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>> i'm dave clark. steve is off today. mark is right over there watching your weather. good morning. we are talking about temperatures warming up inland. yesterday warmed up a little bit and that will continue for today. upper 90s in the thursday forecast. we have the other extreme up towards eureka down toward monterey bay. reports of some drizzle toward the golding gate bridge earlier this morning. you can see some overcast from san francisco toward oakland, hayward, san jose even reporting some cloud cover. temperatures to start, san jose 58. concorde 59. santa rosa 51. san francisco and half moon bay in the 50s. here is a live camera looking toward sfo where we have still some low clouds to talk ting yo watch out for that for this morning. fog and hazy sunshine this afternoon with patchy smoke.
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air quality still an issue because we have that stable set up without much mixing. all of the pollutants get trapped closer to the surface. it is still going to be a factor today. san francisco upper 60s. all the way to the upper 90s working toward livermore and antioch. salad is standing by and has -- sally's standing by and has a look at the traffic maps. right now the commute looks good. we will start in solano county and take a look at traffic driving from vacaville, fairfield, and vallejo. looks pretty good heading toward the county with no major problems. as you can see, traffic is looking pretty good on 37 towards sonoma or sonoma county. not a bad commute at all driving out for that area. continuing to the macarthur maze, bay bridge toll plaza approach looks pretty good at the toll plaza. coming up nextk tvalley commute
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and also some of the commutes into san francisco. let's go back to the desk. the formal sentencing hearing for the two men convicted in the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland will begin today. derek almena and max harris accepted a plea deal that avoids a trial. they pleaded no contest to 36 charges of manslaughter for the 36 people killed in that fire december 2 for the 36 people killed in that fire december 2, 2016. almond it will get a nine-year sense, harris will get six years in jail. president trump's legal team has rejected the latest rules imposed by special counsel robert mueller for testimony from the president. doug luzader joins us live with the details of mueller's latest interview request. >> reporter: the presidents team wants any questioning of the president limited, assuming this even takes place, they are also concerned about the timeline. they want to see this investigation wrapped up soon. will he or won't he? president trump is said he -- has said he wants to testify
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against robert mueller who is investigating possible collusion and obstruction of justice. >> the president did nothing wrong. >> reporter: rudy guiliani says the presidents legal team has responded to mueller's latest interview request with what sounds like a counteroffer. perhaps limited questions on certain topics part of a contracted negotiation. giuliani says mueller already has much of the information he needs . >> so stop the nonsense. you are trying to trap him into perjury because you don't have a case >> reporter: the trump team may be looking for a timeline from euler as part of the deal. a commitment to wrap up the investigation soon. there is a very real danger for the president if he testifies. that's why this could lead to a subpoena battle that has wagedis reached expect the president has had a hard time keeping his story straight on some of the issues. he has had different points of view at times in the process.
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if that happens president. >> reporter: as far as the potential timeline, the presidents team would like to see this wrapped up by september. that is next month. it seems unlikely right now. in washington with ktvu fox2 news. the victims of last year's wildfires in the north bay rallied at the state capital against a plan that they say would let pg&e off the hook when it's equipment starts a fire. they want lawmakers to reject the governor's plan to reduce liability for insurance companies, utility companies if the utility acted reasonably. the governor wants to limit that liability, saying the increasing number of wildfires the governor's plan would not affect pg&e's liability the future.
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>> we need more accountability. we are also here to make sure our constitutional rights are protected. if a utility creates damage the negligence of the fire, that we are reimbursed for those standards . the governor and pg&e and the utilities are trying to take those constitutional rights away from us expect pg&e was blamed for sparking many of the fires last october but calfire still has not ruled on the cause of the tubs fire, which devastated santa rosa. the mendocino complex fire has not grown to 472 mi.2 that is bigger than the entire city of los angeles . the complex is made up of two separate fires, the river fire which is nearly contained, and the ranch fire which is burning away from homes now. deborah reports that some people in lake county have the chance to go back and see if there was a home or heartbreak waiting for them. >> this was our garage. you can see there is a firebird they had parked in their. >> reporter: for this family it
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is two out of three. rob's house intact, but his sister's house gone. his parents place just 100 yards from his own also leveled by the ranch fire. >> how are your folks holding up? >> they are doing all right. they are sad and they can't wait to get back up here. they left the area. they haven't seen this? >> no. i have taken some pitchers for them. >> reporter: in these communities where people were uprooted and flung different directions it is an evening of bittersweet reunions. and survival stories. >> i never did leave. >> reporter: 300 foot flames up close. >> like a nightmare. you still can't comprehend it. >> reporter: this rancher and his wife sheltered in their car several nice while three hotshots saved their house. >> you know your home is gone because you seen it burn, but it didn't. you go up there and it still there and the guys have a big grin on their face and say there it is.
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>> reporter: what did you say to them? >> i gave them big hugs and kisses. promised them anything they wanted. anytime, anywhere. >> you find out who your friends are in this kind of situation where people you didn't actually think cared really show their trick -- true colors that they do care about you. >> reporter: this evacuee will always member how the fire started on her 23rd birthday and how she and her parents packed up then slept in shifts. >> i slept in my car and i had an alarm go off every 10 minutes to look up the ridge. if the flames came over we were going to go. they had a yet. >> reporter: when it was time to go her worst worries were for her family's walnut orchards expect this place has been in my family for 100 years. it is one thing to lose the house and the stuff. i can live with that. if i lost my ranch and the family's history i don't even know how i would feel. >> reporter: deborah be alone ktvu fox2
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in marin county firefighters are making progress against this gas power -- gas fire that started yesterday afternoon in the black mountain area. right now it is 50% contained. point reyes, petaluma road is closed at highway one and at platform ridge road. there is no evacuation orders and no homes are in danger. the cause of the fire is under investigation. today 911 officials in solano county will gather to talk about new technology designed to help locate people who call for emergency services using a cell phone. apple recently announced it will provide location data from its devices starting this fall. the county has been working to ensure that once apples upgrade goes into effect dispatches will be able to get the information they need with the goal of reducing the amount of time it takes for people to get assistance. people living in the san mateo neighborhood being warned about a mountain lionthat has been wanderinom vi
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camino real spotted that cae his surveillance system. a security c strolling through the neighborhood late tuesday night . the surveillance system alerted the homeowner who reviewed the pitchers the next day. he suspects them outline wandered from the hills west of interstate 280 and jumped the fence onto his property. >> i saw a notification so i opened it up and it is a big cat. it is all residential area and flat so i'm just so surprised there is them outline showing up. >> police same outline sightings are actually fairly common. a big cat was spotted in a neighborhood about a mile away last month. that animal was tranquilized, tagged, and returned to the wild . the outlines are especially dangerous to small children and pets and people are advised not to go jogging against ordering a full audit of the department of motor vehicles. republican backed plan was a reaction to long
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lines at dmv offices around the state. democrats refused to vote on it they say the dmv was already overburdened with legislative mandates. republicans were angry that measure did not pass. >> we are now sensing millions of californians to long wait lines and we are basically saying, trust the dmv that made promises they did not keep. >> the dmv says they hope to ease the overcrowding and all those long wait lines by hiring hundreds of new employees and extending hours for some offices on saturdays. brock turner has lost an appeal to have his sexual assault convictions overturned . the turner was convicted of three felony charges in the assault of an intoxicated and unconscious woman outside a party back in 2015. he was sentenced to six months in jail and released after three months with credit for good behavior. turner's conviction -- attorney, rather, honoring --
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argued his conviction should be overturned . the judicial review board says there was substantial evidence that turner should have known the woman was too intoxicated to consent to sexual activity. a mother in ohio demanding justice. her 11-year-old daughter was tased. coming up, why police say they use that kind of force and we have the latest on that child's condition. the death toll rises days after a massive earthquake hits indonesia. the search for survivors is continuing. driving on the bridge so far so good. you can see there are people out there. it is moving along pretty well on the way to san francisco. in weather more low clouds and fog. it looks like summertime across the bay area. warming temperatures inland. coming up,
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the official death toll from last sunday's earthquake in indonesia has risen to 319. local media and relief organizations say the actual number is much higher. the magnitude 6.9 earthquake heavily damaged buildings throughout the region. several thousand people were injured and more than 150,000 others were left homeless. it may have been an earthquake last month that first weekend the buildings. today the pentagon will announce results of a study on
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creating a new branch of the military dedicated to space earlier this year president trump ordered the defense department to create this new space force. since then the pentagon has been studying ways to form a military branch to protect uss nitze in space. vice president mike pence is expected to give us details of a space force in an announcement from the pentagon today. valot still being counted in ohio where the special election is still too close to call . the republican in the race the 12th congressional district, troy balderson, leads danny o'connor by just 1700 votes or less than 1%. there are still more than 3000 provisional ballots left to be counted and election officials expect to have final results in the next couple of days. balderson is already declaring victory and says president trump's support helped put him over the top. >> do you believe >> yes. we are confident we have won this race. the numbers are going in our direction mathematically we are going to win this race.
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>> can you believe how close this is? we are in a tie ballgame. >> no matter the outcome both candidates will face-off again in november. tuesday nights special election was triggered by the retirement of republican congressman pat tiberi. congressman from new york who was indicted yesterday says he will run for reelection in november despite being charged with insider trading. >> the charges that have been levied against me are meritless. i will mount a vigorous defense in court to clear my name. >> republican chris collins was indicted for alleged crimes linked to an australian biotech company. collins was a major shareholder in that company was on the board of di to sell th. they sold their sh just before the 92%. tesla is . the wall street
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journal reporting the sec is looking into whether elon musk really had lined up to take tesla private. if he does not he could face civil and possibly criminal penalties. that one tweet sent tesla stock soaring and halted trading of tesla shares for about 90 minutes on tuesday. yesterday stocks closed mostly lower on worries about tariffs between the u.s. and china and lower-than-expected earnings from disney and snap . the dow fell 45 points in the nasdaq was up four and the s&p 500 lost a fraction . the stock market opens up in about two hours. investigators in fairfield looking for whoever sprayed graffiti on delivery trucks. when employees at thompson cabinetry arrived at work yesterday th in black graffiti. surveillance pitchers showed a man in a red hat tagging those trucks about 315 in the
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morning on wednesday. they believe this was an isolated incident in that area. time to go out to sell who is making sure the roads are working fine this morning. >> good morning. we do have traffic that is off to a nice start for the most part on this thursday. we start off by looking at the tracy super commute. we already have slow traffic on 205 so it only took about 45 minutes for it to get slow. this is the normal commute. there is some roadwork in both directions. right now traffic is moving along a little bit slowly. it gets better once you reach the altamont pass and had to livermore. there have been no major issues downtown oakland on the right or heading toward haywood on the left. at the bay bridge a little you head off to san francisco. what about today's weather?
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let's bring in mark. i heard some fog horns this morning. visibility could be a factor for the commuters. get ready for that today and possibly tomorrow. we have a layer of warm air coming from pressing things, a shallow marine layer that could impact the visibility in the short-term, especially coast side. how hot inland today. we have a spare the air day. warm friday and a gradually cooling-off heading toward the weekend. in terms of air all the for this morning, you can see the focus of the smoke and the air quality, poor air quality is just t area. still oranges to the east and up to the north as well. still the smoke drifting in will continue to produce hayes and patchy smoke throughout the afternoon. especially in the north bay and east bay and possibly the santa clara valley. red flag . increasing fire danger in all
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of the areas shadand into satur this includes the carr fire and the mendocino complex. once again the wind will be moving around and shifting directions. look what happens as we take this into the afternoon. instead of the easterly wind we see more of a westerly wind increasing around 10 - 13 miles an hour. here is the satellite with the fog up and down the coastline. still pushing back into the bay . right now we have overcast for oakland toward hayward and san jose and even around sfo. current numbers a lot of 50s and even a few 60s. right now concorde 62. san jose in the upper 50s. starting out in the same neighborhood we started out wednesday morning at this time. this is looking toward sfo. we get the hint we have some low clouds. once again this morning
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upper 90s to right around 100 degrees this afternoon because of this area of high pressure still building. what happens into the weekend is we will gradually cool off inland, especially by sunday. temperatures still pretty warm to hot for friday. stepping down into the weekend for saturday and sunday. here is the forecast model. clouds this morning clearing back near the coast. we are still chilly at the beaches. inland spots still 90s towards fairfield and vacaville. santa rosa 93 . the or neighborhoods, oakland 78. 90s livermore. 100 with a couple of sprinkles. one of them showing up in gilroy. san jose 88. san jose 68 degrees. not a big drop off, but still gradually cooling-off by saturday into sunday. if you like watching the oscars shows some changes are coming. up next, details about the new category just added and the new
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time limit designed to boost the ratings.
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welcome back. look at this picture. a freeway on ramp in sonoma is back open after being shut down overnight because of this big rig accident and a hazmat scare . the truck was carrying hot asphalt when it flipped just before 7:50 last t on the and drawdy road on ramp to northbound 680. to hazmat team was called in as
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a precaution . the big rig has been removed. that scene was cleared about an hour ago. at first the driver was trapped inside the truck but had to break a window to get out. he was taken to the hospital and treated for moderate injuries. new york city is now the first city in the country to cap the number of rideshare drivers allowed on its streets. officials say there are too many right shares and that includes labor and lyft. they're not going to issue anymore licenses for a year. rideshare companies are protesting against that freeze on new licenses. lift it should -- lyft issued a statement saying the cuts will bring new yorkers back to an era of struggling to get a ride. particularly in communities of color and in the outer boroughs. taxi drivers in san francisco approve of the idea and say they hope it will spread west. >> i think it's fantastic . the congestion is really bad. what we are experiencing in san francisco and the impact on the income of the cabdrivers and
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the fact that they have become so devalued. >> the new york's taxi commission will study the impact of rideshare companies and the new limits on them for 12 months and then come back with recommendations about either continuing the limits or removing them. the oakland be the dodgers last night 3 - 2 . the new starting pitcher, mike byers, took the mound for the first time since being acquired from the tigers. he was on point. the dodgers countered with their ace, clayton klead . the game. the 80s would score the winning run. a close call at home plate . wait. he is it safe. he dropped the ball. the oakland a's have the night off and will play the angels tomorrow in anaheim. here's something you don't see everyday.
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during last nights game between the yankees and the white sox in chicago the second base umpire goes into the dugout, pointing to his ear . the team doctor went out to help him and he is going inside. he had to remove an insect. it looked like a moth. you don't see that everyday. some changes are coming to the oscars ceremony in hollywood , hoping to reverse a drop a ratings . the 2019 oscars will add another category, but cut down the total run time of the show. the oscar show will run no longer than three hours and added to the of the honors awarded. action movies like black panther or horror movies like the conjuring will now have a shot at winning oscars gold. gallons of water spilling onto a road in palo alto. coming up, how long the water has been leaking and why the city says they can't turn the water off.
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a sensing hearing today for the two men convicted in the ghost ship warehouse fire begins. why the mother of one of the fire victims wishes there was a trial.
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>>goes to ship warehouse fire that killed 36 people and it is expected to be an emotional one. the victims family members are expected to talk. people forced out of their homes because of the mendocino complex fire are going back to their neighborhoods for the first time. what they are finding and when firefighters think they will have full containment. good morning and welcome to mornings on 2 on this thursday, august 9. >> good morning. let's talk about weather. i have to point out, yesterday 10 years ago mark tamayo went on ktvu for the first time doing the weather. >> august 8 doing the weather. >> august 8, 2008 . >> it feels like just yesterday. >> yeah. that zipped by. 10


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