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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  August 9, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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and consider new safety measures. the debate over the million- dollar proposal to help enhance security. ghost ship sentencing. we are at the courthouse where the families of the 36 people killed expressed pain, emptiness, and anger as they speak out about the plea deal for the two defendants. and, a sixth branch of the military. >> the time has come to establish the united states space force. >> the trump administration details an ambitious plan to find out the merging threat in space. the four on 2 starts now. after several violent incidents on b.a.r.t., officials take up a proposed $28 million safety plan. after facing opposition, the board decided not to take action on some elements of the plan. it took up a series of proposal including expanding surveillance on the transit system. welcome in to the four on 2.
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i'm heather holmes. >> i'm alex savidge. there was backlash to that and other changes in consideration. >> ktvu's tom vacar was at the board meeting. a lot of people speaking out about various ideas. >> reporter: lots of people. within these eight pages, the future of b.a.r.t. may well be shaped. the b.a.r.t. general manager exposes large potential programs but provides little detail, making this somewhat a public relations effort to -- effort to demonstrate the mission to do what it can do to combat crime. >> we are very safe in compared to other systems. >> reporter: the general manager said she is extending police work hours, training some employees to work overtime as unarmed ambassador monitors, aggressively market the b.a.r.t. watch app for riders to report concerns, watch a ride state education program, as well as test a sophisticated survey on
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systems to detect criminal and unusual activity in the lake merritt station. she also proposed a half-dozen security enhancements, that would ultimately require board approvals. >> what i'm looking for as general manager is a sign from the board that it will support moving ahead to forward any items you approve today. i'm looking for the efficient use of staff resources, so i don't want to chase items that don't have board support. >> reporter: that includes installing a sophisticated surveillance system systemwide. vastly increasing the number and video quality of surveillance cameras. emergency call boxes, and prohibiting panhandling beyond the third gates. but, no facial recognition software would be used, and no cell phone information would be collected. >> we are seeking a nod of approval from the board today, to move further with these initiatives. >> reporter: public comments were mostly, but not totally, negative. >> fix the fare gates. don't have cops doing fare inspections.
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that will lead to hostile encounters. what i do like is the unarmed ambassadors program. >> i don't want to be treated like a suspect. surveilling me, and police working overtime, if they are very tired and overworked, i don't know if they will be making as good of decisions as they would otherwise. >> this decision does not advance public safety. there are no proposals from mental health specialist in stations. >> before approving any method, the board should closely examine any risk to privacy, and communities of color. >> reporter: now, the board will vote on an overall surveillance policy next month. the board approved getting bids for the cameras and call boxes. the rest of the issues will be decided, but only after a special meeting in an outlying area of the b.a.r.t. system, not in the central urban area, to hear what those folks have to say. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news.
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>> we will see where these proposals go from here. 36 lives lost, and now the final chapter for the families of the victims in the ghost ship warehouse tragedy. the two men charged in connection with that deadly fire are sent to learned a sentence. the sentencing process began today with loved ones giving impact statements. ktvu's henry lee joins us from the alameda county courthouse in oakland with more on what was a very emotional day in court. henry? >> reporter: well, the court recessed for the afternoon just a few minutes ago. we will be back tomorrow. today, a very emotional hearing as families of the ghost ship victims vented their anger and frustration at the two men who took a plea deal. ghost ship master tenant derick almena and codefendant max harris sat and listened as relatives of victims blasted them for their roles in a deadly fire. cameras were not allowed in court as relatives packed the courtroom for what a judge
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described as a heart wrenching hearing. any of the victims' family members wore pins or brought full-sized poster boards with their loved ones' pictures. back in july, they each entered no contest pleas to 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. one count of each victim who died. addressing the court, many relatives of the victims said they felt betrayed by the plea deal and said justice had not been served. almena faced victims' relatives as they spoke but harris did not turn around in his seat. >> this sentence is unfair, unbalanced, negligent. it does not help the city, state, or people of california or the city of oakland. >> reporter: an and -- aunt of a victim brought many to tears when she asked people to close their eyes and imagine gregory being just out of reach. she said, can you hear? can you feel the anguish? the pain? i don't know how you can look at yourselves. leslie moran, the mother of one
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victim said, i know he saw his daughters' faces before he choked for his last breath. donna kellogg said, mr. almena and mr. harris got off easy. our loved ones' deaths cannot be in vain. there must be a catalyst for change in the oakland housing crisis. almena will certainly 3 1/2 more years behind bars because of credit for time served and good behavior. harris is due to be in for 6 years but could be out in less than two. they will also serve time in a local jail instead of a state prison. day two of sentencing begins tomorrow morning. we may hear from the defendants and their loved ones before the judge formally announces a sentence. live at the courthouse, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. let's talk more now about the sentencing phase of this high profile case with our legal analyst, michael cardoza. you heard in that story, it was
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a day of raw, powerful statements from the victims' families. are relevant are these statements? do they often sway the judge? >> not often. in my over 35 years of court rooms, although victim impact statements have not been in existence, but for a number of years, i have never seen them sway a judge. once a disposition is reached, a plea bargain is reached, that's it. what it does, it lets the victims' families get up and go through a catharsis in the courtroom. but, will it have an effect on the ultimate sentence? no. it will be 6 and 9 years. >> because this was an agreed- upon plea deal, is that why it is essentially too late for the judge to reconsider? >> it is. now, the judge could reconsider if something really sways him during this impact hearing, and during the sentencing. but, no.
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he could withdraw the plea bargain. a judge may say i'm not going to accept it. we are going to go back to square one, set this thing for trial and push it into trial. but basically, no. >> we know that these impact statements will be spread across two days, which is quite significant. talk a little bit about the limitations regarding the impact statements. and talk about plea negotiations. are the victims' families at the table during the process? >> they are not at the table during that process but the district attorney's office talks to them saying what we will put on the table in this case was 6 and 9 years respectively, for each of these two defendants. at that time, prior to the defense accepting, victims can talk to the d.a. and often do and say, we don't like this. make it tougher. but in this case, you can see they didn't. so they bring it to the defense. the defense accepted.
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this is a plea bargain that is compromised and will not be changed. >> it does seem as though it was the overwhelming thought from the victims' families that spoke today that they did not want this plea deal. that they feel like it's too lenient. were prosecutors listening to the families? >> they do listen to the families but then they also have to evaluate, what are their chances in trial? can they win this case? is this a case that might hang? because there are a lot of different opinions about who is responsible for this fire, and who is responsible for the death of these 36 people. so, the d.a. has to take into consideration all of those things, in making a decision. they do talk to the victims' families. they do integrate that into their thinking, but the district attorney's office makes the final decision. and in this case, it was we offer you 6 years, we offer you 9 years. do you want it? they say yes. that deal was compromised. that is a sentence that will be
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sent out by the judge. >> the sentencing hearing continues tomorrow. michael cardoza, always a pleasure. coming up, members of the military are no longer allowed to wear fitness trackers or use mobile devices that track their location. security issues that prompted the change. and, coming up, we will get an update on the fires burning all across the state. this as cal fire deals with the loss of yet another member, a mechanic this time. a live interview with cal fire coming up after the break. we've got air-quality issues in the bay area today. not so much tomorrow. no spare the air days tomorrow. we are going to be a little bit better and cooler.
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there is more progress to report on the mendocino complex fire. that's the pair of wildfires still burning near clearlake. the larger fire, the ranch fire, is now 48% contained. containment on the river fire is 84%. the combined fires have grown to 476 square miles, but cal fire says the flames are now heading away from communities around clearlake. there still however are mandatory evacuation orders in place in parts of lake county as well as mendocino, colusa, and glenn counties as a result of the massive fire. for the latest on the effort to control the flames, we are joined by cal fire battalion chief jonathan cox. we appreciate your time during this very busy fire season for you guys. at this point, which communities are most threatened
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as a result of the mendocino complex fire? >> this is really burning in remote areas, in kind of the northern perimeter of the fire. so, that is in the mendocino national forest. right now, it's really just wirral areas that are the most threatened. -- rural areas that are the most threatened. that part of the mendocino national forest has no paved roads in it. access into the area is very difficult, and fighting the fire is also difficult. >> that will pose its own challenges for the crews on the ground when you have limited access that gets into the mendocino national forest. >> it sure will. it takes a lot of work to get bulldozers on the ridgeline or hand crews out, hiking into these forests, to get containment on this fire. there is a lot of hard work and thousands of hours going into
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every percentage of containment we are seeing out there. >> it sounds like the bulk of these fires has slowed somewhat. has that allowed crews on the ground to strengthen up containment lines? >> it sure has. the last two days we've had cooler temperatures. a little bit lower than expected. and more importantly, less wind. that has been a favorable condition for us to get increase containment. our concern right now is we have a red flag warning for a lot of northern california today through saturday. so, any areas that are not contained, or any new fires that start have the potential to become big incidents. >> it looks like it will take another month in all likelihood to fully contain the mendocino complex? >> yeah. september 1st is our target date right now. you have to imagine, there are hundreds of miles of line now that either has to be built or reinforced. so on a conservative estimate, september 1st is still the plan. >> all right. let me ask you here. we got word today about a cal fire mechanic who was killed in a crash up near the carr fire. overall, it has just been a tragic season so far for cal
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fire. you've lost so many fires on the front lines. how big of a toll does that take on other firefighters, and what do you attribute the high number of deaths too? >> yeah, you know, it's just tragic. for us to lose our, you know, brothers and sisters on these fires. and, i think, with a firefighter personally, the question is, how bad is this going to get? is this as bad as it will get or are we in for worse? there's a lot of support for us as firefighters to process the mental health aspect of what we are dealing with right now. and, kind of continue to battle the fires at the same time that we battle the emotions that we all feel. but you know, it also gives us a little bit of resolve to work hard, and get out there and do it. especially in the name and honor of these firefighters putting their lives on the line. >> certainly so.
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and again, another month before you guys will likely have the mendocino complex fire full contained. just staggering in terms of its size and scope. that is cal fire battalion chief, jonathan cox. i appreciate your time. >> you really should thank all of the crews out there putting out the fire. we will head out now to hear from senator harris about the burn ban today. >> we want to make sure that in each area of the state, people are being supported with resources that they need. there may be thousands of acres such as we are seeing here. and, for days on end. and, the local folks can't do it without the support of others. >> what are you hearing from the firefighters and also the families? >> yeah, so i met, for example, with a mom who is pregnant with her third child. she has her son who is at the
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shelter. they are all at the evacuation shelters. that the red cross is running. her son is very eager to figure out when he can go shopping for his school clothes. and, her daughter is very proud that she made the three beds, which are red cross cots for them in the evacuation center. and, i will tell you again what we all know is that in these catastrophes, the angels walking among us just show up. and so, what she described to me as a kind of experience they're having, was they were out of their home and in a shelter. she does not know how she is going to get her son's school clothes. >> we want to apologize about the audio there. we are having difficulty hearing from senator kamala harris who is meeting with first responders, firefighters, as well as fire victims in lake county as she assesses the burn areas and also the response to all of these fires burning across california.
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we want to talk about the weather across northern california. we heard the battalion chief from cal fire talking about red flag conditions moving into the area. that's a big concern. >> mostly north of our area. northern california, definitely. and again, in northern california and central california, in the hills and the valley, it's basically red flag warning conditions all summer long when you get down to it with triple digit heat. it is a spare the air day today. i don't know if you saw the sunset last night, it will be similar tonight. stunning. pretty much what you are looking at right here. it is because of the smoke. smoke does wonders for sunsets which is ironic. the read that you get in the atmosphere. tomorrow won't be as bad. you are expecting an onshore flow. with that said, we will look for better air quality bay area wide. here are two factors impacting our quality the most. it's a satellite map, but the color tablet is set up so that you can see the smoke.
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but, you do see the smoke, right? you can see it filtering around. it loves the central valley. that is where the air quality has been the worst. because in the mornings it drops way down. the smoke does. so as you look at tomorrow through saturday, we've got that red flag warning, which we were mentioning. mostly for winds, humidity should come up a little bit. we are actually going to cool a little bit as we head toward the weekend. that's one of the reasons we are seeing a red flag warning. that's what we are most concerned about. like the gentleman on the phone said from cal fire. a red flag warning will stay in effect through saturday for northern california into the lakeport area. we will keep an eye on that as well. again, it's not gnarly red flag conditions at all. it's just summer in california. that's where we are. we have fires burning and heat all over the southwest, basically throughout the west. that's going to continue with
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some slight cooling this weekend. i will see you back here in a little bit and we will look at the forecast specifically for your friday. the u.s. military is enforcing new rules when it comes to fitness trackers and smart phones during deployments. >> officials say the technology represents a significant security risk. >> reporter: the pentagon has made it official. no fitness trackers or mobile devices for deployed forces, and for good reason. the military saying the device can pose a significant risk to troops deployed around the globe, because virtually anyone can find your location. the department of defense says in a statement that devices, applications, and services with quote, geolocation capabilities, present significant risk to the department of defense personnel, on and off duty, and our military operations globally. the new regulation comes after a group of researchers were able to find the location of military personnel, public officials, and even the head of a company by way of a fitness tracking application. what they found was not only
4:22 pm
could you likely see a user's workout routine, but you can also find their location when they finished. which in the case of military personnel overseas, could also reveal the location of bases or classified operations. troops in sensitive areas won't be allowed to use any trackers or applications. in other areas, the military will determine if troops can use the gps function, based on local security threats. in new york, i'm brett larson, fox news. coming up, we will look at how a new by new york city to limit uber and lyft could affect regulations in the bay area. does your business internet provider promise a lot? let's see who delivers more. comcast business gives you gig-speed in more places. the others don't. we offer up to 6 hours of 4g wireless network backup. everyone else, no way. we let calls from any of your devices come from your business number. them, not so much. we let you keep an eye on your business from anywhere.
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it was day two of deliberations in the closely watched lawsuit involving a bay area man who is suing herbicide manufacturer, monsanto. dwayne johnson worked as a groundskeeper at a school district and said that you to weed killers, ranger pro and round up, led to his cancer. 's attorney says monsanto acted with disregard for health and human safety and knowingly exposed his client and thousands of americans to a dangerous product. attorneys for monsanto say 40 years of testing show it's weed killers do not cause cancer. the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco today gave the trump administration 60 days during the top-selling pesticide. the environmental protection agency says it endanger public health by allowing the sale of the pesticide, despite evidence that even tiny levels of
4:26 pm
exposure can harm infants' brains. last year, a coalition of farmworkers and environmental groups sued after then epa chief scott pruitt reversed obama era efforts. -- efforts to ban that pesticide. new york is now the first city in the nation to slow down the rapid expansion of right ear companies like uber and lyft. >> new york city council has decided to freeze issuing licenses for one year, claiming there are too many ride sharing licenses on the road. there is talk about similar restrictions in san francisco. >> i don't agree. because, it is difficult. >> reporter: this man has been driving for lyft for over two months and is not taking it lightly as the city of new york past relations on right ear companies by capping the number of vehicles on the road for one year. no new licenses will be issued and drivers will be paid minimum wage.
4:27 pm
he hopes it does not happen in san francisco. >> i hope that does not happen. >> reporter: the mayor of new york, bill deblasio, says the big apple is facing a crisis and streets are in gridlock. it's a major bump in the road for ride sharing companies and both uber and lyft shot back. in statements, uber said in part, the city's twelve-month paws on new vehicle licenses will threaten one of the few reliable transportation options, while doing nothing to fix the subways or ease congestion. this statement from lyft. these sweeping cuts to transportation will bring new yorkers back to an era of struggling to get a ride, particularly for communities of color and in the outer boroughs. we will never stop working to ensure new yorkers have access to reliable and affordable transportation in every borough. the news travels quickly to san francisco. >> i think it's fantastic because the congestion is really bad, and what we are experiencing in san francisco and impact on the income of the cabdrivers, and the fact that their medallions have now become so devalued.
4:28 pm
>> reporter: new york city's taxing commission will study the impact on ride sharing companies for one year and then decide on changes. san francisco taxi drivers like what's happening out east but feel it's not likely to happen here. >> it's not going to disappear. but, it has to be regulated like everything else is regulated. >> reporter: rob malcolm, ktvu fox 2 news. a military space force may soon become a reality. still to come here, the white house's proposal of a major reorganization to the u.s. military. plus, heightened security this weekend, one year after the violent rally in charlottesville, virginia that left one person dead.
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incidents of bias among muslim americans rose in california last year, according to a new survey by the council on american islamic relations. they say is saw an 8% increase in such incidents during 2017. they range from bias at work, to school bullying, as well as hate crimes. the report finds that president trump's travel ban focused on muslim countries, led to harassment of muslims at airports and increased scrutiny of muslim travelers. sunday will mark a sense 831-year-old woman was struck and killed by a car during those protests in charlottesville, virginia. >> this weekend, 30s are taking no chances of a possible repeat. lauren blanchard explains what's being done.
4:32 pm
>> reporter: it has been nearly a year since the deadly riots in charlottesville, virginia. a day of clashes that drew attention from the alt-right movement. in a precautionary move, the governor has declared a state of emergency, and dissenting resources to help local police. >> i will say also, it's very clear, that state police is fully prepared to act on any insightful violence, any acts of violence were violations of law. >> reporter: a demonstration had been planned in charlottesville but was scrapped, and permits have now been issued for hundreds together right across the street from the white house. >> we know that we have people coming to our city for the sole purpose of spewing hate. >> reporter: the mayor of dc denouncing the planned rally, and says she is activating emergency operations. >> we remember seeing burning tiki torches. we remember heather heyer.
4:33 pm
>> reporter: last week, heather heyer's mother returned to the spot where her daughter was fatally struck by a car, recalling the promise she made at the funeral. >> i held her hand and said, i'm going to make this count. i don't want to be here. i don't want to be doing this. >> reporter: susan gross says on sunday, she will visit the block which is now named for her daughter, and speak at an event, marking the anniversary. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. russia is considering retaliatory measures after the u.s. announced new sanctions against moscow for illegally using a chemical weapon to poison an ex-russian spy and his daughter. the state department says this week, the u.s. concluded that russia did indeed use a military grade chemical in the assassination attempt of the former spy and his daughter in england back in march. russia, though, continues to deny any involvement.
4:34 pm
>> translator: all these allegations are baseless and cynical. russia has warned multiple times that using force and ultimatums when talking with us is futile. rush is going to develop a response to this very hostile step on the part of washington. >> reporter: british prime minister theresa may praises the new sanctions saying they send, quote, an unequivocal message to russia that it's provocative and reckless behavior will not go unchallenged. the new sanctions are set to go into effect in about two weeks. started president trump once again sounded off on the special counsel robert mueller probe into possible connections between russian election interference and his presidential campaign. the president posted on twitter this morning, this is an illegally brought rigged witchhunt brought by people who are totally corrupt and or conflicted. the tweet concludes with the words, stay tuned. this comes one day after the president's legal team responded to mueller's latest request for an interview with the president. they want the questions limited, and anything related to possible obstruction of justice off the table.
4:35 pm
>> so, stop the nonsense. you are trying to trap him into perjury because you don't have a case. >> they may also be looking for mueller to commit to wrapping up the investigation by next month. now, if the president does refused to do an interview, mueller may have to subpoena him, which could set up a legal battle that might wind up at the u.s. supreme court. representatives from mexico are meeting with top white house officials in washington today to talk nafta. fox reporter griff jenkins has more from washington. >> reporter: president trump has made renegotiating the north american free trade agreement a top priority. this week, meetings are entering an intense phase. administration proposals saying 75% of all cars sold in north america be manufactured here, and raising the minimum wage
4:36 pm
for autoworkers to $16 an hour. experts say that can raise prices for consumers but is preferable to more tariffs. >> this would be extremely negative for the u.s. car industry as well. that's why we will continue to work with them. >> reporter: mexico says the minimum wage and production requirement would put many of their suppliers out of business and they are threating to retaliate against american farmers, by reducing lead to imports from the u.s. mexico buys more american wheat than any other country, and if they turn to other suppliers, it could create a wheat surplus in the u.s. that would drive prices down to unsustainable levels. >> translator: what the tariffs can give his competitiveness to other countries. a detriment to the market. >> reporter: that's a threat farmers in the u.s. take seriously. despite president trump's recent announcement of $12 billion in aid for the agriculture industry. >> nobody wants aid. i don't. we would like free market access around the world. we have had no growth in 35, 40 years. because of trade and politics.
4:37 pm
>> reporter: the white house says if the three countries can't reach a deal soon on nafta, president trump will negotiate separate trade deals with mexico and canada. in washington, griff jenkins, fox news. coming up, here's a look at levi stadium. the 49ers and their golden boy, jimmy g, preparing for their first -- do you like that? golden boy? >> i don't think he is golden just yet. >> heather things he needs to prove himself before he earns that title. getting ready for the first preseason game. we will take you to levi stadium after the break. okay. when we get back, we will talk about the air pollution right now. mostly sunny out there. cooler as we head into the next couple of days. when the day turns into night, my hash browns turn into my $3 munchie mash-ups. crispy hash browns and tasty white cheese. mashed up with your choice savory egg and bacon,
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for just three bucks! crispy hash browns and tasty white cheese. mashed up with your choice of savory egg and bacon, buffalo chicken and ranch, or jalapeños and bacon. try my $3 munchie mash-ups, back for a limited time. only at jack in the box. well, the preseason is certainly a time for optimism and hope. that is exactly what 49ers fans are feeling now. >> fans, players, and coaches alike are feeling confident as the team gears up for its first preseason game against the cowboys. ktvu's scott reiss joins us from levi stadium with excitement surrounding the team this year. >> reporter: excitement is the right year. -- word. i was coming through the tunnel for the first time this season
4:41 pm
and thought, man, football is back. how great is that? that's one thing with the excitement about the nfl. add to that the 49ers being one of the more intriguing teams in the entire national football league and of course, locally there is a ton of buzz about this team. they lost a lot of close games early this year, getting their feet wet under kyle shanahan. we know what happened in the last five games. five wins, all of them under the direction of jimmy garoppolo at quarterback who by the way has yet to lose a game as an nfl starter. the excitement transcends the bay area. i was talking to a cohort from the dallas media a few minutes ago covering the game. i said, what is the talk, if any, about the 49ers? he said, are you kidding? everybody in dallas wants to know, is jimmy g the real deal? you called him the golden child. we will see if that comes to fruition. certainly, he's front and center in terms of the excitement tonight. kyle shanahan asked yesterday how much he will play in the opener. he did not give an exact answer
4:42 pm
but it is safe to say we will see jimmy garoppolo and the rest of the starters for at least one series and maybe a second. that will probably be it. we will see him a lot more in weeks two or three of the preseason. >> i was curious about that, how much he might play tonight. >> reporter: yeah, and again, it is sort of typical protocol, i guess, for week one of the preseason. the starters are out here for a handful of snaps and then they get out. clearly you don't want to risk more than you have to at this point. >> nobody wants to get her early. talk about the storied franchises. 49ers, cowboys, that's pretty big for a preseason game. >> reporter: yeah, it's cool, header. i mentioned the media, every local affiliate from the dallas area is out here to cover this team in week one of the preseason. that's how big football is out there. you can see some players warming up behind me. i'm not sure if randy can get the shot but around the midfield logo, joe staley, one of the stars of the offensive
4:43 pm
lineman is talking to a couple of the cowboy offensive lineman. this is a big deal. these are two very high profile, national teams, with national fan bases. dallas, trying to get back to its glory days. they've had bumps and bruises in recent years. the 49ers, trying to do the same. when you get two teams of this caliber, it ratchets things. >> and i heard there will be a tribute to the late dwight clark at levi stadium. >> reporter: indeed. they will spread this out over the entire stadium which is exactly the right thing to do. i know a lot of emotion is still raw because the funeral was so recently and so many people knew him, and even those who did not love to dwight clark. he embodied so much of this team history. there will certainly be dwight clark sightings, if you will, around the stadium throughout the season. i'm sure a lot of jerseys in effect starting tonight. the other fun thing is to see
4:44 pm
kind of the new looks, the new logos. we saw new paint jobs inside of the tunnels which is always fun. you can see the front row, new vip seating. i don't think i get the seats but if you guys come down for a game, we will see if we can hook you up. we've got the loungers here. look, it's the nfl. you can't go wrong. it's king. everybody loves football and it's good to have it back. >> those do like pretty good though she looks like pretty good seats. let's turn things over now to chief meteorologist bill martin. it will be nice to get one of those seats. >> i wonder how much those would set you back. >> i will just say, beyond my budget. i think it's safe to say that. >> we are going to find that out. it's also going to be a warm one out there. i wanted to ask scott, that ballpark gets hot. and it's hot outside. temperatures today are warmer by yesterday by a good 5 to 8 degrees. there is a red flag warning in
4:45 pm
effect for counties north of year. including lake county. something to think about. just because, you know, high fire danger. we've got a lot going on in terms of smoke and active fires. it is fine along the coast. the fog will hang out. you are getting a little bit of a northwest wind that is clearing out the extensive beach area. but, fog all along ocean beach. that's how it will go again tomorrow. temperatures tomorrow will be cooler than they were today. turned out today will be the warmest day of the week. or should be, anyway, when the official numbers are in. 101 in fairfield. those are the current temperatures which are running. yesterday's temperatures are running ahead of the day before and today's temperatures are running 13 degrees warmer in novato, a degrees warmer in san jose. not a lot of fog at the gate but it is hazy and smoky out there. i think everybody is over that. the good news is that that smoke is going to start to move
4:46 pm
out of here as temperatures cool off tomorrow a little bit. but more so saturday and sunday. you will see that in the five 5- day forecast. the temperature footprint looks like this.  pretty much like today but cooler. you can see how the red went east? those are the 90s. that's how it goes. these are the forecast highs for tomorrow. 97 in vacaville, 96 in fairfield. a couple of degrees cooler and certainly cooler around the bay. i think it will be more noticeable bayside with 82 in hayward. air quality should be better. today was a spare the air day. tomorrow is not anticipated to be a spare the air day at last check. it's going to be close, but we get enough of an onshore wind that it should give us a better atmosphere. did you find that, alex? you did not even look. >> no, i looked. the ktvu research department came back with some figures. it looks like $500 a seat. >> not bad. >> wait, wait. that is preseason. >> oh, yeah. >> yeah, regular-season, we have not obtained that information yet.
4:47 pm
>> 1500. did you hear that? 1500. >> that's not bad regular- season. okay, the game starts at 1:00. i get there at 8:00 in the morning. and then i would hang out afterwards. here's the forecast. i don't know. there is a five-day. >> i like me some football. but not $1500 worth. >> i thought you guys would say $3000 or $4000. the white house is taking on the final frontier, proposing a major reorganization of the u.s. military. >> as lauren blanchard reports, the trump administration is hoping to expand the u.s. military into space with a new branch. >> reporter: 2020. that is the administration's goal to create a space force. some of which they can do without the help of congress. >> the time has come to establish the united states space force. >> reporter: it would be the first new military branch since the air force in 1947.
4:48 pm
>> as president trump has said, in his words, it's not enough to merely have an american presence in space. we must have american dominance in space. >> reporter: vice president mike pence saying they plan to ask congress for an additional $8 billion in national security funding over the next 5 years. in a letter to congress last year, defense secretary james mattis said he was not in favor of a space force. but by thursday, he seemingly was on board. >> this is becoming a contested, war fighting domain. >> reporter: after the announcement at the pentagon, the president treating his excitement. however, critics have said talk of what the knighting space could potentially violate the outerspace treaty, signed in 1967, which prohibits weapons of mass destruction in space. but, the white house argues countries like china and russia are already becoming aggressive. and, it's a matter of protecting national security. >> what was once peaceful and
4:49 pm
uncontested is now crowded. and adversarial. >> reporter: the pentagon, releasing their initial report to congress, as the administration is now lobbying for support. authorization and allocating of federal funds for the space force does require congressional approval. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. here is a look at some of the stories we are working on for ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00. julie, calls for assistance on the fire line. >> yes. with wildfires burning across california, cal fire is relying on outside forces to battle the flames. coming up, why providing mutual aid is a difficult decision for many partners in the bay area. also, changes to a big music festival in san francisco. >> this kicks off in the city tomorrow, and with marijuana now legal in california, the new addition festivalgoers will see this year. we are working on these stories and more coming up at 5:00. next on the four on 2, a man getting married on the
4:50 pm
beach, jumps into action, saving another man who was drowning nearby.
4:51 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ♪ ♪ bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens ♪ ♪ brown paper packages tied up with strings ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ ♪ ♪
4:52 pm
a high school in oakland is providing classroom work with on-the-job experience. students are employed one day a week. this helps pay for half of their education. paul chambers was there yesterday. we learned more about their new job on what is being called draft day.
4:53 pm
>> reporter: it was a pep rally atmosphere at one oakland's newest high schools. parents, teachers, and staff welcomed the inaugural incoming freshman class of christo ray de la salle east bay high school. the students wearing their new jackets and ties, in for a special treat. because this day is not like any other. >> are you guys ready to kick off this draft? >> reporter: that's how the inaugural draft day began. as students were matched with corporate partners. each freshman will work and entry-level positions to help pay half of their $18,000 a classic -- year catholic education. >> i am very happy for my son. i'm very proud and i love him. >> reporter: all of the students will go to their corporate work-study job five times a month. the money earned is added to their parents contribution, which depending on the ability, could range anywhere from $250- $2500 a year.
4:54 pm
other funding comes from scholarships from school donors. however, a majority of the money comes from corporate partners. >> $9000 of that tuition is covered by the student work that they do and they contribute back toward the cost of their own education. >> i think it is very exciting. they are off to a good start. i don't think you could ask for a better way to begin the school year, and to begin a new adventure. >> reporter: the school is located in the former saint elizabeth high school in oakland's fruitvale district. the freshman class is diverse, made up mostly of african- american, latino, and the students, who by all accounts would not have an opportunity such as this. >> we are starting with a founding class of ninth graders and over the next 4 years, we will grow to a school of over 500 students. >> reporter: right now, there are 69 students. but the school is still accepting new applications. classes begin next week. in oakland, paul chambers, ktvu fox 2 news.
4:55 pm
there are a lot of questions surrounding the fate of the once popular shoes known as crocs. the company says it is closing all manufacturing facilities. the announcement came this morning that the company would shut down its final plant in italy. the company has not said if it is going to close u.s. stores, or if this means the end of the issues altogether. crocs' chief financial officer also announced she is planning to resign from the company next april. a man is being called a hero for his quick response on his wedding day, no less. zach edwards was taking photos with his wife on a beach in alabama when a woman suddenly came up and said that a man was drowning in the ocean. edwards, who happens to be a member of the coast guard, quickly jumped in to help and reach the struggling swimmer as first responders were arriving at the scene. >> it's a story to tell. the grandkids are going to have a story. you know? it was a perfect day, beautiful wedding. >> the family of the young man pulled from the water says he
4:56 pm
is doing just fine and boy, they are forever grateful for edwards' actions on his special day. a bear cub is recovering after being burned in the carr fire. an electric company employee in whiskeytown found it laying in ash with its paws burned. he medially contacted lake tahoe wildfire officials. veterinarians came to the scene, sedated the bear, and took it in for treatment. vets are using tilapia skins to help heal the bear's burnt paws. that treatment was used last year on a pair of bears that suffered burnt paws during the thomas fire. >> i was going to say, we saw that last year. fish skin. hugely successful. that's it for us. ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 is coming up next.
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4:59 pm
an emotional day in court as sentencing in a warehouse fire case begins. family and friends of the 36 people who died addressed the two defendants. >> this sentence is unfair and unbalanced. >> many of the victims families leave the plea deal and sentence isn't enough punishment. >> under that deal there expected to be sentenced to nine years for the role in the 2016 fire. while max harris the creative
5:00 pm
director will get six years. both will be credited with time already served. -- >> we are live from the courthouse with families of the victims gave some impact statements today. >> reporter: court recess for the day just about an hour ago, we will be back for the continuation of the hearing tomorrow, a very emotional hearing today as family members vented their anger and frustration. >> ghost ship master lieutenant derick almena and max harris sat and listened as relatives of the victims blasted them for the roles and the deadly fire. >> cameras were not allowed in court as well as what the judge described as a had bridging hearing that many of the victims family members brought poster boards with their loved ones pictures. back in july each enter no contest please


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