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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  July 15, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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molder. >> all right. that is it. jason applebaum and i will see you in half hour for sports rap. >> thank you. next at 11:00 p.m. we have a lot of democrats who want someone who is not on the sidelines. >> a snub for senator dianne feinstein. democrats voting to enforce her require. >> the 11:00 p.m -- her rival. >> the 11:00 p.m. news on ktvu fox 2 news starts now. >> the california primary, senator dianne feinstein stubbed by the california democratic party this weekend. >> they handed their official endorsement to kevin cd -- to kevin de leon. ktvu's azenith smith is live
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now with more. now with more. >> reporter: dianne feinstein urged the board to stay neutral in the race but those calls were ignored. kevin de leon still remains a long shot. long shot. >> god bless each and every one of you. >> reporter: senator kevin de leon thanked supporters winning the vote of the democratic party. >> i will travel up and down the state of california. especially in the bay area. i am going to work hard to earn the votes. >> the endorsement giving him a much needed boost for his bid to unseat dianne feinstein. kevin de leon is said to appeal to those seeking a fresh face and to stand up to president trump. trump. >> we have a lot of democrats who want a stronger voice. someone who is not on the sidelines. someone on the front lines. >> reporter: in a statement the
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campaign said dianne feinstein won by 2.1 million votes and earned 70% of the democratic vote in california's primary election. carrying every county by double digits. we are confident a majority of california democrats will reelect dianne feinstein in nevada. is -- in november. ember. the snub to the 85-year-old highlights the moderate lawmakers' political disconnect with activists looking for change. >> the democratic party is moving on here in california. it has gotten more aggressive and dianne feinstein is viewed by some people as . >> the endorsement follows a ement follows a victory last month of a 28-year- old who ran on a liberal platform. >> i am always interested in how young people can move the nation forward. historically it is the young people who have done and our
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country is getting browner and browner. >> reporter: experts say winning the endorsement doesn't mean winning the election. dianne feinstein is an institution in california politics. po >> i think the country is going through a period of more and more polarization and that may happen in california. it is just -- i prefer dianne feinstein. . kevin de leon kevin de leon finished second in the primary. dianne feinstein is seeking her fifth full term. >> all right. azenith smith, live, thank you. san francisco will become thecity in california to firstallow non-citizens to vote in a local election. tomorrow a news conference will be held announcing the start of the registration drive. voters approved proposition n
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2016 -- in scent 16 nt 16 is -- in 2016 - in 2016 allowing non-citizens including undocumented immigrants to vote in school board elections. some believe undocumented immigrants may still decide not to vote because of concerns about federal immigration authorities obtaining their voter registration records which are public information. finland, the summit between president trump and russian president vladimir putin hours away. this will be the third meeting between the presidents but it comes days after 12 russian military intelligence officers were indicted for meddling in the 2016 election. live with the latest developments. good morning. >> reporter: good evening. we are four hours from the summit, that is when president trump and vladimir putin will be meeting at the finland presidential palace. while they have met before this is the first time they are
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going to be meeting one-on-one and they have a host of issues to talk about. protesters marching to let both men know the world is watching. vladimir putin and president trump acknowledged relations between the two are strained. >> i think we could get along very well. somebody said are you friends, well, it is too earl ay to sell -- early to tell. >> reporter: some wish they were not meeting alone or at all. >> i think it is too late to cancel the sumpt but president trump needs to make it clear he knows who he is meeting with. he is meeting with an adversary. >> reporter: there is a push for the president to push vladimir putin about the 2016 election. >> for the president the
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challenges are there. i think he is looking forward to trying to reduce the tension. >> reporter: other topics include arm's treaties, ukraine and syria. but president trump isn't sure what he thinks will result from the meeting. >> i don't expect anything. >> reporter: and the meeting is scheduled to last an hour and a half. everyone will be watching if it goes that time. depending on how they get along. after that they will be in a working lunch with members of their staff and then the members of the press will get the chance to ask them questions in a press conference later on this afternoon. >> anticipation of the meeting, what is it like around there on the streets? >> reporter: well, it is early in the morning but yesterday everyone had it on their mind. couple of the products that
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folks are selling here. you have a hat as well 2018. a number of the locals said while they think the meeting is a good idea and good for the two men to talk, they are not sure sure if they will be able to accomplish anything. a lot of eyes watching this meeting later on today. >> thank you. we are learning more details about the meeting between president trump and british prime minister theresa may. she said president trump urged her to sue the european union instead of negotiating over brexit. the president said he gave her a suggestion that she found too
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brutal. this morning theresa may was asked what it was and that is when she said president trump advised her to sue the european union. she said actually we are going into negotiations with them. a driver was injured after slamming in to a train in newark before 9 a.m. this morning. this morning. the driver was taken to the medical center in san jose for treatment. there were 24 passengers and 5 crew members on board the train at the time. authorities say no one on the train was hurt. the train was traveling from san jose to sacramento. the cause of the collision is under investigation. a couple on a camping trip is credited with helping save a missing oregon woman who was found along the coast a week after she disappear. they were hiking near big sur friday when they spotted the jeep at the bottom of the bluff. soon
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soon after that they located the driver. she lost control of her jeep after swerving to miss an animal. she had been missing since july 6. ce july 6. the california highway patrol says a deadly crash in cast crow valley was caused by vehicle swerving to avoid hitting a deer. officers say say this happened 10:30 p.m. last night on red wood road. near the reservoir. voir. two women were killed and three other people were seriously hurt. investigators say it doesn't appear drugs and alcohol water factor in the crash. in the crash. more about the injuries to the fire department chief who was palled by a pitbull. he will undergo surgery to repair the damage to his face. the sheriff's department opened an investigation into the owner. ktvu's rob malcolm has the details. details.
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>> reporter: with heavy hearts the crew continued to respond to emergency calls on the minds of many here the many here the recovery for the chief. still undergoing treatment at stanford hospital for facial wounds after being malled by a pitbull. pictured here the pitbull, who has been quarantined, neighbors say the dog is was dangerous. >> that pitbull as far as we know just passing by that dog is always aggressive. jumping up on the gate and barking all the time. so he is a aggressive pitbull. >> r two dogs died in the fire. under the ordinance it is unlawful for any homeowners to have more than three dogs and anything over that requires animal permit. what firefighters saw saturday was an eye opener.
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>> people have two, three dogs, maybe four, something, but to have 20 dogs at one location -- i wouldn't say it is an every day thing we experience. >> reporter: they opened an investigation against the homeowners. he had concerns about his neighbors. >> that many dogs, that is ridiculous. that is putting dogs at risk. >> reporter: neighbors were curious about the residents who live next door. they deposit themselves. >> we used to talk. she wanted to breed with my dogs and i said no. her attitude changed. >> reporter: she believes it could have been avoided. >> i feel bad for the firefighter. he come to help the people out, help save their home. r home.
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the young lady shouldn't have had him out on the street. >> reporter: back here live, the sheriff's department says they will have more information tomorrow. the one dog at the center of the attack has been quarantined. 17 others are in the shelter pending the outcome of the investigation. rob malcolm, ktvu fox 2 news. . coming up, riots on the streets of chicago after a black man is shot and killed by police. the body camera video just released of the shooting. >> a water main break in martinez turns a road into a muddy river. details on the damage in the neighborhood. >> most of the bay area cleared out nicely for tonight. already the fog pushing back into the bay area. what that means for your monday forecast and warmer temperatures in the 5-day hi! are you two getting along? oh, yeah, yeah. [ hiss ] [ gasps ] [ birds chirping]
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the community needs some answers and they need them now. >> in chicago authorities released body camera video in the deadly police shooting of a black man. he was shot and killed last night. he was shot and killed last night. the video shows several officers trying to question him and one officer grabs his arm. he spins away and runs into the street where police say he reached for a gun from his waist band. that is when one of the officers opened fire. an autopsy shows he died of multiple gunshot wounds.
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that officer involved shooting led to unrest in the windy city. riots in the streets last night. the anger directed at police and demanded to know why the man was gunned down. s gunned down. the crowd threws bottles at officers. -- through bottles at officer. the police chief leased the body camera video so soon in the hopes of avoiding more violence. . new details about a 2016 crash that left two girls dead in petaluma. the mother has pleaded no contest to charges of gross was when she lost control of her caplunged into the river. she survived the crash with minor injuries. but her 7 and 9-year-old daughters were killed. the chp says she did not have a driver's license and there were no child safety seats in the
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car. police arrested her in 2017. sentencing is set for august 7. a martinez neighborhood has running water tonight after a lot of people went without it for most of the day. crews finished repairing a water main break before 6:00 p.m. tonight. this is the latest of several water main breaks in the city. the city. >> reporter: water gushed down the street turning the road into a shallow, muddy river. flooding caused minor damage to a few garages and shut down part of the road. >> shame to see the water going to waste. >> reporter: his house is steps away from a water main break. >> i heard it break. you know, sounded like a street breaking out and water gushing. i looked out front and ut front and
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i could see the street going from dry to wet. yeah. i said, wow, that sounds like a river. >> reporter: the city shut off water. he couldn't take a shower. >> i turned the water on, nothing came out. >> reporter: crews have to dig up the street repair the pipe. they said this one is a six inch pipe and inch pipe and it is an older pipe and may have burst because of the heat. this is just the latest in a series of water main breaks in martinez. neighbors are prepared with backup water supplies but were still inconvenienced on a hot, summer day. >> flush toilets, cook with. yo then you realize how much you use it. >> the inconvenience of not being able to have a glass of water, is a major disappointment. >> reporter: ktvu fox 2 news.
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. a wildfire burning near yosemite exploded over night to 4300 acres. and it is only 2% contained. the ferguson fire is southwest of yosemite and prompted the closure of 140. evacuations are in place. pg&e cut power to yosemite valley and nearby areas as a safety precaution. yesterday a firefighter was killed while operating heavy equipment in the fire zone. officialssay the 36-year-old leaves behind a wife and young children. >> difficult conditions for the fire crews. the heat will continue with temperatures back up to the mid- 90s over the next few days. approaching 100 degrees. the bay area, change in temperatures beginning tomorrow as well. as far as today, not much in
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the way of major ate. upper80 -- heat. upper 80s. 78 degrees. showers and thunderstorms moving out of the sierra. and rights now fog redeveloping coast side. back into the bay monday morning. san francisco 56. santa rosa 61. livermore 63. fremont 60 degrees. the fog is a factor near the coast. near the golden gate bridge. live camera right now. san francisco and oakland. over noth lows -- night lows, oakland lower 60s. the over cast tomorrow morning. a few patches inland. clouds clear back to near the shoreline. partly sunny skies around the bay and inland. sunshine. temperatures in the 90s. this area of high pressure is in charge of our weather tomorrow and most of the week.
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that means tomorrow 60s near the shore. inland 90s. moisture wraps around the city that could send us clouds and maybe a chance of a shower towards thursday. right now fuzzy but something to be watching. the forecast model trying to generate light showers and maybe an isolated thunderstorm in the thursday outlook. something to watch. tomorrow dry. areas of fog in the morning. clearing to the coast line. warmest locations in the lower 90s. inland heat continues to be the big story. upper 90s close to 100 degrees on tuesday. you can see the temperatures showing the cool temperatures coast side. inland 90s. >> thank you. a pet dog that had been missing for nearly three years has been reunited with its
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owner after it was found in antioch. >> a police officer was on patrol doing a traffic stop yesterday morning when the dog jumped into his patrol car. no one knew where the dog came from so the officer brought the dog oantiac animal services. work -- to antioch animal services and soon they located the owner. the dog had been stolen back in november of 2015. when she was told her dog had been found the owner started crying in disbelief. sports rap minutes away. here is a look at what they are working on. >> france wins the world cup, how the nation celebrated its second ever championship. >> a look ahead to the second
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half of the season and what the giants and a's must do to make a run at the post season and why steph curry's dad rooted against him to make a shot -- routed against him to make a shot today. full half hour coming up at 11:30 p.m. on sports wrap. >> still ahead at 11:00 p.m. thousands of people turn out to raise funds for a cue. next to the golden gate bridge for the -- golden gate park for the aids walk. >> and a table tennis player, he became a world table tennis champion at the age of 80. he also has more than 30 state titles. you are watching the 11:00 p.m. news on ktvu fox 2 news. we will be right back.
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thousands of people turned up in golden gate park this morning for the aids walk. leigh martinez was there and has more. has more. >> reporter: a cold and fogge e the aids walk expected to draw 10,000 people and to raise awareness and funds for hiv aids research and programs. >> i walk to honor my friend and colleague who was our team organizer for many years and then in august 2006 he died from aids.
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and so i am out here to honor his memory and keep his legacy on the walk raising lots of money to end this epidemic and educate. >> reporter: a non-profit, the world's leading research organization on hiv and aids. >> we are going to expand our research efforts to understand the needs of people aging with hiv. >> reporter: today survivors of the 1980s and 90s th s are in the 60s. >> they are experiencing a unique set of needs. and needs to understand how to get back into the work force. >> reporter: there are more than 40,000 new hiv infections and they shifted to women.
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since 1987 the aids walk raised more than $90 million for hiv programs in the bay area. the goal this year is to raise $2 million. in san francisco, leigh martinez, ktvu fox 2 news. . well-have the latest -- we will have the latest on president trump's summit with russian president vladimir putin at 4 a.m. >> sports wrap is coming up next. >> thank you for joining us. good night. hi! are you two getting along? oh, yeah, yeah. [ hiss ] [ gasps ] [ birds chirping] ♪ no matter what you are they're a perfect match. the new ipad and xfinity stream app. hey guys, i'm home! surprise! i got a puppy. add an ipad to select packages for just $5 a month for 24 months. upgrade online now.
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france has won the world cup. france celebrates its second world cup final. >> the a's take two of three from the giants as both teams have plenty to play for after the all star break. >> i am sorry. i am sorry. >> come back complete for novak djokovic who cruises to a 4th wimbledon title. time to take the plunge. sports wrap starts now. >> ktvu fox 2 sports wrap starts now. >> hello and welcome to sports wrap. jason applebaum and joe


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