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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  July 26, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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with what they had to say. tom. >> reporter: well, in one sense, facebook finds itself at a crossroads of lost reputation and financial reality. in another sense, this just might be the wake-up call that companies needs. facebook stock got torpedoed the very second the stock market had a chance to react to its bad financial news. attorney teri connelly a former wall street banker and retired dean of the golden gate university school of business says it was way too big of a drop. >> the market is having an episode of facebook derangement syndrome. >> reporter: with investors it all boils down to two words, expenses versus income. on the expense side, the need to hire thousands of people to better protect user privacy and to bolster its own image. >> facebook always takes a hit when it reveals that it's investing seriously in its business in terms of its best interests going forward. >> reporter: larry magid is the dean of tech area tech analysts. >> facebook more to shore up its systems and national advertising to try to convince us that they are making that change.
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>> reporter: on the income side, facebook's growth raises another red flag. >> its growth is slowing down. its income is possibly going to slow down. and their expenses have gone up. so they are worried about a revenue hit. >> reporter: magid says many observers worry that way too many users are spending too much time on facebook to the detriment of their personal lives, careers and families. and so many are reassessing their own use as well as tiring of all the online rancor, rudeness and politicization of the platform. but there's more to facebook than facebook. >> the company still is profitable. it is still growing ever so slightly. and it still has secret sauce in "whatsapp" and instagram successful products attracting young people globally. >> reporter: dean says at this new low price he expects cooler heads to be looking for a bargain. >> and take a second look at this $120 billion loss and see if there isn't some money to be made there.
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>> reporter: for perspective, other mega companies that have suffered mega losses included apple, microsoft, intel, google, worked out for them. others are shadows of their once dominant selves and yet others alta visit, netscape, alta vista, myself, gone. thank you. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. facebook's nosedive weighed on the markets today especially high-tech stocks. the dow was up 112 on gains by consumer goods and energy companies but the tech heavy nasdaq was down 80 and s&p down 8. firefighters are making progress containing a fire burning near mount diablo. the marsh fire is now 60% contained after burning 247 acres. one home and three outbuildings have been destroyed. it's southeast of clayton. tonight a few dozen homes are
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still threatened but crews say they have now stopped the forward progress of the fire. some mandatory evacuation orders are still in effect tonight and power is slowly being restored. as cristina rendon reports the homeowners she spoke with are relieved after a close call. >> the property all around the house is burnt. >> reporter: david and kit are surveying the damage around their home on aspara road. >> you know it's just kind of taking inventory of what's damaged, um, how do we make it livable. >> reporter: their house's infrastructure is damaged. it's covered in pink fire retardant and a toyota sequoia is too and they couldn't be more grateful. >> the window is cracked and we have a pink passenger seat. i hate to say it, the car stinks. >> reporter: the couple is thankful everyone made it out okay including their cat, joe- 2. >> he is just the best cat. that's what we were mainly concerned about was getting him. >> reporter: with roughly 50 firefighters in the area, no one has seen him until the family returned home wednesday night. >> we walked in the backyard and gave a call and he came
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out of nowhere, jumped up into my arms, and was very sheepish around all the other people. was very happy to see us. >> reporter: cal fire has the upper hand but evacuation orders are still in place. >> we are working in the interior. some of the burned material rolls out and ignites around the home. that's our concern. >> reporter: officials believe the fire originated at the marsh creek detention facility and marsh creek road. the cause is under investigation. firefighters keep working to protect anything they can. >> if it wasn't for them, the house wouldn't be here. huge thanks and appreciation to them. >> reporter: the marsh fire has burned one home and at least three outbuildings. cal fire says they do expect to possibly have full containment by tomorrow night. in contra costa county, cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. now to three big fires burning across california. one in the northern part of
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the state, one in the central sierra and another near los angeles. we start west of ing where the carr fire is burning along highway 299 near whiskeytown. governor brown declared an emergency in the area. the fire tripled in size overnight burning 28,000 acres and at this point it's just 10% contained. it's threatening nearly 200 buildings. cal fire says the fire started when a car had a mechanical failure. the combination of winds and terrain allowed it to spread. >> an easy way to think of it is if you have flames heat rising upward and if the wind blows it sideways it's preheating the fuels as the fire is burning so the fuels are drier when the flame gets to it and ignites more readily. >> the fire has forced more than 2,000 people to evacuate from that part of shasta county. the governor also declared a state of emergency in mariposa county due to the ferguson fire near yosemite. it's burned 43,000 acres and
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is 27% contained. park entrances from highways 140 and 41 are closed and thousands of tourists are evacuated. yosemite valley and wawona area of the park are closed until sunday. the highway 120 entrance and tuolumne meadows are open. and in southern california, firefighters faced another day of hot temperatures as they battled the cranston fire in riverside county. that fire destroyed five homes and burned 4700 acres and as of now it's only 5% contained. a 32-year-old man is under arrest charged with deliberately setting that fire. 3,000 people remain under evacuation orders. developing news now in san jose where an overturned van burst into flames on highway 101. it happened about an hour ago in the southbound direction near the connector with interstate 880 north of brokaw road. from skyfox, you can see fire crews on the scene putting out the car fire and some brush that caught fire on the side of the highway. it appears at least three other vehicles may have been
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involved, as well. the chp reports injuries were minor. traffic was getting by in just one lane. and from our traffic map now, you can see heavy traffic heading south of 101 towards interstate 880 in san jose right now. voters are leaning toward familiar names in a couple of big races this november. the public policy institute of california surveyed more than 1,000 likely voters in a new poll. they say 55% support lieutenant governor gavin newsom a democrat for governor compared to 31% who back republican businessman john cox. in the race for u.s. senate, incumbent dianne feinstein is a strong lead over state senator kevin deleon. she is ahead 46 to 24% despite de leon's endorsement by the state democratic party. the margin error of the poll is 4.3%. the state supreme court ruled today that starbucks must pay employees for anytime they spend working off the clock after their shifts are
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over. the lawsuit was brought by a starbucks employee who said he was entitled to be paid for time he spent locking up and walking coworkers to their cars after he had physically clocked out. that extra time amounted to only 10 minutes a day before after more than a year it added up to about $100 in pay. in a unanimous ruling, the court ruled in favor of the employee. another mural in san francisco's mission district has been vandalized. graffiti defaced a depiction of cesar chavez. it's the third mural in the mission to be defaced in the past few weeks. ktvu's rob roth talked with one of the artists and also residents who say they are frustrated by what they see happening. reporter: for more than 20 years this mural featuring cesar chavez and others has been part of the landscape on york street and 24th in the mission. but sometime tuesday night, it appears street gang members defaced it. >> my first reaction is anger because art is there for everybody. >> reporter: carlos gonzales was the main artist for the mural.
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he also spent many years as a juvenile probation officer working to get young people away from gangs. the mural was meant to show people who made a difference in their communities. >> a mirror on the community as well as a spotlight for revolutionary heroes. kind of like inspiring the people that see it. >> reporter: gonzales says the eagle in the mural is the symbol of the united farm workers but it has been adopted by a street gang making a rival gang angry. >> many of the kids in the gang culture that are on the opposite side tend to see red literally when they see that and they cross it out. >> reporter: but especially disturbing to many in the mission is that this is the third mural in the neighborhood that's been defaced this month. about two weeks ago, vandals used white paint to damage a mural featuring musician carlos santana on 19th and
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mission streets and just before that, vandals struck and anti-gentrification mural. many think the first two are racist and aren't related to the latest vandalism which appears to be gang-related. >> it's disappointing that icons like people in the community are disrespected like this. >> i'm a teacher so this makes me wonder if the kids even know what they're doing. >> reporter: gonzales said he would like to find those responsible for the damage to the chavez mural. >> we need to educate those people on, you know, what the murals really mean, what they stand for. >> reporter: the artist says he and others who worked on the mural will be out here next week to repair it with the hopes that next time, people will leave it alone. in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. up next tonight, a coyote found caught in an animal trap in lafayette. >> to think that a child or another animal or pack could have easily got entangled up inty scary.
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>> the concerns now about where that trap came from and how it is being used. >> we are still tracking some big heat in the central valley but look what is out there. the fog at the coast is going to hang on through tomorrow. >> longer waits and packed buses. ahead on ktvu at 6:30, what's behind a muni bus driver shortage that's slowing down service in san francisco. >> and a check on the thursday evening commute. here's a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is backed up as it usually is this time of night. >> now to the golden gate. a very foggy golden gate bridge. traffic looks like it moves generally this time of night on this thursday evening. vening.
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new at 6:00 tonight an investigation is under way to find who set an animal trap that injured a coyote. it was found in the trap in lafayette. alyana gomez reports. >> reporter: that neighbor was deeply concerned after she found that coyote tangled in that trap. she says that trap could have caught one of her children, one of her pets and she was worried about the entire community and decided to make a post on next door which is how i if you find out about the actual incident and now that -- which is how i if you find out about the incident and now the coyote is
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recovering. take a look at this frightened injured coyote wrapped in a towel after being captured and rescued by animal control. lafayette neighbor julie lloyd found her tangled up in her back yard last week. >> my first reaction was freak out, go get the dogs because there's a coyote in my garden. and she would be a sizable snack. >> reporter: in this video, you can see that steel trap on the leg. somehow she got free from the chained tether but the trap was set. >> the coyote was -- had a bear trap on its back leg and it was connected to the light fixture next to the spa here. s and in the state. >> it's barbaric. absolutely barbaric. when you think that a child or another animal or pet could have easily got entangled in that, pretty scary.
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>> reporter: they let us pay a visit to the injured coyote to check in on her health and recovery. >> there are a number of traps that are illegal to use in california. but that means that the people are buying them out of state and illegally bringing them in. >> reporter: they hope to catch the person who set the trap. >> the coyote overall was a little lethargic and dehydrated. very scared. and over the last few days, she started to regain her strength and started to act more like a coyote. >> reporter: now, wildlife experts say frequently spotted around this time of year. neighbors will see coyotes quite often. i have actually seen on "next door" a lot of neighbors posting images of coyotes they have seen in their backyards. wildlife experts encourage neighbors if they have any pets to remove pets from their yard and food they may have
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out and water for their pets from the yard, as well. that's going to attract coyotes because essentially they are nocturnal looking for food, water and shelter. experts say coyotes live in their backyard and they need to learn to live with them. they also want -- california fish and wildlife want neighbors to call them their tip line that is if they have any information on who may have set that trap in the lafayette area. reporting live in walnut creek tonight, alyana gomez, ktvu fox 2 news. still looking in on some of the high temperatures from today yet again. the heat advisory verifying in places like redding, ukiah, sacramento, modesto, look at these numbers. all this week this has been inland heat and continuing through next week in the inland bay valleys and southwest, southern california, phoenix and vegas. you guys are seeing 120-degree temperatures. so high pressure firmly
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established. the pattern is locked. we are getting a sea breeze. once you get outside the sea breeze zone, past or beyond that, you're seeing triple digits. mountain view 75. 77 in redwood city. so that's where the natural air-conditioning really pays off in this pattern because we are so happy that wind is blowing significantly onshore. we have gusts to 30 miles an hour at sfo bringing this fog and transporting it inland. you already see it through san bruno shooting the gap there and then will fill into the bay again tonight. friday looks like today. it was pleasant, although on the other side of the hill, it's hot inland. so there it is right now. fairfield getting a little sea breeze. you can see where e topography based on these colors. so here we go. more heat inland tomorrow. heat advisory again.
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when i come back, we'll look at the five-day forecast and beyond. the football season is about to get under way and fans were able to catch a glimpse of the 49ers today as the team opened their training camp. a lot of fans arrived more than an hour before the first whistle and were able to stand just a few feet away from players like jimmy garoppolo and richard sherman. there will be a total of 10 practices held at the training field behind levi's stadium that are open to fans. we talked to one person today to hold us why he has a pretty good feeling about this upcoming season. >> this season, there's something different about this year. it's like got jimmy g, richard sherman. >> if you want to llfast. proceeds from the ticket sales go to the 49ers foundation. as well. aiders checked into all there including o marshawn lynch also arrived for his second season with the
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raiders. one of the keys to watch during preseason is whether star linebacker khalil mack will show up. he is threatening to hold out. according to espn, new head coach jon gruden and khalil mack have not talked one time since the raiders hired him in january. a woman is accused of trying to take a toddler from her mother and grandmother. up next tonight how police in mountain view say they were able to make an arrest. >> today is the deadline to reunite children with their parents separated from the border. coming up.
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police in mountain view arrested a woman for trying to kidnap a child. schauntel gomez was wearing a mask yesterday they say when she approached a woman with her adult daughter and grandchild. the suspect reached for the child, the grandmother trying to stop her. police say gomez hit the grandmother are and drove away. investigators say detailed descriptions from the women led them to gomez this morning at a shell gas station. she was arrested on charges including attempted kidnapping and battery. it appears that a court ordered deadline will pass tonight with hundreds of immigrant children still separated from their parents and held in detention. federal officials told a judge today children have been reunited with their parents so far. that leaves 700 still separated. some of those parents have already been deported or have disappeared. others have been deemed not
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eligible to be reunited with their children because of criminal records. activists with the families belong together coalition marched to the capital today to protest the separation. >> we brought the kids out today to make sure they raise their voices for other children to say that we need to reunify families immediately and end the zero humanity policy that created this crisis. >> both sides are due back in court tomorrow in san diego. meanwhile, immigration attorneys say they have advocates in central america and elsewhere looking for those parents who were deported without their children. one day after house republicans introduced a resolution to impeach deputy attorney general rod rosenstein, his boss attorney general jeff sessions, is standing behind him. rosenstein is overseeing the russia investigation. today sessions said he had the highest confidence in his deputy attorney general. yesterday, republicans said they wanted to impeach cusing h key information about the russia probe from congress. democrats say that move is
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just an effort to undermine the investigation. >> the, um, attack on rosenstein, of course, is an attack on the mueller investigation. >> frankly, it's mind-boggling that justice won't comply. they ought to want to work with us to root out the bad apples and if putting impeachment on the table is one more tool, gets them to finally comply with a subpoena from congress, we need to make sure that they do their job and comply. >> congress is not scheduled to vote on the impeachment resolution. but there's a possibility that lawmakers could take it up after the august recess. authorities in greece said today they think an arsonist is to blame for starting deadly wildfires that ripped through a coastal resort area near athens. 83 people died when fire engulfed a greek village. the fires were set in multiple places within a short period of time. most of the casualties were found at a small seaside resort.
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experts describe its as a fire trap saying the town had poor safety standards and few escape routes. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 starts next. tonight a muni slowdown in san francisco and it's because of a shortage of drivers. >> it's been more crowded and buses take longer to come. >> up next, the major project that's partly to blame. >> also ahead, sunflower seeds. a whole lot of them! spilled on an east bay freeway today. more on the messy crash that blocked traffic for several hours. stay with us. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is next.
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now to our top stories. shares in facebook plunged today after the company reported weaker earnings and user growth than expected. facebook had more than 2 nthly users as of june 30th up 11% from as a year earlier. but well short of what analysts had expected. shares fell nearly 19% today to $176 a share.
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the marsh fire southeast of clayton is now 75% contained. however, mandatory evacuation orders are still in effect. the fire burned 247 acres. 13 homes are threatened and one home and three outbuildings have already been destroyed. firefighters hope to have full containment by tomorrow night. cal fire is still investigating the cause. a new public policy institute of california poll shows strong support for gavin newsom for governor. 55 to 31% between him and john cox. in the race for u.s. senate has a lead over state senator kevin de leon. she is ahead 46-24%. ou're watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. in san francisco, muni riders are complaining about longer waits, crowded buses and in general just an overall slowdown of the system. as ktvu's christien kafton reports, muni says several factors are behind the slowdown and he has a look now at the conditions that commuters are facing. >> reporter: buses crisscross san francisco at all times of the day and night carrying out
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nearly three-quarters of a million rides every day. some passengers notice the buses are coming slower and when they do come, they're packed. >> it's been more crowded and takes longer to come. >> reporter: muni says a unique series of factors have come together to create a shortage of bus drivers. for one, they are integrating new buses and light rail vehicles and technology taking drivers out to service to train them. at the same time, the agency is working on a two-month project upgrading the twin peaks tunnel. that means the trains that usually ferry passengers on that route are out of the mix and bus drivers have been pulled from lines throughout the system to operate the bus bridge. that means ripple effects on major commute lines throughout san francisco. >> it could mean for some of our heaviest routes you might have to wait longer. there might be a pass-up because a bus is too full. we are going to try to minimize the impact orter: the union leadership says the slowdown is a result of too few drivers. they would like to see more operators in the system and
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see that those operators are compensated to attract and retain the best and brightest. sfmta says it's working on training drivers as quickly as possible. >> we're looking to --for any other option, all options, to get this resolved as soon as possible. >> reporter: riders who noticed the slowdowns say they hope to see relief soon. >> i have been riding muni for 20, 30 years now. and it used to be better. now it's getting a little bit worse. but hopefully once the tunnel construction is completed, it will be a lot better. >> reporter: for now the sfmta is encouraging riders to follow their social media account to get the latest information about backups and delays. in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. about 40,000 pounds of sunflower seeds spilled on a west oakland freeway today. this morning it toppled and
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lost its load. the chp says the on-ramp was blocked for hours as crews cleaned up the mess. no one was hurt. no other vehicles were involved. he cause is under investigation. the chp says speed may have been a factor. authority didn't say where the load of seeds was going when that crash happened. now to the north bay where a crash in san rafael left a truck dangling off highway 101. the truck and a car collided around 9:30 this morning in the southbound lanes. one person in the car was hurt. the san rafael fire department posted these pictures. the chp closed the highway in the area for about an hour and traffic backed up for miles. debris from the truck damaged two cars, parked below. the truck was eventually towed from the scene and the freeway reopened. now to a protest involving several dozen people outside ktvu today. the group was upset about a picture that was shown briefly this week during our coverage of the murder of nia wilson at the macarthur bart station. paul chambers talked to the group about their concerns.
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>> reporter: from skyfox you can see roughly 60 people marching in the streets of oakland. the group came together to protest an insensitive photo that ktvu showed of 18-year- old nia wilson. she was killed sunday night on a macarthur bart platform. >> putting that youngster up there with --of what is to be misinterpreted as a pistol and a gun which automatically switched the narrative. we are the victim here. we're not dealing with a suspect. >> reporter: on monday, ktvu used several photos of wilson, one of the photos painted her in a negative light. it only aired once at noon and ktvu apologized. but the damage was already done. protestors feel the image is an effort by mainstream media americans. >> when we're hurting, when we're being victimized, for us to be painted in that image is an obvious disrespect. it's a slap in the face not only to the family, but to millions of girls and young black people out here.
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>> reporter: a bay area rapper spoke on their behalf outside ktvu studios and issued a list of demands. >> for someone to come out and be accountable for the displacement and the defamation of character. and we wish to impose agendas and policies that is a reflection of the community. >> reporter: the protest was peaceful and hosted by oakland artists who were able to air their grievances and then leave. in the newsroom, i'm paul chambers, ktvu fox 2 news. the suspect in nia wilson's murder is in jail on murder charges. his next court date is set for late next month. coming up, it has now been more than a week since a college student with bay area ties disappeared in iowa. the fitness device that investigators hope will help track her down. >> a social media purge an update on how facebook and twitter are cracking down on fake news and offensive content. >> and lake tahoe's signature clear waters getting a bit
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cloudy. why clarity is the lowest it's been in 50 years.
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the investigators say they have searched a pig farm in other locations in student from the university of iowa who has ties to oakland. 20-year-old molly tibbits was last seen about a week ago jogging in brooklyn iowa. friends and family say she us a fitbit tracker and investigators are hoping to use information from that device to located her of the they are also poring through
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information that they gathered from social media sites that she used. tibbits grew up in oakland and move to iowa when she was in elementary school. authorities say as more time passes without finding her, the possibility grows that she was taken against her will. a big purge under way on social media. brett larson reports on how facebook and twitter are using the delete button to combat fake news in the latest sweep. >> reporter: twittered and facebook stepping up efforts to purge phony accounts and posts that could lead to violence. twitter says they already flushed over 120 phony accounts. their removal at that volume has resulted in some of the sites' bigger users seeing a dip in their number of fans. former president obama lost 3 million followers dropping to 101 million and president trump a frequent user of the site lost 340,000 down to 53 million. meanwhile, facebook is not just cracking down on phony accounts. they are cracking down on dangerous posts! they say they will be working with law enforcement to ensure
6:40 pm
the site isn't used to spread rumors or false information that could lead to violence. the policy was announced after posts in june falsely stated muslims in sri lanka were poisoning food given to buddhists. that resulted in mob violence. and you can expect twitter and facebook to step up their efforts to eradicate fake accounts and phony news stories as we get closer to the midterm elections. in new york, brett larson, fox news. a warning for people heading to the beach after a boy was buried by sand in santa cruz. >> it was emotional for sure, yeah. >> hear more up next from the lifeguard who helped rescue him. >> we are tracking the heat advisory in the inland valleys. cool at the bay, though, with a lot of fog this afternoon and this evening. we'll track your friday forecast and beyond. >> and coming 7:00 on ktvu plus, new information about demi lovato's drug overdose. tmz reveals what happened
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after those closest to the singer tried to stage an intervention weeks ago. and how president trump was in the midwest today and republicans on capitol hill begin the second phase of tax reform. that's coming up at 7:00 with heather and alex on ktvu plus.
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the summer break, a lot of folks head to the beach and now' rescue in santa cruz has lifeguards warning parents about the dangers of collapsing sand. a 10-year-old was rushed to the hospital after he was buried by sand when the tunnel that he was digging in collapsed. he is okay. but ktvu's maureen naylor says lifeguards hope this is a warning. >> just the fact that it was a child, a big impact on me.
6:44 pm
>> reporter: 22-year-old ryan says she won't forget what happened saturday afternoon while lifeguarding in this tower at seabright state beach in santa cruz. >> someone ran up to me and said there was a boy stuck in the sand. >> reporter: a 10-year-old boy was buried by sand along the shoreline and they ran to get help. by the time they reached him, wasn't breathing. >> it sounds like the boy was digging in the sand and actually digging a tunnel in the sand. and the sand probably collapsed on top of him and he couldn't get out. and he couldn't get air. >> i wasn't even aware that that could happen. but i try not to let them dig too deep, just build sandcastles. >> reporter: lifeguards say the boy was resuscitated and rushed to the hospital and recovered, even returning on tuesday with his mom to thank springer. >> i didn't recognize the boy. it was pretty cool to see him, um. i gave him a hug. we took a picture. yeah, he is doing really well. >> i was emotional. yeah. for sure. i welled up a little bit. >> reporter: during the busy summer season, lifeguards warn the fun of digging in some scenarios can be dangerous. >> you shouldn't go past your knees to the smallest person
6:45 pm
in the group. never dig deep steep holes in the sand. and never dig tunnels or caves. >> reporter: in 2008 an 11- year-old boy was killed and two others injured after a sand cave they were playing in collapsed in santa cruz. >> we train our staff if you have someone trapped in the sand, you need to make sure and go farther out and then at an angle start digging sands away from the point last seen, in order to get to the person. >> reporter: lifeguards with the state parks department says they get these calls every summer. they say the most important thing for any bystander who sees someone get buried is to rescue that person's head first. in santa cruz, maureen naylor, ktvu fox 2 news. researchers say water clarity is down and water temperature is up at lake
6:46 pm
tahoe. uc-davis published a port that said last july lake clarity was the lowest since 1968. the reduced clarity is due to sediment from the drought being washed into the lake. the lake surface temperature rose to more than 68 degrees the warmest ever. >> as the lake warms, it will become a more hospitable place for algae growth, for aquatic invasive species to spread particularly in the near shore areas. >> scientists say they expect by the end of this century, the air temperature in the tahoe basin could rise 7 to 9 degrees. they say that will contribute to increased warming of the lake affecting water clarity and the species that live there. so beautiful up there. let's check the weather here in the bay area and for that we go back over to bill in the weather center. it's classic bay area right now summer fog at the coast and hot inland. >> the microclimates are set up. >> look at the temperatures behind you. >> i know. that's what i was going to
6:47 pm
say, 113. if you are san francisco, you're in a jacket in the sunset district -- in the valley there's a heat advisory that continues through tomorrow. sacramento 104. that was one of the cool spots. redding 113. and if you go to the desert southwest, which we have the last couple nights, you're getting 120s in las vegas and palm springs, 122. more high temperatures and you see the advantage of the sea breeze. look at the temperatures around the bay, 73 in oakland. that's significantly cooler than 101 out in antioch. and so we have a nice little cool, moist onshore flow that's going to continue to give us tomorrow and saturday sort of a reasonable, you know, temperature profile for most of our big cities which is important because if you are in conditioners are flying. and you have a heat advisory which is a dangerous situation actually. heat advisories as we talk about, those are some of the
6:48 pm
most dangerous weather conditions you can have in terms of life. there's the fog. there's a lot of it. you can see it already shooting across -- it's kind of pixelated here. but the fog is pushing through san bruno gap. it's already making its way south of market early for this time of night. and there is the sea breeze, the green. i know that's the current temperatures but that's the sea breeze, isn't it? you can see it and you can see where it's getting and where it's not. it's not getting very far inland although if you notice napa and fairfield, right, the sea breeze is just -- it's a narrow gap, a draw, it will get you into fairfield and towards cordelia where the cool, moist air is going. go east if you want the heat. go west if you don't. there is west right there. the golden gate bridge, foggy. fog along the coast. tomorrow's fog footprint like today. tomorrow's temperatures just like today. around the bay. maybe a little cooler inland, too, a few more degrees. we did some significant dropping today. here's the real weather story, obviously cool coast hot
6:49 pm
inland. but to me the real weather story is another week of there high pressure dome, locked weather pattern and heat advisory next week. another week of this which is sort of unusual when you see two weeks -- a week back to back like that. 103 in clearlake 103 in vacaville. those are the hot spots. 88 in napa. that's bearable. 100 brentwood. 96 in danville. that's pretty hot. 90 martinez. so you get the idea. a lot of cities there to look at but tomorrow is friday and the heat on friday is kind of cool because maybe you have some plans to go to a or someth whatever -- i think this is wood -- that's not wood but you know, this pattern -- ha ha! the fire danger is scary when it's like this. i don't want to -- you notice, we are not really talking about fire that today because we had a big push of humidity into the region which is so, so, so, so, so helpful. i talked about the overnight
6:50 pm
temperature recovery. last night temperatures dropped a lot in the inland bay valleys like clayton and morgan hill and those areas. when you wake up in the morning, fires aren't such an issue or are not as much of an issue. >> i'm going to the drag races this weekend. >> are you going up there? >> i have never been to a drag race. i can't wait. >> it's going to be hot. >> earplugs. >> thank you. arizona is breaking heat records with temperatures topping 116 degrees in scottsdale yesterday. all that heat is taking a toll on the roads and the sidewalks. in fact, the sidewalk actually cracking apart in some places. officials with the department of public works in scottsdale say it's called a thermal heave and happens when extreme temperatures last for several days and then ... cool off at night. public works officials say they expect to fix dozens more cracked sidewalks throughout the summer. it doesn't cool off at night jon gruden and the raiders are in napa.
6:51 pm
jason will have the 49ers in santa clara all coming up next in sports. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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jason is here in for mark tonight. napa is home now to the raiders. and jon gruden for the start of the nfl season. >> yeah. football is in the air.
6:54 pm
about 6 weeks out from the regular season. right? but we have to talk about something here so for the first time in 17 years a very familiar face was front and center as the raiders reported to training camp in napa. >> i'm john. >> reporter: we know who you are, jon gruden. it should be fun with him back at the helm. he said he would return the $100 million he is making if the raiders can't get it done. that's what he said. he said he will return the money. this is nelson the new receiver, lynch. conspicuously absence as the team reported today was their best defensive player khalil mack holding out for a new contract. reports are that he and gruden gruden was hired in january and the raiders' first practice is tomorrow. lots of buzz surrounding the 49ers after how they finished the season last year. but as scott reese tells us,
6:55 pm
this team is not getting caught up in any of the hype. >> reporter: it is did i one of a five-plus-month grind, it is day one and spirits are high. >> we feel a lot better than this time last year. there's no doubt about it. >> reporter: good thing, given how poorly last year's team started. the finish of course a much different and much happier story. five straight wins have the 49ers on everybody's watch list. >> i think it's exciting for the fans no doubt about it. you know, it was a good end of the season but it sounds very cliche. it's a new year. >> i'm very aware of what's outside. if we start off with losses, that -- they thought they arrived. we were 6-10 last year. we don't think that at all. >> reporter: by special, talk of the return to the post- season for the first time since 2013. >> this is premature.
6:56 pm
we have the pieces and talent to be a play-off team. we have the guys and experience. we have the receivers. we have the quarterback. but it's about pieces playing together. you know, it's not robots. >> reporter: another thing that inspires confidence, locker room chemistry. it's indefinable but players know when it's there and when it's lacking. >> everything seems to generally enjoy coming to work and seeing everybody in the morning. i'm sure that probably will change in a couple of weeks when we're in training camp and we're angry and stuff. right now, it's good. >> reporter: scott reiss, fox 2. >> the a's are the story in baseball. they have won 26 of the last 33 games and right now lead the rangers 6-5 in the 5th. highlights at 10:00. news not so good for the giants as they get set to open a four-game series the with brewers. brandon belt on the 10-day dl. he was helped off the field
6:57 pm
last night. early dialing nosies, a hyperextended -- diagnosis, a hyperextended knee. evan longoria is back from his stint on the disabled list with the broken hand. team usa basketball, they face competition for another year but they are already practicing. kevin durant and company opened a three-day minicamp in las vegas. again, still a year out from practice. but we had to show you this video because we got kevin durant, he is one of five warriors on the team. the entire starting line-up if you include demarcus cousins is on the team. here's kevin durant. >> just the fact that you have so many great players, the best players that walk the earth in one gym. that's hard to get anywhere. you know? just to see that, the amount of greatness in the room it rubs off for you and you soak it up and makes you a better player and makes you more confident knowing you belong in this room. >> seeing gregg popovich throwing passes to a warrior. >> let's see some hockey video. >> not the season. >> good night.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
item 28: your pet name for me. time's running out on this. you need to make a decision. i submitted you a notarized list. i'm sorry, but "gollum" and "flakey" are not acceptable. well, you don't like "princess corncob," you don't like "fester"-- you're just impossible to please. we'll come back to that one. this brings us to the final item in our annual state of the relationship summit. item 29: valentine's day. ah, the worst for last. hmm. classic flakey. before you get upset, i believe i've come up with a way for us to celebrate the occasion that we both can enjoy. people usually start a meeting with a joke, but you go ahead-- end with one. e we spend a weekend at a bed-and-breakfast in napa valley. i hate every word in that sentence.


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