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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  July 24, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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2005 honda ridgeline, like the one you see in the pitcher, a california license plate number, 7y51010. charges have been filed against assessment accused in the deadly stabbing attack at the macarthur ktvu plus station, her sister was injured. the suspect is set to make his first court appearance tomorrow. starting the coverage, more information on how a bart rider led officers to the accused killer.>> reporter: new information about the man behind bars, at santa rita jail, accused of killing nia wilson, and they said how they found him. one family is very personal tragedy has shaken the entire bay area cup sunday night, nia wilson, 18 years old, full of
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promise, policing she was killed in a completely unprovoked attack, her sisters slashed as well, bart received a photograph, and a rider saw them. >> they saw what they believed to be him, carted into the dispatch center, we held the train at the pleasantville art station, where we -- bart, confirmed his identity and took him to jail. >> reporter: john lee cowell, he turned over identification when they asked, he wants to know what was going on, he's it's about the train, he might met somebody that we are looking for, he voluntarily got off, he volunteered his california id card, we confirmed as i dedication and placed them into handcuffs.>> reporter: investigators say he has not made statements about the killing, instead asking for
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an attorney. they say they are working on charges, homicide, and assault with a deadly weapon, charges they say could be amended to attempted murder. they had confirmed that he had been cited for not having proof of payment, that paperwork was on him at the time of the arrest. confirming that he is in administrative segregation, separated from other inmates, and he has a lengthy criminal history. speakers from eating until now, a long extensive history, that is part of the reasoning for classifying him within our jail facility, as well as the high- profile nature of the case, as well as the seriousness of the crime. >> reporter: cowl -- cowell is scheduled to go in front of the judge tomorrow, we will follow- up on this case and investigation. >> christian, thank you. how safe is 26 -- bart?
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continuing the coverage now from the west oakland ktvu plus station, how writers -- riders see it now. >> reporter: the death of nia wilson, very close, to 2 others, has a lot of riders wondering how safe is tran20 six? we asked the bart brass and riders themselves what they think . bart has 26 patrol officers, and that includes 6 without arrest authorities. the territory is 46 stations, above, on or underground, as well as dozens of parking lots, hundred and 21 miles of , on which 669 passenger
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cars operate.>> is it sufficient? >> absolutely not, we have three or 400 patrol officers, we would take that if we could.>> reporter: that is not in the budget unless riders want to spend a lot more in fares.>> we do see an up tick in our ridership, people not working, and more people that are on the system, and that makes it a little easier for the suspects, the criminals, looking to do things. >> but murders? >> the last one was in january 26 teen -- 2016, and to have 2 in a week is unheard of. >> reporter: checking other american transit systems, murders are extremely where is well. >> i would put the safety up against any other transit system. >> reporter: we asked some riders do you feel safe? >> for the most part, i feel
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safe, there are some scary people and individuals that i try to stay away from. i have two kids, but other than that, for the most part, i feel safe. >> i understand statistics, taking bart is probably safer than driving the bay area, there are so many people, i'm not worried about it.>> they have enough manpower, they can walk through the cars every once in a while to give some more visibility, and make people feel a little bit more comfortable and safe.>> reporter: a lot of concern, riders say if they saw please more often, that would help a lot, but consider this, if you put every officer on duty in a shift, they would only go as far as about two thirds of the trains. and nothing else would be protected, stations, parking lots, nothing. it is just a very difficult situation. and yet, it does about as well
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as every other transit agent he. ktvu fox 2 news .>> -- agency. >> how often do bart officers actually ride the trains? >> reporter: the deputy chief said it is a requirement of their job that every shift they take at least 4 train rides, that doesn't this really mean long once, they are covering a specific area, they are required, and highly encouraged, and the check this out, to make sure that they take at least 4 train rides, they want to make something of a showing. that when you think of that you don't see them very often. >> tom, thank you. breaking news, a soldier who went awol from a base in monterey county, he may be in the bay area. station that fort hunter, he left without permission this morning, their concern for his
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welfare. according to the register newspaper, he drove off in a humvee that was equipped with gps, they tracked him to castle rock state -- castle rock state park, the newspaper says that the soldier was upset about a recent demotion. so far the army has not released the soldier's name or given other information. >> the los angeles office of maxine waters has been evacuated after receiving a package marked anthrax, a hazmat team is at her field office, examining the package, it comes on the heels of her receiving death threats after she called for protests and demonstrations against trump administration officials. no word if the package actually contains anthrax. a double shooting in san
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francisco, in the mission district, 2 people were shot at about 3 am, along mission and 16th street, steps away from the 16th street ktvu plus station. right front of an empty storefront, one of them died at the hospital, the other suffered serious injuries. president trump was in kansas city, he addressed the national convention of veterans of foreign wars. he touched on trade, and the nuclear summit with north korea as he praised veterans for their service. >> the president said his visit was intended to be a tribute to veterans, but mr. trump also used it to promote policies and extend an unusual invitation to the white house. >> there is no greater force for peace and justice than the united states military. >> reporter: president trump, in his first visit to kansas city as commander-in-chief, paid tribute to the men and women who served in the armed forces. >> we will never forget what
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you did for us, ever. >> reporter: he used his 50 minute speech to tout his administration's achievements. particularly his recent summit with north korea's kim jong-un. >> we had a fantastic meeting with chairman kim, and it seems to be going very well. >> reporter: he made his case for a border wall, a space force and more tariffs. >> we have to think about ourselves, the trade deals i'm working on, they are a disaster.>> reporter: and overhauling the department of veterans affairs. >> you don't have to wait for 2 1/2 weeks to see a doctor, veterans choice has been passed.>> reporter: a crowd highlight, 94-year-old alan jones took to the stage to make a personal ask of the president. >> i'm going to be 95 years of age april 11 of next year, hopefully, you will allow me to bring my family into the over
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office? >> yes.>> reporter: the va has lacked a confirmed leader since march, since david shulkin was released, but the senate voted to confirm his replacement, 55- year-old robert wilkie. fox news. a california state audit has found that government employees are misusing time and wasting tax dollars, 4 employees took extended breaks, left work early, or slept at their desk over the last several years. costing taxpayers $160,000. a nurse was reassigned to an office technician position, but was still paid her higher and a cal fire assistant chief had their employees build an unauthorized structure of the estate property he was renting. auditors said they got more than 1300 whistleblower complaints about misspent money.>> a large -- a large
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wildfire in yosemite, forcing closure of a portion of the park, a 20 mile stretch of state route 41 will close at noon tomorrow, including the yosemite valley floor, officials say that will allow fire crews work without having to do with tourist traffic. the closure is expected to last through sunday.>> we have about 300 campsites or so, in yosemite valley, and some of those folks have left, but a lot are still here, in the hotels, about 500 or 600 rooms that the people are in, so some people have left, i don't know the exact numbers, but with the new enclosure tomorrow, we are just letting folks know if they're here tonight, that they are fine being here tonight, while the hotels and the campgrounds open tonight, and they will have to pack up their backs -- bags and go tomorrow.>>
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those heading to yosemite are being told to turn around and go back home, the closure comes as smoke from the ferguson fire is creating a public health hazard all across yosemite. hayes blankets the entire region. air quality is from unhealthy, very unhealthy, too hazardous. it is creating a growing air- quality danger for everyone, even healthy adults. the ferguson fire has grown to 36,000 acres, but containment is at 25%. one of those perks that most tech companies give their employees, cafeterias provide food all day long, the city that is becoming a tech hub, looking to ban those cafeterias. sentence for sexual assault, leading bay area judges recall, and brock turner's lawyers argue that his conviction should be overturned. hear why coming up.
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what i view as an incredibly important meeting between president trump and president putin.>> administration officials wrap up meetings with australian officials, some of the major topics of discussion, including global security. significant heat out west, we talked about it last night, it impacts the yosemite fires, and the central valley, and if you are traveling that way, and all the details.
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secretary of state mike mampis just wrapped up in annual summit between the u.s. and australia discussing global security.
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officials spoke on several key issues, while some critics of president trump gathered outside.>> reporter: secretary of state mike pompeo calling australia one of america's friends and strongest allies. speaking alongside james mattis, and their australian counterparts at stanford.>> we have established a close working relationship with the trump administration, right from the outset. >> reporter: the secretaries and ministers said they focused on peace and security in the indo pacific, middle east, and denuclearization of north korea. the summit wrapped up just as mike pompeo is set to testify before congress wednesday about president trump's recent meeting with vladimir putin. >> i think one of the things at this s lost is the administration has had in pushing back against russia behavior around the world, >> this is a banana republic.
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>> reporter: roughly 2 dozen protesters posted against his form policy. >> there are countless issues, it's alarming, i tried to speak out and speak in the community, we are purple, we are not written blue. >> he is just complicit, and trump is threatening the world, insulting iran, and full twitter. we met james mattis addressed a tweet where trump sent a warning to iran not to threaten the u.s. >> i think the president was making very clear that they are on the wrong , it is time for them to shape up and show responsibility as a responsible nation.>> reporter: the u.s. and australia says their relationship is strong enough to we don't always agree with the united states, and they don't always agree with us, but we are able to work and positive way, and we continue to do that.>> reporter: they have been meeting
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annually since 1985, next year, it will be held in australia. at stanford university. ktvu fox 2 news. six weeks after president trump's summit with kim jong- un, there is evidence the regime is taking steps to dismantling its program, a missile engine test stand being taken apart, near the border with china, he was officials tell fox news that any changes could be reversed, but some analysts say that the efforts show that north korea is trying to build trust with washington, despite the lack of independent verification. >> intelligence is great, but getting folks on the ground, to verify this would be great for the intelligence community. >> it is one thing to get words, another thing to get actions, we are getting words and actions. >> reporter: they have also committed to returning the remains of u.s. service members during the korean war, when
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they were killed, no date has been set yet. a state of emergency is in effect, killing 74 people in greece, the deadliest fires in more than a decade. the fires had been fueled by high winds and hot dry weather, more than 600 firefighters are battling the flames, the prime minister of greece has cleared three days of mourning for the people who were killed. amy kellogg tells us there are concerns as well that the death toll could climb much higher.>> reporter: a popular seaside resort area, 2 wildfires are burning through buildings throughout the region, fueled by high winds and hot dry weather. off -- forced into the sea to escape the flames.
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>> the wind was indescribable, it was incredible, i've never seen anything like this before in my life.>> reporter: dozens killed and close to 200 injured, the deadliest wildfire season and more than a decade, and after finding a group of 26 charred bodies huddled together near a beach, officials are warning the death toll could rise significantly. >> the increased intensity of the fire, leading to a progression into populated areas, the residents and visitors did not have time to escape.>> reporter: greece is appealing for help to the international community, several nations are sending firefighters in the area, and israel and turkey are offering assistance. they are calling for unified effort to get a handle on the situation.>> we must in this moment be in a constant state of alert, be unified, and face this difficult situation. >> reporter: firefighters are
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hoping for help from mother nature, heavy rains are forecast on wednesday. amy kellogg, ktvu fox 2 news . it's go to bill in the weather center, to find out more about our weather here in the bay area, it's supposed to be getting hotter in some parts? hundred and 22 in palm springs?>> the southwest is baking, the western grid, not just the bay area and the inland valleys that are so hot, the entire western seaboard, towards texas really, this is the grid, and you can see is julie points out, 101 in los angeles, 122 in palm springs, in the bay area, a nice seabreeze, not two points -- not too bad. a heat advisory, to the north and east of us, we have enough of a seabreeze, you can see the
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puffs of fog, in that area, the heat is big, significant temperatures. a heat advisory in effect, for a good portion of the state of california, and the desert southwest. thunderstorms developing kind of like last night, except the difference here is last night, we had more of the stuff on the west slope, now it is popping off on the east side. it has shifted a few degrees over to the east, but still, concerns for fire, lightning strikes, and even the lake tahoe, lifting north, especially on the east side of the lake. we will watch that for you. temperatures along the coast, kind of on the cool side, we are going to stay in this pattern, which means that temperatures are going to stay on the fairly significantly warm side once you get east of
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the east bay hills. the purples are 100s. really kind of right now, the eastern side of the san joaquin valley, the southern san joaquin valley, the northern sacramento valley. for us, the seabreeze, and today's temperatures, about where they were yesterday, for us, but inland they continue to warm. that is the weather story. when i come back, what you can expect as we get towards wednesday, how long the fog is going to stick around, and when temperatures will start to drop down. returning to fight a conviction, the arguments that brock turner's attorney made today in an effort to overturn his sexual assault conviction. news at 6:00, new developments to phase out plastic and symphysis go, the vote by supervisors. new legislation i could make utilities such as pg&e less liable in the event of wildfires, at 6:00.
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the attorney for brock turner was in court arguing that his conviction should be overturned. >> telling us what is next in this appeal, and why one legal analyst says the move is an uphill battle.>> reporter: brock turner was not present at the hearing tuesday. and the attorney did not say much. presenting oral arguments between state court of appeal
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about why he thinks brought internal -- brock turner deserves to have his case overturn. accused of rape, he was sentenced to six months in jail, released after three months, with credit for good behavior. the sentence was seen as lenient by some, and launched protests and the successful recall of the judge. arguing his conviction should be overturned because of a lack of evidence, saying he was not naked, and only engaged in sexual outer course. no intention of rape. this it is not their job to re- weigh evidence, saying they should be trying to prove the evidence was insubstantial. the state attorney general's office is arguing against the appeal, and released a statement that read in part, assistant with our briefing, the attorney general's office argue that there is ample
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evidence supporting the jury's determination of guilt. >> they will not re-weigh the evidence, as long as there is some evidence in support of whatever the outcome was. >> reporter: the repair hired -- retired public defender says that the chances are slim. >> it is an uphill battle, in this case for several reasons, he lost, the me too movement, the notoriety about the case.>> reporter: the judges have up to 90 days to rule on the appeal. in the san jose studio, ktvu fox 2 news. impacted by tariffs, farmers, an expert talks to us about the multibillion-dollar aid package being offered by the trump administration. there is a been internal cafeterias at companies. caught in the crossfire, details about who shot and killed a trader joe's
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breaking news, an amber alert for 16-year-old girl reportedly kidnapped in hayward, this man, antonio aguilar elizarad, we still do not know the relationship between these 2, the suspect is believed to be driving a black 2005 honda ridgeline, such as this one, a california license plate number 7y51010. working to get more information, we get it we will bring it to you. now to san francisco, the tech room has been forcing restaurants to close, because of declining profits, some blame the tech companies and the perks that they offer employees.
5:33 pm
joining us live in the city, where there is a push to ban cafis inside those companies.>> reporter: good evening to you, the idea here is to prevent these big corporate companies and startups from building those internal cafeterias, in an effort to encourage them to get out of the office and dina local restaurants and help the economy -- dine at local restaurants. some had to close their doors several years ago, they were getting the big lunch. they were promised. remap a thriving metropolis, flavorful aromas, pleasing any pallet. the restaurant owners dreams to be here, but an unintended consequence of the tech boom is hurting their business. >> for us, it has been challenging, because there is a little bit of a vacuum a foot traffic. >> reporter: a unique approach to climate change, sitting up off of market street two years ago. a promising location, many
5:34 pm
neighboring tech companies have in-house cafeterias that are difficult to compete with. >> you can't compete with free, it is a wonderful amenity, great for companies that can afford it, but it doesn't help the community around it.>> reporter: they have teamed up with 2 board of supervisors to introduce legislation that would ban internal cafeterias in new office buildings and text campuses. >> already 51 of these existing internal cafeteria restaurants, not open to the public, only designed to feed their employees. >> reporter: as a way to work with them, program like tech companies square has done. >> they closed the cafeteria, they give vouchers to go spend it at restaurants, we see our business increase significantly every other friday, because they don't have the option to stay in.>> reporter: some fear
5:35 pm
the approaches to narrow. >> what happens to the workers in the cafeteria on those days? are they told to go home? >> reporter: while others celebrate the city's effort to save the restaurant industry, will it help the economy? >> i think it is a attempt to reconnect communities.>> reporter: the supervisors say this is just the beginning of discussions, they are going to have with these companies, working with them throughout this process, but a timely one, 6 million square feet of office space will be going up outside of the south of market, with other office spaces well, hoping to get companies on board with this man on internal cafeterias. reporting live, ktvu fox 2 news. criticizingulture department announced it will send $12 billion in emergency aid to farmers who have been
5:36 pm
impacted by the ongoing trade for between the u.s. and other countries, particularly china. but some gop leaders in congress aren't convinced it will help, they say farmers want free trade, not handouts, and that the money will only be a short-term fix. it started after president trump impose tariffs on china, they retaliated with its own tariffs on soybeans, pork, and beef. a major hit for the bottom line for farmers. to talk more about this, we're joined by colin carter, a professor of agriculture and resource economics at uc davis. what are your thoughts on these subsidies? as gop leaders said, is this a short-term fix?>> i don't think farmers are interested in these type of subsidies, secondly, it's not even a good mix, because the farmers won't receive the money directly, it's going to be going through programs, to buy up surplus
5:37 pm
commodities, or find new markets. so the will be ineffective, and coming out of taxpayers pockets. >> do you think the $12 billion will help at all, and what would it mean for california farmers? >> $12 billion, i think it will have very little impact on farmers themselves, and for california, the impact of the chinese tariffs are not as significant. with a few exceptions. mostly pistachios or oranges. >> can you talk specifically, how much is this hurting the average farmer? i imagine they have very thin profit margins to begin with, t serious bite out of those small profits as it is?>> absolutely right, this year, the crops are very good, high yield, good weather, you have to recognize that china is the number 1
5:38 pm
buyer of soybeans by a wide margin and also the number one buyer of work, -- pork. this large market, and is impossible to find new markets to replace that. this will have a big impact on farm prices, and we have already seen that, as we go back to may of this year, the tariffs on steele and aluminum, they were announced, the price of soybeans and pork have dropped dramatically since then. >> before we let you go, what are you seeing, farmers and what part of the country are being hit the hardest and why? >> farmers in the midwest by far being hit the hardest, and why? because those farmers are more reliance on the market in china, which has retaliated, and also the markets in places like mexico, which is off -- also retaliated. >>, alan carter, thank you for
5:39 pm
taking the time to talk with us. london breed announced a new proposal to clean up streets, giving $700,000 to the city's fix-it team, a group of city employees who respond to issues such as graffiti and broken streetlights. it will double the budget and go toward more trash hands, expanded street cleaning, and help pay for new streetlights. >> the city has to make the right investment, so that we can get to a better place. it doesn't feel good to see the trash and all the other things litter our streets.>> the board of supervisors is expecting to hear the mayor's proposal at its first budget reading today. still to come, divers and doctors who helped save those kids deep inside a cave, they are being honored again. ivanka trump calling it quits on a clothing line. a new scanner, that you might be going through on tnext
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at ae believe in access. the opportunity for ever and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month.
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no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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australia's prime minister handed out awards to rescuers who helped get a youth soccer team out of a flooded cave in thailand, nine people, including two doctors and six police officers, and a navy diver, i received medals today in the australian capital.
5:43 pm
they were fast tracked because of public calls for official recognition of their role.>> yours was a mission of practical love, to save the lives of others, weaker, younger, more vulnerable. you saved those young men, and as you did, so inspired not just your own nation, our nation, but holding its breath, and praying for your success, you inspired the whole world. >> you may recall that the boys had to be sedated before they began their journey out of that cave, the doctors who were honored said they had to do it to prevent those boys from panicking. rescuers feared a panicked boy could lose his diving mask and drown, or endanger the rescuers. hundreds of people are missing and feared deaths -- dead after a damn collapsed and loud -- collapsed in laos. more
5:44 pm
than 6600 people are said to be homeless, the dam was scheduled to open the later this year -- open later this year. bill cosby, declared a sexually violent predator, he would have to register as a six offender, and undergo treatment, the monterey county district attorney is asking the judge to schedule a hearing to determine whether cosby will get the designation. he was found guilty in april after -- of sexually abusing andrea constand. ivanka trump said she is clothing stash closing her clothing company, letting off eating workers, some stores dropped the clothing line, and she decided that ethics restrictions were holding back its abilities. she said that she doesn't know if or when she will return the business, but that her focus for the foreseeable future will be the work that she is doing in washington.
5:45 pm
a hostage situation at a southern california trader joe's ends with an employee dead, the latest details, as please announce it was an officer that fired the deadly shot. demi lovato is rushed to the hospital after a possible overdose. and a advisory, heat advisory, we will talk about that, and when things will potentially cool down in those valleys. you could save energy by living off the grid. completely. or... just set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. with energy upgrade california.
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popstar demi lovato is reportedly in stable condition following an apparent heroin overdose earlier today, the 25- year-old was transported from her hollywood hills home just before noon today, and is currently being treated. is reporting that she is in stable condition, she has battled substance abuse for years, at one point she lived in a sober living home after being released from a treatment center, she said she had been clean from alcohol, cocaine and oxycontin for years, but she released a song called sober, where she revealed she had relapsed. and new details in the trader joe's shooting in the silverlake neighborhood of los angeles, the store worker who died was killed by gunfire from lapd officers. as jonathan hunt reports, police say they had to open fire.>> her smile.
5:49 pm
>> reporter: as a memorial grows for 27-year-old trader joe's worker melyda corado, police are saying that the assistant manager who killedtha police bullet. >> is determined through the forensic investigation that one of the officers rounds struck melyda corado as she was exiting the market.>> reporter: caught in the crossfire, as she ran for the front door. the suspect, gene evin atkins, running in the opposite direction, exchanging gunfire with police officers. >> i believe my officer's actions were taken to defend themselves and in direct response to the deadly threat posed by atkins. >> police dashcam video of the 15 minute chase that led him to crash into a utility pole outside the trader fore the thr
5:50 pm
the disastrous chain of events started after he allegedly shot his 76-year-old grandmother, and kidnapped a 17-year-old female acquaintance. >> as a father and as an individual, it is unmanageable the pain of the family and everyone who knew melyda corado. >> reporter: a teenager and another are in critical condition, but it -- they are expected to face -- to survive. and gene evin atkins is under $2 million bail. bringing in bill martin, what a day today, showing some of those temperatures, holy cow! >> in the southwest, texas and houston, temperatures in the triple digits, in our case, a western grid thing, san francisco, oakland, san jose, not that's hot -- not that hot.
5:51 pm
these are the highs from today, you can see right, antioch, 98, fairfield, alejo, 18 degrees cooler. the sea breeze is having an impact obviously, on these areas, kind of saving us from a heat advisory. everything in the valley, going to be coming in from the east, as it does, the fire danger goes up, this is the natural air conditioning, which is there, which is good. i would hate not to see it right now, the air quality not too bad. a nice sea breeze, but inland, they don't avoid the heat advisory, it stays into effect until thursday, poor air quality, and yosemite, and temperatures in the 90-100 degree range, a fire danger, even more than it already is the summer. lightning strikes showing up east and
5:52 pm
north of the lake here, and southeast of lake tahoe, those are remnants from what we saw yesterday up there and the day before. fog along the coast, a south swell running right now, which is good. if you are a surfer. especially in santa cruz, a real good the next couple of days, but also dangerous. and here cut faces south, hitting it more directly, more perpendicular. a more dangerous swell. because of the induction. they miss the north facing beaches. temperature changes about the same as yesterday, and the fog footprint, about the same as today, the temperature footprint, a little bit warmer, the purple is pinching this way, a battle between the sea breeze and the heat, the heat is pushing this way, the sea breeze this way, concorde, fairfield, livermore, right on the edge, right on the front. overnight lows in the 50s
5:53 pm
and 60s, there they are, pretty warm. pretty darn warm. 102 in gilroy. livermore 95, but 2 miles east of livermore, and you will be 100 degrees. five day forecast, breaking the action, as we get towards the weekend, but not enough. >> that's why i live closer to the bay, i can't handle he like that. >> you go to the tunnel right now, it is 15-20 degrees hotter. >> when you go into the tunnel, it changes just like that. >> that is one of our microclimates. by the end of tonight, it's possible that one lucky person could be worth $500 million, the mega millions, $522 million, they caused two dollars each, your odds of winning, 1 in 300 million,
5:54 pm
drawing tonight at 8:00. riders, pouring water in their eyes, police used pepper spray, with the demonstrators, blocking the road, but it blew into some of the bicycle riders eyes as well. the tsa just announced a new technology that it says can do something new, making travel safer for everyone. new developments in the push to phase out plastic in san francisco, the vote by city supervisors. new legislation that could make utilities like pg&e less liable in the event of wildfires.
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5:57 pm
the tsa's ruling on a new high-tech tool, and leah gabriel tells us he could make your next trip to the airport a little smoother.>> reporter: the tsa is unveiling the latest addition to its high-tech screening arsenal, computed tomography, a scanner with the capability of providing a three- dimensional image that can be reviewed and rotated for a more thorough analysis. >> the goal is to allow passengers to leave their laptops and liquids in the carry-on bags, improving the experience. >> reporter: they are essentially a smaller version of those currently used for checked baggage. hundreds of images are shot with an x-ray camera that spends around an -- a conveyor belt. detecting explosives and more.
5:58 pm
it will cut down on time by cutting down on long lines at security checkpoints. >> they will not only assist in reducing wait times at checkpoints, but also enhance the security of all passengers, traveling through the terminal.>> reporter: partnering with american airlines, to introduce them at select airports across the country. american says that with more funding, they could become industry standard, calling on lawmakers to help make that happen. >> development of this new technology, and the united states and abroad, is a critical component of enhanced aviation security. >> reporter: in addition to jfk, they are in boston logan, and phoenix sky harbor airport. leah gabriel, fox news. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 starts now. >> raking news, a statewide amber alt lice say was kidnappe a man in east bay. a search now on for that girl, and the suspect.
5:59 pm
good evening, i am frank somerville. >> i am julie haener. this photo of the girl, isabel epps, and the suspect antonio ackley are eliz arad. -- antonio aguilar elizarrad. >> reporter: we are going to bring in sergeant ray kelly, the alameda county sheriff. can you tell us the circumstances, she is 16, he is 36, what is the connection? >> we are not sure what the connection is, we know that around 2 pm, this unfolded in hayward, we believe that isabel called a relative, and she sounded like she was in duress, that there was some type of problem, she explained that she had been abducted.
6:00 pm
we were able to connect this gentleman to that objection, we have that vehicle description, which hopefully you will put up, right now, the investigators, along with law enforcement in the east bay are working to locate her, the vehicle in the suspect. she is 16, he is 36, there is no reason that she should be with her. -- he should be with her. >> reporter: a 2005 honda truck, black, ridgeline truck, california license plate 7y51010 , and again, it is a pretty distinctive truck that you're looking for? >> what makes it unique, it has a chrome luggage rack on top. so if people are alerted to the car, look for that chrome luggage rack. the best chance of finding her quickly is with the assistance of the public. we are asking folks to help law enforcement partners down


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