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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  June 29, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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prompting evacuations now. fire officials have ordered people to, quote, leave now the area of montecito drive and crystal ranch drive. the fire has now burned at least 175 acres and it started around 3:45 this afternoon along ignacio valley road and oak grove. it appeared to start right on the roadside and this is video within the hour from skyfox. you can see this area is hilly open grassland. but crews have managed to keep the flames away from homes. here's a map of where the fire is burning now. ignacio valley road is major thoroughfare from walnut creek to concord. again, contra costa fire is advising residents to leave the montecito and crystal ranch subdivisions there. officials say take only essential items and lock your windows and doors as you leave. another fire burning on bethel island is now under control. it started around 3:20 this afternoon in the 6600 block of
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piper road. about a quarter acre burned along with three vehicles. crews say they were mopping up by 4:45 this afternoon. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. crews tackled another fire in morgan hill this afternoon. cal fire says this fire started at oakland avenue and willow springs road west of 101. the fire was reportedly threatening homes for a time but has been contained at 50 acres. chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking the conditions firefighters are facing now. bill, i think we have some pictures of skyfox over the area. >> they are getting a handle on it. the fire burned up to the retardant cuts that they put in there that pink area in the weeds there, and in the trees. that's the uphill part of this -- that's the top part of the hill. they put it there and in theory the fire stops before it goes south. the winds are blowing from the north. and that's why they put this line -- we're looking to the right of your screen -- it's south. so the fire won't keep burning
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down that way. so really a pretty impressive firefighting job really. we have been watching them in here and the thing we picked up on right away, we got temperatures out there in the 90s. you have humidities around 20%. winds are running about 10 miles an hour. but how quickly they got on this fire. i mean, with air support, they really just -- almost textbook because we have a lot of feeds in here so we have seen the video coming in. i'm watching how they are doing it. they were on it quickly with fire retardant and with crews and hopefully this thing will be out of the way in no time. that north bay hills red flag warning is still going in effect tonight at 11:00 so just starts, right, and we got a hot day tomorrow, hottest days of the week one of the hottest days all year. the fire danger goes up, high certainly in the overnight hours tonight into early- morning hours. this is not a santa rosa fountain grove kind of wind event at all or oakland hills
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fire wind event. those are different red flag days. this is a much lower grade on the you have to be careful but don't be frightened about 70- mile-an-hour winds. the winds will be more like 25, 30 miles an hour with gusting more and that's in the higher elevations. the peak temperatures tomorrow we get a break sunday, monday and tuesday which is exactly what you want. you don't want to be stacked up with hot days right after that sheet. we have a cooldown rapidly after saturday. see you back here. join us on the phone is ryan bain with contra costa county fire. thanks for joining us. last we heard the fire was 175 acres and 50% contained. where do things stand right now? >> i don't have an update from those numbers at this point right now. it looks like crews are starting to get a handle on it. we are still 175 acres, evacuations are still in place. >> what direction, ryan, is the fire burning at this hour, and tell us about the resources that you have
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fighting it? >> we have several resources on seen right now. strike teams called in from out of the area including alameda county, cal fire and contra costa fire. have a lot of resources on scene we're throwing at this to make sure the homes stay safe. >> ryan, we see what appears to be fire retardant on the ground there. when did you start air support? the fire started at 3:45. when did you call in air support to battle the flames? >> shortly after -- [ signal breakup ] support of us here. so it wasn't long after. we do have contra costa in conjunction with sheriff's department for a helicopter which also helps in the suppression of the fire. >> we apologize to our viewers and to you, ryan. we are having some audio trouble there. but thanks for the update there. ryan bain with contra costa fire. all right. we move on to this story now.
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a big day in court today in oakland where the two men charged in the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire are considering a plea deal for 8 years in exchange for a plea of no contest. henry lee reports. >> reporter: there was much anticipation today that derick almena and max harris would accept the package and avoid trial but no agreement was reached and everyone goes back to court next week. the defendants almena and harris have each been charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter one count for each victim to died in the ghost ship warehouse fire back in december 2016. now there's a possible plea deal in the works. you might recall a couple of weeks ago the d.a. proposed 18 years for almena but he said that was too high and now judge jacobson a former prosecutor proposed 8 years for each man if they
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plead no contest to all 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. but there's a catch. both men have to agree to the deal. if they reject the deal, then trial is set for july 16th. earlier today i spoke to tony serra, almena's attorney. he told me he is prepared to go to trial but said his client wants to take his share of the blame. >> you know, this is a case that could be won. it's a moral imperative. my client has a conscience. he is taking responsibility to alleviate the pain and suffering of everyone, the trauma that will be produced by the trial. >> reporter: ailthey could each serve three years because of credit for time served. almena said a big consideration is his two children 7 and 8 years old. he said he wants to return to his family as soon as possible. after the hearing today, defense attorneys declined to comment saying they were
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ordered not to by the judge. everyone will be back in court about 2 p.m. tuesday. live in the newsroom, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. thank you. coming up at 6:30 here, more of our "2 investigates" interview with derick almena. he says he has had time to reflect and is heartbroken. that jailhouse interview coming up at 6:30. turning now to the latest in the deadly shooting at a newsroom in annapolis, maryland. the suspect 38-year-old jarrod ramos was ordered held without bail. he is charged with 5 counts of first-degree murder. authorities call the shooting a planned coordinated attack. they say ramos barricaded the back door of the so the victims couldn't escape and they say he worked his way through the newsroom shooting people with a pump action shotgun. ramos had a vendetta against the paper after the gazette reported about his criminal
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conviction for harassment in 2011. president trump today offered condolences. >> journalists like all americans, should be free from the fear of being violently attacked while doing their job. >> president trump said his administration would do everything in its power to reduce violent crime and protect innocent life. four of the victims were journalists. on the far left is rob hiaasen. he is a mentor. next is gerald fischman described as a quirky voice of the newspaper. in the middle, john mcnamara the paper says sports reporting was has dream job. wendi winters was described as a prolific writer who fifth victim, sales assistant rebecca smith, loved spending time with family and had just been hired by the gazette. hundreds of people gathered in annapolis this evening to attend a vigil and remember the five people killed. many came together to pray or
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hold candles in memory of the victims. >> melissa howell joins from us annapolis. tell us about tonight's vigil and how the community there is reacting to the shooting. >> reporter: julie, you can only imagine what people are feeling out here today. this is actually the third vigil we have been to today and the emotion is extremely high. take a look. you can see hundreds of people gathered out here in the downtown annapolis area by the waterfront. people walking to the waterfront were holding up newspapers with the headline, 5 dead at the capital and it's extremely emotional holding candles and very somber feeling. but it goes to show how strong annapolis is and how much the community has come together. now, one of those vigils that took place earlier today was in honor of wendi winters. she was over at special publications for the paper and a committed journalist from what i have been told speaking with her daughter. she told me she was an amazing mother as well and had big
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dreams of one day working for a national outlet but will now never see some of her children start their own families so a lot of stories out here, a lot of connections. this is a small community. we are talking about one of the oldest papers in the nation. they brought so much to this community covering so many different aspects of news here. so this vigil, there was the vigil for wendi and another vigil outside the scene near the mall with -- right where the building is that houses the "capital gazette" so hundreds of people gathered there as well today. so a lot of people showing their support and vowing to come back strong. flags are being flown at half- staff today in honor of those but they did put out a paper today so the "capital gazette" committed to their craft as journalists, and that just goes to show their commitment to their community out here. >> are you learning anything more about the suspect jarrod ramos? he reportedly had a grudge against the newspaper and the paper had received threats. and things like that on social
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media. do you know if investigators have been agent connect jarrod ramos with those threats on social media? >> reporter: investigators have told us that there were threats that were -- they did indicate violence. so they have made that connection. we know that the newspaper has had issues with him in the past but out of fear decided not to pursue criminal charges. there has been some history between jarrod ramos and the paper but one of the officers, something they said that really stuck out was when they heard about the shooting at the "capital gazette" they knew immediately that it had to be jarrod ramos because of the history he has with the paper so there has been that connection made out here in annapolis. >> a horribly sad day there in annapolis. melissa howell reporting for us there following those vigils, tonight. melissa, thank you. staffers at the "capital gazette" found themselves covering their own tragedy in their own newspaper. the paper sent out a tweet after midnight with a photo of
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today's front page: 5 shot dead at the capital. people who work there said it was important to publish today despite their grief. you paper's editorial page left blank except for the names of the five victims and a statement that said, today we are speechless. president trump is moving ahead with plans to filth upcoming vacancy on the u.s. -- fill the upcoming vacancy on the u.s. supreme court. he will announce the nominee on monday july 9th. the president spoke to reporters on air force one today on his way to his golf club in new jersey. he says he has narrowed down his search to five candidates which includes two women. the president added he plans to interview one or o of those candidates this weekend. he also said he would not ask the potential judicial nominees where they stand on abortion. coming up, san francisco raising its minimum wage while workers are celebrating. some restaurants say it's hurting the bottom line. >> later at 6:30, investigators reveal how they
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zeroed in on a suspect in a 44- year-old cold case and why they say the man seemed to know he would be caught. >> toys 'r us has officially closed its doors. why one person bought one million dollars worth of toys in the chain's final hours. >> and looking at the traffic here on this getaway friday, you can see highway 80 here heading towards emeryville, berkeley and richmond. the commute direction there on the right. it is slow going at this hour.
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san francisco police are investigating a crash in the city's financial district involving one of its police cars. it happened around 6:30 this morning at the intersection of samson and pine street. a witness posted this picture on twitter. three people including a police officer were taken to the hospital with non-life- threatening life. the force of that collision caused the airbags to deploy in both the nissan leaf and the police cruiser. investigators haven't said yet which driver was at fault. cable company comcast con firms it had a major outage today that affected customers nationwide. one of its network partners had a fiber line cut. the outage impacted business and residential internet and video and voice customers. service has been restored. comcast is one of the nation's largest paid tv providers. san francisco is about to become the first major city in california to increase minimum wage to $15 an hour.
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as cristina rendon reports now, the move is being applauded by low wage workers who say it's a struggle to survive in the expensive bay area. reporter: for a city as expensive as san francisco, every penny counts for minimum wage employees. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: elizabeth who lives on treasure island is happy the minimum wage will increase to $15 an hour on sunday. >> as of july 1st, our minimum wage will be $15 an hour. >> whoo! >> reporter: she was among the group of elected officials labor unions and workers rights groups celebrating at city hall. >> the $15 demand was considered impossible when it first was said, right? we made the impossible possible. it is with a lot of sacrifices that low wage workers come forward telling about their survival. >> reporter: it was a vision of mayor lee whose ballot measure was approved in 2014. mark farrell says there's still a long way to go especially when it comes to
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keeping low wage employees in a city with high housing cost. >> we have to build as much affordable housing as possible. that's why this affects everybody in san francisco. >> it is challenging to pay people more in a very tight labor market. it is necessary to pay people more. >> reporter: the executive director of the golden gate restaurant association says it's also getting more difficult for restaurants to thrive. some small restaurants like suvla are making it work offering an alternative model to combat high labor and high restaurant costs. it's fine dining where customers get their own water and get in and out quicker than a traditional full service restaurant. >> basically allows you to have great volume, great experience, great food, great service. people still do bring your food to your table and greet you when you walk in. >> reporter: employees are paid above minimum wage and have full benefits. for low income earners, their fight isn't over. >> labor unions and community can work together to ensure that we continue to lift up the lowest paid workers in our city.
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>> reporter: san francisco is not alone. emeryville will be at $15 on sunday for small employees. cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. checking in on those temperatures from today it did warm your opinion a little bit out there. 95 in antioch. 96 in concord. these temperatures five and eight degrees warmer than yesterday which was what we had planned. cooler at the coast with 60 at pacifica but high temperatures tomorrow even at the coast are going to get into the triple of have seen this season. maybe a rough but it's tough to get records this time of year. you have to get up to 104 to 103 for a record but we'll see. there's a little bit of patchy fog at the coast but it's tough with these offshore winds. so don't count on that. the wind are blowing down the coast. they are going to generally start to clock -- they are
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starting in the north like this. that's a north wind. that's a northeast wind. north-northeast. and then that's an east wind. so there's a red flag warning tonight from 11:00 through tomorrow night. winds ramp up late tonight into the early-morning hours. we have a red flag warning for the winds. it stays in effect through tomorrow night. warmer than yesterday. where's the fog? that's how now it's going to be hot. see you back here with the five-day forecast. will former warriors jamal crawford rejoin golden state? some team members are reportedly pushing for the deal. scott reiss will have that in sports. >> after a century in business, an oakland restaurant is closing for good. hundreds of people lined up today for one last taste but some were out of luck. we'll tell you why.
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new at 6:00 tonight a unique art project on display at the san francisco civic center 40 statutes resembling and carving in kenya. it's called invisible men inspired by a statue the artist had as a child. they are meant to raise questions about what it means to be an african living out of africa. the artwork will be on display in civic center plaza until
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october. well, after 91 years in business, oakland's mexicali rose restaurant is closing its doors for good. the restaurant on clay street in downtown oakland planned to close a couple of hours ago after serving up its last round of margaritas and enchiladas. all this week customers have been lining up for a last meal and to say good-bye. customers told us they thought the restaurant would be around forever. >> i am sickened. i drove from fairfield, left the house at 6:30 this morning to get here to be the first person in line. >> earlier today the restaurant told us it would stop accepting customers at 4 p.m. and those not in line by then were out of luck. some bay area toys 'r us stores are already closed surprising some bay area shoppers on the company's last day in business. we visited the stores in
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concord and dublin this morning which were closed. in north carolina an anonymous shopper bought a million dollars worth of stores at a store in raleigh to donate to local children. toys 'r us got its start more than 60 years ago. german run adidas says a security breach may have put the personal information of millions of customers at risk. the company says an unauthorized party gained access to customer data on the adidas website. email and home addresses as well as log-in information may have been compromised. adidas says it appears credit card information was likely not affected by the breach. investigators say customers who shop online may be the only ones affected. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 starts next. more from this week's jailhouse interview with one of the men charged in the deadly ghost ship fire. details "2 investigates" coming up. >> local county fairs say attendance is dropping.
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we know what we stand for. we stand for a rod and reel instead of a cell phone. at bass pro shops and cabela's we stand together for you. in concord a four-alarm grass fire is prompting evacuations for people on montecito drive and crystal ranch drive. the fire burned about 175
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acres. it started around 3:45 this afternoon along ignacio valley road at oak grove but crews are getting the upper hand. the suspect in the killing at a newspaper in annapolis, maryland was denied bail. 38-year-old jarrod ramos is refusing to answer questions. he is charged with five counts of first-degree murder. authorities call the shooting a planned coordinated attack. ramos had a vendetta against the paper after it reported on his criminal conviction for harassment in 2011. president trump says he will announce his nominee to replace retiring justice antioch kennedy on monday, july ninth. the president says he has narrowed his search to five candidates including two women and he plans to interview one or two of the candidates this weekend. but he says he will not ask the potential nominees about their views on abortion. ou're watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. back to today's hearing now in oakland's deadly ghost ship warehouse fire, today we learned the two men charged in
6:30 pm
the case were offered a sentence of 8 years in exchange for a plea of no contest. but no deal was announced today. earlier this week, "2 investigates" sat down with the ghost ship's master tenant derick almena for a jailhouse interview. as brooks jarosz reports he says he is ready take responsibility. >> kills me man. they came to my house and that's where they hadit die. reporter: having a year in jail has given derick almena time to reflect. he told "2 investigates" a trial made him nervous, especially knowing he would have to face the victims' families. >> i have lost their children with you. i'm broken-hearted. this is -- it's beyond words. >> reporter: he wrote letters to you the attorneys and the families. after all, he was the master tenant at the ghost ship warehouse where 36 people died in a fire. he said he wants to own up to his share of responsibility. >> i don't hold it against you for how much you hate me and how much you blame me for this. i completely understand it.
6:31 pm
i'm totally sorry for that. >> reporter: with almena and the co-defendant each facing three dozen counts of involuntary manslaughter, this deal for a few more years in prison gives almena hope for the future. >> i'm humble and i am grateful that what they have offered me, my children will still be in their early teens. they will still be, like, viable to my love, you know, receptive to their father. >> reporter: still, he is upset the building's owners, the ngs and the city including police and fire aren't being held accountable for their roles in the tragedy. almena says he is the fall man but admits now he is remorseful. >> i'm just sorry. i'm sorry. please forgive me. >> reporter: derick almena and max harris are the only two defendants ever charged in connection with the ghost ship fire criminal case. there's also a large civil case where they are mentioned but it also largely calls out the city, the utility company, and the owners of that warehouse.
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brooks jarosz, ktvu fox 2 news. new details about a cold case suspect who killed himself in san jose yesterday. a santa clara county sheriff's deputies moved in to make an arrest and he shot himself. as jesse gary tells us, stephen crawford seemed to know justice would catch up with him especially with the advent of dna technology. >> reporter: sheriff's investigators spent the overnight hours from thursday into friday searching the south san jose apartment of murder suspect stephen crawford. inside detectives recovered evidence including the cover to a book about serial killers and a suicide note dated two years prior. >> i think that probably coincides with when our detectives talked to him and maybe at that point, he thought his time was up. >> reporter: santa clara county sheriff laurie smith says 72-year-old stephen crawford had been in her department's crosshairs since 1974. crawford was working as a security guard on the stanford campus and found the body of arliss perry inside memorial
6:33 pm
church. the 19-year-old had been beaten, molested and murdered. but technological limits of the '70s prevented detectives from building a case against him until the advent of dna testing. >> there's a lot that's happened in the last couple decades. >> reporter: san mateo county forensic criminalist says four decades ago, analysts would use enzyme and protein typing to try to match a suspect to a crime. but the large samples were less likely to produce large amounts of usable information. in the '80s, dna testing moved into the forefront. >> the new technology in the '90s called pcr allows us to take small pieces of the dna and make copies of them or amplify them at certain genetic markers. and that dramatically changed the world of dna. >> reporter: smith says some of perry's dna was found on crawford's clothing. recent technology provided enough evidence for a judge to
6:34 pm
sign off on the search warrant. >> we were trying to get in and talk to him. you can see him through the window trying to get him to open the door. >> reporter: but officials say crawford shot and killed himself as deputies tried to arrest him. >> we look at this as closure and we believe that we had solid evidence to arrest and even convict stephen crawford for the murder of arliss perry. >> reporter: continued improvement will lead to more cases once thought too cold to crack being solved. >> it just gets better. the technology keeps improving. we can go smaller. we have more information. >> reporter: investigators have impounded crawford's car and are going over it for clues. sheriff smith says it's uncertain what they will find by looking at the evidence but she says back in the '70s there were multiple serial killers in northern california and investigators want to make sure crawford isn't connected to any other killing. outside sheriff's headquarters in san jose, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news.
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mass rallies are planned across the country and here in the bay area tomorrow to protest the trump administration's zero tolerance immigration policies that separated children from their parents at the border. yesterday nearly 600 people were arrested in washington, d.c. for staging a sit-in at the senate office building on capitol hill. tomorrow's rallies are being organized under the umbrella group called families belong together. marches and rallies planned for tomorrow in the bay area include a march and rally from san francisco's dolores park to civic center plaza. rallies are also set for san , merritt, and in downtown concord at todos santos plaza and near the former concord naval weapons station. protestors gathered at the epa regional office in san francisco today as epa director scott pruitt made a visit. he has come under fire from
6:36 pm
environmentalists for support of offshore drilling and the keystone pipeline. he is also under investigation over questionable spending. among the protestors were residents bayview hunters -- residents of bayview-hunters point concerned about falsified test results during the clean-up of the former naval shipyard. they got assurances from the new regional administrator that he will meet with them about the issue. >> we don't want smiles and handshakes. we want the environment protected, people's health protected. we want the superfund site cleaned up properly. >> pruitt is criticized for keeping his schedule secret. his visit today covered toxic superfund sites as well as air and water quality issues. increased control your personal online data. coming up next, a new state law that lets you know what websites are accessing about you. >> technology in the tenderloin after the break we'll tell but the program
6:37 pm
that lets underprivileged student learn backup and coming together. >> the community we are in, technology.
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6:39 pm
protecting your internet privacy will soon get easier thanks to strict new rules in the state of california. a law passed yesterday aims to regulate how businesses collect and sell people's data. it's meant to give consumers more information and control over their own information. part of the law focuses on
6:40 pm
transparency letting people know who is accessing what information and why. it also allows the consumer to transfer or delete data. hundreds of bay area students from underprivileged community got to experience virtual reality and other technological advances today. the program was held in a san francisco neighborhood where such experiences don't often happen. rob roth tells us about tech in the tenderloin. >> reporter: this is where the inner city meets technology. it's called tech in the tenderloin. 200 students in the bay area came here to the salvation army in the tenderloin to learn about technology and have some fun with it. one of the biggest draws was vr, or virtual reality. >> i have always wanted to have a vr before but i never got one. >> reporter: so what's it like? >> it's cool and scary at the same time. >> reporter: the event brought in 20 tech companies from the bay area. among them was singularity university from mountain view which featured what it calls brain computer interface. that student's thoughts and brainwaves are causing those hex bugs to move.
6:41 pm
>> we would like the kids to be inspired and more serious about technology and hopefully, it will inspire them to use the technology to make their community better . >> not what we see every day. >> reporter: which is what? >> poverty. >> reporter: not all students have access to technology a big part of that reason economics. events such as this help level the playing field. >> a lot of tech companies in the area are really wanting to give back to the community and extend these opportunities to everybody. not just people that live in the right neighborhoods. >> reporter: many students tech exposure may be just the beginning. but it doesn't have to end here. >> we have also invited a lot of the tech nonprofit organizations here that have tech programming for youth to capture the excitement. >> reporter: you can make your own art based on movement and your own kind of music.
6:42 pm
>> i like when you press your buttons a lot, and you make cool sounds out of it. >> reporter: who knows where all this can take these students next? >> it can help me be, like, a creator of technology. >> reporter: in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. dropping attendance at county fairs around the bay area. coming up next tonight, one fair decided to save money by cutting the number of days of fair operations in half. >> we are tracking the weekend forecast. it does include a red flag warning for parts of the bay area tomorrow. area tomorrow. as people who love to fish,
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we know what we stand for. we stand for a rod and reel instead of a cell phone. at bass pro shops and cabela's we stand together for you.
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county fair season is in full swing this weekend with three different fairs but officials say they are concerned about drop in attendance. ktvu's tom vacar has this report. reporter: this weekend there are three bay area county fairs to choose from. alameda continues its run through july 8th. marin begins a five-day run saturday. solano begins on saturday as well with an abbreviated two- day free attendance run. >> we needed to cut back our fairs to two days this year to kind of reset and to reevaluate our budget and also to build our reserves for future years. our goal is that we would get back to four days at the end of june in 2019. >> reporter: between 2015 and
6:46 pm
2017, four bay area county fairs have lost substantial attendance. contra costa down 41%. santa clara off 34%. sonoma down 21. solano down 15%. but whether ten or two days, fairs are a centuries old community affair. >> it's providing the opportunity for people to come out and enjoy all the traditions that the fair brings. >> reporter: weekend heat is an issue and affects attendance. >> of course. dress appropriately with hats. we also have very shaded grounds. many of our exhibits are indoors. so you will have opportunity to get out of the sun that way. >> tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. ah, it's that time of year. >> it is. >> county fair. it's too bad to see attendance dropping. let's go over to bill. the alameda county fair today, it has to be hot. >> oh, my gosh, right? tomorrow, too. really, even sunday is going to be hot. as soon as you show the midway
6:47 pm
and the fair, don't you smell it? >> yeah. my husband and a friend went to the races yesterday and they were sending me pictures of all the fair food. >> the picture of the carnival and horse races, you can just smell the food. probably not good for you. >> no. >> no. >> but it's part of our childhood. okay. so temperatures julie points out will be warmer or hotter tomorrow. tomorrow will be the hottest day this week. today's high in santa rosa was 96. tomorrow they are 100. 91 in livermore today. 100 tomorrow in livermore. so is it off the charts heat? no. it's just june or july, pardon me, and it's exactly what you might expect for this time of the year. i mean, it's -- you know, it's a little warmer than average. but we often see triple-digit heat. we do have that red flag warning to contend with tomorrow, late tonight into tomorrow night.
6:48 pm
and really red zone for that is late tonight into early- morning hours tomorrow. up in the hills in the higher elevations of the north bay. 90 in fairfield. 85 in napa. nice barbecue weather. even in san francisco where the temperatures -- what's the city temperature? yeah, 65. 70 at sfo. so it's a nice night. so next couple of nights all my friends out there you can light fires down by the ole vfw building. so i know what everybody is doing tonight. my family grew up in the avenues so i lean that way a little bit. there's the high pressure ridge as you go forward burning in hard. tomorrow is the hottest day of the week. 100-plus in the sacramento valley and around here, even at the beaches it's 70s tomorrow. then sunday, look who shows up? our old friend the fog. a little cooler pattern which will be nice. just break the heat wave. so sunday night barbecues not happening at the beach but
6:49 pm
tomorrow, it's going to be money out there! tonight, too. 101 in st. helena. 102 fairfield. these forecast highs take you through saturday. for sunday, subtract 7 to 8 degrees where temperatures drop quite a bit at the coast. 70s at the coast for the weekend. i wouldn't call this a heat wave. it's a couple of days. the red flag warning is concerning. if we can get through lunchtime tomorrow, a lot of the pressure will be off. >> thank you. new at 6:30 tonight, law enforcement in san joaquin county seized thousands of pounds of illegal fireworks just days before the 4th of july. a multi-agency operation led to the seizure of 14,000 pounds of illegal fireworks last night. 40-year-old stephen clark of stockton was taken into custody. investigators linked him to an
6:50 pm
ad for illegal fireworks on craigslist. he was arrested as undercover investigators posed as buyers. he faces felony charges. which nba veteran is on the warriors' wish list? the answer ahead. plus, the latest on negotiations that would mean a significant pay raise for the "dubs" head coach. scott reiss will have the details next in sports. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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we're talking basketball. one key person needs to be in place for the warriors to succeed again. >> and he is in place. he will be more well compensated. >> right. >> the moral of the story. if i told you the warriors were in negotiations to make steve kerr one of the nba's highest paid coaches your response would probably be, he is not one of them? that was my response. espn reporting the "dubs" and the coach are extension. kerr has been at the helm for four seasons. all he did was win three titles and lose in game 7 of the finals in the other year. he is 265-63 overall. kerr made $5 million in season middle of the pack in terms of coaching salary. we know when the warriors
6:54 pm
stars court a player they tend to get that player. draymond, k it. and steph are apparently lobbying for 38-year-old jamal crawford who was a warrior 10 years ago. he is a three-time sixth man of the year. he played 18 nba seasons but never made it past the conference finals. and now news which sounds bigger than it is. multiple sources reporting lebron james has opt the out of his deal with the cavaliers and will become an unrestricted free agent. this does not mean he is officially done in cleveland. but it does open up his options which will likely include the lakers, 76ers and rockets among others. the most famous putter on the pga tour is living up to the hype. tiger woods trying to revive his short game going with a new flat stick this weekend and it's paying off. round 2 of the quicken loans national in potomac, maryland, tiger shot even par in the first round, much better today the. started on the back nine here on the par 5 tenth. rolling it in and, yeah, i'd
6:55 pm
say the putter was a good investment. birdie drops into one. trouble on 18. you know what? you don't need the putter when do you this. chipping it right into the cup. >> oh!! >> that's a birdie to get him to2-under. on 3 another lazy birdie effort, 5-under 65 today at 5- under for the tournament tied for 11th four shots off the place. a little precision mowing. women's pga championship second round in illinois. brooks henderson -- sorry, senior u.s. open second round. that baseball player finished 22-over par. 14th hole the approach a thing of beauty. bounce, bounce and in. >> 67 today. he is 1-under for the
6:56 pm
tournament. your leader is jerry kelly, on 18. third shot for the par 4. kelly on the green and in the hole for bird. he is 5-under first place after two rounds. now the women's pga and brook henderson won this event two years ago and looking awfully good here on 7 for birdie. perfect read. and in. 1-under 71 tied for the lead at 6-under. fifth hole, beautiful shot over the bunker goes in. she is in a three-way tie at 6-under with henderson. it was also her 20th birthday so post round sweets, right? we didn't see odell beckham, jr. on the football field much last season thanks to a broken ankle. today we saw him on the baseball field. check this out segment, obj taking batting practice. looks like barry bonds.
6:57 pm
he is an athlete. swing and a drive! it's gone! football player hitting home runs and -- >> nice. >> getting props from the couple of guys who, you know, hit home runs for a living. and that's kind of a chuckle. this is kind of depressing. the las vegas construction of the raiders new football stadium. >> hm. >> oh. >> corner of i-15 and russell road. it will be home to the raiders and unlv and other major events slated to open in the fall of 2020. >> you can see the outline of it there. >> yeah. >> so we just live in the moment. one more year probably two at the coliseum and then they're gone. >> hope floor delays to keep them a little longer. >> hard to think of them not in oakland. >> thank you. >> a final check of the weather? hot tomorrow? >> it's going to be hot tomorrow. hottest day of the week for sure. 102, that red flag warning goes into effect tonight through tomorrow night. >> good night.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
look, i know you guys don't want to do this, but we have no choice. so, you can either bitch and whine or we can just get it over with. i got "whine." i got the "b word." yeah, well, it's in our contract to serve on a university committee. and frankly, this is one i believe in. okay, here we go. encouraging more women to pursue a career in the sciences. come on, if i was any good at convincing women to do stuff, i wouldn't have spent so much of my 20s in the shower. if you ask me, this whole thing is a waste of our time. helping women? yeah, helping anyone. people should take care of themselves. oh, like yesterday, when you made me drive you to the dry cleaners, the pharmacy and the post office? i'm not saying people can't use tools. even an otter picks up a rock when he wants a clam. you don't think it's worthwhile to try to get more women working in science. i think that's incredibly sexist of you.


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