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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  August 7, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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you can see it in the air, smoke has triggered alerts. >> so the sky looks a little brown, a little orange at times and grade mixed in as well because of the marine layer and that's all showing that there is a lot of pollution in the atmosphere.>> a smoke advisory is posted in the area and it
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could get worse before it gets better. good evening, i'm julie haner. and i'm frank somerville and we have a live coverage tonight from ktvu's amber lee with advice on what you should do if the smoke starts to bother you.>> reporter: frank, officials say the inland areas are the most affected particularly here in the east and south bays, and they are advising people to carpool, transit -- take transit or work from home. at dusk, civic park in walnut creek was filled with families with young children. one mother says this was the first time today she and her two-year-old daughter have been outdoors for an extended period of time.>> the daycare provider kept her indoors because of the air quality in the area being a little hayzier. >> reporter: in oakland -->> the air quality in the area was a little hazier. >> reporter: in oakland they
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have had smoke in the recent days. an orange glow at sunset is another telltale sign of the smoke in the sky and po in the air. experts say wednesday may be worse but mixed with smoke and smog -- it prompted an alert in the inland areas particularly in -- the east and south bays. >> where receive those temperatures get hot we see more vertical mixing in the air and that's bringing the smoke in the air down to the surface. >> the best way to avoid the health problems and the -- caused by the smoke is to stay indoors according to a video from kaiser permanente. >> reduce physical activity if possible. avoid exercising outside, or being outside for prolonged periods. >> people say they hope the skies will clear up soon. >> if it goes on longer i will
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start to be concerned, yes. >> bay area quality management district says they do not expect the air quality to hit significantly unhealthy levels. the smoke advisories in effect until thursday and they said they will know tomorrow if despair in the air -- is the air-quality alert will be extended. >> it all made for a stunning sunset, check out this time lapse from outside the ktvu studios tonight where you can see the sun peeking through the hazy sky. >> bill, it seems we are at the mercy of the winds. yes and smoke is a lot different than tracking whether -- it's like putting a bunch of ball bearings on a ping-pong ball table and then lifting one edge of it. the smoke is moving pretty independently of even some of the upper level and surface winds because it's everywhere -- you see the smoke
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from this morning and this afternoon in revenue -- this afternoon in redding just pouring into the valley like it's pouring into the river because in the morning when the temperatures cool and the inversion sinks, the fog settles down. the air-quality and marysville and places like that, really, really bad, some of the worst air quality in the state but what happens today is that some of it came back our way. we have a spare the air day tomorrow and i bet we see one tomorrow and thursday as well. we will see unhealthy air for i inland bay area communities. the best air-quality will be right along the coast and along the bay, places like san francisco with pretty good air- quality, sausalito and it's when you get out to concord and san rafael down the morgan hill -- that's the story with the smoke and when i come back we will talk about the warm up around here which is kind of starting tomorrow and will
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continue for the next couple of days. new numbers tonight on cal fire on the mendocino complex fire. the river fire, which is the smaller of the two, is 78% contained and has burned nearly 49,000 acres. the ranch fire though is much larger and still roaring. that fire is only 20% contained, down a bit from yesterday as the fire continues to grow. it's now burned 244,000 acres. >> together they've entered the record books as the largest fire in modern state history and you can see the ranch fire has run across lake fire and is now burning into colusa county northeast of clearlake. the fires are keeping people out of their homes, but fewer every day and just today six communities got the call your to return home -- got the all clear to return home. officials say it's actually worse than beijing right now. deb? >> reporter: that's right, julie. this fire -- city doesn't have fire nearby but you sure wouldn't know it from all the smoke that his just settled at
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lake level like in a bowl. evacuees are parent -- camping here and there's really no escaping it. lake county has lived in a smoky soup for almost 2 weeks. >> i drove in wearing a mask and i only have it off because i -- we're talking right now. >> reporter: the air-quality waivers between very unhealthy and hazardous -- goes back and forth between very unhealthy and hazardous. is 500 micrograms of particular it's is bad -- >> we are over 1200, so more than double the high end of what we ever expect to see. >> reporter: for hundreds of people, it was finally time to come in from the smok the homes they left in a hurry last month.>> some ash on the deck, but the strivers' northlake port house never looked so good. >> i called the house everyday -- we have a landline -- and i figured if the machine comes on, the house is still there.
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>> they know other communities across the lake still wait for the all clear.>> i almost cried last night -- knowing we could come back. >> when it burns and hisses -- the sound was unforgettable. >> reporter: those who never left share stories as they never -- as they returned. this man couldn't abandon his sheep, cows and chickens and worked alongside firefighters when the flames came in. >> we are blessed to have our houses and everything is safe. for how close the fire got you see the houses on the hill that didn't burn and it's just a miracle that they didn't.>> reporter: lines and ladders leading to the roof greed evacuees upon their return. >> we put up ladders and went down the buildings -- easy. >> you can see for yourself how close it came. >> reporter: he actually laid eyes on his home of 40 years -- >> we are glad to be home.
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i'm glad to see our houses still here.>> reporter: under the layer of smoke, routines are returning to normal for more people every day, although this trail might be rushing it -- writing the hill they often tackle -- riding the hill they often tackle -- >> legs are burning but -- spoke are you sure you should be out here? >> it's fine, a lot better than sitting indoors. >> reporter: as ncs some may be to get outdoors, this kind of exertion is to be avoided with air-quality so bad that the sampling devices plugged -- they just quit after eight hours. >> they were loaded with enough particulate that is equivalent to two years of normal air quality in lake county. >> reporter: if it takes two years to breathe one day's worth of bad stuff, lake county has gotten 40 years of pollution so far in this fire and its hatted and -- it is hazardous enough that school
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will start a few weeks late in several districts because the campuses just don't have adequate filtration. >> reporter: -- >> deborah, lake county is not a wealthy county and they've had a lot of real tough luck here with fires over the past couple of years. what if anything to the people up there need? >> reporter: -->> what if anything do the people need up there need? >> reporter: things like sleeping bags, snacks, check -- ice chests -- but within a few days the hope is that people will be able to make their way home. the remaining communities still under evacuation are the north shore communities, niece, lucerne, clearlake oaks, so those will be the last communities to go back and at that point it will become a recovery, a long time -- long- term recovery and we'll be out of the crisis mode. now to southern california a new wildfire called the holy wildfire is propping evacuations . the fire started yesterday afternoon in orange county and has now grown to 4000 acres and
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it is only 2% contained. there are semivolatile -- some volunteer evacuations in effect on the fire is burning in steep terrain as fire crews are dealing with very hot temperatures there as well. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage of all of the big fires burning across california and we will bring you updates both on-air and online. tesla ceo elon musk said today he's considering taking his company private, valuing his company at $70 billion making it the largest leveraged buyout in history. shares of tesla stock jumped after musk tweeted the announcement of the plan. when trading resumed after 90 minutes tesla closed up almost 11%. ann rubin tonight on what that might mean for the company's future. >> reporter: for months, tesla faced questions and criticism from investors about production, finances and the new model three. now, tesla might be going private, removing itself from the mercies of the -- market.
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>> it's interesting that he might say look i will take my company and go home. we have to be most concerned about, what is it doing to tesla and how is it affecting tesla shareholders? >> reporter: robert everhart of the leavy school of business points out tesla stock jumped before trading was temporarily halted. resumed after a statement saying a final decision has not yet been made but as -- -- an outcome were tesla can operate at its best free from as much short-term thinking as possible. >> when he announces he will do something some people react, you saw the price go up and now he has a commitment to follow through on that, or he has some explaining to do. >> reporter: automotive journalist gary lieber says he believes they will follow through and elon musk should not be underestimated.
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>> there is so much public grief that he gets and i think this is a good way to get out from under the microscopic -- microscopic scrutiny his and her right now.>> reporter: musk said the goal is to go private at $420 per share and then give shareholders a choice, sell or remain invested in a special- purpose fund which allows buying and selling every six months. lieber is a shareholder and said he's -- it's a choice he's happy to have. >> i would take $420 per share of stock today. stay tuned, as they say in the biz. >> he confirms the only reason the move isn't certain is that it's consenting upon a -- n rub major indices also closed higher on reports of higher earnings with the dow jones jumping 126, nasdaq going up by 24 and the s&p 500 up by eight.
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at 745 -- at 10:45 pm, wife frustration is mounting at the dmv he's both in the area -- dmvs both in the area and at- large. and the first female openly gay police chief in the department's history, we are in fremont during national night out.
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new developments in the search for a missing girl, they say she was found in fairfield and quote appears to be okay. she's been missing since july 30 and police say she then with another girl who also ran away. earlier today they said taylor had planned her disappearance and during their investigation they learned taylor had packed several bags of clothes and told several relatives and friends that she planned to run away by august 1. her mother told ktvu she still hasn't spoken with her daughter but was anticipating quote hearing her baby's voice. today was national night out with hundreds of block parties around the country. in fremont the annual event has given people a chance to meet their new police chief.
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smith is in fremont where she introduces us to chief kimberly peterson. azenith? >> reporter: a lot of people didn't know who the police chief was as she's risen through the ranks and she's the first female openly gay police chief in the department 's history. >> making connections with the community is one of her priorities as the new police chief in fremont. she's eager to meet residence at this national night out -- residents at this national night out party which is always the first tuesday in august. >> this is a great way to get out and have interactions with the community. >> reporter: she spent 22 years with the force, five years as captain. she's the city's first female openly gay chief in the department history and said it's never mattered who she was behind the badge. >> i am proud to be who i am, i am proud of my family and i'm
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proud that the agency has always welcomed us as we were. >> reporter: the former city manager appointed her for her experience and tactical and technical knowledge of police work. being the top cop doesn't talk -- come without challenges and her main goal is staffing -- like many in the bay area, they are struggling to hire officers. >> we are competing with the google's in this area -- googles in this area which is difficult. >> reporter: if the bay area's fourth largest city and with that growth comes big city problems. >> we have b.a.r.t. right behind us -- we have a significant homeless issue here in fremont. >> reporter: she's been with fremont for 20 -- 24 years and says for the most part she's felt safe. she and many others didn't know the chief but they are happy to work with her. >> we need to do our part to keep our community safe. >> reporter: here in fremont
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the chief says there has been a rise in crime like aggravated assaults and robberies and there's also been a -- been a drop in other cases including rape cases and car thefts and spoke life -- people i spoke to today said this speaks to the diversity in the city. >> congratulations to her. azenith in fremont, thank you. a man who held his parents at gunpoint surrendered peacefully after a standoff. the tense situation started around 5:15 pm at a home near stanton avenue in castro valley. the alameda county sheriff's office is a 21-year-old man -- pistol whipped his father and threatened to kill him. the man got away -- the father got away and then he held his mother inside and threatened to kill her. >> we brought in a senior hostage negotiator who was able to negotiate with him to put the weapon down and walk outside -- that all happened peacefully. >> reporter: the man's name was
10:19 pm
not given and we are told he has a history of mental illness. he was put on emergency psychiatric hold. a man accused of slashing two people with a box cutter is under arrest -- solomon espinoza was caught this afternoon in oakland near laney college. he was on board a train at macarthur station last friday when he allegedly slashed two men after a fight broke out. the victim suffered nonlife threating -- non-life- threatening injuries. he was recognized from b.a.r.t. video surveillance and he's reportedly -- he reportedly has a prior criminal history. a man shot to death being remembered as sweet, humble and kind -- he was a rap concert promoter from mesquite, texas and put on an event in san francisco sunday night just before he was shot driving on the lower deck of the bridge early monday. his father says stinnette was engaged to be married and had two sons, a 10-year-old and a newborn.
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>> he was definitely a great father to his kids. he was a hard-working person he doesn't deserve to leave in the way he left. he's just an outstanding kid and every father would be proud to have a kid like him. >> the family says their son was not the type of person to get into arguments. the highway patrol has said the shooting was targeted and they are investigating whether something may have transpired at the nightclub that led to the bridge shooting. still to come a bay area father and elementary school coach shot and killed. >> it's going to be so hard because they don't have no dad anymore. >> up next, how he's being remembered. with both the oakland a's and the san francisco giants at home -- mark will show us how it all turned out coming up a little later in sports. and new developments from a
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and ask how you get xfinity mobile included with your internet. plus, get $300 back when you buy a new smartphone. xfinity mobile. it's simple. easy. awesome. click, call or visit a store today. funeral services were held today for an elementary coach from oakland who his family says was shot and killed nearly 2 weeks ago. he leaves behind a wife and two children. the oakland born singer and actress -- and her mother are among those trying to help the family.>> reporter: a
10:24 pm
mortuary on tuesday mourners paid final respect to a man whose life was taken in an act of violence.>> andrea evans says her son was found shot several times in the 1100 block of 65th avenue on july 25. they aren't releasing the tales -- details of the death that left these two without a father.>> he was in their life -- it's going to be so hard because they don't have no dad anymore. >> reporter: the eldest sharing heartfelt stories. like the time her dad took her to the carnival. >> i asked for a funnel cake and he said -- no, you can go to the dollar treatment and get something from there. i'm like -- but they don't have funnel cake. >> reporter: it was a moment of
10:25 pm
levity on a day full of pain for those who knew him as a father, mentor and even his early days as a student. >> he had up spark in his eye -- a spark and his eye. it was challenging -- teaching in the middle school. >> reporter: he began working at fruitvale elementary school and mcginnis work in afterschool programs and mentored students who effective -- affectionately called him coach. stormer along with her daughter -- that mcginnis knew as her -- as a child -- now are trying to help the family he left behind. >> he believed in education and still -- he and still that in his daughter's -- instilled that in his daughter's -- daughters. i want this gofundme page to be able to help manifest what he
10:26 pm
wanted for his daughter's. >> this is the gofundme page for the victim. if you'd like to help out this family go to and look for this story and you'll find the gofundme leg there. his death is the 41st homicide in oakland this year. opd is not commenting on the case at this time. andre senior ktvu fox 2 news. a stunning admission from a star witness in the palmetto for trial. and will the president agree to sit down with robert mueller's team? and a very close race and a closely watched -- in a closely watched special election, the late vote in ohio and why so many people are paying attention. state officials say they are working on dmv frustrations. what they are doing to shorten the lines.
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makes it possible to track glucose levels. without drawing a drop of blood, again and again. the most personal technology, is technology with the power to change your life. life. to the fullest. two former trump campaign officials faced off as part of the first trial linked to the russia special counsel probe. paul manafort's former associate rick yates was painted as a liar and been -- liar and embezzler. trump's attorneys are now considering the ground rules
10:30 pm
for an interview with the special counsel. >> reporter: that's right, and we're expecting a decision any day as to whether the president will sit down with an interview for the special counsel's team but before that happens the president's legal team is making sure they know any of the questions that might be on the table. the president's team has been adamant they want the spotlight to be on things that happened before the election as opposed to after the president was inaugurated.>> the letter would lightly laid out -- likely layout what the interview could be about and reject any in- person questions about obstruction of justice. sources say the trump legal team would consider questions on obstruction in writing only. >> i think the president's lawyers are wise to say, make this be about russia. >> this as in a federal courtroom in alexandria, virginia the trial for prior chairman -- came in -- campaign chairman penn -- paul manafort
10:31 pm
is underway. gates embezzled from his boss and he and manafort have been indicted by robert mueller, accused in a money laundering scheme based on political work in ukraine. manafort has pleaded not guilty but something the special counsel's team is throwing the book at him to get to his boss. >> you are only squeezing paul manafort because you want him to testify against the president.>> reporter: the manafort case is the first trial to come out of the special counsel's investigation. however, it's very important to remember this: the trial is about financial crimes and not allowed -- about alleged interference from the russians or the trump 2016 campaign. frank and julie? >> ray bogan in washington tonight, thank you. now to a closely watched election where the republican candidate holds a very narrow
10:32 pm
lead in the congressional race there. the republican troy balderson has a lead of less than 1% over democrat danny o'connor in the race for the 12th can -- congressional difference, a difference of about 1700 votes. the special election was triggered by the retirement of republican congressman pat seabury -- and it's being watched closely because of the district trump won by 11 -- it's a district trump won by 11% and has been long held by republicans. he traveled to the district just three days ago and here's what some voters in the district had to say after casting their ballots. >> i voted for troy balderson because of his endorsement from pat teaberry and how he stands closely on the issues i do -- as i do.>> i voted for o'connor because i think he's for the people.
10:33 pm
>> analysts say even if balderson wins a close race may suggest the democrats are gaining ground and the president's ability to woo voters is perhaps weakening. right now balderson holds a lead of 1/8 of 1% over o'connor and overstate -- by state law that -- a recount is required if it's under a half percent but either way it will be another election in november for the same position. a man is alleging a company's weedkiller roundup causes cancer. we were in court for the closing arguments. >> the jury has left for the day, the issue now and their hands and attorneys on both sides had one final chance to make their pitch to the jury about this issue, which could wind up with a price tag close to half $1 billion. as the trial got underway -- duane lee johnson says he
10:34 pm
regularly used roundup and ranger pro, we -- weed killers used by -- put out by monsanto. he said he suddenly developed -- subsequently developed non- hodgson -- non-hodgkin's lymphoma. monsanto failed to return phone calls when he became alarmed -- and they claim it's a disregard for human health. they are asking for $39 million for pain and suffering and $373 million in punitive damages to penalize monsanto and the last thing the jury heard was the attorney saying monsanto was to blame for his client's cancer.>> do the right thing. go back in that deliberation room, answer those questions, figure it out and -- figure out
10:35 pm
the truth that it causes cancer and it caused mr. johnson's cancer and these guys need to be held accountable. >> for its part monsanto has said all through the trial that roundup and ranger pro have a proven track record of safety and while they are sympathetic to his pain and suffering, they say their products did not cause his cancer. >> 40 years of this product on the market -- 40 years of this market -- product being with regulated and 40 years of scientific studies ranging from human to animal to celtic -- -- to cell. the message is clear -- the evidence is clear and it says this cancer was not caused by ranger pro. >> this matter now in the jury's hands as they are expected to return tomorrow morning to begin deliberations. in san francisco christien kafton ktvu fox 2 news. a child abuse investigation ends with a horrible discovery. >> we did find the remains of the young boy. >> up next what we are learning
10:36 pm
from investigators about a case in mexico involving more than a dozen children. it's a spare the air day tomorrow quite possibly again on thursday -- how long will it stick around? we'll see you back here with the answers.
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searchers have discovered the remains of a boy at a compound in new mexico where 11 other children were living in filthy conditions. authorities raided the compound over the weekend -- and found children ranging in age from 1 to 15 and also found two women and three men. for months they've been trying to find a four-year-old boy reported missing from georgia. the boy's father is one of the men who was arrested but so far the body's remains have not been positively identified. >> yesterday at 11:19 am we did find the remains of a young boy. those have been turned over to the office of investigations -- no positive investigation -- identification of that boy has been made at this time. >> they expect to have identification of the boy's remains by tomorrow. a 70-year-old sick man taking his daily park -- was
10:40 pm
kicked to the ground and spat on by two men who worked -- who remain at large -- 70-year-old sikh man taking his daily walk around the park was kicked to the ground and spat on by two men who now remain at large. his relatives say he came home injured and upset. >> they kicked him really hard -- really hard. >> he tried to fight back, but was overpowered and due to an epileptic seizure he had seven years ago he wasn't able to explain to police exactly what was said and for that reason police have classified the case as an attempted robbery and not a hate crime. the attack was the second assault on a sikh man in the valley in just the past week . police are now looking for two men who attacked a 50-year-old sikh man and spray-painted a racist message on his truck last tuesday. actor -- actress jane fonda
10:41 pm
trying to boost protections for victims of workplace harassment. she took part in a panel discussion with union leaders and she and the time's up movement are pushing a measure to prohibit employers from requiring up -- an employee to give up their legal right to fire harassment -- file harassment lawsuits. they said too many people waive their rights as a condition for employment. >> having our stories heard is one thing. changing the institutions and the laws that allow abuse and discrimination to continue is what has to happen now -- that's what time bob is up represents -- time's up represents. >> the bill was opposed by state business advocates who say the change could spark a wave of litigation against business owners.
10:42 pm
long lines and short tempers at the dmv -- >> i brought a book with me but it's never fun. >> how state officials are working to reduce the rate -- the weight next time you go. smoky skies across the bay area, back with a complete forecast. with pg&e in the sierras. and i'm an arborist since the onset of the drought, more than 129 million trees have died in california. pg&e prunes and removes over a million trees every year to ensure that hazardous trees can't impact power lines. and since the onset of the drought we've doubled our efforts. i grew up in the forests out in this area and honestly it's heartbreaking to see all these trees dying. what guides me is ensuring that the public is going to be safer and that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future.
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long lines seem to be the new norm at the dmv and officials say the push for real ids is making wait times longer but it may not be hopeless as state lawmakers want to make changes and improve service. justin gary says they are hoping to come up with some long-term solutions.>> reporter: it's time -- if time could actually stop, this is what it would look like and feel like -- hundreds of people watch the hours slip past waiting in line at the dmv. dexter rubenstein brought a brand-new book. >> i understai brought it's nev fun. >> reporter: from the bay area and beyond the wait times have reached the ridiculous, partially pushed over the top by the increased demand for federally mandated real id cards.
10:46 pm
san jose -- tim was stuck in place when he tried to check registration status on a kiosk.>> this is my only day off. >> now helping 064 at window number one. >> reporter: the dmv has taken steps to lessen the wait times including sending text notifications when your spot comes up, self check-in kiosks so customers with appointments can move through the system faster, self-service registration terminals having been added to 10 field offices and expansion of service by adding an extra day and opening earlier in some locations. >> the dmv wants to do better and we will because our customers deserve it. we will continue to look for opportunities to include -- to improve our processes.>> state assemblyman -- this state assemblyman took his e the day he had to leave -- to go to the dmv. they went to chat about whether
10:47 pm
the fixes were enough or if more was needed. >> absolutely more is needed and there's no question the state has to fix it. the dmv is a degenerating agency so all those people are -- it's a feepaying agency so those fees are being paid and they go to support the workforce at the dmv. >> that workforce growing by 500 after the state provided funding for hiring and 240 people inside dmv headquarters have been reassigned to customer service to see if that will shorten the lines. assemblyman ting and his colleagues said they will hold more hearings if things don't improve -- quickly. jesse gary in the san jose studio, ktvu fox news. setting up for tomorrow's forecast -- you can see this coming from the fires and it drops down from the lower layers.
10:48 pm
tomorrow's winds will be similar and the district has issued the spare the air day for tomorrow -- the worst places will be in the inland valleys like livermore and antioch, clayton -- con cord, san rafael -- santa rosa but the further inland valleys will get hit. it's not a red flag warning -- but i could see it popping into that. we see that in reference to the fires burning in the north part of the state. there's the fog along the coast now and there's more of it that we've seen in that's the nice thing -- you know there is smoke high overhead at the service and in the valley -- surface and in the valley. tomorrow when the winds shut down as things heat up, the
10:49 pm
smoke will have a better opportunity to filter in and hence the spare the air day. you can see on the seabreeze -- green, and temperatures generally running behind where we were last night and that is fog but when you see smoke like that -- that's what you're seeing. the sky will look even more smoky tomorrow. so as we go forward tomorrow -- there it is, just like today but watch this as we get into thursday and friday with that fire weather watch going into effect we have strong pressure building from the southeast and that will keep things up and cause concerns for fire. more of this today but then on temperatures are manageable, hazy, sunshine all day and 100s in the central valley and i have to tell you it's a stew of toxic air in the valley from sacramento to davis. the air quality is horrible right now. it's like beijing and modesto, cottonwood -- so just take it slowly if you are up there.
10:50 pm
don't go for a jog. shut your windows -- in your car one of the things you can do is recirculate your air especially in all this smoke. smoke should be better on friday but in the next 48 hours the smoke will be an issue for us. tonight the oakland a's hosted their very first african- american heritage night. >> ♪ >> the oakland a's -- with the group singing the national anthem -- and fans also had a chance to see great oakland a's players from the past.>> i feel totally accepted by the folks in the great state of california and the great city of oakland so i feel like i am actually rooted in oakland.
10:51 pm
>> the fan base is very diverse and we take this as an opportunity to also incorporate are african-american vans and celebrate them and the rich history of our organization. >> they said going forward african-american heritage night will be an annual tradition for the team. they are also celebrating their 50th anniversary season this year. coming up on the 11:00 news, people are returning to their homes in lake county has the largest wildfire in state history moves in other directions, still define containment. and the oakland a's hosting the dodgers in interleague baseball -- coming up next in sports. (sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening)
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included with your internet. plus, get $300 back when you buy a new smartphone. xfinity mobile. it's simple. easy. awesome. click, call or visit a store today. mark is here with sports. >> they had about 33,000 people out there for the oakland a's -- but i will confess that a lot of them were there to see the dodgers, let's be real. 1988 they won their last world series, always nice to remind dodgers fans of that but tonight -- mc hammer out there to threw out the first pitch and he does so to nick martini and that was one of the
10:55 pm
highlights for the oakland a's as it turned out, a short evening for sean, just lasting 2 2/3 with 77 pitches and they get to him early with 01-0 lead and then a small ball -- with a 1-0 lead and then a small ball -- 2-0 following shortly after and in the 3rd inning cody bellinger with an rbi single right-center, justin turner coming in easily and the giants or rather the 80s find themselves down -- the a's find themselves down 3-0 until the sky crushed it deep and got his 32nd of the year -- if it seems like he hits when every night that's as close as they would get. in the top of the seventh matt kemp -- didn't hit it hard but hit it in the right place you have joc pederson coming in with a run that made it 4-2 and so end diaz -- the a's them so they stay 2 1/2 up in the wildcard race and meanwhile the san francisco giants get another great pitching
10:56 pm
performance, this time by madison bumgarner and that's the way it goes with problems in the late innings -- just the instant replay just about of last night, london breathe a newly elected mayor of san francisco -- london the newly elected mayor -- of san francisco, looking good throwing out the first pitch. the giants take a 1-0 lead here but they've only scored five runs in four games against the astros -- and nice work here -- seven scoreless innings and look here -- the ball gets underway, underhand flip blocking the play and watch the replay -- josh reddick, the former oakland a is a goner -- this one gets into ray black who has been sensational for the giants but not on this particular 99 mile an hour fastball. who is tyler white? he hits it 2-run shot for the astros.
10:57 pm
the giants are 0-4 against him this year. come friday night the raiders will be awfully sick and tired of the detroit lions. they scrimmage them twice -- they will scrimmage them twice tomorrow -- and then play them for the season opener on friday -- with two new coaches, matt patricia for the lions and of course jon gruden in his second coming with the raiders -- they do scrimmage again today and joe fonzi with a little one-on- one earlier today with derek car up in napa -- derek carr up in napa and i asked him what it was like to go at it under the tutelage of jon gruden. >> on certain like -- looks i like certain things and he has a way of me doing that and --
10:58 pm
we are just trying to find that fine line of where we want to put that line and we will both figure it out together, which is awesome. there are times that i will say coach i don't like that and he will say good because i didn't either.>> i didn't know derek carr could not like anythingaso end? even the guys who deserve a break already added and that means steph curry after the great conclusion of the last season with his se/30 selected camp also -- sc 30 select camp all-star game -- playing at the pavilion tonight. he dedicated game two nia wilson and raising the money -- raising money for them -- for the wilson family. this 15-year-old beat brian and tuan in the three-point shooting contest and that'sbeat brian and tuan -- antwan in
10:59 pm
the three-point shooting contest and that's a little something steph curry knows about. this is a one in 1 million catch here, read? no -- look what he does again this evening, .211 in progress -- robbery again, deep centerfield by the same guy, adam engel for the chicago white sox. the mets have themselves a pretty good centerfielder these days making a beautiful catch here, in instead of back and brandon nimmo with the beautiful play right there in centerfield and that is the sporting life for this hour -- and now it's 11:00, time for more news. next at 11 -- >> i almost cried. to be able to come back and see it -- it
11:00 pm
was overdrawing. -- it was an overjoyed feeling. >> as they return home they know unfortunately others aren't so lucky. >> the 11:00 news on ktvu fox 2 starts now. >> firefighters finally started to gain ground on the mendocino complex fires, hello, i am frank somerville. >> it's now the largest wildfire in california history, burning almost the size of los angeles. first the numbers from cal fire, the river fire, which is the smaller one, now 78% contained at 48 acres. the ranch fire is what's still growing at just 20% contained tonight down a little bit today as the flames have now spread to nearly 244,000 acres and together they've become the largest fire in modern state history. you can see the ranch fire has run across lake county


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