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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  August 9, 2018 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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good afternoon. >> mike has the day off. happening right now, the sentencing process for the two to bennett's indigo ship trial is no it away. >> the families of the people who died in the fire began giving impact statements this morning in court. henry lee is live inside alameda county courthouse to bring us some of their comments. >> reporter: a very emotional hearing as families of the ghost ship victims vented anger and frustration at the two men who took plea deals -- deals in this tragedy. those defendants showed no visible emotion on day one of their two they sentencing hearing here in oakland as relatives of the fire victims blasted them for their roles and what happened. cameras were not allowed in court since the victims and those for almena and harris packed the courtroom in oakland. at the outset judge james kramer said this would be a
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heart-wrenching hearing. many of the victims family members were pens or brought full-size poster boards with loved ones pitchers. in july almena and harris each entered no contest please to 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. one count for each victim that died. today many relatives of the victims said they felt betrayed by the plea deals and says justice has not been served. the mother of the victim donna kellogg read a statement that said in part, mister almena and mister harris got off easy in their plea deal. our loved ones deaths cannot be in vain. there must be a catalyst of change for oakland's housing crisis. almena is expected to be sentenced to nine years but will only serve 3 1/2 more years behind bars because of credit for time served and good behavior. harris is due to be sentenced to six years, but will be out in less than two. they will also serve time in a
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local jail instead of the state prison. today we will be hearing from 13 of the 36 families in court today. almena, harris, and their loved ones will address the court perhaps tomorrow. for the latest with ktvu fox2 news . >> thanks. the bark governing board is holding a meeting to discuss the $28 million proposal to increase security. >> alyssa harrington was there and it sounds like there may be some concerns about this plan. >> reporter: an overflow crowd attended the meeting at the bart oakland headquarters where a proposed $28 million safety plan was being discussed. it includes hiring more part police officers for putting emergency call boxes on platforms, and enhancing the agencies camera system. this includes video screens and monitoring the station in real time. public comment included some heavy the criticism. some feel the proposed measures would invade privacy and criminalize people who are low income. >> taking advantage of an opportunity to pass through surveillance measures might
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further criminalize folks who are trying to ride the bart. right? i want you to say we do you. >> i don't think that this would actually make bart riders safer. i think you all should consider working families that cannot afford to give their children bart tickets for this might lead to their children being locked up. >> reporter: the bart general man is just manager proposed to the action plan following a string of violent attacks. some temporary measures are in place including an increase in police presence. >> eyes and ears in the system help riders feel safe so we are redoubling our efforts to deploy every available police officer, dispatcher, and community service officer to walk air trains, stations, and parking lots within our budgeted allotted over time. >> this is a watershed moment for bart. the reason is
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watching. >> reporter: jim waterman, the ceo of the bay area council agreed new safety measures are a good idea that should have been in place. he is concerned about the time and money it will take to make this a reality. >> this is a really serious situation. if i sent you a letter yesterday urging that the bart board consider reaching out to other police jurisdictions and consider bringing working between bart police and other jurisdictions to have some mutual aid to. anyone bart does have a mutual aid agreement with the police department and the sheriffs office. that is only for emergencies. this plan will not be voted on today. this is just been presented in front of the board of directors. live in oakland with ktvu fox 2 news. the man accused of slashing two for passengers on a train with a box cutter was expected to appear in court for the first time this morning. 27-year-old solomon espinoza was arrested in oakland not far from laney college.
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police say was on the bart train at the macarthur station last friday when he slashed two men after a fight broke out. injuries are not life- threatening. investigators say they recognized espinoza from for video surveillance. they say he has a criminal history. we are waiting to hear back from the da to learn what happened in court today. a firefighter assigned to the car fire near reading has died. calfire says the firefighter worked as a heavy equipment mechanic and was killed in a traffic accident on highway 99 in tehama county. that brings the total number of firefighters killed to three and eight people total killed in that fire. it has burned 277 mi.2 and a about 2 mi.2 overnight, but is now 40% contained. fire has destroyed more than 1000 homes and more than 500 buildings are still being threatened. mendocino complex fires have now scorched 476 mi.2 per mostly in mendocino and lake counties. we checked with calfire and right now crews have the flames 51% contained. 119 homes have
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been destroyed in that fire. more than 9000 structures are threatened. there are mandatory evacuations currently in mendocino, lake, colusa, and glenn counties while some living there clearly are now being allowed to go home. in orange county police have arrested a man who they say started the holy fire burning right now in the santa ana mountains. if you one-year-old force gordon clark was arrested on suspicion of felony arson. investigators say the fire started near clark's cabin in the mountains. he reportedly had disputes with his neighbors and his cabin was the only one out of 14 that did not burn down. >> this is a monster. would go out with low humidity and high wind and the highest heat temperatures this time of the year and intentionally set the forest on fire? >> the holy fire has burned a 6000 acres and is 5% contained. several small mountain communities have been evacuated. the donald fire east of modesto and stockton has burned a 28
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mi.2. 600 file fighters are battling those flames . the 55 buildings have this -- have been destroyed and 220 are threatened. the fire is just 4% contained. highway 108 is still closed from eagle meadow road to the sonora pass. suite the bay area air quality management district has declared today a spare the air day. it is the second day in a row. >> the poor air quality we are seeing and smelling is due in large part to the smoke from the wildfires. some outdoor events are being canceled. >> reporter: here at meuse high academy in santa sarah workouts have been modified to endorse only. doors are closed and students are keeping exercise to a minimum. >> myself, when i go out my
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eyes are burning and my throat is burning. >> the air quality is getting worse by the day. that's my personal perspective. >> reporter: the air pollution is not ideal for intense training . the jim caters to older people. half a dozen members have asthma. >> i had a little bit of a headache throughout the day more often than usual. >> it is nasty. go outside and look at the mountains. you can't see the details. you sick -- you can see the santa cruz mountains. >> reporter: in livermore and san ramon soccer clubs canceled practices wednesday. >> we already see effects of poor air quality in the inland valleys. >> reporter: the bay area air quality management district is expending -- is extending spare the air day. smoke drifting to the bay area and small from cars always an issue. here at the sanborn county park in saratoga campers are being told outdoor burning his band on state land in alameda, contra costa, and debtor sarah counties. >> no fires or barbecuing. no charcoal fires. they are allowed to use propane camping stoves. >> reporter: low humidity increased wind and hot
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temperatures creating the perfect storm for vegetation to burn. authorities say preventing another fire can help ensure air quality does not get any worse. >> in california the whole state is on fire. i think it's a good thing that they are taking the initiative to move forward with trying to help control what's going on now. >> reporter: boarding with ktvu fox2 news. much more to come. we will hear the latest on usa sanctions against russia. the u.s. is imposing new sanctions on russia and moscow is not happy. i'm lauren blanchard in washington and will have the latest details coming up. let's go outside where you can see it is still hazy . the is also very warm around parts of the bay area. mark is here with your forecast. authorities announce the rest of two people in the attack of a sikh man in the central valley. the connection one of those suspects has to a bay area police chief.
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...which means you can saynally hyes... the shoes your family wants. find top brands at big savings... ...for men, women, boys and girls all for a whole lot less... the ross shoe event. yes for less. the u.s. is taking action against russia following the poisoning of a next russian spy and his daughter. >> washington is hitting the country with new sanctions which russia calls taccone in. lauren blanchard record reports from washington on the fallout. >> reporter: the u.s. announcing new sanctions against russia set to go into effect on or around august 22.
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they are in response to an attack on a former russian spy and his daughter. the state department sing the u.s. determines moscow, quote, used chemical or biological weapons in violation of international law or has used lethal, chemical, or biological weapons against its own nationals. the ex-russian spy and his daughter were poisoned by a military grade nerve agent in england back in march. both survived. dozens of russian officials were later expelled from the u.s. and washington close to the russian consulate in seattle as a response. british prime minister theresa may is praising the increased punishment with a statement from downing street which said, the sanctions sent an unequivocal message to russia that it's perfect -- provocative, reckless behavior will not go unchallenged. moscow, however, is unhappy with the decision as the kremlin still denies involvement in the attack. . all these allegations are baseless and cynical.
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russia has warned multiple time that using force an ultimatum with talking with us is futile. russia will develop a response to this very hostile step by washington. >> reporter: russia says there are exceptions to the penalties. their waivers for some things including spaceflight and commercial aviation will be considered on a case-by-case maze -- basis. in washington it with ktvu fox 2 news. las vegas oddsmakers like senator kamala harris making a run for the presidency in 2020. betting website on chart just listed harris as a democrat with the best odds of becoming president in the next election. independent bernie sanders has the same odds as senator harris former vice president joe biden is just behind them. president trump's still has the best betting odds of being reelected president in 2020. state lawmakers voted against ordering a full audit of the dmv. the republican
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backed proposal was all in reaction to long lines at dmv offices across the state . the three democrats refused to vote, saying the dmv was already overburdened with legislative mandates. republicans were angry the measure didn't pass. >> we are now sensing millions of californians to long wait lines and we are basically saying trust the dmv that made promises they did not keep. >> the dmp says it hopes to easy overcrowding and a long wait lines by hiring hundreds of new employees and extending hours for some offices on saturday. a growing sense of frustration in palo alto where thousands of gallons of water have been spilling out onto a road. >> neighbors noticed a leak on the road a few weeks ago. ann rubin explains why it is taking so long to get it fixed. >> reporter: this water leak has been flowing for one month. gushing from under a metal plate and flowing down arrest
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of darrow road in palo alto. it started when a contractor accidentally damaged a pipe. >> yes. i find it frustrating. it's not being, whatever it is is not being taken care of. >> we joke about finding a way to use the water to water our lawn because it is just water that is going down the drain. >> reporter: about 3 gallons a minute down the drain . the city estimates they have lost between 80,000 and 120,000 gallons total since the leak began. they say turning the water off is not an option. >> this is a made her water transmission pipeline. if we shut this down it would shut off water service for a number of customers in the area, including a couple of schools. we don't want to do that. >> reporter: they couldn't repair the leak either. palo alto has been waiting weeks to get the parks they need -- parts they need for the job it is an unusual size which means that it requires specialty parts. which, unfortunately, the manufacture happen to be out of stock so we had to place an order and it has taken a little while for those parts to come
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in. >> reporter: the city think they will be ready next week. now traffic closures will now coincide with middle and high schools next -- nearby. >> making sure the students are going to have a safe route to school. we are going to try to minimize any traffic impacts due to the construction. even while the timing is not great residents say they are relieved something is finally being done. >> i'm happy to hear they're planning to fix it. it has been a really long time. >> reporter: once -- >> they expect repairs should take about a week to complete. >> reporter: in palo alto with ktvu fox2 news we are in the final throes of summer before school starts next week and the air quality is not great. >> air quality, this is a perfect example looking for the golden gate bridge. you can see the fog and the
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golden gate bridge. imagine something squishing that fog down. that's what the area of high pressure is doing now. it is prep just to strapping the pollutants. imagine a lid in the bay area skies keeping the close clouds and haze. air quality has been an issue. you can see the satellite once again, the fires to the north and that milky white up and down the state for the northern half of california. we still have the typical low clouds and fog. despair the air alert in place the second day in a row. we are in this range of the air- quality skill for the moderate levels and unhealthy for sensitive groups. this targeting the east bay and the santa clara valley. here is that inversion or the lid in the atmosphere trapping everything closer to the surface. that's why visibility is not great and you see that monkey haze across portions of the bay area. the fog is hanging tough your portions of the coastline. the fog is squished down so it
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is locally dense. check out lake county around the fire zones. temperatures are in the 80s right now. on track to reach the upper 90s, close to 100 later on this afternoon. the wind will be increasing out of the west to around 10 - 15 miles an hour. current numbers, we have a fairfield 87 degrees. san jose 78. oakland 69 . the san francisco closer to downtown right around 66 degrees. this high pressure is responsible for producing that lid in the bay area skies. it is also hitting us up . the and low in spots close to 100 today. around the coast only in the upper 50s to right around 60 degrees. what could help mix things out a little bit over the weekend, cooling things off. not a sharp drop off, but cooling-off inland heading into the weekend. we will have to keep an eye on this red flag fire warning for
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all of the areas shaded in red. that is including the car fire in the mendocino complex today, tomorrow, and into saturday . the wind could be increasing to about 30 - 35 miles an hour. forecast highs this afternoon ranging from 61 in pacifica, santa rosa 91, concorde 94. upper 90s to right around 100 for the hottest locations of the bay area. san jose 88. san mateo 80. the five day forecast, temperatures a little cooler for friday. cooling-off as we head into the weekend as we increase the fog and bring in that refreshing cooler arena for the bay area. a major move by new york city to limit uber and lyft. the reason behind the new restrictions and how they might happen here in the bay area.
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not a lot of movement to report on the dow jones. a slight dip from which the dow has recovered. essentially flat right now . the same on the s&p nasdaq up by one quarter of one percent. focusing on tesla we will mention it is down by 4%, hovering at 360 a share right now. that electric car company is being investigated by the securities and exchange commission. wall street journal reports the sec is looking into whether the ceo really has funding lined up to take tesla private as he asserted in a tweet on tuesday. if he doesn't he could face
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civil and criminal penalties. that single tweet sent tesla stock soaring on tuesday and halted trading of tesla shares for about 90 minutes. a popular nasal spray sold at cvs is being recalled over concerns it could be contaminated. it is for 12 hours sinus relief nasal mist. there is concerned about potential bacteria that could be life-threatening for people with very weak immune systems . the recall is for boxes with an expression date of september 2019. if you purchased that nasal spray you are being urged to return it or simply throw it away. today 911 officials in solano county are gathering to talk about new technology designed to help better locate people who call for emergency services using their cell phones. apple recently announced it will provide location data from its devices starting this fall. the county has been working to ensure that once apples upgrade goes into effect dispatchers will be able to get the information they need with the goal of reducing the amount of time it takes for people to get the help they need. first in the nation in new
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york city to slow down the rapid expansion of rideshare companies such as uber and lyft. >> the newark city council has decided to freeze issuing new licenses for one year, claiming there are just too many rideshare's on the roads. rob malcolm reports there is talk now about similar restrictions in san francisco. >> i don't agree because -- >> reporter: mauricio reyes has been driving for lyft for two months and isn't taking it lightly that new york pass regulations on ride sharing companies like uber and lyft by capping the number of vehicles allowed on the road for one year. no new licenses will be issued and drivers will be paid a minimum wage . >> >> reporter: he hopes it doesn't happen in san francisco. >> i hope so here it doesn't happen. >> reporter: bill deblasio says the big apple is facing a crisis in the streets are in gridlock. it is a major bump on the road for rideshare companies and both uber and lyft shot back in statements uber said in parts,
12:26 pm
the cities 12 month pause a new vehicle licenses will threaten one of the few reliable transportation options while doing nothing to fix the cell ways or ease congestion. this statement from lyft. these sweeping cuts in transportation will bring new yorkers back to an era of struggling to get a ride. particularly for communities of color and in the outer boroughs. we will never stop working to ensure new yorkers have access to reliable and affordable transportation in every borough. the news traveled quickly to san francisco. >> i think it's fantastic because of congestion that is really bad and what we are experiencing in san francisco and the impact on the income of the cabdrivers and the fact that their medallions have now become so devalued. >> reporter: new york city taxi commission will study the impact on rideshare companies for one year and then decide on changes. san francisco taxi drivers like what's happening out east, but feel it is unlikely to happen here. >> it's not like they're going
12:27 pm
to disappear now. it has to be regulated like everything else. >> reporter: rob malcolm, ktvu fox2 news. two teenagers in the central valley have been arrested for attacking a man in a possible hate crime. the connection one suspect has to a bay area police chief. some progress in the mendocino complex fire. the latest on the efforts, including some relief for people who are now finally able to get back home.
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the today sensing process for the two defendant in the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire happening now in court. families of the victims are giving impact statements about some of the 36 people who died in that fire. in december 2016 they were attending a concert and party inside that two story warehouse when fire broke out and quickly consumed the building. derek almeida and max harris accepted a plea deal but avoid a trial. mother of donna kela, one of the people who died, says electric shock went through her when she heard about the plea deal and that no parent should have to hear those words. we have a number of crews inside the courthouse right now. we will have full coverage throughout the afternoon online and starting on the four on two here on .
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the estranged sun of the bay area police chief has been arrested along with a 16-year- old boy for beating a third -- a sikh man . >> both suspects are now facing multiple felony charges. reporter cade receipt spoke with the victim's family shortly after the arrests. >> reporter: 71-year-old sikh man is still hurting, still fearful after he was kicked and spat on monday morning. >> everybody is scared. everybody is scared. me and everybody. >> reporter: there is a sense of relief as he and his family members have just learned his suspected attackers are now behind bars. >> that news is really good. police did a really good job. >> reporter: the ban to go police department has arrested a 16-year-old and 18-year-old tyrone mcallister in modesto wednesday morning. officer say mcallister is the sun of union city police chief darrell mcallister expect the relationship there has nothing to do with this case. the family is devastated by the
12:32 pm
actions of their estranged sun . the haven't seen him in several months. >> reporter: this home surveillance video of the attack helped identify the duo. >> outlandish and uncalled for and it really brought together the committee. >> reporter: monday the mansi kicking the victim is wearing what appears to be a new religion brand equity. tyrone was pictured in a similar outfit on social media. investigators also got help from tyrone's parents. >> the family has been in constant contact with their investigators and assisted greatly with this investigation. on both suspects are facing attempted robbery, elder abuse and assault with a deadly weapon charges. they may also face hate crime charges. >> reporter: the victims family says he will no longer go on his morning walks, the family is touched by the community's involvement >> you helped us a lot. that is really good for us. that is why they caught them sooner. >> that was okay reporting.
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union city police chief releasing a statement on facebook saying in part, quote, words can really describe how embarrassed, dejected, and hurt my wife, daughters, and i feel right now . the is difficult for us to comprehend how one of our three kids who grew up in the same parents under the same roof with the same rules and same values and character could wander so far astray. we just got word a calfire heavy equipment mechanic died early this morning. it didn't happen on the front lines of a fire. it ended up being a car crash on highway 99 in tehama county that took his life. that brings the death toll from the carr fire to as many as eight people. firefighters say the carr fire grew by 2 miles overnight. it has destroyed more than 1000 homes. many in and around reading. more than 500 buildings remain threatened. one of the oldest active fires in california remains the ferguson wildfire burning in and around yosemite. this morning calfire announce the fire grew by about 100 acres overnight to 148 mi.2. containment improved and now
12:34 pm
stands at 79% . the fire started almost one month ago and has forced some of the most popular attractions in you 72 close . the mendocino complex fire is now 51% contained . the fire grew to 476 mi.2 but the flames are now heading away from communities around clear lake. there are still mandatory evacuations in other parts of lake county as well as mendocino, colusa, and glenn counties. after nearly 2 weeks most of the fire evacuees in lake county have received the all clear to get back,. >> deborah reports, it has been a happy homecoming for some, but not for all. back this was our garage over here and you can see there was a firebird parked in their. >> reporter: for the young family it is two out of three. rhymes house intact. his sister's house across out mountain road gone. and his parents place just 100 yards from his own also leveled by the ranch fire. >> how are your folks holding up? >> there doing all right.
12:35 pm
they are sad and they can't wait to get back up your. they left the area. >> they haven't seen this? >> no. i have taken some pitchers for them and that's about it. >> reporter: in these communities where people were uprooted and flung different directions it is an evening of bittersweet reunions. and survival stories. back i never did leave. no. >> we didn't leave our place and it was the first one hit. >> reporter: 300 foot flames up close? >> like a nightmare. >> reporter: this winter and his wife sheltered in their car several nights well three calaveras county hotshots saved their house. >> you know your home is gone because you seen it burn. it didn't. you go up there and is still there and the guy has a big grin on his face and says there it is. >> reporter: what did you say to him? >> gave them big hugs and kisses and promised them anything they wanted. anytime anywhere. >> reporter: even the sheriff
12:36 pm
can't get through an interview. >> you guys did an amazing job. i love you. i love you from the bottom of my heart. >> reporter: appreciation is everywhere. >> this isn't a single incident. this is the fourth year in a row where we have had evacuations affecting our committee. >> you find out who your friends are in these situations or people you didn't actually think cared really show their true colors that they do care about you. it is pretty cool. >> reporter: this evacuee will always remember how the fire started on her 23rd birthday and how she and her parents packed up and slept in shifts. >> i slept in my car and i -- and i had an alarm go off every 10 minutes to look up over the ridge. >> reporter: one does when it was time to go her worst worries were for her family's walnut orchard. >> this place has been in my families those in my family for 100 years. if i lost the ranch and my family's history i don't even know how i would feel. >> reporter: for some the worst
12:37 pm
fears are realized. and for them recovery looks a lot different. >> contractors are hard to come by because they make more in santa rosa and the bay area. it's going to be hard to rebuild in lake county. there's not a lot of rentals to go around. it's going to really hurt our economy and their families. >> reporter: ktvu fox 2 news. there has been an outbreak -- outbreak of norovirus at one of the interest for evacuees. at least a dozen people got sick with vomiting and diarrhea. health officials are working to control the outbreak. norovirus is extremely contagious and especially in very close quarters. camilla harrison will be talking with fire victims and firefighters in lake county this afternoon. she wants to talk to talk with those affected.
12:38 pm
she will also visit middletown fire stations to hear for herself what fire crews are up against as they continue to battle the largest wildfire in our states modern history. representatives from mexico meeting with top white house officials in washington today. it will talk about the north american free trade agreement. >> the two countries are targeting new rules surrounding cars sold under the deal by the end of the week. >> reporter: president trump has made renegotiating the north american free trade agreement a top priority. this week readings are entering an intensive phase. they administration officials proposing 75% of all cars sold in north america be manufactured here in raising the minimum wage for autoworkers to $16 an hour. experts say that can raise prices for consumers, but it is preferable to more tariffs. >> more tariffs would be extremely negative for the u.s. car industry. that's why we will continue to work with them. >> reporter: mexico says the minimum wage requirement would put many of their suppliers out of business. they're threatening to
12:39 pm
retaliate against american farmers by reducing wheat imports from the u.s. mexico buys more american wheat than any other country and if they turn to other suppliers it could create a wt surplus in the u.s. that would drive prices down to unsustainable levels. back what the terms can give is competitiveness to other countries to the -- to the detriment of the american market. >> reporter: that's a threat farmers are taking seriously. despite president trump's recent announcement of $12 billion in aid for the agriculture industry. >> nobody wants aiden. i don't. we would just like to have a free market access around the world. we have had no growth in 35 or 40 years. because of trade and politics. >> reporter: the politics -- the white house says if the three countries can't reach a deal president trump will negotiate separate trade deals with mexico and canada. in washington with ktvu fox2 news .
12:40 pm
this morning vice president mike pence announced details of a new branch of the military called the space force that president trump has directed the pentagon to create. >> the space environment is fundamentally changed in the last generation what was once peaceful and uncontested is now crowded and adversarial. today other nations are seeking to disrupt our space based systems and challenge america's supremacy in space as never before. >> earlier this year the president ordered the defense department to create the new space force. since then pentagon officials have been studying ways to form a sixth branch of the military focused on protecting uss nitze in space. just ahead, for the second year in a row stefan curry is teeing off against the pros at the ellie mae classic in hayward. jason is there and the warrior star is trying to hold his own. there are a few clouds out there. it is still warm enough. it could be 100 in some spots. mark will be back with another look at your bay area forecast.
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three 49ers preseason opener is tonight against the dallas cowboys at levi stadium. jimmy garoppolo and most of the starters are not expected to play a lot. probably the first quarter and done. that means we will see some of the younger faces including second year running back joe williams who is competing with matt breida for the important backup role fans will finally get a chance to see what he can do for the niners. tonight's game kicks off at 7:00 . the raiders will be in action tomorrow night. they are hosting the detroit lions. it will be john gruden's first preseason game since he rejoined the team off- season. you can watch the raider game tomorrow night at 7:30. all the action right here on ktvu fox2 news. stefan curry is back on the golf course today impeding in the ellie mae classic. >> he does it all. >> jason appelbaum was at the tpc stone break course when curry teed off.
12:45 pm
they won just to show you what a big deal this is, they issued a 61 credentials for this tournament. normally for a event the issue maybe about 10. stefan curry is a big draw. here he is teeing off on his first hole, the part four tent on the back nine. deaf happy with his tee shot and fans just lined the fairways . several rows deep to catch a glimpse of the nba superstar, the two-time mvp. his tee shot went about the same distance as his two playing partners. he did land near a dream. he got a free drop. no penalty. it is called relief. on his next shot his approach shot to the green deaf nailed
12:46 pm
it. after the drop steps next shot, his approach shot, landed on the green. he had a putt attempt for bertie but he just missed it and had to settle for par on his very first hole. stuff really does want to make the cut in this tournament. here is pro golfer andrew landry when he asked about steps chances on making weekend. >> is he has -- if he has all the stars aligned i think he can do it. he is one of those guys that is a competitor and is not going to give up. we will see. >> reporter: how close was deaf last year? not very. he missed it by 11 strokes after back to backgrounds and is 74. this year he will probably have to put one round into the 60s for a chance of making the cut. from the tpc in hayward with ktvu fox2 news. second spare the air day in a row. >> you might want to limit the outdoor work out. here is our walnut creek camera showing you the hayes. no clear skies. if you don't have the hayes you have low clouds and fog coast side keeping the beaches cool. only in the upper 50s to the
12:47 pm
lower 60s. looking at their quality map today, the bay area is surrounded with those red colors indicating higher concentrations. this is combining both the smoke in the ozone and it is really focused up in the northern portions of the state, to the east, and the south. just a little bit of some fog to contend with across portions of the area. microclimates are really resurfacing today. beach is only around 60 degrees. inland spots on track to reach the 90s. a few spots right around 100 degrees later this afternoon. satellite looks typical. we have the low clouds and fog coast side. keeping the beaches chilly. away from this we have warm to hot temperatures. we will look at that 12:00 number. fairfield right now already 90 degrees. san jose 80. on track to reach the upper 80s. san francisco 68. santa rosa in the mid-70s.
12:48 pm
we have some sporting expensive to talk about. tonight partly cloudy skies and 62 degrees and then talking about preseason bubble with the 49ers at levi stadium. we are expecting hazy skies and temperatures that kickoff will be pretty warm in the upper 70s around 77. this high pressure is in charge of the weather pattern for today and tomorrow. today should be the hottest day of the week inland. that means the hottest locations close to 100 degrees slightly cooler friday and more cooling heading into the weekend as this moves from the north and deepens the marine they were a little bit and increases the onshore flow. we are watching an increase in the fire danger with the red flood warning. all the areas in red including the carr fire and the mendocino complex, that red flood warning in place through a good portion of saturday. look at the forecast highs this afternoon. 100 degrees toward brentwood. oakland 78. san francisco downtown in the upper 60s. more neighborhoods, san jose
12:49 pm
88. gilroy 100 degrees with a lot of hayes in the thursday forecast. slightly cooler friday. picking up the fog and cool enough heading toward the weekend. a high school in oakland is combining classroom work with on-the-job work experience. students are employed one day a week and it helps pay for half of their education. >> paul chambers served as the mc yesterday as students learned of their new job on draft day. it -- >> reporter: a pep rally atmosphere at one of oakland's newest high schools. parents, teachers, and staff welcomed the freshman class of crystal rate daily cell is be high school to students wearing their new suit jackets and ties . they were in for a special treat because this is a day not like any other. >> are you guys ready to kickoff this draft? >> reporter: that's how drafts day began. students were matched with corporate partners to help pay
12:50 pm
half of their $18,000 a year catholic education. >> they will get on-the-job experience early on and learn the principles about how to present themselves. >> i am a very happy for my son. i'm very proud of him. >> reporter: all of the students will go to their corporate work-study jobs five times a month. that money is added to their parents contribution which depending on the family's ability could range anywhere from $250-$2500 a year. other money comes from scholarships . the majority of the money comes from courtney -- from corporate partners. >> $9000 is covered by the student's work that they contribute to the cost of their own education. >> i think it's wonderful. very exciting. they are off to a good start. i don't think you could ask for a better way to begin the school year and begin a new adventure. >> reporter: the school is located in the former saint elizabeth high school in
12:51 pm
oakland's fruitdale district . the freshman class is diverse, made up mostly of african- american motley -- latino, and be enemies students who by all accounts wouldn't have this opportunity. >> we are starting this year with a class of ninth graders. i know the next four years will grow to a school of over 500 students. >> reporter: the right now there are 69 students . the school is still accepting new applications. classes will begin next week. in oakland with ktvu fox 2 news . next monday marks the first day of school for public school students in oakland. i hope you're with us when we talked to the superintendent of the oakland unified school district on mornings on 2 about a massive budget cuts in the middle of the school year that came last year. she said today although they are painful even more cuts are needed. >> our goal is always one of our core values, students first . our goal is to do our best to keep cuts away from the classroom. we realize any reductions that we make to the district has an impact indirectly or sometimes
12:52 pm
directly on schools. it is definitely challenging >> the superintendent also explained why they are starting school one week earlier this year. she says one reason is to align schedules with nearby colleges as many of the districts high schoolers take college classes concurrently. >> we now have our fall semester that is before winter break. it really supports our dual enrollment and makes registration easier. >> the early start to the school year means students will get out one week earlier so the less you school it is coming up on may 31. still to come, some big changes to the oscars. details about the new category that was just added and the new time limit designed to boost ratings.
12:53 pm
12:54 pm
some changes being made to the oscars ceremony in hopes of
12:55 pm
reversing a decline in ratings. they let another category and will cut down the total run time of the show . the ceremony will run longer than three hours and a popular film category is being added to the list of honors awarded. action films such as black panther or war films such as the conjuring -- conjuring will not have a goal -- a shot and oscar gold. box says it is closing all of its manufacturing facilities. the announcement coming that the company would shut down its final plant located in italy the company has not said it is going to close its usa stores or if this means the end of the shoes altogether . the crocs chief financial officer also is planning to resign from the company. next april. an emotional sentencing hearing is taking place right now at the alameda county courthouse in oakland. >> families of the goes to ship fire victims are speaking out ahead of the sensing of the two defendants in that case. we will have more on their statements and when this sentencing may take place all
12:56 pm
coming up today on the foreign two. a bear cub recovering after being burned in the carr fire. and electric company employee found the cup in some ash with its paws burned. he contacted lake tahoe wild officials. that's came to the scene to take care of the bear. the vets are using tilapia skins to help heal its burned paws. that treatment was effectively used last year on a pair of bears that suffered burns during the thomas fire. the arizona cardinals are challenging fans to devour 8000 cal burgers. it is stuffed with five paddies, five hotdogs, five bratwurst, eight chicken tenders, fries, 20 slices of cheese, and eight slices of bacon. also some lettuce and tomato for those of you that are health conscious . the 7 pound meal costs $75. anyone who eats it in an hour gets a jersey and they are
12:57 pm
picture on a jumbotron and a free trip to the er. >> but you would give it a try, right? >> no. i would not. thank you for joining us. we will see you on >> have a great day. xfinity mobile is a new wireless network
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