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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  August 6, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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at night but that is just for now. we dug into b.a.r.t.'s detailed new safety plan. >> reporter: we learned over the past two weeks, b.a.r.t. staff has done a top to bottom security review. they've come up with a 12 point action plan to improve safety both now and in the future. this comes at a cost of roughly $28 million, but is considered critical to combating crime. with a spike in violence -- >> another violent attack at the macarthur station in a and sends two men to the hospital. >> reporter: 18-year-old victim attack. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. police are stepping up patrols, 12 hour shifts, six days a week. lots of overtime for officers, with many more hopping on and off trains and targeting stations with high rates of crime. but only for three weeks. >> having more officers at every point in the system absolutely helps being at the right place at the right time.
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it makes us quickly be able to react, hold the train if we need, take someone into custody, witness their evasion and act appropriately. those are the benefits of being able to have more boots on the ground. >> reporter: for years, b.a.r.t. police has had an officer shortage. there are more than 40 positions. in the last year and a half, a couple dozen have been hired by 25 are still vacant. >> unfortunately, we don't have staffing to have officers on every train car or every station. we really rely heavily on our ridership to be the eyes and ears. >> reporter: and, more eyes could soon be added, upgrading the 4000 b.a.r.t. cameras for 15,000 bucks, also adding video screens on platforms. >> let's get them all replaced, but hd cameras in and speeded up. do it as quickly as possible. >> reporter: another proposal is a $4 million surveillance network that can monitor live streams and automatically alert police to disruptions on trains or platforms. a test lunch will be done at
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the lake merritt station. other security measures include raising the barriers to stop people at the ticket gates and adding 10 more fare inspectors. >> sometimes people bug me, and they harassed me purposefully. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. will also consider passing a no panhandling ordinance, lunch a ride safe outreach campaign, and at platform emergency call boxes. the cost to do everything is $28 million, all to improve safety, security, and peace of mind. >> b.a.r.t. overall is generally safe. we have over 400,000 riders a day and a vast majority of them make it from the original station to their destination without any incident whatsoever. >> reporter: the b.a.r.t. police department has also contracted with the university of north texas to develop a five-year strategic patrol staffing plan. now, that comes out next month and the deputy chief says it will show b.a.r.t. critically needs to add even more officers. >> yeah, brooks. this extra police patrol, it is temporary.
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so until other security measures are put into place, what can people do to protect themselves? >> reporter: police say be aware of your surroundings. you really need to put away your phone and look around. the other thing is, b.a.r.t. came out with a new app called the b.a.r.t. watch app. i just downloaded it myself. you are able to upload pictures or anything you see suspicious. and, you can also immediately contact police if there is a problem on board one of the trains were one of the b.a.r.t. platforms. >> it seems pretty evident to everyone that b.a.r.t. needs more police officers. these officers working overtime is just for three weeks. i get all of the other security measures. that's great. but what happens when three weeks is up? t. going to get more officers? are they going to build those vacancies? >> art says it is looking to recruit and hire more officers. problems include competing departments around this area, in oakland and san francisco pay more than b.a.r.t..
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they want to be able to provide a competitive salary. they do have the money in the overtime budget to be able to pay for these officers. after three weeks, they will reassess and see if they need to continue and step up those efforts and have more officers on patrol six days a week or if they can pull back, scale back, or do other things to remediate this problem. >> brooks jarosz, thank you. now to the shooting on the bay bridge that left four others wounded and one person dead. it brought traffic to a standstill on the road for hours. >> ktvu's henry lee has been following the search for the shooter who authorities say sped away. >> reporter: it was about 2:30 in the morning when someone in a gray car open fire on an suv heading east on the lower deck of the bay bridge, killing the driver. >> i'm so lucky. >> reporter: raul lopez was driving home and the bridge when he heard what he thought were fireworks. his honda civic was hit by the victim's suv after the shooting.
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>> i heard five pops like fireworks. but they were not fireworks. and i just saw the suv getting into my car and hitting me. when he hit me, i spun around, got out of the car, went to see that they were okay but the driver was already dead. >> reporter: lopez shot video of the aftermath. two other passengers in the suv were shot and wounded. lopez says one of them was shot in the arm. >> the guy was bleeding. he said, can you help me tie my shirt? he had a white shirt. i tied it so he would stop bleeding. >> reporter: the shooting snarled traffic on the lower deck for hours as officers investigated. the chp tells me this is not a random attack. officers have just a vague description of the vehicle. >> possibly a silver-gray sedan suv that possibly fire the gun. that's all the information we have right now. we are asking that if anybody witnessed it or was around the bay bridge around this time, if they have any information that might help us, please reach out to chp.
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>> reporter: the victim's suv, a rented 2018 mitsubishi outlander, was towed away as evidence. now, chp is trying to pull up surveillance video to get a better image of the suspect vehicle. as far as injured victims go, one is released and the other is in fair condition at the hospital. reporting from treasure island, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. the chp is also investigating a freeway shooting last night on interstate 80 in contra costa county that left one man injured. this happened after 6:00 on westbound atheon way. officer shutdown lanes for about two hours between atheon way and the skyway near crockett as a search the scene for evidence. authorities say the victim was seriously injured but is expected to survive. no suspect information had been released. the mendocino complex fire has grown so large, it is now the second-largest wildfire in state history.
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cal fire says it scorched more than 273,000 acres and continues to weave across natural and man-made barriers in mendocino, lake, and now colusa counties. the ranch and river fires make up the mendocino complex which is still 30% contained. ktvu's tom vacar has more. >> reporter: clearlake is nestled up against a burning mountain, as are the also evacuated towns on the lakeshore of lucerne, and glen haven to the northwest. >> that is due to the risk of the fire coming down. in relation to where the fire is located, right above us right now. >> reporter: you can see truck caravans, with crews waiting for the call or actually deploying to face the flames. in one neighborhood, firefighters from beverly hills and culver city were doing both.
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in the high valley area due north, hillside burning came down to the grassy flatlands, threatening the grass field estates winery, ranches, and homes. fire will usually try to find the path of least resistance. and with all the vineyards around here that are lush, green, and provide resistance, that gives firefighters a good chance to figure out exactly where they should make their stand against the fire. >> we are putting a lot of dozer lines, hitting it with the aircraft, cooling it down. that is letting the ground creek get in there and put out the fire. >> reporter: but this stubborn, relentless, smoking, choking fire is getting a lot of help from mother nature, making the firefight even tougher now and in the future. >> so, those higher temperatures, relative humidities in the teens. with that being said, there is not a lot of recovery. the fire has been burning active throughout the night. we are going to be in a warming
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trend. we had lower temperatures on sunday but as you can see, the weather is still warm outside right now and really drive. >> reporter: the key to all of this is the wind and so far, the afternoon has supplied the fire with reliable winds to spread it on and on and on. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. now to some of the other fires burning in northern california, the carr fire near redding is now 45% contained. >> claims separate 160,000 acres and destroyed almost 1100 homes. another 1200 homes are still threatened. seven people have died in this fire, including two firefighters. a 70-year-old woman and two young children. we are learning more about the latest victim. he was a 21-year-old pg&e worker who died on saturday. he was an apprentice lineman from sacramento county. he was killed in a vehicle accident while working to restore power in shasta county. nearly 5000 firefighters are battling the carr fire. a wildfire burning in
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toward bellamy county exploded in size overnight, also damaging a historic resort and prompting additional evacuation orders. the donald fire started five days ago. this weekend, the fast-moving flames rushed through steep and rough terrain in the stanislaus national forest. the fire also caused major damage to the resort near sonora pass which first opened in 1923. fire crews state are facing an uphill battle to control the fire. >> there is a lot of fire on the landscape and not a lot of good ways to catch it. the terrain is as steep and rugged as the sierras can experience. >> the donald an 12,000 acres and at only 1% will continue indefinitely. that's because the ferguson fire has sent thick smoke into the park during what is typically the busiest year for camping.
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the ferguson fire husband 91,000 acres and is -- has burned 91,000 acres and is 30% contained. the heavy smoke from the northern california wildfires is prompting officials to extend an air quality advisory through thursday here in the bay area. the bay area air quality management district says wind is expected to blow smoke into the north bay and parts of inland locations in east bay today, and tomorrow. by midweek, the smoke may drop to lower levels, and be more widespread. officials say people should be prepared or spare the air alerts later this week if the air quality levels fall below the federal standards. our coverage of the california wildfires continues at six: 30 with information at coming up, an east bay wheel estate office is in mourning tonight. how they are remembering five people killed in a plane crash in southern california over the weekend.
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and, another scandal for wells fargo bank. the computer glitch that reportedly led to mistaken for posers on hundreds of homes. and, the heat is coming back up. temperatures in the and will get back into the triple digits as we head into this week. details after the break. bass pro shops and cabela's bring you the fall hunting classic,
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we've learned three of the victims are real estate agents from the same office in danville. the plane took off from buchanan field in concord yesterday morning and crashed into a private parking lot in santa ana, just short of john wayne support. no one on the ground was hurt. the faa and ntsb are investigating the crash and say the pilot declared an emergency, but did not state the nature of the problem. ktvu's cristina rendon talked to employees of pacific union real estate today in danville. that's where three of the victims worked. she tells us tonight how they are being remembered. >> reporter: at pacific union in danville, colleagues and friends are grieving the loss of nasim ghanadan at alamo, floria hakimi of danville, and lara shepherd. the thd into the parking lot of a staples store. lara shepherd's husband scott was the pilot. floria hakimi son was on board, too. all five were killed. >> across all organizations, people are demonstrated. >> reporter: brian moggan with
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pacific unions as the group met monday morning to talk and share stories of the three realtors. floria hakimi had been with the company for more than 25 years. a successful agent to a spiritual and active in her community. >> she dedicated her life to be in the service of others. she would teach us how to be in the moment. how to center. she was a remarkable human being. >> reporter: nasim ghanadan's family says she was full of life. aside from real estate, she loved to dance and was teaching kids to read and write farsi. they said she always wanted to open a school for young girls in the middle east. she leaves behind her parents and two siblings. >> s wk in and the room would light up. it was amazing, the effect that she had on other people. the joy, her smile. clients loved her. >> reporter: and, lara shepherd was relatively new to the business but had a bright future ahead of her. her family had moved from piedmont to contra costa county a year and a half ago. >> she had a love for this
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service like nobody i have ever seen. she was doing very well. she had a bright future in front of her in real estate. >> reporter: the women were headed to a real estate conference in anaheim. shepherd's husband was set to drop them off and returned to the airport sunday night. scott was reportedly an experienced pilot who had flown for many years. the couple leaves behind two children, ages 5 and 7. >> they made such an impression on all of us. we are lucky that they touched our lives and there is a gap now that they are gone. >> reporter: the company says they will do whatever they can to support the family members of these three women. they are also working on setting up a fund for the immediate relatives that were left behind. in danville, cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. the santa county coroner has identified an 18-year-old john doe whose body was found in a parking space last june. his name is rahim abdul baluch.
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last week, police released a sketch of what he looked like as well as pictures of his clothing. today we learned a friend of his saw the news, recognized his clothing and called police. he apparently lived in the complex. his parents reported him missing but for some reason, that report did not get to the coroner's office. the cause of his death is under investigation. wells fargo bank says a computer glitch contributed to hundreds of foreclosures because they miscalculated customers' eligibility for mortgage modifications. wells fargo says the error caused 625,000 customers to be denied, or not offered loan modification. and, foreclosures were completed in about 400 of those cases. all of this happened between 2010 and 2015. san francisco state business professor mitchell marx says this is just the latest issue
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for wells fargo. >> i think it's a glitch. it's not like the last where there was a concerted effort to reward people for signing people up for fraudulent accounts. that was a strategy. that was unethical. >> the previous wells fargo scandal was 2 years ago when allegations surfaced that the bank employees were encouraged to open credit card accounts for customers without their knowledge. all right. we will get you started on your monday out the door. temperatures are increasing. they came up today a few degrees and are sinking. when it sinks, you get compressed air and a warmer environment inland. you get fog along the coast that gets dense and warm temperatures. especially in places like san francisco. reading came back up. looking at the fire, mendocino complex fire down a little bit. these are classic summer temperatures. but, we are just trying to see what's going on. we did have some cooler weather up in these areas. temperatures are coming back up
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especially in redding. and, the increase in temperature will continue through wednesday and thursday. especially in the valleys. along the coast, as you would expect, it is that time of year. it's summer and is acting like it around here. there is nothing unique except air-quality issues. we've got smoke up and down the valley and it is bad. that smoke by the middle of the week could give us issues in inland valleys with air-quality. we will talk about that in the five-day forecast when i see you next. president trump changing his tune. up next, the new claim he's making about his son's infamous 2016 meeting with russians inside trump tower. also, the a's are the hottest team in baseball. now they've added another solid arm. we have all of the details later in sports. and, a right-wing conspiracy theorist, silenced by apple. why apple is removing alex jones' podcast from itunes. welcome to the xfinity store.
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today, the united states took steps to impose sanctions on iran. a deal east economic sanctions on iran and in return, iran was supposed to give up the means to make nuclear weapons. president trump called the deal horrible and one-sided. he also warned that nations that don't wind down their ties to the iranian economy a risk quote, severe consequences.
6:24 pm
president trump is making a prediction. he says republicans may ride a red wave to victory during the midterm elections in november. he said on twitter today, we are winning on just about every front. >> that's just one of two tweets by the president creating buzz in washington. fox news' lauren blanchard tells us how the president is changing his story about a 2016 meeting at trump tower. >> reporter: president trump predicting republicans might ride a red wave to victories during the midterms, saying on twitter, we are winning on just about every front. the post comes as polls continue to show democrats in the lead. a real clear politics average of major polls tracking the generic congressional ballot for 2018 showing democrats with a roughly 7 point lead over republicans. >> no question that 2016 showed us that modern elections in our country are unpredictable. and i think this one is as unpredictable as any. >> reporter: the president's read way prediction comes as a
6:25 pm
special counsel's investigation is still underway. mr. trump in a separate tweet, referencing a meeting at trump tower during the campaign that involved his son and russians, admitting the intent was to gather political ammunition. saying, it was a meeting that was quote, totally legal and went nowhere. the tweet contradicts previous statements made by the president's attorney. >> i have that information at that point. i made a mistake in my statement. i've talked about that before. that happens when you have cases like that. >> reporter: meanwhile, democrats continue to accuse the president of collusion with the russians, saying it's going to matter in november. >> the president himself has created this muddled message. >> reporter: the president is spending this week at his company's golf club in new jersey, part of his 11 day working vacation. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. apple has taken steps to penalize conspiracy theorist and right-wing talkshow host
6:26 pm
alex jones for violating his hate speech policies. apple has stripped the majority of podcasts published by his website, info wars, from itunes and its podcast apps. the decision came after those other popular tech platforms removed what many are calling jones' offensive content. jones' info wars is known as spreading baseless information and spreading conspiracy theories. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is up next, with wildfires burning across california, and state officials wanting to make sure that firebrick aren't victimized a second time. >> we want to protect people who are in very difficult circumstances right now. >> up next, the strict warning to businesses about price gouging. president trump tweets about california wildfires. his puzzling message about the state dequeue water policy. plus, a small memorial ford -- 414-year-old twin sisters and the mother killed in a house fire. why police are calling the fire suspicious. the nature of a virus is to change. move. mutate.
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part general manager says
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she will ask the b.a.r.t. board for $28 million to improve safety. the plan includes boosting the number of officers riding the trains, improving security cameras, and making it harder for people to get into the system without a ticket. changes, after the stabbing death of 18-year-old nia wilson last month and other crimes. a shooting on the bay bridge earlier today left one person dead. this happened on the lower deck near treasure island about 2:30 in the morning. the chp says someone in a gray car open fire on a driver in an suv heading east. the driver of the suv was killed and two others were wounded. the incident caused huge backups for hours as officers investigated. authorities also say this was not a random attack. the mendocino complex fire has grown so large it is now the second-largest wildfire in state history.
6:31 pm
cal fire says it has scorched more than 273,000 acres as it continues to leap across natural and man-made barriers in mendocino, lake, and now colusa counties. the ranch and river fires make up the mendocino complex fire. as of tonight, the much larger ranch fire is 21% contained. the smaller river fire is 58% contained. you are watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. with wildfires burning across the state, california's attorney general is issuing a warning about price gouging. >> xavier becerra says his plan is to prosecute anyone who tries to make a profit off of people in distress. >> reporter: you could say what the state is going through right now is a battle on two fronts. on one hand, you have firefighters working to make sure planes don't consume more on tople aren't taking advantag of in their time of need. >> reporter: while it is pulled the line on the fires burning across california, state
6:32 pm
attorney general xavier becerra is drawing a line when it comes to price gouging during a time that is tough and challenging for so many families. >> we want to protect people who are in very difficult circumstances right now. and we also want those who are contemplating taking advantage of those folks by charging high prices to now, don't do it. >> reporter: businesses cannot raise prices more than 10% of what they had been charging for services prior to an emergency declaration which governor jerry brown did back on july 28th. >> so long as this area stands at a state of emergency, price gouging laws are in effect. people have to understagerices who must be victims of this natural disaster. >> reporter: he says some reports are already coming into district attorney's office is and also local police and sheriff's offices across the state. this law applies to those who sell food, emergency supplies, medical supplies, building materials and gasoline. there is also the issue of housing, where landlords are prohibited from raising prices
6:33 pm
or evicting tenants to capitalize on rising demand. >> rent is included there as well. lodging, whether it's at a hotel or apartment, you cannot go out and increase prices simply because someone is in dire straits during a state of emergency. >> reporter: the law applies to repair or reconstruction services. emergency cleanup services, transportation, and hotel accommodations. exceptions to this prohibition exists if for example the price of labor, goods, or materials has increased for the business. >> it's great to see that most californians are trying to help their californians. not take advantage of them. my message to those considering price gouging, charging excessive prices, don't do it. because, if you get reported and we get the evidence, we will prosecute. >> reporter: what happens if you are prosecuted? the punishment for that is one year in jail and a fine of up to $10,000. report price gouging by calling the attorney general's office at this number on your screen.
6:34 pm
1-800-95 2-5225. >> andre senior, thank you. president trump is storing up debate about california walder -- stirring up debate about california water policy with a new tweet. he posted today, california must allow the free flow of massive amounts of water coming from the north and foolishly being diverted into the pacific ocean. can be used for fires, farming, and everyone else. authorities say he is probably falling to the debate of how much sierra water should go to central valley firms versus protecting species like the delta smelt. >> because of this endangered species status, it requires a certain amount of the water from the sierras to be diverted to the delta. in the central valley, some farmers think that water would be better used for agriculture. is the tension between these two groups. environmental groups and the farmers. >> freshwater is also needed to keep sea water from pouring into the delta. one expert told us the president has a point when he
6:35 pm
says that trees should be cleared to keep fire from spreading, but that expert says the federal funding to do that work is lacking. now to belay hoe where investigators are investigating a deadly -- now to vallejo where investigators are looking into a deadly house fire. rob roth spoke with a neighbor who said she noticed something unusual before the fire broke out. >> reporter: people left stuffed animals and flowers in front of this street in vallejo. a teenage girl came by to remember her friends, trinh and tram tran, both 14 and full of life. >> i was talking with tram the night before. and we were actually planning to hang out on the day they passed away. >> reporter: authorities discovered the fire just before 3:00 sunday morning. that's when a third sister, an 11-year-old, had gotten out of the house and flag down a police officer.
6:36 pm
-- flagged down a police officer. the twin sisters and her mother both -- all die. the mother worked in this restaurant. >> i keep thinking about what happened to her. she's like family. she's really nice. she's like my sister. i really, really like her. >> reporter: police are calling the fire suspicious. it's unclear whether her husband, also the father of the girls, was there at the time of the fire or where he is now. one neighbor said she noticed something unusual. >> they always have a light on in there. that night, everything was completely dark. everything was shut. it is never like that. >> reporter: friends say the twins were smart, played musical instruments, and loved wrestling. >> it's really sad. i did not know that they were going to be gone so soon. >> reporter: authorities are not saying how the fire started
6:37 pm
or the cause of the debts. friends say the surviving sister is staying with relatives. in vallejo, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up next tonight, an incredible violent weekend in chicago. 11 people killed, 70 others wounded. what's being blamed for one of the most violent weekend in chicago history. and, toys for tots is known for delivering gifts for children in need but now the organization could use a helping hand. we'll explain after the break. (sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪
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the ads are everywhere back at taco bell. with mexican spices and warm nacho cheese sauce. one things for sure. the future is nacho fries! nacho fries are back. [bong!] now serving at taco bell. (sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) berkeley police say they
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made at least 20 arrest yesterday after two groups of protesters converged on civic center park right next to berkeley high. authorities released the mugshots of some of those taken into custody. fights broke out despite barricades to separate protesters from counterdemonstrators demanding an end to hate. officers also confiscated a number of weapons including steel pipes and sledgehammers. police also say they had fireworks thrown at them and that 20 cars were vandalized. at least 11 people were shot and killed in chicago in one of the most violent weekend in that chicago city's history. many others were wounded in ak victims ranged in age from 11 to 63 and include a 14-year-old girl standing in a courtyard, and a teenage boy shot while riding a bike. one shooting on the soago wound. city leaders are blaming a rise in gang violence and flow of illegal weapons. >> what happened this weekend did not happen in every neighborhood in chicago but it is unacceptable that it
6:41 pm
happened in any neighborhood of chicago. we are a better city. >> chicago police say they are deploying more officers in retaliation. authorities are also calling for stricter gun laws for repeat offenders. a program is run by marine corps and says amtrak will no longer provide trains to deliver gifts. this has some toys for tots chapters scrambling to figure out how they will get toys for children in need this year, especially those in rural areas. toys for tots officials say they've tried reaching out to amtrak to find a solution. >> the response was, it does not meet the guidelines. if you read the bottom of the guidelines, it has to make financial sense for them to do it. >> amtrak says they support the through the collection of toys. it's a first for the west
6:42 pm
coast. the new technology being added to one a port to make flights safer and cut down on weight times. we are tracking the potential for more smoke in the area as we head into the nights and mornings. also, temperatures back in the triple digits in the lynn valleys. also coming up at 7:00, anti-vaccination rally at the state capital. and, a new study that shows why some female heart attack patients have a higher survivability rate than their male counterparts. the reason for that and more, new at 7:00 on ktvu plus.
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6:44 pm
for international travelers at san jose two he -- jose's
6:45 pm
mineta san jose international airport, traveling is getting a step into the future. >> they are using facial recognition technology to improve safety and weight times. jesse gary has the report. >> reporter: these international passengers at san jose's mineta san jose international airport are the first to face new policies at customs. >> we are changing the face of travel. this morning, officials with the department of customs and border protection, homeland security and the airport announced sjc is now using biometric technology to ease the backlog at security stations. scans map areas of the eyes and nose to match a person's face against an existing picture that will be supplied at the time they get their passport or visa. >> our primary mission is to ensure that bad people and bad things not enter this country. >> reporter: sjc had a so- called soft launch back in late june.
6:46 pm
customs officials say the system is being used at other airports around the nation, including lax. officials say the so-called no delay san jose airport has seen 60% growth since 2013 in international travelers, tripling over the same time period. >> we leveraged a talent and technology here in silicon valley to improve how we serve our community globally and locally. >> reporter: federal officials say there have been a half- million tests so far across the country with a match rate at 99%. airport officials say the wait time here at san jose has been reduced from 29 minutes to 20 minutes. >> we've figured out a way to do it that is token list, -- tokenless, paperless, and easy to do. >> soon, the biometric face will be the future. >> reporter: this is parking alarm for some including at the aclu. the lawyer there told us the
6:47 pm
new technology is unproven, biased, and has enormous potential for abuse. >> that information is being collected anyway. there is nothing new here by the addition of facial recognition technology. >> reporter: some tokyo passengers who went through the new screening say it's better than the old system of producing a passport or other document. >> everything went more smoothly, i think, more than before, yeah. >> reporter: officials say the goal is to have this system set up at all departing and arriving international gates by the end of the fall. and mineta san jose international airport, i'm jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. the lines at several california dmv offices were longer than usual today. dmv says some type of computer glitch caused delays at this office in san jose and several others across the state. the problem was fixed within a few hours and it was business as usual at those dmv offices by this afternoon. all right. checking outside, a beautiful day outside. air quality not bad either, as
6:48 pm
you look out at our cam. and, what you do see is interesting. obviously the bay bridge and marine layer which is complexing -- compressing which means warmer weather. also smoke in the distance from the fires, the mendocino complex fire and carr fire in northern california. and, most of that smoke is blowing westward. or, it's a west wind blowing eastward. a lot of that smoke is going into the valley, down into the lake tahoe area, where they have not had great air quality, if you will. right now, the seabreeze is keeping us in a good position. let's giveanother camera shot. mount diablo. one of the things we talked about in the earlier newscast was the air-quality district talking about the potential for this smoke to start to build her back into the bay a little bit more to the west. and, that will cause us some air-quality issues perhaps on
6:49 pm
wednesday and thursday. we will watch that closely but just know that the central valley, i was just up there last friday, and the valley, the air-quality was not -- was really bad. noticeably bad. these are the temperatures now. back in the old days in the valleys, up around chico and orville, they used to burn what they called smudge pots to keep the almonds and fruits from freezing. they would burn old tires and whatever. could you imagine that in the 1960s? air-quality was horrible. i can't remember as what i saw this last week. tomorrow morning, 7 a.m., areas of fog and temperatures in the city may easily into the upper 60s and low 70s by the end of the day. so, 4:00, almost 70. 69 in san francisco. a nice-looking day. there is the forecast moving forward. you can see the fog up the coast. it burns off pretty quickly. the fog will stay right at the coast and because it is pinched
6:50 pm
at the coast, you can see it is cooler there. but you will also see less intrusion of the moist marine air which will increase fire danger and increase our temperatures. classics, rather. when is the last time you heard about a smudge pot? do you know what that is? >> i have heard about them. >> julie grew up in tacoma. it was kind of a thing. the air-quality got nasty up in the valley. but, there is the five-day forecast. looks like the warmest day of the week will be wednesday. the a's are the hottest team in baseball right now, and they just got even better today, picking up another starting pitcher. we'll have a details next in sports. bass pro shops and cabela's
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the a's made a move today to help with their playoff front. >> jeff joins us now in the newsrooma's are acting like a playoff team, getting stronger. the oakland a's gave notice today that they are all in when it comes to making a run in this year's baseball postseason. they acquired a veteran starting pitcher with a nice moment on his resume. >> and he got it excellent a no-
6:54 pm
hitter for mike fiers! >> that was just the third start for mike fiers with the astros. he came to detroit this season and was today acquired by the a's, one of two named cash players. they are saying this is the year to make the run. he was 7-6 with the tigers and 21 starts with a 3.48 earned run average. this was his tweet today. he thanks the people in detroit, talked about being traded is always an emotional experience. one thing is for sure, he goes from a team with no and while the a's are bolstering their lineup, the division leading astros will now have to deal with an important loss. george springer, the mvp of the 2017 world series was thrown out trying to steal on this play yesterday against the dodgers. springer jammed his thumb against the bag and was put on the 10 day disabled list.
6:55 pm
the a's begin the day for games behind houston, a team that looked impossible to catch just a few weeks ago. the raiders feel like they may have found one of the most valuable position players every team wants one of. john gruden's staff used a third-round pick in this year's draft on defensive end arden key of lsu. so far, the reviews on him has been glowing. he was wearing number 99 with oakland, had 21 sacks in 3 years in baton rouge. only four of them came last season which means if he blossoms, the raiders may have found a steal. >> we have liked him since the draft process. we felt lucky to get him where we got him. to go back 2 d watch him at lsu, he's as good of an edge rusher as there is in the country. he struggled a li last season in baton rouge but there are some things this kid can do that is very special. and hopefully we get full strength someday at the defensive end position and can
6:56 pm
show our true colors. stefan curry continues to sink his roots deeper and deeper into this part of the world, even when the warriors aren't playing. today in walnut creek, he hosted 20 of the top young basketball prospects in the country in the fifth annual sc 30 collect -- select camp. this year, the camp was the first of its kind to invite female prospects. there is a reason why curry has been doing this for 5 years now. >> every year, i look forward to this week, just to get some of the best high school kids in the country coming out here to the bay area, so for me to be able to teach a little bit about what i know about the game, this is that way to do it. to give them that experience, a little bit of guidance as they go into the ranks. something they can take home with them and make them a better basketball player and person.
6:57 pm
some more baseball for you to check out on this monday evening. the yankees are in chicago trying to end their losing streak. craig byrd thanks for all the world he has a three run homer with this drive but look at the effort by white sox centerfielder adam engel. he takes at home run away, much to the appreciation of his pitcher. despite that play, the yankees have the 4-0 lead after five innings. and, the giants host houston. we will talk about that later on tonight. back to you in the studio. >> how great would that be to learn from steph curry like that at that camp? just the little things he could show you. that's pretty cool. >> that's about all that a young basketball player would go to to get a tip or two from him or someone of that caliber. that'll do it for us. see you later, everyone. >> coverage continues at 7:00 on ktvu plus.
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