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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  August 5, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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that is sports for now. we will see you for sports wrap coming up. coming up next, i still find it shocking. i never thought it would happen to those two. >> three people are dead including twin sisters. it turns out one of the sisters sent out a heartbreaking text just before the fire broke out. good evening. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. this happened on georgia street in vallejo just before 3 am. police were in the area on
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patrol and responded after smelling smoke. that is when they were flagged down by the 11-year-old girl. ktvu's azenith smith spoke with friends of the victim and she joins us now in vallejo. the friends are just devastated. all night they have been dropping off flowers and teddy bears for the young victim. police are calling the fire suspicious but they will not tell us why. friends say there were problems inside the home. >> hearing this now, it makes me really shocked. >> reporter: through tears, 14- year-old sarah to log is heartbroken, remembering her two classmates.the twin 14-year sisters died in a fire at their home overnight. >> knowing that they were going through a hard time, it made me feel sad. >> reporter: she is especially
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devastated since she received this text while she was asleep , just before 2 am from one of the girls. it read " sarah, are you awake? i am really scared." >> it is really sad to know that that was her last words to me. >> reporter: why she was scared, we may never know. less than one hour later, a vallejo police officer patrolling the neighborhood smelled smoke coming from the home. soon after, police spotted an 11-year-old who flagged them down saying three people were inside. she was the girls' sister. when police got there, they found the living room and bedrooms engulfed in they rushed to get the three flames. people out but it was too late. >> reporter: the mother also
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died . as for the 11-year-old, she is recovering from her injuries to her lower body, now staying with family members. >> she broke a window and got out and was able to save herself. >> reporter: authorities are investigating where and how the fire started. they are also calling it suspicious. >> there were some problems with their family. their father was threatening them. >> reporter: neighbors say they heard arguments within the home. it is unclear the whereabouts of the father. friends say he was heading back to vietnam. >> both were unique. one had a peppy, soft voice and one was really loving and caring. >> reporter: the two girls were beginning to experiment with makeup, loved wrestling, and loved and class. -- band class.they were about to start their junior year. >> reporter: the coroner's office will officially release the identity of the victims.
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>> just a heartbreaking >> azenith smith in vallejo story. tonight. one man is recovering after a shooting on interstate 80. chp says it happened after 6:15 pm on westbound i-80.the chp says it happened just after 6:15 pm on westbound i-80 . officers shut down the westbound lanes for two hours in crockett as they scoured the scene for evidence. all lanes reopened 40 minutes ago. authorities say the victim was seriously injured but is expected to survive. no word on whether police have made any arrests. five people have died after a small crashed in santa and a. the cessna took off from buchanan airport in concord this morning and not -- and crashed not far from its destination.
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>> the pilot declared an emergency just before the crash. all passengers on board died when the plane fell down into a parking lot. it literally dropped from the sky. firefighters say it is a miracle no one on the ground was hurt. >> you talked to that lady. what was her reaction? >> she is obviously scared and frightened. she could have been there a few minutes before. >> we don't know the names of the five victims but we do know the plane was registered to a san francisco-based real estate company. the faa is investigating the cause of the crash. the carr buyer burning in california has claimed another life. the death toll is now to seven. >> pg&e says one of its lineman was killed yesterday at the western edge of the fire. the man died in a vehicle related accident as he worked to restore power. he had a strong work ethic and infectious laugh. the carr fire has left two civ
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the carr fire grew another 6000 acres today and has now burned more than 160,000 acres. containment is at 43%. the flames have destroyed more are still threatening several communities. we talked with a cal fire spokesperson and he told us that firefighters do not have a timeline yet for containment. >> because this fire has been so predictable and we still have extreme weather that has the possibility for extreme fire growth, we are not putting a timeline on full containment. we are still making steady progress. >> governor jerry brown says the carr fire has caused an estimated $98 million in damage so far. yesterday, the white house approved his request to issue an emergency declaration which will bring in federal assistance to the people impacted by the fire.
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the mendocino complex fire continues to grow tonight. firefighters have made good progress on the river fire burning on the west side of clear lake. it has burned 47,000 acres and is 58% contained. on the northeast side of the lake, the ranch fire in mendocino shows no sign of slowing down. it grew another 37,000 acres and has now burned more than 218,000 acres. cal fire's public information officer told us today the weather and rough terrain are making the firefight difficult. firefighters are working tirelessly to try to contain the tires that are burning in northern california. >> we spoke with jeremy ron about how they're battling , sp mendocino complex fires. >> we are looking at our tent
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evening and afternoon of battling this inferno. we finally had some improvements to where we are able to increase containment on the river fire as well as work very closely on the ranch fire. >> what is your biggest concern tonight? >> with the upcoming weather trends, we just want to take this opportunity. we are doing a firing operation tonight to fully increase containment further. >> we keep hearing about these fires being so unpredictable. what direction are the fires moving tonight? >> fortunately, specifically yesterday, we had a lot of aircraft support. on this incident alone, we have done well over 750,000 gallons of fire retardant. very large air tankers have been coming in.
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we have two supers goobers that are able to take water right from the lakes and apply them to the fire. we were very successful at holding at made ridge to allow ground support to directly attack the fire. yosemite national park has decided to extend the current park closures indefinitely due to the ferguson fire burning nearby. over the last two days, the fire has grown to more than 10,000 acres, impacting the roads used to access yosemite valley. park officials extended the closure after the fire burned a dead and downed trees which can become explosive and fall without warning. the fire has charred 90,000 acres and right now it is 35% contained. police arrested 20 people today at an anti-marxism rally in berkeley.
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cars were vandalized and fireworks were thrown at officers as right wing protesters and counterprotesters clashed on streets of berkeley. ktvu's alyssa harrington was there as police made arrests. >> reporter:protesters clashed at berkeley's civic center park. counterprotesters marched through the streets of downtown for a stop the hate demonstration. >> we are so tired of our city being used as the symbol of hate. >> the only thing i can see of hate that is being spread here is from the opposite end. when you demonize a group of people when we are far from it. >> reporter: police are in riot gear trying to keep the two support. --apart. they set up concrete barriers, banned weapons and masks in the park, and blocked demonstrators from entering the area. >> as we have seen , some of these demonstrations have turned violent. we don't want anyone to get
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hurt today. >> reporter: protesters smashed windows of 20 city vehicles, three garbage cans were also set on fire. we heard explosions and saw smoke. protesters hurled fireworks at police. officers released canisters of smoke and fired rubber bullets. by the afternoon, 15 people were arrested. >> we have seen wooden shields. we have seen metal pipes. we have seen sledgehammers. we have seen metal poles. we have seen fireworks and flares. these are some weapons that can cause serious damage. >> we already have an administration that is tearing us apart in every way we can be torn apart. when we have the people at each other, we are on a road to destruction. >> reporter: alyssa harrington, ktvu fox 2 news.
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dozens of people are dead after indonesia is hit by another earthquake. what we know, coming up. president donald trump defending his eldest son on twitter this morning about a controversial meeting at trump tower in 2016. it is not testing new light on russia's alleged election meddling. let's take a look at
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in a flurry of tweets this morning, president donald trump double down on his attack on the press. one of his tweets said "fake news hates me saying they are the enemy of the people only because they know it is true. i am providing a great service by providing this to the american people. they purposely cause great division and distrust. they can also cause more." >> the public -- the president also publicly acknowledged that his son went with russians to get information on an opponent. the president says he did not know about it at the time. fox news allison barber tells us this comes as the president's legal team negotiates an interview with the mueller team. >> reporter: one of the presidents personal lawyers told politico a decision on the trump-mueller sit down could come within a week to 10 days. the president wants to do an interview with thl counsel but am has
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concerns. >> we are concerned on a number of reasons. a series of the questioning goes to the heart and core of his authority as president of the united states. there is a whole series of those. >> reporter: the president tweeted about the june 2016 meeting in trump tower with a russian lawyer and in pain official. the president denied prior knowledge of the meeting and pushed back on reports he is worried about his son and his potential legal exposure when it comes to the russia probe. those reports are a complete fabrication. he went on to say the meeting in trump tower was a meeting to get information on an opponent, totally legal and done all the time in politics. >> you look at a meeting that took place a year before -- two years ago. what statute has be v >> they have pointed to several
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including conspiracy to defraud the united states. >> i will tell you i have no knowledge at all of don junior being told he is the target of any investigation. i have no knowledge of him being interviewed by the special counsel. >> paul manafort prepares for his second week before a federal judge in virginia. manafort is facing charges related to financial fraud. the special counsel indicted manafort on these charges. russia and the president are not the focus of this trial but have been big elephants in the room. in washington, d.c., i'm allison barber, fox news. people living near sonora arback him tonight after a toda the creek fire started last night in alameda county. it burned near the east end of
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welsch creek road. the fire broke out last night around 8 pm. 30 acres burned and crews remained at the scene today watching for hotspots. a handful of residents were evacuated but they were allowed to return home before midnight. fire crews still had to climb steep hillsides to get a handle on the fire. local departments are tackling a number of fires every week. >> we have been running fires constantly. every day we get fires, small or big. the guys -- we are trying to get them off of work but the call volumes are so high. >> the cause of the fire is still under investigation. defensible space around their homes. while defensible space is important, cal fire advises homeowners to only mow or saw between the hours of 6 am and
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10 pm. fire crews were able to contain a small gas fire in contra costa county. the fire started this morning near highway 4 and ybor road. the flames were headed toward several fast food businesses at one point and a chevron gas station but crews managed to put out the flames. people in sacramento are opening up their homes to those displaced by the carr fire. hundreds of airbnb hosts have offered fire victims to stay at their homes for free. the company asked its users for help on friday. hosts have not disappointed. one person from sacramento says he is ready to open his homeland this is not the first time he has helped. 's back when there was the santa rosa fires, we had a family stay with us. people were in trouble and they needed help. this woman who contacted me, i was -- i could tell she was in desperate need of help.
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>> to find out more about the open homes program, visit our website, and click on web links. as we head toward the bay area workweek, we are looking at the temperatures in the fire zones of the carr, the ferguson, and the mendocino complex. temperatures in the evening have dropped down. humidity is up too. humidity has been up in the 40s. that is very helpful to firefighters. as we go into tomorrow, it will be similar. after that, wednesday, thursday and friday, it will come up quite a bit. will be warmer than it has been. the high pressure is starting to settle in a little bit. that low is now bringing in the high.
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that, i think has overall been quite helpful to firefighters even though it did prompt a red flag warning on friday. that was for southwest wind's. there is the fog along the coast. the temperatures tomorrow will be generally like they were today but a few degrees warmer. we will not see a lot of fog tomorrow morning inland. clayton, no fog. vacaville, no fog. it will be mostly at the coast and around the bay. here is the bay bridge. when high pressupinched or it goes away. there is the temperature footprint. that is the basic idea. it is warming up tomorrow. more on tuesday. wednesday is the hottest day of the week.
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91 in livermore tomorrow. here is your 5-day forecast. you can see temperatures are pretty hot on wednesday. sports wrap is just minutes away. >> coming up, among other things, the giants do something they have not done for more than a year while the a's continue to do something they have been doing for a couple of months. >> we are going to head out to livermore for the intermediate world series. sports wrap is coming up. an earthquake rattles a tourist island in indonesia. the large quake that killed dozens of people and triggered a tsunami warning. this has to be one of the coolest stories. talk about overcoming adversity. one of argentina's most popular
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barbers does not have any hands. clients line up to get their hair cut by gabriel her ready a . he has become so good at what he does, he takes part in hairstyling competitions. he believes -- admits some clients are skeptical when they first see him but they are wowed by his final product.
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an earthquake struck indonesia, killing 91 people. the 7.0 magnitude quake triggered a brief tsunami warning and damaged thousands of homes. most of those killed were hit by collapsed houses. this is the second earthquake to hit the island in the last week. the last earthquake killed 16 people. authorities in iowa are intensifying their search for a missing college student with bay area ties. 20-year-old molly tibbett spent part of her childhood in oakland. she has not been seen in two weeks. >> the rew madalyn rivera has more on the search. >> reporter: it has been more than two weeks since molly tibbett was reported missing. the investigation into her disappearance remains the region's most high profile case. >> we have been following up on leads.
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>> reporter: authorities say they have pulled resources from other cases, directing them to the search for the 20-year-old college student. >> investigators in general, the fbi, there are 40 working this case per day. >> reporter: dive teams and atvs have been used to track down her whereabouts. she was last seen on an evening jog on july 18. investigators have remained tightlipped saying not doing so could compromise the tape -- the case. her family says keeping the case in the public eye is the best way to sa >> i do think she is out there. adopted molly. let's keep at it. let's go get her. >> reporter: you will find posters and flyers just like this one. the reward is now over $220,000. in brooklyn, madalyn rivera, foxnews.
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thank you so much for watching. have a great night.
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the hottest team in baseball just keeps on rolling. now, we have to ask the question: are the a's a legitimate contender? >> the giants had home from the desert with a split but in the process accomplish something they have not done in a year. >> the 49ers and raiders began preseason games this week. who looks good so far and >> we have first-time winners in nascar and tennis while tiger fails to win yet again. >> don't slip up, we have a show that will appeal to all. time to catch spor


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