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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  July 6, 2018 4:00pm-4:58pm PDT

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>> the family had no other way to protect themselves other than self-defense. >> it's not just northern california dealing with dangerous wildfires. the new video of flames consuming a home in san diego. >> we have a limited amount of time. >> with the clock ticking to rescue the boy trapped in a flooded cave in thailand, help is on the way from tesla ceo elon musk. the "four on 2" starts now. we begin with this crime scene tape. police officers and investigators surround a home in richmond. police say a man tried to break into this house in the middle of the night and was met by a homeowner with a gun. that homeowner took aim at the burglar, who targeted his home. welcome to the "four on 2". i'm andre senior. >> i'm heather holmes. that 47-year-old suspect authorities say broke a window and the broke into the house and the resident shot the intruder several times. paul chambers reports from richmond with the story. >> reporter: heather, we attempted to talk to the
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homeowners but they declined. this is still an open and active investigation. but right now, police believe this was a clear-cut case of self-defense. crime scene tape can still be seen outside this richmond house where police say a home invasion happened. >> a neighbor came home and saw a man on the fence climbing the fence. he shined his light on him because it was dark. and when he called out, he scared the person away. >> reporter: witnesses report the man banged on several doors and went through people's yards. just after midnight, richmond police say that same man tried to break into two homes. however, when the suspect came upon this house in the 3100 block of alta mere drive he broke the window and went inside. moments later he was eye to eye with a resident with a gun. >> he was confronted by the family member and he did not yield. he did not retreat. he continued to advance and so again, for the satyof the occup within the home, force was -- i
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assumed fireworks and thought nothing more of it. >> reporter: the sound of the residents. police say the suspect was shot in the upper torso and taken to an area hospital where he is listed in critical condition. since the suspect forcibly entered the house, no charges will be filed against the victim. >> this is a clear case of a felony and the family had no other way to protect themselves other than self- defense. >> i feel bad that he has to live with that for the rest of his life, though, because you still had to -- even though you're defending yourself, you still shot a person. >> reporter: again, the suspect is listed in critical condition. police have yet to release his identity but they did say he has had prior run-ins with police for home invasions. >> thank you. now to some breaking news in san diego county where crews right now battling at
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least three wildfires. the largest and most destructive is th populated areas. evacuations are way. right now, you're looking at the damage from this fire. cal fire says the fire is burning at a, quote, critical rate of speed. as you can see here again from these pictures, it's burned 350 acres and about a dozen homes. one firefighter is injured. southern california experiencing a heat wave. temperatures are extremely high and winds are strong both of which are creating a challenge for the firefighters. coming up in about 15 minutes, a live interview with cal fire for an update on this fire in san diego county as well as a large fire that turned deadly. vice president mike pence with a message to those calling to abolish i.c.e. and the administration is fighting fomore time to get families back together. ray bogan reports from washington. >> reporter: vice president mike pence today defending
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federal immigration authorities and vowing that the president has their back. >> under president donald trump, we will never abolish i.c.e.! >> reporter: the vice president gave immigration and customs enforcement a morale boost today as he ripped politicians like senator elizabeth warren and new york mayor bill de blasio who called for the agency to be abolished. >> zero tolerance still exists. that's breaking an american tradition of respecting people fleeing oppression. >> these spurious attacks on i.c.e. by our political leaders must stop. >> reporter: while the administration is on offense at the podium, they are scrambling behind the scenes to get separated illegal immigrants back together. they have asked a federal judge to extend two deadlines for when children and parents must be reunited. >> we are operating at this point under an artificial deadline set by the court to make that happen. and we will do the best we can ensure child welfare consistent with the court's order. >> reporter: a new "washington
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post" poll shows americans overwhelmingly oppose the policy of separating children from their parents at the border. 69 to 29%. congressional democrats are more trusted to handle immigration issues overall, the poll also found that president trump is more trustworthy when it comes to handling border security. the "washington post" poll also showed that if the congressional midterm elections were held today, 37% of voters were favor republicans but 47% of voters would favor a democrat. in washington, ray bogan, fox news. ers's request today request to add more time to reunite children, there is another hearing scheduled monday. u.s. officials are using dna testing to try to bring families back together. more than 2500 children were separated from their parents after crossing the u.s./mexico border illegally. the director of health and human services says the testing is necessary to make
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sure there are no mistakes with any of the reunions. the chief operating officer for a company called alliance dna says there are only about 40 labs in the u.s. that are accredited to do this type of testing. >> a lot of kids, a lot of parents to test, you know? so to do it correctly, i would be -- it's not something that can happen overnight. >> the judge today ordered the justice department to provide more information about the children separated who were under the age of 5 by tomorrow afternoon with the american civil liberties union. they sued last month for reunification. the judge hopes they can agree on which children if any can be excused from the original deadline coming up on tuesday. family and friends of oakland teenager jahi mcmath were wearing purple today. she was buried in a purple
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coffin today. mcmath was 13 when she had complications from tonsil hospital in 2013. 's doctors declared her brain- dead but her family didn't accept that. they moved her to new jersey, where families can reject a brain death diagnosis based on religious belief. >> there are not god. >> come on. >> so angry people say -- >> she was laid to rest at mount eden cemetery in hayward. the family says the teen died from liver failure and brain injury on june 22nd. her family filed a malpractice suit against the hospital. more troubles for tesla. a new report says that cal/osha has opened a third active investigation into the
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bay area electric car company. cal/osha wouldn't reveal the investigation, but confirmed to the news agency the business insider that last month it began looking into a complaint. cal/osha opened an investigation into tesla in april after a report that the company misreported workplace injuries and failed to take some safety measures at its fremont factory. the electric automaker started letting model 3 customers take test drives today. they waited a long time after putting down the deposits. ktvu's south bay reporter jesse gary live now at the tesla dealership in dublin, one of the four that's offering those test drives. jesse. >> reporter: heather, good afternoon to you. customers started coming here to this dealership for test drives when the dealership opened this morning. those test drives continue until 6:00 tonight. in a week where wall the company is trying to get production to catch up with demand. california
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dealcustomers to come in, kick the tires and then take the all-electric car for a spinn'li anything online, you know, direct unless i can touch it. >> reporter: alex with daughter in tow has a $1,000 deposit riding on whether or not he likes this ride. 20 minutes later, the thumbs up. >> i put it through the sort of the test on the road, you know, chris said i was -- i got his attention there for a second. but you need to do that to see the limits of the car to some extent. >> reporter: tesla was pushing the limits of its customers' patience. tens of thousands of people put down deposits for the model 3 in 2016 but production delays slowed delivery to a crawl. but production now meets the company's goal of 5,000 a e wai- called affordable tesla is down. for some just seeing is
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believing. $35,000 for the base model. >> when i walked in, i got th. especially when i saw this beautiful red one, it was great. >> reporter: tesla isn't without detractors. this woman ran low on battery while she and her husband drove back to southern california. >> in the morning we had to tow the car on a flatbed here for a charge to get back to los angeles. >> reporter: a night in a tri- valley two-star motel hasn't dimmed her view of tesla. >> the features are amazing. i'm still -- i'm still not mad at the car because the car is amazing. >> reporter: customers rave about handling, power and features. one complaint about air noise but nothing that would change decisions or take money off the table in the race to make electric vehicles affordable for the masses. >> that's why i'm here. >> reporter: the tesla chairman elon musk says he will set a new production goal
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for the model 3 next month possibly about 6,000 cars per week which is good because there are plenty of customers who don't have their model 3s. the test drives continue for the foreseeable future according to company officials. live in dublin this afternoon, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. back to you. >> the wait continues. it seems like people don't mind the wait. thank you so much. a new line of safety for those living in the north bay. details about the wildfire cameras that could go up this fall in sonoma county. >> also, the first test now on that desperate and delicate race to rescue a soccer team trapped in a flooded cave in thailand and tesla's ceo elon musk has a possible plan to help. >> and in weather, a cloudy humid and warm friday. still we have a few scattered high clouds out there as we head into friday evening. talk about warmer temperatures in the weekend forecast. we'll have that coming up after the break.
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a new reason to worry in the race to rescue those 12 boys and their soccer coach who have been trapped in a flooded cave for more than a week in thailand. a former thai navy seal died a coach in a partially flo cave for two weeks in
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thailand. they are working on a rescue plan. one person died onformer thai n out under water and died. >> sad, of course. we need to concentrate now on getting them out. >> reporter: workers are trying to pump water out of the cave fast but it might not be enough. thai navy seals are working with the boys on developing skills needed to swim out of the cave. a dangerous and complex operation taking at least six hours to reach the surface. >> we get the kids to dive through. that's the biggest obstacle. who is willing to take the risk? what is going to be -- is there going to be any changes? >> reporter: officials say they need to get the boys out as soon as possible ahead of heavy rain over the weekend that will almost surely raise water levels again. also an issue depleting oxygen underground and the boys' weakening physical conditions. >> we can no longer wait for
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conditions to be met because circumstances are pressing us. we originally thought they could stay save for quite some time but circumstances have changed. we have a limited amount of time. >> reporter: the weather this weekend marking the start of the rainy season in thailand which could last for months. greg palkot, ktvu fox 2 news, in london. elon musk. he sent a team of engineers to help with those rescue efforts in thailand. the team plans to see just how they can help using musk's technologies including pumping water or providing heavy duty battery packs. musk's tunneling startup company the boring company which it's called could also potentially help with its massive drills or excavation expertise. but those methods may be too dangerous in this particular situation. a wildfire ranging near the oregon border has left at least one person dead. the klamathon fire has burned more than 8,000 ac hornbrook, california, in
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siskiyou county. the circumstances of the death haven't been released. i-5 was shut stranded. around 9:00 this morning, officers began escorting drivers through the burn zone. east of lake berryessa is now 37% contained. it's consumed more than 88,000 acres in napa and yolo counties. there are still mandatory evacuations in effect west of highway 16. cal fire says crews are working aggressively here to build containment lines. they say the weather is good today but they are expecting more hot and windy weather this weekend. steep and inaccessible terrain made it difficult for firefighters along the north side of the fire. and this fall there could be a new group of cameras watching over sonoma unto help respond and decide where to send resources. joining us now is cal fire battalion chief to talk about the cameras. before, mike, we get to the cameras, we are following that breaking news in san diego county. do you have any updates for us on just how that firefight is
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going? >> we do. the fire you're referring to is called hern san diego county it's over 350 acres. several homes have been destroyed. we have zero percent containment. but the conditions that we're seeing here in the north -- going see statewide as they enter into a record- breaking heat wave and their first red flag warning of the season. >> it's terrible down there so many homes destroyed. we are looking at video now. let's talk about the cameras that were about to possibly get in sonoma county here. i understand that san diego possibly had similar cameras like this. describe what they are and how they work. >> they do -- in fact, in san diego, that's a very successful system where these cameras are linked to our dispatch centers along with some of the utility companies where we can monitor them. but any type of technology that we can add to our arsenal in early detection and early response is definitely an we mentioned in san di detectio
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i don't know if it played a role in detecting it early but we can monitor -- we can use the cameras during an active fire to monitor smoke conditions and it helps us guide what wind direction is going by the smoke column. so they are -- continued monitoring is a benefit to the overall firefighting. >> soual be able to look and see where the -- so you'll be able to look and see where the fire is developing. >> some of these cameras are actually -- have heat detection systems on them and depending on the resolution and the type of camera again where it's located, it can help incident commanders make operational decisions by having another view or another set of eyes technically in the field. >> yeah. obviously, great tools. i hate to use the cliche but bo you guys. here we are, though, mike, just the first week of july,
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already seeing some of the largest fires this early in the season in california that we have seen in a very long time. you got to be concerned as we head into more hot, dry weather this weekend. >> no. you're absolutely right. unfortunately, 2018, our first red flag warning, um, up here, um, this year resulted in three major fires and now we see the klamathon fire again under red flag conditions. the term new normal, it's no longer new normal. it's normal statewide. so yes, we have added additional resources not only ground but air resources statewide in anticipation of, unfortunately, it looks like, a very, very busy fire year. >> new normal. definitely scary to hear. cal fire battalchief mike you for joining us. >> thank you. let's turn things over now to our meteorologist mark tamayo because, mark, this is
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really going to be the longest stretch, if you will, where we have had these sustained higher temperatures. >> what's concerning is this forecast heading into the weekend, we typically talk about a one to two-day heat-up and then fog comes back, we could be talking about 90s for up to five days. so as things dry out and heat up, of course, we are talking about an elevated fire danger here in the bay area. you heard the captain talking about the conditions in southern california an excessive heat warning is in place right now for places like los angeles, palm springs, even closer to the hills east of san diego. they have a red flag warning closer to los angeles right now. take a look at that currentch in san bernardino. 118 degrees! so they have the excessive heat warning for portions of southern california. as we come in closer to the fires you heard about the building fire but the west fire that has been the most destructive so far and the current conditions still showing some very hot, dry conditions. right now 99, topping 100
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degrees. and winds gusting to over 20 miles an hour close to the alpine fire still very dry. so you would expect this part of the state to have hot, dry conditions. that's what they have today. and they also have some gusty winds. now, for us, we'll have elevated fire danger through the weekend. it felt very muggy today, very tropical, even reports of a few sprinkles in portions of san francisco. you see that green on the radar from earlier this morning. satellite right now showing lingering high clouds in portions of the north bay. current numbers, one site in san francisco showing you a mild 77 degrees. also seeing some more low 70s in san francisco. santa rosa 86. livermore 95. concord 93 degrees. so we definitely warmed up for very muggy and humid across portions of the bay area. here's a live camera looking out towards the bay bridge. a bit of haze, so air quality could be impacted by this weather pattern into the
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weekend. here's the plan for tomorrow morning. we could have some patchy fog around the coast and bay. in the afternoon, more sunshine. temperatures at the coast, cool temperatures head west. readings in the low to mid- 60s. around the bay 70s approaching 80. and inland, yup, talking about some more 90s and a few spots inland could be topping the mid-90s. so heating up in your saturday outbreak. take a look. 96 in concord. 97 in antioch. san francisco lower 70s. santa rosa 91. and some more neighborhoods for you. still some more 90s to show you toward pleasanton and livermore. san jose close to 90. 89 degrees. gilroy 96. as i mentioned, this warm to >> top diplomat is back in north korea. the rumors that forced this high level face-to-face meeting.
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for the first time since the historic korean summit, the u.s. and north korea are having high level face-to-face meetings. secretary of state mike pompeo is in north korea to crank up the diplomatic efforts. as jillian turner tells us, there are reports that negotiations over the north's denuclearization have stalled. >> reporter: president trump's top diplomat is visiting pyongyang. secretary of state mike pompeo arriving for the first high level meetings between american and north korean officials since the historic trump-kim summit.
4:27 pm
pompeo's visit comes amid rumors of a potential stall in negotiations over the north's denuclearization plan and its intentions. but the state department says their playbook is the same. >> we have had very clear conversations with them. there will be no surprises in terms of what we are asking them to do. our policy remains the same today as it was going into the singapore summit. >> reporter: it's still unclear how the administration plans to verify whether north korea is living up to its end of the bargain. despite national security adviser john bolton as timeline of one year for kim jong-un to get rid of nuclear weapons, experts say regional powers will likely play an important role in enforcing any final agreement. >> track on russia and china nefarious actors already talking about trying to ratchet down the sanctions before denuclearization. >> reporter: but with the potential trade war with washington looming, it might not be easy to get beijing on
4:28 pm
board. still, the chinese government applauds the diplomatic progress. for now. >> we are certainly happy to see the u.s. and north korea meet each other halfway enhance communication and strive together for the implementation of the consensus. >> reporter: after his talks in pyongyang, pompeo goes to tokyo and hanoi coordinating diplomatic strategy with key allies in the region. in washington, gillian turner, fox news. the u.s. imposes billions of dollars in tariffs on chinese goods. china responds almost immediately with tariffs of its own. coming up next, details about what the chinese -- about what china calls the biggest trade war in economic history. >> plus, everybody knows bay area rent is sky high. but maybe not this high. the new list that san francisco tops.
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new u.s. tariffs on chinese goods took effect today and china is hitting back with its own tariffs and it could import us. the port of oakland says california growers could feel it. agricultural exports to asia through the port have grown at least 40% in the last five years alone. the chinese tariffs could hit california products such as wine, meat and nuts. they are also likely to made goods from china more spencer. farmers expensive. >> reporter: the united states imposing 25% tariffs on $34 billion of chinese imports. it is one of several potential hikes which could impact up to $550 billion of goods from
4:32 pm
china. the duties come after the trump administration accused beijing of stealing american companies' intellectual property and denying access to their market, something ch respect president xi. but they have been killing us! >> reporter: beijing responding with tariffs of its own. china previously listing american goods it said would be hit with a fee including soybeans, electric cars, whiskey and pork. >> our view is that trade war is never a solution. china would never start a trade war. but if any party resorts to increase of tariffs, then china will take measures in response. >> reporter: some u.s. farm workers showing concern over the back and forth between the world's two largest economies and what it could cost them. >> if it goes on and it really -- the -- the pain looks to be less temporary and more permanent, i think there's going to be a reaction for that. >> you don't have a direct impact on something, there's
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not a lot you can do. i just have to ha quick manner take care of it. >> reporter: president trump says more penalties on another $16 billion woh goods will go into effect in two weeks. in washington, ray bogan, fox nekept up their hiring spree last month. the labor department says 213,000 jobs were added in june. economists say that's a sign of confidence from employers. the report though also says the unemployment rate went from 3.8% to 4%, as more people start looking for jobs. the jobs report kept the trade fears at bay on wall street today: healthcare and tech stocks led the rally. we have long been reporting on skyrocketing rents in san francisco and now a new study says san francisco rents are actually the highest in the world. the study by wallet wise
4:34 pm
ranked the average rethe websit that tracks the cost of living in cities worldwide. san francisco comes out on top with an rent of $3,500 a month. hamilton, bermuda, comes in second at $3,400. manhattan is third at $3,050,000 a month. and san jose comes in with $2,500 a month in fourth. takes the pass, sends it in, score! >> from russia to the watch parties in paris, french fans certainly loving what they sauteed. and the 1st quarter final match of the world cup, france took on uruguay and france of course one of the favorites and they showed it today knocking out uruguay 2-0. they waited to see just who they would play.
4:35 pm
belgium in charge. >> they were 2-0 overscored a g second half to make it 2-1. after that >> there are two more quarterfinal games that you can watch right here on ktvu coming up tomorrow. first, it's england taking on sweden kickoff at 7 a.m. and then the host nation russia takes on croatia at 11 a.m. tomorrow morning and again you can catch both of those matches right here on ktvu. if you want to watch the fifa world cup semifinal matches with other soccer fans, we have the place for you. ktvu is holding a viewing party for the big games tuesday and wednesday at the park in san francisco. sco. there will be soccer games, rock wall, fun for will want to
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early and bart and muni are your best options. it's not just crews here in california that are battling destructive wildfires. details about some of the other big fires in colorado and utah. >> and in weather, we are talking about a warming forecast that will boost the fire danger across the entire state. outside now, we have partly to mostly sunny skies. coming up, we'll highlight the hottest day in our five-day forecast. that's after the break. . ♪
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we have been reporting on the destructive northern california wildfires now for about a week but it's not just california with flames. colorado and utah also have wildfires burning strong prompting evacuations. we show you the battle raging through the western u.s. >> reporter: there are currently 60 significant fires burning across the western part of the country. take a look at this map here. you can see where the most resources are being used. colorado is where most of the action is taking place. that's where fire has been burning since june
4:40 pm
27th. at 105,000 acres, it's the third largest in state history. rain has helped containment but prompted a flash flood watch. the colorado governor is touring the fires including the lake christine fire near aspen. authorities nearby say they believe this one started by people at a shooting range using tracer bullets. it is still under investigation. he said right now colorado is using the most resources in its history. >> when you get this many fires at one time, you obviously stretch your resources. and i think what we have been doing i think what we saw here in the last couple of days was prioritizing those places where we have the greatest risk. >> reporter: in utah, it's the dollar ridge fire east of provo that's already taken 90 homes and threatens at least 1,000 more. also at risker, oil, natural gas and power infrastructure. and along the oregon- california state line, one person has died as a new fire popped up in the last 24 hours shutting down parts of
4:41 pm
interstate 5. that's the main north/south route along the west coast leading california governor brown brown to call a state of emergency. and record high teures are expected in many locations today and tomorrow. in los angeles, alicia acuna, fox news. so with more on the conditions here in the bay area, we are joined now by meteorologist mark tamayo. my goodness. you mentioned earlier we'll have a longer stretch of conditions that make it ripe for fires. >> an extended period of hot weather and you hear the fire stories -- we still have the impact of the drought. that intense drought we had here still is having an impact on the fire season and things once they start burning could burn rapidly. that's what we have experienced in some of these fires already in this early fire season. we have been warming
4:42 pm
southern california getting hot and that will be the case even into saturday. today though, looks like you can see all the cloud cover we had moving into the region from the south. that is a leftover cloud cover from what was once a hurricane. hurricane fabio. and those high clouds, even reports of a few sprinkles right around the bay earlier this morning. so those clouds kind of shifting out to the north and that's a trend that will continue heading into your friday evening. it was tropical in nature. 90s in the area. santa rosa 86. san francisco upper 70s. san jose 88. so we cooled off for the 4th of july. we warmed up yesterday and a bounce in the numbers for today especially inland. here's our live camera looking at dry hills. without a red flag warning in place this weekend, fire danger is up there and it will
4:43 pm
be a concern for the weekend especially with the warming temperatures. another . we talked about fabio increasing high clouds, it generated surf, as well. we have a south, as well. we could have waves up above 6 to 8 feet. it's not a high surf warning or still hazardous surf in the south- facing beaches through saturday. coast tomorrow mainly in the mid-60s. here's our temperatures sensors that works across the bay. san francisco lower 70s. close to 80s in the east bay. the temperature sensor way up here with 90s again around 97 to 98 degrees for the hottest locations of the bay area in your saturday forecast. we are in between two weather systems. this cool area of low pressure up to the nohwest. this big is going to heat up a good portion of at least the southern half of the state and
4:44 pm
for us, as well. so warmer weekend at least we have the mild conditions coastside. but hot numbers inland as we shave things off by two or three degrees on sunday. so patchy fog tomorrow morning, coastside. then we'll have partly to mostly sunny skies. as far as the humid conditions, we should have some improvement for tomorrow. but still, some hot numbers out toward concord, antioch and brentwood. santa rosa 91. san francisco 72. san jose 89. gilroy 96. here's a look ahead at your five-day forecast. i wish we could have a little everything where we have a heat-up and drop-off in the numbers but not happening until maybe early next week by tuesday or wednesday. look at the weekend forecast though. mid- to upper 90s inland and it just seems like it's clockwork during the day in the newsroom you start hearing about the fire reports around 3 or 4 p.m. and that will be a concern for both those days saturday, sunday. might have to carry that into
4:45 pm
next week. so be watching out for that but no red flag warning yet but still fire danger. >> you don't anticipate any? >> no. other portions of the state that could be a possibility. but thankfully we're not talking about real strong winds. we still have that onshore breeze to keep things in check. >> what about san diego county? obviously, this very destructive fire destroyed so many homes. will that linger over the weekend? >> the heat will continue into the weekend. they could have expanded red flag warnings. so for that portion of the state that will be kind of the focus of the fire danger this weekend. >> all right. thank you. well, we could soon see what you might call a heavyweight title fight in golf. tiger woods and phil mickelson are contemplating a $10 million winner-take-all exhibition match. says mickelson was hopeful the match would have taken place on the 3rd of july in las vegas but negotiations with a tv network and corporate support could not be reached in time. mickelson says they are
4:46 pm
working on a different date now and woods's agent hasn't commented on the report. tonight the giants will host the st. louis cardinals but last night, hall of famer orlando cepeda attended the game marking his return to at&t park for the very first time since he had a stroke and head injury five months ago. want to show you a photo of the hall of famer with his son in a suite at the ballpark. cepeda talked to a small group of reporters about his recovery since falling at his gym parking lot in fairfield. now, according to reports, the 80-year-old was in a medically- induced coma for several days after that accident. he is now recovering well. he also credited visitors like larry baer and dusty baker with helping him to get better. nicknamed the baby bull, cepeda played 17 mlb seasons for six teams and made seven all star appearances. frank has a look at the stories we're looking on for ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00. >> an oakland-based
4:47 pm
organization is helping hundreds of gay, lesbian and transgender people find asylum here in the united states. many people seeking asylum are facing challenges but we'll tell you why this group says they have a 99% success rate among the lgbtq community. >> and you'll also have the story of a richmond eatery that's closing. >> this is a restaurant in the east bay. it's very well known but it's closing after more than 20 years. in their final hours, the woman who owns this restaurant is just remarkable, in her final hours, they are helping their soon-to-be unemployed workers get back on their feet. hose stories and more tonight at 5:00. >> see you in 10 minutes. >> plus we're only a couple of days away from president trump's decision on a new supreme court justice. while the list has been narrowed to four, a front- runner has emerged.
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california senator dianne feinstein was in oakland this morning meeting with planned parenthood highlighting the work of the organization and making the argument that it needs to be protected. she took part in a roundtable discussion about the upcoming supreme court vacancy, the future of roe v. wade and president trump's proposed changes to title 10 funding using public funds for women's health. senator feinstein says she and her fellow democrats are apprehensive about the president's pick to replace retiring justice anthony kennedy. >> justice kennedy was the
4:51 pm
court's swing vote or protecting women and his replacement could eviscerate women's freedoms for generations to come. >> the president is expected to announce his supreme court nominee on monday and ktvu will have complete coverage of that announcement. we are just days way from a new supreme court pick. >> president trump says he has narrowed his selection down to 4 candidates but a new favorite is emerging. doug luzader has more on the process from washington and the senate fight that is now on the horizon. >> reporter: for the president, this isn't so much about coming up with a pick that will placate democrats. it's about finding someone that conservatives can unite behind. president trump at a boisterous rally in montana last night teasing the announcement that is now just three days away. >> and if you tune in monday at 9:00, i think you're going to be extremely happy with this selection. right? [ cheers ] >> reporter: the president had been considering seven candidates for the high court
4:52 pm
that we know of. sticking to a list of potential nominees that he put forward during the 2016 campaign. but of those seven, three are now considered front-runners. they are all federal appellate court judges, brett kavanaugh, raymond kethledge and amy coney barrett perhaps the most controversial someone who already sparred with democrats during a nomination fight. cavanaugh has plenty of experience but the fact that he is based in washington could actually work against him. so it's kethledge that may be emerging as the front-runner among front-runners someone who may be able to win widespread conservative support. >> the rumor, the buzz, is that be as of now, today, and really hit it off with kethledge and he may be the new front-runner even being a dark horse a day or two ago. >> reporter: the one thing these three potential front- runners have in common is their relative youth. the oldest among them is 53. so this is a decision that
4:53 pm
could have a lasting impact on the court. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. rapper an actor ice cube bringing a new basketball league to oracle tonight. he stopped by to tell us what he loved about oakland. coming up. >> coming up, more on the big three games tonight and the impact the league is making on the community while they're here.
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there was a public health v pacheco this morning that's lifted. it was originally issued because of a problem at the shell refinery in martinez. officials say it began overnight with the compressor at the refinery. so far there has been no flaring from the vent but it could affect some people with breathing problems. shell already has teams investigating the incident now. well, big 3 is 3 on 3 basketball league created by ice cube and this morning, he stopped by to talk about the league's game tonight at oakland's oracle >> it's cool. teams feature hall of famers and former nba champions world peace and others. gary peyton will be in town coaching the team that's called the 3-headed monster. it started in houston and is on a ten-week tour. this morning on the 9:00, ice cube talked about the impact the league is having on the
4:57 pm
community in the bay area. >> been up here for a couple of days. going through the city. we have something great we did yesterday at the boys & girls club called the young 3. we just encourage kids to come out and play 3 on 3 basketball and doing it with adidas and just it's been cool to give back to the community. we are gonna refurbish a court through nancy lieberman who is one of our coaches. you know? so it's just been a great experience. i couldn't wait to bring the big 3 here to oakland. >> we're so glad that he is. today some of the big 3 players, well, they were back at it helping others. >> we have the grocery giveaway to those who aroakland >> reporter: this giveaway was organized by ricky davis legacy foundation. ricky davis and celebrity friends are visiting homeless encampments like this in oakland giving out fruit and other goods. >> thank you! we're hungry! >> reporter: davis teamed up
4:58 pm
with community groups to provide the care bags. inside, fresh bananas, apples, peaches and things like socks, toothbrushes and deodorants. the foundation is based out of houston but players are visiting homeless in every city where they're playing the big 3. davis, along with other former nba stars, like baron davis, carlos boozer and marcus banks hit three homeless encampments in oakland. they say it's important to let these people know they care about them. >> it hits your heart when you see it. you know, just living in a tent, it's tough. so being able to be blessed and give back, um, definitely a great thing to be able to give back. >> reporter: people can donate money and supplies by visiting the ricky davis legacy foundation's website. davis and his friends donated 300 bags of fresh produce and toiletries. a spokesman with the city of oakland says the best way to get involved is to reach out to groups helping the homeless
4:59 pm
always looking for donations. elissa harrington, ktvu fox 2 news. the big 3 starts here on ktvu in just a minute. if you looking for news moving to ktvu plus from 5 to 8:00 tonight. see you then.
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>> you drunk all the milk. >> i didn't drink all the milk. >> always drinking all the damn, milk. >> there ain't nothing in this house. every time i come into the kitchen, you boys in the keu67en in front of my damn tv watching 3-0n-3 basketball. >> we waited all week to


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