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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  July 7, 2018 10:00pm-10:45pm PDT

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who do you think made him do that? gloria, all due respect, i think the big guy has better things to worry about than two sexy, you know -- i'm gonna change into something a little more secular. (praying in spanish) the 10 pm news on ktvu starts now. he is being accused of luring a teenage boy into a van. police say that this happened yesterday afternoon on 1800 block of huntington way in san jose. the suspect is facing several serious charges tonight. where live in san >> reporter: yes, this is right.
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he had a history with police. this is for parents or anyone for in this neighborhood. police are wondering if the suspect has committed these crimes on anyone else before. they are looking for information tonight. >> i am never seen anything like that before. >> reporter: a longtime resident of san jose, tells us that this man, is on the streets , but -- off of the streets, but residents are still concerned. >> ridiculous, i think that is scary too. >> reporter: acute -- acrdjuly elected sex offender was driving on cutting hand avenue when he spotted a 16-year-old teenage boy and he asked the
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boy for help, and the victim thought that he was dealing with the victim -- female. the boy managed to get away and called police who quickly canada -- canvassed the neighborhood and asked the questions looking for the suspect. >> they said, did you see anyone? i didn't see anybody. >> reporter: the patrol officers were led to his home where he was taken into custody without incident. he had failed to properly reas evidence. this happen in broad daylight. this is just steps away from high school. this has people worried about their own kids. >> i don't usually let my kids out, they are always with me, so, i have nieces and nephew -- nephews, they are out and about alone, it is scary. >> reporter: he is currently being held in jail on a new
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bill status. he is also been charged of several felony crimes. parents are now taking extra precautions to talk to their children about what to do if they are approached by a stranger. >> definitely do not talk to him, do not go with them. >> reporter: police would like anybody with information to contact with them. the investigation they say is ongoing. as i mentioned, he is being held without bail, his court date is on tuesday. police are asking anybody with information who may have witnesses crime to call them. where live in san ktvu news 2. >> thank you so much. in the meantime, the man that they are looking for in fremont who has been exposing himself -- they are connected to this person in this sketch. he tries to engage the victim
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well performing a lewd act. he has and unique tattoo around his right bicep to. please call police in fremont if you have any information if you can identify this man. a person hit a bicyclist and sped off. the hit-and-run happened at 1 pm this afternoon. one police arrived they found a man lying in the street. they took him into the hospital and he is in critical condition. they described the car as a four-door, it early 2000, ford crown victoria. the car should have the damage to his headlight. if you have any information, please call the police. one of the latest in the wildfires. they are starting to get the upper hand on a fast- moving fire. some residents are finding charred rubble where their homes were. at least 20 structures were
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damaged. 600 people remain under mandatory evacuations. we have the latest from the fire. >> reporter: santa barbara county is no stranger to wildfires, but people who live here are hoping for some relief. >> i just wish, that santa barbara can start getting a break pretty soon. >> reporter: a record setting heat wave sparked this fire across southern california. including, the 100 acre holiday fire in later -- there. >> the smoke was coming through, we were able to get out. >> reporter: 500 firefighters from santa barbara, ventura, and l.a. county, along with cal-fire work to contain the brush fire. containing it to 80% as of
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saturday evening. >> all the indicators are good right now, but we have to be alert. there is still a threat out there. we have a long summer ahead of us. >> reporter: at one point, county officials stated that this -- they still have not confirmed an exact number of structures damaged or destroyed. firefighters also saved many homes. santa barbara county sheriff says that 3000 residentsleave. the he says this is the reason why and no deaths or injuries were reported. >> you need to be aware and you need to be alert. >> reporter: y evacuations were listed at 5 pm. neighbors rest home, relieved that they still had a home. >> i feel like anything could've happened. >> reporter: he looks over at the mast. he knows that it could have been a lot worse.
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>> i ended up tearing up our bedroom like you would not believe. the cat was under the bed. it was like, it was like an ash hurricane. >> reporter: many people are still under a mandatory evacuation. one more point, that i want to make is that county officials say that firefighters were able to aggressively go after this fire because it had -- they had additional federal funding. they were able to get resources that they anticipated that they would need, just in case another massive fire swept through santa barbara county like the one that we saw at the end of last year. reporting from santa barbara , at least one death is being claimed as a result of the fire in siskiyou county. cal-fire said that the fire has grown -- grown to more than 22,000 acres tonight. this is prompted the california governor to declare a state of
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emergency. the fire in san diego county has grown. >> they say that the fire was started off of the interstate. it is 81% contained. more homes were damaged today, this is in addition to the 18 structures that were damaged yesterday. evacuation orders remain in effect for the area. >> in between structures that are continuing to threaten those structures out there, so, we are keeping everything out there. throughout the night, to mitigate all of those hotspots that are around the fire perimeter. >> this is just one of the three fires that broke out in the san diego area on friday. at one point, 3500 homes and businesses were out -- were without power. containment is growing in the irish fire in the sacramento area. this is just southeast of
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plymouth. it started yesterday afternoon and burned 700 -- acres. people have been ordered -- an update to the county fire. it is now 55% contained. it burned more than 80,000 acres in napa and yolo county's. mandatory evacuations are still in effect in certain areas. i am going to push. i would not wish this on no one. it is the worse. i feel this pain. it is undescribable. >> in oakland mother makes an emotional plea on the information of her son's murder. this is as the community comes together in a stand against violence. we have more on the message behind today's march and rally for justice. >> reporter: -- >> my burden. >> reporter: she led a prayer circle on 62nd and market
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streets are -- street. this is following the murder of her son, patrick scott, jr.. his mother heard the gunshots. >> i don't out of my car, and i ran. i ran to get my baby. >> reporter: she organized the rally to keep the story alive and put pressure on police to find the killer of her son. they went door to die -- door with flyers and hopes to get information. >> my son was supposed to be here to bury me. he did not harm anyone, he was a gentle giant. >> reporter: a family friend says that the problem is the no snitch culture . >> we have to get rid of that thing about being a snitch. and start talking about being honest. >> reporter: he says that people are afraid about retaliation. they march to morningstar baptist church. where they
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planted a tree in his memory. she says that there is an award for information. you can contact police anonymously. >> if you want to change things, we need to speak out. we need to talk about what we want for this community. >> reporter: she is left with so many questions, who killed her son and why? >> i do not want any mother to feel what i am feeling. >> reporter: -- >> this is not the kind of community where we want to live in, work and violence is excepted. it is not. this is the city that believes in his children. >> reporter: in oakland, kt >> what we want? >> justice. >> -- thousands of protesters shut down a major highway in chicago, illinois today.
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the demonstrators are calling for me resources and stricter gun laws. there have been 100 shootings in chicago since january. coming up it is a race against time. as the world watches, new details on the rescue mission to save the trapped soccer team in thailand. the warriors, are making another free agent signing. another -- an arsonist is behind bars. we will let you know who. you need a newscast that keeps up with you. because every minute matters. the bay area's best news.
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when you are up, we are apt. -- up.
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there is a rescue mission in thailand that is underway. this is for the 12 boys and their coach. authorities say that a 18 members have gone into the cave and they could be rescued as soon as tomorrow. however, the mission may not be completed until all of the boys have been rescued one by one. aut the past is passable. they have been rescued -- practicing for three days for this rescue. authorities say that a a 39- year-old man set the first fire in a field at half moon bay
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last week. he allegedly set the fire that you see here. this is the same field. the fire damaged more than $10 -- $10,000 worth of damage. a bay area congressman has been denied interest to a shelter housing migrant children. this is an pleasant hill. they report that henot for that specific center, but rather one in a different state. he says that he is worried that the government is trngressman f valley was also denied in transit to the same shelter. the vigil was held in front of the west county detention center. the family says that he has become a target of prosecution
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because he has refused testimony against his business partner. he has been in the united states -- >> he is an honest man. he has testing not -- he has done nothing wrong here. he has done nothing wrong in any other country. he has been here for three years. he established the community. >> he was picking up his asylum decision in san francisco when he was arre we checked, according to the department of justice,this is arrest. bringing a community together in a fight against crime. this is the summer nights program, with free events. this is called peace at the park. >> reporter: -- peace at the
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park is being held at a park in east oakland. the mother of this eight-year- old says that this event offers a safe haven and she is grateful that the city program is responsible for the gathering. >> i am thankful. >> reporter: children and young people have a variety of activities to enjoy. neighbors say that this park has been too often occupied by criminal elements. >> we have had drug users. the way that people hang around the park. >> reporter: he she is one of the two dozen young people of this neighborhood that the city has hired for the summer to reclaim the park. she said she saw the victim of a deadly shooting in front of her home. >> there is no way avoid what happened, but she says that she and others can do
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their part in making their community safer. 17-year-old -- a 17-year-old says that he has lost several to gun violence. >> one day you are here, one day you are gone. hopefully, i can help people around the neighborhood. >> reporter: the inspiring young man says that he wants to change the course for him and others. >> this is our really chance -- our chance to bring the community together and have a chance to interrupt violence. >> reporter: it is one part of a multi-faceted approach to prevent violence. >> i believe -- i believe in the saying that hurt people hurt people. but, it is real. >> reporter: organist say that outreach and -- should be for victims and the perpetrators. >> there are a lot of kids out there.
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i want to see an end to gun violence. >> reporter: peace at the park will be held at every friday during the month of july. this is part of the larger effort in the city to engage communities to help stop the violence. in east oakland, amberley, ktvu fox 2 news. we had sunshine and across most of the bay area today. we did have some fog this morning. fairfield, 95 degrees. morgan hill, 97 degrees. san francisco, down a little bit , today to the upper 60s. the major he has been out to our cell. take a look at these numbers. riverside, 113 degrees. los angeles, 104 degrees this afternoon. we have some scattered, high clouds today -- tonight.
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right now, we have some patchy fog. some of that fog could expand and cover more of the coastline as we head into sunday morning. current numbers, 50s in san francisco. santa rosa, 63. concord, livermore, 70s. here is a live camera look at san francisco. it is looking clear. some of that fog is trying to regroup portions of the coastline. tomorrow morning in san francisco, 7 am, patchy fog, 56 degrees. temperatures are probing -- approaching the mid-60s. by 3 pm, sunshine. -2 miles per hour. low to mid 60s coast side. here is a temperature sensor,
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inland neighborhoods on track to reach the 90s. the hottest locations will be approaching the mid-90s for your sunday afternoon. we will have some major cooling in our 5 day forecast. a scare in the air. a camera catches it all. president trump's supreme court nominee accidentally reveals -- we will tell you about the slip.
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new at 10 pm, the u.s. military issued a statement announcing the death. they did
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not release any further details. at the third military death in afghanistan this year. the taliban praise the attack and says that this was carried out a member of the afghan security force. people are hurt tonight after a medical helicopter crashed near a chicago, illinois highway. the air ambulance was taking a patient in critical condition to a local hospital. they say that they sell this helicopter out of control and it was on fire before crashing into a grassy area. at this time, authorities are still investigating the cause of the crash. three people are dead after a house explosion in new jersey. investigators initial reports said that this exploded, you can see right there, broken windows in the home. some people is -- pieces are even seen hanging from trees and power lines. a scary scene on the united airlines flight. it had a hard landing at washington dulles airport.
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witnesses say that the ceiling panels of the jet began falling on top of passengers. they were unable -- no injuries were reported as a result of the incident. a clue tonight into president trump supreme court nomination. in it he used a female pronoun. there is only woman on the presidents nominatilook at the presidents top candidates, ahead of monday's primetime address. >> reporter: most conservatives would be happy with any of his nomination -- nominees. sources familiar, tell fox news that amy coney barrett and him are the top two.
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they say that he could be the front runner. they said that the president engaged with him the best. he served on the sixth circuit. he is an avid outdoorsman. he also has not ruled on any hot button issues, which may actually help him in the confirmation process if he gets the nomination. this is not supposed to be the case of four amy coney barrett. she faced a tough nomination hearing just last catholic. she would be pressed by democra would affect her political views. she has already voiced similar concerns about her. the other finalist brett kavanaugh, the 15-year-old --
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50-year-old, he is expected to face traffic criticism from the left and some on the right for his close ties to the george w white house. fox news is also told that the white house is preparing for a fourth candidates, he is viewed as a dark course for the nomination. fox news. a vacant restaurant goes up in flames. details that we are learning about the fire. this is regarding the relationship between them with north korea. ing brought to you -- enjoy big savings, visit sleep for the
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♪ upbeat music travel through this natural wonder and get a glimpse of amazing, with a glass of wine in one hand, and a camera in the other, aboard rocky mountaineer. canada's rocky mountains await. call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now. (sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) we have some breaking news
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to tell you about right now. a double shooting, a woman dead. this happened on 102nd avenue and international avenue. oakland police have tweeted this picture from the scene. investigators are still trying to find out what led to the shooting. they are asking the public to golf with any information that they may have. by the way, police say that traffic is impacted in this area. so use alternate routes. in the south bay, they are looking to the cause of a three alarm fire. this happen at a once popular italian restaurant. we have more. >> reporter: fire crews have been out hear more all morning long putting out hotspots. the building was recently purchased. the owners were waiting on a permit. they arrived this morning devastated and confused on how the fire could have started. this video shows the restaurant
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engulfed in flames. the building suffered extensive damage in the roof ended up collapsing. the santa clara fire department says that the farmer restaurant was speaking at the time. it was recently purchased by this family, the owners arrived this morning in shock. >> we are just waiting for to start, open up a restaurant. we -- >> reporter: they checked on the building around 9:30 pm last night and everything appeared fine. >> i am so shocked. it burned down, so -- >> reporter: were you here yesterday? >> i was here yesterday, yesterday evening i checked around. and then that is it.
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no power inside, no nothing. >> reporter: unfortunately, there were no report of any injuries. the fire is still under investigation. in santa clara, ktvu fox 2 news. they say that five teenagers are behind several robberies. police responded to two police snatches in the parking lot. one of the victims was able to describe the vehicle. they were traveling north on interstate 8080. this started a chase. the suspects were taken into custody and booked into the santa clara county juvenile center. the secretary of state reps of his meeting with north korea officials. despite his claims, that the talks went well, this is not according to the north koreans. we have the story. >> reporter: secretary of state
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mike pompeo says that he had two days of productive conversations with the north korean government. north korea released a statement saying that the talks were "regrettable". >> these are complicated issues. we made progress on almost all of it the issues. some areas, a great deal progress, some areas there is still is a great deal that needs to be done. >> reporter: the north korean dictator expects that the talks with the president will continue with these negotiations. north korea confirms that the
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president of north korea received the letter. it is unclear how far along negotiators are getting with north korea to reveal its full degree of weapons cache. the state department says that u.s. and north korea will meet at the dmz. they will discuss returning the remains of u.s. service members from the korean war. in tokyo, fox news. still to come, we all try to avoid those telemarketer calls, right? now there is a way to change that. and weather, i will let you
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know if we have any major changes coming our way.
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ktvu fox 2 news at 10 pm and 11 pm.
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tired of telemarketers blowing up your phone? would you like to turn the tables on an app that aims to do that. >> hello, i am calling from health insurance enrollment. >> reporter: the call seemed never ending. >> at least five times a week. >> reporter: and they are a waste of breath. >> it is kind of a waste of time.
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>> reporter: nobody likes those dreaded robocalls. >> it is not like it is very important. >> reporter: there are roughly 30 billion robocalls place last year. this is 1000 calls every second. it looks like they are legitimate numbers, sharing your own area code. would you like to get revenge on these sneaky scammers? well, now you can. the robo killer app blocks those calls and goes a step further reusing recorded voices to a noisy the and lawyers -- to unknowingly -- to bug them. oh, how the tables have turned. >> they are taking time, they
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are taking money, taking advantage of these people every day. >> reporter: this cause $2.50 a month and it is available on iphones and android. fox news. >> actually, that is not a bad idea. maybe i will look into that. weather-wise, the last two weekends, we talked about the fire warnings, there is still is an elevated fire danger. so take a look at the forecast for tomorrow morning. temperatures are in the upper 50s and 60s. temperatures are in the upper 90s, around 100 degrees and very dry in this area. it is not like the red flag warning that we had last
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weekend. some high clouds moving across california in the bay area. right now it looks like we have some patty fog on the coastline. this'll probably be be the case as we headed to sunday morning. temperatures will start out in the 50s and 60s. livermore, 70 degrees. san francisco, upper 50s. here is a live look. we are in the clear right now, maybe some patchy fog will show up around 5 am or 6 am tomorrow morning. we start out with patchy coastal fog tomorrow morning. there is a strong area of high pressure building in. not too much change, this is the microclimate, -- a little
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bit of a drop off in the numbers for the extended forecast. this is how we will be all week long. in the extended forecast, we may see some thunderstorms. we may see some clouds moving in from the south and a little bit of action with some shower activity. we will have to keep an eye on this in the bay area on thursday, friday and next weekend, there is a slight chance of a shower. this is something that we will be watching on the long range maps. tomorrow we have some patty fog tomorrow morning. and then in the afternoon hours, it is becoming partly sunny for the coast and more sunshine inland. antioch, 96 degrees tomorrow. san francisco, 69 degrees. half moon bay, 63 degrees. looking ahead for the 5 day
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forecast, we will have low to mid 90s, around the bay in the 70s. more cloud cover on thursday. we will be watching out for that. >> thank you. stick around. and the a's continue their power surge on the road today. the sports rap is next.
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fox news sports wrap, starts now. >> hey, how are you.
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--? the a's are providing high entertainment value. their game was exhibit a. all is fair in the hot dog race. edwin jackson, talk about competitive spirit. greg allen, double score run. he gave a 3 runs. frankie -- he gets a little greedy, out at second base. down at 3-0. here they come, a 2 run shot. he has a career run


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