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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  August 9, 2018 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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>>goes to ship warehouse fire that killed 36 people and it is expected to be an emotional one. the victims family members are expected to talk. people forced out of their homes because of the mendocino complex fire are going back to their neighborhoods for the first time. what they are finding and when firefighters think they will have full containment. good morning and welcome to mornings on 2 on this thursday, august 9. >> good morning. let's talk about weather. i have to point out, yesterday 10 years ago mark tamayo went on ktvu for the first time doing the weather. >> august 8 doing the weather. >> august 8, 2008 . >> it feels like just yesterday. >> yeah. that zipped by. 10 years ago.
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so much has happened since then. today a spare the air alert. hot temperatures inland. warming up for friday and then cooling things off by the weekend, especially heading towards sunday. we have the fog toward eureka and the bay area, monterey bay. some of that fog mixing out a little bit but still or overcast for sfo toward oakland and in san jose. current numbers a little warmer compared to this time yesterday. walnut creek 61. santa rosa 50. san francisco 52. san jose in the upper 50s. not a big change from yesterday . this morning areas of the fog and into the afternoon hazy sunshine including some patchy smoke in the forecast. temperatures a big temperature range. either 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, or close to 100. it is a temperature change of nearly 40 degrees later this
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afternoon from the coast all the way inland. we will look at the five day coming up. close to 100 degrees? >> yeah. i can't be wrong. right? it's either going to be 58 or 100 degrees. >> no. you are right. their ego. >> if we are wrong we try to be right. >> exactly. >> we also try hard on the traffic department. it is a little easier because we are looking at real-time information and you can see traffic here is going to be a little slow on the altamont pass approach on 205. 11 miles an hour. by the time you get to the altamont pass it is moving it, q of two it is what is taking the longest. after that looking pretty good. not a lot going on as we look at some of these commutes . the traffic is moving along well. let's move along two 880 and you can see the traffic is moving along nicely driving up
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to downtown oakland or the other way around. with look at westbound bay bridge traffic and it's not a bad commute. a crash that just happened, i will check it out next time. southbound 87 before curtner a new accident has just been called out. chp is on the way. let's go back to the desk. sensing begins today for the two defendants in the ghost ship warehouse fire that killed 36 we expect emotional statements for those who lost loved ones. leigh martinez joins us live from the courthouse in oakland. >> reporter: this is day one of the two day hearing. derek almena and max harris have pled no contest to 36 counts of manslaughter to avoid going to a trial. it is expected to be a very emotional hearing because the friends and family members of the victims are expected to speak. in exchange for that no contest plea almena will receive a nine-
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year johnson's and here's six years for their roles in the deadly fire at the ghost ship warehouse. in december 2016 people attended a concert and party thrown inside the two story warehouse. authorities say the ghost ship warehouse was a deathtrap . the party guests said the people living inside the warehouse were in danger of the makeshift electrical system set up . the warehouse layout did not provide an adequate way for escape from the building. 36 people between 17 and a 61 died of smoke inhalation when they were unable to make it out of the fire. while the ghost ship criminal case focused on almena and here's his involvement, city records and media exposed oakland's role. specifically, the city failed to elevate complaints on the property and police and firefighters had visited the warehouse before the fire, but did not make a formal complaint. several family members of the victims
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say they don't feel the plea- bargain spares them from a tile -- from a trial, but denies them information on what happened. >> that does not spare me at all. i have nightmares every night. i have a constant vision of that fire and of chelsea being trapped inside. i have not been spared from anything. i need to know the details. i need to know what really happened. >> reporter: that mother is suing oakland and other agencies she believes were involved ameena's lawyer says he expects almena will be released in less than four years because of credits he has already accumulated behind bars and harris could be out in 23 months. almena is also expected to moow. today sentencing begins at 9:30. in oakland with ktvu fox2 news.
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san francisco's police are investigating what they call a possible double homicide. officers found the bodies of two people last night at a home on turk street in the city's tenderloin neighborhood. relatives of the people had asked police to check on that. authorities have not revealed their identities or how they died. today is the first time in more than a week some lake county families forced to evacuate because of the mendocino complex fires are going to wake up in their own homes. after evacuation orders were lifted people went back to their properties to see if anything survived. for rob young almost everything was still standing. the homes of his sister and their parents are both gone. the mendocino complex fire so far has destroyed 119 homes, burned 472 mi.2 . are only is september 1. for some evacuees now staying at the lower lake high school evacuation center there is another problem.lth official
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confirmed an outbreak of the extremely contagious norovirus at that center. at least 12 people have symptoms including diarrhea and vomiting. health officials are trying to quickly get it under control. firefighters in shasta and trinity counties are making progress in the fight against the car fire. so far it has burned 275 mi.2. it started july 23. the fire grew by about 4 mi.2 yesterday. it is 47% contained. the fire has destroyed more than 1000 homes and more than 500 buildings are still threatened. police in orange county have arrested a man who they say started the holy fire which is burning in the santa ana mountains. 51-year-old forrest gordon clark was taken into custody on suspicion of a felony arson. investigators say the fire started near clerks cabin in the mountains. he reportedly had ongoing disputes with his neighbors and his cabin was the only one of a 14 that did not burn down . the holy fire has burned 6000 acres and is just contained
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the donald fire east of modesto in stock lend -- in stockton continues to burn. 55 buildings have been destroyed and 220 threatened. so far that fire is only 4% contained. highway 108 is still closed from eagle meadow road to sonora pass. the pacific crest trail has also been closed between highway 108 and highway four. for the second straight day another spare the air day. the bad air quality here in the bay area is caused by high temperatures, smog, and smoke from the wildfires. some athletic clubs canceled practices while outdoor venues closely watched the air quality. the bart board of directors will review a $28 million proposal to increase safety and security for passengers. passengers tell us they feel uneasy riding barge after a series of crimes including deaths and assault at several stations . the proposal calls for hiring more part police and
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installing emergency call boxes is encouraging bart to work with officers from law enforcement departments served by bart. >> we are talking about having a show of force on barge, on the trains, in the stations all the time so that the passengers , the loyal writers can see that they are going to be safe. >> bart says it has a mutual aid agreement in place with police and sheriff's office -- offices throughout the bay area. they are encouraging a new agreement that would apply all the time. there are opponents to adding police and security cameras. in one neighborhood people are very frustrated about a serious water leak that has been obvious for weeks. people who live along that road
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say they have been watching about 3 gallons of water going down the drain every minute. it has been happening since july 11. ann rubin says the city is not ignoring that leak, but there are complications surrounding fixing it. >> reporter: this water week has been flowing for one month. gushing down the road in palo alto. it started when the city contractor accidentally damaged a pipe. >> yes. i find it frustrating. whatever it is is not being taken care of. >> my husband and i finding -- joke about finding a way to use water to water airline. it is water that is just going down the drain. >> reporter: about two or 3 gallons a minute down the drain . the city estimates they have lost between 80,000 and 120,000 gallons of total since july 11. they say turning the water off is not an option. >> this is a major water transmission pipeline if we shut this down it would shut off water service for a number of customers in the area
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including a couple of schools. we don't want to do that. >> reporter: they could not repair the leak. palo alto has been waiting weeds just weeks to get the parts they need for the job. >> it is a somewhat unusual size which means it required specialty pa. which, unfortunately, the manufacturer happened to be out of stock so it has taken a little while for the parts to come in. >> reporter: the city thinks they will be ready next week. the trouble is construction and closed lanes of traffic will now coincide with the first week back to school. a high school and middle school are nearby. >> making sure that the students will have a safe route to school. we are going to try to minimize any traffic impact due to the construction. >> reporter: while the timing is not great residents say they are relieved to something is finally being done. >> i'm happy to hear they are planning to fix it. it has been a really long time. >> reporter: once crews get parts they expect repairs should take about a week to
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complete. in palo alto with ktvu fox2 news. two teenagers in the central valley accused of attacking a man in a possible hate crime. the connection one of the arrested teenagers has two a bay area police chief. technology may help find molly tibbetts. how bit and apple are responding to this case. on the move on interstate 880. you can see it is moving along nicely in both directions in front of oracle arena. the weather outside is solid overcast over portions of the bay area. warming temperatures heading into the afternoon. a few spots around 100 degrees. we will update those numbers coming up.
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welcome back. happening today, the man accused of slashing two passengers on a bart train with a box cutter is due in court 27- year-old salomon espinosa was arrested earlier this week in oakland near laney college. police say espinosa was on a bart train at the macarthur station last friday when he allegedly slashed two man after a fight started. the entries are non-life- threatening. investigators say they recognized espinosa from bart video surveillance and they also say he has a criminal record. the estranged sun of a
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blatant -- of a bay area police chief has been arrested for beating a man in the central valley. 18-year-old tyrone mcallister and a 16-year-old boy were both taken into custody yesterday. mcallister is the sun of union city police chief daryl mcallister. the victim was walking in a park in manti gone monday when two people walked up, pushed him to the ground and then kicked him repeatedly as well as spit on him. both suspects are charged with attempted robbery, elder abuse, and assault with a deadly weapon. the union city police chief has released a statement saying in part, words can really describe how embarrassed, dejected, and hurt my wife, daughters, and i feel right now. it is difficult for us to comprehend how one of three kids who grew up with the same parents under the same roof with the same rules and same values and character could wander so far astray. experts say the search for missing college student mill --
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molly tibbetts shows the importance and limits of technology. she vanished three weeks ago while dog sitting at her boyfriend's home. she was wearing a fit bit when she went jogging just hours before she disappeared. investigator used information from her fit bit, cell phone calls, and her social media counts to create a timeline of when she disappeared. authorities had to file search warrants with technology companies to get some of that information. >> all of it is time sensitive. both where she was and the last people to contact her. i think the way that this plays out is they separate the location data from the actual contact data. >> once a battery dies on an electronic device the signal will end as does the trail of the gps. experts say there are only a few apps like apple pay that cancel report a location once the phone has died. tech security experts hope apple may soon release a phone with a direct link to 911.
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a police officer in ohio used a taser on an 11-year-old girl who he suspected of shoplifting. police say the officer believed that the girl may have been using a backpack to shoplift at the grocery store. when the officer approached the girl he says she tried to run away so he tased her in the back. the girls mother is outraged. >> she can't be tased at all. if you can't run get off the police force. if you can't handle an 11-year- old child you really need to get off the police force. >> the girls mother says her daughter admits to taking snacks from the store but police should have handled the situation differently . the cincinnati mayor is calling for a complete investigation. we have the very latest on the commute so far on this thursday morning. >> so far so good although we have had some slow traffic already. we promised you a look at that silicon valley commute. looking pretty good from gilroy
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to san jose. driving up through that areasom out that way. it is pretty typical. we do have traffic moving well. we had an accident southbound 87 at curtner avenue. not causing a lot of slow traffic. most of the traffic is going the other way. we're looking at 280 in san jose looking good. you still have plenty of opportunity to get out there and do your thing in the silicon valley. the bay bridge also looking pretty good. metering lights usually go on at about 5:30. so far looking pretty good driving towards san francisco. what about today's weather? let's bring mark in peerk good morning. today's weather should be the warmest of the week. some upper 90s to right around 100 degrees well inland. we have a spare the air alert today for the second day. a fairly warm friday. gradually cooling-off heading toward the weekend. that spare the air alert, as far as the
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air quality scale we are falling with the moderate to unhealthy for sensitive groups. that is for the east bay and the santa clara valley. we have this stable layer of air above our heads. with that it is dropping the haze and the pollutants and the smoke. we are watching the weather conditions toward the mendocino complex. it will be hot. temperatures close to 100 degrees across portions of the fire zone. the wind is coming out of the west this afternoon. increasing maybe 10 - 13 miles an hour. we also have this come increasing fire danger later in the day today. we have a red flag warning that kicks in. all the areas shaded in red toward the car fire and the mendocino complex. atypical summertime weather pattern with dense fog hugging the coastline. we will check in on the current numbers.
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walnut creek 62. san jose 59. san francisco 52. santa rosa right around 50 degrees. today it will be hot inland. close to 100 degrees at least in the upper 90s, 98 or 99. gradually cooling-off heading toward the weekend as this guy wants to move in. not a big drop off in numbers, but still a gradual cooling trend heading toward the weekend. this afternoon the clouds clearing back to near the shoreline and all sorts of colors to show you with the temperature map that will reflect the temperatures. 70 sausalito. 93 santa rosa. vacaville 99. oakland is 78. livermore and pittsburgh in the upper 90s. san jose a forecast high of 88. san francisco 68 . the coast has not warmed up much at all. today only in the lower 60s. minor cooling cast. it looks like more cooling heading toward the weekend. samsung is set to release a new phone today.
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daly city police are investigating the pedestrian death at a parking lot of a 7- eleven . the person may have been lying down in the parking lot when he was hit by a car on a service avenue near geller boulevard off interstate 280. a preliminary investigation
5:25 am
says a car was traveling at about 5 - 10 miles an hour. we do not know why the person was on the ground but was trapped under the car and died at the scene. the driver is cooperating with police. investigators looking for the person who has sprayed graffiti on delivery trucks. when employees thompson cabinetry arrived yesterday morning they found several delivery trucks covered in black graffiti. a surveillance picture shows a man in a red hat tagging the trucks at about 3:15 a.m. on wednesday. officers believe this was an isolated incident in the area. the 49ers pb -- preseason opener is tonight at levi stadium. jimmy garoppolo and most of the starters are not expected to play into the second quarter. that means we will see some of the younger faces including joe williams who is competing with matt breida for that important backup role. williams missed all of last season because of a leg injury. that means fans will get to see
5:26 am
what he can do. tonight's game kicks off at 7:00. the raiders will host the detroit lions tomorrow. it we john gruden's first preseason game since he rejoined the team. you can watch that raiders game tomorrow at 7:30 right here on ktvu fox2 news. stories of devastation and hope . >> i gave them big hugs and kisses. promised them anything they wanted anytime anywhere. >> how this man's home was spared from the mendocino complex fire that is still burning this morning. we are live in washington d.c. with a look at how president trump's legal team is responding to special counsel robert mueller's latest request for an interview with the commander-in-chief. yes for less.
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find top brands at big savings... ...for men, women, boys and girls all for a whole lot less... the ross shoe event. yes for less. ♪ >> i am with the beat and the song, but i can't think of the group right now. the traveling will berries. as we look across the oakland estuary, pending across live picture's and it's all right. you will like it. thank you for joining us this thursday morning. it is august 9. good morning. i'm dave clark. >> i'm claudine wong in for pam cook. let's get over to mark for a look at the temperatures. a big range.
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>> we are heating up a little bit. inland mid to upper 90s. earlier that intro with that song just, everything is okay right now. here we are, thursday morning talking about warming temperatures. we have a spare the air day today. hotly -- hot inland. up about 97 or 100 degrees at one end of the temperature range. warm tomorrow and then gradually cooling-off heading toward the weekend. here is the satellite showing you this, typical summertime weather pattern across northern california with the fog. toward you rate -- toward eureka and san francisco, monterey bay and approaching e 62.change from yesterday. most areas will be up about three 3 to 5 degrees from yesterday's reading. 61 in pacifica. vallejo 88. upper 90s toward livermore and antioch. sal is standing by
5:31 am
with an update on the roadways. right now we have traffic we are checking out from vacaville and solano county. the solano county commute looks good all the way across the car keenest bridge. already some slowing on highway 37 heading west to sonoma county. there have been no major problems on the way down. this is a look at 80 westbound heading toward the macarthur maze into the bay bridge toll plaza. looking good. we checked in with the silicon valley commute and it looks fine so far. let's go back to the desk. the formal sensing hearing for the two men convicted in the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland will begin today. they both accepted a plea deal that avoids a trial. they pleaded no contest to 36 charges of manslaughter for the 36 people killed in the fire on december 2, 2016. almena will get a nine your sins and here's will get six years in jail. we will have live coverage from
5:32 am
the courthouse right here on ktvu fox to. outside the state capital victims of last year's wildfires in the north they rallied against a plan that they say would let pg&e off the hook when it's equipment starts fires. they want lawmakers to reject the governor's plan to reduce liability for utility companies if the utility company acted reasonably. the governor wants to limit that liability, saying the increasing number of wildfires could drive some utility companies out of this is . the governor's plan would not affect pg&e's liability in pass wildfires, but fire victims say the move would take away their right to be compensated in the future. >> we need more accountability. we are also here to make sure our constitutional rights are protected. if a utility creates damage the negligence of the fire, that we are reimbursed for those standards the governor and pg&e
5:33 am
and the utilities are trying to take those constitutional rights away from us. >> pg&e was blamed for causing many of the fires last october. calfire still has not ruled on the cause of the tubs fire, which devastated santa rosa. the track fires that make up the mendocino complex fire have now burned 472 mi.2. that is an area larger than the entire city of los angeles and they continue to grow. they are now burning away from communities so some of the people who were forced to evacuate our being allowed to go home. many of them are finding some twisted metal, bricks, and a fireplace where their homes once stood. there are also some encour one rancher and his wife spent several nights in their car and saw firefighters working to get to the flames on their property. >> you know your home is gone because you cite burn and it di you go up there and the guys have a big grin on their face and say there it is. >> he says he gave the
5:34 am
firefighters hugs and kisses. 119 homes have been destroyed. another 9200 are still threatened . the fires are now 47% contained but calfire does not expect to fully control the mendocino complex fire until september 1, more than three weeks from now. in marin county firefighters are making progress against a grass fire in open space near the kossila that started yesterday afternoon in the black mountain area. that's about 10 miles west of novato. right now it is 50% contained. point reyes, petaluma rome is closed at highway one and at platformge the cause of the fire is under investigation. the official death toll from last sunday's earthquake in indonesia has risen to 319 . the local media and relief organizations say they believe the actual number is much higher. magnitude 6.9 earthquake heavily damaged buildings in the region. several thousand people were injured and more than 150,000
5:35 am
others were left homeless. there have been dozens of aftershocks, but seismologists say it may have been an earthquake last month that first weekend of the buildings. today the pentagon will announce the results of a study on creating a new branch of the military dedicated to space. earlier this year president trump ordered the defense department to create the new space force. since then the pentagon has been studying how to form a military branch to protect american assets in space . mike pence is expected to give details of a space force in an announcement today. president trump's legal team and has rejected the latest ground rules proposed by robert mueller for testimony from the president. doug luzader joins us live from washington with the details of miller's latest interview request. >> reporter: where watching these proposals go back and forth between the presidents lawyers and the team assembled by special counsel robert mueller. they may eventually
5:36 am
reach a deal to have the president testify, but they are not there yet. will he or won't he? president trump has said he wants to testify before special counsel robert muellercousion a justice but his lawyers aren't so sure. back the president did nothing wrong. >> reporter: rudy guiliani says the president legal team has responded to miller's latest interview request with what sounds like a counteroffer perhaps limited questions on certain topics. part of a protracted negotiation. giuliani is opening questioning mueller's motives, saying he already has much of the information he needs. >> stop the nonsense. you are trying to trap him into perjury because you don't have a case. >> the trump team maybe looking for a timeline from a mueller as part of the deal. a commitment to wrap up the investigation soon. there is a very real danger for the president
5:37 am
expect to be honest, the president has had a hard time keeping his story straight on some of the issues. he has had different points of view at times in this process. if that happens in front of the special counsel on the record that is a disaster for the resident. he should listen to his legal team. >> reporter: both sides have an incentive to reach an agreement because if mueller eventually goes down the road of seeking a subpoena the president and his legal team will no doubt find it and winds up at the supreme court. it is unclear ho in washington for ktvu fox2 news. community activist kat brooks is in the race for the mayor of oakland. she filed paperwork at city hall yesterday. she was surrounded by supporters . her platform focuses on housing, education, and upholding city policies. she maybe best known for her anti-police tear project. she said she would reap direct police funding to crime direction as mayor. >> we have been knocking on
5:38 am
doors and the people that are impacted are ready for a change. we have to organize them into the campaign and be disciplined, strategic, and focused. we have 92 days left. that's three months. we can win this. >> brooks will face a crowded field in her challenge to current mayor lee shaft. at least seven others have announced their plans to run in the november election. former staff -- sanford swimmer brock turner lost an appeal to over turn his sexual assault conviction. he was convicted of three felony charges in the assault on an intoxicated and on -- and unconscious woman outside a party in 2015. he was sentenced to six months in jail but was released after only three months, getting credit for good behavior. turner's lawyers appealed, saying there was a lack of evidence. in denying that appeal to judicial review board says there was plenty of evidence that turner should have known the woman was too intoxicated to consent to
5:39 am
sexual activities. safety and security on bart will be in the spotlight today. coming up, details on what the board of directors is doing this morning and why some people are concerned about the new proposal. outlines and spotted roaming around a bay area suburb . we will tell you where it was spotted and what people in that area should know. good morning. right now we have traffic that is getting a little bit more crowded here and there. more people are on highway 24 heading toward the tunnel and oakland. a lot of low clouds and fog in portions of the bay. warming temperatures inland. coming up, the hottest day of the weekend a few more changes by the weekend.
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today don will want officials in solano county will talk about new technology designed to better help locate people calling for emergency services using a cell phone. apple will provide services on their devices starting this fall. they want to make sure once the apple upgrade goes into effect dispatchers can get the information they need with the goal of reducing the amount of time it takes for people to get assistance. a bear cub is recovering after being burned in the car fire. an electric company employee in whiskeytown found this bear cub laying in ash, it's paul's were burned. he immediately contacted officials in lake tahoe. veterinarians came to the scene , sedated the bear cub, took it in to be treated. they are using tilapia skins to help heal the burned trot -- the burned paws. that treatment was used last year on a pair of bears that also had burned paws during the thomas fire. people living in a san mateo neighborhood are being warned about a mountain lion wandered through their neighborhood. a homeowner on hobart avenue not far from el camino real
5:43 am
first spotted the big catheter who is surveillance system. a security camera recorded that mountin the neighborhood. this was late tuesday night . the surveillance system alerted the homeowner who reviewed the picture the next day. you things about my wandered from the hills west of interstate 280 and it just jumped the fence onto his property. >> i saw a notification so i opened it up and it it is a big cat. it is all residential area and is flat. i'm just so surprised the beltline is showing up . >> san mateo police same outline sightings are fairly common. a big cat was spotted about a mile away last month. that animal was tranquilized, tagged, and returned to the wild. expert same outlines are dangerous to small children and pets. people are advised not to go jogging at dawn and tesla repor investigated by the securities and exchange commission the wall street journal reports the
5:44 am
sec is looking into whether tesla's ceo elon musk really does have a funding lined up to take tesla private as he made a claim in a tweet on tuesday. if he does not he could face civil and possibly criminal penalties. that one tweet sprint -- since tesla stock soaring on tuesday and halted trading of tesla shares for about 90 minutes. samsung is going to unveil what the company says will be an iphone killer. the galaxy note 9 hits stores in two weeks . people would get a preview today in new york . the new android smartphone comes equipped with a larger screen. sampson also improved the camera and a storage. it is also reportedly the most expensive phone samsung has ever released. it is expected to sell for over $900. >> you know sal is going to get one. he gets all the new technology. he is the first one in line. >> go ahead. >> first one in line? maybe not. i do try to, i am a geek.
5:45 am
i like technology. i always have. good morning. i do use some of it here at work to help you get to work on 580. you can see the computer is showing us just a little bit of slow traffic for that tracy super commute on 205 an you can also tell how fast the traffic is going. it doesn't look too fast here, seven miles an hour on 205. slightly better on the other side and almost 30 miles an hour before you break free of the slow traffic. you can see traffic in livermore to pleasanton over to hayward is going to be okay. 880 traffic in both directions is moving along very well. when you get to the bay bridge there is a crowd . the metering lights are on. there have been no major problems driving through toward san francisco. you can see traffic is all right. i want to mention northbound 880 just before south fremont all of our there is a crash with the vehicle off the roadway. the fire department has arrived and are now taking up one of
5:46 am
the lanes. we will tell you more about that coming up. let's bring mark in. you were right on about the metering lights the last segment. >> they usually come on about the same time every day. >> there you go. perfect timing . the forecast headlines crossing the bay bridge it looks like you might be driving through some fog. also we have this spare the air alert for the second day. hot temperatures inland. they are kind of linked. you have that warm and weather pattern and impacted with the smoke drifting overhead. here is the spirit the air alert. in terms of the air-quality skill most areas are falling within this range, moderate to unhealthy for sensitive groups with more smoke closer to the fire zone toward lake county. unhealthy for sensitive groups mainly for the east bay and the santa clara valley as the layer
5:47 am
closer to the surface. here we are with low clouds and fog up and down the coastline. we will show you some of the current numbers. right now 60s in walnut creek. 62. san jose 59. san francisco 52. santa rosa right around 50 degrees . the wind right around lake county with the mendocino complex, when at least forecast this morning to be around 3 - 5 miles an hour. later in the day we are expecting in the early afternoon a little easterly wind . the air has changed direction throughout the afternoon and the wind increases. atypical deal between 4:00 -- 2:00 and 4:00 with that westerly wind. increasing fire danger today, tomorrow, and saturday with a red flag fire warning in place for all of the areas shaded in red including a car fire at the probably the hottest day of the week inland. a few spots in the upper 90s could be around 100 degrees. we will gradually cool off heading towards the weekend as this guy moves in.
5:48 am
this morning fog and gradually clearing to near the coast line. those bright colors reflect some hot numbers. today these temperatures will be about 3 - 5 degrees warmer than yesterday's readings. clear lake 101. brentwood 100. oakland 78. some more neighborhoods, san jose upper 80s. gilroy 100 degrees. san francisco downtown in the upper 60s. here is a look at the forecast. cooling by the weekend, especially by sunday. still ahead, in the east bay a chance for students to learn and also work. >> you get on the job experience early on and learn the principles about how to present themselves. >> we will tell you about a school giving young people a chance at a private school education and a way to pay for it.
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welcome back. today bar's governing board expecting to review a $28 million safety plan and it comes after a series of recent violent crimes and deaths at several bird stations. alyssa harrington is in walnut creek. tell us more on what is happening. >> reporter: the board will not vote on whether or not this plan will go through today, but what they will be doing is reviewing the entire proposal
5:52 am
which is meant to increase safety within raising barriers to keep -- out and upgrade to the camera assisting including live streaming . the bay area council says those improvements are good ideas, they would take time and money. the council's leadership is encouraging bart to work with officers from law enforcement departments served by the agency. >> we're talking about having a show of a force on parts, on the trains, in the stations all the time so that the passengers of parts, the loyal writers will see they are going to be safe. >> reporter: bart says it does have a mutual aid agreement complete -- with police and sheriffs department throughout the bay area. there are already some temporary safety measures in place. bart police started upping patrols last week. there are no days off. that means officers are working overtime, 10 - 12 hour days six days a week.
5:53 am
alyssa harrington, ktvu fox2 news. state auditors will review the altamont union elementary school district. lawmakers asked for the audit to investigate allegations of inappropriate spending of bond money and mismanaged funds. yesterday state lawmakers approved that review. specifically, there are questions about the contracts signed last year and if they are legal with the dell terra company to build and bathrooms and heating and cooling systems. that audit is expected to be finished next year. a high school in oakland is combining classroom work with on-the-job work experience. paul chambers it shows us the students are employed one day a week and it helps pay for half of their education. >> reporter: it was a pep rally atmosphere at one of oakland's newest high schools. parents,
5:54 am
teachers, and staff welcome to the freshman class of crystal rate daily sal eastern high school . the students were in for a special treat. this day isn't like any other. >> are you guys ready to kick off? >> reporter: that's how the draft today began. students were matched with corporate partners. each freshman will work at an entry-level position to help pay pat -- half of their $18,000 a year catholic education. >> they will get on-the-job experience early on and learn the principles about how to present themselves. >> i am very happy for my son. i am veryof the students will go to their corporate work-study jobs five times a month. that money is added to their parents contribution, which depending on the families contribution could range from anywhere from $250-$2500 a year. of the money comes from scholarships. the majority of the money comes from court --
5:55 am
corporate partners. >> $9000 of that tuition is covered by the student work and they contribute toward the cost of their own education. >> i think it's wonderful. it is very exciting. they are off to a good start. i don't think you could ask for a better way to begin the school year and to begin a new adventure. >> reporter: the school is located in the former saint elizabeth high school in oakland's fruitdale district. the freshman class is diverse but made up of mostly of african-american, latino, and vietnamese students who wouldn't have an opportunity such as this. >> we are starting this year with a class of ninth graders. over the next four years we will grow to a school of over 500 students >> reporter: right now there are 69 students but the school is still -- is still accepting new applications. classes will begin next week. in oakland, ktvu fox2 news. new york city is now the first in the country to cap the number of rideshare drivers
5:56 am
allowed on its streets. officials say there are too many rideshare's including uber and lyft so they are not going to issue any more licenses for a year. rideshare companies are protesting against that freeze on new licenses. lyft says in parts, the cuts will bring new yorkers back to an era of struggling to get a ride particularly in communities of color and in the outer boroughs. taxi drivers in san francisco like the idea. they hope it will spread west. sensing begins today in the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire case. we will have a live reports on what is expected to be a very emotional two day hearing. authorities make an arrest connected to one of california's wildfires . the latest as thousands are working to get those fires under control. we see traffic in marin county off to a nice start as you head south. right through san rafael looks pretty good from novato to this
5:57 am
point. in weather good morning. look at that. a nice moon. you can see mostly clear skies across most of the bay area. warming temperatures coming up . the areas that will be close to 100 degrees for thursday afternoon. brawantbackol. and it feels even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less.
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today is the first day in the sentencing hearing against the two men held responsible for the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire. we will hear from families of the victims and how the emotional toll is affecting them. a major meeting about security on bart takes place today. we will break down the key vote that could pay for millions of dollars worth of extra bart police and added security. good morning to you. i'm claudine wong. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. we are also talking about your weather this thursday morning. mark is right over there. >> good morning. the headline for today is a little bump in the numbers. today should be the hottest day of the week. look at the highs from yesterday across portions of the bay area from santa rosa and to livermore and san jose.
6:00 am
not a big warm up, but still temperatures trending up. only 3 degrees warmer in santa rosa. oakland from 74 to 78. san jose from the lower 80s to the upper 80s. here is satellite. we have the fog still offshore hope those hugging the coastline with some patches over the bay to start out the morning. current numbers, lots of 50s. santa rosa 62. the forecast for today includes a big temperature range from right around 60 coastline all the way to the mid-to inland. a few spots could be right around 100 degrees. looking at the forecast highs, a little bit


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