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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  June 29, 2018 9:00am-9:59am PDT

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abatement in homes built before 1951. they are authorizing billions in state bonds to pay for the rest of the cleanup. getting weapons off the street. we are live with the organizer of tomorrow's gun buy back event in san francisco. >> 2 investigates reporter joins us as one of the defendants in the ghost warehouse fire may accept a plea deal. >> take a break from the world cup to root for the local soccer team. soccer team. welcome to the nine. two mark the 4th of july holiday, we are happy for all of those of you at home joining
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us. thank you for being here. you mike mibach is enjoying a morning off. >> nice to be on board. >> sal, i know you were watching -- we brought a live news conference from maryland. hearts are heavy in annapolis, maryland after five members of the a newspaper team were killed inside the newspaper offices. a man opened fire. i watched tweets from the reporters, describing hiding under the desk. one tweeting for help. >> 39,000 in annapolis. not a big community. as journalists we get to know law enforcement. they took it hard. >> as journalists our hearts are heavy. let's start with the man under arrest for that attack. the man accused of killing five people appeared in court this morning via a video feed for a bail hearing. he was he is not being cooperativananering the questions. he has been charged with five counts of first-degree murder.
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he had a long-standing grudge against the newspaper including a lawsuit. police say for years he harassed the journalists, largely through social media. he shot through a glass door to the office and opened fire. police say that he used a legally purchased pump action shotgun in the attack. officers arrived on the scene about a minute after the attack began and took ramos into custody. this morning police say they searched his apartment and found evidence tied to the shooting. >> evidence showing the origination of planning, things like that in his apartment and it shows what we knew we would find, we have one bad guy and that for his own reasons he chose to do what he did yesterday. >> police say as far as the weapon used it was a legally purchased pump action shotgun that he bought last year. we are learning more about the five workers killed.
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here are the photos. four victims were journalists. on the far left is rob hiaasen. he described as a generous mentor. next gerald fischman described as the corky voice of the community newspaper. john mcnamara was a sports reporter. that was his dream drop. wendy winters was said to be a prolific writer and far right is rebecca smith. the paper says she was recently hired and loved spending time with her family. journalists at the capital gazette say it was important to publish a paper today. it describes the terrifying attack saying the gunman used smoke grenades and pump action shotgun as people hid under the desks. they are heartbroken that their friends and colleagues are gone. there were stories about each of the victims. in to annapolis maryland for a
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live report. here in the bay area, san francisco police are investigating what they call a suspicious death in the city's castro district overnight. leigh martinez is live at the scene near the corner of 18th and castro. you spoke to some people that say they might have saw a little bit of what happened? >> that's right. at first we talked to police who say they are not releasing any more information on this case at this time. earlier we talked to two witnesses dropped off by police to their cars who say they saw a confrontation between two men and the victim before the victim fell. san francisco police were called to reports of a possible fight or robbery in progress. we have not received official word from this call came in the station but this video was taken after 2:00 this morning. when police arrived they discovered a body across the street from the badlands nightclub. they focused the investigation
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on an alleyway and parking lot. paramedics worked on the man for more than an hour. it's unknown how the victim died. the coroner removed the body at 5:00 a.m. it's unknown if police are searching for a suspect. they have not ruled this as a homicide just yet. homicide detectives were out here on the scene earlier this morning. as of right now, san francisco police are saying that it's a suspicious death investigation. in san francisco, leigh martinez, ktvu, fox 2 news. a youth development organization is holding a buy back gun effort. united play will pay $100 for every handgun, $200 for every assault style weapon no questions asked. the gun buy back is tomorrow. i am happy to be rudy g with wh
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is happening in maryland. we see someone with a legally purchased weapon shooting and killing five people. >> our hearts and prayers are with the gazette in annapolis. it's one of the things as a police department we train for. we do a lot of active training situations. hopefully we don't have to respond to that. it's a great concern of ours and part of our approach to this is the buy back program trying to get guns off the street. >> what kind of weapons are you hoping to take off the street. >> every gun. assault rifles, hot guns, 9 millimeters. last year we got - 47s. we are always winning when we get those guns off the street. >> there is some criticism that say people are cleaning out the
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attic. these aren't weapons that would crime. how do you respond. >> guns in the attic, somebody breaks in the house can steal those. guns in cars that people break in to. i'm an ex criminal. he broke in houses and cars and we would use that could commit crimes. one gun that can potentially kill one person. >> since you brought it up, you were born and raised south of market. you were not always an up standing member of your community. >> that's right. >> when you talk to the youth and say i used to be there, i used to be like you, how do you their t with them to turn it hearts. you have to speak truth to power and power to truth. kids these days, they want to hear the truth. they don't want it watered down. just be honest and be real with them and they can edge brace that.
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>> how important is it for you and your department to connect with these mostly young men and women who may not have otherwise positive interactions with the police department. >> it's a huge focus of the san francisco police department. one of the things we have done well is connecting with the community. myself and rudy have worked together. sometimes it's at night. rudy will call me if he thinks something will affect the community. the goal is to get back to what you are talking about, turning the guns in, keeping the streets safe and the homes. one of the hardest things is when we see families affected by gun violence. >> do you do any tracing or looking at the weapons gathered as to could this weapon have been used in a crime previously. >> in the last year we started a crime gun intelligence center as part of the investigation bureau. every shooting we are
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collecting evidence. we are working with the guns and trying to trace the guns to other crimes even if it was a shots fired call. >> does that happen with the guns turned in as part of the gun buy back. >> part of the gun buy back getting as many guns off the street, no questions asked. we want people to turn the guns in. we are working with a young mother that lost her child trying to take the metal from the guns and turn it into art. that is one of the projects that we are working on. >> what happens to the guns. >> can i show you. >> check this out. as we decompose violence, may the earth again be free. check this out. this is the real deal. >> this right here, feel this. >> the top of this. >> that is made out of a gun. some people say you give them to the police, we are not. we destroy the guns.
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there is an organization of that collected and made 50 shovels, 50 shovels out of the guns that we destroyed in the last gun by pack and we are -- buy back and we are planting trees for life. we used soil from somebody lynched in the '30s. we plant life. from death to life. negative to positive. the roads to the concrete. this here also tree for he contributed some funds t gun buy back. >> let's talk about it. >> who is paying for the gun buy back this weekend? >> a big majority of the money that comes to our buy back
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comes from the medical marijuana dispensaries. >> is that new because of legallyzation. >> no, they are always been on it. one is from grass roots. the other from barberi coast, green door, elevated. all these guys have been contributing every year and monthly to help end senseless gun violence. i am not against the second amendment but i am against gun violence. i am a survivor twice. anybody in our community who is a part of it, we have developers that put in -- heinz put in. boston property put in. everybody played their part to end gun violence. like i said earlier, all it takes is kill one person that can destroy the planet. >> absolutely. >> let's give our viewers more information. it's tomorrow morning in the city. from 8:00 until noon at the you
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need playaz office. rudy corpus and chief michael redmond, what is the craziest weapon you have seen turned in in one of the buyback events. >> i will tell you. >> somebody turned in a bazooka. they brought a bazooka. we had to call the bomb squad. shout out to everybody out there. new mayor in san francisco, big supporters, all the moving parts that are making this happen. >> she like you grew up in the city. >> born and raised. >> when it's rough you have to take it upon yourself to make it better. >> chief in the o.c. projects. you need a part 2 with me. >> we would love to. thank you. with over twenty combinations of sauces and toppings. the best lasagna is the one you create. new lasagna mia. for a limited time only at olive garden.
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the dow is doing well through the entire session. it's up almost 1 full percent. today marks six months since president trump signed the bill known as tucks cuts and job act. it comes as the trump administration is preparing to roll out a shorter version of the 1040 tax form. the treasury department says it will be about the size of a postcard. however, some experts say it's more complicated because the new form opal might a variety of popular deductions. rallies are planned across the country to protest the trump administration zero tolerance immigration policy that separated children from their parents at ot a preview o expect. nearly 600 people were arrested on capitol hill for a sit in at the senate office building. that protest is part of a day of civil disobedience organized by members of the hose stir
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rick women's march. under the group families belong together, dozens of groups are supporting marches here and in other cities. in the bay area, the rallies are planned for dolores park followed by a march and rally at civic center plaza. rallies are set for san jose city hall and lakeside park and downtown concord at toto plaza and near the naval station. an ice official is under investigation for leaking information to her about a bay area immigration raid. he is a former ice spokesperson that resigned in march after accusing his own agency of misleading the public. on wednesday doing an interview with a television news crew, department of homeland security investigators came to his door and asked him about leaking information toll the mayor. he said the department of homeland security is trying to intimidate him.
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the mayor agrees. >> i watched that video of dhs pounding on the door of an ethical public servant. to me, that was the sound of tyranny knocking on his door. >> ice's former director accused mayor shaft of jeopardizing the public safety. mayor shaft never revealed who gave her the warning about the impending ice raid. first lady melania trump spent part of thursday in arizona. she toured a facility and held a round table discussion with u.s. marshals and border patrol agents. it's the second trip she made to the border since the policy separating undocumented families crossing the u.s.- mexico border. maxine waters canceled a trip to alabama and texas after a very serious death threat. congresswere made by someone in
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texas but democratic lawmaker from los angeles was set to two engagements. she said she has received took aim at her monday residentm calling her an extraordinarily low iq person. that came after she called fordham mon straw tors to harass trump cabinet officials wherever they go because of the immigration policy. cal fire provided an update on the pawnee fire. containment grew overnight from 50% to now 56% containment. the amount of land that has burned is 13,700 acres. the fire began last saturday and more evac can you wees are being al -- evacuees are allowed back home. in a moment on morning's on 2, t sa tips for air travelers. coming up the app that can get
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happening today the end is here for toys r us. the remaining stores are today on this friday. ntry this is the store in concord this morning which is already shut down. the retailer filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy last year and in march it announced it was going out of business. toys r us sales declined due to competition from big box and online retailers. they have been liquidating merchandise the last few months. >> as for what happens to the empty buildings, some analysts expect them to be back in use by the holiday shopping season and many could have new tenants
9:22 am
within a year. some retail reexperts say online retailers are looking to add brick and mortar locations across the country. they are being offset by 1900 planned store openings. president trump will make the first public comments on the shooting that happened yesterday at the capital gazette newspaper. he tweeted his thoughts and prayers about the five people killed in the hours after the attack that happened there at the newspaper in annapolis, maryland, leaving five members of the capital gazette staff dead. the president will speak in the east room of the white house.
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>> thank you very much, everybody. the economy is indeed doing well. six months ago we unleashed an economic miracle signing the biggest tax cuts and reforms. i have to add the word reform. important word but the tax cuts is what got us there and that is what is really doing it.
9:24 am
the biggest tax cuts honor to welcome you back to celebrate six months of new jobs, bigger paychecks and keeping more of your hard-earned money where it belongs in your pocket or wherever else you want to spend it. before going any further, i would like to address the horrific shooting that took place at capital gazette newsroom in annapolis, maryland. this attack shocked the conscience of our nation and filled our hearts with grief. journalists, like all americans, should be free from the fear of being violently attacked while doing their job. to the families of the victims, there ess
9:25 am
our sorrow for your loss. horrible, horrible event, horrible thing happened. when you suffer, we pledge our eternal support. this suffering is so great. i have seen some of the people -- so great. my government will not rest until we have done everything in our power to reduce violent crime and to protect innocent life. we will not ever leave your side. so, our warmest best wishes and regrets. horrific, horrible thing. thank you. thank you many. >> president trump esident to
9:26 am
enacted six months ago today and the president did in fact start with that subject th well, spoke a minute or two about the tax cuts and the economy then turned to the fatal shooting that unfolded in nam, maryland. he tweeted his condolences now he said journalists should be free of the fear of being violently attacked. a lot are unhappy with the president's response or lack up until now. he had a difficult relationship with many members of the media. to hear him say this, we are waiting for more reaction. >> shocked the conscience of our nation and the president chiming in on what was juis wha i think he called it in annapolis, maryland, yesterday. >> in a minute, you and bring in a live report from the investigation. and we wilminute.
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>> one of the defendants in the ghost ship warehouse fire could accept a plea deal. what he told us about accepting blame for the deadly incident. please keep your shoes on! stop messing with your sister! hey! hey! don't make me come back there! so? feels really good.... yeah, i'm gonna buy it. (vo) customer service that goes the extra mile. enterprise makes it easy.
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back to the deadly newsroom shooting. in court this morning, jarrod ramos, the man accused of shooting and killing five people was denied bail. he appeared in the courtroom through a video living. let's bring in doug luzader live in annapolis, maryland, to bring us up to date. doug? >> reporter: gasia, good morning. we are waiting to learn more about here. police are frustrated about the horrific attack. as a small thoffices of the
9:30 am
capital gazette, we learned more about the alleged gunman, 38-year-old jarrod ramos accused of gunning down five newspaper employees in a brutal attack. police are steamied because they say ramos that made his first court appearance this morning is not cooperating. >> we are not getting a bunch of information out of him. i want to know why he thinks he did this. >> reporter: ramos is believed to have had a long simmering feud with the newspaper and at one point he sued for defamation. way that behind the attack that terrorized not just the newspaper offices but a number of another nearby ramos was con police, he -- >> he through his weapon down and dived under the desk. >> reporter: they published an edition this morning. the police investigation
9:31 am
continues and investigators say they are looking for any kind of video footage from surveillance cameras, outside the building or inside to give us an idea of how the attack was carried out. gasia. >> all right, dog, live for us, in oakland, a hearing is set regarding the ghost ship warehouse fire. attorneys for the two defendants will continue negotiations with prosecutors. the two sides are close to an agreement but the d.a.'s offer on the table is still too high. harris' lawyer says any jail time over the time served is untrial that will begin july 16th. in a jailhouse interview, almena said he is ready to own up to his share of the blame. >> i feel responsible. i feel like i created something and people died in my home.
9:32 am
it's horrible. i have to live with this the rest of my life. this is my children's legacy and i am never getting out from under this. >> there was a 40 minute warehouse interview with almena. several times he said he is nervous about going to trial and if he takes a deal, responsibility is only being pinned on him. >> i didn't hold anybody down, i didn't put a bullet in anybody. i am taking it all on. if i take a deal, then it ends, goes nobody will be to blame after me. it will go down in the history books, wikipedia, derrick almena started the fire, found guilty, whatever. i don't care. my life is over. i'm never going to get a job. no one will hire me. what am i going to do? >> we don't know the exact
9:33 am
details of the prosecution offer. almena is getting time served right now. it could be 12 to 14 years behind bars but he could serve 10 years or less. they are both charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter in the fire of 2016. brooks is here. let's talk about the interview your team d. a real change in tone. >> he had a year to think about this and he sent letters to us and the victims' families basically saying that he is sorry and he feels somewhat responsible. still he says if he was going to go on trial, if that occurs which it could on july 16th, he would point the finger at not only other there but the city including the fire department and police officers who were there and visited there and basically didn't report any problems they may have seen. >> max harris' strategy is to point the finger at the city
9:34 am
and other people. what are legal experts saying about that. many if he loses that strategy, how long will he be in jail. >> his attorneys say these a sloppy case. we have max harris, the doorman. he basically, you know, he wasn't renting from the people who owned the place. that was derick almena. they believe he should be let out of jail and set free. they are looking at this saying we are not going to accept anything less than no jail time at this point and they want to put the trial on because they want the city to be held accountable. >> what about the owner of the building, any culpability there and will he or she be called in to testify if this goes to trial. >> we have been asking that question time and time again, why the district attorney hasn't charged the actual owners of that building. to date that has not occurred. we are still waiting to see if charges could come down the line. at this point, they have not mean held responsible for
9:35 am
anything. >> reporter: let's talk about the possible plea deal. any chance that derrick almena will agree to testify against max harris. >> the details of that plea agreement have not been released. we are not sure how long it could be. the attorney for derek they wan to 10 years or less so he can see his children grow up. it's unclear if he would testify or do anything against max harris. >> plea deal, if he takes it, what do you think the family members of the victims think about it. >> they want to see someone responsible. derrick almena told us in the interview, i understand if all the families hate me and i'm sorry for that. so, finally, we hear this change of tone of where he is taking responsibility or, you know, having that time to think and say, i was the master tenant there, i should bear
9:36 am
some of the responsibility but not complete responsibility. >> if almena pleads out, could that have an effect on the jury in the harris trial? >> that is an interesting question. it could. one of the things that almena brought up, you heard there, he didn't want to drag the families through months of testimony. so, to have to still go through that and have those families go through that, that may be a tough thing -- right now we have heard that they are arranging travel schedules to get everyone together for the trial. it comes down to today, later this afternoon, we will find out if derrick almena pushes forward to trial or take the deal. >> you will have an update. >> yes. >> thank you. for more on the other headlines we are working on, let's go to pam cook. >> following a number of stories for you today. we are in the city this morning
9:37 am
with activists who are protesting a controversial cabinet secretary in the bay area this morning. let's take you live to see the demonstration. you can see they have gathered outside the regional office of san francisco. the protestors are there rallying the -- against the head of the epa, scott prue i had. the demonstration is sponsored by a coalition of groups. pruitt is under fire for offshore drilling and keystone pipeline and large expenditures including $160,000 on first class or chartered flights during his first year as epa chief. we are out there live this morning and we will continue to follow the story throughout the day. lawmakers for former trump campaign manager paul manafort are asking a federal judge in alexander, virginia, to conceal man that for the's financial
9:38 am
records during the upcoming trial and appealing to the judge to release him to prepare for the trial set to begin july 27th. he has been in cusince june 15th after a judge concluded that he violated the pretrial release. he faces several charges including conspiracy against the united states and conspiracy to launder money. more than 600 people including doctors are facing federal charges in connection with health care fraud. the justice department is calling it the largest cram down in the country. attorney general jeff sessions says it costs the government and insurance companies more than $2 billion and many of the cases are linked to the opioid epidemic. those are some of the morning headlines and stories we will follow iom at ktvuu. back to the newsroom. >> thank you, pam. the 4th of july holiday is
9:39 am
almost here. they are warning travelers to be ready for company in the skies. christien kafton has more on how busy it is at oakland international airport. >> reporter: this morning we are watching the lines ebb and flow at oakland. here at oakland international and airports across the country, they expect today to be the busiest travel day on record. they expect long lines. today is expected to be the peak travel day. they will screen in excess of 2.7 million travelers. the current record travel day walls the sunday after thanksgiving in 2004 when 2.7 million traveled on that day. the 4th of july is not traditionally a big travel holiday that we have come to expect but this year they are saying they are expecting mayor crowds. travelers have tips for beating the crowds including tsa precheck and clear.
9:40 am
>> we pack light. we are going to texas. we have shorts and t-shirts and flip-flops. >> you don't check anything. >> we don't check anything. >> reporter: not just 9 skies that are packed. they predict 39.7 million americans plan a 4th of july road trip. sal says you can expect traffic to build this afternoon. expect to see more and more people on the roads around than airport, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. an app can help you get through airport security faster, my tsa. how busy the airport will be the day you travel and which items you can or cannot bring alone in the carry-on bag. many travelers forget which i terms allowed and which has to be placed in plastic bags. >> these keep the lines moving.
9:41 am
>> starting tomorrow, tsa is limiting the size of carry on containers that carry powder on international flights heading to the united states. the weekend weather will be like last weekend. do you remember how it got hot on saturday. >> you talk about livermore being hot, that will be one of the hot spots, right, rosemary. >> 10 -- 100 and then some. that is tomorrow. temperatures will be 3 to 6 degrees warmer, perhaps more than that into the second part of the day than yesterday. here is we have mostly blue skies around the bay and inland. patchy fog on the coastline. the dry t flow is setting up. with that, let's talk about fire danger. we will have a red flag warning in place late tonight into saturday night for our north bay hills and then you can see it's widespread over to the sacramento valley area as well asa lon no, contra costa and farther to the north.
9:42 am
for us in the bay area, north bay hills has the red flag warning at 11:00 tonight. outside of that you see the arrows, northeast flow in place. patchy fog on the coastline. that is about it. temperatures are 70 in walnut creek. 60 oakland. 52 in san francisco. upper 50s, half moon bay. upper 60s at the coast. 70s and 80s around the bay. low to mid-90s ex in some areas. we are likely to see the hottest day with the inland cities getting to 100 degrees, perhaps a bit above. we cool it back down on sunday. monday, tuesday, low clouds in the forecast. mi wther expected. the pattern low clouds to be with us during the evening hours for the 4th of july. we will track it between now and then. in the meanwhile, for the short
9:43 am
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pstop messing with your sister! hey! hey! don't make me come back there! so? feels really good.... yeah, i'm gonna buy it. (vo) customer service that goes the extra mile. enterprise makes it easy. argentina, uruguay versus portugal. >> sunday spain taking on russia then croatia on denmark. >> monday morning, brazil and
9:46 am
mexico at 7:00 a.m. that is followed by belgium and japan at 11:00. over the weekend catch "mornings on 2" on ktvu plus. >> the san jose earthquakes have their own big match up this weekend. >> they take on the los angeles galaxy in the california classic at stanford. >> for more on all things soccer, thank you for coming in. what do you expect monday morning? >> gosh, i expect a huge crowd. biggesmexican community. they shthe world cup games, the early games, later games and coffee for the first gaa party as it has been since kick off.
9:47 am
we expect nothing less. >> do you think this is kind of a precursor to what will happen when the united states gets the tournament a couple of times -- maybe levi stadium will be involved? >> the bay area, you know it's a melting pot. a lot of different fox from all over the world. the bay area is a hot bed for soccer. it's cool to be part of it with the stadium serving as the epicenter. world cup and u.s., levy stadium should be packed. >> assuming that they host but we are thinking that they will? >> i think that venue is made for a celebration like this. i wouldn't be they got a couple of games. >> saturday the l.a. galaxy will take on the earthquakes. talk about that game and i know in the '90s when here, it helpe mls in a big way and now helping now. >> the game saturday is at
9:48 am
stanford stadium which we will be hosting for the 7th year in a row. 50,000 fans sold out. the first 10,000 fans get these cool beat l.a. caps. i don't know if you can zoom in on it. >> wait. it's blue but it says beat l.a. we have awesome tailgating atmosphere. the best fireworks show in the bay area postgame and we are celebrating the military. we treat 3500 members of you th enthusiasm will bleed to your game? >> i so. e seen an amazing response for tickets. prior to the world cup and leading into it and of course now. this is a way for piggyback on
9:49 am
atmosphere. >> how has it been? we saw the germany game where mexico upset germany. is it crazy? >> it's unbelievable. viewing parties are great. bring in lawn chairs, blankets, shade umbrellas. the crowds for mexico, the crowds for portugal, for argentina, et cetera are huge and vibrant people. >> my neighborhood park is fill with kids kicking the ball around. that's not always the case. >> that's what we need. it's summertime. school is out. come by, get a nice tan, get some soccer. >> thank you for that. we put ticket information on you will find it in the weblinks section on the morning on well as the ktvu morning app. thank you. in a moment on "mornings on 2,"
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facebook page and find the free by friday link. entries are accepted until 11:59 tonight. the prize has a retail value of $284. it's provided by came call's great america. you will find the official rules at under contests. oakland's mexicali rose restaurant will close for good. it will serve up the last meals today. the lines have been long all week long. hundreds of customers are coming back for the final meal. many say they have been coming here as long as they can remember. >> my parents would catch the 91 bus and come out here and have enchiladas, rice and beans. >> now we have to find a new
9:54 am
eatery. hate to see it go with you we will enjoy our meal and make the best of it. >> the owner is closing not because she wants to but a it's time to take care of her mother. this is not even a mile from ktvu in oakland. that was the gathering place for staffers after a long election night. the '80s, the '70s. >> what stays -- what happens at mexicali stays there. >> i agree. >> i have been there. i don't think you go for the food. you go for the atmosphere. >> all right. sad to see. let's switch to money from the warriors. they are selling more merchandise than any other team. overall sales have the warriors ranked number one in team merchandise sales from april to june and led the way in jersey sales with steph curry number
9:55 am
one. uncle drew, one of my favorite characters and his all star cast hit the movie theaters today. >> you all want to play like jordan. kyrie irving is the man behind the e. uncle drew first appeared in a pepsi commercial. he enlisted his friends like lisa leslie his elderly teammates in a street ball tournament. he is surpriseed how the character evolved. >> we are started as just trying to promote a pepsi shot. then it was more than that. now we have a full-blown series. now a super bowl commercial.
9:56 am
now the movie. >> irving says acting is a lot harder than playing basketball. pepsi declined to say how much it cost to make the movie. industry experts say the film could help pepsi reach a younger audience. i bet it makes a ton of dow. rite-aid stores are blasting barry manilow music in hopes of keeping people from loitering. they play songs over and over at a high volume in hopes of detering panhandlers. some customers found it difficult to enter some of the stores because of loiterers. they are trying a couple of different deterrents. stores in california are using the tactic. you will find it in san diego and long beach. >> can you imagine your product
9:57 am
being used to detour people -- >> he made a lot of money. he probably likes it. >> what does the dj say? >> looks like we made it. >> there you go. thank you for joining us. have a great day. see you back here for more news of the day at noon. with pg&e in the sierras. and i'm an arborist since the onset of the drought, more than 129 million trees have died in cala. pg&e prunes and removes over a million trees
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