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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  August 14, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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fox news' amy kellogg has more from italy. >> reporter: it happened during a sudden, violent storm on the italian coast. >> translator: oh, god, oh, god, oh, holy god. i feel sick. >> reporter: as many as dozens were killed, many more injured, when a bridge on a main highway linking italy with france collapsed, sending cars plunging 150 feet down, landing in a heap of concrete rubble. firefighters and other first responders, now digging through the debris, looking for survivors. while local officials promised a thorough investigation into how the collapse happened. >> translator: now is the moment of relief, intervention, tonight will have to be the night to find the names of >> reporter: engineers are checking the rest of the bridge, trying to determine if there is further risk to the public. the italian interior minister says recovery efforts will begin as soon as the rescue operations are over and he will be asking for significant funding from both italy and the
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european union. >> translator: the next economic measures will have to put at its core the security of italians, their right to life, work, and health. restrictions will come later. >> reporter: the trump administration keeping a close eye on the situation, offering assistance to the italian government, as the rescue and recovery efforts continue. >> we extend our prayers to those affected by in genoa, italy. >> reporter: tomorrow marks an official holiday in italy and officials say traffic was heavier on the bridge when it collapsed. amy kellogg, fox news. >> bridge collapses are not unheard of in u.s. august 1st, 2007, an eight lane bridge collapsed into the mississippi river in minneapolis, minnesota. it happened during rush hour, killing 13 and injuring 145
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more. on may 23rd in 2013, a part of interstate 5 collapsed into a river north of seattle. no one died in this collapse, but several cars ended up in the river. people in boats nearby were able to rescue the drivers. following collapses like this, we asked, what condition our california bridges in? ktvu's tom vacar looked into this question and joins us now from the carquinez bridge with more. >> reporter: the key word is vigilance. you have to be vigilant about any type of this bridge, whether it is the news behind me or the old carquinez bridge behind it, considerably older than the italian bridge. you have to be vigilant. this is a problem that confronts every state and every nation. the american society of civil engineers says of california's 25,431 bridges and overpasses, 1388, 5.5%, are structurally deficient. world-renowned structural and earthquake engineer peter yoenipp says in bridges and buildings, deficient means the
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whole range of possibilities. >> something that makes it not perform as well as it should. that's what it means. now in some cases, it could be a disaster. so, it encompasses all of that. >> reporter: he says what guards against the ultimate disaster, collapse, is a well executed program of inspections and repairs. >> california has, compared to most of the world, certainly compared to italy, we have done much better. >> reporter: and when maintenance and repairs are no longer advisable, california has a willingness to spend money on essentials. >> with structures, old structures, with the kind of traffic, you have to look carefully at all of the other stuff and replace it. >> reporter: the no on 6 ballot initiative campaign to rescind the new $0.12 per gallon gas tax says 79 barrier bridge repairs and a few replacement projects would lose funding. 554 projects statewide. in the bay area, loss of the
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$0.12 per gallon gas tax would delay 32 deficient bridge projects in santa clara county, 26 in alameda county, nine in san mateo county and several projects in sonoma, napa, and marin county. but the yes on 6 campaign says the government collects enough gas taxes and should spend it more wisely. >> if that money is taken out, well, if that is the case, they should put other money in it, because, that stuff wears and tears. bridges are higher risk structures. >> reporter: and so,, november, the voters will have to take the initiative by either saying yay or nay to prop 6 but that will take a lot of work on bridges. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> very interesting and a bit scary. oakland police released the name of the rookie officer who
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remains in critical condition after the crash near the port y. police say 22-year-old officer jordan wingate was responding to reports of suspicious people on a union pacific train at about 3 a.m. yesterday morning. he was drivi on middle harbor road without lights or sirens on when he crashed into a silver car first, and then into a parked big rig. no one else was injured. police said today the officer started his career with the oakland police department as a cadet in 2013. in 2016, he was hired as a police officer trainee. he graduated from the department's police academy last year and then started on patrol. his father is a lieutenant with the oakland police department. tonight, two states are honoring a firefighter killed in the line of duty. 42-year-old battalion chief matthew burchett was identified as a firefighter killed battling the fires. the fire has killed 300,000 acres and destroyed 150 homes. burchett was part of a strike team deployed from utah earlier this month.
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we are told he jumped at the chance to fight fires and save lives in california. as ktvu's alyssa harrington reports, his home community in utah is taking this loss very difficult. >> reporter: this is the team from draper, utah, deployed to california to help fight the mendocino complex fires. leaning against the truck, smiling, his battalion chief, matthew burchett. burchett lost his life in the line of duty. >> it was with tremendous sadness that we announce the loss of one of our own. >> reporter: he leaves behind a wife and young son. the team of five was deployed on burchett was a firefighter for more than 20 years and had extensive wildland experience. friends and colleagues describe him as witty, professional, and a master of his craft. >> i've known matt for a long time, over 20 years, it's tough. anytime you lose a brother, it's hard. this will be felt across the
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country. >> and, he was one you noticed quickly. he had a gleam in his eye. and, he had a grin that you could not look at and not greenback. >> reporter: the mendocino complex is made up of two wildfires. the ranch fire and the rimfire. the ranch fire alone is the largest wildfire alone in state history, burning more than 300,000 acres. cal fire spoke about the death last night. >> today's events are definitely a tragedy and they are not expected, not wanted. but they are a stark reminder of how dangerous this career is. >> reporter: the four other utah fires -- firefighters will likely head home. >> they have been pulled off the line and are not fighting any fires. they have been with him the entire time. he's had someone with him the entire time. these men are american heroes. they go out and literally stand in the fire. >> that was alyssa harrington reporting. burchett was the sixth person
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fighting fires in california to die this year. cal fire says there is a team investigating the death, hoping to find out how this happened. in sonoma county, 39 separate fire agencies would be consolidated into one unified agency under a plan approved by the board of supervisors. the plan calls for voters to continue a half cent sales tax to pay for more fire stations and add more than 180 full-time firefighters and other staff members. board members and fire chiefs say consolidation of fire agencies in unincorporated areas of the county is long overdue. incredibly tonight, a well loved worker is clinging to life in san francisco, even though he was shot five times at point blank range. it happened steps from his home in the bayview hunters point neighborhood. ktvu's rob malcolm has more on the investigation. >> reporter: this video was shot by a neighbor using the citizen app and catches the moment a beloved community worker was shot and wounded in
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broad daylight in front of his home in the bayview hunters point neighborhood. friends, family, and coworkers, now are gathered at san francisco's general hospital to say prayers. >> whatever happened after, all i'm here to do is comfort my family. >> reporter: the 43-year-old was shot five times, at least three of the bullets to the  head. san francisco police declined to talk about the case on camera, only saying that around 12:15 monday, he left a community meeting, and was approached by two men in front of his home who opened fire. his older brother says he is respected and well-known in the neighborhood. >> there are cool guys and then over cool guys. he is in the category of over cool guys. when he saw a problem, he will take it as a top-down conversation type of thing. he goes in with a level head. >> reporter: he worked with san francisco's violence prevention outreach services. volunteers work with the mayors
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office to educate kids on street violence. now himself, the victim of a street crime. >> it's a shame. we are trying to do work to help the community, and, a lot of folks who know us know that we are here to help the community. that's what our focus is and what we want to continue to do. >> reporter: they also work with the department of public health. the work in the neighborhood will continue, and at 6'2", 140 pounds, he had multiple surgeries to the brain. his older brother says he was larger than life in the bayview neighborhood, rife with tension between pacific islanders and blacks in the community. his brother says that gun violence has to end. >> i'm shocked something like this happened. >> to him? yes. but, to the community? you know, there is so much going on. there is more need for what he does, and more people in the
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program that he was active with, to come back and give to the community. >> reporter: police are still searching for suspects. rob malcolm, ktvu fox 2 news. a mother's pain, more than a decade after her son was murdered. coming up at 5:30, we talked to that mom who has not given up hope that this cold case will be solved. cleaning up the streets in san francisco. coming up next, details about the new six person crew that will be going through a neighborhood, cleaning up human waste. finally, open for business. great news for tourists, as visitors head back to yosemite park after it was shut down because of a fire. a relatively cool august day around the bay area with a lot of cloud cover from the coast, and inside the bay. we will check out current conditions and talk about how long the trend will last coming up. (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪
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the city of san francisco is preparing to launch a new effort to clean human waste off of city streets. we are in san francisco tonight where city leaders say they will be taking proactive steps from now want to clean up the streets. >> reporter: we are at one of the city's pitstops. take a look here. this is one of the mobile bathrooms in san francisco with staff on hand to make sure people go where they are supposed to. there are still areas where human and animal waste that the streets and now the city is going to work to get ahead of the problem, cleaning it up before anyone has a chance to complain about it. san francisco department of public works crews respond throughout the city, pressure washing streets after reports of human waste. but, the problem is that by the time they call in a complaint, it's already too late. >> there is a block in front of my store and it does not look good. and, sometimes, we find them.
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>> now, the city is looking to get ahead of the problem, setting aside a six person crew which will scour targeted neighborhoods, looking for human waste. first on the list, polk street. department of public works' muhammad nuru says the city will spend millions of dollars to search for and clean human animal waste before anybody has a chance to see it and complain. >> we are going to take one of those cruise out and get ahead of those and look for these locations so that hopefully we will get less number of calls coming in. >> reporter: san francisco mayor london bridge says the plan is part of her commitment to clean up city streets, and says the key is using data- driven strategies to see what works and what doesn't. >> we have data that shows us exactly where most of the complaints are for poop cleanup. so, the goal is to make sure we have a de team, and they are focusing on those particular areas where we know it's most problematic. >> reporter: he says he's happy to hear that the poop patrol
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will be on duty soon, cleaning the area around his business. >> oh, my god. that would be excellent. because we always call all the time, 311. they come and tell you, we are just going to clean up. we can't force them to leave. >> reporter: the city's poop patrol program is set to launch september 1st. if successful, they hope they will be able to expand into other areas in the city. live in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you. that was the sound of the alameda county bomb squad exploding a suspicious package in emeryville this afternoon. it was found just before 4:00. police say earlier this afternoon that they closed down one area between 64th and 65th to investigate the suspicious item. yosemite valley reopened to visitors today after being closed for nearly 3 weeks, due to the ferguson fire. the fire is now 86% contained and has burned more than 96,000
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acres. a bulldozer operator and a firefighter have been killed on the fire lines. this was the longest closure for yosemite since the floods of 1997. ktvu's maureen naylor now with the disruption during the height of the tourist season that is impacting the park and beyond. >> reporter: normally, these highly sought after campsites would be packed this time of year, but today, just a few campers as yosemite valley reopened for the first time in almost 3 weeks. carloads of visitors returned to yosemite tuesday. many relieved, including this couple from germany, grateful their plans coincided with the reopening. >> we are quite connected with the universe. we were totally in trust. we thought, okay, it's going to be like it should be. >> reporter: these families prepared with bikes, a barbecue, and beer, had to delay their annual trip by two days but kept their vacation tradition alive. >> we are happy. we've been coming here for 23 years straight. so we were a little stressed out.
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>> reporter: yosemite valley closed july 25th in the heart of tourism season because of the deadly ferguson fire. >> july 24th. this is the day we evacuated. >> reporter: newspapers from july 24th remain in the stands. tuesday, visitors with selfie sticks, near the smoky conditions. >> i thought the smoke would be a lot worse, and the smell. it's hard to miss. >> reporter: on the valley floor, these family members wore masks, given to them as a joke before their trip. >> we are actually using them. >> it is comfort. you know? it's easier to breathe with them on. >> reporter: while yosemite valley hotels and trails are open, not all of the restaurants are because of seasonal workers who left after the closures. >> there is still availability. people think, you can't get a room in yosemite valley. you can get one tonight. you can get one tomorrow night. campsites are available. >> reporter: yosemite officials say it could take a couple of days before they see the 15,000 to 20,000 visitors a day they typically see during this time
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of year. in yosemite valley, maureen naylor, ktvu fox 2 news. temperatures below average today, and some areas of the bay area did not see any sunshine. along the coast in san francisco, mostly gray, and a cool front moving in now. 66 in oakland. a live look at sfo where we have cloud cover in place and delays for some arriving flights because of the weather. upper 70s in santa rosa, low 70s in livermore, 70 degrees right now in san jose. it does not feel like summer out there in many spots this afternoon. if you are going to see the a's play later today, it will be a cool one. 63 degrees with mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies. bring along a jacket as temperatures continue to cool into the evening hours. here's a look at futurecast. in addition to the low clouds and fog, a little bit of blue indicating patchy drizzle will be back with us once again.
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as we get into the noontime hour, it does begin to pull back and burn away. it could be another slow clearing day like today. along the coastline, partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies, especially west facing beaches that continue to be stuck under the gray. west of san francisco also included in this. 54 degrees to start your morning in san francisco. 57 in oakland. low 60s for our locations. 62 expected for antioch. temperatures tomorrow morning a like today, the pattern will not budge a. afternoon highs for tomorrow also very similar for today. low 60s over areas like sausalito as well as stinson beach, upper 70s for our warmer locations like sonoma, napa, you have to get further inland, clearlake, upper 80s to low 90s expected for you there. for the east bay shore, upper 60s expected for oakland as well as you go inland, a nice day but a warm one. 88, the afternoon high expected for brentwood. southbay locations, 76 in san jose, low 80s for saratoga, and
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77 degrees expected in cupertino. by the water in santa cruz, partly cloudy to mostly clear skies and 70, your afternoon high. 70s in san mateo, another cool day in san francisco at 62. low 60s with mostly cloudy skies. daly city, pacifica, and half moon bay. temperatures will remain below average as we get into your wednesday. thursday, a modest warm up but that will continue as we get into the weekend. inland committees back into the low to mid-90s for our inland cities. upper 70s expected around the bay and 60s along the coastline. back to you. still to come, a 5-year-old got to go to school this week but only after a judge's ruling. >> i don't see the federal government coming in and taking us off to jail, or you know, losing their funding because one kid is taking medicine that saves their life. >> up next, the medicine that she needs to take every day that is currently banned on school campuses. coming up new at 6:00, the
5:22 pm
warning from thanks -- the warning to banks from the fbi. hacking of atms that could result in the loss of hundreds of dollars. and, big property changes that could have some of the state's largest companies paying billions of dollars in extra taxes every year.
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a 5-year-old from santa rosa with a rare form of epilepsy is at the center of a legal battle. >> the issue is whether she can
5:25 pm
legally attend kindergarten with medical marijuana that she needs for her medical issues. rob roth has more. >> reporter: school is done for the day, and kindergartner brooke adams is heading home with her mother. this i attending school under a temporary court order. she has a rare form of epilepsy. she needs thc, the key ingredient in cannabis, to treat her strong seizures. but under law, cannabis is banned from school campuses. >> many kids that have this, they can have long seizures, and go into a coma, because they can't stop them. that's how dramatic this is. >> reporter: this is video of brooke having a seizure this summer on a san diego beach. her mother took a few drops of the thc oil in her mouth and the seizure stops in minutes. >> it's like your body is running a marathon in a matter of minutes. >> brooke, do you want a book?
5:26 pm
>> reporter: brooke can't be in school without thc, but having the drug in class could -- billions of dollars in federal funds. the district says courts need to clarify whether a school district is allowed quote, to place a student on a campus and administer her medical cannabis in that setting, despite legal requirements to keep that same medical cannabis off school campuses. >> i don't see the federal government coming in and taking us off to jail, or, you know, losing their funding, because one kid is taking medicine that saves their life. >> reporter: an administrative law judge ruled last night that brooke school for now pending a final ruling. currently, the young girl has a full-time nurse at school who carried the medication. brooke and her mom hope she doesn't have to leave school. >> i think that will be
5:27 pm
devastating. i'm hoping the judge will realize how, you know, insignificant it is to have her medication on campus. >> reporter: lawyers have two weeks to submit final arguments , then an administrative law judge is expected to decide perhaps by the end of september weather brooke can remain in school with her medication. in santa rosa, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. and, still to come, the mother who says she will never give up hope that police will find the person who killed her child. >> this is the 12th year. >> after the break, she takes us to the street corner where her only son was gunned down. she is still determined to solve this case. plus, an escalating war of words and tweets involving the president and his former aide, omarosa. still to come, new details about the secret recording that may show the president using a
5:28 pm
area city. but it may take you a few guesses to figure out where this is happening. ♪ ♪
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a mother's pain, 12 years after her son was shot and killed in san francisco. tonight, she's pleading for answers and hoping a reward will lead to an arrest. crime reporter henry lee talked with the mother today. what did she tell you? >> she is desperate for a resolution, 12 years to the day after her son was killed, she isn't giving up hope that this case will be solved. >> i'm here. this is the 12th year. i'm back again. >> reporter: a sad summer ritual. paulette brown, praying with san francisco police at the street corner where her only son was shot and killed in 2006. >> i was told when this happened, it's going to get easier. but it doesn't. i can deal with it. i'm functioning. i do everything that i need to do. but, this pain never, never
5:32 pm
ends. >> reporter: on august 14th, 2006, the 17-year-old left his mom's home near the panhandle for his job as a youth mentor. at the corner of baker and grove streets, he saw two friends of his who are members of a rival gang. police say he was not a gang member but told his friends to run. the gang members, angered by the warning, shot him in the back more than a dozen times. >> for someone to take him out of the world like that, no parent should have to deal with that. >> reporter: like she does each year, she passes out flyers, hoping someone will be brave enough to come forward. san francisco police say a $250,000 reward remains in effect. >> i know it has been 12 years and is a cold case but if we can solve the golden state killer, we can solve this one that is 12 years old. >> i just think it's kind of sad that he has been gone for 12 full years, and nothing has happened. like, that's just kind of ridiculous to me.
5:33 pm
>> reporter: san francisco police and aubrey abrakasa's mother are hoping you have information that will help solve the case. they say every tip matters, no matter how small, it could lead to a big break. live in san francisco, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> it's amazing when you think of that. a $250,000 reward. that's a lot of money. you know someone out there knows something. surprising that someone has not come forward. >> for all of this time, money sometimes leads to a big break in the case but this time, nothing is materialized and that reward remains in effect. >> let's hope that changes and the police find the person or oakland police are trying to figure out how one of their patrol vehicles was stolen this morning. the marked suv was parked on 74th avenue when it was taken. it was found minutes later at thompkins and vail avenue's in redwood heights. police say the vehicle was found empty with nothing inside
5:34 pm
stolen. so far, no one has been arrested. investigators say they are processing the vehicle, looking for evidence. a man is arrested in london on suspicion of terrorism after driving into a group of pedestrians and bike riders. surveillance video capture the moment when police say a 29- year-old uk resident drove a ford fiesta into a barrier just outside the house of parliament. fortunately, no one was killed but three people were injured. police say the man is in custody and is being interrogated. so far, authorities say this appears to be an isolated incident. >> none of the suspect at the scene have been identified or reported to police. there is no intelligence at this time of further danger to londoners. >> counterterrorism officers are now carrying out searches in central england as part of the investigation. this is the fourth time since march of last year that an attacker has used a car to target innocent people in london. the defense rested its case today in the trial of former trump campaign german paul
5:35 pm
manafort. he spoke for the first time in court today, saying he would not testify. the defense rested without calling any witnesses. prosecution is expected to call one, maybe two more witnesses, and there is speculation the trial could wrapped up this week. he faces 18 charges related to financial fraud. those charges were brought by special counsel robert mueller, who is right now leading the investigation into allegations of russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. major fallout as president trump takes to twitter to call his former assistant a quote, dog. this following the release of her new book, "unhinged." fox news correspondent ray bogan has more now on the escalating feud. >> reporter: the trump campaign has initiated arbitration proceedings against omarosa, alleging she broke a confidentiality agreement she signed as an employee of the campaign. this as the former white house aide releases a new supposedly secret recording to back up her claims the president used a racist term.
5:36 pm
omarosa manigault-newman releasing new audio to cbs, claiming to be a 2016 conversation with trump campaign officials, about what to do if a recording were released with the president using the n-word. >> the truth matters. and if in fact, if i did not have this tape, you all would be wondering if in fact they did talk about it. >> reporter: at a press briefing this afternoon, sarah sanders addressed why omarosa was hired in the first place, despite her bad reputation. >> the president wanted to give her a chance and he made clear when general kelly came on and voic best interests in the white house and president and the country at heart. the president id can to get along and if you can't, he gave him full authority to carry out the decision to let her go. >> reporter: sanders also commented on the president's controversial tweet this morning in which he called omarosa, quote, a crazed crying
5:37 pm
lowlife, adding, good work by general kelly for quickly firing that dog. >> i think the president is certainly voicing his frustration with the fact that this person has shown a complete lack of integrity. >> reporter: using the dog word drew criticism from both sides of the aisle. democratic congresswoman frederica wilson responding, how dare the president call omarosa or any black woman a dog. and republican senator jeff flake writing, the language was unbecoming of a president. there is no excuse for it, and republicans should not be okay with it. all this controversy and omarosa's media tour appears to be helping her wallet. "unhinged" already appearing on bestseller lists on his first -- its firs day of release. in washington, ray bogan, foxnews. still to come, thousands of children abused by priests in one state. a stunning report coming from the east. and, the california city that became the first in the country to scan every passenger for weapons.
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a new grand jury report alleges more than 1000 children were molested by catholic priests in pennsylvania. the report claims 300 priests in six pennsylvania dioceses were involved, and that senior church officials in the state and at the vatican took steps to cover it up. because the statute of limitations, only two priests have been charged.
5:41 pm
at the news conference, some of the victims that behind the attorney general. >> church officials routinely and purposefully described the abuse as horseplay. and, wrestling, and inappropriate contact. it was none of those things. it was child sexual abuse. >> according to the report, one priest even admitted to abuse to a church official in a confidential memo, after the confession. the report says the diocese ruled the experience would not necessarily be traumatic for the victim. the los angeles subway system is increasing their security. officials announced today that l.a. will become the first city in the u.s. to install body scanners that screen passengers for weapons and explosives. authorities say they've been testing several types of body scanners for about a year now. the scanners that we use will protect waves that do a full body screening of passengers as they are walking through a
5:42 pm
station without slowing them down. governor jerry brown wants to tighten a law that critics say could have freed rapists and murderers who completed mental health treatments but the law was signed by the governor in june and vastly expands the number of suspects who can be diverted to mental health treatment programs and have charges dismissed. but prosecutors complained that the measure was far too broad and have been negotiating with the administration per week. changes would ban those charged with murder, rape, and sex crimes from participating. and, the proposal says counties must opt in after consulting with prosecutors, defense attorneys, mental health workers, and local judges. teslas board of directors says they are forming a special committee to explore the possibility of taking tesla private. elon musk stirred up controversy after sending out tweets last week, saying he had secured funding to take tesla private at $420 a share. a big premium on the current price of $347 a share. shares jumped on that news, but
5:43 pm
in a blog post yesterday, he raised doubts about whether he actually has the funding in place. >> he said in the blog that he believed funding would not be a problem from the saudi arabia wealth fund, that they'd be able to do it. yet, he's acknowledging in his blog post that they don't have the final details worked out, and they still need to have negotiations. that's going to be something that people are going to be looking at going forward. >> the securities and exchange commission is looking into the statements and at least two shareholders have filed lawsuits, claiming that musk violated security laws. tesla shares fell 3% today. it's not girl scout cookie season yet but there is a new cookie to get excited about for next year. caramel chocolate chip. the girl scouts say it will be a chewy cookie with caramel, chocolate chips, and a bit of sea salt. it's also gluten-free. this is the second gluten-free cookie on the menu.
5:44 pm
the popular toffee cookie is also returning and now i cannot wait until girl scout cookies. it's getting more and more difficult to find homes for under $1 million in the bay area. in a moment, the latest city where the million dollar mark is about to become the norm. how is california going to come that the record fires burning throughout the state? the topic of discussion at the capital today. today, the debate centered on holding utilities liable. unseasonably cool weather around the bay area this afternoon. a live look at the east bay. partly cloudy skies for the evening hours before we turn mostly cloudy once again. the temperatures will not change much but there is a heat up on the way. details coming up.
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5:47 pm
u.s. agriculture secretary sonny perdue was in modesto today, talking with farmers, along with a republican congressman. it was a town hall style meeting. 75 people showed up, many concerned about the california water board plan to divert water from the central valley to boost the fish habitat. purdue expressed support to the farmers, however he also said that the federal government has no immediate plans to intervene in california's longtime battle over water. >> there is enough water, if we would commit to storing that water, and not letting it flow directly to the ocean unimpeded. >> farmers also shed concerns about the tariffs levied on american exports as a result of the trump administration's trade
5:48 pm
dispute with china and untries. the president has allocated $12 billion to help, and today, purdue assured that some of that would be available to california farmers. lawmakers at the state capital continued a series of hearings today on who should bear the burden and how to best combat california's unprecedented wildfires. utility companies are concerned they face the risk of being on the hook for wildfire losses, calling it unfair. reporter vicki gonzalez has the details. >> reporter: wildfires are rapidly setting new records. the tubbs fire, ripping through wine country in santa rosa, the most destructive in california history. now, just nine months later, the mendocino complex fire is the largest ever in the state, and continues to burn. >> we know enough today that we could help people prepare for fire and do better. >> reporter: the latest in a series of wildfire hearings, focused on the best forest management and fire prevention solutions. >> if the fire gets away from you, who pays? >> reporter: but there's also
5:49 pm
the question of liability. who is on the hook for wildfire losses? >> the best way to explain that is that yesterday's laws are not going to protect californians from tomorrow's wildfires. >> reporter: pg&e, along with more than 100 other utility countries, have formed the bright coalition, to reverse an existing california law , a financial responsibility, known as inverse condemnation. >> if the utility equipment is involved in a fire, even if the utility has met the state's high standards, the utility is still liable and it's assumed the costs will be passed on to customers. >> reporter: the relatively new coalition, lobbying the public with several television ads throughout the state. >> the bright coalition was created, formed by community leaders. >> reporter: as state lawmakers continue to debate the right way to solve the unprecedented. with just over two weeks left in the legislative session. and, months left to a dangerous wildfire season.
5:50 pm
outside our doors this afternoon, temperatures 5, 10, 15 degrees below average. it depends on where you were this afternoon. here's a look at afternoon highs. santa rosa, 80 degrees, not too bad. take a look at livermore who only hit 75 this afternoon when the average this time of year is 87. definitely a mild one out there. these are not going to change as we get into the next day or so. we will have a rebound come our way as we get closer to the weekend. here is storm tracker 2. tracking in monsoonal moisture, not really impacting us so much, maybe a few mid-to high- level clouds for us but really, it's over the sierra that we've seen these thunderstorms fire off this afternoon. and, we got lightning reported as far north as the north tahoe area and reno. this will be the case as we move into the evening hours. by tomorrow, though, it's expected to push off to the east just a little bit. if you have plans to head to the sierra tomorrow, it should
5:51 pm
not be as bad as today. here's a look at storm tracker where we have mostly cloudy skies, to the matteo county coastline, santa cruz, capitola, partly cloudy to mostly clear this afternoon. just inside the day, and as we get into the evening hours, it's going to roll back in. here's a better view where you can see areas along the peninsula, san francisco never really cleared out today. remaining partly cloudy throughout the entire day today. as a result, it was a cool one in san francisco. low 60s through the afternoon. sfo reporting an onshore breeze, 13, livermore reported a sustained 17. the marine layer in place, the on and temperatures again unseasonably mild. 78 right now in santa rosa. 66 in oak and, and 60 degrees outside your door in san francisco. it's going to be a cool one out there.
5:52 pm
as we get into the overnight hours, temperatures cooling. low 60s to start the day tomorrow, under mostly cloudy skies, along the coast, probably cloudy skies along the bay. 64 in san francisco and into the south bay, 59 to start your day in san jose. this afternoon -- tomorrow, same as this afternoon, heading to about 80 degrees. beautiful weather for some inland communities, that could easily be in the upper 90s to low 100 this time of year. 88 for st. helena, into the east bay, more on the same. upper 60s over oakland, upper 80s in walnut creek. south bay locations, 76 in san jose. low 60s once again for san francisco. here's a look at the extended forecast. temperatures rebound slightly on thursday. warmer weather coming in time for the weekend. low 90s for the inland communities. new lifelong friendships started being formed today at uc berkeley. it's move-in day. something new on campus is a new dawn for freshman. more than 700 students are expected to move into david
5:53 pm
blackwell hall by the end of the week. it's named after an esteemed mathematician who was the first black tenured professor at cal. this is also the first dorm to open since 2012 and number one requested location for incoming freshmen. the students we talked with today say they are pretty excited for the upcoming school year. >> getting involved in different clubs and activities on campus. >> roughly 5200 incoming undergraduates and their families will be on campus today, unloading their things, and getting familiar with cal. balancing personal and academic life can be difficult for some college students. but now, there's an app for that. two college students from the bay area developed an app which lets you find other students at your college willing to help you with things like doing laundry or homework. you have to be a student to sign up. all you need is a school email address to set up the account. founders of the app say it is something that could make a
5:54 pm
college student to you life less stressful. it's set to launch at the end of the month. coming up, a bay area city once known for its crime is now about to join the million dollar median home price list. >> the seven-figure mark is spilling down into places that have historically not been associated with that. >> after the break, a look at what's driving buyers to move to east california. and, new information in the search for mollie tibbetts. the five locations where detectives are focusing their efforts. and, a new survey about safety on b.a.r.t. what riders are saying about the changes they would like to see.
5:55 pm
at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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♪ ♪ ♪ raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ♪ ♪ bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens ♪ ♪ brown paper packages tied up with strings ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ ♪ ♪ million-dollar home prices are nothing new in the bay area. but what may surprise you is
5:57 pm
the city that is expected to welcome the million dollar median price next year. jesse gary has the story about how longtime owners are cashing in on rising real estate values. >> reporter: amy fullers three bedroom, three bathroom house is getting some final fixers as it hits the market. her parents bought it in 1977 for $39,000. her asking price? $1.2 million. >> too much traffic, too congested and i want to go to a small community and warmer. i'd like to move to las vegas. >> reporter: the bank account will likely inflate by seven figures. what's surprising is the city where her house and others sit poised to sell. east palo alto. once the nation's murder capital, riddled by crime and neglect, now, epa is the place of million-dollar listings, with a median price that has tripled since 2012, according to online real estate database company, zillow. >> it's spilling down into
5:58 pm
places that have historically not been associated with that extreme affluence. >> reporter: an economist says one third of all cities with an average home price of $1 million are in the bay area. epa's $964,000 median is expected to crack the million dollar mark next year. it's not just east palo alto making a new name for itself. morgan hill, alameda, newark, daly city, all positioned to crack the million dollar club and all fueled in part due to population growth and a housing shortage. the influx of tech fueled jobs is a common thread that connects the rising property values. fullers home comes with a view of amazon. >> i want to live closer to where they work. and, east palo alto is not what it used to be years ago. it's getting better and will continue to get better. >> reporter: city officials worry longtime house renters will be pushed to other communities. experts say the current property depreciation rate of 20% here can't hold forever. >> higher mortgage rates, kind
5:59 pm
of changes the tax code. >> reporter: amy fullthe winds are favorable. she's hoping to land in the nevada son, with a nice seven- figure nested egg. in east palo alto, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 starts now. mourning the loss of a fallen firefighter. tonight, we are learning about the firefighter from utah who came to california to help but ended up being killed while battling the mendocino complex fire. >> it's tough, anytime we lose a brother. it's hard. this will be filled though she felt across the country. >> this death marks the sixth firefighter fatality in california so far this fire season, and the first for the mendocino complex fire. good evening, everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> i'm alyana gomez in for
6:00 pm
julie haener. the fallen firefighter is identified as matthew burchett. he's a fire chief from draper, utah. he answered california's call for help in battling the fires in lake county. >> reporter: emotions ran high today as colleagues remembered battalion chief matthew burchett who died fighting the ranch fire. he was leading a stream -- team from utah, now his fellow firefighters will return home to utah. >> they have been pulled off the line, not fighting any fires right now. they have been with him the entire time. he's had someone with him the entire time. they have stood by their brother and been with him the entire way. >> reporter: matthew burchett and four other firefighters were deployed from california, from a suburbeks ago. according to preliminary he wa tree fell on him. he was working to protect the community of lake pillsbury. he died in a hospital in


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