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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  July 20, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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in missouri, we will have an update on this tragic accident in just minutes. it is friday, july 20, thanks for joining us. >> let's get right over to steve paulson and check out the weather. good morning on this friday where it has been hot for some and not much of a change for others. we will have a different twist, a little fly in the ointment if you will. higher clouds coming in from the south although the bulk of them decided to take the turn right and left, we will still get some, olivia, nice to see you, 58, looking for a high of around upper 60s or low 70s today. i will buy that after the fog burns off, it sounds right. 50s and marin county, 53 here and in point raise. and bodega bay towards
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inverness, it looks like taking the turn in like anita's. and trying to make a move for others, not as thick as it has been but it is still there, it looks a bit cooler with the high clouds coming in, but if you are inland that will equal higher humidity, the mugginess is in and the low clouds and fog's are not going away anytime soon. 50s and 60s under temperatures. we have been stuck on morning on these, there is a bit of a southerly breeze due south of half moon bay allowing the water temperatures to warm-up including 58 in san francisco and half moon bay at 60. except for the higher clouds in the humidity, temperatures will settle as the pattern changes a little bit. slightly cooler, but the high clouds could make it feel uncomfortable inland. 60s, 70s, 80s, low 90s for most pics and matteo, 92. highway 92 is blocked
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completely near lower skyline and interstate 280, we have a live picture as they work to clear the vehicles and also a tree that came down as a result of this crash. they're still trying to do that and you can see that our reporter, leigh martinez, is on the scene and will give us a report in just a moment. we will put this on the map here for you and traffic will be slow coming out of half moon bay, i don't recommend doing that, we will find out more from lee as to what happened and what caused this accident and when it will be clear in a few moments. looking at the silicon valley commute, traffic is moving along well on 280, all of the freeways in the east bay are doing well, we have had a few accidents and traffic is light and we have not had a lot of snow downs -- slowdowns, that is good on a friday. it is 7:02 am, let's go back to the desk. there is breaking news with ktvu's leigh martinez, she is live on the scene, what is happening ? >> reporter: traffic is stopped in both directions but they are
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doing lots of work. they are telling the tree right now and there is a big rig and a pickup truck that were hit. i don't know this is a tree, or just a huge branch, but they are using this tow truck here to actually move off towards the side and if you look behind it you will see the white pickup truck, that is the pickup truck involved in the accident so it has to also get towed out of here. in the process of doing all of this, they had to shut down traffic in both directions again. this is significant delays if you are traveling on 92 either the westbound or eastbound lanes in san mateo county. this accident happened just before 5 am on highway 92 between 280 and skyline boulevard. a heavily loaded tractor- trailer was going east on 92 and rolled over after colliding with the white pickup truck. >> a white pickup truck traveling eastbound came around out of control a little too quickly. it collided into the right
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wheel of the big rig and sent the big rig out of control and both vehicles ended up losing control and coming into the right hand shoulder of the westbound lane. >> reporter: the big rig driver has minor lacerations to his hands, but he feels lucky that he and the other dryer test driver are not more seriously injured. >> i could not stop because i would've gone into the trees, i saw a big branch coming into my windshield. >> reporter: back out here live, they are still trying to move both the branch that was involved in the accident that both vehicles hit, and the white pickup truck in the background, that has been moved off to the shoulder, but they have to toe that out next. in the process of doing all of this, both directions of 92, westbound and eastbound are shutdown at this time. the white pickup truck was trapped underneath so this is why the big rig had to be taken
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out first. they said that they were optimistic that it would only take 30 minutes to clear all of this and they have made significant process at your commutes expense. as of this point in time, no traffic is moving and everyone is at a standstill. in san mateo county, leigh martinez, ktvu fox 2 . authorities are expected to provide an up date at any minute on a news conference where two more bodies were found at table rock lake. 13 people, including children, are confirmed dead, four others are listed as missing and seven people are in the hospital. stormy weather is believed to be what caused the boat to capsize and sink. a witness on another boat saw several people in the water and try to save one woman. >> an african-american lady came from under the boat, we started pulling her up and i was yelling to give her cpr, a
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gentleman started cpr. >> the ntsb will have investigators at the scene, divers with the missouri state highway patrol are searching for those that are missing, as we get more information on the tragedy we will bring it to you throughout the morning. meanwhile, president donald trump tweeted earlier this morning saying, my deepest and these to the families and friends of those involved in the terrible accident we just took place in missouri. such a tragedy, such a great loss, may god be with you all. hayward police are asking for help to find a missing man with dementia. kenneth krantz is 5'4" with brown eyes and gray hair and has a tattoo of a cross on his right arm and was last seen wearing a gray baseball cap, a gray longsleeve shirt and jeans, he was last seen yesterday going towards cosco in hayward, if you have any information on the case, please call hayward police.
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convenience store owners enrich and say a ban on menthol and flavored tobacco products could backfire. they unanimously approved the citywide ban after talking for months on both sides. they heard from business owners and high school students that lobbied for this law. the ordinance will take effect in the middle of next year. retailers opposing the ban say that smokers will just go to other cities to buy the tobacco, or people could sell the products out of their cars and on the street. meanwhile, the city of fairfax in marin county is reviewing a petition that would allow the sale of recreational cannabis. they currently only allow medical marijuana. there is a moratorium on recreational operations through october. california has legalized the sale of recreational marijuana this year under proposition 64, but the voter approved initiative will also allow each city and county to determine if they will allow dispensaries. some mosquitoes have tested positive for zika virus in discovery bay and an agricultural area east of brentwood.
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people are advised to report any dead birds and use mosquito repellent when outdoors to lower the risk of the spreading. csp is try to find the owners of an suv that crest -- crashed on the couch -- coast in san mateo county. this is a red honda passport spotted yesterday morning of highway one and just north of pescadero state beach. no one was inside the car but there were footprints in the sand. officers say that they hope to find the owners and question them. as far as they know no other vehicles were involved in the incident. a group of students that survived the storm in douglas high school screwed the shooting in parkland, florida, will visit the bay area as part of a march for our lives nationwide tour. organizers will stop in oakland to bring a message for school safety against gun violence. students want to create a debate and encourage people to vote in the midterm elections
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in november. other cities on the tour include los angeles, chicago, and las vegas. removing post that could -- posts that could spark violence. more on facebook's plan. another meeting in the works between president donald trump and vladimir putin, i am doug luzader in washington, we have more than that, coming up.
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the time is 7:11 am, president donald trump has invited vladimir putin to meet again, this time in the white house, this comes amid confusion on what they discussed after handshake this week earlier in helsinki. >> reporter: -- >> getting along with president putin is a positive, not a negative. that being said, if it does not work i will be his worst enemy. >> doug luzader is live in
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washington dc to bring us the latest on this meeting, so much pushback from both sides, could this be a bit of a do over with a tougher tone from our president? >> reporter: the white house could see it that way, we will see if that pans out, we don't know if putin will accept the invitation. we think if it happens it could be sometime this fall, maybe in november, right around the midterm elections meaning the russia issue will stay alive right through to those pivotable midterms. >> many people are talking for the details of the two hour meeting to be released, as the white house under any requirement to do so or is it truly the president's choice? >> reporter: this is executive privilege and these one-on-one meetings happen as a matter of routine. there is an effort underway from someone capitol hill to get the interpreter to come and testify and this would be an extraordinary move to have that
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happened. this is the way diplomacy is carried out at the executive level. world leaders would be reluctant to mead -- meet if they knew that they would have to discuss everything and divulge everything but it does point to the level of anger of democrats on capitol hill. >> if the issue stays alive towards the midterm elections, as it appears it will, how will that affect republicans and democrats? >> reporter: that is a good question, the degree that this resonates with the public is somewhat of an unknown the could shift. there is clearly palpable anger among democrats on capitol hill and the public at large. this is really a motivating issue to get people headed to the polls or staying home, we just do not know the impact that this could have. and keep in mind, this presidency does things very quickly and there are 1 million other big issues that could come up between now and the
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midterms. >> doug luzader, thank you or joining us. >> reporter: thank you. happening today, the american civil liberal civil liberties union will be back in court, they are discussing the zero tolerance policy regarding children separated from their families. judge previously set a july 10 deadline for dozens of children under the age of five years old to be reunited with their families but the deadline was pushed back to july 26. 364 undocumented children have been reunited with their parents, that is the latest number from federal officials. the majority of the nearly 2600 children that were detained at the southern border, remain separated from their families and facilities throughout the country. 7:14 am, the freddie commute has not been problem free, particularly along the peninsula. >> reporter: you are right garcia and mike, this is
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causing a lot of slowing. since half moon bay is locked in, there is only a few things that you can do to get out, this is causing slow traffic heading north towards pacific up or down south to highway 84 because word will travel fast and people are stuck on 92 going over the hill eastbound towards 280. when this happens, most people go another way but there is still a big backup due to the truck accidents. the good news is, they are getting ready to clear it, as a matter of fact, our crew had to move because the lanes will open soon. looking at the rest of the commute, some slowing on 880 between hayward and fremont, just a little bit. the rest of the east bay commute is not looking bad. this is a sunny 280 san jose, 280 on the right looks good towards highway 17. 880 under overcast skies but the traffic looks good towards the bay bridge toll plaza and
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coming in from vallejo and the carquinez bridge, that drive is also good. 7:15 am, we will bring in steve. you are too kind, thank you >> i am kinder on friday. we do have the usual fog, but also high clouds coming in, if you are on twitter i have been sending out a lot of information this morning about how hot or how hot it has not been for july. we have had a lot of 90s, but officially, no one hundred, concorde, livermore, san jose, or santa rosa. in july this is a hotter temperature. san jose's hottest temperature at the airport has been 90. last july was much hotter, we all forget. low clouds and fog, a lot of it there, status quote, it looks cooler, that is because there are high clouds coming in and it will send the humidity factor up. that is in then, a lot of this has taken off and it is going
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out. there's a lot coming in from southern california and lots of moisture that starting to work its way through and nothing looks too organized. the fog is organized and there's plenty to go around. the combination of low clouds and higher clouds will give us a slightly cooler day but the humidity will rise. we don't see too much of a change. 60 black hawk and walnut creek. 63 dublin and brentwood with 50s. everyone some others a couple of degrees, a south wind from 13 miles per hour at halftime bay, why is that important? as southwind means the sea surface temperatures go up. bodega bay, a warm 56 degrees. if you get that northwest wind it will give colder ocean temperatures that we have not seen for about a week or so. the water temperatures have risen and there are some clouds that are the most organized.
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tahoe looks to be in the mix for sunday, maybe late saturday or sunday. for as i know it has been warm to hot inland and today looks cooler. some high clouds will add humidity to the mix. there's a good clip in tahoe and keep an eye on that right there, you can see late saturday and sunday that things will really pick up. that could play into your weekend if you're going up towards the sea area -- sierra. 60s, 70s, 80s, low 90s to the east or north. overall, close to normal averages. garcia? what looked like a real business was just a front for something illegal. >> more information on a big bus in the south bay that included many arrests. and canceling tesla orders, how many people do not want to wait anymore for the tesla model three.
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let's make lots of money, the lottery is pretty big this weekend, you could hear us talking about this on the news, our theme is money, if there is
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a special song that you want to hear, send me a request on facebook, twitter, or instagram. it is very easy to do, just use the #ktvu, i am scanning the list and that is how it goes. it is 7:22 am, back to mike. uni writers -- riders will have some more time before they have to pay a new fair, they will be able to extend ticket transfer times from two hours to 90 minutes and they had numerous request to extend the transfer times and now they will go to two hours. wells fargo's customers could get a refund, for years they have charge monthly fees for dozens of add-on products that pet insurance and legal services without a customer's full understanding. wells fargo is working with regulators in the process of refunding millions of dollars. the cdc is warning about a salmonella outbreak in 26
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states, including california, roger key is to blame. no desperate 40 people have been hospitalized. has not been a single identifier, but people that have been affected eight different brands of turkey products. they're reminding you to cook food thoroughly. 7:23 am, a new comment from president donald trump and pam cook is back in the studio. >> reporter: president donald trump criticized the federal reserve plan to raise interest rates, he says that raising the rates now will hurt the economy. wall street did not agree with the opening bell rang this morning, the dow jones dropped about 100 points right off the bat, but, checking in on the numbers, bouncing back a bit right now, the dow is up, the nasdaq, the s&p 500 are up across the board, not by a lot, but we will see what happens as the day runs through.
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facebook could remove posts that leave -- lead to violence, this comes after a comment from ceo, mark zuckerberg, he says some people are not intentionally getting it wrong, he said he did not mean to defend the intent of those that deny the holocaust and that he finds that deeply offensive. the new policy will cover miss information shared on the platform that might instigate violence, it will apply to written post and manipulated images. the bike share will step in to give students at the university free access. lyme is putting this program in jeopardy. tesla is meeting targets for the model three but many customers do not want to wait. according to one industry analyst, one in every four model three order has been
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canceled. that is double the rate from a year ago, customers that cancel will get there $1000 deposit back and the weight is still four months, maybe as much as a year. the new deposit that is put down is more and not refundable. >> my goodness. >> so there's that initial 400,000+ that gave $1000. >> an interest free loan to tesla is what that became. an armed robbery in the parking lot of a grocery store. >> i am shocked, this is usually safe. >> the advice from police in milpitas as they search for the person responsible. the city of oakland held a town hall meeting to talk about policing, how the police chief is attempting to rebuild trust in the community. there is slow traffic in
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the east bay in case you are wondering about hw 4, it is congested coming over the hill from concorde towards pittsford. low clouds, higher clouds and sun, in the friday forecast we will check out what is in store for the weekend ahead. if yyou need to stay downeaway from it. call 911. let our first responders come out and handle it. police and fire will respond as well as pg&e. pg&e will make the scene safe. ♪
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to keep our community safe. before you do any project big or small, pg&e will come out and mark your gas and electric lines so you don't hit them when you dig. call 811 before you dig, and make sure that you and your neighbors are safe. this is ktvu, mornings on 2. let's get started on this friday, if you want to be nice and warm, head inland , this is the east bay, specifically walnut creek, lots of bright sun, more than the camera can handle. if you like it cool, you know what to do, go to the coast, take 24 to 980, a lady come across the bridge, go to the city and you will find yourself here at the golden gate where
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it is cooler and much more gray in the sky. lots of fog and drivers are making their way through, and 24 and walnut creek they are wearing sunglasses. we are glad you made it here for mornings on 2, i am gasia mikaelian . >> as morning, i am mike mibach, dave clark has the morning off, we will go over to steve paulson and the towers on the bridge are wrapped in that fog. baseball is back in oakland, the bay bridge series. >> okay, i will take over. it is not like i have ever done that. i have. we will look at highway 92, all lanes are open on 92 just past lower skyline between lower skyline and interstate 280. as you know, for the last two hours there was an overturned truck that got into a collision with a pickup truck. they temporarily closed the highway to remove those vehicles. it is a wendy part of the highway and all lanes have
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reopened. it will take a while. in half moon bay, you are thinking, maybe i should wait, that is my recommendation, you should wait until the traffic dissipates. as you look at bay area traffic, it is lighter, the volume is not there, there are slowdowns here and there and slowdowns on a 80 and 280. -- 880 and 280. as we look at some of these pictures this is a look at interstate 880 north and south, this is a telltale sign, this is a peak time for the bay bridge, 7:30 am, it is usually completely full. there is a wait here, 5-10 minutes, that is it. i think we have steve with us mike, let's go to steve? can you hear me now? >> i can. okay, we have the baseball forecast, the giants in the 80s, 6:35 pm, fog high mid- level clouds, more so than fog.
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6:35 pm, 70 degrees, not too bad. the tropical cloud cover will remain working through, hard to see but they are working in the and. if you get in then clouds away from the coast, muggy to humid, closer to it, lots of gray. as the gray continues to keep temperatures in the 50s and 60s. the coast and the city are hard- pressed to get out of 64 or 66. upper 50s, low 60s on the peninsula. mid-50s towards montero and 58 fremont, 60 in los altos. adult a breeze, not that strong, 17 and travis. except for the high clouds, moments of sun, muggy conditions, it does look cooler today. as we go into the weekend, we will get more of a southwest direction in the atmosphere with temperatures above average. if you are going to tahoe, be advised, things could pop late saturday into sunday. back to gasia and mike. oakland mayor, libby schaaf, and the police chief
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want to regain trust in the community, they held a town hall to discuss racial profiling and the result from the stanford study that analyzed the culture of the department. ktvu's, elissa harrington is live downtown. >> reporter: good morning, this found big issues in the study in racial disparity. for instance, oakland police officers stop and inspect black people more than anyone else, and people want more accountability. >> the officers need to implement what they learn, that will be the only way for change. >> reporter: stanford researchers have been analyzing the oakland police department since 2014, part of the opd effort to use data, become more transparent, and make policy changes. the research looked at body camera footage and found officers are much more polite to white people than any other race. racial profiling is unacceptable
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and may have changed the criteria for officers to base a traffic stop off behavior, not race. >> we have stopped the last six months, 3000 fewer african- americans in our community. these numbers have accountability and allow us to demonstrate a baseline and we will hold ourselves accountable. >> reporter: the city hopes to improve the relationship between the police department and the community and have decided not to move forward with the stanford research. live in oakland, elissa harrington, ktvu fox 2 news. our crew at the scene of the crash on san mateo county says that highway 2 has just reopened. the accident caused big problems when a semi slammed into a pickup truck between
7:34 am
skyline boulevard and interstate 280. this forced chp to stop traffic on the two lane road in both directions. >> there is a big branch coming through my windshield. i ducked out of the way. thank god. >> reporter: you ducked out of the way? if you did not? >> i probably would have been killed. >> cleanup crews had to remove the toppled tree blocking the road. traffic in both directions was stopped. the big rig driver suffered minor cuts to his hand. no big changes in the ferguson pioneer yosemite. the fire has now burned more than 33 square miles and is the size of the city of concord. the fire is burning near highway 140 and the entrance to the park, the fire is only 7% contained. new evacuation orders have been issued and visitors to yosemite said that heavy smoke is
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obscuring their views but the park remains open. happening today, interior secretary, ryan zinke e, is in california to look at the state water infrastructure. he will tour the foothills and will discuss the trump administration's efforts to improve state infrastructure and protect water rights. he will then go to the yosemite area tomorrow for the briefing on damage that was caused by the ferguson fire took in the bay area, a coach arrested on suspicion of molesting his 17-year-old student. the 37-year-old man had an inappropriate relationship with a girl and was arrested at joseph grant park and they found him inside the vehicle with a girl last week, he coaches synergy badminton and has been released on bail. sheriff's deputies in contra costa county have arrested a man and woman in connection with the shooting death of a 22-year-old man. this is anthony gaines of richmond, and judy barkin as, police said that the victim was found on a private driveway and
7:36 am
his name has not been released. detectives do not have a clear motive, but they say that they believe the suspects and victims knew one another and were involved in an ongoing dispute. >> for the last six months the police have been here the average of one time per month. >> reporter: deputies have not confirm this, but there are a lot of drug-related crimes in the area. we are learning more about an illegal gambling ring in san jose, five business owners and employees were arrested on suspicion of using their businesses as a front for illegal gambling. they confiscated 51 machines and thousands of dollars of cash in the sting. the ring was operating out of sight in san jose that appeared to be legitimate businesses. >> there's lots of peripheral crimes that goes with this type of illegal operation. it could be quality of life issues, all the way up to armed
7:37 am
robbery. >> police say they started to investigate these businesses after getting complaints from people living in the area. three suspects accused of fatally shooting a man and bearing him at a marijuana grow site in sonoma county. the 34-year-old, a 30-year-old, and a 32-year-old, they are from santa rosa and were arrested in the shooting death of jose martinez. martinez's daughter reported him missing on july 2. the missing man had been receiving threats and was involved in significant marijuana deals. after speaking with witnesses, sonoma county sheriff investigators believe that the suspects kidnapped martinez in cloverdale on june 29 and then took him to a remote location before shooting and killing him. his body was uncovered yesterday in a marijuana guarded . >> he was lord up there, there was only one reason that he was taken there and that was to take his life. it was a remote location and the property that they buried him in was an area that without
7:38 am
some information, may not have ever led us to this place. >> the suspects are held without bail. milpitas police are asking for your help in identifying an armed robber that held someone in a grocery store parking lot. images were caught by the victims dashboard camera. this happens around 1 am near the ocean supermarket. the robber was armed with a gun when he walked up to a 45-year- old man and demanded his money and cellular phone. >> it appears to be a crime of opportunity, maybe someone saw him standing there and he was not paying attention to his surroundings and they took advantage. >> police said the victim was not injured, anyone with information should call milpitas police. some women are under arrest in connection with a theft in palo alto. tanisha harris, 26, was arrested on monday, she and an unidentified woman were spotted
7:39 am
running from urban outfitters with bags of stolen items. a witness followed them and took down the license plate of the getaway vehicle. on tuesday, shamil williams of bay pointe and andrea randall and veronica pais of antioch stole items from the victoria secret store at stanford, they are charged with felony commercial burglary, they were all booked into county jail. you could get more from your jobs and your good old paycheck, coming up at 8 am, the unwanted side effects from the office. and tell your boss that i will never see you again if you hit the lottery jackpot that is happening tonight, how big the prize has grown. good morning, if you are driving to work you can see that traffic is moving on well, in the east bay, most of the freeways that are normally busy are moving along just fine, especially this one, interstate 80 between richmond and the bay bridge. a little bit going on, the
7:40 am
fog favoring areas to the north and if you like clouds coming in but we will check out what is in store for the rest of the weekend.
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7:42 am, one person is dead after getting hit by a train on the caltrain tracks in sunnyvale. it hit the person that was trespassing on the tracks north of mary avenue just after 7 pm. trains were stopped in the area for a time for the investigation. the santa clara county medical examiner has identified the victim of a deadly construction accident, the 17-year-old was hit and killed by a small tractor-trailer, this happened last week during a sidewalk repaving job on middle seal road
7:43 am
in palo alto. the investigation will take 4-6 months but authorities are calling it an accident. oakland police are asking for your help to track down the man responsible for an armed robbery three months ago, this happened may 4 on one fourth avenue near international in east oakland. a man carrying a gun approached several people and demanded their belongings, he is described as african-american between 25-30, 6'2", thin build, and tattoo on his face but no word on what the mark is, a $2500 reward is being offered for information leading to his arrest. the venture capitalist who funded an effort to divide california into three separate states as busting a decision by the state supreme court to remove this measure from the ballots. tim draper says that ballot initiatives are intended to ensure that the government represents the will of the people. the state high court revealed that this exceeded the scope of the process. even if the ballot measure had passed it would still need approval from congress. california senator, kamala
7:44 am
harris, is hoping to offer tax credit to renters throughout the country, she introduced a rent credit that would give tax credits to low and moderate households that pay 30% of their income in rent. oakland mayor, libby schaaf, says it would help many in oakland. rugby will take over at&t ballpark in san francisco, the rugby world cup 2018 championship is happening this week, 20 countries are competing, 16 in the women's tournament, this is the first time the championship is being held in the u.s. rugby sevens involves seven players on each have playing 7 minute hats. demarcus cousins is now in town, he was officially introduced yesterday and signed a contract this off-season, a bargain for this all-star. he is coming off an injury to his achilles and should be
7:45 am
ready for the start of the season. if you play the lottery, buy a ticket, the mega millions jackpot has gone to $422 million, it is the sixth highest check by in the game's history. no one match the numbers taken on tuesday, if one person wins the jackpot tonight, they will have the option of taking a $254 million lump sum payout. >> i referenced us on a minute ago saying that you would never see your boss again, that could be step number one for anyone that wins tonight! you know, i would not do that for the sole reason that i would not want to tell anyone. what would happen with me is, all of a sudden, i would be, you know, i need to spend more time with my family, in rio. [ laughter ] >> keep it quiet, get your finances in order. >> exactly, i could let some of you know. good morning to you guys, we have a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, there is a little bit of a back up there, but one of the things about this commute that you can tell by looking at it is that there is no traffic coming in on 880 and no traffic coming in on the
7:46 am
carpool lane ramps, there's a little bit of slow traffic in the middle there, that is about it, no volume that we normally have. 92 westbound looks good out towards the peninsula. 92 has recovered somewhat, we had an earlier truck accident the block the lanes, this is taking a while because it is a windy highway. if i were you i would go through pacifica to get out of half moon bay, or wait for an hour or an hour or so. the peninsula near 101 is getting a backup northbound and southbound. let us bring in steve up with the forecast. thank you, i appreciate that. baseball tonight, thank goodness it is back. it is brutal. and no baseball. for crying out loud. low clouds in place, there will be some higher clouds coming in. and cloudy, that sounds like a
7:47 am
copout. >> it is a little bit because there will be higher clouds and i don't think fog will be an issue. 70 degrees, 6:35 pm, thunderstorms favoring the south of tahoe although i believe they will get in on this in the weekend. the gray is there, no problem there, but it is favoring the north more so then the peninsula or areas towards the south. it is still there on the coast, status quote fog, a little bit cooler and if you are away from the coast, or close, you will have high clouds, muggy and humid. and this is rotating away, where you going? towards the pacific. some of it will sneak up, not a lot. it does not look like anything that was organized. this will have a cooler forecast for some and in the coast in the city hard-pressed to get over 65 or 66. 50s and 60s on the temperatures , 62 in gilroy, morgan hill 58.
7:48 am
santa cruz 57. 15 santa cruz mountain and mid- 60s already at san jose state roof station. 62 is popular, cupertino, saratoga, cam pool. the breeze is not that strong, if you high clouds and temperatures are trending down a little bit as we go towards the weekends. we will start to see this pattern bringing in some high clouds and when it says the humidity factor will rise. for tahoe, if you're headed there, today should be okay, watch what happens by saturday night, there are some clips there and sunday it will move in. not only that, but check out the projection as we go to the next few days and into next week. not much will fall for us, but tahoe .75 an inch. and then to keep in mind if you are headed there for vacation. 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s on some
7:49 am
temperatures, we peek on wednesday and no doubt, close to seasonal averages. they will stay there for a while . >> steve, thank you . a scary sight caught on camera, new video of tornadoes, multiple tornadoes tearing through the midwest. ( ♪ ) pixar pier has arrived!
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prepare to be awed. prepare to be moved. prepare to make a mad dash... ( ♪ ) ...because with the incredicoaster, pixar pal-a-round, and a bunch of your favorite pixar characters, it's going to be pretty incredible. pixar pier is now open! only at disney california adventure park.
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take the money and run, that is what you would do? cool, this is from double j who requested a song from the steve miller band, if there is a special song you want to hear about money, we've been talking about what you would do if you won the lottery. use #tran0 on twitter -- #ktvu, on twitter, facebook or instagram. tornado swept through iowa flattening buildings and homes, marshalltown was the hardest hit, 50 miles northeast of des moines. roofs collapsed and the only hospital in marshalltown with damage, all 40 patients there were transferred to larger hospitals . a 3-year-old boy in houston is dead after being left in a hot take caravan for four hours.
7:53 am
the discovering me academy went on a field trip yesterday, the child was found unresponsive last night when his father showed up to bring him home. authorities estimate the temperature inside the van reach 113 degrees. take care records show the child was marked as accounted for when the band returned from the trip. >> the father of the kid had come out and started screaming and hollering at the bus, right then i knew a kid was left on the bus. >> the driver and the chaperone were detained for questioning. the daycare has been cited in the past including not having an electronic child safety alarm that would alert the driver that a child was still in the van. urban inferno, the night santa rosa burned, prepared last night to a sold-out crowd, the 40 minute documentary tells the story of video through cellular phones and body cameras. it was followed by a discussion of trauma that people have experienced due to the trauma. >> people went to bed and 2.5 hours later they had to decide which neighbors to save. there is time and distance
7:54 am
another is a different perspective . >> as video showed it in a different way that we did not get to experience. it was eye-opening for all of us . >> $15,000 was raised last night and will go to a community fund dedicated to fire recovery. a new movie about oakland, shotton oakland, opened in theaters last night, the writer says he is trying to tell a story with his new film, blind spotting, it addresses gentrification, police violence, poverty, and racial disparity, it opened at oakland grand lake theater and other select cities, it will be released nation wide later this month. a longtime stanford university professor and retreats her has died -- researcher, has died, he was the head of the research facility that found the discussion of a sub- particle, the greatest discovery ever in the field of elementary
7:55 am
particles, burton rich kerr -- burton richter won the nobel prize. he was 87 years old. comic-con is underway in san francisco with many super fans attending. it started as a comic book convention but features characters from science fiction movies and other popular out -- outfits. >> i am a racing character. >> what i am wearing is a japanese alternative style, this means very style. >> i love the i make up. >> reporter: i had my mom do this. >> i am from horizon zero don and this is my sister, we have been hand making these costumes for the past few months. >> the convention and sunday. 7:55 am, a shocking discovery on napa wine, and how the fukushima nuclear plant in japan has led to traces of
7:56 am
radiation in california wine. more than one dozen people missing as a tour boat fighting to get back to land sinks in a misery lake, we have the horrifying video coming up. good morning, the commute has been uneventful for the most part. northbound 280 in south bend 280 looking good. there is caltrain towards gilroy, that service is also on time. a combination of fog, plenty of that to go around, sun and high clouds, overall, it looks like a normal temperature weekend, more on that, coming up. (sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪
7:57 am
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7:59 am
we are finally back to normal on highway 92 in san mateo county. >> reporter: a big rig truck accident shut down traffic for more than an hour, it is now reopened. 13 people killed including on children when a tour boat capsized and sank on a lake in missouri, what crews are focusing on right now as they continue to search for those that are still missing, mornings on 2 continues now . good morning, everyone, welcome back to mornings on 2,
8:00 am
i am mike mibach. >> i am gasia mikaelian, we will start your friday but going outside, either a jacket or for flops and a tank top depending on where you are. a crazy week of extremes, we start with the baseball forecast, the giants heading to oakland, 6:35 pm, partly cloudy, higher clouds up above 70 degrees , not too bad, overall, san francisco, 66 and 57, the average is 66 and 54. we have been stuck at 66 and 55 for a week. 89 was the record high. plenty of clouds and fog better filtering in but the bulk of it going east and west. a little coming up from the south and that little bit has favored some of us, but not a lot. some of this will continue to work its way around, there's a lot going on in the sierra and the pacific, mainly low clouds and fog for us and some high clouds. 50s and 60s. fairfield 65, livermore 67. san jose at 65. tahoe will get in on the thunderstorm activity saturday if not sunday. be advised if
8:01 am
you're headed there. 60s, 70s, 80s. it am on a friday, we are okay except for this one hick up? yes, we will talk about the crush you mentioned in a moment, it is on highway 92, other than that, this is a decent friday commute, we will start in the east bay and look at the richmond bridge. traffic is moving along okay coming up to the bridge. it is a little slow down the last 30 minutes or so as we have seen some commutes getting more fall. that includes the bay bridge as well. we had more people showing up in the middle lanes and that is beginning to dissipate. the volume is lighter than usual. the san mateo bridge has not been slow today headed towards the peninsula, speaking of, traffic looks good in san mateo. new this morning, this accident is all clear following an early morning big rig crash on highway 92. ktvu's, leigh martinez was the first on scene and it looks
8:02 am
like the road is open right behind you? >> reporter: yes, finally it was reopened and the scene was cleared. we have what appears to be tree trimmers out there off to the shoulder. yes, traffic is reopened in both directions and chp has also left the area. this is video from earlier, the accident happened just before 5 am on highway 92 between 280 and skyline boulevard. a heavy unloaded tractor- trailer was headed east on 92, it rolled over after colliding with a pickup truck. >> a white pickup truck traveling eastbound came around out of control to quickly, it collided into the big rig and sent it out of control and both vehicles ended up losing control and coming to the right and shoulder of the westbound lanes. >> reporter: the big rig driver
8:03 am
has minor lacerations to his hand but feels lucky that he and the other driver were not seriously injured. >> i know how to swim, but i could not stop, i was going to go to the tree and i saw a branch coming through my windshield and i just ducked away, thank god i did. >> reporter: in order to get the big rig truck towed out of here, then the tree, and the white pickup truck, they had to shut down the lanes in both directions for more than one hour. yes, drivers were sitting here for quite some time, but yes, just before 8 am they were able to clear this accident and it looks like traffic is back to normal here on 92. in san mateo county, leigh martinez, ktvu fox 2 news. to a developing story on a tragedy in a misery lake, 13 people are dead when a tourist duck boat capsized. divers are looking for 4 people that are still missing. reporter matt flynn is joining us live with more on the story. >> reporter: mike, we have
8:04 am
worked all night and into the morning to bring some of this horrifying eyewitness video from the accident that shows this tour boat full of people fighting choppy water and it looks like the ocean, the boat did all that it could you get back to land but it slowly started to sink. within the past hour, the sheriff confirmed that 13 people are dead and here's the latest from the sheriff. >> the missouri dive team is going back into the water this morning to try and recover the four that are still missing. again, it has been a long night and a trying night and please keep all of our families involved in all of our first responder personnel in your thoughts and prayers. >> reporter: this happened on table rock lake near branson, missouri, a popular tourist destination, you can imagine the panic and horror on board,
8:05 am
police say the 911 call came in last night around 7 pm local time, 31 people went into the water, including children, right now 13 are confirmed dead. the sheriff says the boat has been located and sink in 40 feet of water but then rolled down to 80 feet of water, the weather is being blamed for the accident with winds more than 60 miles per hour, back to mike. >> matt, any word on lifejackets? were they on the bow ended people have access to them? >> reporter: reporters did asked the sheriff about that question and they were not able to confirm. this boat has windows on the side of an authority said they were not able to tell if the windows were open or close because the video is not clear. i'm sure we will learn more as the investigation progresses. >> matt, we appreciate it, thank you 8:05 am, police are asking for help in finding a missing 5- year-old girl. this little girl is with her father, dupree gant, she is not
8:06 am
believed to be in any danger, he did not return the girl to her mother at the time agreed upon which violates a custody agreement, we were last seen in oakland and their photos are on- screen now, a warrant has been issued for his arrest for deprivation of parental rights, if you have information call el cerrito police. the oakland police chief and mayor are taking steps to rebuild trust between police and the community. during a town hall meeting yesterday, police chief, and kirkpatrick, explained how the police department is addressing racial disparities, they are using data from sand -- stanford researchers to see how often people are stopped. there is a disparity with african-americans compared to other groups. chief kirkpatrick says the officers are required to focus on behavior and not race during any traffic stops.
8:07 am
>> we have stopped in the last six months, 3000 fewer african- americans in our community. >> these numbers are our accountability measures and they allow us to demonstrate this as a baseline and we will hold ourselves accountable. >> until the officers implement what they have learned into the streets that will the only way to cause change. >> chief kirkpatrick would like to eliminate bias by changing the culture and thinking. the ferguson fire continues to grow near yosemite, hellfire announced in the last hour that the fire has burned dirty five square miles so far, that is bigger than the city of concord, the fire is southwest of yosemite valley near highway 140 l per tile entrance to the park. it is only 7% contained, new evacuation orders have been lifted -- issued and heavy smoke remains in the area but the park remains opened. a small effect on wine from
8:08 am
a fukushima power plant disaster in japan. this has led to a spike in levels of the radioactive isotope in local wine, they examine california cabernet vintages between 2009 and 2012. they tested far below the threshold believed to cause radiation sickness. the warriors will move into the chase center in 2019, but officials from alameda county and the city of oakland are demanding that the warriors pay $40 million in outstanding bonds established in the 1990s to finance renovations for the oracle arena, the coliseum authority, a public agency, spent more than $7 million per year to pay down the debt. the warriors and east bay officials are in binding arbitration, a weeklong hearing
8:09 am
will begin on monday. one coach in the south bay has been arrested on suspicion of arresting a 17-year-old student. investigators say a 37-year-old man had an inappropriate relationship with a girl and was arrested by park rangers at joseph grant park, he was found inside his car with a girl last week. he coaches at synergy badminton and has been released on bail. a group of students that survived the storm in douglas high school starting -- shooting in parkland, florida visiting the area, it is part of a nationwide tour and organizers will stop in oakland to bring a message of school safety and against gun violence. they want to encourage people to vote in the november midterms, other cities on the tour include los angeles, chicago and las vegas. sacred heart in san jose is in need of help for their annual backpack and school supply drive. they have 945 backpacks on site currently, on august 10, 3300 children in need of financial help will be coming to pick out
8:10 am
the supplies that they need. sacred heart says they are looking for donations of school supplies or backpacks, especially color or printed backpacks for first-graders to six graders, if you can help go to our website,, look for sacred heart donations under web links. it is a 10 am, a youth football league is struggling to build teams, why coaches say that a misconception about concussion safety is to blame . a another meeting in the works between -- another meeting in the works between president donald trump and president putin, i am doug luzader in washington, we have more on that, coming up.
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
president donald trump has invited russian president, vladimir putin, to meet again, this time at the white house, it comes amid controversy over there meeting and health key -- helsinki, earlier this week, doug luzader has more on this invitation. >> reporter: putin has not yet accepted the invitation, but they are plowing ahead saying that we could benefit with improved russian relations. >> reporter: will all of this happen again? is the world ready for round two? trump and pruden -- putin, but this time at the white house. the president tells cnbc he is necessary -- ready to take a tough stance with the president
8:14 am
if necessary. >> getting along with russia and putin is a positive, not a negative, that being said, if it does not work out, i will be the worst enemy he has ever had. >> reporter: the announcement came on twitter and took many by surprise, including the president's director of national intelligence, who is being interviewed at the time. >> the white house has announced on twitter that vladimir putin is coming to the white house in the fall. >> say that again? >> reporter: dan coates had not heard anything about it. >> that will be special. [ laughter ] this is the mood in washington right now, those are democrats chanting on the house floor after supporting a measure to protect elections from outside influence, russia comes to mind and they are pushing to uncover exactly what trump and putin spoke about the first time around.
8:15 am
>> reporter: so far no success for democrats who are trying to force the presidents interpreter to testify on capitol hill as to what she overheard. in washington, doug luzader, foxnews. the national football league decided to postpone the new national anthem policy, this comes after the miami dolphins were criticized for playing -- saying that's -- the players would be suspended for four games if they kneel during the anthem. two months ago the nfl announced plans to find teams if players did not stand well on the field during the anthem. preseason football is only several weeks away. 8:15 am, we will check in on the commute. good morning, we have traffic that will be lighter than usual, we will go right to the bay bridge, i think you will like the fact that traffic is moving along nicely. on the backup, it has cleared out here, the san mateo and dunbarton bridge showing the same thing, even when they are happening, as soon as those
8:16 am
accidents are cleared, everything seems to be better. you can see the slow on the maps here, slow is represented by red, there is not a lot of it, a little bit in union city and fremont, some in san mateo near the 92 interchange, and even the earlier problem on 92 getting out of half moon bay has cleared up. slowing approaching 35 and that is about it, we are almost completely done with the aftereffects of the truck accident. 8:16 am, let's bring in steve with the forecast. lots of fog and higher clouds that will play into the giants and a's game tonight at 6:35 pm, not bad but tropical clouds will filter in. it looks okay unless those cards continue to move in, speaking of moving in, it is pretty foggy out there, this is from kevin leavy, lots of fog, coast bay stuck at 65 and 66 on the high temperatures. under some activity over the central sierra inching closer
8:17 am
to tahoe on sunday and monday. the bulk of these clouds will continue to rotate towards the west. some of this is filtering in, but this is high and mid-level clouds and i don't think we will get anything out of it. otherwise, the fog is in place, 50s and 60s under temperatures. 65 san jose, 55 in santa rosa. you can see some of this high cloud deck right now, if anything, it will evaporate before it reaches the ground and the air masses extremely dry, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s for some, not as bad as it was on wednesday, that is when we peaked for areas to the north. otherwise, a quiet pattern moving forward. >> steve, thank you. are you looking for a high- paying job? in minutes, a new report shows where millennial's are making the most money and where the bay area comes in on that list.
8:18 am
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♪ >> this song comes up when we talk about money, it is for the love of money.
8:21 am
and it was requested by pam nolan and several others, thank you, the theme is money as there is a big jackpot on the table for the california lottery, i think it is mega millions, go ahead and play if you want. if there is a special song that fits within our team, let us know, just use #ktvu on facebook, twitter, or instagram. the time is 8:21 am, a movie about oakland shot in oakland opened last night, debbie diggs is trying to tell an oakland story with his film, blind spotting, it addresses gentrification, poverty and racial disparity as well as police violence. it will be released nationwide next friday. cedric the entertainer has a star on the hollywood walk of fame, he was honored yesterday on hollywood boulevard.
8:22 am
magic johnson and george lopez attended, cedric the entertainer began as a standup comedian before diving into television and film, he is best known for his role in the steve harvey show in the original kings of comedy. he voiced characters for the animated madagascar movie, he is currently a cast member of the show, the last og. new at aam, sesame street goes from your tv screen to -- 8 am, sesame street goes from your tv screen to a theater near you. it could have a possible influence on children and it will go to classrooms as well. these classroom materials include videos about social, emotional, and literary lessons . this is meant to be used in circle time when young children typically gather to sing the stories and it will help reinforce lessons . a youth football league in the east bay says that fewer young players are signing up because of parental concerns about head trauma. legal organizers want to boost participation and hold ktvu's, christine rendon, they are changing how the game is played . >> i like playing football, my dad played it, it is my
8:23 am
favorite sport. >> reporter: 10-year-old henry cannot wait for youth football to start, he is following in his dad's footsteps as a member of the san ramon family thunderbirds football and cheer, he says the game is not what it used to be. >> there was a mentality that if someone smashed someone and they were her you would take it up and go get water and then get back in the game, that does not happen anymore. >> reporter: the organization has seen less children join in the 6-a group, coaches know there is hesitation from parents concerned about concussions and degenerative brain disease that is called cte found in those that play contact sports. football reputation has taken hits but the game has evolved for kids. >> the biggest misconception is safety, i can honestly tell you, anyone that played football from 2004 and before, you would not recognize the sport today. >> work on the three step drop
8:24 am
and open up. >> reporter: these coaches are certified in cpr and heads-up techniques, teaching players to tackle without their head! like user body in your arms and legs, wrap players up, do not use your helmet or go helmet to helmet like we were taught years ago. our particular team has zero concussions and zero injuries, we were still able to put together an undefeated season and win the championship. >> reporter: coaches say that parents should not wait until high school to let the kids play. is a eight years old are not crushing one another, they are not big enough, fast enough, or strong enough, they are learning the technique so that when they get old enough, they can protect themselves and play the game correctly. >> reporter: the coaches say that the benefits extend beyond the field where kids learn about accountability and teamwork . >> as has evolved, without the evolution it would not survive. >> this is one of the safest sports out there right now. >> reporter: not to mention, these kids are given the best safety equipment to play with, if you are interested in having your child try out, the deadline to enroll is july 29 derek in danville, christina
8:25 am
rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. 8:24 am, good news for working moms, study says growing up with a mom who works outside the home could have benefits for children later in life. researchers in the uk analyzed data for more than 100,000 people in 29 countries, they found daughters of working mothers were more likely to have higher-paying jobs themselves and become leaders at work when they grew up. sons were more likely to spend more time caring for their family when they became adults. this study was published in the journal of work, employment, and society. your job could be to blame if you put on some pounds, nearly half of u.s. workers have gained weight at their current job. the career builder survey of 1100 full-time workers across many industries and companies find that 45% report extra pounds due to work. women were more likely than men to say they gained weight. one quarter of respondents say they gained more than 10 pounds, common reasons that the scale worked against them is sitting at a desk, eating because of stress, and being
8:26 am
too tired to exercise. the question of the day is this, is your job contributing to your waistline? 71% say yes, 29% say no. let us know what you think, though on the ktvu twitter page and leave comments on the ktvu facebook page . a new documentary on the north bay wildfire, how the producers of urban and for now hope to prevent disasters in the future. and a powerful storm that tears through iowa, we look at the damage and see why a cot weather forecasters by surprise. good morning, you can see that traffic will be okay if you are driving in many areas. it really has improved, other areas are slow still, we will sort this out, straight ahead. we will also sort out the weather, lots of fog, not as much for some as others, we have had most of the week with high clouds moving in, oakland is now dealing with fog.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
welcome to friday, it is almost 8:30 am, i am gasia mikaelian . >> good morning, i am mike mibach, we will turn it over to steve paulson, is it burning off anywhere? some areas not seeing fog, others have plenty, how are you mike, you were here at 5 am ? >> you were here at 4 am. >> that's okay, i am used to it. we have a baseball forecast, thank goodness it is back, 6:35 pm, partly cloudy, that is not fog, it is higher clouds, otherwise it looks okay. i don't know about kevin leavy in sausalito is talking about, there's no fog and normally it is foggy south city. some areas have not gotten into as much today as other days. there is a south breeze on half moon bay contributing to warmer
8:30 am
ocean temperatures, this can be a fog producer or it can cleared out depending on your location. plenty of low clouds, higher clouds to the west and then over towards the four corners. some of this will come up, tropical moisture and monsoon filtering through. there are higher clouds and the bull will miss us. if these in 60s on the temperature, near 70, many temperatures today will be slightly cooler, you can see some of these high clouds out there. if you get high clouds you don't have the fog and the humidity factor will be a little higher. muggy as the cloud deck moves through. 60s, 70s, and 80s. 8:30 am, things are better out there with traffic? mostly better, a few serious issues, but if you are driving and doing the typical commute, we start with i-80.
8:31 am
it looks good from the carquinez braised trash bridge, a bit of a delay, but really, if you are used to doing this, you will say, i will take it, no problems there and no problems on the san mateo or dunbarton bridge. if you're trying to get down to fremont, some sewing on a 80 and the peninsula 101, slow near 92 but still better. silicon valley has a couple of problems, even though northbound 280 and 85 are lighter than they normally are. 8:31 am, back to the desk and 92 in san mateo county is clear following the big rig crash the cause problems throughout much of the friday morning commute. smi slammed into a pickup truck around 4:45 am between interstate 280 and skyline boulevard on highway 92. chp had to stop traffic in both directions on the two lane road. cleanup crews had to remove a troubled and toppled tree.
8:32 am
the big rig driver suffered minor cuts to his hands. divers are searching for four people that are missing after a duck boat capsized near branson, missouri, killing 13, 14 survived including 7 that were hurt, 2 more bodies were located this morning and it raised the death toll from 11 to 13, there ages ranged from 1 230 -- to 30. earlier this morning authorities confirmed there were lifejackets on the boat but they cannot confirm if passengers were wearing them. several tornadoes swept through iowa injuring 17 and flattening buildings in three cities. the hardest hit town, marshalltown, is 50 miles northeast of des moines. walls collapsed and roofs were blown off, the only hospital in marshalltown was damaged and all 40 patients were transferred elsewhere. interior secretary, ryan
8:33 am
zinke, is in california to look at the state water infrastructure system, he will tour in the sierra foothills and will discuss the trump administration efforts to improve state infrastructure and protect water rights in central california. he will go to yosemite tomorrow for a briefing caused the ferguson fire. a documentary about the north bay wildfire's last fall is playing in santa rosa, it is called urban inferno, the night that santa rosa burned, it premiered last night to a sold- out crowd and is a 40 minute film that tells the story through video from cellular phone and police body cameras. this screening was followed by a discussion about trauma that people experienced due to the fire. >> people went to bed and 2.5 hours later they had to decide, which neighbor do i save? >> there is time and distance and now you can watch a different perspective, it is a powerful movie. >> the video showed it in a different way that we did not get to experience.
8:34 am
it was eye-opening for all of us . >> $15,000 was raised last night and that money will go to community funds dedicated to fire recovery. sheriff's deputies in contra costa county have arrested a man and woman in connection with the shooting of a 22-year-old man, the suspects identified as anthony gaines and judy barkas . police say that the victim was found on a private driveway on wednesday night, his name has not been released, detectives say that they do not have a clear motive in the killing but the suspects and the victim knew one another and were involved in an ongoing dispute. deputies have not confirm this but they say a lot of drug- related crimes are happening in the area. we are learning more about an illegal gambling ring in san jose, five business owners and employees were arrested and accused of using their businesses as a front for illegal gambling, they confiscated 51 machines and thousands of dollars of cash. the ring was operating from
8:35 am
sites in san jose that appear to be legitimate businesses. >> there is peripheral crime that goes along with this illegal operations, it can be quality-of-life all the way up to armed robbery. >> police started investigating these businesses after getting complaints from those in the area happening today, the trump administration and aclu will be back in court to discuss family reunification. this is the fifth time in two weeks that both sides have appeared in court to discuss the administration's zero-tolerance policy regarding children separated from their families. a judge set a deadline of july 10 for dozens of children under the age of five years old to be reunited, the deadline was then pushed back to july 26. following a judge's order, federal officials say that 364 undocumented children have been reunited with their families. a majority of the near 2600 children that were separated
8:36 am
remain separated from their families and facilities throughout the country. happening today instead of baseball, it is right be taking over at&t ballpark in san francisco. the rugby world cup sevens 2018 championship is this weekend with 24 countries competing in the men's competition and 16 in the women's tournament. this is the first time the championship has been held in the united states. rugby sevens involves seven players on each side playing 7 minute halves. lots of soccer fans are expected to go to the south bay on sunday when the san jose earthquakes take on manchester united, ktvu southbay reporter, jesse gary a -- jesse gary, joining us live from a via stadium. you have a little ball there with you? >> reporter: i do, good morning to you, i should not use my hands, as you said it, a matcher this weekend between the san jose earthquake and manchester united, we are joined by the coo of the earthquakes, we almost gave you a promotion, the world cup just
8:37 am
ended, mexico did not make it, they did not make it to the semi final or the final, are you worried that a match between a premier league and the quakes could have people exhausted on soccer? >> we are as excited as ever, the response in the bay area for the world cup was off the charts, 40,000 people came out to viewing parties here at levi stadium and we will try and capture that momentum, we have a huge weekend ahead of us. >> reporter: right here at levi's? >> they are a great partner, our home hold 18,000 people, but when we have these huge gains and huge opponents from overseas, we have a partner at levi's and we can move these games. that will be a big part of what we are working on next which is the world cup bid for 2026. >> reporter: we just got done with the world cup so now you
8:38 am
are working on a world cup for 2026? >> yes, the u.s. won the rights to host the cup in 2026, a big piece for us is the earthquakes and for every soccer fan in the bay area, we want to put together a bid to make sure that the bay area can host games and that world cup with levi stadium as the host venue. >> reporter: for fans coming to the game this weekend, first and foremost, go to levi's, anything else that they need to know? >> hopefully common where blue and black, i don't want to see a lot of bread, we want to see the earthquakes supported. we hope everyone will come back next week when we play the seattle sanders on wednesday night and that is the return from the world cup as we finish the major league soccer season. >> reporter: the goal is trying to show the world that the bay area can host one of the venues for the world cup in 2026 60 >> to continue to show the world that we have the best soccer fans in the bay area, we support the earthquakes and premier league soccer, soccer of any time is a big hit in the bay. >> reporter: we appreciate you getting up early and letting me hold the soccerball.
8:39 am
there we go, many moons ago. thank you very much and good luck to the earthquakes. >> thank you, we appreciate it. >> reporter: that is the story out here, we will send it back to in oakland. >> jesse, thank you. 8:39 am, if you play the lottery it could be a great day to buy the ticket. it has grown to $422 million for the drawing tonight, this is the sixth highest jackpot in history, no one matched the numbers drawn on tuesday, if one person wins the jackpot they could have the option to take a $254 million -- dollars lump sum payout. tesla is making enough model threes but many patient customers are growing impatient, how many have decided to cancel their orders. the president's latest round of tariffs could raise
8:40 am
prices on popular electronics, we talk about which ones, coming up. good morning, slow traffic out there has dissipated quite a bit, a nice friday commute, a northbound 280 in san jose there is slow traffic.. the fog favoring areas to the coast in the south and high clouds are starting to work in, we have an update on the friday forecast throughout the weekend. ( ♪ ) pixar pier has arrived! prepare to be awed. prepare to be moved.
8:41 am
prepare to make a mad dash... ( ♪ ) ...because with the incredicoaster, pixar pal-a-round, and a bunch of your favorite pixar characters, it's going to be pretty incredible. pixar pier is now open! only at disney california adventure park.
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♪i do not know what they want from me. ♪ >> there are lots of songs about money, we've been talking about the mega millions jackpot and it has inspired our traffic jam team, thank you for playing, amanda, thanks for requesting this song by nick tori is big -- notorious big, use #ktvu to request, back to the desk. your exercise gadget could be the next victim of the u.s. trade war with china. >> and wall street gets the credit for the trade war, we bring the pam cook back to the studio for more on dollars and cents. >> reporter: raising tariffs on imports to the u.s., checking in on numbers and the companies affected when opening bell rang this morning, general electric
8:44 am
and jet blue are among the countries and companies -- companies to watch. general electric down a bit, jetblue warning about layoffs ahead. checking in on the numbers, early on, the dow dropped quite a bit when opening bell rang this morning, you can see right now, the dow is up and across the board the nasdaq and s&p 500 are up just about .25 8%. tesla is meeting their targets for the model three, but apparently many customers do not want to wait any longer. according to an industry analyst, one in every four orders have been canceled in recent weeks, that is double the rate from one year ago. customers that cancel get their $1000 deposit back and the weight is about four months to one year. apple watch and fit bit could see the cost of u.s. tariffs,
8:45 am
they are facing a 10% tariff under the latest round on chinese goods. this could impact other companies involved including streaming music accessories starbucks is gearing up to open a death friendly store, they plan -- a hard of hearing from the store, the fur store will be in washington dc and will reopen as assigning store in october. two bay area places top the list of a place where millennial's make the most money. san francisco is number one, san jose right behind, u.s. census data was used to calculate the average income for millennial's in 100 metro areas, seattle, austin, and bridgeport, connecticut, round out the top five. i was looking into some top jobs that millennial's seek and a lot of them want a job with a purpose, something that will give derek i was looking at those cities thinking that they
8:46 am
have a lot of those jobs. new this morning, newlyweds meghan markle and prince harry coming to the u.s., possibly to the bay area, you remember that they tied the knot two months ago and just wrapped up a tour of ireland with queen elizabeth. they will visit australia and new zealand in october. they have been coming to the united states next spring and specific locations are not yet finalized, they will stop on both coasts and expect them to come to california which is meghan markle's home state, they want to meet with helicon valley executives, especially female tech entrepreneurs. >> his father came out here to west marin county several years ago. >> had some oysters and drinks and beer. >> maybe they will pop over there as well. it is a 40 6 am, let's check out the commute. we have commutes that are a bit better today in general, we will look at some of these key commutes and we will dial up
8:47 am
the bay bridge and show you that traffic will be light, this has turned into a light commute, if you have to go you have a consolation prize and some people are taking friday off, someone is doing something dangerous here, someone is trying to cross all of the liens. i guess maybe they changed their mind, this is how accidents happen, what are you doing sir, ma'am? we will hope nothing happens. this is a 80 north and southbound, it is -- a 80 northbound, -- 880 northbound and southbound looking good, a little bit of slowing approaching the west valley and silicon valley. 8:47 am, let us bring in steve. thank you. we have some fog out there but we will focus on the baseball, the giants and is tonight, partly cloudy, that is not fog, that is higher clouds and monsoon cover-up coming in, you
8:48 am
can see low clouds coming in and they did not bill in in areas to the south but they did up north along the coast. the tropical clouds which can be a bear to forecast split. partly east, part went west, that is coming in from the south and it will drift across for higher humidity. the humidity will factor in well with the tropical clouds. low clouds and frogs in a combination of higher clouds will give us a partly sunny and cloudy day. temperatures will drop a little bit, 50s, 60s, low 70s already. if you are in the mountains, today looks okay for lake tahoe . by saturday night and sunday, things will pick up, sunday into early next week, forecast models will look a little different for lake tahoe, not so much for us. they have been on the northern tier of all of that but it looks like things will go in their favor.
8:49 am
60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, the hottest day of the week by far was wednesday. these are near average temperatures except for inland areas. pretty quiet going into the weekend, gasia? 8:49 am, a permanent closure of christie field avenue, how will be -- how it will be easier for pedestrians and bicyclists. and the questions by police after this damaged suv was found upside down at a beach.
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
it is 8:51 am, the santa clara medical examiner has identified the 17-year-old that was hit and killed by a small tractor, this happened last week during a sidewalk repaving job in middlefield near palo alto. the investigation could take six months but it is called an accident. oakland police are asking for your help in finding the man responsible for an armed robbery from three months ago. this happened on may 4 on one fourth avenue near international boulevard in east oakland. investigators say a man carrying a handgun approach several people and demanded their belongings, he is african- american between 25-30 and sending 6'4" with a thin build and dark complexion. he has a tattoo on his face and
8:53 am
we do not know yet what that tattoo shows. i $2600 reward is offered for information leading to his arrest. your pedis police are asking for your help -- milpitas police are asking for your help in finding this armed robber. this happened around 9 pm on tuesday night right behind the ocean supermarket on calaveras court. police say the robert -- the robber was armed with a pistol when he demanded a man's money and cell phone . >> his appears to be a crime of opportunity, maybe someone driving by saw him standing there, maybe not paying attention to his surroundings and took advantage of the situation. >> the victim was not hurt and anyone with information is urged to call milpitas police. three suspects a accused of fit a leash -- of fatally shooting a man and then burying him have been arrested, the suspects on the screen all from santa rosa were arrested in the shooting death of 46 road, jose
8:54 am
martinez. his daughter reported him missing july 2, detectives learned that the missing man had received threats and was involved in significant marijuana deals. after speaking with witnesses, sonoma county investigators believed he was kidnapped in cloverdale on june 29 and then taken to a remote location where he was shot and killed. his body was found yesterday in a marijuana field, the three suspects are being held without bail. a 3-year-old boy in houston is dead after being left in a hot take caravan for four hours. the discovering me academy went on a field trip yesterday and the child was found last night unresponsive when his father showed up to take him home. the temperature inside the van was estimated to reach 113 degrees. take care records show the child was marked as accounted for. chp is trying to find the owners of an suv that crashed along the coast in san mateo county. this is a red honda passport
8:55 am
that was found on the beach with significant damage. it was spotted off highway one north of pescadero state beach, no one was inside, but there were footprints in the sand and officers want to find the owners and question them, there were no other vehicles involved in the incident. lay's potato chips are rolling out new flavors, how the area that you live determines which chip could be available to you. and a wedding ring found on a bay area beach, one man's mission to unlock this mystery.
8:56 am
8:57 am
a unique called wedding ring discovered on a bay area beach, the challenge is to find the person that lost it, richard found this ring in january while walking along the beach
8:58 am
in richmond. it is a gold wedding ring with a pattern of stars and shamrocks and has an escription, from now to eternity, lily, 5-1-49. it has been sitting in his home since he found it because he was unsure what to do with it until his friend suggested posting something on social media. >> the plan was to eventually try and find who it was, but i am not internet savvy, i am not on facebook or twitter. >> i thought, this is cool, we could post this to social media, if there is anything that twitter loves, it is a mystery. i thought, we will post on twitter and see if we can find the family. they have received a possible lead from southern california through twitter, possibly the grown child of the rings owner, but nothing -- ring's owner has been contacted but nothing confirmed. in an interview this week,
8:59 am
mark zuckerberg said that people are not intentionally getting things wrong about the holocaust and said he did not mean to defend the intent of those that denied the holocaust and he finds is deeply offensive. he will roll out a new policy about misinformation that could instigate violence. wells fargo customers could soon get a refund, for years, the san francisco-based bank caused monthly fees too many customers for dozens of add-on products like insurance and legal services without the customers understanding fully. they are in the process of refunding millions of dollars. of venture capitalists that funded an effort to divide california into three separate states is blasting a supreme court decision to remove this measure from the ballot. tim draper says these initiatives are intended to ensure the government represents the will of the people. but the high court ruled that this measure exceeded the scope of the initiative process.
9:00 am
even if passed, it would still need congress approval. a disney theme park attraction will soon close for good, a bug's land is being replaced with the new marvel superhero land, the last day for a bug's land is september 4, the superhero attraction will debut in 2020. today at 9 am, writing across america for the second time, we speak live with the man making the track. after the hello kitty craze, san rio is back in the bay area, we are here as a new pop-upappears in san francisco. and getting your children away from screens during the summer months, we look at the toys that could do the trick. 9 am, welcome to the 9 am, we hope your friday is starting out well, if you are along the coast in san francisco, you are seeing a lot of great, if you are far inland you are ready to go to the


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