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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  August 8, 2018 4:30am-4:59am PDT

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good morning and welcome back to mornings on two. it is the middle of the week. >> yes it is. >> wednesday, august 8. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. mark is in for steve. you said it and i noticed a, i had to use my windshield wipers this morning. just a little bit. >> okay. yeah. some helpful information. unite though she might need the windshield wipers. just some sprinkles or drizzle, especially coast side and around the bay. also a spare the air alert weather pattern is capping the pollutants close to the surface. the alert issued for today. we are in the moderate to unhealthy group for sensitive the santa clara valley today. possibly for tomorrow because stable air will not move around much over the next few days.
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right now we have low clouds and fog. locally dense around the coast and portions of the bay. current numbers, san francisco 52. napa 55. san jose in the upper 50s and concorde 59. here is the plan this morning. areas of fog and partly sunny skies this afternoon. patchy smoke with some haze with temperatures ranging from low 60s coast side. hottest locations inland. pretty hot approaching the low to mid 90s. more on the five day forecast in a few minutes. sal has an update on the roadways. quiet so far. >> mostly quiet . the good morning. we do have traffic or a couple of things that might be problematic. let's talk about the commute on westbound 80 coming through. westbound 80, vacaville, fairfield, vallejo will see traffic moving along well across that bridge. no major issues as you pull to the east bay. you will see the traffic moving along all right. no major issues. if you're
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driving on highway four coming out to the area westbound 24 and eastbound 24 may be affected by a crash near happy valley road. we're looking at highway 24 on a live picture and i don't see anything slowing the westbound commute. getting to the bay bridge toll plaza will see the traffic mostly light. let's go back to the desk. we are monitoring the wildfires burning across the state firefighters are still trying to get a handle on the largest fire in california history, the mendocino complex fire. it is burning 457 mi.2, nearly the entire city of los angeles. containment is at 34%. some evacuated communities are being allowed back in, will but mandatory evacuation orders -- back in, but mandatory evacuation orders are still in effect progress against th
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it has burned more than 172,000 acres. almost 1100 homes have been destroyed in and around reading. some of the people who had to evacuate are now being allowed to go back home. there are still evacuations in effect in other areas. two high-stakes special elections are too close to call right now. doug luzader joining us live from washington with the political ramifications of these races. >> reporter: good morning. these are races around the country. there is a question as to what the applications are going to be for the midterm elections. is there evidence of a big blue wave that will propel democrats in retaking the house or will the presidents cloud carry the day? >> america is on the right path and we are going to keep it going that way. unded orter: ohio republican like a victory speech, but the
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numbers are still too close to call in all of the big races yesterday. the ohio special election for congress loomed large. balderson battled with democrat danny o'connor in a district president trump easily won by more than 11 points in 2016. even if he ultimately loses the race o'connor sees a win. >> you believed in us. in a race that the pundits said we had no chance even being in. you proved them wrong. >> the president is not waiting for final numbers, tweeting congratulations to troy balderson on a great win in ohio. a very special and important race. trump's campaign prowess is the big question . the kansas republican gubernatorial primary is still too close to call despite the presidents backing for candidate crisco bock. on the other hand, trump's primary choice for governor and senate in michigan both one. the november general elections will almost certainly be toughy
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it can be quite a few. on the other hand,n a day when his personal disapproval rating was close to 60%. we don't really know this time how it is going to affect voting. >> reporter: that special election in ohio where there still counting the votes, those two candidates will face one another again in the november general election. in washington with ktvu fox 2 news. happening today, opponents of daca will go before a federal judge in texas . the deferred action for childhood arrivals was introduced under president obama and shields young immigrants deportation. so far three judges have ruled against president trump's efforts to end daca . the latest lawsuit was filed in texas before a judge there. he is the same judge who ended another obto expand protections
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for immigrants who are in the u.s. illegally. about 700,000 immigrants are covered by daca. federal immigration judges are expected to announce a challenge to recent actions by attorney general jeff sessions . the judges are expected to give details on how jeff sessions and the department of justice are allegedly interfering with judicial independence as well as due process rights for those who come before the court . the challenges coming from a group of immigration judges who were here those who here thousands of cases every year. at this year's like tahoe summit fire prevention and force maintenance was at the top of the agenda. gathering which brings together lawmakers from california, nevada was held yesterday on the shores of lake tahoe. usually the focus is on preserving the clarity of the wildfires. >> the tahoe basin is on borrowed time. the fires are all around us.
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we see the smoke in the air. how much longer does tahoe have? >> in 2016 congress passed a bill to set aside 405th teen million dollars to protect like tahoe over seven years. each year congress votes on how much to hand out. this year the senate approved $12 million for force maintenance. that measure still needs house approval. california, according to city leaders, is leading the country in the fight against climate change. the state treasurer addressed a group of policy experts in sacramento where he signed a green pond pledge. he says california is committed to support initiatives like eco- friendly transportation systems , drought resistant water projects, and wildfire prevention. >> we know that the wildfires are becoming faster and more intense. we need to make sure that we come up with the proper financing to build infrastructure so that californians can protect
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themselves. >> the california -- california is the first state to sign that pledge. they say they hope other states will join california. environmental groups plan a nationwide march september 8 to combat climate change. today a month before the rally organizers will be holding a news conference in san francisco to preview that march . an artist will create a street mural during the news conference using ash and other debris from recent wildfires. today the jury will begin deliberations in the lawsuit claiming weed killers made by monsanto cause a bay area man's cancer. the jury heard closing arguments yesterday. attorneys from xanto sake 40 years of testing show the weedkiller, ranger pro and roundup, do not cause cancer. the attofor duane lee johnson says monsanto showed a disregard for human health and
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non-hodgkin's lymphoma. johnson's attorney is asking for more than $400 million in compensation and damages. a new york man is suing celebrity chef rachel ray's dog food company for $5 million. mark keith parks claims rachel ray's nutrition dog food is advertised as being natural and contains an herbicide that can cause detrimental health effects. he says that information is not included on the dog food package so he claims the company is guilty of false advertising. he also says the company is overcharging customers for a product that is not natural. nutrition its products. a new tool for people who
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live in san francisco. up next i will show you how it is designed to show people all the transit improvements happening in the city. the search is on to find people responsible for knocking this see command to the ground and then spitting on him. we will hear more about the attack from the victims son-in- law. good morning. we can see traffic is moving along well around the bay area including interstate 880 driving past oracle arena. we are tracking another round of close -- of low clouds and fog. warming temperatures inland. we will look at the forecast highs coming up.
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welcome back. new this morning, some public school students in san francisco will again have access to free and reduced price meals. the national school lunch and breakfast program will offer free meals every day to students enrolled in 54 public schools in san francisco. these schools were selected according to the number of enrolled students that come from households that get nutrition assistance programs. san francisco has released a new map of street construction across the city. the city's transit agency introduced the new tool yesterday designed to help people see what transit projects are happening in their neighborhoods. there are currently 64 projects that include improvements for pedestrian and bicycle safety, parking changes and street redesigns. three actress jane fonda went to sacramento and was pushing a bill to boost protections for
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victims of workplace harassment. jane fonda took plate -- took lace in a panel discussion. she and the times up group pushing for a measure that would ban employers from requiring a new employee to give up their legal right to file harassment lawsuits. they say too many workers are forced to endure harassment and his termination because they waive their rights as a condition for employment. >> having our stories heard is one thing. changing the institutions and the laws that allow abuse and discrimination to continue is what has to happen now. >> jane fonda was joined by california's second lady, jennifer newsome, who says or should be done to spark a shift in the culture in the work place . the bill is opposed by state business advocates who say the change could spark a wave of litigation against business owners. we are now hearing about a
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second attack on a sikh man in the central valley. police are searching for two men who kicked a seven-year-old sikh man to the ground and then spit on him in manti good. see video walking around antique is greystone park at 6:00 monday morning. two men walk-up, push him to the ground. relatives say he came home injured and upset. >> they kicked really hard. really hard. >> tried to fight back but was overpowered due to an epileptic seizure he had seven years ago and he was not able to explain to police exactly what was said. for that reason police have classified the case as an attempted robbery, not a hate crime at this time. the attack was the second assault on a sikh man in the central valley in the past week. police are looking for two men who attacked a 50-year-old sikh man and spray-painted a racist
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message on his truck last tuesday. the father of a missing boy is expected in court today. investigators are trying to identify the remains of a child's body found in a new mexico compound where the father was arrested. authorities raided the compound over the weekend. they found 11 malnourished children ranging in age from 1 - 15 inside. for months investigators have been trying to find the arrested man's sun. a four-year-old boy reported missing from georgia. so far the body found at the compound has not been positively identified. the corner expects to identify the remains sometime today. -- the corner expects to identify the remains sometime today. san francisco mayor trying to tackle some of the biggest issues in the city. most recently she expanded programs to help the homeless as part of her new to your 11 as part of her new to your $11 billion city budget. that will be one of the many topics we discussed with the mayor during a wide-ranging
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live in you video this morning. you can see that right here on ktvu fox channel 2. sal is right there. have you fixed things on the road? >> we are trying to. good morning to you. we have slow traffic out there on the altamont pass and the way to it from the tracy commute. a lot of roadway on the way. slow on 205 and 580. you can see it there and traffic will be okay. some of the roadwork should be picked up soon. there will be some slow traffic . i would 24 westbound and eastbound your happy valley road. had an overturned vehicle and traffic may be affected although not looking like to -- like it. you can see it is in a problem. on 880 north and southbound this traffic is moving well at the bay bridge toll plaza it is light. filling in for steve today is mark. good morning. the fog can be a part of the commute this morning. maybe some drizzle.
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a typical summertime weather pattern. also watching out for a fire weather watch for the areas shaded in red toward the car fire zone and the mendocino complex. this began thursday afternoon through saturday evening we will have some gusty wind in that area . the wind and heat have been a big challee for the fire crews, especially toward the mendocino complex. look how widespread this ranch far coverages -- ranch fire coverage is. we have to show you the different weather conditions. temperatures ranging from the 60s all the way to the lower 70s . a 20% relative humidity should be closer to 50 or 60%. it is dry for overnight and that is why it has been a challenge for the cruise, even for the nighttime and early morning. wind speeds will pickup this afternoon. picking up, especially by 4:00 and 5:00 with wind around 10 - 12 or maybe 15 miles an hour.
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here is satellite. we still have the fog up and down the coastline. some of that fog pushing into the bay. where starting out with overcast over oakland and san leandro, hayward. current numbers are lots of 50s. santa rosa 51. san francisco 52. san jose waking up to 59 degrees this area of high pressure is heating up. portions of the state were really supposed to heat up yesterday but the fog said no and cooled us off even inland. today we are expecting the warm up and that will translate to at least low to mid-90s. that will fit the stage for the hottest day of the week and lend and that will mean upper 90s for thursday. today we have overcast this morning with clouds clearing near the coastline at 4:00 this afternoon. beaches are still shivering with temperatures only in the lower 60s. inland spots in the red approaching the 90s toward antioch and brentwood. santa rosa 89. san francisco 64. a few more neighborhoods coming up for you. san jose 85. gilroy 94 by 4:00 this afternoon.
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here is a look at the five day. temperatures inland the hottest day of the week should be tomorrow. maybe around 95 or 97. we will gradually cool off heading toward the weekend . the beaches mainly in the upper 50s to lower 60s. talking about some heat in the short term and then cooling off by the weekend. the spotlight is on an air marshal program for monitoring passengers. the organization that may sue over the governments terror watch list system. the nature of a virus is to change. move. mutate. today, life-changing technology from abbott is helping hunt them down at their source. because the faster we can identify new viruses,
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the faster we can get to stopping them. the most personal technology, is technology with the power to change your life. life. to the fullest.
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welcome back. a muslim civil rights organization expected to file a lawsuit today over the federal governments terror watch list system. they are challenging whether a program where air marshals secretly monitored passengers with no known terrorist links is constitutional . the lawsuit claims due process rights were violated and they will ask for an injunction. the tsa recently acknowledged a program called quiet skies. that's where air marshals secretly observed the behavior of passengers, including, how often they go to the bathroom or how many hours they sleep. last night people in fremont had a chance to meet their police chief. it was national night out with block parties to create neighborhood spirit and also help build relationships between the police and the
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public. >> reporter: making connections with community is one of kimberly peterson's priorities as the new police chief in fremont. she was a to meet residents, always the first tuesday in august one of the several block parties in the community. the 48-year-old is not new to the department, having spent 22 years with the force five years as captain. what makes her different? she is the cities first fema openly gay chief in the department 62 your history. she says it never mattered who she was behind the badge. >> i'm proud of my family. i'm proud that the agency has always welcomed us as we were. >> reporter: the former city manager appointed her for her experience and tactical and technical knowledge of police work. being the top cop doesn't come without challenges. she says her main goal is staffing. like many department in the bay area, they're struggling to hire officers. >> we are competing with the
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googles and yahoo's and youtube's in this area, which is very difficult. >> reporter: at a time of the population of fremont is now 230,000 people making at the bay area's fourth largest city in with that growth comes. city problems. >> we have bart issues in the bart police is right behind us. the city, we have a significant homeless issue here in fremont. >> reporter: suzanne mott has lived in fremont for 23 years and says for the most part she feels safe. she and many others didn't know the chief. happy to work with her and the police to only say are happy she is a chief of the first, saying it really speaks to the diversity of the city. in fremont with ktvu fox 2 news. the giants lost to the astros 2 - 1 madison bumgarner started for the giants as one -- and was great. pitching seven scoreless innings.
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struck out seven. things started to unravel when the bullpen took over. astros took the lead thanks to a two run homer. the giants hope to bounce back tonight against the pittsburgh pirates. the oakland a's also lost to the dodgers 4 - 2 . the dodgers jumped out to the lead in the first. they increased that lead in the third. the 80s it started to come back in the sixth. chris davis crushed his 32nd homer of the season. yeah. chris, i'm sorry. there he goes. that would be the only run the oakland a's would score. they play again tonight at the coliseum. firefighters are battling record-breaking wildfires. up next, how much progress those fire crews have made on the mendocino complex fire. a car plunged off a cliff in marin county. how somebody in the right place at the right time probably saved that drivers life.
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good morning. right now we have traffic that is getting a little bit busier. looks pretty good driving up to highway 17. good morning. low clouds and fog near the coast and around the bay. a little warm up for the inland spots. we will look at the forecast highs and a few more changes headed our way by the weekend.
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residents at six different communities were able to go home yesterday after fire crews made progress on the mendocino complex fires. coming up, we will tell you what helped the fire crews make some headway. smoke from the wildfires spreading across the state what you are being asked to do today to help. ing us on this wednesday morning. the middle of the week. august 8. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark.yeah. back i see that on the calendar weeks ahead and i steve deserves some time off. for today you heard about that
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spare the air alert issued. this was the scene last night looking out for the open estuary.'s maze -- haze and smoke drifting overhead. we fall in moderate to unhealthy for sensitive groups for the east bay and santa clara valley. we have a lira pays today. possibly tomorrow and into friday -- we have a layer of haze today and possibly tomorrow. fog up and down the coastline. overcast in san franciscojo 59. san francisco. oakland checking in at 56. here is the plan for today. areas of fog this morning with parties and some patchy smoke. maybe some fog hanging out coast side. bi


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