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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  August 2, 2018 5:00am-5:58am PDT

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good morning. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather. steve is here in his office. >> i am. a little cooler for the firefighters. temperatures are coming down a little bit. reading is difficult to cool off at the end of july and early august there are signs they will be in the upper 90s. next week things could change. if you're traveling to one of the airports we are good to go in the bay area. no delays. if there are any any delays they would probably be from the northeast to the southeast, atlanta, new orleans, tallahassee. our rain is in the central sierra. some higher clouds are working towards tahoe. keep an eye on that progress it is another fog bank. you can see the cloud cover. maybe parts of . 50s on the temperatures. near 50s to upper 50s and 60s
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in castro valley 56. oakland 55. 52 after. low 50s santa mid-s , cupertino, santa clara, campbell all at 57. a decent delta breeze hanging in there. gust 228. monsoon stinks health of us but active in the four corners. 50s to 80s. a little cooler for inland temperatures. right now we have that commute that would check in the altamont pass area on 580. it is slow right before the past and also stretching up the 205. you will see some slow traffic there and slow traffict over th better driving into livermore. there have been no problems here in oakland on interstate 80. at the bay bridge things have cleared up a little bit. traffic looks good into san francisco. 16 large fires are burning
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right now across california according to calfire. there are 13 there are 13,000 firefighters fighting the flames on the front lines and from the air. 320,000 acres have burned, 32,000 residents have been displaced. the biggest fire, the carr fire burning near reading has destroyed more than 1000 homes. calfire says it is working hard to get people back to their homes in mendocino and lake counties. more than 3000 firefighters are on the front lines of the ranch and river fires. allie rasmus joins us now from our newsroom with an update on those fires and evacuations. >> reporter: here is a look at the mendocino complex fire. mendocino complex includes both river and the ranch fires, two separate fires burning near clear lake. the fires combined have consumed about 94,000 acres and destroyede fires, the river fire, is 38 can -- is 38%
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contained. ranch fire is just 18% contained . evacuation orders are still in effect. hundreds of households in mendocino and lake counties remain under mandatory evacuation orders including lakeport, upper lake, sky valley, and other areas around the area. calfire says there is no talent -- timetable on when residents can return home. >> we are doing all we can. we want to get you back to your homes. >> do you think you're done losing any homes now? >> i cannot say that. we still have a lot of ground left to fight fire on. i would not say that at all. >> reporter: calfire says more than 12,000 homes remain threatened by these fires. the air attack yesterday was princreaseainment lines around
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the northern edge of that river fire. calfire hopes to have full containment of the mendocino complex fires by tuesday so they still have a lot of work ahead. the eel fire is also in mendocino county and has burned about 1000 acres north of ukiah along the edge of the mendocino national forest. you are looking at video shot by a contractor for the u.s. forest service showing the burned areas as firefighters made airdrop after airdrop. several roads are still closed. there is now a mandatory evacuation order in place for the community of alona inside you 70 national park. wawona is located -- inside the entrance o yosemite national park. pomona is located -- the park
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remains closed at least through this sunday because of smoke from the fire.. calfire has fully contained the steele fire near lake berryessa and all the roads are back open again. the fire started on saturday near lake berryessa. eight homes were destroyed in that fire. calfire crews are making some progress on the carr fire. it is still the biggest wildfire in the state. >> that started the reading in shasta county and is now spread to trinity county. lauren blanchard has been there in the area all week. lauren joins us now. can you tell us any progress made o dying down at all? r: not much good news when it comes to the weather. or calfire is saying, that some of these strong winds in the northwest is what we are seeing
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and that is where they say is the biggest concern. wind is not helping them. they are estimating up to 35 miles an hour gust that will make it even harder to help this fire continue to spread. we have seen a bit of progress on the containment. right now it is at 35% contained. up from at least a day ago when it was just in the low 20s. there hoping, obviously, to continue to contain it. they say they are very comfortable with the east and the southeast area of the fire. they say on the map it is a black line now. that means they have been able to contain it there. they feel comfortable. now they are focused on moving. they say the carr fire has had a very erratic terrain and dry brush making it hard for the firefighters and those working in the bulldozers trying to get through there and create these containment lines. we are hoping for some good news
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for thes, but not sure if weather and mother nature will help them out much. >> it has been such a tough story up there. can you tell us, a lot of us are wondering, is there anything we can do to help? have you talked to anyone at the shelters? do they need anything for the people out of their homes? >> reporter: a couple of the main shelters helping or at least groups are red cross, salvation army. they are asking people to donate things like baby wipes, diapers, anything that the folks who have lost pretty much everything might be able to use. these are the things you would see in any natural disaster. fresh clothing, fresh underwear, men and women's sizes from kids through adults, canned goods, things they can out to these families food wise. some good news that we have seen just driving around the town of redding yesterday, we have also
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seen people setting up tents with just what looks like a yards of, but it is just saying please take any of these things , anything we can give you to help you. they are inviting people to come and take what they need. >> it is nice to hear. the community is really pulling together through this very tough time. lauren blanchard is up there in shasta county. thank you for that update. wallabies -- all of these wildfires are spreading the california mutual aid system. this is where regional and local firefighters help each other during a crisis. last week almost 1000 or mutual aid were not fulfilled. calfire says fire departments have to juggle helping other counties making sure they have enoughergencies. the number of unfilled requests for fire engines and water tenders trucks went from 134 back in 2012 to more than 3000 during
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the 2016 fire season are also putting a strain on california's budget. governor brown says things may only get worse. >> we are in for a really rough ride. it is going to get expensive and dangerous. we have to apply all of our creativity to making the best out of what is going to be an increasingly bad situation. not just for california, but for people all over america and all of the world. >> the governor says this fiscal year there is $443 million in california's emergency fund, but the state in just the first month has already spent 125 has already spent $125 million fighting fires. firefighters are helping . they are coming in from as far away as australia, new zealand, florida, and maine to help in the firefight. it is
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just amazing. >> in just first month.. still ahead, he is one of the nation's top college football coaches and now he may lose his job. why ohio state university's coach was put on paid administrative leave. californians spent a lot of time in line at the dmv. coming up, the reason those lines could soon be a little shorter. good morning. you can see traffic is off to a decent start on highway 24 heading to the call to cut .
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welcome back. we have new information about molly tibbetts. the missing i will college student with bay area ties. it has been two weeks since she disappeared. last seen july 18 in oakland, iowa. now we are learning someone claims they saw a young woman who looked like her in the kansas city area at a truck stop . investigators searched that area and did check surveillance video, but say they found nothing to back up that claim. before molly tibbetts moved to iowa when she was only in the second grade she attended the corpus christi elementary and piedmont. . a service for neil wilson, the young woman dabbed to death at a bart station will be held this afternoon. she was killed on july 22 as she got off the train at the macarthur bart station. now her family says it is planning to sue bart. the law
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firm representing wilson's family told us the suit will claim that wilson's killing was both foreseeable and preventable . the family plans to hold her funeral tomorrow. a man from fremont is being charged in connection with a death of a 47-year-old man on the platform of the mayfair bart station in san leandro. 24-year-old john combs was charged yesterday with involuntary manslaughter for fatally punching don stevens on july 21. police say stevens hit -- fell to the ground and hit his head on the platform. he was declared brain-dead at a local hospital. combs turned himself into police on monday. a hospital in bakersfield is open this morning after briefly locking down last night police swarmed mercy hospital southwest after getting a report of an active shooter. employees and patients at the hospital were told to stay insiis to lock down. later last night police determined that there was evidence a shooting had
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occurred. a sunnyvale woman says she was a victim of racial profiling at a safeway store in mountain view. now she is hoping she can teach people to think differently by telling her story. erica martin says she frequently brings to a homeless man and his dog outside the store. she says last month store employees called police to report her as a shoplifting suspect even though she never got out of her car. police say employees called them saying that martin fit the description of a woman who had been shoplifting with an african-american man. back don't judge a book by evan -- by its cover. not cover, but color. you cannot judge a person by their color. you don't know what that person has been through. you just don't know. if you don't see a crime don't call the cops on people. >> safeway has apologized and issued a statement that says in part, quote, safeway is committed to fostering an inclusive environment and
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treating everyone with courtesy, dignity, and respect. we have a long-standing policy prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race. the statement also says it will conduct complicit by his training for employees soon. . san jose police are crediting their new helicopter with helping catch a suspected bank robber. 46-year-old brian edward austen is under arrest and police say he robbed the city national bank on almaden boulevard yesterday. he was spotted a short time later by officers in the helicopter. they then directed officers on the ground to his location. police also recovered the stolen money. police in alameda are trying to figure out who is installing a tiny camera on an atm to steal customers information. the camera was found at the atm at the comerica bank on central avenue along with a card reading skimming device. the pinhole camera is hard to see and was used to record people entering pin numbers.
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authorities have not said yes have any customer used the machine after the camera and the skimmer were installed. very scary. let's check our commute. sal is right over there. good morning. right now we do have traffic that looks pretty good out there for the most part. i would say we do have a couple of things out there, but right now northbound 101 traffic is moving along pretty well from gilroy to san jose. it continues to look good all the way into the silicon valley , through sand martin. a lot of roadwork on the maps, but not causing any major delays . the trip to the silicon valley should be pretty good. there have been no problems unto 80 driving up to highway 17 people are but not a lot going on. the bay bridge westbound, the traffic is moving along very nicely with snow -- with no slow downs yet. sometimes by this time on a fall or spring day we already have backups. we aren't there yet today.
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let's bring stephen. we have seen the metering lights come on at this time. >> not today. not yet. if you're traveling to some of the airports everything looks okay so far with no delays fog wise or other destinations as it may be atlanta, new orleans, tallahassee. a lot of thunderstorm activity and rain in those areas. locally we are good even down to lax. so far okay. this is very early august like. this rain is considering. they have had this from the florida panhandle all the way to georgia . you know that is a little unusual if you are from there. they should be closer to about 90 degrees. that goes all the way to the northeast. rain, not really but there is thunderstorm activity over the central sierra. the higher clouds are painting themselves over the sierra, lake tahoe . the looks like they're just on the northern fringe. if you're headed out there
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there are already some moving in. publicly higher clouds. 52 san rafael. san francisco downtown, sfo 53. 50 santa rosa. napa airport 52. a lot of 50s today. livermore 55. upper 40s. healdsburg is already in there. close for sevastopol and of mill valley. tiburon at 50. cloverdale 52. west southwest at 28. almost gusts to 30. the delta breeze is alive and well. 49, the bodega bay water temperature. by the fair lines it is 52. early coldwater. very warm water down from santa monica to san diego where some of the temperatures are 72 to 77 and 79 degrees. that's really warm. it is really cold here. we have two extremes the monsoon continues to rotate around the high. the high is getting a little bit as the system drags across the pacific northwest and northern california by the weekend. sunny and breezy with
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a little better air quality for some. inland temperatures coming down a little bit more in the upper 80s now. we will rebound again by next week. 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, but not one hundreds. kind of a really nice july around the bay for some from santa rosa to san jose and sunnyvale. we will continue that theme today with more 70s and 80s on the peninsula. 50s and 60s on the coast. cooler inland through sunday and the warm again early next week. there could soon be more rules for short-term rentals in marin county. coming up in 25 minutes, the vote that will determine what air b&b hosts would be required to tell their neighbors. the company angie's list is being sued by the san atancisco district attorney. the lawsuit claims the company did that misled customers. xfinity mobile is a new wireless network
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welcome back. some national security experts are alarmed by a tsa proposal to drop security screening some smaller usa airports. there are reports the tsa is considering no longer screening travelers at more than 150 smaller airpor. the plains serving those airports have a fewer than 60 passengers per flight. aviation experts say that could make those airports a target for terrorism. the tsa issued a statement saying no decision on the proposal has been made and it would make a risk assessment before any changes
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are approved. angie's list is facing a lawsuit from the san francisco district attorney. a comes after claims of false advertising regarding the company's background checks for service providers . the angie's list website provides ratings and reviews for services like roofers and plumbers. the suit claims that the company put on its website it performs background checks and later amended it to say it performs background checks on the owner or manager of a specific company, not all of the employees. the suit claims people have the right to know who is coming into their homes. one of the nation's top college football coaches appears at risk of losing its job because of the way he handled a longtime assistant who is accused of domestic violence. ohio state university has placed head coach urban meyer on paid administrative leave. the school is looking into when he first knew about domestic violence allegations against assistant coach zach smithwho was fired last week. smith's ex-wife says she told
5:25 am
people about the abuse three years ago, including myers wife says she would tell coach meyer. >> he never spoke to me about the physical abuse. he had made a couple of comments to me and we had a couple of conversations, very brief, how are you guys doing? everything okay? >> meyer told reporters last week he did not know about the abuse until now. that police report shows officers responded to domestic violence issues involving the smith's as far back as 2009. you can see the entire interview with zach smith's ex- wife on watch giants pitcher johnny cueto is scheduled to undergo tommy john surgery today to repair his right pitching elbow. he said the elbow had been giving him pain every time on the mound. he missed almost the first two month of the season with similar pain. hiw over. he will likely miss all of next
5:26 am
year as well. also today, the santa clara county fair opens with the theme of fun for the whole herd. the santa clara and fair includes square dancing, magic shows, and a place for kids to learn how to make butter. tonight shelley right is the main entertainment act for the first lgbtq night being called out at the fair. gates open at the santa clara county fairgrounds at 1:00 this afternoon. there is smoke from california wildfires all over the west coast. find out how far that unhealthy air is now spreading. one of president trump's tweets is being criticized by lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. the white house says what he posted about the russia investigation was just venting.
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that is a live picture for you. this looks like a kevin pender shock. a beautiful shot the clouds over the bay area. you wake up and you need something to smile about besides looking at pam cook. here is your beauty shots. we are ready for you. we say welcome back to mornings on two. tuesday morning, second day of august. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm sam cooke -- i'm pam cook. that was a pretty shot.
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we're talking about the air quality as we head over to steve . >> it is goin>> a little bit. there are so many fires. >> that is a problem everywhere . >> it looks like we will get more of a southwest wind aloft. that will disperse somewhere else, but for current areas one of our observers in redding said the air quality was better there. he noticed it in northeast reading. yosemite wasn't so good yesterday as are a lot of places. there was even an observation from reno that says it is better today. that was yesterday . the is running a little cooler. ukiah 59. reading 70. red bud 68. that's down from the 75 they were just a couple of days ago. it is 58 a kelseyville. 58 lakeport. those are coming down a little bit. instead of 75 higher elevations now upper 60s and lower 70s. still the northwest or west breezeto lake county
5:31 am
and around clear lake. a few high clouds for this year. thunderstorms towards mammoth and bishop. the santa clara valley maybe pushing through. 40s to the north. upper 50s and low 60s. pittsburgh and brentwood 52. lafayette 51. danville and blackhawk 53. so is el cerrito. fairlawn, san francisco we 52. bodega bay is actually 49. northwest wind at 34 miles an hour. there is a northwest direction, really cold and that is reinforcing the fog bank. monsoon stings help. the high will get flattened by system coming to the pacific northwest and that will assurance of cool air aloft. 50s, 60s, 70s, and now more 80s. now or the meter lights on? >> yes they are. we do have traffic that is going to be slow in some spots as you head out to 80 westbound and drive toward the bay bridge. you can see traffic is going to be slow on the quirkiness
5:32 am
bridge. just a little bit. and on 37. it is going to be getting a little bit more crowded. for the most part, it is a nice drive heading down. almost a 20 minute drive to the macarthur maze . the metering lights are on. they came on just a few moments ago. there is a little backup at the toll plaza. let's go back to the desk. we are closely watching wildfires still burning all over the state. the twin fires in mendocino and lake counties have eaten up almost 95,000 acres or 148 mi.2 that's about three times the size of oakland. last night in a committee meeting calfire says there working hard to determine when people who have been ordered to evacuate will be allowed to go back home, but for now there is no official timetable. the carr fire has now moved across the shasta county line and into trinity county. the good news is at this time it is now moving away from houses. inspectors are still
5:33 am
trying to determine exactly how many homes ar as they try to make their way through the burn zone. they have confirmed that 1058 homes were destroyed. another 185 are damaged.. the ferguson fire is forcing people out of the community of mona inside yosemite national park near the southern entrance of the park. the ferguson fire started three weeks ago and has burned almost 100 mi.2. it is 39% contained. the park is closed at least until sunday. two firefighters died battling the ferguson fire. researchers at stanford university say there is evidence that climate change is a contributing factor to the increasingly extreme fire behavior in california. >> what global -- what global warming is doing is putting a thumb on the scale. the reason is primarily through temperatures. the hotter the conditions the more dried out the vegetation gets and that elevates those wildfire risks.
5:34 am
>> that researchers says the hot, dry conditions are also why california wild fire season last nearly year-round. concern is growing about how the wildfires are affecting the air we breathe. fires around reading and you 70 created a thick layer of haze over reno. air quality is considered unhealthy for people with small children, the elderly, and those who have the -- we have breathing problems. an epa website shows there is unhealthy air in about a fifth of california. that bad air has also drifted into oregon. testimony resumes in the trial of paul manafort, the former chairman of the trump presidential campaign. bookkeepers and accounts will be on the stand today. witnesses testified yesterday that manafort personally directed billions of dollars in international wire transfers to pay for personal items including high-end clothing and improvements to several of his home. this trial involves the
5:35 am
investigation by robert mueller looking into russian interference of the 2016 election. es is lashing out at that investigation led by former fbi director robert mueller. it comes amid stations between mueller's office and the presidents attorneys about him testifying in the case. reporter doug luzader joins us now from washington d.c. with what appears to be a standoff in washington.  >> reporter: good white. we have known for a while that president trump was unlikely to sit down with special counsel robert mueller. it could still happen, but it seems unlikely, especially after a tweet they came out yesterday. president trump's frustration is obviously growing. there are signs that special counsel robert mueller is getting close to wrapping up his investigation into possible russian collusion and obstruction of justice. trump has had enough. turning his fire on to jeff sessions. this is a terrible situation and attorney general
5:36 am
rigged witchhunt right now before he continues to stay in our country any further.ets is unfortunate. >> reporter: even summary publicans cringed and democrats called it nothing less than obstruction of justice the white house says it was just the president getting expect it is not an order. it is the presidents opinion. >> reporter: what is the presidents opinion on sitting down with miller to answer questions? it doesn't seem likely. we have learned mueller has refused a request to limit questions on possible collusion. >> we took about 10 days and yesterday we got a letter back. now we are the process of responding to them. >> reporter: talks are continuing. it is possible they may reach a negotiated settlement. there are some signs of movement . sources say that mueller has agreed to limit the number of questions trump might be asked. he has also agreed to accept some answers and riding. no agreement yet. in washington
5:37 am
with ktvu fox 2 news. . police are still searching for a man wanted in connection with a deadly shooting of a prominent texas doctor who once treated president george h.w. bush. 62-year-old joseph james pop us is x -- is suspected of shooting and killing a man last month as he rode his bike to work. according to a 30 ocean breeze pop us road back -- road past the doctor on another bike, turned and fired three shots. the cardiologist treated bush in 2004 in a regular heartbeat. officials now say the killing may have been revenge. the mother of pompous died on the numbers -- on the doctor's operating table more than 20 years ago. >> one of the tips include the fact that the suspects mother was a patient of the doctor and died during it appears that this may be a 20-year-old grudge
5:38 am
>> investigators say pompous has not been seen for about three days now. he has made phone calls to family members and friends indicating he was thinking about suicide. local experts are weighing in on president trump's order to deny federal funding to sanctuary cities. a san francisco appeals court said without a approval from congress administration could not withhold funds. however, uc hastings law professor david levine says the ruling does represent a small victory for the white house. . the fact that the ninth circuit ruled so strongly would be highly persuasive to judges in the other again, i say it is a very small victory for the administration. this is 95% in favor of century cities. the trump
5:39 am
administration can appeal the decision. the white house has not yet commented on the ruling. organizers of a rolling hunger strike for immigration rights are now taking their cause to sacramento and santa cruz. they wrapped up three days of striking yesterday outside the oakland federal building . the group of parents did not eat for three days protest of the hundreds of immigrant families still separated. the people of california are spending your time waiting in dmv lines. that may change soon. starting this weekend more dmv offices will open on saturdays. leigh martinez is in hayward right now at the dmv wi on that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it is not your imagination that the wait times at the dmv are getting much slower. according to the sacramento bee from the time you get your ticket to the time you stand in q is about six teen nine minutes
5:40 am
. i am not lying. we just saw a guy go around the corner with a folding chair. this dmv doesn't open for several more hours. you can now wait until saturday to get your work done at the dmv. several offices will be open on saturday from 8 am until 5 pm. all services will be offered except for the behind the wheel exams. this is part of the state attempt to decrease wait times at the dmv. when the legislature reconvenes on august 6 one of the priorities for lawmakers is to look at the rising wait times. an audit may even be coming for the dmv management. will offer services. decrease? that is still yet to be
5:41 am
determined. we had several offices that started this saturday hours and people were taking advantage of them already. again, this will start this coming saturday. there will be office hours. unfortunately, there were not be any openings on sundays. the dmv will remain closed on sundays. in hayward with ktvu fox 2 news. a tourist spot along the northern california coast is shutting down. coming up next, the reason you won't be able to visit the point reyes the white house for a well. a new clue about where the clothing of a missing -yd was f are a lot of high clcooler forecast. temperatures coming down a little bit.
5:42 am
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the search continues for a 14-year-old girl from san ramon who disappeared this week after leaving a friends home. police say they are investigating the disappearance of taylor cusick as a runaway and say there is no evidence of foul play. however, taylor's mother believes her daughter may be in trouble. she says taylor only had $15 and that her cell phone has not been used since she vanished monday night. adding to the mystery, taylor's clothing, jogging pants, a hoody, and sandals were all found on the side of her friends home. pleasant hill's police are trying to locate a missing at risk elderly woman. look at her photo. 81-year-old rose hiatt was last seen at 5:00 yesterday morning. she suffers from schizophrenia. she is 5'4", 105 pounds with brown hair and hazel eyes. anyone who may have seen her is asked to call pleasant hill's
5:45 am
police. we have an update on an effort to allow undocumented immigrants to vote in november's school board elections in san francisco. according to new numbers just one noncitizen has registered to vote. 2016 the voter approved proposition allows noncitizens living in san francisco with school-aged children to vote for school board members. the city's department of elections first s this november's election is october 22. accordiin funding to help educate noncitizen parents on the right of voting. that will pour millions of dollars into strengthening election security failed in the u.s. senate and along party lines. the memo failed by a vote of 50 - 49. that is 10 votes shy of the 60 it needed to pass.
5:46 am
only one republican voted in favor of that amendment it would have given $250 million in grants to replace outdated voting equipment and also increase cyber security. next week marin county supervisors are expected to vote on new rules for air b&b style short-term rentals. the board gave preliminary approval to a plan that would require the host to notify all neighbors within 300 feet before they get or renew a business license. and renters would have to be given guidelines on complying with local laws about parking and noise and trash. the board is set to vote on par -- on final approval next tuesday. the point reyes the white house is getting ready to shut down. according to the marin independent journal starting on monday the white house will be close until october 6. it is all to allow work on a $5 million worth of renovations.
5:47 am
crews will repave roads and trails leading to the observation deck they will also stabilize the light house and remove some rust damage. the lighthouse is the parks most visited site with more than 400,000 visitors each year. i love that spot. >> i know you do. can we visit south? i want to know what he is seeing on the roads. i'm seeing traffic is getting busier. it is getting closer to the peek of the morning commute. let's start with 580 westbound through the altamontll see slow traffic on 205 and 580. right before you get to the altamont pass there have been no major issues once you get to livermore it looks good. we have also been checking 880, hayward, fremont, union city. not a back commute on 880 n. hayward, fremont, union city. not a back commute on 880 n. looks good all the way to downtown oakland. at the bay bridge toll plaza this is about a 15 minute wait before you make it onto the bridge. nothing major, but already
5:48 am
waiting. what about today's weather? that's a good question. i'm here to answer that. looking a little cooler for some. if you are at the airport i get there four hours early because that's what my dad taught me. get to the airport. we're going now. okay. 50s on the temperatures. san jose says 61. atlanta, new orleans, tallahassee to the northeast is the main focus. no flight delays locally for fog or anything. just to the east of new orleans . panama city, tallahassee, and atlanta. if you are from georgia you say that's not really august. that is rain and rain and rain, especially to the northeast. look how cool it is. vargo at 45. there have already been a number of locations in minnesota s this morning. some are within 3 degrees, all
5:49 am
the way down to texas. if it is hot somewhere it has to be cool somewhere else. reno just had their hottest july ever. they blew past it as well as reading, i think it was the redding airport. there were many down in southern california. for the bay area it was a nice july with many temperatures in the 70s and 80s very few 90s unless you are well inland. compared to last year when july was blazing hot. 70 reading. 68 red bluff. 69 ukiah. they will still have some warm conditions. not as hot as it was. they will cool off until about sunday and then monday and tuesdaythe higher elevations. t so it is kind of swirling. lake county, medicinal county west temperatures instead of 75 or 76 are more 7272 in the
5:50 am
higher elevations. a lot of high clouds drifting by to the south. some of those are over us to the south. african 54. pacifica 50. water temperatures are very cold . bodega bay is 49 degrees. you can find 79 down by scripps in san diego. not here. low clouds and fog will give way to sunshine. the monsoon stays to the south. 97 at clear lake. 97 vacaville. 60s by the coa80s inland. more so than the 90s. same for san jose. that is a little below average. 50s and 60s on the coast. 70s on the peninsula. we see the low 80s. a little cooler inland. the firefighters will get a little break. the arrest of three men who were allegedly part of an international cyber hacking group. we will tell you which big restaurant chains were targeted by the hackers.
5:51 am
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5:53 am
welcome back. starting august 14 won't be able to use a visa credit card at the nation's biggest supermarket chain. rovers supermarkets will stop accepting visa credit cards, saying visas these are just too high. programs 21 stores here in california including food co.
5:54 am
in san francisco and oakland. food co. will still accept all debit cards. that includes visa. other credit cards like mastercard and american express will be accepted. a major victory against cybercrime is reported after the arrest of three key members of an international cyber hacking group the u.s. attorney's office says the ukrainian nationals who were arrested are part of a bigger hacking network. they are accused of fishing attacks on more than 100 companies in the u.s. and all over the world. that includes chipotle, chili's, and arby's restaurants. the hackers allegedly stole millions of customer credit and debit card numbers which were used for being sold for a profit. all three men were arrested in europe. two are still awaiting extradition to the u.s. to go on trial. amazon has agreed to pay
5:55 am
$1.5 million to settle claims it mislabeled some plastic products as biodegradable. district attorneys in 23 california counties including alameda da nancy o'malley sued amazon. they argued company ignored a state law that requires products to be certified as compostable to meet that standard. products have to be tested to make sure they can break down at a composting facility prosecutors say amazon no longer miss labels those products. some people in burlingame are not happy about plans by caltrain to put up a tall electrification tower right in front of their homes. caltrain notified neighbors on california drive and they plan to install a 60 foot tall tower distribute electricity once the tracks are electrified. people say the does the only found about this this week from a flyer on their doors. >> families live here. these powers give off emf and it is
5:56 am
hazardous to our health. it affects our quality of our health, life, and safety. caltrain responded to the concerns, proposing another location for the tower in the same general area, but on the other side of the tracks in the commercial area that contains warehouses and other businesses . the neighbors say they would be fine with that. ssing iowa student who has connections to here in the bay area. >> we know ay from where molly tibbetts disappeared. it is hard. it is an emotional day. we are doing okay. >> not knowing if their home survived the wildfires or not. we will have a very emotional moments for you when evacuees go back to their neighborhoods.
5:57 am
we are getting some slow traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza. we also have a couple of accidents now that are tying up lanes. we will let you know more about that as well. it has been a slow process, but it looks like some inland areas are coming down a little bit on the high temperatures. more in the 90s. still plenty of fog and higher clouds paying i'm a small business, but i have... big dreams... and big plans. so how do i make the efforts of 8 employees... feel like 50? how can i share new plans virtually? how can i download an e-file? virtual tours? zip-file? really big files? in seconds, not minutes... just like that. like everything... the answer is simple. i'll do what i've always done... dream more, dream faster,
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and above all... now, i'll dream gig. now more businesses, in more places, can afford to dream gig. comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network.
5:59 am
people who live near wildfires burning in mendocino county are being asked to pay close attention to the path of those fires. new developments as hundreds remained evacuated. i would give her a big hug. there is nothing you can say. as long as everyone is safe that is what is important. >> entire neighborhoods destroyed. the story of some people who lost everything in the wildfires burning in shasta county. good morning. death valley set a world record, the hottest month ever . the national weather service
6:00 am
says the average july temperature at furnace creek in death valley is 108.1 degrees. that broke the record set by death valley last year. this information still needs to be checked before the record becomes official. good morning and thank you for joining us on this wednesday morning, august 2. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. can you believe death valley? >> is it wednesday? it's thursday. >> you are messing us up today. earlier you said tuesday. >> is it thursday? >> it is friday eve. >> reno also shattered their high. >> it is


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