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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  August 13, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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henry lee is live with more. >> reporter: in the last half hour, police confirmed that the officer remains in critical condition after undergoing a number of surgeries. tonight, his family and colleagues are rallying by his side. the oakland police officer was responding to reports of suspicious people on a union pacific train at the port of oakland at 3:00 in the morning. the officer was driving east on a road with out lies in -- without lights and sirens. his carbon crashed, causing a chain reaction with a big rig. >> he was responding, collided with a civilian vehicle, and then into a parked semitruck. >> reporter: the officer was trapped in his suv and knocked unconscious. other officers tried to get him out, but the doors were jammed. >> oakland police officers attempted to get the door open to get the officer out. they were unable to. the oakland fire department came and was able to extricate the officer out of the vehicle. >> reporter: the officer suffered broken bones and major internal injuries and was taken to highland hospital in oakland where he underwent surgery. officers kept vigil at the
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hospital, and visited the police union to lend their support. >> we have all hope that he's going to have a full recovery. >> reporter: oakland police chiefanne kirkpatrick and members of her command staff were among those who stopped by the oakland police officers association. >> he's surrounded by his opd family, he's surrounded by his own family, and now we are going to go talk to his team. he just graduated from the police department not long ago. >> reporter: the officer graduated at the top of his class last year. his father is a lieutenant with the department. now, police asked us not report the officer's name or that of his father to maintain the family's privacy. live in the newsroom, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. the california highway patrol today honored an y in fairfield.
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the bellringing at the chp academy in west sacramento was in honor of officer kirk griess. he and 49-year-old jaime manuel were killed last friday during a traffic stop. the officer was on his motorcycle and had pulled over manuel, who was driving a white saturn suv. they were on the shoulder of interstate 880 when a truck slammed into them. it's not clear alcohol or drugs played a role. a memorial service for chp officer kirk griess is set for friday. developing now in vallejo where fire crews contained a small grass fire along highway 37 this afternoon. vallejo fire department says it burned five acres from the ramp of west bound i-80 to highway 37. sky fox was overhead within the past hour. some homes were briefly threatened before crews got a handle on the fire. the highway patrol shut down the transitions from west bound 82 west bound 37 for about a half hour during the fire
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operations. the chp says the fire might have been caused by a traffic accident in the area. >> reporter: the san francisco medical examiner identified a teenager killed in a quadruple shooting in the city. the 19-year-old was shot while getting pizza with friends at mission street and amazon avenue at about 2:00 saturday morning. a man in his 20s, a 19-year-old woman, and 23-year-old man were also hit by gunfire. they are expected to survive. there is no word on a motive and police have not made arrests. two teenage boys killed in a suspected drunk driving wreck in walnut creek yesterday morning have now been identified. 17-year-old dakarai fagorala, and 18-year-old john walizadam of antioch died after the car plunged off highway 24 near the interstate 680 interchange. both were pronounced dead at the driver, 18-year-old ramya ramey, also of antioch, and two other women, both 18, were critically injured.
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ramya ramey was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving and felony manslaughter. the fbi agent whose anti- trump text messages you'll republican criticism of robert mueller's russia investigation has been fired. as ray bogan reports, peter strzok was a lead investigator into possible russian collusion and the hill email probe. >> reporter: what was supposed to be a demotion is now a termination. peter strzok's attorney says his client was fired friday after the fbi deputy director overruled a 60 day suspension and lesser punishment. >> hooray that they did not wait any longer. they waited a long time. >> reporter: republicans may be applauding, but strzok's attorney is bemoaning the decision, releasing a statement saying quote, this decision should be deeply troubling to all americans. the lengthy investigation and multiple rounds of congressional testimony failed to produce a shred of evidence that special agent strzok's personal views ever affected his work. president trump quickly responded on twitter, continuing his calls for the special counsel's investigation to end. based on the fact that strzok was in charge of the witchhunt, will it be dropped?
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accusations about strzok's anti- trump bias came from text messages he sent to his lover and former fbi lawyer lisa page. messages include this text. trump's not ever going to become president, right? to which strzok responded, no, he won't. we'll stop it. and, just went to a southern virginia walmart, i could smell the trump support. the text discussed during a contentious congressional hearing in july. >> what does trump support smell like? >> that is an expressionist speech. >> reporter: it was a hearing many democrats loathed. >> for the first time, we've had this kind of a circus, really, of trying to really investigate the investigators, when that is already done. >> reporter: agent sing fbi official to be fired with an alleged bias. in march, then deputy director andrew mccabe was terminated for lying under oath. mccabe was involved in the
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clinton email investigation, but did not disclose that his wife received a six-figure political contribution from a close clinton ally. omarosa, the former "apprentice" contestant who became an assistant to the president has released an audio recording that could potentially land her in hot water. she secretly recorded chief of staff john kelly firing here last year in the top-secret white house situation room in what many say was an unprecedented breach. the revelation of the recording comes a day before the release of her tell-all book titled, "unhinged," where she alleges the president repeatedly uses the n-word. on twitter, the president ripped her as vicious, but not smart, and nasty. former white house press secretary sean spicer also reacted. >> john kelly gave her an opportunity to walk away with her dignity and respect. and how she pays it back as she brings a personal recording device into the situation room
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in the white house. and that's a violation of every security protocol. that should be the story right now. >> national security analysts are debating whether or not she has violated any lost by making the secret recordings. the new salesforce transit center is open for business in san francisco, handling it's very first weekday commute today. it cost more than billions of dollars, and took years to build. ktvu's christien kafton looked into how it handled the first day of commuters. >> reporter: thousands of commuters are pouring through the new transit center on this, the official start to pull they bus service. dozens of bus lines, hundreds of buses streaming in and out, riders saying today, they are still getting used to all the changes. >> what i did find this morning was the driver was a little -- it was new to him as well. i could say that easily. where do i go? where do i go? how fast do i do this?
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>> reporter: the new center welcomed commuters with confetti and balloons. passengers saying they were impressed with the new building. >> i love it. it's almost the feeling of the airport. the san francisco airport, or oakland airport. that type of feeling. it's great. it's clean. i'm hoping that it will stay clean. but, it's a little overwhelming. >> reporter: monday afternoon is the real test. ac transit saying ridership surges in the afternoon. what often happens in the morning is that we still have casual carpoolers. so, they may not be on a bus coming in the morning but are certainly relying on transbay bus lines to get home in the evening. so we traditionally see a greater number of riders >> reporter: as riders switch from a temporary terminal to the new terminal, they will be greeted with dozens of high- tech bus bays, and a new terminal with boards helping them get to where they need to go. ac transit saying while there may be a learning curve, the
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benefits outweigh any downside. among them, the benefits to the new bus bridge that will carry passengers below. >> because they will go to the lower deck of the bay bridge, we are hoping that shaves about five minutes off of everyone's ride. >> reporter: riders today say they look forward to shorter commutes and an easy trip home. >> normally would have to sit at the lights 5 to 10 minutes. >> reporter: the transbay transit center is open for commuters. work continues above me. one floor above is now open for the public to enjoy. right now, they are still working on getting tenants into the retail and restaurants that will be here as well. in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. saudi arabia is reportedly considering a move to invest more heavily in tesla motors. the wall street journal is reporting that the country's public investment fund could increase its 5% holding in the company. the journal said an increased stake in tesla could help the company go private. ceo elon musk said in a blog post he has been in discussions since last year about a major investment.
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on wall street, all three major indexes were down amid concerns about turkey's falling currency which has dropped 40% against the dollar. the dow jones closed down 125 points, the nasdaq fell 19, s&p 500 down 11. a new investigation by the associated press reveals google may be tracking your location without your knowledge or permission. the ap found that using google services on your android smart own or iphone, that the company records your location, even if you set privacy settings to prevent that. for example, the report says even if you disable location history, every time you open the google maps app, google stores time stamped location data. a google spokesperson says it's clear in the settings that turning off location history in google maps does not affect all location services on the device. coming up, a 13th murder charge against the suspected golden state killer. how investigators say they were able to connect a horrible killing of a college professor
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to joseph deangelo. also, a new policy when it comes to police chases on foot. we changes sacramento is making in the wake of the deadly shooting of stephon clark. outside our doors this afternoon, a cooler day. temperatures will continue right about seasonal average. i will have a look at what you can expect through tomorrow, and the rest of the week coming up. and, on ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30, new worries by those affected by wildfires. why it may be getting increasingly difficult to ensure california homes. >> we saw 15.3% increase in nonrenewal's in about 30 or so counties that are in the wildland urban facing areas.
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suspected golden state killer joseph deangelo now faces an additional charge of first-degree murder, following an announcement. >> the total number of murder charges stands at 13. ktvu's rob malcolm tells us authorities suspect the 1975 killing of a college professor was the golden state killer's first murder victim. >> reporter: 72-year-old joseph deangelo now faces 13 charges of first-degree murder. the charges, after prosecutors in other california counties used dna to file murder charges. >> in addition to the physical description, there is some physical evidence that we have that can link him to these crimes. although we do not have dna. >> reporter: making the announcement this morning, the
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visalia police chief and county district attorney against the 72-year-old deangelo for the 1975 murder of journalism professor claude snelling. claude snelling was allegedly shot twice in the chest by deangelo after confronting him in his carport as a masked man tried to abduct his 16-year-old daughter in the middle of the night. >> we do have ballistics information, that allowed us to link again, that was stolen from a ransack or burglary, to the claude snelling homicide. >> reporter: this murder was believed to be the first for the alleged golden state killer, known then as the visalia ransack her. much like it did in sacramento  county, the crime spree gripped the community. attribute. 100 of those were burglaries or attempted burglaries that occurred during that 18 month period. and then, you have the claude snelling homicide case, as well as the case of the attempted murder against officer mcgowan. >> reporter: during that time period, deangelo was working as a police officer nearby.
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deangelo can't be charged on numerous other crimes because the statute of limitations has expired. former prosecutor michael corr does us says today's announcement will do little to convict deangelo because of the lack of dna evidence. >> prosecutors like dna evidence because it brings a lot of uncertainty to the courtroom and to jurors. >> reporter: officials also acknowledge today they still face hurdles in this case. >> we are talking about a crime that occurred over 4 years ago. obviously, time is not on our side in that regard. i think that's going to be one of the challenges going forward. you know, a lot of the officers that were involved simply are not with us anymore unfortunately. some of the witnesses are not with us anymore as well. so, that's a challenge that i'm sure other jurisdictions are facing as well. >> reporter: rob malcolm, ktvu fox 2 news.
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sacramento police today announced a change to discourage foot pursuits in risky situations. this is the first policy change since the deadly police shooting of stephon clark back in march. under the new policy, officers must consider carefully whether to chase a suspect, based on their own safety, the safety of the public, and the importance of capturing the suspect. critics say the new policy does not address the potential consequences officers could face if they don't follow the new rules. >> i don't believe that this is a moment for the community to celebrate. this is a moment for the city, as well as the police, as if they are doing something grand for the people when they are not. >> officers are also being required to identify themselves as police to the suspect that they are chasing, and activate their body cameras as soon as the chase starts, as well as to give details for the video, including the reason for the foot pursuit. new questions tonight about a controversial stand your grand law.
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prosecutors there decided to charge a 47-year-old white man for manslaughter for a shooting outside a convenience store. michael drejka is accused of shooting a man during an encounter at a gas station. drejka sits up and fires his weapon, glen the 28-year-old. he claims that florida's stand your ground law justified the shooting. the law allows people to use deadly force if they believe they are in serious danger. but, critics say the surveillance video seems to show the victim backing away before he was shot. outside our doors this afternoon, a mix of sun and clouds. cooler temperatures for most. upper 50s right now along the west edge of san francisco. low 60s reported in oakland as we take a look across the oakland estuary. low clouds over san francisco and along the coast. and, working around the bay area as well. 75 degrees in livermore and san jose as -- at 71.
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temperatures are cooler than where we were 25 -- 24 hours ago. over santa rosa, fairfield, livermore, down by the bay, over 3 degrees in areas of hayward. this will get into tuesday, the onshore breeze is a strong one for areas like fairfield. right now, 22 miles per hour. that is sustained, gusting higher than that at times. napa reporting a southwind at 14. concord reporting a southwind at 15. there is a view of cloud cover along the coastline inside the bay. it will work back across the bay and should be fairly widespread. perhaps even a little bit of patchy drizzle. if you are going out to see the a's game, we got 65 degrees at game time. west presented miles per hour. temperatures will be cooling off over the course of the evening, so, bring a light jacket if you are going to the game. we will look at the extended forecast, with warmer weather coming our way.
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details coming up. if you lost something, at the outside lands festival in san francisco, you might be able to track it down online. organizers say they collected 750 misplaced items at golden gate park over the weekend. those items range from phones, keys, to wallets, eyeglasses, and jewelry. if you lost something at the concert, head to our website at and click on the tab to get to the outside lands lost and found page. still to come, sewage backups in san francisco. a problem people have been complaining about for months. the new lawsuit filed by three inmates. and, it is being called the throw of the year. leader in sports, we will talk to the a's centerfielder and see how this weekend's amazing play sets up against the all- time best. it was something. >> holy cow. and, a woman killed by a smart train in the north bay. what police are saying about the incident that brought service to a halt for several
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all with the tap of her phone. ♪ stop the things you do no card? no problem. life, lived serena's way. chase, make more of what's yours. a lawsuit filed today claims that inmates at san francisco's main jail are being exposed to rock sewage several times today. as ktvu's paul chambers reports, the suit claims it has been a problem for more than a year and a half. >> reporter: three men who were inmates at san francisco's county jail are named in a lawsuit against the city and county of san francisco, along
6:24 pm
with dozens of employees from the sheriff's department, and sherrod herself. the attorney says the men are being treated inhumanely and being exposed to hazardous toxins due to sewage backups in the hall of justice. >> they should at least be given hazmat suits, masks, gloves. they are not given those things. they are told to use their blankets that is issued to them. >> reporter: ktvu covered the story of a backup last year. at that time, the sewage was flooding the san francisco's d.a.'s office in the same building that houses the inmates. that issue was later resolved, however, it's a different story for the inmates. >> when the water is turned off for several hours at a time, they can't use the bathroom. that's inhumane. to be exposed to raw sewage 3 to 4 times a day, 4 to 5 days a week, that's inhumane. >> reporter: a spokesman says they have yet to see the lawsuit, but did say there have been proposals to replace the county jail dating back to 2015. however, the board of
6:25 pm
supervisors voted against it in 2016. >> just because someone is locked up or incarcerated, that does not mean that they do not deserve to be treated as human beings. >> reporter: the sheriff's department and others are working to renovate a facility in san bruno. however, a date has yet to be determined because they need the board's approval. in san francisco, paul chambers, ktvu fox 2 news. police in novato think a woman hit and killed by a smart train this morning may have wanted to kill herself. police were called to the tracks south of north hamilton parkway at about 6:00 this morning after the train collided with a woman in her 60s or 70s on the tracks. investigators say several horns were activated to get the woman's attention. rail service in the area was stopped for three hours while the authorities interviewed witnesses. a bus bridge was also put in place until the tracks were cleared around 9:30. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 starts next. more headaches for people living in firestone throughout california. coming up, why homeowners insurance may be increasingly harder to get in the future. and, lots of questions
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about airport security after a worker at seatac international airport in seattle stole a passenger plane and flew it for more than an hour. >> this is a one in 1 million experience. that doesn't mean we can't learn from it. welcome to the xfinity store. thanks, janet. it's my happy place. you can learn how to switch to xfinity mobile, a new wireless network that saves you cash. and you can get 5 lines of talk and text included with your internet. and over here i'm having my birthday party. dj fluffernutter, hit it! ♪ dj fluffernutter simple. easy. awesome. ask how to get $300 back when you sign up for xfinity mobile, and purchase a new samsung phone. visit your local xfinity store today.
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now to our top stories. an oakland police officer is hospitalized in critical condition after being involved in a car crash near the port. the officer was responding to a report of suspect -- suspicious people at 3:00 this morning. he was driving his police suv on middle harbor road without the lights or sirens on, when he crashed into a silver car and then a parked big rig. police have not yet identified the officer. we are told that he is a rookie and his father is a police lieutenant. the fbi has fired agent peter strzok after lots of controversy. he was removed from the mueller investigation after text message -- messages surfaced
6:30 pm
that were critical of then candidate donald trump. those messages were then sent to his girlfriend to also work for the fbi. his attorney says strzok was fired for violating bureau policies. trump reacted to the firing on twitter: strzok quote, a bad player. the alleged golden state killer faces a new murder charge in the central valley. prosecutors charged 72-year-old joseph deangelo with the 1975 shooting death of claude snelling in visalia. snelling was killed protecting his 16-year-old daughter as she was being kidnapped from their home. deangelo was arrested earlier this year and is charged with 12 other murders. is also suspected of committing as many as 50 reps across california. you're watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. more than 3000 firefighters continued to battle the mendocino complex fire burning in mendocino, lake, and colusa county. >> the fire is made up of two separate fires, the ranch fire and the river fire. the ranch fire alone is the largest wildfire in state history. it has burned 300,000 acres and as of tonight is 59% contained.
6:31 pm
the smaller riverside fire is 93% contained. cal fire says the two fires have burned 150 homes and are threatening many more. warm temperatures, shifting winds, and rugged terrain continue to be a challenge for cruise. >> yosemite national park is scheduled to reopen tomorrow after being closed during the height of the tourist season. the ferguson fire closed the park's closure for three weeks after igniting july 13th. smoke from other california wildfires are still rolling through the park but is not causing any major issues. park officials even say the air has improved over the last two weeks. >> as crews work to knockdown all of these fires, questions are popping up about the cost of insuring homes in the face of disasters. >> ktvu's tom vacar shows us why it may be more difficult for those living in fire zones to find homeowners insurance. >> reporter: beginning with the october wine country fires, california has directed upwards of $15 billion worth of property damage. now, many homeowners are learning that they may not be renewed. a recent study by the california insurance
6:32 pm
commissioner dave jones shows that 25% of housing is in high or very high risk areas, in almost half of the state's counties. >> we saw a 15.3% increase in nonrenewals in about 30 or so counties that are in the wildland urban interface area. so it's a growing problem. >> reporter: an east bay congressman was also a two time california insurance commissioner, including during the oakland hills fire storm. >> well, the insurance companies absolutely will take advantage of the situation. they will try to raise their prices, do redlining, and eliminate certain areas from any kind of coverage. >> there is no requirement that you write homeowners or fire insurance in california. in fact, we are like every other state, insurers get to decide where they write the insurance and how much. >> reporter: and, insists the commissioner, the computer formulas that decide if your homes are insurable are badly flawed. >> these models don't incorporate things that fire officials are telling you to do to make your home more defensible. that's not right either.
6:33 pm
>> reporter: a package of 15 major insurance reform issues has been bloodied in sacramento. >> sadly, those were fought by the insurance industry and watered down through the legislative process. >> reporter: those not watered down , drowned. this might force a ballot initiative for necessary reforms. >> insurers have an inordinate amount of problems in our legislature and are able to block these proposals. the public may be able to act as they did in 1988, in passing prop 303. >> reporter: until then, make sure you have adequate coverage and protect yourself as best you can. >> we have an obligation, whether in an urban setting, wildland, or urban interface, and that is to make our homes fire safe. >> reporter: the insurers association of america told reporters california continues to have a competitive and healthy homeowners market. insurance companies are well regulated, well-capitalized, and heavily reinsured to protect consumers and ensure claims are paid following major catastrophes.
6:34 pm
tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. we are getting a look at the frantic efforts to rescue animals in the path of a grass fire in solano county. >> get in! good dog. >> reporter: vacaville police body cameras shows officers evacuating dogs and cats from the solano county spca. that's when a wind whipped grass fire was heading right for the facility. the shelter says vacaville police rescued as many animals as they could. in the end, the shelter was not damaged and officials say all 60 animals are safe in foster homes. not many answers in the bizarre airplane theft at a seattle airport. >> worker stole it and ended up dying when the plane crashed. that has left authorities trying to figure out what happened. jeff paul has our report.
6:35 pm
>> this is really, truly, one in 1 million experience. that does not mean we can't learn from it. >> reporter: officials admit they do not know how an airport employee managed to steal a plane. ritual -- richard russell stole a plane and flew over the area for about an hour. he was killed when the plane crashed on ketron island, south of tacoma. no one on the ground was hurt. according to seattle's commissioner, it does not appear to have been a lapse in security. >> all security calls were handled appropriately at the airport. that's something we pride ourselves on. >> reporter: the ntsb is analyzing a data and voice recorder found in the wreckage. aside from the bold act of stealing the airplane, investigators are looking into how russell flew around before crashing. experts say the 29-year-old executed large loops and other dangerous maneuvers despite the lack of a pilot's basins or any other formal training. russell was a ground agent for horizon air but in his three and half years, his duties were mostly confined to handling air traffic and baggage.
6:36 pm
>> i think it will be a longer lesson down the line. what can we do voluntarily? and i cannot emphasize enough the human factors here. >> reporter: air traffic controllers urged russell to land the plane. he reportedly told them he is just a broken guy with a few screws loose. reporting in washington, jeff paul, foxnews. coming up, legendary singer iringa -- aretha franklin is gravely ill. what tmz is telling us about her condition tonight. and, an app designed to improve pregnancy. plus, making a visit to the doctor's office easier. how one hospital is using technology to help sick children through tough times.
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there are reports that the queen of soul, aretha franklin, is gravely ill and near death at a hospital in detroit. the legendary singer has been in declining health for months and battling cancer since 2010. her last appearance on stage was with elton john in november last year. a benefit for his aids foundation. franklin is said to be surrounded by ly at the hospita tmz's harvey levin is reporting that her weight is down to just 85 pounds and that her death is imminent. >> reporter: we are told by people involved with the family and everything going on that doctors don't expect that she will last another day. she is gravely ill. >> during her 60 year career, she has won numerous accolades including 20 grammy awards.
6:40 pm
aretha franklin is 76 years old. the fda approved marketing of the first mobile medical app which claims to help prevent pregnancy. the office called natural cycles let's women track days that they are fertile based on body temperature readings and menstrual cycle information. the fda says the app can quote, provide an effective method of contribution -- contraception if used carefully and correctly, however there are no guarantees. the fda says an unplanned pregnancy could still result if all the data is correct. in sweden, a study of 500 women who used the app during a four month timeframe still became pregnant. a new piece of technology in the south bay is helping to ease medical procedures for children. doctors at santa clara medical center now have access to virtual reality goggles. once placed on a child's head, the child becomes immersed in an underwater adventure. the 15 minute show keeps the patient distracted, allowing doctors to provide needed care.
6:41 pm
>> it's like you are underwater snorkeling with all of the fish and dolphins and turtles and stingrays. >> the virtual reality goggles are very helpful to assist in kind of providing a comfortable atmosphere for the patient so that they can tolerate the procedures better. >> hospital officials say a $20,000 grant funded the purchase of four goggles from oakland bay's kind vr. the medical center was awarded $5000 to buy vr goggles for use during pediatric mris. still ahead, a dispute over the rent at levi stating. what this means for the 49ers. a bay area cooldown is underway. i'll have a look at temperatures expected for your bay area tuesday and how long the trend is expected to last. coming up at 7:00, authorities in iowa try a new tactic in their search for a young woman who grew up in the
6:42 pm
bay area. what they did today, three weeks after her disappearance. also, back to school for hundreds of kids in east bay. why they returned to class earlier than ever this year. that's ahead at 7:00 on ktvu plus. bass pro shops and cabela's bring you the fall hunting classic, with huge savings on the latest gear. plus you can earn up to $100 in club points when you pay with your bass pro shops club or cabela's club credit card.
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a long simmering financial dispute between the san francisco 49ers and city of santa clara may finally be over. 49ers wanted to reduce lease payments because of lower than expected revenue. but, ktvu's jesse gary tells us those payments will go up instead. >> you will see in the arbitration there was a lot more money at stake than the $180 million reduction in rent. >> reporter: sitting shoulder to shoulder with her colleagues on the city council, and sporting a grin, santa clara mayor lisa gilmore said she was confident deep digging by council and staff would prove their claims.
6:45 pm
>> i think it's a tremendous victory for the city of santa clara and completely vindicates us on what we were trying to do, in standing up to make sure there were enough funds available for the stadium and forth the lease term. >> reporter: 2 years ago, the 49ers approached the city about reducing the levi stadium rent, as operating revenues were below projections. the team wanted a one-time rent reduction from $24.25 million, to $19 million. and over the months, sought compromise at $20 million. the city balked, which led the 49ers to take the arbitration . they will pay $10.4 million over the life of the stadium lease. >> we will be able to pay off the stadium at an accelerated rate, and be able to make sure there is money in capital improvements. >> reporter: representatives from the 49ers declined an on
6:46 pm
camera interview but issued a statement reading in part, mayor gilmore will always put her interests before those of everyday santa clarans. the stadium lease is a matter of public record. attempting to give it new life in the media is a distraction tactic to avoid questions about her use of public funds. >> we appreciate that, but we really would like them to stop the emotional outbursts about me, and start working with the city of santa clara and public in santa clara, because we actually invited them to be here in our community. so, they need to play fair and work fairly with us. >> reporter: mayor gilmore says she will ask them to waive the confidentiality clause. she is also asking them to make prompt payments on back rent fees and attorney fees. jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. a noticeable cooldown over the bay area this afternoon.
6:47 pm
temperatures will continue in this manner as we roll into the next few days. we will get back into warmer weather as we get into the bay area weekend. partly to mostly cloudy skies from the north bay down to the san mateo coast. with mostly clear skies. and inside the bay, we are seeing it as well. right along the east bay shore. we've got cloud cover in areas over berkeley and emeryville, stretching toward oakland, and just right there near alameda, san leandro, and into hayward. as we get into the evening hours, it will continue to fill in and we wake up tomorrow morning with partly to mostly cloudy skies for the bay area. a little bit of drizzle a possibility as well. the winds onshore at sfo, gusting to 30 miles per hour. sustained wind at 13. air quality will remain at good to moderate. tomorrow, we could see a little bit of smoke come our way, but no advisories in place for air quality. should remain moderate for tuesday as well. 57 degrees right now in san
6:48 pm
francisco. a cool wind with mostly cloudy skies. 63 in oakland, mid-70s in livermore, mid-80s in concord. into the south bay, 71 in san jose and for the north day, low 70s. that's a mild summer afternoon. we will continue with this trend. the onshore breeze and cloud cover through the morning hours. as we get into the afternoon, mostly sunny skies expected away from the coastline. a lot of 70s around the bay, with warm savants -- spots hovering to 90 degrees or so. wednesday and thursday, things start to warm up slightly with a bigger jump coming into your bay area weekend. tomorrow morning, low 50s to low 60s. 52 in pacifica, into the south bay, 59 to start your morning. for the afternoon, we've got temperatures ranging from the low to mid-60s, stinson beach, sausalito, upper 70s to near 80 degrees in novato. sonoma, near 80, 79 expected in napa. some nice mild to warm weather for our little ones heading back to school. 61 in oakland, 86 in walnutsan
6:49 pm
jose, 77. along the peninsula, san jose 275, 64 expected in san francisco. here is a look at the extended forecast. temperatures dropping off as we get into your bay area wednesday. and we are backup and by the weekend, mid-to upper 90s back into the forecast for our inland cities. 80s around the bay. 70s expected on saturday for the coastline, a little bit cooler on sunday. >> thank you. still to come, the 49ers added a fresh pair of legs to their injured running back force. we'll have details on the new addition coming up next in sports. many people living with diabetes monitor their blood glucose every day. which means they have to stop. and stick their fingers. repeatedly. today, life-changing technology from abbott makes it possible to track glucose levels.
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without drawing a drop of blood, again and again. the most personal technology, is technology with the power to change your life. life. to the fullest.
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the 49ers had a few injuries to their running backs for the first preseason game, and today, they added some help. mark joins us from the newsroom with more. >> a dangerous preseason game against the cowboys last week, and the 49ers did not jimmy jack around, waiting for something good to land in their lap. they went out proactive and got themselves a veteran running back. alfred morris, 29-year-old sixth rounder. he has played with the cowboys and redskins, actually played under coach shanahan back with washington as a coordinator. so, he's a stout guy and gives
6:53 pm
them some protection. meanwhile, regarding that first game, some of the positives. how about the rookie? the tackle out of notre dame. number 69 here, looked very good against the cowboys. they will be challenged this week as the 49ers head down to texas and they will scrimmage the texans twice as a matter of fact. disk it will have to face the likes of clowny he and jj watt. he says he's ready for it. >> it's going to be fun. definitely going to be fun. that's why you play in the nfl. to play against the biggest and baddest dudes. and, they've got three or four of them. so, i think it will be pretty fun. and, i'm more worried about the heat and i am those guys. so, as long as i can stay upright and not lose 15 pounds at practice, i will come out with the win. >> you better hope jj watt does not see that video right there. he might not be upright for very long, considering that he's a rookie.
6:54 pm
now, equal time as always for the oakland raiders, who also, like the 49ers, won their game. seemed to come out of it a lot healthier, as a matter of fact. derek carr only played one series. connor cook got most of the snaps against the detroit lions. had 11 of 19 passing, 141 yards, and one touchdown, including the game-winner. and, what's it like for him playing under another offensive scheme? his third in about 3 years. this time, under the great john gruden. >> he's just a great communicator in all aspects. meeting room, on the field, just walking around, hanging around in the weight room, wherever it is. always talking a long. and, making sure they are not just a quarterback. everyone on the whole team, all three phases, whatever it is. offense, defense, special teams.
6:55 pm
we are all equal. meanwhile, this will be a huge week for the oakland a's. they play the mariners, first of three tonight. i don't know if you are watching over the weekend against the angels. i've been watching baseball since 1964 seriously. i've never seen a better catch and throw than the one that occurred saturday night in the third inning. joe fonzi takes a closer look at one of the greatest plays you will ever see. have a look and a listen. >> reporter: third inning saturday night in anaheim. the angels have a runner at first with one out. the a's ramon laureano makes a nice play to run down a fly ball off the bat of justin upton. then to the amazement of everyone at the ballpark turns and throws a strike to first, to double off eric young. >> when the ball was hit, i did not think he was going to catch it and i certainly did not think overthrowing seven cut off men all the way to first base he would get an out with it.
6:56 pm
>> it was crazy. all i could do is throw my hands up like i was throwing a touchdown pass, hail mary. it was caught in the end zone. >> reporter: that's a pretty good analogy. it was determined his throat traveled 321 feet. 21 feet further than goal line to goal line on a football field. >> i'm from the dominican. i don't have that coordination. to be honest, i thought, you know what? the game, everything happened so quick in my head. the game was 7-0. might as well throw it. everything was pretty special. the catch and throw. >> reporter: with a play like that, there are inevitable comparisons. >> it reminds me of the yoenis cespedes throw. i played against my era of some really good arms, vlad guerrero and mark witten and guys like that that made fantastic throws. that one is specio, take your choice. yoenis cespedes, vlad guerrero. >> more like a cannon to tell you the truth. >> reporter: bo jackson. >> there is the throw. >> reporter: dave parker in the all-star game. >> when you got an arm like
6:57 pm
that, you caof mistakes. >> reporter: no matter what the a's rookie does after this, ramon laureano will always have a place in baseball lore. in oakland, joe fonzi, ktvu fox 2 news. >> yeah, guys, you take into consideration, that's not a play you practice, like throwing to a base. as i say, think about going to the football field, getting in the back of the end zone and hitting the guy right on the money, about 110 yards away from you. it's just amazing, considering his body language, going against the play, and putting it right on the money. i mean, like i said, i've been watching baseball a long time, guys. the degree of difficulty, off the charts. >> i thought it was interesting, seeing the first baseman who was so nonchalant waiting for the throw to come in. >> that's what they teach you. you got to decoy the runner so that they don't expect it. but, good stuff. a's and mariners tonight. >> see you later. good night.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
wolowitz: so, how does this game work? i just throw it, like a real ball? yeah, just nice and easy, right over the plate. all right. you suck, wolowitz! what's that about? i'm heckling you. it's a beloved part of baseball. sheldon: he's right. and given that you're probably still waiting to be picked for a game that was played in fifth grade, i'm sure you do suck. hi. what's going on? baseball. okay, this is not what i meant when i said go outside and play. he's practicing. for what? the angels wanted an astronaut to throw out the first pitch, so guess who they called? what, you? really?! well, a lot of people who weren't available, but then me! that's so cool! congratulations. i guess that makes you the athlete of the group. well, not just him! may i remind you that you're talking to the seeker, beater, chaser and water boy


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