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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  July 18, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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tanker had begun to leak. skyfox was overhead after authorities evacuated the building and shut down nearby highway 101. hazmat crews suited up to assess the situation and they managed to secure the leak just before 5:00 and that's when the "all clear" was given. ktvu's tom vacar has been on the scene in santa rosa all afternoon. tom, what can you tell us? >> reporter: this could have been so much worse than it turned out to be. the reason it could have been so much worse was because you have a big tanker truck laying on its side full of liquid oxygen that's 350 degrees below zero, which is actually oxygen turned into a liquid form. had that escaped there could have been a fire or an explosion. as it was, there was an explosion and fire but they were both minor. let's set the scene by talking to the officials who made this whole thing -- um -- a response. >> we responded here on a report of a possible, um,
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explosion. when we got here, it was learned that the vehicle in the back was a truck that had oxygen inside. so as far as we can tell, it's possibly an oxygen leak that happened and in part an explosion. the driver was injured. he was not inside the vehicle at the time of the explosion. he was transported to an area hospital with injuries. we don't know the extent of his injuries at this time. >> currently, the gas leak last secured. members from our hazmat response team went in under direction and advisement from the company involved with the trucking. and they were able to secure the leak. >> we apologize for the audio problem with tom there in santa rosa. the hazmat emergency caused a major traffic backup on highway 101 right next to the kaiser medical offices. at one point, both directions
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of the freeway were closed. the freeway closure lasted more than an hour and as you can imagine, the traffic there was a mess. the freeway reopened at about 4:45 this afternoon. now we head to washington where the white house today once again tried to clarify comments that the president made about russian meddling during the 2016 election. once again today the president contradicted his own director of national intelligence by telling a reporter that russia is no longer targeting u.s. elections. ray bogan live now on capitol hill with the latest. ray. >> reporter: good evening, in an interview that aired about two hours ago here on the east coast with the "cbs evening news," president trump did blame vladimir putin for russia's meddling in the 2016 election. this comes after a long day of fierce criticism on capitol hill but as is his style, president trump fought back.
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strong words from moscow from president trump who said some people would rather go to war than see him get along with vladimir putin. >> there's been no president as tough as i have been on russia. all you have to do is look at the numbers, look what we've done. i think president putin knows that better than anyone, better than the media. >> reporter: it comes a day after he said he misspoke when told reporters he believed putin over the findings of u.s. intelligence when it came to russian meddling in the 2016 election. president trump said russia is no longer targeting the u.s. >> is russia still targeting the u.s., mr. president? >> thank you very much. no. >> reporter: but his white house now denies that's what he meant. >> i talked to the president. he wasn't answering that question. he was saying, no, he is not taking questions. >> reporter: the president facing criticism after his remarks in helsinki and senate leader chuck schumer is calling the clarification of his original statement pathetic and insincere. >> he is walking back the
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walk-back. it's clear that he still believes president putin over the consensus of american intelligence community. and that puts americans' security gravely at risk. >> reporter: some democratic lawmakers want president trump's interpreter from his meeting with vladimir putin to testify before congress so the american people and lawmakers can learn exactly what the two leaders talked about during their private meeting. >> thank you. house republicans passed a resolution today in support of i.c.e. the gop had originally planned to bring up a progressive democratic proposal meant to abolish the immigration and customs enforcement agency but some republicans were concerned the tactic to put democrats on record as opposing i.c.e. might backfire. instead, republicans passed a measure -- a symbolic measure in praise of i.c.e. 133 democrats voted present in a show of protest.
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now to the sierra, where the ferguson fire is growing near yosemite national park. two firefighters there have been injured and another firefighter was killed. cristina rendon tells us that a change in the weather today is helping the firefighters. >> reporter: the ferguson fire is unpredictable and spreading fast across steep terrain in the sierra national forest. the hot, dry conditions affecting at least two firefighters. one was treated for heat exhaustion tuesday, the other with a broken leg. >> the heat in the central valley has been very significant over the last couple of days. we have been well over 100 degrees and will be probably for the next couple of weeks. that heat takes a huge toll on the firefighters that are working 12 to 24 hours shifts on the fire line. we need to keep them fed, well fed, and hydrated. >> reporter: the two firefighter injuries come less than a week after heavy equipment operator braden varney died while working the fire. wednesday there was more of an air attack. flames have burned more than 17,000 acres. it's nowhere near contained.
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and smoke as drifted for miles to yosemite national park. >> over the last few days, they have seen kind of that same inversion layer that we have been seeing here in mariposa. >> reporter: thunderstorms are in the forecast meaning dry lightning could spark more fires even though the rain is much-needed. fire officials say people need to stay on their toes. >> the ferguson fire is still extremely dangerous at 5% containment. we have a lot of open line that needs to be addressed and at any time the fire could change direction or get significantly worse based on the weather conditions and other changing factors. >> reporter: highway 140 west of mariposa is closed but yosemite national park is still open to visitors and campers. that means if you are coming from the bay area, highway 120 is still open. in mariposa county, cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. a new study on national parks indicates that air pollution may be the reason why fewer people are visiting. researchers looked at more than two decades of data on ozone pollution at 33 parks from yellowstone to yosemite. they found many national parks
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have pollution levels comparable to the big cities of los angeles or even new york. a measure that would divide california into three separate states is not going to be on the november ballot after all. the state supreme court made that decision this afternoon. the justices ordered the secretary of state not to put the ballot initiative before voters. they say there are significant questions that have been raised about its validity. the group behind the initiative argues the state has become ungovernable because of its size. wealth disparities and geographic diversity. california counties will have to provide free postage for mail-in ballots under a bill signed by the governor today. right now 10 counties plan to provide postage paid ballots in november. that is set to expand to all 58 counties next year. while the counties would have to cover the initial cost, they may be able to get reimbursed by the state. students enrolled in the university of california are set to receive their first tuition decrease in 20 years. the uc board of regents is
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meeting in san francisco today and tomorrow. they are expected to vote on a spending plan to cut tuition costs by $60 per student. the cut is a result of a surcharge that was used to pay the university's legal bills which just expired. for students who have been lobbying for tuition cuts, the small decrease is more than just a number. >> to me, it's still great as someone who advocated a lot at the state level by going to a bunch of different lobbying trips, by giving public comments. it feels nice to feel like it's paying off and in the future we want to see much more than $60, obviously, but it is a nice little pat on the back. >> the $60 cut would bring annual tuition and fees down to $12,570 a year. the regents are expected to vote on the budget tomorrow as they wrap up their meeting in san francisco. up next, tonight a family takes legal action against travis air force base. they say their little girl was
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molested at a child care center on the base. >> also ahead tonight a fuel spill at the carquinez bridge toll plaza brings traffic to a standstill. what the truck driver thinks happened to create the mess. >> not too much change in the weather this week. cool temperatures coastside, hot inland. changes to our south could impact our thursday and friday weather pattern. we'll talk about the changes coming up. >> the city of santa rosa is taking legal action following the deadly north bay firestorm. see who the city is taking to court. >> and the wednesday evening commute, this is 80 in emeryville. you can see it is slow going there. >> let's move over to the sunol grade. not bad at all.
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the family of a 5-year-old girl is taking legal action against travis air force base in fairfield. their attorney filed a claim today that alleges the child was sexually molested several times when she was left unattended by staff at the child care center on the base. rob roth tells us that the little girl's family is furious. >> this whole situation could have been prevented. >> reporter: through tears, the mother of a 5-year-old described how she says her daughter was molested at least twice by older girls inside the bathroom of a child care center at travis air force base. >> none of the policies or procedures were done on my daughter's behalf.
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we are not going to be quiet about this. >> reporter: civil rights attorney john burris wednesday filed a federal claim against the base and the travis youth center. it's a precursor to a lawsuit on behalf of the young girl and her family claiming supervision was lax. >> how could this happen? and so from my view, i want to look to see in the course of this litigation as to where the pressure points where, where did the department go wrong here in missing this? >> reporter: the family says the first incident happened about 5 weeks ago. they say her daughter told them a girl 12-year-old old other younger had molested her in the bathroom unattended by adults. the parents say they told travis officials. burris says travis is required by law to d protective services didn't do so. then last week another sexual assault by a different older girl. >> my baby's crying to me, asking me, daddy. a weirdo? asking me, daddy, is this okay
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for a girl to kiss another girl? that's adult stuff! people make choices when they get older. it has no business being in a 5-year-old's mind. >> reporter: travis officials say the center is accredited run by civilians but the military oversees it. a statement from the air force base says, quote: >> reporter: the girl's mother tanisha porter told about it on facebook. she was pressured by travis to remove post. >> no child should go through this. >> reporter: fairfield police is investigating and travis says it's working on improving how they monitor children, especially in bathrooms. at travis air force base, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. the highway patrol has given the all clear at the carquinez bridge following a
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hazmat situation there that snarled traffic for hours. a big rig spilled gas along the toll plaza at 1 p.m. today. the driver thinks he hit some debris that ruptured his fuel tank. the chp shut down the right- hand lanes while hazmat crews cleaned up about 100 gallons of fuel from the roadway. no injuries were reported. fire investigators in martinez are trying to determine the cause of an early-morning fire. crews were called to a storage yard on howell road about 12:30 a.m. they say flames had burned through several containers and spread to surrounding brush. the fire never went beyond one alarm even though crews had an issue trying to get ouof the po called. despite that, the damage didn't extend beyond the container boxes and was knocked down in less than 30 minutes. santa rosa has filed suit against pg&e over the deadly tubbs fire. the lawsuit alleges that pg&e failed to exercise safety and
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maintenance precautions and protocols and showed a, quote, willful and conscious disregard of public safety. pg&e says they are reviewing the lawsuit and they also say that right now, they are currently focused on helping people rebuild and updating their infrastructure. cal fire says they are still working on determining the cause of the tubbs fire. caltrans has reopened a section of highway 1 along the central coast that's been closed for more than a year. the road had actually been scheduled to re-open on friday. caltrans says the work was complete so it opened a couple of days early. the section of highway south of big sur closed 14 months ago after a landslide near the mud creek bridge. the closure created frustration for drivers who are unfamiliar with the area and tourists who may have ignored signs warning the slide zone is closed. today cool at the coast
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and hot inland. it's a different world toward fairfield, concord, river. the temperatures in the mid- 90s. san jose between 84 degrees this afternoon -- right around 84 degrees this afternoon. some clouds moving in from southern california. this is the monsoonal flow which is essentially a reversal in the wind direction. that brings in storms. showers and clouds built up across parts of -- at least the southern parts of the state earlier today. we had more development toward the sierra an hour or two ago. right now we just have low clouds and fog hanging out near the immediate coastl that will surge locally back into the bay first tomorrow morning. current numbers still hot toward walnut creek. 92. san jose in the upper 70s. san francisco has cooled off to 63. and santa rosa right around 76 degrees. i love this picture. just take a look here looking out above the fog deck. it's mount tam, east peak just over 2500 feet. so we typically see this for
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the summertime the low and the bottom of your screen what ends up interesting here. upper level clouds moving in from the south. we'll be talking about more high clouds in your thursday forecast especially by mid- to late afternoon. so here we are tomorrow morning, this could be locally dense fog that will impact the visibility. that's a layer of hot air compressing the marine layer. so dense fog toward half moon bay, san francisco for thursday morning. throughout the afternoon high clouds move in. so this forecast model not generating much in the way of shower activity but there is a chance of a shower or thunderstorm and any thunderstorms that develop especially if they are dry that's something we'll watch out foiday forecast. a little cooler tomorrow but still lots of 90s inland. san mateo 80. a few more changes toward the
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week. we'll have more on that coming up. a huge fine for a bay area company. coming up, how silicon valley's reaking to a mult -- reacting to a multi-billion- dollar antitrust fine against google kawhi leonard has been traded. mark has more in sports. >> and a horrifying scene on a street in berkeley when a group of young men attacks a 72-year-old man. what police are doing to try to find these suspects.
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the european union has slapped google with a record fine in an antitrust case that accuses the mountain view company of abusing its power in the mobile phone market. ktvu's jesse gary reports on the 5.1 billion-dollar fine and what google may do next. >> reporter: for a company making billions of dollars annually, a penalty far from a slap on the wrist. wednesday, the european union hit tech giant google in its sizable corporate wallet levying a billion fine. >> google has engaged in illegal practices to cement its market position in internet search. eu commissioner says google has been abusive in the way it provides free access to operating systems. four out of five cell phones use the android software, but the catch? google's search and chrome apps are built in.
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>> it must put an effective end to this conduct within 90 days. >> reporter: tech experts say this move is an attempt by the eu to rein in powerful silicon valley companies. >> they are concerned about privacy and tax issues and just the overreaching -- their perceived overreach of power. and this is just the latest and most extreme example of a u.s. tech company being hit by anti-competition regulations. >> reporter: while google can absorb a hit as high as $5 billion or about 40% of last year's profits, it will appeal, which could drag on for years. what's more vexing for the company, the commissioner wants it to abandon preloading its web browsers and apps in phones and software. experts say this parallels the u.s. justice department's antitrust suit against microsoft in the early '90s. microsoft required computer companies to preload its browsers as a condition of getting the microsoft
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operating system. shortly after google's impending financial hit was announced, the company's ceo released a statement defending their practices saying changing their business model would hurt everyone. >> this is at the very heart of google's mission. it leads to better products and better prices. >> reporter: antitrust experts say it's likely google's fine will be reduced. but if it's forced to change how it does business, the fine may be the least of its problems. in the san jose studio, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. shares in google's parent company alphabet today. the stock share to $1,195 a share. that's a decline before a quarter of a percent. stocks overall were mostly higher today on positive economic news. the dow was up 79. the nasdaq down a fraction. the s&p 500 was up 6. banks and transportation companies helped drive the indices higher. california governor brown is making a last-ditch effort
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to reduce pension benefits before he leaves office. the governor is asking the state supreme court to expedite a hearing on a lawsuit challenging a law that restricts pension benefits for public employees hired after 2013. specifically, it rolls back a decades old program called air time that allows employees to purchase five years of service credited to their pension. the critics say the governor shouldn't be trying to sway court decisions. >> what we have an issue with is governors trying to put pressure on the supreme court to do what they want them to do and the supreme court succumbing to this type of pressure, because if they are bowing to pressure from the governor to hear the case early, the question becomes is will they bow to the governor i case? >> many cities, counties and school districts say they are on the brink of financial collapse because the state is ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is . next with an attack caught on camera. the surveillance video showing the beating of a 72-year-old man on a berkeley street. and what police need next.
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>> california lawmakers gathering at the state capital. their new plan to help fight human trafficking. >> and "2 investigates" shows us the new device that law enforcement is using to unlock your smartphone. stay with us. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is next.
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now to today's top stories. a tanker truck carrying liquid oxygen started leaking outside a kaiser facility in santa rosa this afternoon causing a small explosion and fire. the call came in about 2:30. the driver of the truck was injured in the blast and highway 101 was closed for more than an hour. but hazmat crews say they have secured the leak and all lanes reopened about 4:40 this afternoon. the white house trade tried to clarify comments -- the white house today tried to clarify comments about russian meddling. president trump said russia is no longer targeting u.s. elections. white house press secretary sarah sanders later said the president wasn't answering the
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reporter's question but was saying no, he is not taking questions. california reports that the ferguson fire -- cal fire reports that the ferguson fire grew to 17,000 acres overnight and it's still only 5% contained. one firefighter was killed last week. two more were injured yesterday. we also learned that one firefighter had a broken leg and another had heat exhaustion. highway 140 is one of the main routes into the park and is closed as a result of that fire. ou're watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. police in berkeley are looking for a group of young men caught on surveillance video beating a 72-year-old man. investigators say the victim was walking on martin luther king, jr. near university when he was attacked from behind, knocked to the ground and then kicked over and over. ktvu's christien kafton has our report tonight. >> reporter: the video is hard to watch, a video according to police a 72-year-old man knocked to the ground and savagely attacked
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in the early-morning hours of july 6th kicked over and over again and berkeley police say the attack was unexpected and unprovoked. >> this is an appalling attack. certainly somebody that age or anyone for that matter shouldn't be attacked in that way. >> reporter: police aren't saying what a possible motive could be and are working with other nearby police departments to see if the assault matches up to any similar incidents in the area. police say after the assault, the men piled into a minivan and now officers are asking the public to look for that minivan. >> we are looking for a newer model silver minivan, possibly a nissan quest, and in the video you can see it going southbound on martin luther king. >> reporter: police say the victim called 911 following the attack. he is from berkeley, simply trying to walk home. now police are looking for anyone who knows anything about this assault. >> suspects are described as 6 to 8 black men in their late teens to early 20s and again they were last seen fleeing in the minivan.
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>> reporter: just to get a sense of how brazen this attack was, it happened right here at the intersection of addison and mlk. to give you a sense of where we are, we're directly across the street from berkeley police headquarters. berkeley police hope that somebody out there will provide the crucial tip they need to find the assailants in this case. in berkeley, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. also in berkeley, police could use the public's help to catch a peeping tom. investigators say that early saturday morning, a man was spotted peeping through a rear window of a home on prospect street. a female inside the home was changing her clothes at the time. she told investigators the man was exposing himself. when she alerted her housemates, he took off. he is described as white, between 25 and 30 years old, 5'10" to 6 feet tall. anyone with information is asked to contact the berkeley police department. and palo alto police want the public to look at this
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picture of a man seen peering through a bedroom window. officers were called to waverly street last wednesday. a homeowner saw him on his backyard surveillance video lacking into a bedroom for several minutes. the man got away. anyone who recognizes him should call police. state lawmakers are considering whether to expand protections for victims of human trafficking. a bill making its way through the legislature would empower courts to issue protective orders for victims of human trafficking against their traffickers for up to 10 years. current law only offers those protections to minors who are victims of human trafficking. the state is also rolling out new education program at public schools to raise awareness on the issue. >> people are getting better at figuring out how to raise the visibility of this problem to just ordinary californians, to get them engaged so that
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they can look at something and say, that doesn't look right. what's going on there? >> the assembly has passed the bill and it's now being considered by the senate appropriations committee. tonight, "2 investigates" looks at a new tool that can crack the code of your smartphone without your permission. this is a device that was developed specifically for law enforcement. "2 investigates'" brooks jarosz joins us from the newsroom. some police departments are planning to have them or buy one? >> that's right. >> reporter: it's a little box and costly with subscription fees starting at $15,000 a year. it's called gray key and it's the latest hacking tool capable of breaking into the newest version of apple iphones. while the company gray shift has tried to keep its product under wraps, we found out how it works through public records requests that we sent to dozens of bay area law enforcement agencies. at least a third of police departments here in the bay
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area have already bought at least one gray key for their department. this small box has two cables that plug into iphones and eventually it will display the pass code on the screen and all the files can be downloaded on to the device and accessed by computer. california highway patrol has one and says since may, it's been used at least 75 times. some civil rights advocates fear this technology could soon fall into the wrong hands. >> my biggest concern is that at some point one of these devices will either be leaked into the wild and criminals will figure out how it works and how to duplicate it, or just that an independent hacker, an independent malicious entity, will figure out the same vulnerability and just independently create one and then all vulnerable until apple can : fo arms race between apple and developers at companies like gray shift. tonight on the ten o'clock news, we reveal which departments are using these
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boxes, how much tax money they are spending and the legal concerns surrounding privacy. >> that is very interesting. i look forward to seeing that tonight at 10:00, brooks. thank you. >> you're welcome. coming up, virtual reality, self-driving vehicles, and even a way to make pizza delivery better. silicon valley companies show us their latest high-tech inventions. >> the boys rescued from a flooded cave in thailand speak publicly for the first time since their harrowing ordeal. >> and no, this isn't a scene from the latest sci-fi movie. we'll show you more of this jetpack suit in action and tell you how much it costs.
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the technology of tomorrow was on display today in mountain view as the city held its fourth annual technology showcase. ktvu's ann rubin tells us it was a chance for the public to get a look at what silicon valley companies have been working on. >> reporter: some up and comers are here alongside the biggest names in tech. all are showing off their wares in the town they call home. >> what you see around usin the street is going on every day in mountain view but most people only see a piece of it. >> reporter: so mounta people to show more. oculus and "waymo" showed off products and nasa, as well. that was just the beginning. >> we brought my passion project which is the blade. >> reporter: the folks at hoverboard brought their
6:40 pm
electric skateboard. >> if i want to go that, i keep leaning and tilt it to turn. >> reporter: there was technology to make pizza delivery better and to put telescopes on planes. and lots of things to ride. the idea is for people to actually interact with the technology to hop in a self- driving car or get on an electric bike. for the companies, it was a chance neat the public and -- a chance to meet the public and each other. this group just opened their office in november. >> it's a good chance for us to engage with the community and engage with city leaders and get to know who our peers are in this, you know, industry. >> reporter: residents called the showcase eye-opening. they say they can't believe the concentration of innovation that's here. >> mountain view is the hub of technology and awesome to see all of this in my backyard.
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>> reporter: ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. >> there is concern people on the waiting list to get a new tesla may lose a federal tax credit. tesla sales have hit 200,000 meaning under federal law, the $7,500 tax credit must be phased out. buyers need to buy their car by the end of the year in order to receive the full credit, which works out essentially to 21% discount off the sticker price of a base model tesla. it's unclear if buyers on the waiting list may decide to cancel orders if they are going to lose the tax credit. coming up, it's like something straight out of a sci-fi movie. >> the story behind this gravity defying jet suit. >> and in weather, all week long not too much change. cool temperatures coastside, hot numbers inland. but some high clouds moving in from the south could bring in a few more changes as we head into your thursday forecast. we'll have more on that coming up. >> and coming up at 7:00 on ktvu plus, a viral video of four somali boys being held at
6:42 pm
gunpoint by police minnesota. and it was all prompted by a fake 911 call. how one of the boys described what happened. >> and she tried to sneak on planes in the bay area in the past. the ruling in chicago today involving the woman known as the serial stowaway.
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they were trapped in a cave in thailand for more than two weeks. now all 12 boys an their story of survival. all have been released from the hospital where they were being treated for dehydration and malnutrition. today they talked to the media for the first time about what it was like being trapped. >> i was really afraid not to be able to return home. >> we found the water coming
6:45 pm
off the rock upstairs where we can actually feed ourselves and so we found some shelters to stay. >> the boys say they first tried to dig their way out of the cave after realizing they had been trapped by the rising water. officials are now considering new security measures for the cave to ensure that it remains off limits during the rainy season. elon musk is now apologizing for a tweet in which he referred to one of the divers as a pedophile. he said he was angry when he was accused of orchestrating a pr stunt. he fered to send a small sub to thailand to help rescue the soccer players. he said the accusation was a stunt that upset him but shouldn't have said what he did. the diver is considering legal action. this is real. a british inventor created a gravity jet suit and it's made of tiny jet engines which are mounted on the pilot's arms
6:46 pm
and legs. richard browning demonstrated his new jet suit in london today as crowds looked on. he tested it on a city street and was asked if he is worried about the jetpack being unsafe. >> i was going to demystify this by comparing it to a sports motorbike. if you abuse it, you can get hurt quickly. if you're sensible, it's not dangerous. >> the jetpack goes up to 32 miles an hour with an altitude limit of 12,000 feet. the custom gravity jetpack sells for about $444,000. looks like a james bond movie. >> what was the james bond movie where he had the jetpack? was that goldfinger? >> i believe so. >> maybe. >> i don't know. it would be cool if you could do it. >> but one wrong move and you're done. >> be sensible, like he said. >> just amazing if you are walking down the street and somebody zips on by? what was that? maybe it's a factor of the
6:47 pm
wind? i'm not sure how that impacts. >> you can help with that. >> we will try to. let us know if you get one of those. weather-wise today not much in the way of extreme wind. of course, a good onshore breeze keeping the coast on the cool side. temperatures this afternoon ranging from the 60s at the shore, 70s and 80s around the bay. still hot inland. that's been a constant all week long toward concord, fairfield, livermore and antioch. 98 degrees. satellite and radar first showing clouds moving in and winds coming from the south. that's the monsoonal flow that's going to send in some clouds into the bay area. already the case in southern california. not much in the way of showers here. one band is approaching the central valley. we are already having high clouds coming in from the south. still 90s right now toward livermore and walnut creek. san jose 79. san francisco 61. santa rosa around 76 degrees. can't get enough of this live picture. here's our live camera looking
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toward the fog bank and looking north out toward mount tamalpais. typically looking out towards san francisco and the bay but solid fog at the shoreline. that cloud deck still a factor out there. reduced visibility at the coast first thing tomorrow morning. this area high pressure will usher in high clouds from the south for tomorrow. as far as temperatures, not a lot of change. inland neighborhoods instead of mid- to upper 90s, most areas the hottest spots in the warm end will be the low to mid-90s and the circulation around this high drawing in that moisture, the monsoonal flow, so with that, it could feel muggy around here. and there is a slight chance of a shower thursday and into friday outside chance. the main concern for us is if we get a thunderstorm that doesn't produce much in fact way of rainfall but instead to lightning strikes, that could definitely lead to some fire starts. so we'll be watching for that later on -- late tonight into thursday and possibly into friday. here we are tomorrow morning. the fog coastside and around the bay could be dense. then you will see these high clouds moving in from the
6:49 pm
south. so with that there's not a lot of rainfall expected or any rainfall. could be just completely dry. could be muggy for thursday and friday. this particular forecast model not too generous in terms of shower chances here in the bay area. forecast highs for tomorrow still some hot numbers out toward clearlake, st. helena, fairfield, vacaville, inland numbers into the 90s. san jose 85. gilroy 93. san francisco 68. the coast in the 60s. here's a look ahead. hot thursday into friday inland. cooling off a little bit toward the weekend. so we have that slight chance of a shower tomorrow but i will say when you step outside the door, you will probably see the humid tropical feeling. so be prepared for that change in your thursday forecast. thank you. still to come here the long- awaited trade of manny machado from the orioles happened today. mark will tell us which team on the west coast got this all
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star shortstop coming up next in sports.
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wow! takes pole vaulting to a new height. a french vaulter cleared a 20- foot pole taking off from an electric skateboard operated by remote control by the vaulter's wife. he set a new world record by a certainty meter. i didn't know it was a -- he set a new world record by a centimeter. i didn't know it was a thing. >> there's a world record for everything! ha ha! >> you think of it as a new world. mark is going to talk news sports. >> historically, this is the slowest sports day of the year the day after the all star game. yes. year after year, not this time around in 2018. couple of eye-popping trades in two major sports. we'll start with the news that's not going to thrill giants fans. the dodgers have acquired one of the most talented players
6:54 pm
in the big leagues from the orioles, manny machado goes to los angeles. he has 23 homers and 66 rinse. he is a perennial gold glove winner and will be playing shortstop for the dodgers and an all-star all the way around. in exchange, the dodgers give up five minor leaguers including one of their top prospects outfielder diaz. machado this is the catch to it is a free agent after this season. so the dodgers are going to have to re-sign him. now in the nba, just as big, kawhi leonard said he wanted out of san antonio, gregg popovich responds. you don't want to play here? how about canada? he was sent as far away as possible. unhappy for months with the spurs, he does get his wish. he will go to the raptors. he has been out with a thigh injury. he is a good defender and scorer.
6:55 pm
he goes to the raptors in exchange for another all star, demar derosen great scorer although most of it from the inside, not a three-point shooter as a specialty but all star player. gregg popovich responds. >> at this point, my main interest is definitely not to look back. it doesn't do us any good whatsoever. i'm thrilled to have demar and jacob join us. i'm not too interested in talking about the past. i only want to talk about tim dunca! the world cup is not over. not soccer but it'se fonzi repo >> reporter: you might know this part of rugby. you might not know that the sports world cup is being held
6:56 pm
in a rugby packed weekend at san francisco's at&t park. that's right. the world cup. >> to have 40 teams from around the grown all coming into america all -- to have 40 teams from around the world all coming to america and coming to san francisco, it's a fantastic opportunity. >> reporter: fans will see single elimination tournaments in a rugby sevens game that features speed, scoring and wide open play in a total of 15 minutes. today, among others, the tongan men, the mexican women and the u.s. men were practicing at treasure island. the u.s. team features two players with bay area roots, one who attended woodside high school and danny barrett of pacifica and the university of california's record setting program. >> i grew up in the highlands. so rugby was awesome. >> it's the camaraderie, the brotherhood, the physicality, the aggression. but at the end of the day it's also the respect, you know. you can beat the hell out of
6:57 pm
your opponent for 80 minutes, plus, and you make sure to shake everyone player's hand on the other team. the soccer world cup just finished and you see people rolling on the ground and screaming at referees. with us, if you do that -- ha ha! -- good luck, buddy. you're not going to be on the field for very long. >> reporter: if you are a fan, you should be able to more than get your fill this weekend. 24 men's teams and 16 women's teams will play all of their games over three days to determine their respective champions. this field as recently as last sunday was a baseball field. but now the infield and the warning tracks have been covered with fresh turf. in san francisco, joe fonzi, ktvu fox 2 news. >> that looks like a fun weekend. >> tough young men and women. good night.
6:58 pm
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