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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  August 14, 2018 6:00pm-6:59pm PDT

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julie haener. the fallen firefighter is identified as matthew burchett. he's a fire chief from draper, utah. he answered california's call for help in battling the fires in lake county. >> reporter: emotions ran high today as colleagues remembered battalion chief matthew burchett who died fighting the ranch fire. he was leading a stream -- team from utah, now his fellow firefighters will return home to utah. >> they have been pulled off the line, not fighting any fires right now. they have been with him the entire time. he's had someone with him the entire time. they have stood by their brother and been with him the entire way. >> reporter: matthew burchett and four other firefighters were deployed from california, from a suburbeks ago. according to preliminary he wa tree fell on him. he was working to protect the community of lake pillsbury. he died in a hospital in ukiah.
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colleagues described him as smart, professional, and a true master of his craft. >> of all of the things i could tell you on his career and his craft, and how bright he was, and how compassionate he was, all of it pales, absolutely pales, to the man he was. he was special. he was a good, good soul. his footprints are all over this county. the state, and several other states. i can see his footsteps, and i hope to be able to follow them and step in them. described him avid outdoorsman who loved skiing, cycling, and hiking. matthew burchett leaves behind his wife and 6-year-old son. funeral arrangements are still being made. right now, more than 3000 firefighters remain in those fire lines tonight.
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>> all right. just a dangerous job they do every day. praying for the burchett family. the mendocino complex is made up of two fires burning near clearlake. the smaller river fire is now 100% contained, but the ranch fire continues to grow. it has now burned across 305,000 acres, prompting evacuations today on the northeast side of the fire in glenn county between the lake county and colusa county lines. as of tonight, the ranch fire is 68% contained. california has burned through more than half of its firefighting budget and we are not even two months into the new fiscal year. the total money spent on firefighting so far is $230 million. governor jerry brown says firefighters will have all the resources they need, even if it means dipping into the state's surplus funds. wildfires in carnia have scorched more than since the beginning of the year, with most of the discretion coming in the past few weeks. yosemite reopened today
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after smoke from a wildfire forced a 20 day closure at the height of the summer tourist season. this is the longest the park has been closed since 1997. ktvu's maureen naylor is in yosemite valley where the smoke has begun to clear and people are starting to repopulate the park. >> reporter: normally, these campsites would be packed this time of year, but just a few campers as yosemite valley reopens for the first time in almost 3 weeks. carloads of visitors returned to yosemite tuesday. many relieved, including this couple from germany, grateful their plans coincided with the reopening. >> we are quite connected with the universe. we were totally in trust. we thought, okay, it's going to be like it should be. >> reporter: these two families from tracy, prepared with bikes, a barbecue, and beer, had to delay their annual trip by two days but kept their vacation tradition alive. >> we are happy. we've been coming here for 23 years straight. so we were a little stressed out. >> reporter: yosemite valley
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closed july 25th in the height of the tourism season because of the deadly ferguson fire. >> july 24th. this is the day we evacuated. >> reporter: newspapers from july 24th remain in the stands. tuesday, visitors with selfie sticks, near the smoky conditions. >> i thought the smoke would be a lot worse, and the smell. it's hard to miss. >> reporter: on the valley floor, these family members wore masks, given to them as a joke before their trip. >> we are actually using them. >> it is comfort. you know? it's easier to breathe with them on. >> reporter: while yosemite valley hotels and trails are open, not all of the restaurants are. highway 41 remains closed because of active fires, and hotels in the park and beyond still have rooms available. >> there is still availability. people think, you can't get a room in yosemite valley. you can get one tonight. you can get one tomorrow night. campsites are available. >> reporter: yosemite officials
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say it could take a couple of days before they see the 15,000 to 20,000 visitors a day they typically see during this time of year. in yosemite valley, maureen naylor, ktvu fox 2 news. and we have the california wildfires online. log on to our homepage at turning to developing news in emeryville where a suspicious device closed city streets and delayed a capital corridor train from passing through the area. that was the sound of the alameda county bomb squad, exploding that package. it was found just before 4:00 this afternoon. police closed off a stretch of history between 64th and 65th to investigate the suspicious item. no word yet on what it was, but authorities have given the all clear. oakland police released the name of an officer who remains hospitalized in critical condition after a crash near
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the port of oakland. police say ricky officer jordan wingate was responded to reports of suspicious people on a union pacific train about 3:00 yesterday morning. he was driving his police suv on middle harbor road without lights or sirens on when he crashed into a car and then careened into a parked big rig. no one else was injured. police said today the officer started his career with the oakland police department as a cadet in 2013. in 2016, he was hired as a police officer trainee. he graduated from the department's police academy last year and then started on patrol. his father is a lieutenant with the oakland police department. now to italy, general, where a bridge collapsed. this happened during a violent storm, sending hundreds of debris falling down below. rescuers spent the day digging through debris, looking for survivors. witnesses describe the collapse as sounding like thunder and screeching metal. >> now is the moment of relief, intervention, work, sweat, and
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prayer. but tonight will have to be the time to find out who is responsible, the names of those guilty of unacceptable death. >> officials say traffic on the bridge was heavier than usual when it collapsed, because tomorrow marks the start of a major summer holiday in italy. the cause of the collapse is still unclear but some engineers believe corrosion or the weather could have played a part. following the collapse of that bridge in italy, we wanted to know what condition the bridges in california are in. ktvu's tom vacar looked into that today and here is what he found. >> reporter: the american society of civil engineers says of california's 29,431 bridges and overpasses, 1388, 5.5%, are structurally deficient. world renowned structural and earthquake engineer peter yeonip says in bridges and buildings, deficient means a whole range of possibilities. >> something that makes you not perform as well as you should. that's what it means. now in some cases, it could be disaster.
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so, it encompasses all of that. >> reporter: he says what guards against the ultimate disaster, collapse, is a well executed program of inspections and repairs. >> california has, compared to most of the world, certainly compared to italy, we have done much better. >> reporter: and, when maintenance and repairs are no longer advisable, california has the willingness to spend money on essentials. >> with structures, old structures, with the kind of traffic loads we have today, you have to look carefully at all of this stuff and replace it. >> reporter: the no on 6 ballot initiative campaign to rescind the new $0.12 per gallon gas tax says 79 barrier bridge repairs and a few replacement projects would lose funding. 554 proj in the bay area, loss of the $0.12 per gallon gas tax would delay 32 deficient bridge projects in santa clara county, san mateo county and several
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projects in sonoma, napa, and marin county. but the yes on 6 campaign says the government already collects enough gas taxes and should spend it more wisely. >> if that money is taken out, well, if that is the case, they should put other money in it, because, that stuff wears and tears. bridges are higher risk structures. >> reporter: so, with the bridges in mind, it will be up to the voters in november.tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. california's largest companies could pay more in property taxes after a ballot measure that would make changes to proposition 13. supporters submitted more than 860,000 signatures today that could put the initiative on the 2020 state ballot. the measure calls for california's businesses to be taxed, based on regular assessment of their value.
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is approved by voters, they could bring in $6 billion-$10 billion per year in additional tax revenue for schools, community colleges, and public services. the initiative would only affect property taxes on businesses, not residential property. state lawmakers are working to improve working conditions for women in california. today, the legislative women's caucus joined a larger group to rally support for a package of bills being debated at the capital. supporters say that the bills offer greater workplace protection for women and provide stronger laws against workplace harassment. >> everybody has a mom, a sister, a wife. and if they are taken advantage of, they are taking advantage of in the workplace and this does not work for everyone. >> one of the bills in up next, a man hospitalized in san francisco after being shot five times outside his home.
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>> a lot of folks who know us, know that we are here to help the community. >> what friends are telling us about his work in the community to end gun violence. another unseasonably cool day around the bay area. we will check in on current conditions and show you what to expect for tomorrow, and i'm tracking a warm up into the extended forecast. more coming up. cleanup control, focusing on human waste. the new announcement to pressure wash sidewalks in san francisco.
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a man who worked to prevent violence in his san francisco neighborhood is clinging to life tonight after he was shot five times at point blank range, steps from his home. it happened monday in the bayview hunters point neighborhood on kiska road. rob malcolm has more on the victim and the investigation. >> reporter: this video shot by a neighbor using the citizen app captures the moment after a beloved community worker was shot and wounded in broad daylight in front of his home on kiska road in the bayview hunters point neighborhood. friends, family, and coworkers, are now gathered as zuckerberg san francisco general hospital to say prayers. >> whatever happened out there, that the law prevailed to do its job, all i'm going to do is come from a family. >> reporter: 43-year-old joseph tuui was shot five times. police declined to talk about the case on camera, only saying that on monday, he left a communitd was
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approached by two men in front of his home who opened fire. his older brother says he is respected and well-known in the neighborhood. >> there are cool guys and then over cool guys. he's in the category of the over cool guys. he sees a problem and he don't attack it as a top-down conversation kind of thing. he goes and talk to these youngsters. >> reporter: he worked with san francisco's violence prevention outreach services. volunteers who work with the mayor's office to educate kids on street violence. now himself the victim of a street crime. >> well, it's a shame. we are trying to do work to help the community. and a lot of folks who know us, know that we are here to help the community. so, that's what our focus is and what we want to continue to do. >> reporter: they also work with the department of public health. the work in the neighborhood will continue, and the 6'2" 140 pound man had multiple surgeries to the brain.
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his mother said he was larger than life, in the bayview neighborhood, with attention on the community. his mother says the gun violence has to end. >> are you shocked something like this happened? >> to him? yes. but to the community? there is so much going on. there is more need for what he does, and more people who survive in this program and get active with and give back to the community. >> police are still searching for suspects. rob malcolm, ktvu fox 2 news. the reward to bring a missing college student back home has grown while the search for her is narrowing. it has been almost a month since mollie tibbetts was last seen. the university of iowa sophomore went out for a run on july 18th in brooklyn, iowa and has not been seen since. her family has teamed up with crimestoppers. they are now offering a $400,000 reward. investigators say there last se
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those areas include a carwash and a truck stop. outside our doors this afternoon, we have partly cloudy skies. we will continue with this pattern for at least a couple more days and as we get into the extended forecast, more importantly, the weekend, we are going to warm it backup. temperatures at this hour, 76 degrees in santa rosa. san francisco checking in at 60. mid-60s in the oakland area, upper 60s in livermore and san jose checking in at 69. here is a view of the hills. low cloud cover there. the marine layer 1500 feet deep, and will continue as we get into the evening hours, to roll back across the bay area and inland. temperatures are down by 6 degrees over livermore this afternoon, down by 2 in san jose. warmer in areas like santa rosa and napa, up by 6 degrees or so, all in all, everybody running a little bit below average. the onshore breeze through fairfield, 34 miles per hour,
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gusting strong. concord, oakland reporting anywhere from 15 to 20 miles per hour. if you are going out to cpas play, bring along a jacket. it will be cooling off there. here's a look at cloud cover, right along the coastline, partly sunny skies in capitola. as we move inland across the bay, we will continue to see that drift further east over the course of the evening. here is a look at the forecast. for the a's game, 63 degrees, west breeze with partly cloudy skies. into the evening hours and by tomorrow morning, waking up with low cloud cover, once again, patchy drizzle to start your day. temperatures tomorrow, very similar to today. i'll have a look at the numbers for tomorrow and in the extended forecast, tracking a heat up. more on that coming up in just a bit. a new effort in san francisco to clean up city streets. here's more on the new patrols attorneys are looking to launch, specifically on ridding the streets of human waste. >> reporter: san francisco
6:19 pm
department of public works crews respond throughout the city, pressure washing streets after reports of human waste. the problem, is that by the time he calls in a complaint, it's already too late. >> the block in front of my store, it doesn't look good. and, sometimes, we find, you know, poop and stuff like that. >> now, the city is looking to get ahead of the problem, setting aside a six person crew which will scour targeted neighborhoods, looking for human waste. first on the list, polk street. a department of public works spokesman says the city will spend a quarter of $1 million to search for and clean human animal waste before anyone has a chance to see it and complain. >> we will take one of those crews out and try to get ahead of those calls and look for these locations so that hopefully we will get less number of calls coming in. >> reporter: san francisco mayor london breed says the plan is part of her commitment to clean up city streets and says the key is using data- driven strategies to see what
6:20 pm
works and what doesn't. >> we have data that shows us exactly where most of the complaints are for poop cleanup. so, the goal is to try to make sure that we have a dedicated team, and they are focusing on those particular areas where we know it's most problematic. >> reporter: many are happy to hear that the poop patrol will be on duty soon, cleaning the area around businesses. >> oh, my god. that would be a will and. we always call all the time. 311. they come and tell you, we are going to clean up. we can't force them to leave. >> reporter: the poop patrol program is set to launch september 1st. if successful, they will expand it in other parts of the city. in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. still to come, she lost her son on this day 12 years ago. >> i was told a while back ago when this happened, it's going to get easier. but, it doesn't. >> up next, a mother's somber tradition in an effort to bring her son's killer to justice. plus, a warning to banks
6:21 pm
from the fbi. the hacking thread involving atms that could result in the loss of millions of dollars. and, the oakland a's are one of the most exciting teams in baseball. why aren't more people showing up for the games? the team has taken notice. what they are saying, later in  sports.
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a mother's pain, 12 years after her son was shot and killed in san francisco. tonight, she's pleading for answers and hoping a reward will lead to an arrest. crime reporter henry lee has her story.
6:24 pm
>> i'm here. this is the 12th year. >> reporter: it's a sad summer ritual. paulette brown, praying with san francisco police at the street corner where her only son was shot and killed in 2006. >> i was told when this happened, it's going to get easier. but it doesn't. i can deal with it. i'm functioning. i work, i do everything that i need to do. but, this pain never, never ends. >> reporter: on august 14th, 2006, 17-year-old aubrey abrakasa left his mom's home near the panhandle for his job as a youth mentor. at the corner of baker and grove streets, he saw two friends of his who are members of a rival gang. police say he was not a gang member but told his friends to run. the gang members, angered by the warning, shot him in the back more than a dozen times. >> for someone to take him out of the world like that, no parent should have to deal with that. >> reporter: like she does each year, she passes out flyers, hoping someone will be brave enough to come forward.
6:25 pm
san francisco police say a $250,000 reward remains in effect. >> i know it has been 12 years and is a cold case but if we can solve the golden state killer, we can solve this one that is 12 years old. >> i just think it's kind of sad that he has been gone for 12 full years, and nothing has happened. like, that's just kind of ridiculous to me. >> reporter: san francisco police and aubrey's mother are hoping you have information that will help solve the case. they say every tip matters, no matter how small , it could lead to a big break. live in san francisco, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. millions of dollars is at stake because of a potential cyber attack. now, the fbi is warning banks to beef up security measures. it's a scheme known as an atm cash out. agents believe criminals aron
6:26 pm
transactions. then they will use cloned debit cards to steal millions of dollars in a matter of hours. the fbi went out late last weekend indicated the crime could take place in the coming days. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 starts next, with an escalating war of words involving the president and his former aide, omarosa manigault-newman. after the break, how the white house is responding to claims of a secret recording of the president, allegedly using a racial slur. and, another suspected terror attack in london, targeting civilians in the heart of the british capital. what investigators are saying about the incident and the person arrested. and a survey about safety on an to the change commuters would like to se with us. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is next. this is not a bed.
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fire chief from utah is being e craft.
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42-year-old matthew burchett was killed yesterday fighting the ranch fire in lake county. a preliminary report suggested he was struck by a falling tree. he was survived by his wife and 6-year-old son. yosemite valley reopened today after a 20 day closure during the peak of the summer tourist season. smoke on the ferguson fire has begun to dissipate. and, while yosemite valley, hotels, and trails were back open, some restrictions remain. highway 41 remains closed and glacier point is off limits because of the active firefight. overseas in italy, people are dead after a bridge collapsed. it happened during a violent storm, sending dozens of vehicles plunging 150 feet to the ground. rescuers spent the day digging through debris, looking for survivors. the cause of the collapse is unclear but some engineers think corrosion or the weather may have played a part. you are watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. the war of words over omarosa's new book intensified today with president trump taking to twitter to call his former assistant a low life and dog.
6:31 pm
>> her tell-all book titled "unhinged" went on sale today. in it, she describes the president as a racist and misogynist, and claims he is in mental decline. the white house denies those allegations and the trump campaign has filed a case for breach of confidentiality. fox news' lauren blanchard is in washington, d.c. with more on the escalating feud. >> reporter: well, the trump campaign has filed arbitration against omarosa, alleging she broke a confidentiality agreement with the campaign during 2016. omarosa says she will not be silenced, and released new secret recordings that she says backs up her claims the president used racist terms. omarosa manigault-newman, releasing new audio to cvs, which claims to be a 2016 conversation with trump campaign officials about what to do if a recording were released with the president using the n-word. >> and in fact, if i did not have this tape, you all would
6:32 pm
be wondering if in fact they did talk about it. >> reporter: at a briefing this afternoon, white house press secretary sarah sanders addressed why omarosa was hired in the first place. >> the president wanted to give her a chance, and he made clear when general kelly came on, and he voiced concerns, that this individual did not have the best interests of the white house and the president and the country at heart. the president said, do what you can to get along, and if you can't, he gave him full authority to let her go. >> reporter: sanders also commented on the president's controversial tweet this morning in which he called omarosa, quote, a crazed crying lowlife, adding, good work by general kelly for quickly firing that dog. >> i think the president is certainly voicing his frustration with the fact that this person has shown a complete lack of integrity. >> reporter: using the word, dog, drew criticism from both sides of the aisle. democratic congresswoman frederica wilson responding, how dare the president call omarosa or any black woman a dog. and republican senator jeff
6:33 pm
flake writing, the language was unbecoming of a president. there is no excuse for it, and republicans should not be okay with it. all this controversy and omarosa's media tour appears to be helping her sales. "unhinged" is currently on the top sellers on barnes and noble and amazon. >> we've heard about the audio recording. any word on when or if this will be released? >> reporter: which one in particular? there was one this morning that she aired on cbs. that is the one where katrina pearson and lynn patton were talking about this n-word comment. that came out on "cbs this morning." it is anyone's guess to see when and what will be her next recording. >> lauren blanchard, thank you. a man is under arrest in london on suspicion of
6:34 pm
terrorism after driving a car into a group of pedestrians and bike riders. surveillance video captured the moment when police say a 29- year-old uk resident drove a ford fiesta into a barrier just outside the house of parliament. fortunately, no one was killed but three people were injured. police say the man is in custody and is being interrogated. so far, authorities say this appears to be an isolated incident. >> none of the suspects at the scene have been identified or reported to police. there is no intelligence at this time of further danger to londoners. >> counterterrorism officers are now carrying out searches in central england as part of the investigation. this is the fourth similar attack in london using a car to target innocent people in the last year and a half. 24 people were hurt and 19 killed when a bus turned over on ecuador. it smashed into several homes near the capital city. the bus hit a smaller area known as dead man's curve earlier today, causing it to roll over four times. rescue crews spent the day going to the bus and removing
6:35 pm
victims. the exact cause of the initial crash is under investigation. the los angeles subway system is stepping up security. officials announced that l.a. will become the first city in the u.s. to install body cameras to screen passengers for weapons and explosives. authorities say they've been testing several types of body scan devices for a year now. officials say the machine would do a full body screening of passengers as they walk through the station without slowing them down. a survey from a bay area public policy group shows strong support for more police officers on b.a.r.t. trains. the bay area council polled roughly 1600 people in san francisco, alameda, contra costa and santa clara counties who follow them on twitter. 75% of respondents said more police officers is the answer to reducing crime on the transit system. others said addressing issues such as homelessness, drug use, and mental illness is a better approach.
6:36 pm
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she is only 5 years old and ready to start kindergarten.
6:39 pm
she's also now at the center of a legal battle over medical marijuana. >> the issue is over whether a santa rosa girl with epilepsy can legally attend school with the cannabis she needs to control her seizures. ktvu's rob roth has her story. >> reporter: school is done for the day, and kindergartner brooke adams is heading home with her mother. this 5-year-old is attending school under a temporary court order. she has a rare form of epilepsy. she needs thc , the key ingredient in cannabis, to treat her strong seizures. but under law, cannabis is banned from school campuses. >> many kids that have this, they can have long seizures, and go into a coma, because they can't stop them. that's how dramatic this is. >> reporter: this is video of brooke having a seizure this summer on a san diego beach. her mother puts a few drops of the thc oil in her mouth and the seizure stops in minutes. >> it's like your body is running a marathon in a matter of minutes.
6:40 pm
>> brooke, do you want a book? here are some books. >> reporter: brooke can't be in school without thc, but the school district worries that having a banned drug in class could jeopardize millions of dollars in federal funds. the district says courts need to clarify whether a school district is allowed quote, to place a student on a campus and administer her medical cannabis in that setting, despite legal requirements to keep that same medical cannabis off school campuses. >> i don't see the federal government coming in and taking us off to jail , or, you know, losing their funding, because one kid is taking medicine that saves their life. >> reporter: an administrative law judge ruled last month that brooke and her thc oil can attend school for now pending a final ruling. currently, the young girl has a full-time nurse at school who carried the medication.
6:41 pm
brooke and her mom hope she doesn't have to leave school. >> i think that will be devastating. i'm hoping the judge will realize how, you know, insignificant it is to have her medication on campus. >> reporter: the lawyers have two weeks to submit final arguments, then an administrative law judge is expected to decide, perhaps by the end of september, weather brooke can remain in school with her medication. in santa rosa, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. >> what a little cutie pie. still to come, it was once known for its high crime rate. now, it's the latest city in the bay area where million- dollar homes are becoming the new norm. outside our doors this afternoon, partly to cloudy skies, 15 degrees below the seasonal average with little change expected for wednesday. i'll have a look atweek coming coming up at 7:00, new
6:42 pm
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♪ yeah, because you're mine ♪ with chase atms serena can now grab cash on the go, all with the tap of her phone. ♪ stop the things you do no card? no problem. life, lived serena's way. chase, make more of what's yours. million-dollar home prices are nothing new in the bay area, but it's now becoming the norm someplace you might not expect it. east palo alto. >> ktvu's jesse gary tells us some longtime homeowners are cashing in on rising real estate values. >> reporter: any fullers three bedroom, three bathroom house on collier avenue is heading the market. her parents bought it back in
6:45 pm
1977 for $39,000. are asking price? $1.2 million. >> there is too much traffic, it's too congested and i want to go to a small community and warmer. i'd like to move to las vegas. >> reporter: the bank account will likely inflate by seven figures. what is surprising is the city where her house and others sit poised to sell. east palo alto. once the nation's murder capital, riddled by crime and neglect. now, it is the place of million- dollar listings with a median price that has tripled since 2012 according to online real estate database company, zillow. >> these places have not been historically without that extreme -- >> reporter: a zillow economist says one third of all cities with an average home price of $1 million are in the bay area. the $964,000 median is expected to crack the million-dollar market next year.
6:46 pm
it's not just east palo alto making a new name for itself. morgan hill, alameda, newark, daly city, all positioned to crack the million-dollar club and all fueled in part due to population growth and a housing shortage. the influx of tech fueled jobs is a common thread that connects the rising property values. fuller's home comes with a view of amazon. >> everyone wants to live closer to where they work. and, east palo alto is not what it used to be years ago. it's getting better and will continue to get better. >> reporter: city officials worry longtime house renters will be pushed to other communities. experts say the current property appreciation rate of 20% here can't hold forever. >> higher mortgage rates, kind of changes the tax code. >> reporter: annie fuller is flying the coop while the winds are favorable. she's hoping to land in the nevada sun, with a nice seven- figure nest egg. in east palo alto, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news.
6:47 pm
"game of thrones" author george -- is in redwood city. ticket prices range from $79- $279. all proceeds will go to the local science foundation. the property overstates a science fiction and fantasy journal. l. outside our doors this afternoon, temperatures in the low 60s along the coastline. inland, low to mid-80s around the bay area. we are right in the middle of august. temperatures are definitely cool for this time of year and will continue to be on the cool side as we get into the next couple of days. and then we'll rebound into your weekend. back into the mid-to upper 90s for our east bay locations. afternoon highs from today, upper 80s in and around antioch. areas over livermore and concord, upper 70s. we started with a lot of cloud
6:48 pm
cover, it was slow to clear today. along the east bay shore, it took until about lunch time. areas in san francisco and portions of the peninsula never cleared. 74 this afternoon in san rafael, 63 in the city of san francisco. here is a view of temperatures right now. upper 60s in livermore and in san jose, 63 degrees outside your door. 74 in napa. san francisco, the west edge, 63. mid-60s in oakland if you are going to see the a's play later today. temperatures will continue to cool into the low 60s with an onshore breeze long. bring your jacket. sfo has attained -- sustained wind at 18. partly cloudy, cool, and breezy out there. and as you get into your bay area wednesday, more of the same. here is a view of the coastline crossing back across the bay as we get through the second part of the evening and early tomorrow mor over portions of t
6:49 pm
sierra. this started to fire off a thunderstorm that will continue into tomorrow although it is expected to push to the east. if you did not have plans, you should be in pretty good shape. should not be as bad as what you are seeing. for the rest of us, we will continue on this pattern, getting through your bay area wednesday. 60s on the coast, seven is at the bay, harder locations into the 80s. temperatures tomorrow morning, similar to today. low 50s to low 60s to start the day, a lot of cloud cover, a lot of patchy cloud cover and drizzle. into the afternoon, 76 tomorrow. for the east bay, 67 in oakland, low 80s in danville. san jose will go to 75. 70 in san mateo, low 60s once again in san francisco. temperatures warm slightly on thursday, warmer on friday, the hottest day looks to be saturday, back into the upper 90s for in the locations. 60s expected at the coast. we go to south lake tahoe where a bear was caught on
6:50 pm
camera looting a car. deputies responded to reports of a bear inside of a car. it appears normal, but there's actually a bear in the car to the right. officials warn people not to lose -- leave food inside of cars, and you heard deputies firing a beanbag, through the realtor -- rear windshield, and bring the bear to go on its way. >> that's wild. >> those bidders will do anything. >> anything for food. the raiders welcomed one of their police say alignment back at camp today. mark will tell us all about his new duties and his return to the team, next in sports. .
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all right. let's get started with sports. sports director mark ibanez joins us now. the a's taking the field in a couple of minutes, looking to secure another win tonight. >> they are. frank can speak to this, too. the a's i guess you could say, overachieving to the max. but it would be nice if a few more people started showing up, right? take for instance last night. check out the stands in the background there.
6:54 pm
they are just two games out of first place. 10,400 people showing up. >> that's it? >> yeah. a7-six thriller right now, and then actually following the game, as you see the a's working out, getting ready to take on the mariners again tonight, hopefully in front of a bigger crowd. the excellent third baseman, i mean, this guy is tearing it up. three doubles tonight. it would be nice to see a few more people out here to perform in front of, considering how great we are playing. bob melvin was asked about chatman's remarks earlier today. >> just wants to play in front of a big crowd. we've had terrific crowds earlier this year. the giants series, obviously, the free game, and guys like playing in front of big crowds i don't blame them. just trying to encourage the fan base to come out.
6:55 pm
>> of course. you feel better when there is a big crowd. we saw that with the free game and opening day and when this place is packed, we play our best baseball. >> you know what's interesting about both of those guys interviewed? they both mentioned the free game. maybe that's it. make all of the games free and the a's fans will finally show up to see an excellent team. meanwhile, the raiders are going to break camp in napa on thursday. they'll be dealing with the rams over the weekend. one of the big name players showed up in camp. no, not khalil mack, but instead, tackle donald penn. number 72, indies shots right here, back on the field today. pro bowler at left tackle but of course, the team drafted colton miller. they don't want him sitting around. he's probably going to be there starting left tackle. he has been asked to move to right tackle after all these years. he's willing, but it's going to take a little time to get used to that move. >> i'm willing to do whatever it takes to help this team win. you always feel like that's going to be in the best interest of the team.
6:56 pm
you know, i do it today. i felt awkward and rusty. but i need time. >> the first time we were up there, we started walking to the left side. we looked at him and waited until we got to the right side. it'll be all right. >> i told myself i was going to give my best effort and try my hardest and see how it goes. i want to see this team win. if they want me to play in the right, i will play right. at the end of the day, i may tackle. meanwhile, equal time as always for the san francisco 49ers. it's not often that you say a team is looking their wounds after they win a game but that is quite the case for the 49ers. the injuries sustained in game one. the tight end separated his shoulder, he's going to rest for the rest of the preseason. running back matt brito also hurt his shoulder. you won't see him until the real deal in september. and, you know what's interesting about this?
6:57 pm
the 49ers spent a lot of time in the off-season analyzing injuries and how they could possibly be prevented. kyle shanahan, the coach, talked about that today. >> you can go through each one. you know, he fell on his arm awkwardly and separated his shoulder, which could have been prevented by not running the route. guys getting concussions in games could be prevented from them not tackling people, i guess. it's football. it's everywhere around the league. it's camp. you got to work hard to prepare hard. and you know, i think for the most part, most of our injuries are something that is extremely hard to control. meanwhile, basketball season is still a ways out but if you are a boston celtics fan, you've got to be encouraged by this. this is gordon hayward who sustained that horrific injury in the first game after signing that $128 million contract last year. he's looking healthy again. that is the sporting life at this hour. mo
6:58 pm
>> no kidding. ktvu fox 2 news , and ktvu plus, the power of 2. (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪
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(sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪
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have you guys heard about this research team that's trying to transgenically manipulate chicken dna to create some sort of chicken dinosaur? oh, i think that sounds wonderful. what? you're afraid of both dinosaurs and chickens. yes, but tell me a dinosaur chicken salad sandwich wouldn't hit the mesozoic spot. hey, guys. hey. hello. we still on for tomorrow night? yeah. i'm excited to finally meet your girlfriend. yeah, oh, and speaking of which. according to a recent study out of oxford university, when someone takes on a new romantic partner, that person loses one or two close friends. since when do you read social science? i go to the bathroom like everybody else. why would i lose friends just because i started dating someone? yeah, you didn't lose anyone when you met amy. yeah, well, no, the study refers to romantic partners. not the way i would categorize the two of us.


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