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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  August 7, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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closing more than 10% higher. ktvu's ann rubin on what this might mean for tesla's future. >> reporter: for month, tesla face questions and criticism from investors about production, finances, and the new model three. now, tesla may be going private, removing itself from the mercies of the market. elon musk made the announcement today with a tweet. >> it's interesting that he's reacting by saying look, i'm going to take my company and go home. what we have to be most concerned about is what's it doing to tesla and how is it affecting shareholders? >> reporter: robert everhart, with santa clara's university business school pointed out, tesla stock jumped before it halted. resumed after a more formal announcement from the company. elon musk says a more final decision has not been made, but he wants an outcome where tesla can operate at its best, free from as much short-term thinking as possible. >> his actions have a great
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deal to do with the value of the company. when he announces he's going to do something, some people react. you saw the price go up. now he has a commitment to follow through or he's got explaining to do. >> reporter: automated journalist gary lieber believes the company will follow through. he says elon musk should not be underestimated. >> there is so much public grief that he gets, and i think this is a good way to get out from the scrutiny, the microscopic scrutiny that he is under right now. >> reporter: muscat said the girl was to go private at $420 a share and then to give shareholders a choice, sell or remain invested in the company in a special-purpose fund, which allows buying and selling every six months. lieber is a shareholder and says it's a choice he'd be happy to have. >> i take $420 for a share of stock today. we'll see. stay tuned as they say. >> reporter: in a follow-up
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tweet, muscat said that investor support is confirmed, and that the only reason why the move is not certain is that it's contingent on a shareholder vote. in fremont, ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. on wall street, the major indexes close higher today on reports of positive corporate earnings. the dow was up 126, nasdaq gained 24, and the s&p 500 was up 8. new at 6:00, a final goodbye to a popular elementary school coach from oakland. his family says he was gunned down two weeks ago, leaving behind a wife and two children. ktvu's andre senior joins us now. and, the oakland born singer and her mother are among those trying to help. >> reporter: well, the connection goes back years. no one knows why he was gunned down in east oakland. at the funeral, that was not the focus. today, it was about the man, his family, and the lives he touched. >> reporter: gray skies hovered over the mortuary on tuesday,
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people paying final respects to a man whose life was taken in an act of violence. andrea evans says her son, lnefarius mcginnis, was shot several times in the 1100 block of 56 avenue on july 25th. oakland police are not releasing details of the death that leaves a 2-year-old and 5- year-old without a father. >> he was in their lives. it's going to be so hard because they don't have no dad anymore. >> reporter: the eldest sharing heartfelt stories. like the time her dad took her to the carnival. >> i asked for a funnel cake. and he said, no, you can go to the dollar section and get something there. >> what did you say? i'm like, they don't have funnel cakes.
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a moment of pain, for those who loved lnefarius mcginnis, a father, and even a student in his early days., he loved learning. it was challenging. teaching in east oakland at a middle school. >> reporter: claire stormer was his teacher and later began his colleague when he began working at fruitvale elemtary school. he worked after school programs and would mentor students who would effectually call him coach phee. he even accompanied her and her students on camping trips. she along with her daughter, actress and singer zendaya, who mcginnis knew as a child, are trying to raise money for the family he leaves behind. >> he was an amazing dad. he believed in education. and, he instilled that in his daughter's. and, they were going to go so far and do so many wonderful things. and, he's not there . i want this gofundme page to be able to help manifest what he wanted for his daughter's. >> this is the gofundme page
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for them. if you would like to help the family out, look for this link under this story at his death is the 41st homicide in oakland so far this year. again, opd has not released details about the investigation. >> andre senior, thank you. now to the latest from clearlake where the mendocino complex fire continues to grow. the smaller of the two fires, the river fire, is now 78% contained. but the ranch fire north and east of clearlake was active overnight. it has burned over 240,000 acres, and containment dropped slightly to 20%. together, those two fires have burned more than 450 square miles. making them the biggest wildfire in california history. cal fire also says they probably won't have full containment of the mendocino complex fire . >> there will be a perimeter southwest on the fire. one of the challenges is this
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is a remote, very inaccessible area, working with the force itself. it's trying to find the best areas to come across and work on getting containment. >> so far, 75 homes have been destroyed. today, some evacuation orders were lifted in the area of upper lake and scotts valley. but the lake toward unified school district says they will push back the start of classes for two weeks because of smoke and damage from the fires. up north, nearly 2000 structures remain threatened by the carr fire burning in shasta county. cal fire says it is 45% contained, but there is no estimate yet on when it will be fully contained. nearly 1100 homes have been destroyed by the carr fire. and, the national forest service says they are making good progress in fighting the ferguson fire and keeping it from making a run into the yosemite national park. the fire is 43% contained, but the park will be closed
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indefinitely because of heavy smoke and fire fighting efforts. smoke drifting into the bay area from the wildfires has prompted a spare the air alert for tomorrow. take a look at this camera along highway 24 pointing east. mount diablo is out there but is mostly obscured right now. air quality officials say tomorrow isn't going to be any better. ktvu's cristina rendon has more now on the pollution and haze in the sky. >> reporter: this isn't your typical picture-perfect view from grizzly peak in berkeley. smoke from the fires is creating a veil of haze above the fog in parts of the bay area from walnut creek to san jose. ricardo lopez says the smoke from the past few days has made it slightly harder to breathe during his daily jogs. >> it has been much more hazy. early in the morning, there is an orange light. you can smell the smoke from down here. >> reporter: air quality officials say wednesday maybe worse. the potential mix of smoke and smog is prompting potential air alerts from the east bay to the
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south bay. >> temperatures are getting hotter even into san jose. those are the areas as the temperatures rise, we will start to see mixing in the atmosphere. that's when we will see smoke in the upper levels to send to the surface. tom flanagan with the bay area air quality management district says coastal areas shall not be affected. is only the inland areas are concerned. >> we don't expect air pollution to reach significantly unhealthy levels in the bay area. but, we run a risk of it being unhealthy in the inland valleys periodically. >> reporter: a spokesman for the air quality association of california says it's not just elderly and children at risk. if you smell smoke and see ash, limit outdoor activities. health officials say to watch for symptoms of smoke exposure which include wheezing, headaches, burning eyes and a runny nose. >> i have a few friends up there and i worry about them. i actually lived near santa barbara where the thomas fire
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was raging and the air quality was really bad. i can't imagine what it's like for the people up there. their lives are completely changed because of the fire. >> reporter: a smoke advisory remains in effect through thursday. air quality officials say they have not determined if the spare the air alert will be in effect through thursday as well. cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. images from space so the magnitude of the fires. this is what the plumes looks like from 250 miles above earth. these images were taken by astronauts on the international space station. one of them tweeted the photos with a message that said, stay safe, my friends. at 6:45, more coverage of the california fires. we will look w this year compares 2 years past. you will also find updates at the san francisco coroner identified the man shot to death on the bay bridge as 31- year-old darryl stinnette. he was a concert promoter from mesquite, texas and put on an
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event at a club in san francisco sunday night, just before he was shot as he drove on the lower deck of the bay bridge early yesterday morning. his mother described him as sweet, humble, and kind. his father tells ktvu he was engaged to be married and had two sons, a 10-year-old and a newborn. >> he was definitely a great father for his kids. he was a hard-working person. he don't deserve to leave in the way that he left. he is an outstanding kid and every father would be proud to have a kid like him. >> his father says his son was not the type of person they also say they don't know the other two people in the car with him at the time he was shot. coming up, the trial for president trump's former campaign german continues. what paul manafort x business partner revealed on the witness stand. temperatures will warm up along with an air quality advisory.
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i we'll see you back here after the break with details. long lines at the dmv and now state lawmakers are getting fed up. at 6:30, the solutions they are looking at to try to improve service. >> there is no question that the state has to fix it.
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today, the trump administration says it's planning to move forward with more tariffs on chinese products. this next round would apply to $16 billion worth of chinese imports, mostly heavy
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industrial products, such as steam turbines and other machinery. the administration says the new tariffs would take effect on august 23rd. they are in addition to 25% tariffs already imposed on $34 billion on chinese products. china has responded with tariffs of its own, and has promised more retaliation in response to the latest round of tariffs. there was more explosive testimony from the star witness in the trial of former come -- former come campaign manager paul manafort. >> as lauren blanchard tells us, this comes as lawyers are getting ready to respond to special counsel about an interview on the russia investigation. >> reporter: we are expecting a decision any day on whether president trump will agree to an interview with special counsel robert mueller's team. president trump's lawyers want to make sure they know what questions will be on the table. >> the president's team has been adamant that they want the spotlight to be on things that
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happened before the election as opposed to after the president was inaugurated. >> reporter: the response to robert mueller expected to come in the form of a letter. it would likely lay out what they would allow in an interview with the special counsel and reject any in person questions about obstruction of justice. sources saying president trump's legal team would consider questions on obstruction in writing only. >> i think the president's lawyers are wise to say, make this be about russia. >> reporter: this, as in a federal courtroom in alexandria, virginia, the trial for former trump campaign chairman paul manafort is ongoing. ex-partner rick gates testifying against manafort, telling the courtroom he helped commit tax and bank fraud, while at the same time, embezzling from his boss. manafort and gates have been indicted by special counsel robert mueller, accused in a multimillion dollar money- laundering scheme, made through political work in ukraine. manafort has pleaded not guilty. but, some think the special counsel's team is throwing the book at him to get to his former boss. >> you are only squeezing paul
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manafort because you want him to testify against the president. >> reporter: the manafort case is the first trial which came out of the special counsel's investigation. however, it is separate from the investigation into russian interference in the 2016 trump campaign. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. tonight is national night out with millions nationwide expected to take part in the annual event. it is the 35th year which promotes neighborhood spirit and aims to improve relations between police and the public. the event is being held in 16,000 communities across the u.s. gatherings range from block parties, to picnics, and safety demonstrations. you can find the bay area cities holding national night out events but look under web links on our section -- look for the web links section on our website,
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you noticed the smoke this morning, a lot of it up higher elevations as you can see from this picture up on mount diablo. the fog is the -- keeping things cool, but there's the smoke from the mendocino complex fires. that's how it's going to be tomorrow. in that boundary later, -- layer, the smoke will come up. it will drop down further tomorrow, creating a spare the air day, or as it has been issued by the air-quality district for tomorrow because of that. just take it slow. not a good day to go for a run or bike outside. especially in the morning hours, believe it or not. the morning is the worst because this settles to the ground when it gets cooler. these are the highs from today which were cooler than temperatures were forecast to be. i was wrong. i thought it was going to warm up. and actually cooled down about 45 degrees.
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-- 4 to 5 degrees. it should start to warm as we move into the next couple of days. years the smoke spewing out of the fires and flowing like a river down into the valley. and, those are the morning hours, how it starts off in the morning hours, basically disperses a little bit and gets higher and starts to mix out as you get into the afternoon. there is fog along the coast. very similar to today except for smoke at lower elevations. it is a spare the air day. temperatures will be in the mid- 70s to mid-80s for most of us. we will talk more about your forecast when i see you next. a closely watched case alleging the weedkiller roundup can cause cancer is wrapping up in san francisco. we were in court today as both sides made closing arguments. also, we will hear from raiders quarterback derek carr at training camp in napa. what he told joe fonzi about the upcoming season. also, new developments in the case of a 14-year-old girl in san ramon who vanished last week. what police are telling us about her disappearance.
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police in san ramon say they have information that shows a missing 14-year-old girl planned her own disappearance and has been with a specific person since she vanished more than a week ago. taylor cusick was last seen at a friend's home the night of july 30th. police are investigating her disappearance as a runaway juvenile and do not suspect foul play. police say they have spoken to people and gathered information that she planned to run away. they declined to elaborate on that specific person who investigators say taylor is
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with because they say it could jeopardize their investigation. police say the girl's jogging pants, hoodie, and sandals were found at the friend's home where she was last seen. they say her cell phone and social media accounts have not been used in a days. the closely watched monsanto trial is wrapping up in san francisco. the parent company of the weedkiller roundup is being sued for $400 million by a man from phoenicia. he says that monsanto's products gave him cancer. ktvu's christien kafton was in court for today's arguments. >> the jury has left the court in their hands. attorneys on both sides had one final chance to make their pitch to the jury about this issue would -- which could wind up with a price tag close to a half billion dollars. the trial got underway last month. former school district worker duan e lee johnson says he regularly used roundup and ranger pro weedkillers manufactured by monsanto. over the course of the trial, he told the jury of instances
6:23 pm
where he was drenched in the weedkiller and subsequently developed non-hodgkin's,. 's attorneys say that the failure by monsanto to study claims of the weedkiller caused his cancer and the failure of monsanto to return phone calls from johnson when he became alarmed as he developed skin lesions are evidence the company had a disregard for human health. his attorneys are asking for $39 million compensatory damages for his pain and suffering, and $373 million in punitive damages to penalize monsanto. the last thing the jury heard was mr. johnson's attorneys saying monsanto was to blame for his client's cancer. >> do the right thing. go back in that deliberation room. answer those questions. talk it out. figure out the truth. the truth is it causes cancer. it caused mr. johnson's cancer. and these guys need to be held accountable. >> reporter: for his part, monsanto has set off through the trial that roundup and ranger pro have a proven track
6:24 pm
record for safety and while they are sympathetic to johnson's pain and suffering, they say their products did not cause his cancer. >> 40 years of this product on the market. 40 years of this product being regulated. 40 years of scientific studies, ranging from human, to animal, to cell. the evidence is clear, the message from that evidence is clear. and it's that, this cancer was not caused by ranger pro. >> reporter: this matter is now in the jury's hands. the jury is expected to return tomorrow morning to begin deliberations. live in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is up next with a plan to change the dmv. >> i was prepared to come down and wait as long as it took. this is my only day off. >> up next, the push to cut
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down on long wait times. also, warriors star steph curry is hosting a basketball game tonight. how he is using the money for the family of nia wilson. and, a former coworker opened up about the golden state killer. what he revealed about some of the items he sold him. stay with us. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is up next. with bold sauces,urger fresh ingredients... and starting at 6.99. you can only think one thing... how fast can i get to denny's? get a burger and fries from denny's starting at $6.99.
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now to our top stories. tesla ceo elon musk said today he's planning on taking the company private. in an email to employees, musk said going private would keep tesla from being subjected to the daily pressures of the stock market and help the company better focus on long- term goals. he also said shareholders could cash out at $420 a share, a premium of 20% over the current price. stocks soared almost 11% on the news today. going private would require approval from shareholders. there are new evacuations
6:29 pm
in mendocino county where wildfires continue to burn. the ranch and river fires have now burned more than 290,000 acres. thousands of homes are still in danger near clearlake. and this afternoon, new mandatory evacuations were orderedfor an area southeast of potter valley in mendocino county. also, people in oakland pay their final respects today to an elementary school coutu's life was taken in an act of violence. andrea evans says her 30-year- old son, lnefarius mcginnis, was shot to death on 66th avenue on july 25th. today, she laid her son to rest. police have not released details but those who loved the educator and coach are trying to move forward. actress and singer zendaya, whom he knew as ahas set up a gofundme account to help his wife and two young daughters. you are watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. lines out the door and wrapping around the building. it kind of seems like that is
6:30 pm
the new norm at many dmv offices in the state. >> the agency says the push for real i.d. cards is making the chronically longer than ever. but as ktvu's jesse gary reports, state lawmakers are now looking at solutions. >> reporter: if time could actually stop, this is what it would look and feel like. silent cries to the almighty, as hundreds of people watch the hours slip past, waiting in line at the dmv. jasper rubinstein brought a brand-new book. >> i understand this has to happen which is why i brought a book with me. >> reporter: from the bay area and beyond, the lines have reached the ridiculous, partially pushed over the top by the increased demand for federally mandated real i.d. cards. tim of san jose, stuck in place when he tried to check registration status on a kiosk. it broke. >> i was planning to come down here and wait as long as i could. this is my day off. >> now serving 064 at window number one. >> reporter: the dmv has taken
6:31 pm
steps to lessen wait times including sending text notifications when your spot comes up, self check-in kiosks, so customers with appointments can move through the system faster. self-service registration terminals have been added to 10 field offices, and service expansion by adding one extra day and opening earlier in some locations. the dmv wants to do better and we will do better because our customers deserve it. we are going to continue to look for opportunities to improve our processes. >> every day, phones are lighting up across california, complaining about the lines. >> reporter: state assembly man phil ting of san francisco took this picture on the date he had his date with the dmv. tuesday afternoon, he pulled the state dmv director in for a chat to see if the fix is in place will be enough, or if more is needed. >> absolutely we need a state income tax. there is no question that the state has to fix it. the dmv is an agency that is a
6:32 pm
degenerating agency. all of those people are paying fees. they are paying money. and, those fees go to support the workforce at dmv. >> reporter: that workforce, growing by 500 employees, after the state provided funding for hiring. and, 240 people inside dmv headquarters, being reassigned to customer service to see if that will shorten the lines. assembly man ting and his colleagues promised to monitor the situation, saying they will hold more hearings if things don't improve quickly. in the san jose studio, i'm jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. a man accused of slashing two people with a box cutter on a b.a.r.t. train last week is under arrest. 27-year-old solomon espinoza was arrested this afternoon in oakland near laney college. he was aboard a train at the macarthur station last friday when he allegedly stabbed two men after a fight broke out. the victims were treated for non-life-threatening injuries. investigators say they recognized espinoza from b.a.r.t. surveillance video and that he
6:33 pm
has a prior criminal history. steph curry will be in san francisco tonight, hosting a high school basketball game. it features some of the top players in the country. the teams are being coached by curry and his brother. this is the culmination of camp for top high school players. he has also dedicated the night to nia wilson, the 18-year-old killed in a knife attack at the macarthur b.a.r.t. station last month. the game will be streamed live on steph curry's facebook page where people can donate to nia wilson's family. the event starts tonight at 8:00. a federal appeals court held a hearing today over environmental reviews of president trump's proposed border wall. protesters sounded off outside the court in pasadena. a three judge panel heard an appeal of a court decision that allowed the administration to waive environmental reviews. attorneys say construction will threaten endangered species and
6:34 pm
wetlands. the judge who sided with the administration, judge gonzalo coryell -- curiel, is the same judge whom president trump criticized during the election in 2016. tonight, bill helms says he bought a bag of tools from the cohen state killer, joseph deangelo, shortly before he retired. he trenches and great with his signature and drivers license number. he has worked with him for years and considers him a friend. he called deangelo the average joe. helms says it was hard for him to believe that his friend was accused of 12 murders and 50 rapes. >> i knew what he was thinking before he even thought it. if he did it, he deserves to go down. >> helms says the last time deangelo visited his home was less than a week before his arrest. coming up, why airlines say they are scaling back on
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flights to mexico. also, a call for trump's star to be removed from the walk of fame. as city officials voted on the proposal. "the brady bunch" house sold. more from the owner who plans to put the iconic home back on tv. bass pro shops and cabela's
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searchers have discovered the remains of a boy at a compound in new mexico where 11 other children were living in filthy conditions. authorities raided the compound over the weekend, finding the
6:38 pm
11 malnourished children ranging in age from 1 to 15 along with two women and three men. for months, searchers have been trying to find a 4-year-old boy reported missing from georgia. the boy's father was one of the men who was arrested. so far, his remains have not been positively identified. >> yesterday at 11:19 a.m., we did find the remains of a young boy. those have been turned over to the office of medical investigations. no positive identification for that child has been made at this time. >> the coroner expects to have an identification of the boy's remains by tomorrow. 11 americans who survived last week's crash of an aeromexico jet are suing the airline. the plane crashed shortly after takeoff from the airport in mexico last tuesday during a thunderstorm. all 103 passengers and crew members survived by evacuating the plane before it caught fire. the law firm handling the case says passengers have a right to know quote, exactly what caused the crash.
6:39 pm
three of the four crewmembers have been interviewed as part of the investigation. investigators are waiting to speak with the captain, still in the hospital. so far, aeromexico has not commented. one person is dead and a dozen others are in the hospital after attending a music festival in southern california. authorities say for reasons unknown, a tracy man died sunday and 23 people were sent to the hospital. all of them were at the heart summer music festival this past weekend in fontana, east of los angeles. in 2016, three people died of drug overdoses after attending the same event. the san bernardino county sheriff's department is now investigating. more than a dozen wildfires are burning across california. up next, a look at how this year's devastation containers -- compares to prior seasons in the past. and, a spare the air day going into effect tomorrow.
6:40 pm
temperatures on the increase. coming up on ktvu plus, the trumpet ministration's sanctions against iran kicked in today. how that could affect crude oil prices in the u.s.. plus, o.j. simpson says he's loving life in las vegas, 10 months after being released from prison. tmz tells us why simpson feels there is an upside to being a convicted felon.
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there are at least 18 major fires burning across california including the mendocino complex fire, which is now the largest wildfire in california history. no doubt, it has been a devastating fire season.
6:43 pm
how does it compare to previous years? ktvu's tom vacar took a look at the numbers. >> reporter: how much worse is this fire year? >> it seems like it. more than the last couple of decades. it did not seem like we got this many fires, not to this scale. >> yes. >> why? >> climate change. >> climate change? >> it's all about climate change. they need to do something about it. >> reporter: let's compare it to previous years as of sunday night midnight. over the last 5 years between january 1st and august 5th, california has averaged 3599 fires, that consumed a total of 129,000 acres. this year, so far, we've had 3981 fires that have burned 630,000 acres. and in fires on federal lands within california? we've had 4723 fires that have consumed some 750,000 acres.
6:44 pm
that's 1172 square miles. it's the total acreage of san mateo and marin county with enough land left over to add in four times the acreage of san francisco. but, that number may actually be understated by quite a lot. >> we are responding to about 50 new fires a day in california at the moment. and if you look at that, that could be anywhere from several hundred to 7000 acres of additional fire activity throughout the state. and then you also have to add in the large fire grill that's occurring throughout the week as well. >> reporter: california's worst entire fire season was in 2008 when 1.6 million acres were burned. but, with 3.5 months left in northern california's fire season, five and half months in southern california's fire season,are on pace to exceed that. in fact, out of the last three decades, only nine full seasons have surpassed where we are right now, less than halfway
6:45 pm
through. >> we are looking right now at a fire season that is burning at more than five times the average compared to the past. we have never deployed over 14,000 firefighters at once in california and we are doing that right now. >> reporter: cal fire has to do with 45 to 50 new fires each and every day. it's interesting to note that 95% of those fires are put down before they ever reached 10 acres, or it would be a whole lot worse. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. we are tracking some tropical activity in the pacific. cooler at the coast, warm inland. you know that story. summertime in the bay area. and down in the southern pacific, the tropical pacific, we've got john, kristy, and hector. really, hector is the big story, right now a category 4. look how close it gets to the islands.
6:46 pm
that's close enough to increase the swell and create cloud cover and rain issues, especially for the big island. and even allow who will see some activity from that. just so you know, if it stays category 2, all the way through the next couple of days, that system is definitely going to have an impact. if you have friends vacationing over there. these were the highest today. 95 in antioch, 83 in morgan hill, cooler than yesterday, warmer tomorrow. it will be a spare the air day tomorrow because of all of that smoke. and then, here is the fog along the coast and there's a lot of it. it will be further inland tomorrow morning, but temperatures tomorrow with the decreased air quality. temperatures will be a little bit warmer as well. so there you go. that is your summertime. nothing unusual going on except for the smoke coming down from the fires. current temperatures, 81 in livermore, 77 in fairfield. 10 degrees cooler in fairfield, 15 degrees cooler in napa than
6:47 pm
it was yesterday and you can even see the smoke. that is just what it is. we are looking out toward the north and east a little bit. you can see the air-quality already taking a hit. fog forecast for the morning, it's in there pretty good. brings back tomorrow, and temperatures a lot like today. probably a little bit warmer with those 90s a little bit closer. so, it looks like it's going to be a smoky day tomorrow, too. it will be one of those days were if you do have the elderly, the very young, or pre- existing lung conditions, it's not a good environment for you. the good air-quality will be western marin county come out toward pacifica, ocean breeze because the sea breeze will be active there. and down to santa clara valley. where the air-quality will be not so good either. 93 in morgan hill, 60 in pacifica. so, the 5-day forecast is one that is not extraordinarily hot, or fire induces, it's just summer. but, the fire is burning, and
6:48 pm
with smoke, it's definitely going to be something to pay attention to. especially with temperatures increasing on thursday to the warmest. fire danger will be up just a little bit then. a number of airlines say they are considering cutting back flights to mexican resort, due to weak demand in part because of reports of violence. american, delta, united and spirit airlines all say resort destinations have been lacking. there has been a rise in murders in popular resort destinations, including cancun and cozumel. the state department issued a travel warning last month fortress to exercise caution in a number of tourist areas due to crime. a famous hollywood actors and leader in the time's up movement was in sacramento to push for a bill that would push for victims of workplace harassment. actress jane fonda joined union leaders for a panel discussion. the group is pushing for a measure that would prohibit employers from requiring a job applicant or new employee to sign away their legal right to file harassment lawsuits or
6:49 pm
complaints. they say too many workers in the state are forced to silently endorse harassment and discrimination because they waived their rights as a condition for employment. >> having their stories heard is one thing. changing the institutions and the laws that allow abuse and discrimination to continue is what has to happen now. that's what time's up represents. >> fonda was joined by california's second lady, jennifer newsom, who says more should be done to spark a shift in culture. the bill is opposed by business advocates who say the measure will spark a wave of business litigation, potentially driving low business leaders who cannot drive attorneys out of business. the city council in west hollywood has voted to permit the remove president trump's star from the hollywood walk of fame. they say they want it gone
6:50 pm
because of his disturbing treatment toward women and other actions. however, the unanimous vote last night actually does not matter at all. the walk of fame is run by the hollywood chamber of commerce, and the chamber says they have never removed a star from the walk of fame because each star is considered a historic fabric in hollywood. president trump received his star following his hit tv show "the apprentice." the iconic "brady bunch" house has a new buyer who is expected to put it back on television. home-improvement network hgtv bought the property. discovery's ceo says that they plan to restore the home to its 1970s glory. no word on how much they paid for the home. coming up, the giants and madison baumgartner look to get a win today over the houston astros. we'll have a highlights and the rest of sports coming up.
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♪ yeah, because you're mine ♪ with chase atms serena can now grab cash on the go, all with the tap of her phone. ♪ stop the things you do no card? no problem. life, lived serena's way. chase, make more of what's yours. tomorrow, we are talking live with san francisco mayor london breed. tomorrow on mornings on 2. well, it looks like the giants wasted another great pitching performance today against the astros. marc ibanez joins us now with sports. >> this has to be the one -- the page count has to be one of the worst things in major league baseball. madison bumgarner throwing a
6:54 pm
beauty, reached the 100 page count and gone. but the mayor did not seem to mind early on. newly elected london breed throwing out the first pitch, a longtime giants fan, having grown up in the city. second inning, giants get on the board. chased are no -- chase d'arneau with a liner to right. until the sixth inning, seven scoreless for madison bumgarner, nick hundley makes a beautiful play right here on the pitch that gets away, under hand perfectly. and, he's got his man at the plate. that is josh reddick, the former a out at the plate. madison is relieved. in the eighth inning, it is the rookie, ray black, giving up, two-run home run. who is tyler white? he hits one over and out. the giants' lead is erase. where emotion in the dugout, and there seemed to be a discrepancy as the second
6:55 pm
guessers were out big time as to whether mad bum should have stayed in the game. here are the comments. >> i voice talked to the pitchers. but, they worked pretty hard and had gone far enough. we just cannot hold a. you know, when you go into the eight with a 1-0 lead and you can't win. >> did you have a conversation with bruce that he would take you out of the game? are you okay with that? you are okay with that decision? >> yeah. >> apparently, there was or was not a conversation between the two. meantime, the giants lost all four meetings with the world champion astros and scored only five runs in those games. sounds to me like it's time to change the subject and talk about football. let's take it to napa. raiders camp always keeping it fresh up there is john bruton. they'll play an exhibition game friday.
6:56 pm
the two head coaches, matt patricia and john gruden talking it over. scrimmage today and tomorrow with the lines and then the opener friday in oakland. joe fonzi had a one-on-one with raiders quarterback derek carr and of course, a little discussion about what it's like playing under john gruden. >> on certain looks, i like certain things. he has a way of me doing that and has a way of me doing things that i like. we are trying to find that fine line of where we want to put that line. we are both figuring it out together. there are times when i say, coach, i like that. and he will be like, good, because i didn't either. >> it's going to be an interesting season. the raiders open friday against the lions, 49ers on thursday. dallas cowboys in town, and the 49ers are busy at it with the new guy, jimmy g and in his se
6:57 pm
of course, it's nice to have a great quarterback but if you don't have receivers to throw into, what are you going to do? a lot of signs pointing to that guy, goodwin, really having a breakout year. 56 catches last year, 962 yards, averaging 17 yards per catch. kyle shanahan thinks the best is possible yet to come from this guy. >> his hands have gotten better. he's gotten more consistent. he tracks the ball well. he's starting to make some tough ones. you can see is confident in his hands and how he goes up for the ball. people attack the ball like that and it means they are not scared to drop it. i'd like to joke around and say he was being a weirdo because he's always in his own world. that's how you get better. he's constantly thinking about it and is extremely better. i think all of you guys have seen it and it has paid off. we had the bay area baseball doubleheader. giants in the afternoon against the astros. the other world series team, dodgers playing the a's tonight. it will be a great baseball day in the bay. hopefully better results for oakland. >> thank you.
6:58 pm
see you later, everyone. have a great night.
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