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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  July 6, 2018 6:00pm-6:59pm PDT

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ages 7 through 14 helping to grow the popularity of 3 on 3 basketball. now it's time for nate robinson versus big baby, michael rappaport. on the court getting you all inside action. >> kristina i have unprecedented access. i'm here with birdzilla. you're a straight shooter and looking at me in the face. there is a nasty rumor that said my shirt looks like a table cloth. did you start that rumor,zilla? ill ever be the same. >> we'll move on. there has been -- excuse me, katrina mobley, i'm trying to do not interview with you. >> i don't care. >> you mean to tell me i did reverse psychology. he's got one of the worst
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attitudes in the nba. i don't want to talk to this guy. corey mcgetty. you came off a serious injury last week. >> we're still talking about it. >> but i want to put in perspective. >> my heavenly father was able to get me back. and also i had some tkpwgreat p. you go the to go out there and give it a shot. >> have a great game and kick some butt out there. kristina? >> it's a battle of the unbeatens. tri-state and power and who is going to be come out with the first l. we'll watch it next. friwith a crunchy taco...sed to come in a box a doritos locos tacos... and a drink. and it definitely isn't supposed to be served as a crispy all-white-meat shell. guess we've got a tradition of breaking traditions. the $5 naked chicken chalupa box is back at taco bell. (bong)
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here comes nate robinson. it is the battle unbeaten power. tri-state this is going to be a good one of the we're inside oracle arena here in oakland and
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look at the updated stabbedings and this is basically for league supremacy. the winner 3-0. the loser suffers their first defeat. hello every one. brian custer alongside jim jackson. so, for tri-state you got nate robinson. he had game winners the past past couple of weeks. amar'e stoudemire. power. mobley, accident who you got in this game? >> i want to steer toward tower. big baby gives them inside the zone and chris andersson brings a little toughness. hawkins has been phenomenal for tri-state and big baby glenn davis and the hall of famer coaches for both squads nancy
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lieberman and julius dr. j irving. here he is playing basketball at cal, right up the street and here's david hawkins, inside to jermaine o'neal. last hand laid in. ic and and hrol and empty dorn corner. so now the rotation isn't there. here's katrina mobley. and andersson with the 3. he has been phenomenal. he had 16 last week. that's a tough pass because if you lay it out there too softly
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it won't bounce up. hawkins saved it. to mick getty though. lays it in. he gets it back. here's nate robinson. moves from uncle drew and knocks down the jumper. >> jim: you got to give him space. he's so quick right by you. that's a fadeaway fallen back
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and unable to finish with a nice touch. but that's the shot you want him to take and rather than him get it, he hit a basket. nothing but net. hawk, that time he spins. good block by birdman. by
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robinson. both teams have the ability to knock down jump shots so they can go inside but excellent at making plays >> brian: that three no good. both of these teams are custom to winning and winning big. nate robinson because he's such up a good tkpeupbisher going to the basket he committed all the way and he couldn't drop back
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down. the steal by hawkins. stoudemire lost it. he wanted to challenge that call because he was saying that ball was not out om
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i amar'e asked for a challenge. is maggette's hands. he had his arm. he's holding his wrist. are but looked likes it's off comaggette. good reversal but i don't know if you want to use that challenge this early in the game when it's only 10-ism. so tri-state will he get it
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back. they're going to put the shot clock to 10 seconds. here's nate. got it. >> jim: it's a simple play. nate waits patiently. here's maggette now. big baby has checked in. glenn davis, stoudemire.
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there you can see nancy liner man with the challenge. she thinks she got it all. it's a violation. good call. >> jim: easy call by officials right there. david hawkins will inbound it. here's hawk. inside to stoudemire.
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here's hawkins. he had 20 and 10 last week. >> jim: good defense by baby davis >> brian: kicked it out stoudemire. here's big baby. you award the big fella by playing great defense byting inside of it. it's a battle of unbeatens and we're all knotted up at 10 and big baby gets his first two. it's the big3 here on fox. more and more people are finding themselves in a chevy for the first time.
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>> brian: mayor of oakland sitting courtside at the big3 at oracle arena. power on top of tri-state. and battle of unbeatens the and head coach is nancy lieberman. nancy, and brian and jim. i know drew up a play there. what did you tell your squad? >> i told them we have to continue to play hard. they're quick so our defensive rotation we have to be alert. these are two really good teams. and we have to grind. >> nancy, anything in your first couple of weeks surprise you about this league thus competit. i mean, it's really beautiful to see what ice cube extend our careers on so many levels >> it's tkpwra it they got head coaches like you hall of famers
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leading the way. >> jim: that's the beauty of it. sometimes you need to communicate what you want to do. the voice is soft but stern. she talks to him in a motherly way but at the same time there is so much respect that you can see this team play with that kind of confidence. how they communicate with each other and how they support each other. that's just a reflection. >> brian: brian gomes has checked in for power. he's got the rock right now. and, working on robert hite. he's got the height advantage but missed it. inside they go to stoudemire. turns and misses the turn around. gomes faces up high and ball fake. lost it and there's the power. >> jim: i like it too. you can see mobley hasn't shot a
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lot but understanding that there's some mismatches on the court and that time gomes on hite and fortunate shot and drops it down inside and you didn't get the shot but picked it up. close getting in for the penalty. >> brian: 4 point lead for power. two unbeaten squadses, sthraoepb-25 we go to the half. >> jim: here's corey mcgetty. he played his college ball at duke. long time clipper. >> jim: that's a fine example right there. >> brian: they have got him op the arm. but he's able to fight through and finish. >> brian: david hawkins for 3. his first field goal for the game. inside big baby.
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here's hawkins. crossover. stop it. flicks it in >> jim: that time he was in stuck in concrete on that crossover. >> brian: mcgetty. wii got two high powered offenses pack back and forth. >> jim: it's touch to stop him. he didn't have a lowork with. he squeezes right in between two defenders and still able to maintain his balance. >> brian: good drop off and fumbled and got it back. followed it and missed it. play kind of a little sloppy. >> jim: the crossover right here. gomes not able to
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recover. then maggette able to get to the weak side of the rim to finish it. >> brian: head coach of tri-state. , there's david hawkins. he'll shoot the 4. and got it. one point lead now for power and hawkins has got 9. top of the rap report. what do you got, mike >> do you want to tell rap he's got to turn his mic on. the >> jim: do you want to tell him or should i? okay, i'm gonna tell him.
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>> brian: hawkins had the last 9 points for tri-state. and they just threw it away. maggette makes them pay >> jim: you know what, mike is so energetic, he talks so much the mic dies, the battery is gone. drained the battery. this is only the third game. >> brian: i'm not saying he's -- some say that's a good thing >> jim: who are some? some might say that's a good thingment now, my mic did die, but my ear piece didn't. i don't appreciate the comments and criticism. this is a very competitive game. i want to give a shoutout to these ball boys especially the blond headed one with the tkpwhraz. he did a nose dive out there to clean up the sweat.
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maybe the guys in the pwaousdzs can folsom clips from that. i never seen anyone do that to clean up a puddle of sweat. >> jim: somebody asked a question about your -- is that a designer table cloth shirt? is it designer? armani? >> i'm going to be honest, this is a custom shirt. i'm not going to throw who the maker is under the bus. i picked it out from the table cloth collection but iiate it as a table otr is doing righ thing. they're closing out the half with a hro of momentum. we'll see if they can get a stop to maintain them. soft little cushion. hawkins tries to lead it out. we would have went to the half
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with that point. here's robert to miss it. and jermaine o'neal to follow to hite, yes. next bucket for power we go to the half. it's corey maggette and david hawkins. maggette. hesitates. pulls, too strong. now he can hit a 4 and we go to the half. use the left hand and couldn't finish. here's the catch to mobley. pick off to o'neill. air ball. power has a 4 point lead as we go to the half.
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>> jim: well, power showing why they're such a tough team. maggette has got 18 and let's go on the court and mike rappaport. >> corey maggette you got 18 points and you're playing good. what's difference about your team? you look very cohesive. >> leadership and integrity. >> how do you enjoy being coached. keep doing your thing, corey. brian and jack. >> e-40 is in the house. entertain them. tell them when to go. time for us to go. take a break. it's the big3 here on fox. the employee of the year, anna.
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app. team power and tri-state the two undefeateds on the court. high powering offenses and finesse and physicality and a lot of fun in the first half. mostly coming from corey maggette. hopped into the if the of youth here in traffic laying it in. up and under. corey getting to the rack and slamming it home and then hitting the 3 with ease. 18 points forecorey maggette. 8 of 12 from the field. 6 rebounds and 3 of 6 and david hawkins with 9.3 of 4 and 3 rebounds leading. we had fun in the first half but not much separation as you'd expect from these two teams. trying to keep their win streaks alive. jim and brian.
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>> jim: you look at mag get with the 18 points and power just 7 spts and then on the other side with tri-state you got all of a sudden david hawkins started to get warm now. what do you see going forward? >> jim: hawk has got to get hot. and then 2345eu9 robinson finishes. corey maggette has been steady but look for mobley in the second half to be a lot more aggressive. they start here at the second half. up 4. keep in mind first team to 50 win this game of the you go the andersson. guarding jermaine o'neal.
6:33 pm
>> jim: now you got amar'e guarding corey maggette. the change here with the big line-up, let's see how it plays out in the first few minutes. >> jim: here's maggette. step back, got it. corey maggette is red hot. that's a tough shot. you got to make that shot over the top. to have the advantage. he destroyed this match-up right here. >> brian: here's the birdman. back out to maggette for 3. mobley stepped out of bounds.
6:34 pm
5 point lead for power. let's see if they go back inside once the ball is inbound. maggette on to -- >> salt lake went to the bank. here's maggette. the fall back. 5 seconds on the shot clock. jermaine o'neal goes to work against chris andershe uch time. >> jim: that what's a good defense. poor recognition. not only just from jermaine o'neal. but the bench and even the players on the court didn't give o'neill a warning that the shot clock was counted down.
6:35 pm
>> brian: this second straight turnover for important tri-state. corey maggette. >> he's so ease to getting back in the lane after ball is thrown. nate with the left hand and now got 24. nate robinson on the nice drive with the left hand. >> brian: maggette slips it in to chris andersson. she's having so much fun. she's loving it. that's how she played. a fierce competitor. >> jim: lady magic. 5 of 9 from the field here.
6:36 pm
here's big baby. big baby. they pushed off to grab that. didn't have to push much. >> jim: i actually tried to use that excuse all the time. there's nate. missed it. mobley. working on stoudemire. quicked it out to big baby.
6:37 pm
they'll call that one on the floor on maggette. hawkins will step back in for tri-state. >> jim: that will give you some scoring to along with nate robinson. how about that collision. >> brian: i know nate played football, but you had pads on. this is like get hitting a ball right here. he moved him back a little bit too. >> he did.
6:38 pm
here's nate. pulled back. pulled out and drew moving in and smacked big baby on the butt. 4 point lead. big baby. >> brian: flip, hesitation off one leg. baby end big baby one of
6:39 pm
two. jermaine o'neal. you don't compare anybody to big baby davis. he's such a unique type. the physicality and movement. he's just gigantic. you can compare him to anyone else >> charles barkley. charles was big and highly char. i mean, he ran the court as good as anybody. and he rebounder. i mean, he just ate up the glass. >> don't you think barkley, people think that barkley is 6'8" okay 6'7". >> he's about 6'4".
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big baby is taughter. 2 point lead for power. tri-state coming back. here's mobley. two point lead for power. we're in oakland. power up 2 in the big3.
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we're on the bright side of the bay, oakland. it athe big3 here on fox sports power. two unbeaten squads up two. 33-31. let's go to the coach of power nancy liner man and nancy, when you look at this, tri-state has got 6 players who scored. meanwhile corey maggette has scored 24 of the 33. would you tell your team you don't feed the hot hand or what? >> you'll need to score a lot more because we only have 3 players with gomes not able to play. he's going to have to continue to play at a high level the way he has.
6:44 pm
we got guys that that can play multiple positions. >> brian: he gets that one over mobley and tied up at 33 >> jim: if they post up like that i think you'll have to come off on big baby on the weak side in order to double down. amar'e stoudemire did not like that call. maggette will shoot one for two. he's got 24. brian custer along with jim
6:45 pm
jackson. michael rappaport, working the sidelines. kristina pink be hosting here from oakland. week 3 of the big3. first team to 50 wins this game. you got to weup by two. >> i heard you say i'm working the sidelines. i'd like you to say i'm surgically die secretarying the sides lines. i'm not like anybody else. surgically dissecting everything he going on in the sidelines. >> surgically dissecting everything. he has unprecedented access. >> jim: unprecedented. >> brian: unpresent didded. here's hawkins. 5 on shot clock. two. he's got to get it up and too
6:46 pm
much dribbling. forcing that hawk all the way back to the circle. >> brian: 6th turnover for tri-state. two point lead here for power. big baby. later able to get some lay-ups and knock in some jump shots. that will get himself
6:47 pm
offensively. stoudemire misses the free throw. mobley. misses the 3. not surprised because he's always had the work ethic.
6:48 pm
that's part of coaching right there. nancy lieberman letting her team know not only are we in the penalty meaning get to the free throw line but also we knock it in. constantly could he have willing. you got to make the free throw. you got to make the free throw. here's david hawkins. he lost it. maggette has it taken away it's all tie up at 35. >> you know this game will go back and forth. twoeuf of the best things in the league. it won't be easy to walk in here
6:49 pm
and get a w. mobley used the right hand. and big baby lost it out of bounds. >> jim: getting to the basket and one turnover. another turnover. here's maggette. lays it up and in. i can see disadvantage of getting in and giving up speed and quickness. whether it's maggette going on jermaine o'neal or amar'e stoudemire, once he can get by the help from the w a lay-up.
6:50 pm
first team to 50 wins this one, wins by two. nate robinson checks it back in. he's got two straight game winners for tri-state. they go to the mismatch. o'neill. that's easy money. he 8 points 4 boards. birdman the kickout to maggette. we're all tied up at 37.
6:51 pm
two teams unbeaten. jermaine o'neal. mobley fouls him. here's jermaine o'neal. came straight from high school averaging 12 points this season. knocks that one down. tri-state will retain possession because they're in the bonus. robinson. back heels it to the rim. me 3 .
6:52 pm
patiently maggette relocated to an open spot. tphaeult draws. so athletic. >> jim: some hall of famers, dr. j right now he's like sunday easter, with those shoe shoes on right now.
6:53 pm
you hear doc telling him to take it to the basket and you're in the bonus. >> you got to take advantage of it. that's the key if you can't convert now you're able to take advantage of the rule which allows you to retain possession. maggette now with 30, ties the season high. lead record of 30 points. that was last season. >> i believe that record will continue to be even what
6:54 pm
maggette gets if you get enough scorers this league this year. if you're comfortable playing 3 on 3 and they'll continue to break through the record. >> brian: here's nate. down one. drives. wide open. maggette. goes into big baby. jermaine o'neal makes pha them pay. >> jim: on both sides, both teams felt it was overly aggressive. no fouls called but you got to play on and that time he's able to take advantage of the no call. >> brian: crossed over maggette and threw it away. got to play through it and nate robinson had to jump in and from that angle no call. jermaine o'neal tipped it but nate robinson smartly taps it right over to o'neill for an
6:55 pm
easy two. one point lead for tri-state and first team to 50 wins it and got to win by two. battle of unbeatens here. only 3 in the league and tri-state, power and the 3 headed monster. here's david hawkins. not recognizing. not only the players on the court but the bench. nobody on the bench. now nate robinson is saying that the clocks will be reset. i think they're arguing that on turnover but their clocks are being reset to 14.
6:56 pm
so you're right they said the shot clock should have reset so they'll put 8 seconds on the shot clock here for tri-state. so now here comes nate robinson. he can knock down the free throw. gets the two point plus and gets the basketball again. >> jim: that's right. i think we're right in between the legs. oh, jermaine o'neal here. but why would you fadeaway outside of the lane to be able to take
6:57 pm
that shot. instead of going into him and forcing him at the plate you got the size advantage and that's the tough shot and another good shot by jermaine o'neal. >> brian: they go back o'neill again. kickout and nate robinson for 3. hawkins yes. tri-state 3 points away from victory. remaining unbeaten. here's corey maggette. down 3. knocks down the bucket. nate robinson in this situation two straight. a 3 can win it.
6:58 pm
they'll have to inbound it. not a shooting foul. a 3 and tri-state can win it. it's pwrpb two straight game winners for nate robinson. >> jim: that is how you introduce yourself to the lead. you come in in week one and knock off the defending champs at trilogy. last week,ut it on the deck and attack off the dribble. that's how you make it. >> brian: here's tphaeult
6:59 pm
robinson. week after week we continue to have great clouds supporting the big3. i can't wait to go to detroit the next weekend. >> jim: i can't either. appreciation for the talent and on the board and the coaches. ice cube has to be proud of what he's seeing right now and it continues. the game continues here's nate. pulls up. short. jermaine o'neal. david hawkin. for win, and he has done it.
7:00 pm
the hawk keeps tri-state ungeten. if you didn't know the name you know him now because hawkins is a baller. he's got 18 for try state. >> jim: of course it would end like this in dramatic fashion. he started off slow ended up with 18 points. we pumped him up about winners k out. good d and better o. >> brian: and head coach of power watching that one look at the doctor. he says, my guy. jermaine o'neal.


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