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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  August 1, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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since civilization emerged 10,000 years ago, we have not had these kind of heat conditions.>> why he says our state must be ready for more destructive fires in the future . uber and lyft will allow san francisco to tax a portion of their earnings, with money meant to ease congestion on the streets. was some rideshare drivers are weary of the plan. >> hire rates for the customers and less pay for the drivers. in game, president donald j. trump takes to twitter urging his attorney general to stop the special counsel investigation and to russian election interference. >> used the word should, not must. there was no presidential directive to follow it. 4 on 2 starts now . today and lake county, some evacuees were allowed to return to their homes. the threat is far from over. crews are continuing to battle
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the mendocino complex fire. welcome everyone to 4 on 2. i am alex savidge . >> i'm alyana gomez . tom vacar joins us with more on the evacuation orders. >> reporter: take a look at this. this happened an hour or two hours ago. this entire part of the mountain blew up. it blew up has the winds came up and the hotspots have not been put out. if you come over to the right, what you will see is over here. it is a completely different fire. it is the fire that is in the north part of the lake. it has blown out. more and more of the fires are blowing out. many areas have been taken off of evacuations. everyone is wondering after
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what they have gone through, when will it end? kelseyville is coming back to life after evacuation orders were lifted last night. the town of 3400 went through advisory evacuations to mandatory evacuations. many people are grateful and glad to be back. they are left thinking they may lose their homes. you want to know what is going on. come to a place like this. a historical place. >> i found out we will be open today. i have gotten a lot of phone calls asking if we were open. it is a gathering place for the small community. it is very scary. that is why i was on the roof of where i live and i squirted it down with a hose. it scared me. >> we do not know. whether to leave or stay. when
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they say mandatory, you want to get out. you do not know how close the fire is.>> reporter: this is far from over. especially for lake ports 4800 people. >> it is a concern of ours. the fire moved out of the bridges -- ridges and it prompted a huge response to put out hot spots. >> reporter: even in areas where the fires burned days ago, there is enough vegetation that hotspots can and do reignite in the major fires. bulldozers cut fire breaks and other fire roads for equipment non-stop. part of the overall plan to thwart the flames. and so, what we have is this. the reason the lake port area remains under evacuation and it came down the hill yesterday and did damage. it destroyed
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some houses. it could do the same today. they are not taking any chances. it is far from over and it is windy or tonight than it was yesterday. reporting live, tom vacar, fox 2 news, ktvu. >> even as folks are allowed back into their home, what advice are they being given to be ready to leave again? >> reporter: that is the advice that everyone in california should take seriously. that is, have a go back and be prepared to go. when they tell you to go, go. for kelseyville and finley, it worked out fine so far. unless the winds shift and drive fire down. that is the reality. be ready to go and go when they tell you to go.>> a sense of relief for the moment. that is tom vacar live in lake
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county. governor jerry brown says the state is doing all that it can to fight the wildfires raging across california. he predicts rings may get worse. -- things may get worse. over a decade or more, we will have more destructive fire and billions will have to be spent. more vegetation and prevention. that is the new normal that we have to face. >> he says the state has enough money and resources for now. cal fire says there is $443 million in an emergency fund and a quarter of that has been spent fighting fires over the past month. the governor says if the climate gets hotter and drier, california have to be prepared.>> we are in for a rough ride. it will get expensive and dangerous. we have to apply all of our creativity to making the best out of what will be an increasingly bad situation.
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not just for california, but for people all over america and the world. >> so far, the fires have claimed the lives of firefighters and civilians. destroyed hundreds of homes and properties. there are nearly 13,000 firefighters on the front lines across our state. hellfire is getting a lot of help from firefighters from other states. coming in from as far away as florida and maine. hellfire held a press conference to update the media on the carr fire burning in shasta county. officials say all 20 people, who were missing, have been found. they also stressed the effect the dry conditions had on the explosive spread of the carr fire.>> on this fire, it was reported to me that it appeared half the brush was dead. mixed in with tallgrass. it took little wind conditions for the fire to become plume dominated.
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which is extreme fire danger. >> the massive fire in shasta county is 35 percent contained. it has burned 180 square miles. the crews have good control close to the city. on the northwest side, there is deep terrain in their using air tankers and helicopters as much as possible to stop the fire >> this is unprecedented for this time of year. it is a lack of snowpack and the continued effects of drought. and weather conditions we have seen for the past five years. >> six people, including two firefighters lost their lives. more than 1000 homes have been destroyed. crews expect that number will increase as inspectors and out in the fire zone. we want to talk about the weather. the good news is we have cooler temperatures over the next couple of days. unfortunately, we have winds as well . >> the winds are ushering in
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cooler temperatures. we cannot get a perfect combination. we have extreme heat from last week. it is coming down a bit. it is still warm and hot. we will shave off a few degrees heading into thursday. taking a look over all to get the general outlook. at the montecito complex, carr fire and we will look at current temperatures. we have hot numbers for this portion of the state. and around the fires on >> 90s through 100 degrees. the satellite shows the smoke detected. you can see cloud cover and the typical fog. there is the smoke plume degenerated i the intensifiers. as far as lake county, temperatures in the low to mid 90s. 93, where tom was. 16 miles per hour in lyons
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valley. over 20 miles per hour and that will be a concern into the evening hours. this map is showing you fire growth. the dots represent the fire detected by satellite. the red dot indicates the fire detected over the last 12 hours. that is recent activity. all of the red dots showing the 2 fires that make up the mendocino complex. and out toward lake county as well. coming in, we have a red flag warning not posted for a good portion of the state. there is a red flag warning toward nevada. here is the forecast for the carr fire. and the mendocino complex fire. temperatures into the 70s. it will be warm to hot. it will be close to 100 degrees and single-digit relative humidity. winds will pick up closer to the mendocino complex easily
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topping 12-15 miles per hour. we do have cooler temperatures in the five-day forecast. we will talk about that coming up with the full forecast. near yosemite national park, cal fire says the ferguson fire has grown to 63,000 acres. 98 square miles. it is 39 percent contained. it is slightly better than last night. yosemite national park has extended the closure of yosemite valley through sunday due to unhealthy smoke from the ferguson fire. hellfire has posted an interactive map to help evacuating residents to find the status of their homes. if you like to use the map, we have a link at . hundreds gathered in seven cisco to pay -- in san francisco to pay tribute to dwight clark. >> we are joined from the
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newsroom. >> dwight clark passed away in june but the salvation of his life was held today where he was remembered as a down to earth regular guy who happened to make one of the most amos touchdown catches in football history. on this great day in san francisco , former 49er teammates, coaches, family and friends gathered to remember dwight clark. a football legend who always considered himself a regular guy. >> he had great charisma. good looks and that southern drawl. he could charm anyone. people loved to be around him. and he loved to be around them.>> dwight clark was beloved in the bay area for doing this. his iconic soaring championship winning champion touchdown reception from joe montana. it seared his status as a hero. it is known as the catch. >> he would always say, you
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know, they do not call it the throw. [laughter] >> while the catch may have defined him to fans, those who knew him, say it did not come close to defining who he was as a person.>> dwight clark was loyal to every single person he knew. if you met him once, you felt you had known him your entire life.>> one of his biggest fans was his young niece. >> the most important words he said to me were when he asked me if i knew what humble meant? i would say yes. >> he was more of a fourth kid, rather than dad. that was the best part. >> his charmed life took a tragic turn when he was diagnosed with als, lou gehrig's disease. the 49ers honored him at halftime at a game last fall. his final farewell to fans.>> i sit there and i watched my ex
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teammate and friend dwindle away. and become a shadow of himself.>> als took so much from dwight. it could not break his spirit. >> and a moving moment toward the end of the celebration, his former teammates and coaches lined up side-by-side in tribute . >> the impact that a life well lived can have on so many people , and even in a business that is as rough and tough in the as professional football, it speaks to the man that he was off the field. >> the illness took dwight clark's life two months ago in montana. he was 61. >> how many of us can say that our best moments were as magnificent as his? >> abe have a goal post from the touchdown moved to his ranch in montana. dwight clark's ashes are buried
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in the shadow of the goal post. >> a beautiful tribute. a day after a major announcement by facebook, lawmakers say they want tech companies to do more when it comes to writing election interference. lawmakers in san francisco are taking steps to tax rideshare companies like lyft and uber. what must happen before the tax could be put into effect. alright, i brought in new max protein give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't. i'll take that. [cheers] 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. new ensure max protein. in two great flavors.
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tesla announced the biggest
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loss in history. electric car maker tesla inc. burned through $739.5 million in cash last quarter, paving the way to a company record $717.5 million net loss as it cranked out more electric cars. analyst verdict in a $639 loss. the drop off came as the company increased production i was model 3 car. shares were up five percent in after-hours trading. uber and lyft have agreed to a new san francisco city tax that will go toward transit improvement. the deal was announced yesterday . the companies agree to pay a tax of three and a quarter percent on individual rights. carpels will be charged 1.5 percent tax. the tax is supposed to raise $39 a year during the first few years it is implemented. however, san francisco cannot impose the tax on rider companies without state approval. one of the state lawmakers planning to introduce a supporting bill is phil ting,
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who joins us live. assemblyman, thank you for coming on. what is the legislation you and state senator, scott we are introducing?>> thanks for having me. it is myself, senator scott weiner and a community member. the bill will allow san francisco to go to the voters and impose a tax on uber and lyft. we need to give san francisco the authority to go to voters. >> what is it about this tax on rider companies that require state authorization?>> right now, the only authorizing party that can do that is the california public utilities commission. we want to give san francisco voters the authority. i think it is a great move for uber and lyft and the city. we have very large transportation infrastructure
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needs. we need to bring in more people who are working here as well. on the way to do that is to move around to public transit. >> will you talk about the millions of dollars that are expected to be brought in due to this proposed tax? specifically, how will the money be spent and how will it address the issue of congestion on the streets of san francisco ? which is bad right now.>> a great question. that will be determined by the ballot measure, as well as the legislation from the board of supervisors. those details have not been completely ironed out. the idea is the money would go to help alleviate congestion. on the way to do that is to bulk up our infrastructure on bike lanes, sidewalks and making sure there is space to walk, bike and take public transit. we cannot grow to the one . two
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million people we project to grow to during the next decade.>> a lot of folks who use uber and lyft may hear this and think, if rider companies are going to be taxed at a higher rate for each right, and the city of san francisco, does that mean i am going to pay more? what does this mean for customers?>> it will mean the customers will have to pay more, but it also is part of alleviating the burden they are putting on our infrastructure in san francisco. right now , when they call a uber or lyft, we put the burden on city infrastructure and sharing san francisco . by paying a small amount of money per ride, we are helping to alleviate the congestion. >> before we let you go, you introduce the legislation with your colleagues when?>> we are in the last month of august.
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i will amend a bill through the state senate to get to the governor at the end of the month of august. >> the issue will be put to the voters in san francisco at that point . that is assemblyman phil ting. lawmakers on both sides are calling on facebook to do more to tackle fake accounts that aim to interfere in midterm elections. >> we are still only scratching the surface. when it comes to rushes information warfare. lawmakers wrestling on how to respond to foreign efforts to potentially undermine our elections. the intelligence committee meeting on capitol hill today after facebook removed 32 accounts. the company says they were part of a sophisticated and cord needed campaign ahead of them in terms. >> social media is the modern public form. it is being used to divide us. this was never about elections.
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it is about the integrity of our society.>> reporter: well facebook works to determine the source of those accounts, lawmakers are saying it is russia to blame.>> i am not surprised that russians have been relentless in their efforts to undermined the public space within our public and social institutions.>> reporter: despite president donald j. trump calling it a hoax, the makers demand that technology firms do more. >> the president should make clear that he is not going to go back and forth practically every day about whether the russians are behind so much of what has been done to undermine our democracy. >> reporter: executives from facebook, twitter and google are being called to testify september 5. lawmakers want to know what they are doing to combat election interference.
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we are talking about cooler weather around the area and across northern california. there is good news for the firefighters. >> it is a welcome change. we will drop off temperatures by a few degrees. not a sharp drop off, but trending in the right direction. here is a live camera look toward san francisco . welcome to august. we have fog on the coast side. hazy skies and the smoke is drifting in. satellite and radar are showing this. another round of showers and thunderstorms developing out toward portions of the southern sierras. more action is developing and it may be a factor over the next three hours. coming closer to home, we have a fog bank near the coast out toward pacifica, half moon bay and portions of san francisco. they cloud cover has been stubborn in nature. and out toward ocean beach and the golden gate bridge. showing current numbers. 57, half moon bay.
4:24 pm
santa rosa, 84. fremont, 83. concorde, 90. the winds are up . fairfield is at 26 miles per hour. san francisco , winds at 14. san jose, northwesterly at 14 . just up above the fog layer, here is the east peaked just over 2500 feet. we are looking up above the fog. what will happen over the next few days is the marine layer will gradually deepen. that will be the source of minor calling from the inland spots at the coast. bayside locations have already been chilly. the main impact will be inland hotspots. upper 50s to near 60 coast side for thursday afternoon. if you take a trip inland, temperatures will warm up. inland spots are on track to reach upper 80s. the hottest locations make it to the lower 90s. around 92 degrees.
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that is for thursday forecast. we will call things off more in the five day forecast. coming up. still to come, a court ruled president donald j. trump and his executive order to withhold funding for such a -- century cities is unconstitutional. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones, - (phone ringing) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. call or visit
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit the ninth u. s. circuit of appeals in san francisco rolled president donald j. trump's executive order threatening to withhold funding
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from sanctuary cities is unconstitutional. the ruling confirms lawsuits filed in san francisco and santa clara cities exceeded his authority. however, the court did say a lower court went too far when it locked the order nationwide. we are joined by david living -- levine from the college of law. we are first talking about the order. and only congress can make this decision. the president has no authority to make this decision.>> it is very phenomenal regarding the separation of power. it is a question of deciding between the president and congress, who can make this decision about withholding funds from century cities? with all the lower courts have said is that the president was wrong when he issued the executive order, essentially telling the attorney general
4:29 pm
and other agencies to withhold funds from century cities. it was off the table. if congress wants to set rules for states that take grants from the government for law enforcement, you can set those rules. they can require cooperation, but it cannot be done retrospectively. >> i'm getting insight into the courts decision. they cited an interview, with fox news last year. implying california may have been targeted by president donald j. trump. >> yes, in the sense that san francisco and other so-called things work cities in california were a prime target. there are other ones also. we were among the first to proclaim ourselves that way. therefore, it was a target from the president. ultimately, in terms of the decision, it did not matter. what matters is the executive order goes way beyond his power. it was issued the same week as
4:30 pm
the muslim man. -- ban. >> there is a victory for the trump administration. that is the court ruling that the lower court was overreaching. they are urging them to reconsider the nationwide ban. what does this mean for the fight ahead? outside of the nine western states. >> it is a small victory for the administration. with the ninth circuit said is that the judge should reconsider the nationwide injunction. this has been an issue that has come up with the travel ban cases and with dapa. can a federal judge say to the united states government, you are bound nationwide or are the rules to be confined to a limited jurisdiction? it is an issue that has to be decided. it has come up in the last few years. starting with the texas case attacking the obama administration for one of the immigration programs. it does need to be resolved. all the court did today was to
4:31 pm
say, you need to reconsider it. the practical matter of california, is that any state in the ninth circuit going from montana to guam, any place you want to be a century city, is protected. the opinion will be a persuasive value in other places, as they consider sanctuary cities litigation. >> some of the cities that president donald j. trump -- i want to use the word target, we could see litigation or lawsuits filed in cities like philadelphia and other cities. >> chicago is one. baltimore is another. what it means is it would have to be thought out and fat court by court. instead of one judge in one place. it would be fat out. -- fought out. it is a very small victory for
4:32 pm
the ministration. is very much in favor of century cities, legislation etc.>> the justice department is condemning it calling it a victory or criminal aliens in california. >> they could appeal it, however, it would be unwise. it is overstated rhetoric. century city and century state legislationãcentury city and century state legislation is carefully crafted. it is not what the legislation is about. >> david living with you see hastings -- david levine with uc hastings. still to come aeromexico plane crash. president donald j. trump wants the russian vacation to end. i'm at the white house with the
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the white house is defending president donald j. trump's latest call for his attorney general to end the russia mitigation. sarah huckabee sanders says he is expressing his opinion. some republicans joined democrats calling his tweets and appropriate. >> reporter: president donald j. trump criticizing his attorney general, once again. this time he is gone for attorney general jeff sessions to end special counsel for the department of justice - robert mueller russia mitigation. he said in a tweet this is a terrible investigation.
4:36 pm
attorney general jeff sessions should end this witchhunt. it was echoed by rudy giuliani. he said, we have been saying for months it is time to bring this inquiry to an end. >> the entire investigation is based off of a dirty discredited dossier that was paid for by an opposing campaign. and had a lot of corruption within the entity overseeing it. >> reporter: sessions cruised himself from russian meddling. since he played a role in the trump campaign. deputy attorney general rosenstein oversees the investigation. sessions did not mention the tweet and unrelated remarks wednesday. republican senators john kennedy and susan collins defended the attorney general while democrats remain on offense. >> what did he stop the investigation. it is a credit to all of us that the investigation must continue.>> reporter: president donald j. trump also tweeted on
4:37 pm
the second day of the paul manafort campaign. is been tried on tax evasion and bank fraud as a result of the robert mackin position. he says manafort worked for him for a short time. he was a campaign manager for five months. at the white house, fox news. former president barack obama has announced what he calls his first wave of endorsements for the upcoming election. he endorsed a number of candidate in 40 different states. it includes lieutenant governor gavin newsom in his run for governor in california. newsom tweeted this. president obama example find the kind of leadership we need. he lived with courage, conviction and compassion. fighting for the people who most needed a champion. now, he has endorsed our vision for california. new san francisco supervisory district supervisor larry brown is called for a hearing. as reported, delays affect 30 routes across the city. muni says it is due to a
4:38 pm
combination of training time for drivers on the new light rail vehicles, as well as the twin peaks tunnel shut down. and a lag in hiring of the drivers. supervisor brown wants to review the training teachers, hiring practices and the way it trains existing drivers. the san francisco board of supervisors has voted to ban cannabis shops within 14 blocks of city chinatown neighborhoods. allowing recreational marijuana sales would drive up rental prices and displays chinese owned is a says. estate residence may have to deal with unhealthy secondhand smoke. struct ntsb is sending investigators to mexico to help determine the cause of yesterday's crash of an aeromexico plane. there was a sudden burst of wind and a pounding hail in the area shortly after the plane took off. all 103 people survived. the pilot 48 others were injured. officials say the crash blocked
4:39 pm
the exit. people had to jump to the ground from the rear exit. safety experts say people are more likely to survive plane crashes due to improved aircraft construction. the offer safety tips including wearing shoes, rather than flip- flops on board. putting children under the age of two in a child seat and noting the nearest exit and wearing your seatbelt throughout the flight. weeks after a lab up on hit a tourist boat off the coast of hawaii, a survivor is speaking out. we will hear her story after the break. weather is in full force again. finally, some relief from the heat for a few days. we will talk about the cooldown headed our way. the full forecast is coming.
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4:42 pm
nearly 2 weeks after a lab a bomb hit it tourist boat, we talked to a tourist. >> everything went black. you did not see anything. you felt like you were suffocating. i thought i was dying.>> reporter: she describes the lab rock combined with ash and a
4:43 pm
cloud that overcame the left side of the tour boat. she was sitting closest to the railing. she leaned over to protect her sister sitting next to her. and lava rock two feet in diameter hit her. >> i kept screaming about my leg i heard the captain yelling is anyone hurt. i heard my dad yelling my daughter.>> reporter: she is grateful to those who helped. including two surgeons who work sightseeing.>> the surgeon left his own sons who were injured. >> i cannot thank him enough. i don't even remember his name. he was so nice. he was seriously the nicest man alive.>> reporter: she raised concerns about how close the boat was getting before everything happened.>> it was too close for comfort for me personally. i said that to my sister. i thought it was a little close.
4:44 pm
>> reporter: she has a long road to recovery with her leg broken in two places. as well as injuries to her hips and back.>> it is getting there. it is a challenge every day. i am using a lot of hope. with the goal of returning to normal life. >> that was fox reporting. as for the owner of the tour boat company, lab ocean tours, he is not commenting on the case due to a pending investigation. the coast guard also gave a similar statement. letson things over to meteorologist, mark tamayo . we are seeing temperatures going down. >> it is hot and dry. temperatures are coming down a few degrees. it will help as we head toward the weekend. we are trying to usher the extreme heat out of california. this is a reminder that the hills are continuing to dry out
4:45 pm
rapidly. a long way to go with the fire season. we could have more heat waves in the forecast. we are showing you the satellite and radar. we have a shower with thunderstorms flaring up across portions of the sierra. as we come in closer, here we go with the fog inc.. -- bank. hot temperatures inland. we have fog near portions of san francisco . that is what you expect at this time of year. san francisco is 59. santa rosa, 84. lots of 80s toward walnut creek and livermore. concorde, 90. we have the onshore wind in place in fairfield. 26 miles per hour. santa rosa, 10 miles per hour. san francisco has winds out of the west off the engine --
4:46 pm
ocean. at 50 miles per hour. here is the top of the east peak at 2500 feet. we have a shallow marine layer. it will change. the cloud deck will gradually go up in elevation. that will be the sign of calling for the inland spots. it when i get much cooler coast side. the main change you are watching is a deeper marine layer as we head toward the weekend. tomorrow morning in san francisco, fog that could become drizzle 56 degrees. by noon, patchy fog and upper 50s. partly sunny skies and temperatures approaching lower 60s. that is downtown. closer to golden gate park. they will be in the 50s. the an area of high pressure -- upper 50s for the coast. near 90 inland. the next developing headline as
4:47 pm
the system moves in, we will begin to cool off inland. especially by saturday. instead of mid 90s, it will be upper 80s to around 90. in terms of the magnitude of cooling trend, it is not a big one. we will shave off a few degrees as we head to the weekend. here is the forecast model. fog tomorrow morning near the coast. clearing to the immediate coast line. take a look at the numbers. clear lake, 99. lake county is hot. fairfield, upper 80s. right around the bay, 70 degrees with partly sunny skies. a few 90s sprinkle on the map gilroy. 90, san jose. san francisco, lower 60s. the beaches will not warm up. upper 50s to 60 degrees. not much change friday. the weekend, it will cool off by saturday into sunday. possibly another warm-up into early next week. august 1, the start of a new month.
4:48 pm
fire season has three more months. we are heading to the pink -- peak. >> things are just getting started. october is a big one. >> right before the rains come on board. we will continue to dry out. we are looking at the stories we are working on for fox 2 at 5 pm. the firefight rages on in montecito county -- montecito county. the latest from the city's on the fire lines. summer is nearing the end. some parents are forced to stress about back to school. >> scrambling to figure out where their kids will be in school this fall. after san jose charter school decided it was not going to open this year. tonight at 5 pm, appearance and the school district say they were unable to find the correct location for the school after contentious talks.
4:49 pm
next on 4 on 2, a $10 million lottery ticket. how the local store owner minutes to figure out someone win such a
4:50 pm
4:51 pm
the owner of the daly city shop in skyline plaza says he believes a customer purchased a scratcher ticket worth $10
4:52 pm
million last week. he says he is pretty sure of it because another visitor to his liquor store. >> california lottery investigator comes in i was asking for us to show the video because someone scanned a lottery ticket up my scanner. >> the liquor store owner showed the video of the suspected winner to the lottery official. who reportedly determine the exact time the ticket was sold. the winner has not yet stepped forward. so far, there is no comment from the telephone a lottery. there is someone out there with him nine dollars to spend. several new movies are hitting the big screen this weekend. one is taking viewers back to the hundred acre woods.>> michelle pollino caught up with the stars. >> reporter: christopher robin is inspired by the classic movie and combining live action with
4:53 pm
cgi. and follows the adult christopher to find his imagination. after returning to the woods. you and mcgregor and hayley atwell leave the new version is relevant today. >> i always get to where i am going to remember where i have been. >> it is the charm of the books. the what is so simple and quite profound. >> people say nothing is impossible. i do nothing every day. >> they really are a child's perspective. the bear represents that. a childish perspective. it is so wise.>> reporter: the director mike burster limited the use of special effects. >> i would block the scene with a real bear. we would take the bear out and you would have to act with nothing. sometimes, we had multiple bears without the for. >> reporter: when it came to childhood memories, haley cracked yourself up. i think i had pajamas with winnie the pooh on it.
4:54 pm
in -- [laughter] >> it leads to all sorts of hilarity with his name. [laughter] >> if anyone wants to clap, now is the time to do it.>> reporter: in hollywood, michelle pollino, fox news. a somber ceremony. still to come, how the presumed remains of korean war veterans are being honored as they return home. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones,
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it will involve neurons. researchers say parkinson's is caused by a lack of dopamine made by the brain and hoping these specially designed stem cells could restore normal production of the chemical. symptoms include body stiffness, slow movement, and difficulty walking. a somber homecoming as the remains of dozens of korean war veterans have finally returned home. >> we have more on the ceremony held to honor them and the political significance of the returned remains. >> reporter: the remains of some 55 us service members killed in the korean war are on
4:58 pm
the way to horror i transferred -- on their way to hawaii transferred, confirming that they do believe that they are american and from the war. to show what they are up against and signing off on forensic identifications there was only one dog tag included with the remains. it's unsure if this relates to what was turned over. the transfer with full caskets, draped in the un flag under which they fought in the korean war in the 50s. after a ceremony in south korea they were transferred to a plane to be sent to hawaii for another ceremony which will be presided over by the vice president. his father fought in the korean war along with officials they will receive remains in and honorable carrying ceremony at joint base pearl harbor along
4:59 pm
with other veterans of the korean war and their families. aside from the personal significance of the transfer this has diplomatic importance as it was one of the big promises from the north korean leader to president trump. there have not been too many takeaways from the summit in recent weeks but this one is a important one. in london, foxnews. >> fox 2 news at five clock starts now . people are being allowed to return to their homes but estimates for full containment on the fires burning in mendocino and lake counties or at least one week away. good evening everyone.>> the latest from cal fire shows the ranch fire is more than 59,000 acres. 15 % contained. to the south, the river fire is burning into lake county, charring almost 32,000 acres and is 38 % contained.>> live
5:00 pm
in lake county with more on this, tom what is it like up there? >> reporter: wait until you get a load of this, this is what it looks like right now, this is a giant blowup. purdy much in the place where it happened yesterday. this is a direct threat because we are looking toward the west and the smoke, if you are looking at it, it's a direct threat to the city of lakeport. the evacuations are over and finley but many residents plagued by years of wildfires especially those in the area wonder how long this will go on.>> reporter: kelsey villas coming back to life after evacuation orders were lifted. they went through advisor evacuations to mandatory evacuations. many people are great and happy to be back.>> we want to


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