. the house passed a nonbinding resolution calling on rosenstein to provide withheld documents under congressional subpoena. more than 600 people including some doctors are facing federal charges in connection with healthcare fraud. the justice department is calling it the largest crackdown ongovernment and
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insurance company's more than $2 billion. the are linked to opioid epidemics. two people in solano county are facing charges this morning for shooting out dozens of car windows with bb guns. we first showed you the surveillance video last week of a black dodge charger driving to an american canyon neighborhood. dozens of cars were all vandalized yesterday. benicia and vallejo police announced that that they found the owner of the dodge charger. they rested a man and a boy who they say confessed to the crime. suspect 26. the warriors are selling more merchandise than any other nba team on the suspect -- on the check -- on the planet. through the official mba story -- store, -- nba store. the warriors also lead the way in three -- jersey sales. klay thompson is number one. draymond green is 13th. 27.
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california will have the strictest online privacy law in the country. details on a law signed by governor jerry brown and what it means for consumers.
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>> announcer: this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning, everyone. it is friday, happy friday. the 29th. i'm frank mallicoat.
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>> good morning. i'm pam cook. nice to have you with us. i feel like it's a saturday. >> my partner is over here. >> saturday eve, pam. >> if i call you claudine, i apologize. >> we got some great weather, pam, claudine, who happens to be on vacation. we are here with perhaps a staycation. beach weather in the forecast. red flag warning to discuss as well. here's a view of the oakland estuary. san francisco is checking in at 52 degrees. we got 50s. oakland, livermore, and san jose. mid to upper 50s. temperatures are up by a few degrees. up by 7 in nevada. half moon bay, where we are dealing with partly cloudy skies. a little bit colder this morning. you can see some has developed over areas like point reyes. down through santa cruz, capital, monterey, cloud cover
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to start the day. we will be partly cloudy mostly clear at the coast. we will be mostly clear elsewhere. a little bit of an onshore breeze. oakland reporting 6. if you take a look at these errors, the upper level wind is slow. coming from the north and northeast. so that will help to not only warm us up &. afternoon highs for today, 74th in san francisco. upper 70s for oakland. we will go mid 90s for our warmer location. areas like antioch today. 94 for concord. into the south bay. 86 san jose. mountain view, you will go to 84. temperatures continuing to climb. in the city's getting to about 100 degrees for your afternoon tomorrow. that red flag warning for some of our north bay location start plus late tonight. i will have detailed coming up in the extended forecast in just a bit. it's 6:31. let's check those highways with the sal. >> good morning.
6:32 am
we do have traffic that is doing very well at the bay bridge toll plaza. not much of a commute going on. if you look at the tv screen. there is a commute. it looks like a sunday morning. was found. coming up to the bay bridge. it's going to be a big travel day. i think a lot of people will be on the road. this is a looking out at interstate 880 and oakland. you can see traffic is moving well in both directions. at a getting out of the airport exit. we are also having eyes on the problem. southbound 680 near sheridan road. all lanes are now open on that accident that was there for a while. traffic has been improving since they opened the lanes. but you still might see some backups in the area. let's talk about the south bay, not a big commute. northbound 880 just after 17th, there was a crash there. 280 san jose, that looks good to downtown. let's go back to the desk. thank you, sal. we continue to follow breaking news this morning out of san francisco. police are still investigating what they are calling a
6:33 am
suspicious death in the city's castro district. that's where we find ktvu's leigh martinez there with more information about what we know so far. leigh? >> reporter: about an hour ago, i talked to 22 this is who were dropped off by police. they told me that they had witnessed a confrontation between two men and the deceased man right before he fell to the ground. that was all that they knew. and all that they were willing to offer to me. we did talk to some other people who are here at the nightclub scene last night. they said that they did here -- did not hear or see anything suspicious. san francisco police were called out for reports of a possible fight or robbery in progress. we have not received official word from police on when this call came to the station. but this video was taken just after 2 this morning. when police arrived, they discovered a body across the street from the lar
6:34 am
badlands nightclub. the parking lot. a nightclub door -- torment told us that paramedics were working on demand for more than an hour. it's unknown how the victim died. the coroner removed the body at 5 am and it's unknown at this time if police are searching for a suspect. at this time, police have told us that they are investigating the death as a suspicious death. we did see homicide investigators out here earlier as well. we do have phone calls and emails into san francisco police department requesting more information on this case. in san francisco, leigh martinez, ktvu fox 2 news. this morning, a man accused of killing five people at a newspaper in maof first-degree murder. journalist at the capital gazette say it was important for them to publish a smoke grenades any sh. the editor says they are heartbroken and devastated that
6:35 am
their colleagues and friends are gone. inside the paper, there are stories about the five victims. now, 38-year-old jarrod ramos had a long-standing grudge against the paper. police arrived on the scene about a minute after the attack began. and took ramose into custody. about 170 people were evacuated. during the shooting. one woman described what happened when a police officer told her and >> oh, my gosh. it was very, very scary because you would never think something would happen to you at work. i just thank god that he got me and my coworkers out safely. >> the five people killed at the newspaper are identified as two editors, a writer, a columnist, and a sales assistant. >> we are deeply saddened by what happened today. we are deeply saddened that we had to make those notifications. we are deeply saddened that a person had to take this into
6:36 am
his own hands and this is the result. >> jarrod ramos has a well- documented history of social media attacks that began years ago after the gazette reported about his criminal conviction in a harassment case. ramose is due in court just about an hour from there. one of the journalist killed was rob hiassen. he was remembered by his brother, carl hiassen. he posted a photo on facebook. carl hiassen wrote, rob was an editor and a columnist for the paper and one of the most gentle and funny people i've ever known. he believed profoundly in the craft and mission of serving the public's right to know the news. california senator tom o'hare is offered her condolences. she tweeted, i'm heartbroken by the shooting at the capital gazette. journalists lay such a critical role in our democracy and to often face risk at home and
6:37 am
abroad. my thoughts are with the family, difference, and the paper. the committee to protect journalists released a statement saying it's a poll budgeting. -- by the shooting. we welcome the thorough investigation into the motivations behind the shooting. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage of the newspaper shooting and you can visit for updates. there's some new information about a hit-and-run crash that left a pedicab driver zero really -- severely injured. they are looking for a four door honda civic. there are surveillance photos there. four members of a family was riding in the pedicab. they are expect it to recover. friends of the pedicab operator 55-year-old kevin manning, have set up a fund to help with his recovery. >> he's great. he's been riding with us for 6 years. nobody has got a bad thing to say about the guy.
6:38 am
he's a lovely human being. he's really responsible. he's never had any kind of accident that was his fault. >> bridgett ellison this is the first serious injury accident involving a pedicab in 35 years in the city. 6:38. a group of activists to say they've learned that a controversial cabinet secretary will be here in the bay area today. demonstrators say scott pruitt is the head of the environmental protection agency. he will be meeting with staff. protesters will rally outside the epa regional office on hartford street at 9:00 this morning. demonstration is sponsored by a coalition of environmental groups including the sierra club. pruitt has come under fire for lavish expenditures as well as the support of the oil sure offshore ne pipeline. libby schaaf responding to a video of an i.c.e. official been told that he's under investigating for leaking information to her about a bay area immigration raid.
6:39 am
james schwab is the former local i.c.e. spokesman who resigned after accusing his own agency of misleading the public. during an interview on wednesday, the department of homeland security investigators unexpectedly came to his door and asked him about leaking information to mayor schaaf. schwab says the department of homeland security is trying to intimidate him and mayor schaaf agrees. >> i watched that video of dhf pounding on the door of an ethical public servant. to me, that was the sound of tyranny. knocking on his door. >> i.c.e.'s former director accused mayor schaaf of jeopardizing public safety. mayor schaaf has never revealed who gave her the a warning about those i.c.e. rates. still ahead, daylight
6:40 am
savings time will be on the november ballot. even if california ends the time change, it would need to pass one more hurdle. some of your smart devices may open the door to cyber attacks. coming up at 7:00, we have more on so-called -- we have traffic that is better than normal in most areas. it looks good from novato. i'm tracking a warming trend inside for your bay area we can. how much warmer i expected today to be. coming up.
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what a day to end the week. end the quarter today. the dow jones up to hundred 17. almost a full percentage point. the nasdaq is up a half of a percentage point. bank stocks doing very well after dividends. and nike leading the way effort reporting very good numbers this morning. we will have more coming up in our dollars and cents reports. today marks an important date in the history of electronics. in 2007, the remember when apple introduced the iphone?
6:44 am
apple cofounder steve jobs predicted the company would make history with their new little device. the new iphones cost 499. apple sold almost 1.4 million votes in that first year. since then, most -- more than 1 billion phones have been sold. >> i remember telling my sister, i don't need one. now i can't live without. spawned more control over personal data. experts say new bills signed by governor jerry brown will give consumers an unprecedented amount of protection >> new law takes effect in 2020. companies will have to tell customers on request what personal data they have collected to explain why it was collected, and where the data is going. their information and refrain from selling it. lawmakers say they will likely make amendments before that bill spawned a measure to eliminate daylight saving time has
6:45 am
qualified ed the bill, putting the question to voters california have been changing their cox twice a year since 1949. supporters of the measure argue that it causes loss of sleep and loss of productivity. it would still require the approval of congress. arizona and hawaii are the only states that do not observe daylight saving time. governor brown also signed a bill that bans new local taxes on soda. this new ban would not impact the taxes that have only passed in the bay area and san francisco, and albany. the state bill follows similar soda to lock a beverage industry back to ballot measure that would make it much harder for cities and countries, counties, rather, to raise taxes of any kind. any statement, they said the legislation is about keeping groceries including drinks
6:46 am
affordable. 6:40 six is the time right now. it is time to check in with gasia for a look at what is coming up here -- our next morning of mornings on 2. we note that amazon is an online powerhouse. we have a clear idea of how much muscle it has. the two announcements amazon made that had immediate effect on sever of 17 1/2 billion doll lost in a single day. also, pam, you and i talked every day about balancing work and family. we each have children who ne. w some, tican actually make you m successful at work. these stories and much more. i will join the two of you in minutes. >> are you ready's change day
6:47 am
today. >> very important. >> that's a juggling act. >> i find the more busy i am, the better i am. >> absolutely. >> let's get you outside because we got some traffic. it's a great -- it's a getaway friday. >> that's right. we do have traffic that is out there. people are definitely going to work. i think a lot of people also be heading to the roads. fourth of july holidays, people tend to travel. 23 minutes, it's a pretty good time to drive from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. this is a look at the bay bridge.little but of a backup in the cash lanes. definitely lighter than usual. 880 traffic and 580 traffic in oakland looking good. i would 24 looks good through lafayette. and on 680, it's also looking good. southbound 880, a little bit slow between hayward and union city. 680 is recovering from an earlier accident.
6:48 am
it's still slow on 680 getting out of pleasanton. you can go ahead and use that road. 6:48. let's bring rosemary in. >> the sun is shining. the birds are singing. it's friday. we have a warm-up coming our way for today and into your weekend. here is a live look from ktvu . san francisco in the backdrop. air quality, moderate for today. we have an increase in temperatures. and increase in fire danger. high pressure will be strengthening in. and it is going to bring us a warm-up. it's also bringing us that north, north east flow that really drives things out. we do have that red flag warning in place. more on that in just a little bit. here's a look at what we can expect today into tomorrow. saturday, going to be the hottest day of the weekend. 70s at the coast. 80s around the bay. nearly 100 degrees for our hotter spots in the and. it's definitely going to be hot . give you the view of what's going on over the north bay.
6:49 am
from tonight, late tonight, 11:00, lasting 24 hours all the way into saturday night. that red flag warning in place for hot, dry, dusty conditions at times fire starts. it could move very rapidly. for us here at home, you can see widespread over the sacrament of valley area farther to the north. east bay hills, not included. not at this moment. we will be tracking there. here's a look at that north, north east flow that is already developing as we speak. temperatures right now, starting your day, 55 degrees livermore. 56 in hayward. 50 degrees at half moon bay. we did have a little bit of fog this morning along the san mateo county coastline. afternoon highs for today, coming up at 91. san rafael, 93 four novato. 94 in concord. 79 in oakland. 74 for the city of san francisco. if we continue west, upper 60s for half moon bay, pacifico, upper 70s for santa cruz.
6:50 am
our south bay locations, 93 in right. going to be a beautiful day at the coliseum if you're going to watch the a's play a little bit earlier. maybe you are thinking about doing some tailgating. still going to be very mild. as we get into the evening hours, these temperatures are going to drop off, perhaps into the 60s. so maybe a light jacket for you or maybe for the little ones. but again, going to be nice out there at the coliseum. here's a look at your extended forecast. hot for saturday. thankfully, it doesn't last too long. temperatures again to cool off on sunday. pam? >> all right. thank you, rosemary. we're getting a closer look at the technology that will help solve crimes on our freeways. coming up, an inside look at how new shop spotters will track down criminals. a rocket carrying a special robot is traveling through space right now. more on this early-morning lunch and what happens next.
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road song. talking about being on the road, this could be a road song. thank you for the request. that's what we are doing. getting on the roads, you want to hear a song that will make you perk up a bit, send it to me.
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this is requested by brian hopps. i will play your requests. hime up on social media. use #ktvu on twitter, facebook or instagram. we have learned a san francisco woman who the internet nicknamed permit patty did call 911 on a little girl selling bottled water without a permit despite claiming otherwise. >> 911, what is the exact location of your emergency. >> i'm on the sidewalk. i have someone that doesn't have a vendor permit selling water across from the ballpame police department. hang on. >> we obtained the 911 audio call. the woman in the clip, allison ettel told the chronicle that she was pretending to call police on the 8-year-old girl selling water in front of her
6:55 am
apartment building. she has since publicly apologized for the incident and stepped down as the ceo of a cannabis products company. by the end of the summer, contra costa authorities will have new technology to help them investigate shootings. they tested a shot spotter detection system overnight by firing shots on highway 4 near antioch in pittsburg. shot spotter can pinpoint the source of gunfire and differentiate between weapons weapons. >> we basically have eyes on the freeway at the time of the shooting. >> shot spotter is being funded by a $3.5 million state grant. authorities say the new technology should deter the
6:56 am
next freeway shooter. the suspect in the killing of a young woman at stanford more than 40 years ago has taken his own life. sheriff's deputies say stephen crawford shot and killed himself yesterday morning as deputies were getting ready to serve a search warrant at his home in san jose. he is suspected of killing 19- year-old are list perry is side a campus church in 1974. he was a security guard at the time of the killing and reportedly found her body. he was interest but they until recently. his dn aways linknew advances i get enough evidence to charge the suspect. it's difficult for her family. it's difficult for the department but we have closure on this case. the sheriff's office is investigating. if crawford's dna is linked to
6:57 am
any other unsolved murder. state attorney general plans to file a lawsuit against student loan servicer naviant. they accuse them of misleading student loan borrowers. navy cent services -- navient serves about 300 billion student loans. california would be the fourth state to sue including illinois, pennsylvania and washington. after nearly a century, a business is preparing to close its doors for good. the restaurant on clay street in downtown oakland planlong al week as hundreds customers are coming back to say good- byes and have one last meal. many say they have been coming here as long as they can remember. >> my parents would bring us.
6:58 am
we would catch the 81 bus from 69th and east 14th, come out here and have enchilada's, rice and beans. >> we hate to see it go. we will enjoy our meal and make the best of it. >> after 91 years in business, she is closing, not because she wants to but because it's time to take care of her mother and her family. later today, state lawmakers will give more details about money for two beaches on the san mateo coast. the state budget signed by gornown this week includes up to $1 million to restore public access to martin's beach south of half moon bay. a silicon valley bigate on the blocking public access to the beach. the money maybe used to buy a public road that runs through the property to restore access. the budget sets aside $5 million to create a park.
6:59 am
state senator jerry hill and other lawmakers will hold a news conference on the funding at 10:30 this morning. a man accused of killing five people at a maryland newspaper will be in court in about 30 minutes. the potential warning signs and how the newspaper paid contribute to the victims. it could be a record breaking day at the airports. we will show you what is happening ahead of a busy holiday weekend. 7:00. thanks for joining us. >> we have a big weekend ahead. >> good to have you here. >> good to be here. let's kick it off to rosemary. >> it will be warm. we are looking at temperatures 100 degrees by tomorrow. it won't last long. we will heat it up today, tomorrow, cool down into the second part of the weekend.
7:00 am
today is shaping up like friday. here is a look at sfo. 52 degrees. 54 in santa rosa. 57 a popular number. a little patchy fog on the coastline this morning stretching from near half moon bay where we are cooler at this hour than yesterday at this time. and hayward is down as well as san jose. you get in the north bay and east bay temperatures are warmer than yesterday and we will continue to follow suit into the afternoon. storm tracker 2 is showing you where the fog is over areas of the north bay in through half moon bay, santa cruz to moneterey. we will be partly cloudy to mostly clear as we get into the second part of the day with th


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