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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  July 19, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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and armed robbery in the parking lot of the grocery store. the victim had a dashboard camera rolling and it captured these pictures of the gun man. ? this gentleman approached the victim and produced a firearm. he robbed him of his wallet. >> the robbery took place outside of the well-known asian supermarket. >> police are asking for help
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in identifying the suspect. we're live now. you learn to the camera inside of the car captured the crying? >> reporter: yes it was all caught on camera. police are releasing images of the suspect, taken from a camera inside the victim's car. it occurred in this parking lot behind the oceans supermarket. police want to be on the lookout for this man who they say was armed with a pistol when he walked up to a 45-year-old man and demanded money and cell phone. it happened on tuesday at 9 pm. police say the victim had supermarket to take a breaonhis drive home from work. he stopped to have a cigarette and got out of the vehicle. that is when the suspect approached. >> reporter: detectives hope the photos lead them to the suspect. they described him as a hispanic man, 25-30 years old
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and roughly 5'6". about 160 pounds. he took off in a silver or gold colored sedan. >> appears to be a crime of opportunity. driving by and saw him standing there not paying attention. then took advantage of it. >> reporter: the victim was not seriously injured but was shaken up. ? it is usually very safe. i hope the police got him. you do not want to repeat. tourist the victim was standing outside of his car. inside of the car, unbeknownst to the suspect, a camera was rolling. ? that is all it takes. one camera and you are done. >> reporter: in the parking lot, we spotted a handful of cars with dash cameras.
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police say in this case, the video evidence is crucial. >> if we did not have those images, then we may not have any lead to follow-on. >> reporter: police are hoping to get more video from the bank acrossthe street. police tell me there have not been any holdups here in the ocean supermarket parking lot before. there has been an increase in robberies overall. anyone with information is asked to contact police. >> it is so lucky that he had the dashboard camera. we were talking how we had not heard of those. are they becoming more popular? >> reporter: apparently yes. i spoke with police and they say a lot of people use these cameras to record travels. in this case it's recorded a crime. recorded this victim being victimized and ultimate helped police. >> hopefully someone recognizes the suspect. we have developing news out
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of missouri. there are reports that 11 people died when a tourist wrote sank. more than 30 people including children were on board when the boat capsized during strong wind. seven people were rescued and taken to the hospital. the sheriff's deputy in the area said there are dive teams in the water searching for as many as five other people who are still missing. >> we do have some people still missing. this is going to be all night and into tomorrow that we will be working on this. the dive team is on their way here. there is a dive team in the water right now. >> the deputy in the area said thunderstorms likely contributed to the accident. he said they were wind speeds of 60 miles per hour hitting the lake.
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now in oakland, the police chief and mayor hosted a town hall meeting tonight. they wanted to explain how police are making changes to address racial disparities and improve safety. we are at laney college where the meeting was held. >> reporter: the room was packed. the police chief said the data that they have been collecting has had an impact on making changes within the department. i asked her before hand, specifically how they are addressing racial profiling? >> racial profiling is unacceptable. >> reporter: the police chief said her mission is to eliminate bias from the department by changing the culture and thinking. >> we need to be a police department that is focused on behavior. behavior based only. >> reporter: at the town hall meeting, the police chief and the mayor said a key factor is the partnership with stanford university researchers who are collecting and analyzing a massive amount of police data.
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>> these numbers are and accountability measure. allows us to demonstrate this is the baseline. we need to hold ourselves accountable. >> reporter: the data shows a disparity among traffic stops among african-americans versus other group. in the past six months the number has gone down as they have required officers to change the criteria to behavior not race. >> we have stopped 3000 fewer african-americans in the past six months. >> reporter: the chief said violent crime has declined in the past four years as well as use of force. >> by using de-escalation strategies, our need to use force has dramatically dropped. >> reporter: a stanford researcher says one important factor is they are analyzing all body camera video, not just when there is a problem. >> we look at the footage
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collectively and for routine traffic stops. >> reporter: that practice reveals that police on average were speaking more politely to white citizens than nonwhite citizens. some members of the audience shouted their frustrations they may want faster change on the street and more police accountability. >> those numbers mean nothing to a person that will be arrested tonight for racial profiling. >> we need actions. what are you going to do the data? how will you incorporate it? what part do the people play to make sure we have solutions? >> reporter: there is a question as to whether the police partnership with the university will continue. the mayor's office said the contract is up for renewal and that will be considered next week. the cost of the contract is $250,000. reporting live in oakland,
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ktvu, fox 2 news. a new movie about oakland and shot in oakland opened tonight in theaters. the writer said he is trying to tell in oakland story with the new film line spotting. he spent a decade writing it with a friend. it addresses gentrification, police violence, poverty and racial disparity. it opened tonight at oakland's grand lake theater and other select cities. it will be released nationwide on july 27. three men are under arrest in the north bay in a murder case where the victim was found buried at a remote marijuana growing site. the 34-year-old -- they are in custody tonight in connection with the shooting death of josi martinez. his daughter reported him missing on july 2. detectives learned that the missing man was involved in significant marijuana deals and had been
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receiving threats. after speaking with witnesses, investigators determined the suspect kidnapped him in cloverdale on june 29. they took them to a remote location and shot him. the next day, they believed the man buried him in a marijuana garden. 's body was uncovered yesterday. >> he was lord there. there is only one reason he was taken there. finding a remote location as they did, it may not have ever led us to this place. >> there being held without bail on charges of murder, kidnapping and conspiracy. president trump is already planning his next meeting with vladimir putin. the white house said an invitation is going out for the is comes after three days of controversy over president trump's changing statements following his meeting with vladimir putin on monday in finland. at first he seemed to accept
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putin's claims that russia did not interfere in the election. lawmakers on both sides of the i want to know what the two men discussed during their private two hour meeting. >> i hope the white house gets ahead of it and lets everyone know what was discussed in this private meeting. russia will use it to their advantage and put their spin on it. >> senator flake joined a democrat from delaware introducing a bipartisan resolution to support the u.s. intelligence that found that russia interfered in the election. that measure was blocked by republican leaders. a stanford passer has been caught up in the fallout. >> he is a former ambassador to russia. vladimir putin wants russian agents to interrogate him. >> reporter: the stanford professor is one of several americans that russian authorities want to question. michael mcfall was the u.s. ambassador to russia under
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president obama from 2012-2014. he is now a political science professor at stanford. is director of the institute for international studies where his book is on display. the former ambassador said this about vladimir putin in an interview with ktvu, two months ago. >> if you do not push back on putin, he is going to keep coming out to. >> -- >> reporter: the white house on thursday said it disagrees with allowing the kremlin to interview americans accused of unspecified crimes, including mcfall. in exchange for allowing u.s. to question 12 russians accused of interfering in the election. the change came shortly before the senate on thursday unanimously approved the resolution to keep any current or former diplomat from russian interrogation. after mcfall tweeted, bipartisanship is not dead yet in the u.s. senate. thank you all for your support. >> what comes across to me is
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putin is a man that has personal obsessions and those obsessions include his enemies. >> reporter: robert service has studied russian politics for years and works one building over at stanford. he calls monday's helsinki summit a public relations disaster for the u.s.? i have been reading russian newspapers and listening to the radio. they are crowing about this. >> reporter: he hopes the u.s. is better prepared for the next meeting. >> resident trump walked into a trap. it is in all of our interest process to help get him out. >> reporter: he said president trump iswith russia but the u.s. needs to ne it is not yet clear if the two presidents will meet in the fall at the white house. in the san jose studio, maureen naylor, ktvu, fox 2 news.
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the latest cover of time magazine shows a president trump and vladimir putin morphed into one. an online version features and animation coming putin's face and back to trump's face and ending with a version of both. the cover is meant to be criticism of the performance in helsinki where he seemed to side with putin over u.s. intelligence agencies on the issue of russian meddling. the president has since tried to clarifies his remark saying that he trusts the conclusion that russia did interfere with the election. a packed house tonight for a new film on the north bay wildfires. how the producers of urban inferno hope to prevent we finally have cooling relief to talk abrecast coming up. a man accused of committing for rapes while posing as a rideshare driver goes before a judge to enter a plea. new details about the case,
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coming up.
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in san francisco, a man accused of committing poor rates while posing as a rideshare driver pleaded not guilty today. court documents reveal chilling new details about how the suspect preyed on his victims. >> reporter: orlando vilchez
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lazo appeared in court today.'s attorney entered his plea to allegations that he raped for women. three of them it nice point -- knifepoint. is accused in a series of violent rapes in san francisco over a five-year span. the defendant had previously been a driver for lyft but was let go by the rideshare company. he is in jail without bail. one victim called for a ride from outside of the c room in november. instead of a legitimate driver, orlando vilchez lazo picked her up and drove her to a secluded place where he began touching her shoulder and neck . she demanded to be taken home. he began kissing her and she became -- began pushing him away. she was unable to stop him from raping her. two were picked up outside of temple nightclub and ending with the defendant raping the women at knife point. one victim managed to escape and run to a nearby home for
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help. >> mr. orlando vilchez lazo has pled not guilty. he maintained his innocence and to the constitution entitles him to presumption of innocence and to his day in court. we want to fight the case in the courtroom and not the media. >> reporter: before cameras were allowed to roll in the courtroom, his defense attorney said three of the four women had failed to identify the suspect. prosecutors said dna evidence linked him to all four cases. >> in any case, if dna evidence is present, it is a helpful component to the case. >> reporter: immediately after entering the not guilty plea, his wife, brother and nephew all left the courtroom, not commenting but shaken. customs enforcement has artie put a hold on him and is ready to deport him to peru if for any reason he is released from jail.
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>> ice should not exploit cases like these to advance its own political agenda. >> reporter: if convicted, he is facing multiple life sentences. he is due in court on august 1. one final note, prosecutors are not saying if there may be more victims out there that have not reported the assault. there asking anyone with information about the case to come forward. in san francisco, ktvu, fox 2 news. deputies in santa clara county have arrested a badminton coach for having an in a prop relationship with one of his students. he was arrested a week ago after they found him sitting in his car with a 17-year-old student. is a coach with synergy badminton. he was arrested on several charges including molesting a minor. explosion damaged the backend of a tanker truck and injured the driver. oxygen and started spewing from the back of the tanker causing staff and patients to be
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evacuated from the north campus to the main hospital nearby. hazmat team was able to shut off valves but authorities are inspecting medical building and it will remain closed tomorrow just in case. the driver of the truck is in the hospital with significant injuries but we are told he is in stable condition. a pedestrian was killed on the caltrans -- caltrain tracks tonight. it hit a person that was trespassing. trains were stopped in both directions during the investigation then caltrain was able to singletrack the trains through the area. this is the sixth totality of the year. no information has been released on the person that died. chp has a mystery on his hands after finding an suv that crashed along the coast in san mateo county. the highway patrol tweeted photos of a red honda passport. it was on its roof, lying on the beach with significant damage. officer spotted it this morning
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off of highway-1 just north of pescadero state beach. no one was inside but there were footprints in the sand. officers hope to find the owners and question them. as far as they know there were no other vehicles involved in the incident. another round of hot temperatures in land. readings of 95-98 degrees. san jose 86. a lot cooler coast side. san francisco maxed out at 66. we have been watching the moisture moving in from the south. monsoon moisture. the instabilities offshore to the last. there is another band moving to the east. we are caught between the two systems. for the most part it has been dry today. just a few high clouds paying a visit in addition to some of the low clouds and fog. we are tracking some of the fog near the coast near pacifica, san francisco, ocean beach and toward the headlands. current numbers, san francisco 36 and napa 61.
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70s toward concorde. our live cameras looking for the golden gate bridge. the fog will make a comeback near the coast and portions of the bay tomorrow morning. if the 6 degrees. than for the afternoon hours, skies are becoming partly sunny. tomorrow we will begin to cool things off from today. we will still have some 90s but we will have mid to upper -- instead of mid to upper 90s we will have mid to low 90s. we are still tracking high clouds. also the slight chance of a thunderstorm in the friday forecast. we will have more than that in a weakened outlook, coming up in a few minutes. ahead at 10:30 pm, a gambling bust in the south bay. detective say an illegal gambling ring was operating behind normal working storefronts. the warriors introduced their new big man. we will find out what he had to say about his new teammates. a documentary that people want to see and do not want to see at the same time.
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nine months after the north bay firestorm, a movie made by those who were there. ( ♪ ) pixar pier has arrived! prepare to be awed. prepare to be moved. prepare to make a mad dash... ( ♪ ) ...because with the incredicoaster,
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the wildfire burning near yosemite continues to grow. the ferguson fire has burned 21 thousand acres. as of tonight the fire is 7% contained. they expect the fire to continue growing. new evacuation orders were issued today for the ellport
10:25 pm
towel trailer court on highway 140. visitors to yosemite say heavy smoke is obscuring the view but even so, the park is still open. a movie premiere in the north bay. a story everyone knows all too well. it is called urban inferno carbonite santa rosa burned. the film's creators hope the documentary can help survivors heal. we're live now in santa rosa with reaction to tonight's premier. >> reporter: there was so much interest. the first show sold out quickly. a second one was added. it is not often that you find trauma counselors at the movie theater. >> if you want to know what it was like to be there with us, that is what the stories about. >> reporter: it is a document terry hatched at the dinner table by two married physicians that also make movies.
10:26 pm
>> 7000 homes were burned. go around your neighborhood and start counting. when you get to 7000, let me know. >> reporter: they survived october 8. they could not know that grabbing their cats and running for their lives. they lived it so they wanted to capture it. >> there were people that went to bed and 2.5 hours later they had to decide which neighbor do i save? >> reporter: the 40 minute film uses raw footage from cell phones and body cams as well as interviews with survivors and first responders. many in the audience, in the throes of the fire and aftermath could not grasp all that was happening at once. the film helps. >> you have time, distance and now you can watch a different perspective. it is a powerful movie. >> reporter: the film was followed by discussion. because of the trauma that it dredges up. the producers knowon for some. also worry about pain. they
10:27 pm
have noticed people who see the film often share afterward. >> people start talking. they start telling the stories. that is so helpful. >> reporter: at this showing, counselors were stationed outside of the theater door for anyone that may find it comforting to talk afterward. >> i'm not sure if i can see it. i consider all of these people brave. >> i feel like we relived it. it was authentic and raw. tourist the lord family watched the film together. their home burned down. >> as hard as it was to watch it, they did a great job capturing the essence of the night. >> reporter: capturing the heroism, in and out of uniform and the best of human nature as neighbors to save to neighbors. >> this video shouted in a different way that we did not experience. it was eye-opening for all of us.
10:28 pm
>> reporter: the second showing just got out. $15,000 was raised tonight for a fund dedicated to recovery. it moves a few blocks away. showings will be five dollars. the funds will be donated to fire resiliency. the movie will run for as long as people want to see it. ? i am sure it brought out so many different emotions on so many levels. you are from santa rosa. you covered so many of these stories. what stuck out to you? >> reporter: i think the most special part of the movie for many people is the end. it ends on a message of hope and a message of the community staying together and rebuilding together. even though the subject is painful, people are leaving the theater with smiles and hugs. it ends on a very hopeful ending. >> urban inferno carbonite santa rosa burned.
10:29 pm
not expect it. the part of the bay where tech jobs are growing faster than san francisco or silicon valley. a wedding ring found on a bay area beach. one man's mission to unlock the mystery of the rightful owner. an illegal gambling ring busted. how police honed in on normal- looking storefronts that actually gave -- had gambling machines and more. check out bass pro shops and cabela's
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a man was killed today when he was run over by a dump truck in the parking lot of a scrap metal yard in san jose. it happened at about 2:30 pm at sims metal management on monterey road. the man was pushing a shopping cart at the time. the driver of the dump truck is said to be cooperating with investigators. drugs and alcohol do not appear to have been a factor in the accident. san jose police had a six- month investigation has led to the seizure of dozens of gambling machines and thousands of dollars in cash. >> detective say the ring was operating out of storefronts that were made to look like legitimate businesses. >> inside it was a full-blown gambling operation. >> reporter: police say residents complained since the beginning of the year which prompted a closer look by detectives. police targeted businesses on north 14th street and don. also the sub -- and st. john.
10:33 pm
in each case, investigators say the outside appeared legitimate but the inside, pictures like these, full-blown gambling machines set up and operating. right under the noses of patrons that frequent the area. does that surprise you? >> i guess so. my goodness. nowadays who knows? there is so much fraud everywhere. >> reporter: five owners and employees are in custody. 51 machines have been seized along with $75,000 in cash. >> there is a lot of crime that goes with this type of illegal operation. it can be quality-of-life issues all the way to armed robbery. tourist two additional warrants were served in the rock springs and east san jose neighborhoods. the result, 13 gambling machines and more than $280,000 in cash seized. please see the criminal element is attracted to the high cash
10:34 pm
flow these types of fronts. the resulting crimes hurt everyone including those who might be addicted to the rush of gambling. >> we do have an impact when we take these types of organizations down. problem is, it creates a void. there are other individuals and groups that want to fill the void because it is lucrative. >> reporter: the police department will continue to rate businesses that are in illegal gambling. especially as they replenish the officers. the names of those who have been arrested are being withheld due to the fact that the oning. in san jose, jesse gary, ktvu, fox 2 news. more information about attent collapse at a military base that injured 23 soldiers. the accident happened south of big sur. two blackhawk helicopters were taking part of a training exercise when the wake from the blade caused two large military tents to come down.
10:35 pm
none of the injuries were serious and all of the soldiers that were taken to the hospital have been released. >> every service member was trained in basic buddy aid. any soldier that was inside were immediately rendering and helping out. that also made a very organized. >> the accident happened during a large medical evacuation training exercise involving about 8000 reserve soldiers. the auto industry is raising concerns about the president's plan to raise tariffs on imported cars, trucks and auto-parts. automakers, dealers and suppliers route in washington today. the president has said he wants to impose tariffs on $351 billion worth of automobiles and parts from the european union. opponents say that will hurt consumers and cost american jobs. >> reporter: a 25% tariff on imported autos and auto-parts. that would only lead to fewer sales, which leads to fewer
10:36 pm
american jobs. >> we cannot let that happen. >> the president argued that the tariffs will keep the u.s. competitive. u.s. commerce department is holding a two day hearing on the tariffs in washington. the bay area is home to the high-tech boom. many of those jobs are not being created in silicon valley or san francisco. the bay area council said the number of jobs in the tri- valley has increased by 35% since 2006. with cheaper commercial space, communities like livermore, pleasanton, dublin and san ramon are becoming more appealing for startup. some say part of the attraction is the quality of life. >> in the tri-valley they are cultivating a quality-of-life where you can live and work in the same neighborhood and town. >> that combination may sound ideal but many people say the tri-valley is already too crowded and does not have enough public transportation. a lost wedding ring found on the beach.
10:37 pm
>> i hope someone recognizes it and it is meaningful. >> one man's quest to find the rightful owner and the short inscription inside the ring. our weather story has not changed much. cool temperatures coast side and hot temperatures in land. a few changes as we head toward the weekend. the full forecast is coming up. up next, investigators arrest a man and woman in connection to a homicide in the east bay just 24 hours ago. (sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪ ♪ strummed guitar you can't experience the canadian rockies through a screen. you have to be here, with us.
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(sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting)
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sheriff's deputies have arrested a man and a woman in connection with the shooting death of a 22-year-old man last night. the victim was found on a private driveway off of san pablo dam road.'s name was not released. detectives do not have a clear motive in the killing but they say the suspect and victim to each other and were involved in some kind of ongoing dispute. neighbors a police have done a common sight in the area in recent months. >> for the last six months or so, police have been here around once a month. >> deputies have not confirmed it, neighbor said a lot of drug- related crimes are happening in the area. one person said, just last week a man was shot by a high- powered pellet gun on the same
10:41 pm
property. the two suspects in last night homicide are anthony gaines and judy barkas. they are being held on $2 million bail. a veteran berkeley city councilman announced he is leaving the council after 22 years. worthington said he will not seek to retain his seat in the november election. he represents the district that includes the main portion of the uc berkeley campus and what is commonly referred to as the southside neighborhood. he is endorsing robinson who has served on the police review commission, the zoning board and planning commission to succeed him. linda mail has been in office for 25 years and will also not run again. the monthly health insurance premium sold under resident obama's health care law are going up again next year. not as much as the past two years. remains for covered california will go up by an average of 8.7% in 2019. in each of the past two years williams increased 12%.
10:42 pm
covered california sales health plans to about 1.4 million people who do not get health coverage from an employer or from medicare or medi-cal. helps in the major stock indexes into negative. the dow fell 134 points the nasdaq fell 29 points and the s&p was down 11. a unique wedding band found on the beach. the search underway to identify the rightful owner. we will be back with the friday forecast after this message.
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10:45 pm
we have a mistry tonight that need solving. it involves a gold wedding band found on the beach with an inscription that dates back almost 70 years. >> the challenge now is finding whoever lost it. rob roth tells us how social media is being used to try and track the rightful owner. >> reporter: while taking a stroll on this rocky beach in port richmond about six months ago, richard found something that caught his eye. >> i found something that did not look normal. i pulled up the ring. it was in the rocks.
10:46 pm
>> reporter: it was a man's gold wedding ring. it was just sitting there on the water's edge for who knows how long. inside the ring is an inscription, from now to eternity, lillian, 5-1-39. -- 5-1-49. >> reporter: once he found the ring, the next question was is what to do with it. how do you get it to the rightful owner? it sat in his home since late january. he was unsure what to do with it. >> the plan was to eventually find what was. i am not internet savvy. his friend christina is. >> reporter: -- >> i thought this is cool. we should put this on social media. if anything twitter love is a mystery. i thought less post to twitter and see if we can help him find his family.
10:47 pm
>> reporter: she received a possible lead from southern california through twitter. nothing has been verified yet. >> it is testing 14 care. >> reporter: he took the ring to the oakland coin and jewelry exchange to have it appraised. spent -- >> everything is distinctive and unique. >> reporter: it was impossible to determine how old it is a rare came from but the appraisal came in at just over $200. >> i hope someone recognizes it and it is meaningful. >> reporter: rob roth, ktvu, fox 2 news. 60s in land -- atypical summertime pattern. -- atypical summertime weather pattern -- a typical summertime weather pattern.
10:48 pm
san jose down to 83 degrees as we have said in -- as we head into friday. we have two areas of subtropical moisture. is one batch here which is monsoon moisture. the area in between these, we are at that position where we had a slight chance of an isolated thunderstorm. it was in place for today. tomorrow we still have that slight chance. the main impact will be a bit of a drop off in the numbers for the friday outlook . right now lots of fog at the coast and portions of the bay. there is an onshore breeze that will help set the stage for a cloudy morning toward san francisco and possibly oakland. the fog could reduce visibility tomorrow morning. the current numbers, santa rosa 56, livermore 73 and san jose upper 60s. here's a live camera looking toward the bay bridge toward san francisco. no surprises here.
10:49 pm
keeping things cool for the coast with fog nearby. warm to hot in land and a slight chance of a thunderstorm, primarily over the higher terrain. the main reason we are cooling off a bit is the area of high pressure is beginning to weaken. it is a bit cooler for friday and into saturday. the circulation around the high temperature -- high pressure will send cloud and human conditions -- humid conditions. it is bringing high clouds throughout the day on friday in addition to some of the fog. then we will take this into saturday morning. starting the day with some clouds and maybe some drizzle near the shoreline. than we should have clearing skies or at least partly sunny skies by saturday afternoon. take a look at the numbers. more 90s in land but not as hot as today. creek 91, oakland 74, san jose will be 83 and cupertino lower 80s and san francisco will have dense fog and 68. off a little
10:50 pm
another warming trend early next week. if you are not a fan of heat, we will shave off a few degrees. >> just in time for the weekend. coming up on the 11 pm news, changes for oakland police. what they say they are doing to address racial disparity and improved safety. next in sports, the first round of the scottish open is complete. we will have that and the rest of sports, coming up next. check out bass pro shops and cabela's
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mark is now herewith sports. boogie cousins is in town. the boogie train has rolled into town and everyone is paying attention. take a look around at the warrior headquarters in oakland. i'm sure he liked what he saw. participation in city events is a big deal with the warriors. summercamp kids are on hand. i am sure they were thrilled to meet him. he will wear 0. lots of
10:54 pm
questions including about his rehab from his torn achilles. he was also asked about his new teammate and who stands out in his mind. >> my favorite is clay. in our short time together, for him to be as he is, it is never a dull moment. we click right away. the same with kd. it is a great group of guys. easy-going people. i think we will mesh well. >> i would not worry about the
10:55 pm
chemistry. he was asked if they will compete to see who gets the most technicals? he said he is on a budget. he said he is only making 5+ million dollars and the money is tight.  >> so many huge names in the nba exchange -- have changed teams. carmelo anthony is the latest to move on. it is the second time this week that a big-name has changed uniforms. carmelo went to atlanta for dennis schroeder. atlanta will release carmelo. it gets convoluted from their. atlanta and okc will save a ton of money with the deal. carmelo will eventually become a free agent. houston is the frontrunner to sign them. >> in scotland, some people call it the scottish open.
10:56 pm
others have called it the british open. is one of golf's most hallowed events. it is a beautiful course with great weather. tiger woods woke up on the wrong side of the bed with a creek in his neck. here's a lengthy pot at 11. he nailed it. he is in it. even par 71 after 1. i will call this the shot of the day. zach johnson probably would not disagree. birdie putt. the defending champ jordan will nail this pot at 11, 1/72. he was three under with four holes left. here's your leader. kevin kesner north carolina. 6. but for eagle.
10:57 pm
he will nail it. he is 5 under. 66 with a one-shot lead. everyone is frolicking in the nice weather. in the meantime, it is time to check this out. we showed you some of the great catches by the athletes. tonight the fans. remember this? he did not quite make the catch. he hurt hi the good news is, this youngster wound up with the baseball. there you go. it continues on. this might be one of the great . he reached over and made it with a bare hand. there is another good catch in the stands, hot dogging it. and look at this, the youngster actually outdid the older guy.
10:58 pm
he is happy about it. this is an overzealous fan. how much does the foul ball mean to you. he did not even wind up with the ball. this may be my favorite foul ball. almost in the stands. he handed it over to the young fan. this is the worst of it. here's the grinch of foul ball's. so close but so far. he is going to get it. he is going to get that ball. i can't even believe that mike wintered about. he snagged the ball away. hopefully someone from the pr department gave him a ball. it is all worth checking out. we are back to the bay bridge series tomorrow. the a's are hosting the giants, two games to one. there leading us to go for that.
10:59 pm
that is the sporting life for right now. it is 11:00. i cannot believe he snagged it away. >> i love the one where he dropped it in the little boys glove. >> that is one of those karma things. something is going to happen to mike winters. coming up next at 11 pm, frustration boils overheated townhall meeting in oakland where the mayor and chief of police address questions of racial profiling. oaklands police chief and mayor offered a positive message about change but they faced a skeptical crowd. armed with figures and slides, city leaders tried to
11:00 pm
explain how police are making changes to address racial disparity and improved safety. we are at laney college. >> reporter: tonight, the police department laid out how stanford researchers are analyzing data that has led to real change in police department policy. one example is they have been training officers in de- escalation strategies that they say has led to a reduction in the use of force. i also asked the police -- police chief what they are doing to address racial profiling. >> racial profiling is unacceptable. >> reporter: and kirkpatrick said her mission is to eliminate bias from the department by changing culture and thinking. >> we need to be a police department that is focused on behavior and behavior based only. >> reporter: at the townhall meeting at laney coll


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