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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  July 6, 2018 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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bought a house for them. goodwin says that his sister who has cerebral palsy has been a lifelong inspiration. goodwin had a breakout season last year signing a three-year $20 million contract. today, extra patrols in san francisco to make sure pedestrians and pedicab drivers stay safe this summer. players and coaches from the big3 basketball league visit a homeless encampment. handing out food and toiletries. rapper and actor ice cube is the cofounder of big3, he will join us live onset as he brings the league to oracle arena. >> we are so excited to welcome ice cube today, but first some business to get through. i picked one of my favorite songs on this international kissing day. i was thinking of the scene in
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pretty woman with julia roberts in the bathtub. so, frank mallicoat is here today and sal can we talk about your first kiss? >> it was not between us. >> i have asked this question and many people remember their name. do you have an approximate age? >> about 13. >> 14, freshman in high school. she is a realtor now. we will leave it at that. >> i did some research and found the average age for a first kiss, it is around 15 years old.>> i beat it by one year. >> you are advanced in a good way. anyway we are welcoming ice cube coming up but first let's start with some news into the newsroom. police in north richmond tell us they are investigating an overnight home invasion that ended in gunfire. they got the call after midnight someone broke into a home, the homeowner told police
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he shot the intruder out of fear for his own safety, police say that it appears to be a clear-cut case of protection. they say that the intruder tried to break into two other homes nearby, we have a crew headed to the scene and will bring you an update as soon as we can. let's get you an update on the wildfires across northern california. a couple of hours ago cal fire told us the county fire northeast of lake berryessa is 37% contained burning 138 square miles. cooler weather is helping them be more aggressive and able to build containment lines. an update on the pawnee fire in lake county. the fire that broke out two weeks ago is more than 23 square miles and remains 92% containment. cal fire says it should be fully contained in the next few days. more than 800 firefighters are cleaning up patrolling for
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hotspots. a local filmmaker is getting ready to debut a new documentary about the north bay fires. the urban inferno, the night santa rosa burned will premiere july 19 in santa rosa. dr. stephen seeger tells the story about how he and his neighbors were forced to flee their home to escape the flames. proceeds from the premiere will be donated to local fire related charities. we have an update on a fire burning to the north of california and oregon. the southbound lanes of interstate 5 were closed in ashland, oregon because of the fire, now the lanes are opened the police are escorting drivers through the fire zone northbound and southbound 5 between yreka, california and ashland. strike another fire started yesterday afternoon forcing evacuations in some areas burning through 8000 acres and it is just 5% contained. bay area whether he supposed to get warmer this weekend right?
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>> yes but today the relative humidity is up with clouds overhead, the clouds streaming in from tropical storm fabio and you might notice it is feeling muggy. a live look from san francisco across the bay we are partly sunny mostly cloudy for most of the afternoon. as again the clouds continue to stream in over the bay area. especially for the warmer locations, you could be feeling humid. a look at the coastline temperatures are in the 60s with the onshore breeze but there is also a south swell bringing in rip currents and sneaker waves to local beaches, especially the south facing beaches like stinson beach and santa cruz. 66 degrees in oakland, 61 san francisco, 70s in concord, starting out warmer with clouds in place and for the afternoon temperatures will be heating up. 75 oakland, 70 san francisco, mid-80s san jose, near 90 for
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the warmer locations and getting hotter for the bay area weekend. 60s on the coast with a seabreeze and then lower 80s around the bay with mid-90s saturday and sunday. a near repeat for the weekend just a little cooler monday and tuesday but mostly status quo. drought conditions are being felt across california. the drought monitor says more than 85% of california has abnormally dry or drought conditions. most of eastern napa county and lake county are experiencing moderate drought however the press democrat reports reservoir levels are much better than past summers. now let's look at the current drought conditions. we can see most of northern california is in yellow which means it is abnormally dry. some areas are in orange which means moderate drought. look at southern california though, more areas are in the moderate to severe drought. at the very bottom of the state
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to the bottom right corner we have a highlight in red which is area of extreme drought. excessive heat watch for most of southern california today and tomorrow as the area is facing a heat wave. valleys mountains and desert locations expect to be between 102 and 112 degrees. part of the coast could reach 100. officials are telling people to take extra precautions because of the increased heat. if you are headed to the beach over the weekend beware of high surf, the weather service issued a beach hazard warning from sonoma to monterey county through tomorrow afternoon, tropical storm fabio is causing some big swells with the largest waves this morning but if you're headed to the coast look out for rip tides and other dangerous conditions. police are in force looking for traffic infractions in san francisco. in the spot where a hit and run driver injured a pedicab driver
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last week. we take a look at the increased police presence. >> we have seen a marked increase in police patrols in san francisco along the embarcadero including this incident where police have confirmed this was a traffic infraction. it is unclear what that infraction was. when we were watching this we saw another police cruiser across the street on the other side of the embarcadero. police are stepping up patrols because of an influx of visitors this summer. just over one week ago the driver of a gold honda civic caused a chain reaction crash landing a family of four in the hospital leaving a pedicab operator critically injured. the operator kevin manning is still hospitalized. the family of four was treated and released. the examiner reports police are increasing patrols in the area looking for reckless drivers. the traffic division including regular patrol units and motorcycle units will carefully
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watch the area looking for reckless drivers. we were able to flag down a cyclist who told us what he has seen drivers do. >> i have seen them use the shoulder to run red lights. they do not feel like stopping on their way to work. >> is it dangerous out there? >> yes. >> reporter: the increased patrols are due to the influx of tourists that come in the summer. police are still looking for information about the pedicab incident. they were able to pull some pictures from my camera in the area. they are hoping there is more video for witnesses stepping forward. as you can see police are taking enforcement in the area very seriously. from san francisco christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. china retaliated against the united states imposing new tariffs on some u.s. imports after the usm post tariffs on $34 billion in chinese imports.
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the chinese foreign ministry says the tariffs take effect immediately but did not give any details on which products would be impacted. previously china said it would target everything from soybeans to electric cars. >> if a total global trade war breaks out, the eu, if they get included and we have a lot of trading going on china might drop global trade. >> president trump says tariffs on another $16 billion will take effect in the next two weeks. the asian financial markets responded calmly to the tariffs after falling 1% the shanghai composite finished up slightly, hong kong markets as well as south korea and japan show gains. gains in the united states with stocks opening higher following a solid jobs report from earlier. despite the escalation in trade
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tensions. the dow jones is up over .5% at the 24,500 mark. the s&p 500 and nasdaq have also gained. scott pruitt resigned as the head of the epa after months of controversy over management and how he used federal resources. in the resignation letter to the president pruitt wrote the attacks on me personally and my family are unprecedented and i have taken a sizable toll. more than a dozen federal investigations focused on pruitt's spending habits, first- class travel, excessive security expense and use of employees for personal errands with personal relationships. >> you do not want to give your opponents ammunition to use against you which he did.>> environmentalists have criticized pruitt over his support of oil companies and questioning of climate change. scott pruitt pushed to rollback
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environmental protections such as strict fuel standards for cars and trucks and a rule targeting emissions from coal fueled power plants. the deputy administrator andrew wheeler will become the acting administrator. he is a former coal industry lobbyist and former chief of staff to republican senator known for not believing in climate change. wheeler will be carrying out the same agenda as pruitt but will be under the radar. coming up, thousands of families separated at the border and coming up a proposal to use dna testing to reunite the children and parents. tragedy strikes a member of the rescue team working to free the young boys trapped in a cave in thailand. what a local scuba instructor tells us will be the biggest challenge if they attempt to swim out the young men.
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officials in thailand say
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that time is running out for the 12 boys and soccer coach trapped in a flooded cave. elon musk is considering sending a team of engineers to thailand to help. they will help using technology including pumping water or providing heavy-duty battery packs. the elon musk boring company could help with massive drills and excavation expertise. the situation may be too dangerous though and there is no word on whether or not officials have accepted the offer. the latest on the rescue efforts after a diver died overnight.>> 12 boys and their soccer coach spending two weeks in a partially flooded cave more than one mile underground in thailand, as volunteers work around the clock on a rescue plan and friday a massive operation suffering its first death for a former navy seal passing out underwater. >> it is very sad of course.
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we need to concentrate now on the project. >> workers are racing to pump water out of the cave but it might not be enough to expedite the rescue. meanwhile navy seals are working with the boys on developing skills needed to swim out of the cave. a dangerous and complex operation taking six hours to reach the surface.>> if the kids dive through that is the biggest obstacle. who is willing to take the risk. what is the weather going to be? >> officials need to get them out as soon as possible ahead of the heavy rain coming this weekend which will surely raise the water levels. also one issue depleting oxygen underground and the boys weakening physical condition. >> we can no longer wait for conditions because of the circumstance. originally we thought they could stay safe in the cave but circumstances have changed. we have limited time.
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>> the weather marking the start of the rainy season in thailand. from london ktvu fox 2 news. >> we talked with a longtime scuba instructor and owner of bay area scuba about the dire situation. yesterday scott jackson told us how challenging it would be to teach the young boys how to dive.>> they would have to teach them really strong and in- depth things in a short period of time. making sure the children are mentally completely ready because they have to swim out 1.2 miles underwater. that is a long time on the tank so they would have to have multiple tanks for each person in order to do it right.>> jackson says it is a six-hour track to get out of the cave from where the boys are and that is why crews are placing oxygen tanks along the route. he says the most important thing is the hardest to teach which is getting the boys to remain calm as they are coming
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out. the water is murky so when you go down with your mask you cannot see anything. so that would scare anybody.>> so they walked in but the rain came to flood them. >> they have no way to get out so they kept going back to avoid the water. >> we will be watching that over the weekend. a federal judge in sacramento has upheld most of the california sanctuary laws, the judge ruled the state can legally limit cooperation with immigration agents. he ruled the state can examine detention centers where immigrants are held however the judge said california cannot block private employers from allowing i.c.e. officials on the premises without a warrant. the government sued california in march saying that the laws affect the ability of federal immigration officers to do their jobs. in the ruling the judge wrote refusing to help is not the same as impeding.>> the measure is constitutional.
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it passes legal muster. you have the attorney general jeff sessions who is fixated and almost obsessed with immigrants. and people of color. just over the rule of law.>> governor brown has issued a statement that says only congress can chart the path forward by rising above and working together to solve this problem. bay area immigration activists continue to protest the trump immigration policies, members of occupy sf i.c.e. have been camped out in front of i.c.e. headquarters. since yesterday they blocked off part of a washington street with signs and cones, the group wants i.c.e. to be abolished. the trump administration is using dna testing to reunite families separated at the border. 2500 children were separated from their parents at the u.s. mexico border. the testing is necessary to make sure there are no mistakes
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with the reunions. the chief operating officer for a company called alliance dna says there are only 40 lives in the usa that are credited to do the testing. >> that is a lot of kids and parents to test. so to do it correctly, that is not something that can happen overnight. >> a federal judge has ordered the administration to reunite the children with their parents within 30 days. vallejo is right behind san francisco on a new list of the hottest housing markets in the country. june rankings on where homes sell the fastest, san francisco number six, vallejo number seven. vallejo is one of the most affordable places to purchase a home in the bay area and property is moving quickly. >> i remember when vallejo was the outer reaches of the bay area and that is the migration from people leaving the heart of the bay area to the more affordable area. >> it is not that far from
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napa. it is a nice area and the weather is nice. fairfield, even vacaville is becoming a suburb of the bay area. >> the secret is out. skyrocketing rent in san francisco and now a new study says it is the highest in the world. a study ranked the average rent in 540 cities around the world using data from a website that tracks the cost of living worldwide. san francisco was on top with an average rent of $3500 per month. hamilton, bermuda was second, manhattan number three with an average rent of $3000 a month. san jose came in fourth with an average of $2500. coming up on "mornings on 2 the 9", a man in antioch is facing multiple surgeries after a fourth of july injury. coming up, how his curiosity landed him in the hospital. mike pompeo is in north korea
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a moment of silence to remember the five people who were killed in a shooting at the capital gazette in maryland. >> one week ago almost to the minute, five of our friends neighbors and colleagues were brutally murdered in an active pure evil. our hearts go out to the families of those five beautiful individuals. and so do our prayers. >> after a moment of silence the staff gathered outside the building yesterday to mark that moment where the attacker open fire at 2:33 pm, they lost five coworkers in the attack. the editor ring the bell to
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honor each victim. the belt typically used to call staff meetings. mike pompeo is now in north korea and it is his second trip since the summit between president trump and kim jong-un. mike pompeo is there to talk about the commitment kim jong-un made to denuclearize the country. he will try to dispel sector schism about how seriously north korea is about giving up its nuclear arsenal. president trump will announce his supreme court nominee this monday and a new favor is emerging. the president has narrow down the list to three front runners, all of them are federal appellate court judges. brett kavanaugh, raymond kethledge and amy coney barrett. amy coney barrett has faced off with democrats during a nomination fight, brett kavanaugh is based in washington which could work against him. so it does appear that raymond kethledge is emerging as the front runner.>> the rumor and the buzz is that as of now today
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, the president really hit it off with raymond kethledge and he could be the new front runner even a dark horse a day ago. >> one thing the potential front runners have in common is their relative youth. the oldest is 53 so this is a decision that could have a lasting impact on the court. we are hearing from the woman who climbed onto the statue of liberty on independence day. therese okoumou is from staten island, she appeared before a judge on thursday and was charged with trespassing, disorderly conduct and interference with government function. following the court appearance she says she climbed on the statue to raise awareness about president trump's immigration policies and how they hurt immigrant communities. her next court date is set for august 3. new troubles for tesla has several reports say that cal osha has opened a third investigation into the electric car company.
9:26 am
cal osha would not reveal the investigation but confirmed to business insider that last month they began looking into a complaint. we checked cal osha enforcement and there are three current investigations. cal osha looked into tesla in april after allegations the company misreported workplace injuries and failed to take safety measures at the fremont factory. the sf mta is taking away another left turn option on a busy street. today the agency will be getting rid of the left turn on hayes street. that is to help speed up bus travel. the change is part of a $316 million improvement project, the latest move leaves the street with only two left turns, one northbound at lombard street and southbound at broadway street. coming up, good news for doughnut lovers. coming up we will take you to the south bay to the first dunkin' donuts location in san jose. fe the price.
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welcome back to this gorgeous friday. we have been cool during the week and then warmer on the weekends and that is happening again but not quite as hot. thank goodness for that. we are excited in the newsroom, just minutes away from welcoming ice cube to the set to talk about the big3 basketball tournament. >> it will be great and i guess the league is doing really well. >> it is very unique because i like the four point shot. that is going to get my attention. >> name it the steph curry. as we wait we will run over and say good morning to dave clark as we get caught up on the news a for the day. here are some of your top stories. in 90 minutes, the funeral will
9:30 am
begin for jahi mcmath at the gospel church on 66th avenue, five years ago when she was 13 jahi mcmath made national news when after undergoing a tonsillectomy at the children's hospital in oakland she suffered complications and was later declared brain-dead. the family sued moving her to new jersey where families can reject a diagnosis of brain death based on religious beliefs. the family says that she died last month from liver failure and a brain injury stemming from the tonsillectomy. her family is now suing oakland children's hospital for malpractice. a public health advisory in effect for the martinez and pacheco areas in contra costa. workers at the shell oil refinery are trying to fix a problem with the compressor. eye nose or throat irritation may be possible if you have sensitive breathing problems but most people will not be affected. a local golf coach arrested suspected of molesting young students. the alameda county sheriff's
9:31 am
office says the 52-year-old kenny kim is in custody on eight felony counts of sexual assault. the alleged victims are all girls who were coached by kim. he was an instructor at country drive golf center but authorities say that he also coached at other courses in the bay area. those are some of your morning headlines, back to you guys. in san francisco the man accused of shooting and killing a security guard on monday is facing murder charges. 24-year-old cardell mason coleman appeared in court and is being held without bail in connection to the shooting at a public housing complex in bayview. the security guard, rolando romero of hayward was taken to san francisco general hospital where he was pronounced dead. romero worked for stars & stripes protective services. police have not given us a motive for the shooting. a south bay city is dealing
9:32 am
with white supremacist posters again. they were found plastered around saratoga on the fourth of july. one of them says keep america american and also says report any and all illegal aliens, they are not immigrants, they are criminals. the posters reference a website channeling nazi ideology and associate it with a texas white supremacist. >> it is offensive and it has no place anywhere really but especially along a community and the irony is that it is independence day. it is very unwelcoming and harsh and unnecessary.>> city officials said the person who put up the sign faces a fine of $100. a man from antioch is in the hospital after a serious accident involving a discarded firework. amber lee spoke to his wife and
9:33 am
has more on the injuries which will take a long time to recover from.>> he was curious. >> alejandro bravo says it was curiosity that likely led to francisco alfaro of antioch lighting a firework he found in a dumpster at his work. he works as a mechanic at an auto repair shop. it was thursday morning the day after july 4.>> it caught my attention instantly like a big bomb. i looked outside and i saw the smoke coming toward the office. i said that is my parking lot so outside i could see him running. >> gomez jr. is the son of the owner and he called 911. the victim's coworker who is also his brother-in-law says he was with alfaro when he found a roman candle. he says the blast tore into the flesh of his hand and he wrap them with towels to try to stop the bleeding. >> i was very scared. >> his wife shared with us this
9:34 am
photo of alfaro from july 4 enjoying a family barbecue. she says he is a loving and responsible husband and father to their two daughters ages 11 and six. he works hard to support them. she says the injuries are life- changing and he lost part of all five fingers on his left hand and part of his thumb on his right hand. she says shrapnel also hit his eye. >> i want to take him home but i cannot. >> he will now be undergoing multiple surgeries for both hands and he will likely be in the hospital for months. she is speaking out in hopes of preventing people from playing with fireworks. amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. people in one community in san jose say the city is not doing enough to stop illegal
9:35 am
fireworks. fireworks. it has become a popular spot in santa clara for people to set off illegal fireworks, the city has received over 1800 complaints from residents worried about fires. authorities are investigating if illegal fireworks caused small grass fires wednesday night. now a look at some other cities. san bruno, police arrested 25 people for fireworks and there were $1000 in fines. oakland police arrested five people for having illegal fireworks, in santa cruz county deputies issued 15 citations and confiscated hundreds of illegal fireworks. >> people in sacramento are looking for some pets that ran away after being spooked by the fireworks. yesterday the front history animal shelter was caring for a number of dogs that found their way there after running away from home because of variety information programs. the shelter saw fewer strays this year compared to past years. >> more and more people are aware and perhaps we won't hate
9:36 am
the fourth of july anymore. >> although there were a number of reunions some dog owners are still looking for their lost pets. shelter workers say do not give up even if you visited all of the shelters and you have not found your dog, after a few days keep checking back. some people find them take them in before notifying animal control. a cure for the jitters and shakes of coffee withdrawal. where is my cup of coffee? dunkin' donuts is now operating in san jose. south bay reporter jesse gary shows us the big crowd that came out on one -- day one. >> the flavor of the east coming west, the first dunkin' donuts in san jose opens today at 6:00 in the morning. along with the long lines, you can see this line stretches from the counter to the front door. a lot of anxious coffee jittery people waiting in line to get their prize, the prize dunkin'
9:37 am
donuts and dunkin' donuts coffee. the franchise started on the east coast but has made its way west and you can see the popularity as people are very eager to get a taste. some are trying for the first time, others are longtime supporters who have been waiting. >> every day my dad would bring me a doughnut when i was a little girl so i thought it would be really neat. i have never had one before. >> when i heard they were opening i was very excited and i came yesterday back to the drive through and i wanted to know what time they were opening. so i got to meet one of the owners and he was from the east coast. and he was a steelers fan.>> the franchise owner of the location says he owns 10 stores in connecticut but wanted to expand west. >> we fell in love with the city. we have been extremely successful, it is so exciting
9:38 am
and we are happy to be here part of the community. we are hoping to make a mark. >> dunkin' donuts will be open at 6:00 until 9:00 today but starting monday it will be 5:00 am until 10:00 pm. get your donuts and coffee, get here early judging by the lines. from san jose jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. we have been informed ice cube is in the building for his big3 professional basketball league is in town. we will talk live with ice cube in just a moment but before we do that, the teams are spending some time in the community. >> players and coaches including baron davis, gary payton and charles oakley will be visiting homeless encampments dropping off groceries. >> alyssa harrington is at one of the locations on 27th street and northgate avenue and joins us with more.>> reporter: good
9:39 am
morning. i am at the northgate cabins, a group of 40 shed that house 40 people. this is where the ricky davis legacy foundation is giving out groceries and toiletries and all sorts of things to help these people who do not have access to these items. a person with the city told me this is more than just giving out food. this is a way to improve self- confidence and give them a boost to get out and maybe start looking for a job to better their lives. we are not allowed to go inside but ricky davis and some of his friends are handing out items. they are meeting with people talking with them and they are taking donations. live from oakland alyssa harrington, ktvu fox 2 news. >> coming up on "mornings on 2 the 9", we will be joined with ice cube.
9:40 am
cofounder of big3, rapper and actor. ice cube will be live on the set, so stick with us. we will be right back.
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at the marine mammal center, the environment is everything. we want to do our very best for each and every animal, and we want to operate a sustainable facility. and pg&e has been a partner helping us to achieve that. we've helped the marine mammal center go solar, install electric vehicle charging stations, and become more energy efficient. pg&e has allowed us to be the most sustainable organization we can be. any time you help a customer, it's a really good feeling.
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it's especially so when it's a customer that's doing such good and important work for the environment. together, we're building a better california. big3 is a three on three basketball league created by ice cube and tonight they are coming to oracle arena. >> one ticket will get you in to see four games and 40 great players featuring hall of famer's and former nba champions including baron davis, world peace and of mari stoudemire. >> gary payton is back in town coaching the three-headed monsters, the season tipped off last month in houston. >> for more on the big3 ice cube joins us this morning, thank you for being here. i knew you were in the building because i saw all the people
9:43 am
coming. so you do so much, you are an actor a rapper. you have films and now basketball. how do you keep everything straight? do you like being busy?>> i am very passionate, especially about sports. basketball, i am a big basketball fan. so to have something like the big3 in the second year to be widely accepted like this. this is my baby and they can't pull me away from it. >> talk about the players. they have the senior tour for golf and these guys are older but they still have game and how excited are they to finally have an outlet to come show off? >> it is great. some of the guys really deserve to be back in the nba. they are 31, 32 years old. you know, they can still ball and they want to show on this level. it is great to be able to give these guys a place to go when
9:44 am
there nba career is over or when they think they have a shot. i can imagine being 30 years old and somebody telling me it is over you are done. so you know i feel for these guys and to have a place for them to land is great. >> it would seem to many you never had rejection but were there times when people said no ? >> yes, people said no about this idea. think god for fox for taking a chance showing the world people love three on three but rejection should motivate. especially when you know you have something that will work. rejection should feel the fire. >> you know that now that you have experience. back when you were very young and you got your first big no you may have handled it differently? >> a little differently, but really sometimes hearing the
9:45 am
word now is the best thing because maybe you can go back and refine your idea and then come back bigger and better. you know, so sometimes no is a good word because it makes you go back and work harder. you come back. >> you are a huge sports fan and i have seen you on espn and fox and talking sports. what is it about sports that captured you? obviously you are a big lebron fan, i saw your tweet. so how do you feel about lebron and do you think the west will be more competitive? >> without a doubt. he is the best player in the league, but you know the warriors stacked up so it will be pretty competitive. i am looking forward to the season. i am a big sports fan. it is a place where people can really be themselves and show their true talent. it is usually fair and square
9:46 am
in between the lines. >> i know the raiders and the lakers so maybe the lakers and warriors will have a good rivalry. >> yes, why not? i think san francisco and los angeles have something going on anyway. so we might as well keep it going. it is already there in baseball. >> so you have a four point shot. talk about that and steph curry would probably eat it up. >> it is inspired by people like steph curry. if you can shoot from that far you should get another point. 30 feet from the basket. we have three circles. you can actually defend it but if you touch one piece of the circle when you shoot you get four. >> do you have relationships with any of these guys like lebron or steph curry? you guys must hang out sometimes?>> i am just a fan. i like keeping it that way. there is a little buffer
9:47 am
because i don't get to fan out too much so in sports i don't want to get too close to the athletes. i want to be able to scream and yell. >> some of the people you have in the league like clyde drexler was the commissioner. >> well, that is a heaven sent because we really needed somebody with her experience. experience running a sports franchise. to have amy on the team, i feel like we are renting because she has 30 years of experience and if you can deal with al davis you can deal with me. >> how long are you in the bay area and what are you doing?>> just promoting the big3. i have been here for a couple of days going through the city. we had something great we did yesterday at the boys and girls club where we encouraged kids to come out and play basketball. doing it with adidas.
9:48 am
it has been cool to give back to the community. we will refurbish a court through nancy lieberman who is one of the coaches. so it has been a great experience. i cannot wait to bring it to oakland. >> what is surprising is how the old guys can still get up. >> without a doubt, these guys can really play. some of them never stopped. just because they were not in the nba, they do pick up games and they get together and ball. they love it, some guys train every day like they are in the nba. so when i put this together it was right up their alley. >> so your oldest player is?>> the oldest player is 49 years old. he had the game-winning shot in the first week. i plan for him to play great this week. >> you said this is your thank you to fans so what you want to say to all those people who stop you in the coffee shop or tweet you, what do you want to
9:49 am
say to everyone who has been with you for so long?>> thank you. i have been in entertainment for over 30 years and people have rolled with my punches. this project, music, or movies. now it is basketball and people have been able to roll with me and i appreciate it. a lot of artists do not have the luxury to be able to do many things. >> have you mellowed out? >> i don't think so. i am full speed ahead. i am a young man with a lot to do.>> i like it, i love it. the big3 tonight at oracle arena beginning at 5:00 pm. watch it live here on ktvu fox 2 news. if you want to go we have to get information on find it in the web links section under the "mornings on 2 the 9" tab. thank you so much ice cube. >> the doors open at 3:00.
9:50 am
come early. leave work if you have to leave work.
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i have been tweeting photos of ice cube. the pictures are continuing but right now is your chance to win two tickets to the toyota sonoma nationals on friday, july 27 at the sonoma raceway,
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the winner will get two thunder alley passes and one parking pass. enter by going to the ktvu facebook page and fill out the entry form, entries will be accepted until 11:59 tonight. the prize has a retail value of $140 and is provided by sonoma raceway, one winner will be selected july 9. you can see the official rules by going to . another big weekend for marvel with the release of antman and the wasp. anita vogel talks about the sequel. >> back for another microscopic adventure. paul rudd, evangeline lilly and michael douglas return. >> she seems more intense. >> after being placed on house arrest the pint sized superhero struggles to be a better father.
9:54 am
he finds it hard when he is lord back to fight crime by his ex and her father. it was almost a no-brainer to sign back on. >> i love that you said no- brainer because i have a lot of questions like so what went into this? it must've been difficult. and i'm like no.>> i had no choice. i was hoping that it would be round two. i certainly wanted it to be. i hope there is round three. i love doing it. >> who would have thought you would have turned to us?>> 73- year-old michael douglas got to go back in time during part of the movie playing opposite of michelle pfeiffer. >> that was on my bucket list. i did not anticipate we would work together and look like we had been working for 40 years. >> after playing the aunt -sized hero, paul rudd is forever changed. >> i feel like an and farm is
9:55 am
jail. i would not ever want, if anything i will buy one to free them. those are my brothers and sisters behind the glass. >> in hollywood anita vogel, fox news. the quarterfinals of the fee for world cup, france faced off against uruguay this morning and the french advanced with a little help from the opposing goalkeeper. watch. >> a big shot punched away and it went in. >> there it goes, france was up when the goalkeeper from uruguay muffed the shot allowing the bolt to get past him. france is one of the favorites and is now headed to the semi finals next week after their victory. the next match at 11:00, the heavyweights with brazil and belgium facing off. that is also on fs 1 and we
9:56 am
want to invite you to the upcoming world cup parties in san francisco at the civic center plaza, ktvu will emcee the semi finals on the 10th and 11th with the finals on the 15th. for the first time since suffering a stroke and head injury, giants legend returning to at&t park. this is a photo of the hall of famer with his son yesterday. he spoke to a small group of reporters about his recovery since falling in fairfield. according to reports the 80- year-old was in a medically induced coma for several days after the accident but is now recovering well. he is crediting visitors like the giants ceo and former manager dusty baker with helping him recover. cepeda played 17 years in the mlb for six teams and made seven all-star appearances. marquise goodwin is sharing his good fortune with the
9:57 am
people he loves. he posted on social media that he purchased a house for his mother and sister who has cerebral palsy and posted the moment they found out, goodwin says his sister has been a lifelong inspiration for him. they are just 10 months apart so they grew up together in every sense of the word. goodwin had a breakout season last year with the 49ers signing a three-year $20 million contract. thank you for joining us. we will see you back here for the noon newscast. have a great friday.
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