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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  August 7, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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of yule river road. cal fire says it's important that people follow evacuation orders. >> yesterday, we did have a spot fire that was well in front of the fire get established in a neighborhood. we did get numerous 911 reports that people were trapped and needed help. we immediately sent crews in there to find where those people were. a lot of the people moved from the original location they said they were. we had a lot of resources going in, checking empty homes. >> the lakeport unified school district says they will delay the start of the school year for at least two weeks because of the fire. students were supposed to go back to class tomorrow but the district says schools will need to be clear of smoke before classes start. smoke drifting into the bay area from those fires has created problems. ktvu's cristina rendon is in berkeley tonight with the spare the air alert that will go into effect tomorrow. >> reporter: take a look at this. right behind us, you can see a
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layer of fog across the san francisco skyline. pretty typical. above that, there is a gap and larger layer of smoke and haze. all of that, the effect from the fires in mendocino county. we know there is an air alert wednesday for the east bay and south bay. this isn't your typical picture- perfect view from grizzly peak in berkeley. smoke from the fires in mendocino county is creating a veil of haze and fog and parts of the bay area, from walnut creek to san jose. ricardo lopez says smoke from the past few days has made it slightly harder to breathe during his daily jog. >> it has been much more hazy. in the early morning, you have an orangey blight. you can smell the smoke down here. >> reporter: wednesday maybe worse. the potential mix of smoke and smog is prompting a spare the air alert for the east and south bays. >> temperatures starting to get hot in livermore, toward walnut creek and san jose. those are the areas, as the temperatures rise, we will start to see mixing in the
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atmosphere. that's where we are going to see the smoke in the upper levels to send to the surface. tom flanagan with the bay area air quality management district says coastal areas should not be affected. it's only the inland areas of concern. >> we don't expect air pollution to reach significantly unhealthy levels in the bay area. but we run the risk of it being unhealthy in the valleys periodically. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the american lung association says it's not just a little early so she not just elderly and children at risk. health officials say you should watch for symptoms of smoke exposure which include wheezing, headaches, burning eyes and a runny nose. now, a smoke advisory does remain in effect through friday. but, officials say the national weather, not the spare the air alert, will be issued into thursday. >> i know you are on grizzly
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peak boulevard. i live not far from there. i have not noticed any smoke where i am. where you are tonight, can you smell smoke? see any smoke? have you noticed anything there? >> reporter: it was interesting. we were here this morning and afternoon. it was much worse this morning. although you can smell the smoke, you can also see it. there is a layer of fog and you can see the gap between the fog and haze. although we have not smelled it, you can see it and like that man mentioned, there is an orange glow in the mornings. >> all right, cristina rendon, thank you. images from space show the magnitude of the fires. this is what they look like from 250 miles above earth. the images were taken by astronauts at the international space station. one of them tweeted out this picture with a message that
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said, stay safe my friends. >> there are at least 18 major fires burning across california. no doubt, it has been a devastating and destructive fire season. how does it compare to previous years? ktvu's tom vacar joins us with a closer look. >> it's important that everybody pay attention to these numbers. what i've found out is that these numbers are truly shocking. how much worse is this fire year? >> yes. >> why? >> climate change. it's all about climate change. we need to do something about it. >> it seems like it. more than the last couple of decades. it does not seem likely got many fires in the 90s. not to this scale. >> why? >> climate change. and, the fact that we are not focusing on it. >> reporter: let's compare it to previous years as of sunday night, midnight. over the last 5 years between
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january 1st and august 5th, california has averaged 3999 fires, that consumed a total of 129,000 acres. this year, so far, we've had 3981 fires that have burned 630,000 acres. at in fires on federal lands within california? we've had 4723 fires that have consumed some 750,000 acres. that's 1172 square miles. it's the total acreage of san mateo and marin county, with enough land left over to add in four times the acreage of san francisco. but, that number may actually be understated by quite a lot. >> we are responding to about 50 new fires a day in california at the moment. and, if you look at that, that could be anywhere from several hundred thousand -- 7000 acres of additional fire activity throughout the state. and, you also have to add in
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the large fire growth that is occurring throughout the week as well. >> california's worst fire season was in 2008 when 1.6 million acres were burned. but, with 3 1/2 months left in northern california's fire season, five and half months in southern california's fire season, we are on pace to exceed that. in fact, out of the last three decades, only nine full seasons have surpassed where we are right now, less than halfway through. >> we are looking at a fire season that is burning at more than five times the average compared to the past. we have never deployed over 14,000 firefighters at once in california. and, we are doing that right now at the beginning of august. >> reporter: remember, 45 to 50 new fires every day. but, it's a credit to cal fire, that 95% of the fires that pop
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up are extinguished before they get to 10 acres. that is a very shaky situation. >> and, tom, is the mendocino complex fire still burning toward the mendocino national forest? last night at this time you were saying if the planes reach this forest, the fire that is already devastating could really explode. >> reporter: it has already reached the outer parts of the forest. the problem there is very simply one of access. you have very thick forests and very few roads. not one of them paved. this is not like yellowstone or yosemite where there are lots of roads all over the place. this is much more of a forest. and as a result, the fire trucks can get in there but they don't have the almost unlimited access that you would in yellowstone or yosemite. you really have to wait this firefight with aircraft, but in an area that thick, that is not that effective. this could be a very long fire going into the national forest which will be 35 miles wide and 65 miles long. almost 1 million acres.
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>> tom vacar reporting tonight. thank you. up north, nearly 2000 structures were threatened by the carr fire burning in shasta and trinity counties. cal fire says it is 47% contained but there is no estimate yet on when crews will get full containment. nearly 1100 homes have been destroyed. and the national forest service says it is making good progress on fighting the ferguson fire and keeping it from making a run into yosemite national park. the fire is now 43% contained but the park will be closed indefinitely because of the heavy smoke and fire fighting effort. new details now on the deadly shooting on the bay bridge early yesterday morning. authorities have identified the man who was killed as 31-year- old darryl stinnette. he was a concert promoter from mesquite, texas. he had just put on an event at a club in san francisco on sunday night. his father tells us he was engaged to be married and had two sons, a 10-year-old and a newborn.
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his mother describes him as a sweet, humble, and kind man, who had never been in trouble. today, elon musk broke news on twitter. he posted for his 22 million followers saying he plans to take tesla private. the market reacted, sending stock up 11%. now investors want to know how serious he is and what this could mean for the company. ktvu's ann rubin joins us with more. >> reporter: musk appears to be very serious. he says funding has been secured, and in an email to employees he wrote, this is about creating the environment for tesla to operate fast. for months, tesla faced questions and criticism from investors about productions, finances, and the new model three. now, tesla may be going private, removing itself from the mercies of the market. elon musk made the announcement today with a tweet. >> it's interesting that he wants to take the company and
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go home. what is this doing to tesla and how is it affecting tesla shareholders? >> reporter: robert everhart with uc school of business point out tesla stocks jumps before trading was temporarily halted. it resumed, following a formal announcement from the company. in it, musk says a final decision has not been made, but he wants an outcome where tesla can operate, free from as much short-term thinking as possible. >> his actions have a great deal to do with the value of the company. when he announces he is going to do that, some people react. we saw the price go up. now he has a commitment to follow through on that or he's got explaining to do. >> reporter: auto made of journalist gary lieber says he believes the company will follow through and says elon musk should not be underestimated. >> there is so much public grief that he gets. i think this is a good way to get out from this scrutiny, the
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microscopic scrutiny that he's under right now. >> reporter: musk has said the goal was to go private at $420 a share, and then give shareholders a choice. sell, or remain invested in the company, in a special-purpose fund which allows buying and selling every six months. lieber is a shareholder and says it's a choice he'd be happy to have. >> i would take $420 for a share of stock today. you know, we will see. stay tuned, as they say. >> reporter: in a follow-up tweet this afternoon, elon musk said that investors support is confirmed, and that the only reason why the move is not certain is that it's contingent on a shareholder vote. duly? >> thank you. we will stay tuned. on wall street, the major indexes closed higher today on reports of positive corporate earnings. the dow jones is up 126 points to finish at 25,628. nasdaq went up 24 and the s&p 500 picked up 8.
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facebook is denying reports that it is actively seeking information on its users' bank account information. this follows a report in "the wall street journal" that the social network approach large banks including j.p. morgan chase and wells fargo, asking for users' transactions and account balances. facebook explained that users would have to opt into using the messenger app to access their bank accounts. those users could use the messenger app to pay bills and communicate with their banks. the dmv can be a very frustrating place. with wait times in some cases topping two hours. we all know it, we've all been there, we've all done that. tonight, state lawmakers and the dmv, trying to figure out some solutions to these long lines. also, they were coworkers and friends who worked next to each other for more than a decade but this was not any normal friendship. coming up next, the man who worked with the suspected golden state killer opened up about what he was like. plus, both sides wrapping up their arguments inside of a courtroom in san francisco.
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and purchase a new samsung phone. visit your local xfinity store today. a jury will soon as i the multimillion dollar monsanto trial. the parent company is being sued for $412 million. attorneys for duane lee johnston say those main killers made by monsanto gave their client cancer. ktvu's christien kafton is outside superior court in san francisco where a jury is deciding on the case. >> reporter: closing arguments
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just wrapped up within the last half hour. the jury has left for the day, the case is now in their hands. attorneys on both sides have one final chance to sway the jury in this matter which could end up with a price tag somewhere in a neighborhood potentially of a half billion dollars. the trial got underway last month. former school district worker duane lee johnson says he regularly used roundup and ranger pro weedkillers manufactured by monsanto. over the course of the trial, he told the jury where he developed non-hodgkin's lymphoma after being drenched in the weedkiller. they say that the failure by monsanto to study claims of the weedkiller caused his cancer and the failure of monsanto to return phone calls from johnson when he became alarmed as he developed skin lesions are evidence the company had a disregard for human health. his attorneys are asking for $39 million compensatory damages for his pain and suffering, and $373 million in punitive damages to penalize
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monsanto. the last thing the jury heard was mr. johnson's attorneys saying monsanto was to blame for his client two cancer. >> do the right thing. go back in that deliberation room. answer those questions. talk it out. figure out the truth. the truth is it causes cancer. it caused mr. johnson's cancer. and these guys need to be held accountable. >> reporter: that was the very last thing the jury heard in this case. now, for its part, monsanto has said that the roundup and ranger pro have a proven track record for safety and while they are sympathetic to johnson's pain and suffering, the products they say did not cause his cancer. >> 40 years of this product on the market. 40 years of this product being regulated. 40 years of scientific studies, ranging from human, to animal, to cell.
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the evidence is clear, the message from that evidence is clear. and it's that, this cancer was not caused by ranger pro. >> reporter: this matter is now in the jury's hands. it is up to them to decide in this case. the jury is expected to return tomorrow morning to begin deliberations. live in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. tonight, a man who was friends with a suspected golden state killer for more than a decade is revealing more about joseph d'angelo, including items that once belonged to him. wilhelm says he bought this bag of tools from him shortly after the 72-year-old truck mechanic retired. each wrenches hand engraved with his signature and the drivers license number. helms worked with him for at least 11 years and considered him a friend and considers him an average joe. he says it was hard for him to
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believe that his friend is now accused in 12 murders and 50 rapes. >> if he did it, he deserve to go down. >> helms says the last time d'angelo visited his home was less than a week before his arrest. all right. we are checking with cooler temperatures today, but smoky out there. you've noticed it morning and this afternoon. we will be back up just a little bit. we are looking at the ranch fire. this is the biggest one that is 20% contained. look at the extent of this thing by the clearlake area. these are just obviously animations. but, the extent of this fire is significant. this is the largest fire by far and these are the current temperatures within that fire. 94 degrees. 22% humidity. it's not great but not horrible. and you got 22% in high-grade as well. winds are blowing 10 to 17 miles an hour, kind of variable. what's happening with these fires quite frankly is that
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they are almost weather independent come in this kind of environment. because they are so big, you have heard all of the firefighters say it, it's so big specifically that it is creating its own environment. it really is. it is creating its own thermal low pressure and high pressure at the base convergence. just with that said, with the fire weather watch coming up in the next couple of days on thursday and friday, be aware. winds could go 35 miles per hour. that is on top of basically the idea that this fire has a mind of its own. so, the smoke this morning, and in the afternoon is when it is at its worst. you can see the complex fire, and it just funnels down the valley. when things cool down, everything cools down, the smoke cools down. it contours the valley floor and then a little bit of wind kicks it over into the bay area. that's where it was today.
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higher elevations in the bay area. tomorrow night, down a little lower. that's why the air quality district is issuing a spare the air day. fog right along the coast right now. that is notched out at the beach where it has been pretty nice the last couple of days. lots of clearing along the coast to the north. fogging pacifica and half moon bay. there are the current temperatures. cooler than yesterday by a lot. -11 in fairfield. it will start warming up around here and as it does, we are going to see less in the air quality tomorrow. you can see the air quality is not that bad. it looks bad. this is a little bit higher than the boundary layer. that is the layer where we exist, basically. but, tomorrow, we will see the smoke drop down a little bit. that is the particulate matter that will be a little bit bigger. so, a spare the air day, probably on wednesday and thursday. when i come back, we will talk more. see you with the 5-day forecast. san francisco mayor london
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breed has been on the job for less than a month and is already tackling some of the biggest issues. most recently, she expended programs to help the homeless as part of her new two year $11 billion city budget. that will be one of many topics we discussed with her during a wide-ranging live interview tomorrow morning. you can see that interview in the 8:00 hour on mornings on 2, tomorrow on ktvu fox 2 news. the star witness back on the stand. coming up, the latest testimony from paul manafort's trial. and, when we will find out if president trump plans to sit down with an interview with robert mueller. (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪
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(sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting)
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the key witness in the trial of the former trump campaign chairman was in court for more testimony today. paul manafort's defense attorney grilled rick gates about money from his business partner. lauren blanchard tells us this comes as president trump's legal team is considering robert mueller's request for an interview on the russia investigation >> reporter: we are expecting a decision any day on whether or not the president will agree to an interview with special counsel robert mueller's team. president trump's lawyers want to make sure they know what questions will be on the table. >> the president's team has been adamant that they want the spotlight to be on things that happened before the election as opposed to after the president was inaugurated. >> reporter: the response to robert mueller expected to come in the form of a letter. it would likely lay out what they would allow in an interview with special counsel and reject any in person
5:26 pm
questions about obstruction of justice. sources sing president trump's legal team would consider this in writing only. >> i think the president's lawyers are wise to say, make this be about russia. >> reporter: this, as in a federal courtroom in alexandria, virginia, the trial for former trump campaign chairman paul manafort is ongoing. ex-partner rick gates testifying against manafort, telling the courtroom he helped commit tax and bank fraud, while at the same time, embezzling from his boss. manafort and gates have been indicted by special counsel robert mueller, accused in a multimillion dollar money- laundering scheme, made through political work in ukraine. manafort has pleaded not guilty. but, some think the special counsel's team is throwing the book at him to get to his former boss. >> you are only squeezing paul manafort because you want him to testify against the president. >> reporter: the manafort case is the first trial which came out of the special counsel's investigation.
5:27 pm
however, it is separate from the investigation into russian interference in the 2016 trump campaign. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. the trump administration said today it is planning to move forward with more huge tariffs on chinese goods. the 25% tariffs would apply to $16 billion worth of chinese imports, mostly on heavy industrial products, such as steam turbines and other machinery. the administration says the new tariffs would take effect on august 23rd. these new tariffs are in addition to 25% tariffs already imposed on $34 billion on chinese products ordered by the white house last month. china has responded with tariffs of its own, and has promised more retaliation in response to the latest round of tariffs. still to come, what hours are to normal at the dmv, whether you have an appointment
5:28 pm
or not. >> i was prepared to wait as long as it took because this is my only day off. >> the dmv is looking to cut down on long lines. another arrest following a stabbing on part details about the latest arrest the transit agency announced today.
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lined out the door, this is at the dmv in the south bay. there is a hearing at the state capital as lawmakers try to solve the problem. a new push to comply with federal law mandating so-called real ids by the end of the decade is making these longings -- these lines longer. jesse gary has some of the proposals for a fix. >> reporter: a if time could actually stop, this is what it would look and feel like. silent cries to the almighty, as hundreds of people watch the hours slip past, waiting in line at the dmv. dexter rubinstein brought a band
5:32 pm
-- brand-new book. >> i understand this has to happen which is why i brought a book with me. >> reporter: from the bay area and beyond, the lines have reached the ridiculous, partially pushed over the top by the increased demand for federal real i.d. cards. this san jose resident stuck in place when he tried to check registration status on a kiosk. it broke. >> i was planning to come down here and wait as long as i could. this is my day off. >> 064 at window number one. >> reporter: the dmv has taken steps to lessen wait times including sending text notifications when your spot comes up, self check-in kiosks, so customers with appointments can move through the system faster. self-service registration terminals have been added to 10 field offices, and service expansion by adding one extra day and opening earlier in some locations. the dmv wants to do better and we will do better because our
5:33 pm
customers deserve it. we are going to continue to look for opportunities to improve our processes. >> every day, phones are lighting up across california, complaining about the lines. >> reporter: one state assembly of san francisco told this picture on the date he had his date with the dmv. tuesday afternoon, he was pulled in for a chat to see if the fix is in place will be enough, or if more is needed. >> absolutely we need a state income tax. there is no question that the state has to fix it. the dmv is an agency that is a degenerating agency. all of those people are paying fees. they are paying money. and, those fees go to support the workforce at dmv. >> reporter: on workforce, growing by 500 employees, after the state and, 240 people inside dmv headquarters, being reassigned to customer service to see if that will shorten the lines. the assembly man and his colleagues promised to monitor the situation, saying they will hold more hearings if things don't approve quick.
5:34 pm
in the san jose studio, i'm jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. the man accused of stabbing two people on a b.a.r.t. train last week is under arrest. 27-year-old solomon espinoza was arrested this afternoon in oakland he -- near laney college. he was aboard a train at the macarthur station last friday when he allegedly stabbed two men after a fight broke out. the victims were treated for non-life-threatening injuries. investigators say they recognized espinoza from b.a.r.t. surveillance video and that he has a prior terminal history. in san jose today coming community and school district leaders express their support for tomorrow's state audit of the elementary school district in the board of trustees amid allegations of fraud. two south bay lawmakers requested the audit to investigate allegations of inappropriate spending of bond money and mismanagement of funds. specifically, there are questions about the legality of contract signed last year with southern california based del tara, to build bathrooms and heating and cooling systems.
5:35 pm
the fraud allegations have divided the school board with some trustees, calling for the ouster of the district's superintendent. >> it is more important than ever right now, given the fact that on thursday, we have an item on the agenda to fire the superintendent as well as sell $35 million in bonds. >> community members say the district needs the state audit now more than ever to ensure fiscal solvency and proper spending of taxpayer money. a new report is taking a closer look at the health of babies born to mothers infected with the zika virus. the first long-term look at the health of those children and how they will be cared for. here's the report from atlanta. >> the two story is not over, especially for these children that have been impacted. >> reporter: until now, dangerous to children born to mothers infected with the mosquito borne virus, two, -- zika, have been a mystery.
5:36 pm
but now, the largest study to follow kids who are exposed to the virus is providing more answers. >> we are monitoring 7300 pregnancies, and infants from those pregnancies, where there was laboratory evidence of zika. >> reporter: the study looked at hundreds of kids in hardest hit puerto rico and other u.s. territories. is found one in seven children born to mothers infected with the virus during pregnancy, develop some kind of health problem by the time they turned one, including issues with vision, hearing, and developmental delays. >> we need to understand how many children are affected, and what sort of special needs they have, so we can help them and provide interventions to reach their full potential. >> reporter: there are no major zika outbreaks occurring right now in the united states, but health officials are stressing it is still being transmitted in many countries. >> there are nearly 100 countries and territories that have some risk of zika virus. we continue to recommend that pregnant women not travel to areas with risk of zika virus.
5:37 pm
>> reporter: health officials say they have discovered cases of two in older children. they are now looking at those cases to see what treatment is necessary for those just now showing symptoms of the disease. in atlanta, foxnews. president trump has taken a hard-line stance on illegal immigration, mostly focusing his efforts on reducing crossings at the u.s.-mexico border. but up north at our border with canada, more than 3000 miles from ocean to ocean remains largely unmonitored. some border patrol agents say the emphasis on the southern border has left them with a lack of resources, leading to a big increase in illegal crossings from canada, and it goes both ways, since 2016, thousands of immigrants in the u.s. have been fleeing to canada to avoid deportation. >> very well organized. they have scouted the area. they have scouted us. basically, we are not dealing with a jv team. >> much of interactivity is focused on a 30 mile segment
5:38 pm
from the vermont-quebec border, southeast montreal. border patrol agents have set up checkpoints in that area. still to come, how quickly things change in the nfl. one day, derek carr is the young quarterback. now, he's kind of like the elder statesman. we got a chance to talk one-on- one with him as he gets ready for his fifth season. >> on the old dad now. they are asking me questions. i'm like, i'm young, too, man. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones. - ( phone ringing ) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. visit right now or call during business hours. ♪ ♪ ♪ i put a spell on you
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training camp, day 10 for coach jon gruden and the raiders in napa. now we are days away from their first preseason game. the biggest storylines this year will be of course new head coach jon gruden and also whether quarterback derek carr can bounce back from a disappointing season last year when he suffered injuries. >> today, joe got a chance to sit down with derek carr and he joins us now from the newsroom with what he had to say. >> reporter: you know, one of the great player complaints about nfl training camps is when they have to keep doing drills where they are hitting their friends and teammates over and over. the raiders changed that up today in napa. a scrimmage today and will do so again tomorrow against the detroit lions. that is the team they will face in their first preseason game friday at the oakland coliseum. the obvious storyline with the raiders as you said right now, new head coach jon gruden. he is back after a nine year absence from the sideline. the offensively oriented coach
5:42 pm
inherits a fifth-year pro bowl quarterback in derek carr. in addition to the challenge of learning the fine points of his offense, he now finds himself in the role of veteran leader, which is considerably different from when he first joined the team. >> it's so weird. it is the weirdest thing. because now, all of the rookies see me hanging out with my wife and my two kids. on the -- i'm the old dad now. they are asking me questions and i'm like, hold on a second. i'm young, too. you are not supposed to ask me at. it's a different dynamic the way the players look at me. they are coming to me saying, i remember in high school watching you play. i'm like, what? stop it. so, it's funny, man. >> the raiders and lions play friday night at 7:30. you can see that game right here on ktvu fox 2 news. and, it does not take long for pro sports to become the old veteran. does it? >> what about khalil mack?
5:43 pm
>> still not at camp and they have chosen to not talk about people who are not at camp. right now that is a sore subject for anyone at camp. they will be happy to talk about him if and when he returns. >> what are they deciding to do? what have you heard with the kicker situation? >> as you know, the guy with local roots, from both cal and locally in high school, he is gone. and, they brought a veteran kicker in and they also have a young guy during training camp. and, that is however that washes out but in all likelihood, it's the veteran who will take the job. he is in his 14th year this year. you always like to have a couple of guys dueling in camp but usually it's the veteran guy, the experience guy who makes the team. >> i'm wondering, you have been around football all your life. what is your thought about jon gruden coming back to the nfl? i remember the coach for the washington redskins. i'm blanking on his name. he had been out for a long
5:44 pm
time, came back and it seems like the game had passed him by. >> that was joe gibbs. you are right. if there was a question about jon gruden, we all know his style. and there have been many examples when he has a microphone on the sidelines, with the raiders and with tampa bay. he is an in your face coach. there is no question about it. and actually, derek carr said to me today, he is exactly the guy who tutored me in that espn deal where they talked to the quarterbacks who are about to become draft eligible. so, there is no question about the fact that john gruden is going to be jon gruden. and if there is a question that is hanging out there, it's, will that style work with another generation of players? i've got a feeling if anybody can make that happen, what the players look for is, is the guy honest and is what he truly is all the time? that's what john gruden is. if anybody can make that work, it'll be jon gruden. >> he is not lacking in the
5:45 pm
passion department. preparing to deal with an active shooter. today, the fbi took the lead with other first responders. coming up, a look inside the drill that they hope will improve cooperation. also, a story that proves you never know who you might run into. a chance encounter and the woman who ended up buying coffee from a country superstar as he was a little short on change. we are looking at an air- quality alert for tomorrow for the bay area. smoky skies out there today. air-quality will not be good. temperatures on the increase as well.
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the fbi is hosting active shooter training for law rs fro agencies all over the bay area. instructors travel around the country for the courses to streamline the response to an active shooting. ktvu's alyssa harrington has more now from wells middle school in dublin where the weeklong session is taking place. >> reporter: trainees duck behind trees, run across the school ground, bursting through school doors in a -- with mock guns. this is part of a post certified alert training, an active shooter training that not only teaches law enforcement how to respond but train them how to become instructors. a retired sergeant with the alameda county sheriff's department. >> knowing that my coworkers, that my fellow officers are going to be ready.
5:49 pm
we are going to pass this on to them so that we are on the same page dealing with the threat. >> reporter: the training includes in the classroom lessons and introduces the best strategies to respond to an active shooter including hostage situations and how to attend to an injured victim. local , state , and federal law enforcement officers are all taking part. >> we know that all agencies will be responding at one time. we try to get them all on the same page as far as what they will do when they get there because not everyone is trained to the same standard. even in different parts of one state. by putting them through a standardized training, we can get them on the same page so that everyone knows what they are going to do. even if they don't work together regularly. >> reporter: the fbi is hosting the event and says the need for this training became evident after past mass shootings. >> this goes back to columbine -- was the game changer. in columbine, there was a philosophy of hold and wait for s.w.a.t. teams to show up to identify and do something with the crisis. that has now changed. it is the first responders, no matter who they are.
5:50 pm
>> reporter: in dublin, alyssa harrington, ktvu fox 2 news. sp colorado. the storm sent five people to the hospital and killed two birds at the zoo. a vulture and a dock. 3400 people were at the cheyenne mountain zoo when the storm hit. cars in the parking lot that you saw a moment ago were also pummeled by all of the hail. all right. we've got a smog out there. certainly in the inland valleys. you can even see it in this picture here. and actually earlier today, i was out and about. this is mount diablo. you could not see the top. julie, did you notice how smoky it was at the top? >> i did not really notice. >> it was smoked in early this morning. and, those are the bay area microclimates for you and what you'd expect. upper 50s coast side, low 90s
5:51 pm
inland. here are the highs from today. 95 in antioch. the smoke, the satellite basically, but, it looks like it is almost flowing like a river. this comes down in the morning hours, and then runs down in the valley. the air-quality i'm telling you, i was up in this area last weekend it is bad, bad, bad. just know that. it's going to be continued that way for a while until we get low pressure in here to tear everything out. those fires are big. and, they are often making weather of their own. in fact, they are. cooler temperatures, cooler than yesterday by 11 degrees in fairfield, 7 degrees in livermore. that is the interesting thing, too. you can see the fog. and then there is a clear layer. we are in the boundary layer, the area we live. and then beyond that boundary layer is the smoke coming in. that is coming in on a northerly wind. this is coming in on a lower level westerly wind.
5:52 pm
we have this windshear and that is why tonight, you will see the red and sunset tonight. you will get the fog push tomorrow. that is better, but temperatures tomorrow will be just a little bit warmer again they were today but still, the sea breeze keeping things cool. 96 in vacaville. clearlake at 99, 96 in brentwood. 91 in livermore and then 93 in morgan hill. so, what's tomorrow? wednesday? yeah, tomorrow is wednesday. just checking. >> i'm confused. we all do it. it is great. but, it feels like wednesday. >> it does. >> we are all confused. >> our week starts on sundays. >> i'm working with the days of the week. so, the five-day, it's like, i think we are here. anyway, here's the five-day forecast. air-quality will be the story. unfortunately in the bay area for the next 48 hours. the iconic brady bunch
5:53 pm
house has a new buyer who is expected to put get back on television. the home improvement network hdtv bought the property in studio city. the studio director told us that the network plans to restore the home back to the 1970s cooler. there is no word on the price, but a former band member, lance bass, said he had offered millions of dollars in his losing bid. this is a pretty cool story. a woman from new jersey bought coffee for a man who was short on cash. turns out that man was country music superstar keith urban. he stopped at a gas station to get a copy on the way to a concert outside philadelphia. the woman, ruth reed, notice he was a few dollars short, so she spotted him the cash. >> he said i'm keith. i said, that to you look like. either been. he said, i am keith urban. i argued that he wasn't. >> actually, it was. his bodyguard assured her that urban was the real deal.
5:54 pm
the two then took a picture together which has now gone viral. >> what a good woman. spotting him some cash. coming up, president trump announcing sanctions on iran. that has investors watching oil prices. up next, will the international politics hit you in your paul -- pocketbooks? and tonight, steph curry, hosting an event to raise money for the family of nia wilson. also, an update on the case of a girl welcome to the xfinity store. thanks, janet. it's my happy place. you can learn how to switch to xfinity mobile, a new wireless network that saves you cash. and you can get 5 lines of talk and text included with your internet. and over here i'm having my birthday party. dj fluffernutter, hit it! ♪ dj fluffernutter simple. easy. awesome. ask how to get $300 back when you sign up for xfinity mobile, and purchase a new samsung phone.
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(sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪ 11 americans who survived the crash last week of an
5:57 pm
aeromexico jet are now suing the airline. the plane crashed shortly after takeoff from the airport in mexico last tuesday. oh 103 passengers and crew members survived by evacuating the plane before it caught fire. the law firm handling the case says passengers have a right to know quote, exactly what caused the crash. so far that has not been determined. three of the four crewmembers have been interviewed as part of the investigation. investigators are waiting to speak with the captain still in the hospital. so far, aeromexico has not commented. oil prices ticked up today at sanctions against iran went into effect. this is the result of the u.s. withdrawing from the iranian nuclear deal. lauren blanchard reports where the administration is continuing its campaign of maximum pressure. >> reporter: tuesday, aaa reporting the national average for a gallon of gasoline is $2.86. that is $0.51 higher than this time last year. helping drive gas prices up? concern over supply as president trump restored sanctions on iran. the first round targets gold,
5:58 pm
metals, and the auto industry. >> we think the sanctions that went into effect at midnight actually began to have an effect in may, when the president pulled out of the iran nuclear deal. >> reporter: president trump tweeting tuesday morning, these are the most biting sanctions ever imposed, and in november, they ratchet up to yet another level. i'm asking for world peace, nothing less. democrat nancy pelosi says the president's move is ill- informed, and counterproductive. meanwhile, iranian president rouhani responded saying, the u.s. is engaging in quote, psychological warfare. >> translator: they should both apologize to us and compensate for the past. if they do so, we have always been ready for talks. >> reporter: government data shows gas stockpiles are 10% lower than this point last year. suggesting gas prices could still rise even higher. >> the total overall result of the sanctions will be absolutely devastating for the
5:59 pm
iranian regime. >> reporter: the oil and energy sanctions against iran have not been imposed yet. those kick in in november. in washington, lauren blanchard, ktvu fox 2 news. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 starts now. teslas ceo elon musk shakes up the stock market with a tweet. 's plan to turn his publicly traded electric car company into a private business. >> his actions have a great deal to do with the value of that company. >> it's no small deal. this would be a $70 billion buyout, the largest ever. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. elon musk has been known to put out puzzling tweets in the past but this time he appears to be serious. shares of tesla jumped after the first week before nasdaq had to hold trading for about 90 minutes. when trading resumed, shares of tesla continued to go up,
6:00 pm
closing more than 10% higher. ktvu's ann rubin on what this might mean for tesla's future. >> reporter: for month, tesla face questions and criticism from investors about production, finances, and the new model three. now, tesla may be going private, removing itself from the mercies of the market. elon musk made the announcement today with a tweet. >> it's interesting that he's reacting by saying look, i'm going to take my company and go home. what we have to be most concerned about is what's it doing to tesla and how is it affecting shareholders? >> reporter: robert everhart, with santa clara's university business school pointed out, tesla stock jumped before it halted. resumed after a more formal announcement from the company. elon musk says a more final decision has not been made, but he wants an outcome where tesla can operate at its best, free from as much short-term thinking as possible. >>


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