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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  August 2, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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. the 10:00 p.m. news on ktvu fox 2 news starts now. >> sheriff's deputies go door to door ordering people to pack up and leave. we are in lake county with new evacuations in the path of a wildfire. >> just hard. >> it takes a toll on you. >> for that woman and others in lake county it is not the first time they have been told to leave. good evening. i am frank somerville. >> i am heather holmes.
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a fire siege. crews build containment in some areas, the wildfires can still advance. new evacuations orders for people in the spring valley area of lake county. that is in clear lake oaks. we get the developing news now from ktvu's debora villalon where she spoke to people packing up their cars to leave. >> mad rush and a familiar one because the pawnee fire inveighed the community a month ago. now, they thought they had dodged this new crisis till suddenly it was at their door. >> this is the sheriff's office, mandatory evacuations. sheriff's office. >> reporter: deputies fanned out across the neighborhood, the plume had become more omnibus with afternoon winds.
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residents told to leave and many did. others hesitating. >> buckle down here. tried out. >> the ranch fire, larger than the river fire and less contained pushing into national forest but the winds make it a athlete lake shore communities, already evacuated. >> figure you are always ready for it but i thought we were saved this time. you know? >> reporter: spring valley wasn't in danger till now and residents did this a month ago. a week out of their homes during the faunae fire. -- pawnee fire. >> a few things were right there, we never put them away so i don't unpack. >> she won't till rains come. despite the air attacks back tire operations and crews and on the ground fire keeps finding paths towards populated area. >> good sessions we could a --
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sections we had a lot of good work done but there is a lot of land to burn. >> reporter: a fire wise community so many are wetting their homes down. >> bad for the homes but cal fire and north shore fire did an excellent job protecting us last time and hope they do it again this time. >> reporter: but spring valley lost a dozen homes in the pawnee fire. he is one of those survivors still reeling. >> 15 friends in upper lake that lost a place that are burnt to the ground. >> reporter: last month he showed us where he lived with his wife. this week he turned his attention to the new crisis and new victims. >> there is nothing else to do. after you get burned out you find some good in people. >> mandatory wildfire evacuations. >> reporter: people leaving here will find evacuation shelters in lower lake and middle town and more space for
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them because lake port's evacuation went from mandatory to advisory this afternoon. so of course a lot of people went home then. the hope is that since spring valley has 15,000 acres charred from the last fire and a lot of dozen lines put in, perhaps the ranch fire will burn -- [ audio difficulties ] >> sorry about that. we are having technical difficulties. that was debora villalon reporting on the evacuations. cal fire's update puts the river fire at containment 50 acres. ranch fire containment increased to 33%. together those fires destroyed 16 homes and 17 other structures. an update on the carr fire. looking at the cal fire map you can see the black line that
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shows containment on the edge of the fire near to say the city of redding. the fire is still very active to the north and west where the boundaries are in red. the carr fire grown to 127,000 acres. and it is only 37% contained. at a community meeting today the redding police chief who lost his home in the fire talked about the trauma that so many people will face as they return to see homes and neighborhoods destroyed. >> you will see people walking around your neighborhood, they are grief counselors. they will be there to help you, walk you through this. even if it is just to give you a hug. >> more than a thousand homes destroyed by the carr fire. police are keeping an eye out for luters. deputies have already made several arrests. our chief meteorologist
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bill martin is here and tracking another red flag warning. >> right. >> not good. >> a different kind of red flag warning. this is not a northeast wind, this is a southeast wind. the westerly wind brings in cooler air, higher humidity but it also brings in wind. look at the humidity up here. 48%. these are strong numbers the fire zone. 63%. 35%. temperatures are still mind but we have nice high humidity recoveries in the fire zone in the north bay. there is the red flag warning. the north bay goes into effect tomorrow and redding by the carr fire is in effect as of 8:00 p.m. this evening. we will see wind gusts not out of the northeast out southwest, it could gust to 20 to 30 miles an hour. typically you get an onshore flow you get a break but the
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fires are so big any wind will cause problems for firefighters so they are concerned. with that said the forecast for the fire zones tomorrow, 20% humidity in carr fire as well and in the morning. mother nature is not working against us but it is summer in the bay area. it is going to be hot. 91 degrees around lake county. that is not bad for this time of year. but it is very warm and it will tay that way. temperatures -- stay that way. temperatures dip for the weekend. the fires are huge. any wind is bad. when i come back we will talk more about the fires. smoke from the wildfires is creating air quality hazards for people in the fire zones. even for people who live hundreds of miles away. our team coverage continues with ktvu's jana katsuyama with an alert from the bay area air quality management district.
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>> reporter: the districtishitude air quality advisory today -- district issued this air quality advisory today because the winds could blow the smoky air from the fires into the north bay and the east bay. >> reporter: smoky air from the mendocino complex incident fire goes where the wind blows and now the winds are expected to shift. >> that means those fires to the north of us will be sweeping smoke towards the bay area. >> reporter: bay area air quality district spokesperson says they issued an advisory for friday and the weekend because polluted air from lake county could creep inland, to the bay area. >> places like santa rosa, places like the inland east bay, like livermore. the walnut creek area. >> the particulate matter might be elevated but not as bad as last october's fires. >> during that time we saw the highest levels of air pollution ever recorded in the bay area.
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>> the smoke is dangerous and not just to the elderly, children and people with respiratory conditions. >> burning plastic, tires, cars. things that create particulate matter that aren't good to breathe in. >> reporter: people should be aware of symptoms. >> some of the symptoms include haiks, burning eyes. -- healthcares, burning eyes. a -- headaches, burning eyes. >> reporter: thick smoke from the carr fire in redding already prompted air quality warnings in the sacramento area. and the san francisco recreation and parks department announced it is now extending the closure of camps till august 12 because of smoke from the ferguson fire near
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yosemite. the epa has a website where residents can see the air quality index for their neighborhood. the bay area air quality district don't expect to issue a spare the air day but they will be monitoring. >> we monitor air pollution every hour and we put out reports on our website. >> reporter: the worse area is east of sacramento and rocklin, auburn and lake tahoe. if you smell smoke you should set your car or home air conditioning units to recirculate and go inside closing all windows and doors just to stay safe. >> all right. jana katsuyama, thank you. a woman has pleaded no contest oo three counts of arson in napa county. she was arrested last december. according to prosecutors she was suspect offend setting 11 fires north of lake berryessa from october 2015 to august 2017. she is not linked to the deadly
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north bay firestorm. she pleaded no contest oo three counts of -- to three counts of arson. she will have to register as an arson offender. an investigation where a man died in police custody. officers were trying to detain the man but he was acting erratically yesterday afternoon. police say the 38-year-old was disruptive and violent. he was smashing bottles and throwing a shopping cart. officers tried to detain him but he was not cooperating. >> the officers engaged in a struggle with him that lasted several minutes. during that altercation he o o >> officers used a taser on him and put him in a leg restraint to try control him. as paramedics put him in a
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ambulance he started having trouble breathing breathing and died at the hospital. the coroner is going to determine the cause of his death. friends and family of neil wilson gathered this evening to speak out against violence in the community. several people took to the podium two weeks after he was stabbed and killed at the b.a.r.t. station. they were also able to write letters and paint murals. organizers wanted it to serve as a reminder people effected by violence are not alone. >> where is the compassion? how many people have been murdered that weren't doing anything wrong, just living their lives. >> the family is holding a funeral service tomorrow. it starts at 11 a.m. and is open to the public. a bidding war for a tiny
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cottage barely bigger than a studio apartment. the evidence that bay area home prices have room to climb. >> plans to roll back vehicle emission rules. why lawmakers call the proposal outrageous. >> a body found in south san jose with no identification on him. coming up, why investigators say this case is rare and why they need your help. need
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a puzzling case for investigators in santa clara after exhausting all leads the medical examiner is now asking for help identifying a body that was discovered in june. ktvu's azenith smith is live with more. >> the body was found in this complex behind me. besides identification it is unclear how the complex in utth between two homes an attendant found a body june 19. >> he was found, was not decomposed. there was no signs of injuries. >> reporter: this is a sketch of what the man looked like.
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hispanic. 20 to 25-years-old. the coroner's office says the man was laying face up. they are awaiting toxicology reports. investigators found him with the close on his back. no identification. they submitted his finger prints to state agencies. >> there are no hits associated to him. we now hit a wall. we have no identification. all results have been negative. >> reporter: he has never been arrested or had a government job. it is unclear if he is a citizen. >> it is disturbing. all we know there were at it excuse a shoe missing. -- tattoos and a shoe missing. >> reporter: wearing black pants with shorts underneath and blue socks, a blue jacket
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and one shoe. three tattoos. a sleeve tattoo on his forearm and circles on his wrist. he did not appear to be homeless. a neighbor recalled seeing him before. >> she may or may not have seen him and at that time he appeared to be intoxicated. >> reporter: the next step is to process his dna through the department of justice database. they are hoping tonight's information will trigger someone's memory so they could bring him back to his family. >> all right. azenith smith, thank you. new at 10:00 p.m. police looking for a homicide suspect. he is accused of killing a 64- year-old inside his home on pine creek way in concord july 27. police say they knew each other but there is no word on a
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motive. he is also suspected of stealing his hyundai. with a license plate 6zhzo52. if you have seen the car or the man call police. police are looking for a man who robbed a bank while wearing a fanny pack. the fanny pack bandit. he robbed the wells fargo on oak grove road at 11:30 a.m. yesterday morning and handed the teller a note and left with cash and was walking. he is a white man in his 30s with a slender build wearing a dark blue baseball hat and a black fanny pack. back lash in california over the trump administration's plan to relax car pollution rules. ktvu's cristina rendon tells us it sets the stage for a legal battle. >> reporter: the trump administration wants to ease
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requirements that cars be more fuel officiant. the epa is proposing to freeze mileage standards. it would eliminate obama administration rules to keep toughening requirements through 2026. she says that is bad news for everybody. >> they are taking us backwards by freezing the standards and not allowing cars to get cleaner and less expensive for consumers. >> the epa's proposal argues that weakening emissions standards is needed because regulations are no longer appropriate and reasonable. the administration says less fuel efficient cars would be cheaper and safer and it would reduce the number of deaths by 1,000 a year. >> the excuse by the transportation folks that this will help safety contradicts research. >> reporter: he calls the
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proposal outrageous. the administration's attempt to strip california's waver that allows it to set its own standards can't be touched. >> this is illegal. the administration can't change a law signed by a previous president. >> reporter: speaking in los angeles, california attorney general says the state will do whatever it takes to prevent this rule change from going into effect. >> fighting for clean car standards is about our children's health. it is about the future for jobs for our people. and it is about the future of prosperity. >> reporter: governor jerry brown also weighed in saying if the epa's proposal is approved motorists will pay more at the pump and california will fight this. back in may california and 16 other states filed a lawsuit against the federal government
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over the pending roll backs. cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. apple is the world's first publicly traded company to be valued at $1 trillion. apple shares were up 3% today to a high of $207 pushing the value to $1 trillion. since the iphone went on sale in 2007 shares sored by -- soared by 1,000% and up 22% this year. the stock indexes were mixed. dow fell 7 points and nasdaq gained 95. s&p closed up 13 points. stunning results from researchers. they looked at youth crime in one city and found a thirty- third of offenders -- a third . >> the giants back in action in
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the arizona desert hoping to gain ground in the standings. the big hit that broke the game open. >> comments about the media at the white house today. >> you did not say that the press is not the enemy of the people.
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. there was a press briefing at the white house today as white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders refused to say the media is not the enemy of the people.
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the president used the term fake news and called the media the enemy of the people. today cnn reporter pressed her on the question. >> you read off a list of your concerns about the press and things you feel like are misreported but you did not say that the press is not the enemy of the people. >> you brought a comedian up to attack my appearance and call me a trader to my own gender. as far as i know i am the first press secretary in the history of the united states that required secret service protection. >> he walked out of the briefing and called sarah huckabee sanders' remarks shameful. ivanka trump said the separation of migrant children was a low point. she said immigration was complex as a topic.
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during the crisis she remained silent but urged her father to end the policy and reunite families. >> that was a low point for me as well. i feel very strongly about that. and i am very against family separation. >> during the interview ivanka trump said she does not view the media as the enemy of the people. now to the south bay where a bidding war is underway for a tiny home in lose gatos. ktvu's jessie gary with the examine that the bay ea housing market is red hot. >> reporter: another example of the surging price of real estate in the bay area. 55 ronnellers road, one bedroom
10:27 pm
-- rogers road, with an asking price of $857,888. the real estate says the property is loaded with possibilities. from one side of the house to the other, in 10 seconds. the property is in a secluded section of town. the negatives include a kitchen and bathroom in need of upgrades. still a bidding war is underway with a price at $1.4 million. does this make sense? >> well, it makes no sense at all however for those in the bay area realize we are in a housing shortage. we haven't built a lot of housing and demand is high. >> reporter: he says the law of supply and to
10:28 pm
15% property depreseiation. maying more -- depreciation. >> when you are talking about a potential house that would go on that law, 1.5, 2 million, $3 million, you know, paying a million plus for the lot and putting a $2 million house on it might make sense. >> reporter: the home has a large lot, 10,000 square feet. all that is missing is a vision to clear the way to a new home with a view. jessie gary, ktvu fox 2 news. still to come, managing kid's screen time with an app that encourages exercise. the entrepreneurs who saw a need and then got to work. >> a night of networking for interns at at&t. interns at at&t. >> a new study finds one out of
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...and you suddenly realizes you're really into art? that's yes for less. every trend. every room. on any budget. it feels even better when you find it for less. at ross. yes for less. . new at 10:00 p.m. a study from uc san francisco found one out of three teenagers who break the law are
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members of the lgbtq community. ktvu's amber lee is in the city tonight. >> reporter: the study looks at kids who are first time offenders. the author says it is an important first step in understanding what is happening to lgbtq youth. >> being hungry is a powerful motivator to do something. need a way to make money to provide for yourself. people will do what they need do to survive. >> reporter: this is a gay youth in san francisco talking about survivingthen streets. -- surviving on the streets. the group says a study finding that one in three youth who break the law are members of the lgbtq community is not surprising. >> some desperations lead them to sex work. they will sex for cash so they could eat. >> without the first step of awareness we can't help a lot
10:33 pm
of them who are at higher risk for the behaviors. >> reporter: a psychiatrist with ucsf is the lead author of the study. it surveyed 423 first time offenders who are not incarcerated, ages 12 to 18 from a juvenile court in new england. one third identified as a member of the lgbtq community. the researcher says this study brings to light what he describes as an invisible population. >> we know they have, and this confirms our suspicions, that they are at higher risk for risky behaviors like drug use. >> reporter: the study found lgbtq youth are at witnesses higher risk for self-harm and depression. the offenses committed by the teens often include truancy
10:34 pm
while minors can -- >> lgbtq have a higher -- they are prone to be in situation wheres they might be doing -- situations where they might be doing things that are illegal. >> reporter: researchers are looking at whether the teens reoffend and why. the teen's first quart appearance is the first opportunity to offer counseling and support. >> amber lee, thank you. a crowd turned out at at&t in san francisco but tonight the pitches were aimed at potential employers. it brought thousands of students to the park. they had chance to meet with heavy hitters from silicon valley for a night of networking. among the speakers were marissa mayer who launched a new tech
10:35 pm
company. >> i encourage them to pick the opportunity wheres they will learn the most. you have to make decisions, you learn a lot more even though it is riskier. i encouraged them to take risks and learn. >> other companies included google, space x, twitter, lyft and drop box. if you don't have plans this weekend, rosemary orozco has the weekend watch. >> reporter: knocking on weekend's door. here are things happening in the north bay. the first weekend of the fair with all the entertainment and the brew fest on saturday the music variety with beer, wine tasting, food and vendors at the fairgrounds. in the east bay, the berkeley
10:36 pm
comic-con. enjoy the festivities of the festival with exhibits, demonstrations, dancing and a food bazaar. the fremont festival of the arts with over 700 booths stretching four miles on sunday. enjoy the festival in milpitas. performances, competitions, cook offs. saturday and sunday at the main library. san francisco, the china town music festival. a mix of traditional and contemporary performances performances on saturday. the street fair in japan town on saturday. asian pacific american life and san francisco life. performance, art and music and food. or the play land, music and art
10:37 pm
festival on saturday. you can enjoy music, activities and food. pacifica, a day of entertainment at the world dog surfing championship at the state beach on saturday. in sports, a's are home, giants and quakes on the road. i am rosemary orozco. and still ahead tonight, an app created by bay area parents. how it rewards exercise with screen time. >> and looking into the forecast. and we will look that fire weather and the red flag warning that goes in to effect hours. >> a new plea from the family of a missing college student as they announce a big reward in the case.
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. the parent of a missing iowa college student say they think she being held captive. she spent part of her childhood in oakland. last seen on july 18 in brooklyn, iowa. her family is increasing the reward for information leading to her whereabouts. $172,000. the family is also not giving up hope she will come home alive. >> we believe she is still
10:41 pm
align and if someone abducted her we are pleading with you to please release her. >> if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear. so come forward, share that information with the authorities. and let's bring molly home. >> unfortunately a possible sighting of molly in missouri turned out to be a false lead. police are working working to put together her electric fit bit. oakland mayor filed her paper work to run for reelection today. >> four more years. four more years. >> the mayor and supporters were at the city clerk's office to celebrate. the mayor said priorities continue to be housing, homelessness and cleaning up the city streets. she is said to face several other candidates. san francisco became the
10:42 pm
first city in california to allow non-citizens to vote in local school board elections. just one non-citizen has registered so far to vote in the november election. voters in san francisco approved the proposition allowing non-citizens, including undocumented immigrants to vote but only in school board elections. and they have to live in san francisco and they have to have children under the age of 19. the sign up period started last month and ends in october. a rooftop garden is days away from opening in san francisco but neighbors today had a chance to tour the park that is 5 acres on new of the new transit center. they wanted to create a space where neighbors and workers can
10:43 pm
gather. it features a restaurant. it will open to the public on saturday, august 11. kids are on their phones. >> a common problem but now a new solution. the bay area couple who came up with an app that rewards kids to get outdoors and our chief meteorologist bill martin with the complete forecast for the weekend ahead. weekend ahead.
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there are plenty of apps that allow parents to limit the time their children spend on digital devices. >> new at 10:00 p.m. scott reiss has the story of a couple from san jose hoping to solve two problems at once. >> reporter: screen time for kids has become stress time for parent. >> we watch kids walking around like this. >> you will laugh and say our kids are constantly on our phones. >> a massive problem. kids spend up to 9 hours a day
10:47 pm
on their phone. >> reporter: so they developed a solution. in the form of an app. get off your apps. >> the thought process was how do we get them off their apps and moving again. so simple. assign steps. my kid has to take 10,000 steps in a day. i can break it it down by hour and then i can choose which apps i want them -- i want to block. we are not saying don't, just moderation. >> it was important that we could come up with a way to get kids to get off of their phone but without taking it away. >> reporter: a win-win for all involved. >> what we did find was that once the kids are outside playing they don't stop. it is that initial push to get them outside and going.
10:48 pm
>> reporter: and once they are outside the rest is up other be >> the accountability part. there is no come on, give me my phone back, it is simple. take 500 more steps. >> reporter: they are poised for a national move through grants to ptas and schools across the country in the name of keeping kids happy and healthy in a digital world. >> we don't want to take technology away from kids. we need to become proactive. i think that this app will allow everybody to get to the point where we can continue a be proactive so technology isn't taking over. >> we did. >> we did do it. >> reporter: scott reiss, ktvu fox 2 news. all right. checking in on the red flag warning. in effect now for the carr fire
10:49 pm
region. redding. lake port will see a red flag warning tomorrow afternoon. and it will be mostly for the winds that will be increasing. it will be warm as well. we see winds increasing over the next 48 to 72 hours out of the southwest. which is not typically a fire direction but when you have fires this big and winds, it will be a problem. tomorrow's forecast in the fire zone, there it is. temperature wheres they were today. especially in redding. south, lake county, 91 degrees. similar. the pattern, these are out of control fires. weather conditions, not time of it is what you expect t tempera zones, three fires, temperature rebounding a bit. carr fire, 78 degrees. under 80 degrees. the highs from today.
10:50 pm
highs tomorrow will be just like this. we have been shielded from all the smoke and -- most of the smoke. and the heat and the heat advisories. the bay area has been a bubble. big rain in the east coast. this atmospheric river has been here all week and it will stick around till next week. very, very wet along the eastern seaboard and having flooding in the virginias, georgia. for us we have more of the same in the bay area. big concern because we are steady in the bay area, the big concern is the fire zones. the pattern is such we will see a break. even though it is a red flag warning, it will come in the southwest winds which will be helpful. temperatures dip down, not cool, but mild in here on friday afternoon. saturday and sunday. the fire zones, upper 80s, low 90s but the concern is for the
10:51 pm
winds. here you go. summer time in the state of california. the weather isn't -- it could be worse. the fires are big and rough terrain. lot of this stuff is terrain driven. remote areas. lake county area, the redding area, it is tough to get in there but the weather for -- again, it is not out of control. a week before that is for sure but this pattern right now is really not a bad pattern for this time of year. >> hope they get them under control. thank you. coming up on the 11:00 p.m. news, new evacuations to tell you about in the lake county fire zone. we were there as deputies went door to door. >> and next in sports the giants look to move up in the standings against the diamondbacks. mark will have highlights, that is coming up.
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all right. the giants with the win. wasn't even close. >> four in a row. johnny cueto undergoes tommy john surgery surgery. pablo sandoval out with a torn
10:55 pm
hamstring injury. tonight in arizona. started well. first inning, evan longoria ticket to ride. down the left field line. come the fifth inning we have a 1-1 game. madison bumgarner through 101 pitches in five innings. got the win and he provided the game deciding run. single to left. 2-1. 3-1 in the 8th. giant bat around. a shot to right. scores one run. 4-1 lead. leaving the bases loaded for slater. getting the start at first base tonight. watch what happens here. base hit. single to center. two runs score. pollack possibles the ball. giants break it open with a big
10:56 pm
inning. 8-1 final. four straight wins. two games over .500. serena williams is out in the tennis classic but venus williams keeping the family name alive down there. she looked good. you will see her in the far court serving. taking the first set 6-4. watson sneaks up on her taking the second set 6-4 and then she gets serious. polished her off 6-love and on to the third round for venus williams. coaches struggle with this, to break the drudgery of the training camp routine. john gruden finds a way to do that. inviting peyton manning. that is a tennessee cap, not a
10:57 pm
denver cap. >> pro bowl is different now but back then it was more intense and serious. that week guys wanted to run through a wall just for him as our hawaiian coach because he bought all the beer for the players. it was smart. helped him in free agency. >> all right. don't want to show too much pre- season football but this is special. hall of fame game to get things going. first game, bears bears and ravens. both veinto the hall of fame this weekend. ray lewis hasn't missed a step going in for the ravens. and jackson debuting. 4-10 passing. touchdown. baltimore 17-16 over the bears. tiger woods at the fire stone
10:58 pm
country club in ohio just four back of the lead. one of my pet peeves is golfers taking themselves too seriously. not all but phil mickelson showing his lighter side in this tv commercial. >> lefty as he is known. phil mickelson is selling -- why are you shaking your head? >> painful to watch. my gosh. >> he is selling stretchy dress shirts. by the way tiger woods and phil mickelson, it is not official, but looks like they will go one- on-one thanksgiving weekend, $10 million at stake. it is time to check this out.
10:59 pm
cardinals' o'neal catch of the night. trevor story robbed. the mets, laying out to rob the brave's young rookie. the play of the night on the infield. yeah. robbed the yankees there. red sox win over the yankees 15- 7. back to the giants game. slater getting his first start at first base. makes the play. doesn't think he has the ball and then realizes he does and watch this. field it. wait -- i got it. i got it. and he got a couple hits tonight and giants win four in a row. a's didn't play. that is the sporting life. it is 11:00 p.m. and time for more news.
11:00 pm
>> all right. thank you. coming up next at 11:00 p.m. >> mandatory wildfire evacuation. >> i understand. >> okay. >> i am going to hang out. >> new evacuations orders for lake county residents living in the path of the two wildfires but not everyone is willing to go. >> the 11:00 p.m. news on ktvu fox 2 news starts now. >> a familiar threat for people in lake county but no less dangerous. good evening. i am heather holmes. >> i am frank somerville. thousands of people are under mandatory evacuation orders tonight in lake county. some were just ordered out tonight. people in the spring valley area of lake county were told to leave. that the in clear lake oaks on the opposite side of the lake from where the river fire and the ranch fire started last week. we got the developing news from ktvu's debora villalon who talked to folks getting


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