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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  August 13, 2018 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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good afternoon. we begin with a developing story out of the city of oakland. a police officer is in critical condition after being involved in a crash at the port of oakland. lee martinez with more on the story. >> reporter: the officer has not been identified but we are told he is fairly new to the force. a source tells us and that he is the sun of a high- ranking oakland police officer. just before 3:00 this morning the officer was responding to a report of a suspicious person at the port of oakland. he was driving solo heading east on middle harbor road when a silver sedan with -- was pulling out of the portrait the two vehicles collided and that impact force to the officers patrol vehicle to hit a big rig parked in the center divide. other officers sent to the same call saw the crash scene and try to rescue the officer. >> officer was trapped inside the vehicle. oakland police
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officers attempted to try to get the door open to get the officer out there were not able to. the oakland fire department came and was able to extricate the officer out of the vehicle. the officer is currently at a local hospital where he is listed in critical condition. >> reporter: oakland police have shut down middle harbor road, forcing semi trucks to reroute through the horseshoe- shaped road into the ports east gates. a caused a bit of a back up this morning. just a few minutes ago oakland police tell us they are wrapping up this investigation seen and they will reopen the road shortly. sometime early this afternoon the road will be open. as for the driver of the sedan and the driver of the big rig for both of those drivers were uninjured and are cooperating with the investigation. in oakland with ktvu fox2 news. wildfires continue to burn across the state.
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crews are slowly starting to get containment on some of the biggest buyers. >> i'm terrified. >> reporter: the holy fire still spreading after burning through dozens of homes south and east of los angeles. cooler weather over the weekend allowed firefighters to make significant progress, containing it while saving neighborhoods. the fire is now moving through more remote areas your cleveland national forest allowing some anxious residents to return home. thankful to fire crews for saving their property. >> there has been no wind so it was just a slow burner. my heart was pounding and i was screaming for joy that they are here doing that for us >> reporter: officials are reporting progress containing the mendocino complex fire. the largest in state history. 100 miles north of san francisco. more than a dozen other wildfires continue to burn throughout the state. some 30,000 fatigue -- fatigued firefighters working 12 hour shifts. officials now pleading with the public use extreme caution with
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any activity that could spark another wildfire. >> we are very limited on resources. we are thin. there is no hiding that with so many fires going on. we are pleading with everybody right now that if you are outdoors or in your vehicle and operating outdoors to be heightened with your sense of awareness. we really cannot afford to have more large fires in california right now. >> reporter: even with the increase containment officials don't expect to have the mendocino fire under complete control until early september. in los angeles with ktvu fox2 news today to mike remmers a president trump's cabinet are scheduled to be in redding getting an update on the devastating carr fire. interior secretary ryan zinke and ag secretary sonny perdue holds several meetings and briefings with fire crews and other local officials. the carr fire has burned more than 200,000 acres and destroyed more than 1000 homes. it has been burning for three weeks and is 61% contained.
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the nelson fire that burned about halfway between fairfield and vacaville is now 100% contained. that kicked up on friday afternoon near nelson road. no injuries were reported but the fire burned more than 2100 acres for one house was destroyed. the cause remains under investigation. look at this. this is body camera video from the vacaville police department as officers raced to evacuate animals at the solano county spca which was threatened by the nelson fire. officers put the animals into their patrol vehicles to get them to safety. luckily, the spca building did not burn. there was some ash left behind. 60 dogs and cats that were at the shelter are now all safe and currently in foster homes. the legend golden state color is now facing a new murder charge for prosecutors charged joseph d'angelo with a 1975 shooting death of claude snowing in visalia. he was the brother who tried to rescue his 17-year-old daughter from the clutches of who police called at the time they visalia
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rents hacker. investigators say they believe this was d'angelo's first murder. d'angelo is already charged with 12 other martyrs and is suspected of committing at least 50 rates across california. stock in bayer again the day down more than 11% in early trading. that's the biggest drop in more than 10 years for the german pharmaceutical and chemical company that owns my xanto. investigators and investors are reacting to friday's decision by a san francisco jury that the retail around up caused the cancer of a school grounds keeper. it was ordered to pay $289 million in compensation and damages for for lawsuits over roundup have already been filed. a louisiana man says he is also suing the maker of roundup after hearing about the civil suit that concluded in the bay area on friday . the san francisco jury awarded that money to dwayne johnson who is dying of cancer. he blames contact with the herbicide in the weekly roundup as the cause for his non-
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hodgkin's lymphoma. a city councilman in louisiana says he is currently in remission after battling the same cancer. he says he believes his cancer is connected to the weedkiller roundup since he grew up around the factory where it is made. >> it was through the course of this trial and reading a lot of the reporting on the trial and the testimony and the evidence that was submitted that, there is a good chance that could be the case. >> the manufacturer of roundup, monsanto, continues to standby studies that say their product does not cause cancer. it is planning to appeal the decision. legendary singer aretha franklin is in declining health. the ap now confirms aretha franklin is gravely ill and near death in a detroit michigan hospital. franklin was diagnosed with cancer back in 2010 but fought back and continued to perform her lost -- her last appearance on stage was elton john in november of last year. aretha
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franklin is 76 years old and began her career nearly 60 years ago. she has 120 grammy awards. grief and sadness in the east bay after two antioch teenagers were killed and three others remain in the hospital with serious injuries after their vehicle plunged from an e. bay freeway overpass . the highway patrol says the honda civic was heading east on 24th near the 680 interchange yesterday morning and fell more than 40 feet to the ground below. that car landed in a small area underneath both freeways on boulevard circle. the two young men who died were both 18 years old and came from antioch. the two passengers are in critical condition at on your medical center. the driver also there in serious condition. she is the only person from that crash who is being identified. 18-year-old romania remy of antioch faces several felony charges including manslaughter and driving under the influence her family says that would be out of character. her cousin
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adding they are still waiting for proof that she had been drinking. >> no toxicology reports have come back. they questioned my his mother her mother was not in the car so she couldn't speak to whether or not there was underage drinking. at this time it is allegations and suspicions. >> the families says she graduated as an honor student from deer valley high school and she was preparing to go to the university of pacifica in stockton to take biomedical classes. relatives say they are praying for remy, her four friends, and all their families. a teenager also died in another suspected drunk driving crash in oakland. there was a two car crashed near the colosseum early yesterday. one driver got out of his car and was hit and killed by a white lexus. the driver of the lexus was arrested and charged with driving with a suspended license and driving under the influence. it may just be august but
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school is back in session this afternoon for one of the bay area's largest school districts . the oakland unified school district was among those that went back today. it is a week earlier than last year, to help better align the school year with local colleges. elementary schools even liked the earlier start. >> this is going to be a good healthy change for our kids. to start early and end at a decent time. once we end in may we have so much school starting the following week. we are excited. i think that will be fine. >> the students at martin luther king jr. element tree school in oakland received new backpacks to get them started for the year. wells fargo brought in its iconic stagecoach so students could get in a few rides before the first bell of the year. amoroso and president trump are back at it. what the reality star and former white house staffer said and did that has stirred up some controversy.. it is cooling down a little bit around the bay area. we have a live look out at the
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this is dash cam video taken by eric geer who was driving west on 580 in san leandro saturday night. other drivers also saw this pilot about to make an
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emergency landing on the interstate some drivers did slow down to help create some clear space on the interstate. the pilot landed the single engine airplane without hitting any of the vehicles and then pulled right up to the side of the freeway . the faa says a pilot was heading to the hayward airports, but there was a problem with the engine and he looked for the safest, closest place to sit down. no one was hurt in the incident . one of president trump's former advisors is making waves in her tell-all book. amoroso newman is not happy she was let go from her white house job and now she is firing back. as griff jenkins reports, there is controversy over conversations she recorded at the white house. >> reporter: president trump made omarosa famous by casting her in his reality tv show the apprentice. her latest strategic move has real-world applications that could land her in some legal hot water. at one time amoroso newman had a lofty title as assistant to the president. those days are over.
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>> low life. she is a lowlife. >> reporter: president trump this weekend not happy that amoroso is trashing him in a big way on a media tour to promote her new book. >> i was complicit with this white house deceiving this nation. they continue to see -- to deceive this nation by how mentally declined he is. how difficult it is for him to process complex information. >> reporter: she didn't out there. amoroso now claims she herself heard a recording of the president using a racial slur. >> when he talks that way by the way he did on the tape, it confirmed that he is truly a racist. >> reporter: a different recording, one made by amoroso herself as chief of staff john kelly was fired her could come back to haunt her. she made the recording in the top-secret white house situation room in an unprecedented breach. there sanders in a statement said, the very idea a staff member would sneak a recording device into the white house situation room shows a blatant disregard for our national security. to brag about it on
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national television further proves the lack of character and integrity of this disgruntled former white house employee. in the former white house press secretary off is also reactive. >> john kelly gave her an opportunity to walk away with dignity and respect. how she pays her back is brings a personal recording device into the situation room of the white house. in massive violation of every security protocol. that should be the story right now. >> reporter: right now as the nation decides whether amoroso is a whistleblower or a game seeker security analyst are debating whether or not she has violated any laws. in washington with fox news. the fbi has fired the agent who exchanged text messages that were critical of president trump last summer. peter's truck was removed from the russia investigation by special counsel robert mueller with the text messages were discovered. and attorney for peter struck says he was fired for
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violating. policies. the attorney also called the firing deeply troubling thing a lengthy investigation failed to produce any evidence that his personal views affected his work. still no word on if president trump will agree to be interviewed by robert mueller the uncertainty over that issue lingers as the trial of former trump came -- campaign chairman paul manafort heads into the third and possibly final week. >> reporter: the back-and-forth over a potential sit down between president trump and special counsel robert mueller seems to be continuing with no clear end in sight for the presidents attorney told fox news he does not want to subject the president to what he calls perjury traps. >> the truth is in the eye of the beholder. my client could be telling the truth and their witness can be a total scoundrel and if they decide to go with their witness my client is going to get indicted or charged with perjury in some way. >> reporter: one example giuliani pointed to has to do with national security advisor
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to the trump campaign in the white house, michael flynn. and former fbi director james comey, claims president trump told him he should just let the investigation into michael flynn go. >> the president would testify if asked, that the conversation about flint did not take place. if you were to testify to that, even though comey has a prior statement under oath similar to the presidents that there was no obstruction or statement of obstruction they could charge him with perjury. it is in their discretion to do that. >> reporter: tonight the flynn conversation is a new claim from the president legal team. last but giuliani said the conversation did take place. >> how is he a good witness for the president if he is saying the president was directing him in his words to let the michael flynn investigation go? >> he didn't direct him to do that. what he said was -- >> reporter: all of this of the dose as the trial of paul manafort heads into week three.
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the prosecution is expected to call one or two more witnesses. there is speculation the trial could wrapup this week. mannafor is facing charges related to financial fraud charges brought by special counsel robert mueller's team. russia, president trump, the 2016 campaign are not the focus of the trial, but they have been constant elephants in the room. some say the trial could impact the perception of the russia probe. reporting in washington d.c. with fox news. people are cleaning up this noon after a huge dust storm blew through phoenix yesterday. the dust storm known as a haboob bolt through and uprooted trees and downed power lines. there were numerous reports of zero visibility during the. of the storm. no word on any injuries but dust storms are common in arizona during monsoon season which usually ends in september. on this monday afternoon our weather is trending cooler.
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before we get to our weather kevin hurd, it is raining and raining and raining and it won't stop. we get high pressure which parks it over california. they have had a search of moisture from florida to the carolinas up into new york where they have had big time thunderstorms off and on the last week. flooding around much of pennsylvania. the pennsylvania turnpike from washington to baltimore and all the way to boston. this has been a pattern that shows no signs of changing and it does cause some flight delays hereunder purchase. we had some this morning in san jose. if you're traveling back there it looks like the beat goes on. back here some very warm ocean temperatures. especially off southern california. scripps, san diego 78 - 80 degrees. while it is warm there there is a distinct dividing line between really warm up to about santa barbara, and then he goes mild and then really cold. where is it really cool? right here. bodega bay at 52. san francisco 54. these are about 1 - 2 degrees
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below average. madre 56. we haven't seen much change . the go up a little bit and then come right back down. the fog has no problem forming. that's what happens. temperatures are coming down . the is a weak system coming into the pacific northwest. the 80s and 90s yesterday will be replaced with 70s and 80s today. that is the system that is digging in. as it does in knocked the ridge of high pressure out of here and opens the door to a cooler pattern today and into tuesday. we have to go pretty far to find 90s tomorrow in the highs. even toward antioch, livermore, and fear for looking at 80s on tuesday. if you like the cooler pattern it looks like it is here for a couple of days temperatures are off anywhere from 3 - 7 degrees cooler compared to 24 hours ago. oakland down seven. livermore down six. it is all because of that stronger onshore breeze that allows that cooler air to spill in all the way to the valley. a few thunderstorms in the sierra. the monsoon has just been front and center but testing in arizona. some of that sneaks into southern nevada in southern california, but we are not seeing anything like that. the
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flow isn't right coming around that system. a cooler monday today. we will also have the bigger fog taking us into tuesday. i think it bottoms out on wednesday. those look to be the coolest temperatures. after that a warm-up. today more 60s and 70s below average in the coast and bay. inland getting near average for some or maybe slightly above. close to where they should be compared to the last few days when it has been way above. if you like cooler weather i think you'll like it into wednesday and probably thursday. former inland friday and saturday. still to come, more older americans are filing for bankruptcy. what experts say are putting people in financial trouble. you...and mom also gets aoss shoppiback-to-school bag? that's yes for less. ross has the brands you want for back to school. and it feels even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less.
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looking at the markets, stocks have moved lower after giving up an early gain. the dow jones is down 84 points. the nasdaq and s&p 500 also slightly down. teslas stock is slightly up this afternoon. this week the tesla board of directors will report let me to discuss plans by ceo elon musk to take the company private. musk now faces a pair of class- action lawsuits each filed in san francisco relating to the proposal he first posted to twitter. usa today reports will not claims he schemed to artificially manipulate the price of tesla stock pretty other suit claims he misled investors so far no response from musk or the company or google is a purely tracking new -- tracking you even when you ask it not to according to an ap investigation. researchers say the tracking continues even when you use
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privacy settings. they say even with the location history turned off google automatically stores timestamp locations when you open its maps app. that's for both android and iphone >> critics say google is during information to boost advertising revenue because it's can charge average tires just advertisers more money for more specific information. a disturbing trend in america involving older people filing for bankruptcy. julian turner shows us the numbers and the reason why it is happening so often. >> reporter: the golden years have long been a central feature of the american dream. golf course communities, good healthcare, and comfort dominating popular conceptions of retirement. a new study from the consumer bankruptcy project finds millions of american people age 65+ jolted by a new reality. seniors are more likely to declare bankruptcy today than ever before. there rate of bankruptcy increased between 200% and 300%
12:26 pm
since 1991. experts that multiple factors to explain the jump. >> your people have pension. retiree health benefits for many are a thing of the past. there are two people who are living on limited incomes, fixed income with modest savings and just not enough cushion >> reporter: incomes are also a major factor. half of all people 65 and older today live on less than $30,000 annually. adequate savings can help protect seniors from bankruptcy . those who avoid filing have an average of $250,000 in assets. the biggest factor experts site by far in the financial security of older americans is healthcare cost. they say while medicare and medicaid help costs are skyrocketing expect few people have the money in their pockets to pay tens and tens of thousands of dollars for care in a nursing home, assisted living, or even for some of the
12:27 pm
high cost drugs that we see coming to market. >> reporter: cbp finds out-of- pocket spending on healthcare now accounts for 41% of the average social security check. life in america is more expensive than ever. costs are rising for everyone. both old and young. this study also finds retirees increasingly carrying the debt of younger generations are cosigning student loans and mortgages for millennials means even less financial security for today's seniors. in washington with fox news. new stop for bay area commuters. we will give you a look inside the new salesforce transit center and what commuters had to say as their buses rolled into the center for the first time this morning. shocking discovery in the north bay. we will have more on the flyers trying to recruit people to join the ku klux klan in the search for the person or persons responsible.
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's with the new salesforce transit center is up and running. it is $82.25 billion project years in the making. alyssa harrington tells us commuters are giving the new addition two thumbs up. >> reporter: riders i talked to are excited. they love how the new transit center looks. it is quite big. it stretches four city blocks so some people feel a little overwhelmed. this is where the transit workers come in handy. there stationed all over the new transit center and are handing out maps and schedules and are directing people where
12:31 pm
they need to go. here is what some riders i talked to had to say. >> i love it. it is almost the feeling of the airport, the san francisco airports or oakland airport. that type of a feeling. it is great and clean but i'm hoping it will stay clean. it is a little overwhelming. >> reporter: it is comfortable. it is great. a new chance compared to the old building. it is great. i hope it will stay clean. >> reporter: this is the moment the first transit bus pulled into the station this morning. there were balloons, confetti, and music. the station is supposed to ease congestion in the neighborhood because transfer buses take a bus bridge directly to the station. it includes a roof top garden, retail space, and artwork. ap transit has the largest presence at the transit. 13,000 e. bay riders currently
12:32 pm
rely on this service ridership is expected to go up. >> we now have 30 dedicated bus bays on the deck. those 30 dedicated bus bays allow us to expand up to 300 buses per day. 300 buses per day ultimately means we can now service 24,000 riders per hour. >> reporter: there is tables set up with stickers, pens, and all sorts of fun and helpful information. there are also police officers patrolling the station. in san francisco with ktvu fox2 news the city of novato investigation underway after a pedestrian was hit and killed by a smart train. the police say the woman was hit around 6 am in the area south of n. hamilton pkwy. the county coroner is working to identify the victim. sonoma marin real transit had to use buses this morning to shuttle people between four stations while investigators remained at the scene. racist flyers are showing
12:33 pm
up in parts of sassoon trying to recruit people into the ku klux klan. please do not believe it is a local group. charmaine nero tells us people who went there once the messages stop -- stopped. >> it was here when i came home. >> reporter: it is all quiet and peaceful on the street in sassoon city it is really odd. you usually don't see this kind of thing. >> reporter: behind the doors of these homes people sharing the news of ku klux klan flyers making their way to driveways at several homes. >> >> reporter: police received several reports of flyers saturday passed along to homes in different parts of town. they went on to say they don't have any evidence of a specific crime directly related to these flyers. . i was actually shocked. i have never heard anything like that. to me it was big news. when i called the number on the flyer. >> greetings from the loyal white knights of the [ null ].
12:34 pm
>> reporter: rest of this voice message to graphic for us to air. >> we are also different ethnicities. many of us have lived on the street for many years. it is on to receive that. >> reporter: the latest incident have -- has the town talking they say there is no room for hate in this diverse community. >> intentionally or as a hoax i would like to see it stopped. >> that was charmaine nero reporting. authorities say anyone who spots any more of these flyers should contact the sassoon city police department. a group of white nationalist it's called for protest yesterday outside the white house but were outnumbered by counter protesters. police escorted the small group of demonstrators under the night banner -- unite the night banners to the white house. no one was hurt and no arrests were made.. the national park service is asking for help to find a man who disappeared inside yosemite national park. scott tends are of san jose was last seen july 25 at the bridgeport ranger station. the
12:35 pm
same day the ferguson fire started. he had planned to backpack from robinson creek to several other locations in the park between 25 july and august 5. authorities say he is an experienced hiker. if you have information about his disappearance call the national park service. it has been 27 days since university of iowa student molly tibbetts disappeared while jogging. her family continues to ask for people's good wishes for her safe return. i think there is a real power in the ability to pull molly back from wherever she is. everybody pray. everybody think positive thoughts. >> her father says $331,000 reward offered is a concrete sign of support. he says it is also drawn hundreds of tips to local police and he knows that just one call can make all the difference in finding his daughter. >> [ singing ] support for the
12:36 pm
tibbetts family is very strong here in the bay area. molly went to corpus christi elementary school in piedmont through the third grade. last night some of her former classmates held a vigil for her at their parish church. even though it has been years since they have seen her classmates remember her fondly. . i think there is a real power in the ability to pull molly back from wherever she is. everybody pray. everybody think positive thoughts. >> her former classmates say even though they have not spoken to molly tibbetts for years her disappearance has brought them together to pray for her and the people searching for her. the school is accepting donations to help build the reward fund. a new piece of technology at once out the hospital is using painful medical procedures for children. doctors said santa clara medical center now has access to virtual reality goggles for use during some procedures. once placed on the child's head the device plays serene
12:37 pm
underwater adventure. the 15 minute show keeps the patient distracted, allowing doctors to provide needed care. >> it is like you are underwater snorkeling with all of the fish and dolphins and turtles and stingrays. >> the virtual reality goggles are very helpful to assist in providing a comfortable atmosphere for the patients so they can tolerate procedures better. >> hospital officials say a $20,000 grant under the purchase of a four goggles from the oakland-based company kind of er. the medical center was just awarded $5000 to purchase the vr goggles for use during pediatric mris. the fbi and the ntsb continue to look into the crash of a plane stolen by an airport employee in washington. he performed daredevil loops before crashing the aircraft into a remote island in puget sound. jeff paul has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: investigators back on the scene here in puget
12:38 pm
sound but the focus is on an island just to the side of us in the distance. that is where the plane crashed after a very dangerous joyride that lasted for more than an hour. the big unknown right now is how the ground worker was able to take off and fly the plane for as long as he did. use a tractor to push back the plane before takeoff. investigators say he had passed on background checks and was fully credentialed to be in that secured area. one of his former coworkers recently spoke to their roles on the ground at the airport. >> the tow team has access to talk to air traffic control. they can turn, they have been trained to turn on and off the plane and things that i wouldn't know were regular ramp agents wouldn't know anything about. >> reporter: this video was posted by richard russell you can see a picture of him and some video of his work as a ground crew member. friends and family who referred to him as devo say they are stunned and heartbroken. they say well it might be difficult for some at home to believe they say russell was a warm and compassionate man
12:39 pm
those close to him describe him as a faithful has an loving son, and a good friend. >> devo was loved by everyone because he was kind and gentle to each person he met. this is a complete shock to us as the voice recordings show, his intent was not to harm anyone. he was right in saying that there are so many people who have loved him pursuant the fbi has around 30 or feet -- 30 or 40 people on the ground on this case. they hope to recover the black box that could shed some light on what happened just before the plane crash. jeff paul, fox news. federal charges are expected to be charged against an unruly passenger on a flight bound for san francisco. a hawaiian air flight from maui to sfo was diverted to honolulu saturday afternoon because a man refused to listen to flight attendants. the faa officials say the plane was in the air for three hours before it had to turn around. after a brief delay the flight left honolulu and landed safely
12:40 pm
later at sfo. later today we are expected find out more about that man and what exactly he was doing that caused the plane to turn around. week one of the nfl season is less than a month away. still to come, joe sits down with raiders quarterback derek card to talk about how he's getting along or possibly not getting along with his new head coach. also, a look at the cooling trend giving people a break from the heat. we will be right back after the break. and get the shoes you want...for get to tway less.hoe event oh yeah. ross has the top brands at big savings. for the latest styles and trends... at prices that make them even cuter... ...get to the ross shoe event. yes for less.
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12:43 pm the ross shoe event. yes for less. the city of santa clara received a legal victory in its dispute with the san francisco 49ers about the rent at levi stadium bergen arbitrator rejected the 49ers request to reduce the teams annual rent by more than $4 million instead, the rent will go up by $238,000 a year. city said that will allow it to maintain its accelerated pace of paying down debt on the stadium. also the county stadium authority will get back pay for rental payments owed and legal fees.
12:44 pm
>> so, the city of santa clara was very pleased for this major financial victory because it shows that we are now managing the 49ers instead of being managed by them. >> the decision comes more than two years after the 49ers filed for arbitration . the organization said the stadium authority which is overseen by the city council violated the lease agreement by raising the annual rent the 49ers released a statement saying the team accepts the decision to raise the rent by 1% a year. the 49ers new running back, jerick mckinnon, is expected to this practice after a scary during training camp. he went down grabbing his right knee yesterday. he had an mri and it was determined he had a strained calf muscle. he will now focus on recovering in time for the regular season opener on september 9 against the vikings. the 49ers next preseason game is a saturday against the texans . the oakland raiders played their first regular-season game in four weeks and derek carr hopes he can lead his team back
12:45 pm
to the playoffs this year. joe fonzi caught up with carmack at training camp and he told joe about adjusting to a new head coach. >> reporter: by now being the center of attention is nothing new for derek carr. in his fifth season as oakland's starting quarterback he has missed all of two of the 64 regular season games during that time. what is new for derek carr this season is his head coach. how is the uniting of the minds going with derek carr and the endless supply of energy that is john gruden? >> we see things the same way. we love football. we are both passionate about it. when he came in we hit the ground running. we got pretty deep into some football stuff, but at the same time we have to make sure our whole team is on that same page. >> you are in a totally different offense in a totally different era. the coach and the quarterback are not starting from scratch. derek carr was one of gruden's students on the espn show gruden used to host.
12:46 pm
now that they see each other every day they can go much deeper. >> on certain looks i like certain things. he has a way of me doing that and has a way of me doing things i like. we are just trying to find that fine line of where we want to put the line. we're both figuring it out together, which is awesome. there are times will do something and say i don't like that. he will be like, good, because i did neither. >> i think one of the biggest mistakes teams make is thinking you're going to pick off where you left off last year . the is a different dynamic. you could probably make that case last year, there was next. patient the team did not live up to. what are you seeing right now with a dynamic on the team as you approach it with a new mindset a new bunch of guys? >> i see team that loves football. they love giving great effort. they love playing fast. they love the studying. to play for coach gruden and coach gunther you have to be, not only physically, but mentally sharp. you have to be on it. playing
12:47 pm
for them is tough. at the same time, it pushes us players to play harder. >> help you seen your role as you are now that veteran guy and young guys are looking to you? it happens pretty fast, doesn't it? >> it is the weirdest thing. now all the rookies see me hanging out with my wife and kids and i am the old dad now. they are asking me questions and i'm like hold on a second, i'm still young. a different dynamic the way the players look at me for the young players look at me. they're coming to me sing i remember in high school watching you play. i'm like, what? stop it. it is funny pictures to see how crazy things turn. >> reporter: crazy turns have been a consistent part upgrader history. we will find out soon how crazy it is for a better quarterback and an intense coach who has been away from the sideline for a decade to create good offense together. joe fonzi, ktvu fox2 news
12:48 pm
the raiders next preseason game is saturday in los angeles. taking on jerrod -- jerrod goss and the rams. if you are inland and tired of the heat we have some good news. you probably felt it this morning. many people said i opened the windows and had a cooler breeze. cooler for most unless you are in one of the areas that are tough to cool down like ukiah and clear lake. for many temperatures mainly 60s and 70s and 80s. a westerly breeze kicked him if you like cooler water temperatures bodega bay and san francisco but we are holding steady. half moon bay has gone up. for the most part they are running near average to a little below. all the way down to about santa barbara and then you can find extremely warm ocean temperatures. this has nothing to do with el nino down there. there just a high pressure that has not allowed the upwelling to take place down there in southern california. they get really warm. near 80 degree water temperatures here from oceanside to san diego to
12:49 pm
delmar. very humid as well down in parts of southern california on the coast. even though they are getting into fog. it is warm. not for us. our fog is cooler. some thunderstorm activity in the sierra. 70s and 80s. 88 yesterday to 77 in redwood city today. san jose from 86 to 79. the city was 67 on sunday. dropping that temperature down. average is now 68. you see the high temperature average go up heading into mid- august at the end of august. in september can be darn warm in the city. so far we just see below normal temperatures. 1991 was the record. the pacific northwest system is allowing the door to open up to these cooler temperatures even into tuesday we are looking for mainly 80s well inland. a break from a lot of the 90s or one hundreds. i don't think the fog is going anywhere. it will be back tonight and tomorrow. 7 degrees cooler in oakland and the napa airport. nine in santa rosa. the big drop in the temperatures is already felt
12:50 pm
early enough and the onshore breeze along with the fog translate into a bigger and cooler pattern the next couple of days. the monsoon continues to be alive and well mainly down into arizona. southern california is not expecting anything. it has been front and center for them down there. hot gets kicked out for couple days . the is a cooler monday with hazy sun and better air quality. bigger fog bank means 60s and 70s and the coast and be. cooler on wednesday. i think we will see a little rebound in temperatures. still august and high pressure loves california. 60s and 70s and 80s to a few very low 90s. i think even tomorrow antioch and brentwood will settle into the 80s. it looks like this pattern is here through at least midweek. maybe into thursday but more likely temperatures inland at least will start to bump up friday and into the weekend. still to come, the hardest stars in tv, music, and films accepting the coveted surf board trophies. a look at who took home the top honors during this year's teen choice awards when we come back.
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12:53 pm
surfboards were handed out on the big stage for the 2018 teen choice awards. ashley breaks down the winners and how the words used social media to get teenagers involved this year. >> reporter: teens take their turns celebrating favorites in films, tv, music, digital, and more. handing out those coveted surf board trophies at the most instant ready show around, the teen choice awards. surfs up to the big winners following more than 150 million votes through twitter andy >> i love you. >> reporter: among the stars accepting their surfboards in person, chris pratt . the actor receiving jurassic levels of applause for choices summer movie actor.
12:54 pm
same for pitch perfect threes anna kendrick, winning for both her comedic skills and her twitter talent. >> i want to say, honestly, thank you. >> reporter: the greatest show man's zac efron getting the crowd cheering as a choice movie actor. that film also winning drama movie. a powerful moment i musician troy savant speaking out about this focal and involved generation. >> it feels like 2018 is the year that teens are at the forefront of change. steven dent presenting the award of best comedy movie to the film love simon. noting its theme of self acceptance. >> we couldn't do this without you guys thank you so much for watching the show. >> reporter: the cast of riverdale has much to celebrate . so do camila cabello and louis tomlinson, the new choice female and male artists. >> i just want to say my fans are the best fans in the world. >> reporter: making the show unlike any other you will see this awards season honoring both a listers and influencers alike. in new york with fox news.
12:55 pm
the monsanto roundup weed killer case could set a major precedent for thousands of pending lawsuits across the country. on friday a san francisco jury awarded a man nearly $300 million after he claimed that the weedkiller roundup gave him cancer. today at 4:00 we will dig into the pending cases a look at how this ruling could impact others in the future. plea coverage today on the for onto. looking at the market right now, the dow jones down about 150 points as the turkey currency crisis continues to worry some investors. the nasdaq and s&p also down the slightly. if you have ever considered buying a hybrid to save money on gas german start up says it has created something even better . the the company says it created a solar car that charges while you drive. so no motors is adding the finishing touches to its car which they fully electric solar powered vehicles. the beagle has solar cells within its body, allowing it to
12:56 pm
be charged from the sun even when it's driving. a virginia beach uber driver is taking on a new approach when it comes to bringing a little inspiration to her passengers. nicole headley has been driving for uber for about four months. what makes her stand out from the rest is a game she lets her passengers play called. a color. she has a rainbow dashboard with the words. a color above it. her passengers can choose a colored piece of paper from a box and receive an inspirational message and return. >> no matter where you are in life were no matter what type of job you do we can always do something to brighten someone's day. there is a lot of hurt in this world. >> the messages are from the writings of my angelo, les brown, and even winnie the pooh. she came up with the idea from listening to the radio and hearing about a story of a young boy putting a positive note on every locker at his school. thanks for joining us today at noon. our next newscast is the four on two.
12:57 pm
have a great afternoon.
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>> turkey consumption is growing nearly four finals faster than chicken. >> tuckerer burger, dogs and bacon. >> but are they turning this healthy bird into a lot more? >> the story of a traveling con man. who spent years preying on women trying to steal their homes. >> he had me thrown out of my home, and he took everything. >> by the end of the story, two people will wind up dead. >> next oz. ♪ >> are you ready to save some lives today? >> yeah! >> i love you, dr. oz. [cheers and applause]


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