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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  August 15, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> yesterday's high temperatures, the coast and bay have had a nice summer. cooling cold for some. the other temperatures have been rather warm. yesterday morgan hill 86. santa rosa and concord, livermore, and san jose all had highs in the 70s. that is a little unusual, but that happened yesterday. today will probably be a little bit warmer. still a good surge on the low clouds and fog. it is and 60s on the temperatures. they are staying right about here. upper 50s for some. berkeley at 59. oakland 59. the city at 58. that has been going up and low clouds coming in and also the water temperatures have come up. the delta wind has no problem cranking up to 30 miles an hour at travis. 58 my 59 monterey up towards sacramento. the sierra nevada dealt with a little thunderstorm activity on the north shore towards reno. for us highs will be nice again
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today, 60s and 70s and 80s. we are starting on millbrae on northbound 101 trying to get to the san francisco airport. you need extra time if you're driving on northbound 101. it is a deadly crash on northbound 101 at the millbrae accident -- exit. a pedestrian was hit by a car. they had blocked the lanes northbound temporarily. now they have the two right lanes closed. it is causing a traffic jam from at least the broadway burlingame exit. a decent alternate route is to 80 northbound. that looks pretty good with no problems there. you can actually rejoin 101 by using creative and doing that. southbound one-to-one seems to be not affected in a major way. we have a crew arriving at the scene. we will have a live report from the scene coming up. let's talk about the tracy commutes on five -- on west on 580.
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traffic will be a little slow. some construction in the eastbound direction also slowing it on the way out to tracy. if you're driving from livermore to dublin it looks pretty good up to san leandro on interstate 880. the bay bridge toll plaza is light. let's go back to the desk. it is back to school today for students in san jose. it is one of the largest school districts in the bay area. frank is live at herbert hoover middle school in the rose garden neighborhood. it is dark out there, but what are they talking about? >> reporter: you can see the sign behind me. i think kids had a good summer, but school starts at 8:15. classes get underway in a little over two hours. hoover has 1100 students and it is one of two middle schools here in san jose that is a performing arts school. each student can.
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from 20 different classes including band, drama, choir, they even have a marriott you band. much more on that coming up later. as for the starting date, it might seem a little early to some but it's all part of a plan to get the very best out of their students. it is beneficial for the students to have, to avoid that summer slump. many students can't continue with outside programs so the shorter summer is beneficial for students. we would rather take what breaks throughout the year instead of having a really long summer. >> ♪ >> reporter: that is mister quintero who is the spanish immersion teacher. he also directs the marriott you band. much more on that program and we will also tell you how teachers can afford the cost of living here in the south bay where the average price of a home is well over $1 million. they do make a lot of
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sacrifices. much more on that as we go back to school with the kids here in san jose. that is the latest. ktvu fox2 news. new this morning, the ramp between interstate 880 and highway 80 in oakland is open again after a fiery crash. our tower cam recorded the first responders getting to that seen late last night. chp says and about 11:15 a truck slammed into a guard rail and burst into flames on the transition from northbound add to westbound 80. sparks from the fire fell from the highway and it started a small grass fire below. asic alert was issued. the road was closed for about two hours before reopening during the night. there are still 10 major wildfires burning in california. fire crews are slowly making some progress. the carr fire in shasta and trinity counties is now 65% contained. it has
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burned 330 mi.2. the mendocino complex fire has burned 570 mi.2. it is 64% contained. the donnell fire in tooele county has burned 46 mi.2 and is 27% contained. family members, friends, and the firefighting community mourning the death of a utah fire battalion chief who was battling the ranch fire near clear lake. matthew burchett, on the day he left utah talked to reporters. he led a five person strikeforce from draper utah that has been in northern california for almost 2 weeks. preliminary reports say he was killed when a tree fell on him on monday as he was protecting the community of lake pillsbury. he was known as an expert at what he did. >> matt jumped at the chance to go assist in california. i think anybody in our department would do the same. he was a good man. he had a very dry wit. if i had to
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describe him i would describe him as a master of his craft. >> matthew burchett leaves behind a wife and a seven-year- old sun. the four other utah firefighters have been pulled off the fire lines that most likely they will be heading home now. six firefighters have died in northern california in the past few weeks. crews are supposed to work no more than two weeks on the fire lines before being replaced with new crews. that becomes more tickled as the fire season continues and more fires start. san jose battalion chief david barnett led to 21 firefighters to southern california for three days and then headed to the mendocino complex fire. that can lead to physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion, especially when crews hear about a death in the firefighting family. >> right now if feels like the worst. we are in the middle of it and there is some solace to be found in network, but there's also an anxiety because we want everyone to come home. >> despite those concerns all
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the firefighters we talked to on the mendocino complex fires yesterday say they will return to the fire lines wherever they are needed. that wildfire that is burning on the edge of yosemite national park is almost fully contained now. marine naylor reports, the smoke has started clearing and the visitors are coming back. >> reporter: normally these highly sought after campsites would be packed. today just a few campers as yosemite valley reopens for the first time in almost 3 weeks. carloads of visitors returned to yosemite tuesday. many relieved, including this couple from germany. >> we are quite connected with the universe so we were totally in trust and we thought it is going to be like it shall be. >> reporter: these two families prepared but had to delay their family trip by two days. >> we are happy. we have been coming here for 23 years straight. we were a
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little stressed out. >> reporter: yosemite valley closed july 25 in the heart of the tourism season because of the deadly ferguson fire. >> this is the day we evacuated. >> reporter: newspapers from july 24 remain in the stance. tuesday visitors didn't seem to mind the smoky conditions. >> i thought -- i thought the smoke would be a lot worse. >> reporter: on the valley floor these family numbers wore masks given to them as a joke before their trip. you are actually using them. >> yes. is a comfort . the is easier to breathe with it on. >> reporter: while yosemite valley hotels and trails are open not all the restaurants are. highway 31 remains closed because of active fires and hotels in the park and beyond still have rooms available. >> there is still availability.
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people say you can't get a room in yosemite valley. you can get one today and tomorrow. campsites are available. >> reporter: officials say it could take a couple of days before they see the 15 or 20,000 visitors a day they typically see during this time of year. in yosemite valley with ktvu fox 2 news. as early as next spring sonoma county voters could be asked to approve a half cent sales tax to merge fire agencies. cannot -- consolidation has been in the works for years but gained momentum after last october's firestorm. the tax hike will raise $42 million a year. the money would pay for almost 200 and firefighters, modernized equipment, and add 10 new fire stations. >> we have to be able to take care of our own. we have to depend on ourselves for the first 72 hours of any activity before we can consider the calvary coming in through mutual aid expect the sonoma county board of supervisors approved a plan to reorganize
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the emergency services division into a new independent department of emergency management. the california wildfires may be causing the rising carbon monoxide levels around the country. research from nasa dated july 30 through august 7 shows carbon monoxide drifting over the united states . the map displays rising levels reaching as far as the northeast carbon monoxide can hurt air quality and also stay in the atmosphere for about a month. up next, big changes could be coming to north and south korea. what the leader of south korea is calling for that would bring the countries together. the owners of a popular dating app are facing eight $2 billion lawsuit. why the cofounders of tender mac are filing a lawsuit against the company's current owners. traffic so far is doing okay. however, there is a problem on the peninsula if you're trying
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to get to sfo. you should tune into the next report and leave the house early as you drive on northbound 101. three big time cool down wasn't just coast and yesterday, even for many well inland. we will see if that trend continues today.
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welcome back. happening now, it is the start of a new school year at stoneman douglas high school in parkland florida. returning students will see extra security measures after that valentine's day attack where 17 students and school staff members were killed. the school will have a new buzzer system at the entrance of the school, special locks on the doors of every classroom. there were plans for meddled -- metal detectors, but that was scrapped because of concerns about reliability and invasion of privacy. the school board is still debating whether to put metal detectors at all school district schools. it is back-to-school time at uc berkeley. incoming freshman begin a week long orientation program today. the campus was busy yesterday during move-in day. new roommates getting to know each other and settling into their dorm rooms. students we talked to say they are pretty excited about the upcoming school year and hopeful about their futures. >> i am very optimistic. yeah. i'm very hopeful of my years at
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cal and beyond. >> i want to become an obstetrician and eventually work in third world countries and be a doctor there. >> sounds like a good group of kids. the first day of classes are one week from today. there are reports that the north face outdoor clothing company is moving out of the bay area. foxbusiness is reporting the parent company is going to reorganize its businesses and move all of its 650 n. face jobs to denver by 2020. at that time to headwaters in alameda will close. this also affects jan sport, a maker of bags and backpacks at that very same alameda location. still not clear if there will be layoffs. the north face company was founded in san francisco in 1966. the tesla board of directors says it is forming a committee to explore the possibility of taking the company private. elon musk stirred up
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controversy when he tweeted last week saying he had secured funding to go private $420 a share. in a recent blog post mosque raised doubt about whether he actually has the funding ready to go. >> he said in the blog he believes that funding wouldn't be a problem from the saudi arabia sovereign wealth fund. yet, he is acknowledging in his blog post that they don't in fact final details worked out and they still need to have some negotiations. that will be something people will be looking at going forward. it is securities and exchange commission is looking into musks previous statements to determine if he crossed a legal line right now tesla stock is set to open down about two dollars a share. the current owners of the popular dating app tender are
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facing a $2 billion lawsuit cofounders and eight other former and current executives filed a lawsuit yesterday in new york seeking payment from match group and its parent company, iac for allegedly manipulating financial information, delaying new products, and using other tactics to try to keep the tender evaluation low. the lawsuit claims that caused some early tender employees to miss out on making millions or maybe even billions of dollars. back over to sal. what are you keeping an eye on? >> we're looking at the commute on the peninsula, but also the long commutes. northbound 101 starting off from gilroy to san jose doing well. of susana martinez and morgan hill and it looks good all the way into san jose. a lot of roadwork to give yourself plenty of time. this is 280 at san jose and traffic is moving well. we want to talk about northbound 101 we want to talk
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about northbound 101 asher dr. to the millbrae avenue exit. northbound 101 has two right lanes closed because of a crash on northbound 101 right near millbrae avenue. this is right on the way to san francisco airport if you're going to the airport give yourself some extra time or used to 80 or used to 82 380 and then come into the airport this way. that would be the best way. if you're heading south from san francisco this is not a acting the drive to the airport so far. let's bring stephen with today's forecast. yesterday was a forecast for those inland that have been very warm to hot, but not yesterday. morgan hill was the warmest at 86. officially that is what i saw. santa rosa, concorde, livermore, and san jose all with highs in the 70s. let's look at what's going on at the airport. everything looks okay so far. the main impact might be around st. louis and memphis.
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the northeast is fine. if you have flights to new york, boston, philadelphia everything looks good probably some fog issues getting toward 8:00 heading into st. louis. parts of the midwest dealing with some thunderstorm activity. we had some fog and clouds yesterday. they have moved out. 50s and 60s on the temperatures here. i don't think these are really going anywhere. low 60s already. once the fog burns off it won't take long to bump up. a little warmer today. 62 campbell, saratoga, sarah -- san jose. gusts at 31 at fairfield. the delta breeze is up early. even import chicago, pittsburgh, rio vista it is a south wind. some of -- under storm activity did pop up from the north shore to reno. that will probably see a repeat performance. it is close enough . the
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monsoon continues to go absolutely crazy in north phoenix. by the time he gets to california it loses a lot of the punch and fizzles out. 60s, 70s, 80s on the temperatures. temperatures about where they should be or even slightly below. san francisco should be 68 and they will not see that. temperatures inland will warm up, especially heading through friday and saturday. the search continues this morning for survivors of a deadly bridge collapse in italy. coming up in 25 minutes we have new drone video of the damage and the rescue efforts. six people and three quarters of $1 million all to help clean up the san francisco streets. the streets that are first on the list and the reason they are such a mess. the nature of a virus is to change. move. mutate.
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today, life-changing technology from abbott is helping hunt them down at their source. because the faster we can identify new viruses, the faster we can get to stopping them. the most personal technology, is technology with the power to change your life.
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life. to the fullest.
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welcome back. police in san francisco are investigating a deadly hit and run and run. officers were called to turk and taylor street in the tenderloin last night. the area was roped off and closed to traffic while police investigated. you can see the force of the accident or the wheels off the bicycle. the car was driven to a parking lot about a block away where police were seen handcuffing a man and taking him into custody. the cyclist was rushed to the hospital, but did not survive his injuries . his name has not been released. starting september 1 san
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francisco will begin a new program to clean up city streets day crew from the public works department will scour neighborhoods to use pressure washers to remove human and animal waste. first on the list will be polk street. the city is spending about three quarters of $1 million. san francisco mayor london breed says the program is part of her commitment to clean up the streets. >> we have data that shows us exactly where most of the complaints are for poop cleanup. the goal is to try to make sure that we have a dedicated team and they are focusing on those particular areas where we note it is most problematic. >> reporter: so far this year san francisco has received close to 15,000 phone calls complaining about waste on the sidewalks. the giants took on the dodgers in a heated game. alen hanson put the giants up early with a single in the second. the giants defense is on display in the sixth.
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the dodgers tied it up in the 8th inning. manny machado brought in a run. in the ninth hansen got another hit. that throw was high and the giants win 2 - 1. it is highly say something him? >> he didn't like the way he slapped out the bat. >> that is going to get him kicked out. >> tempers boiled over between the two teams. nick hundley said something and the benches cleared. both were ejected. suspensions could also be handed out today to each of them. the oakland a's the seattle mariners 3 - 2 to increase their lead for the wild-card spot. cano was back for seattle after a 80 game suspension after testing positive for performed -- for -- for performance enhancing drugs . the mariners jumped out to the lead but
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marcus summit hit a homer to tie the game in the bottom of the first. in the third jed lowrie put the 80s in the lead with a two aroma -- run homer off felix hernandez. the a is 13 - 2. oakland now trails houston by just one game for first place in the al west. they are doing great. the feud between president trump and his former aide is heating up. coming up next, why the pr battle may soon turn into a legal fight. new transportation studies say driving on bay area roads has hitting costs. why you may be paying $3000 -- has hidden costs why you may be paying $3000 a year just to drive. traffic moving okay on the golden gate bridge. a little foggy. it doesn't seem to be slowing drivers down. we will tell you more about the traffic coming up. if you enjoyed the cool
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down yesterday you will like today as well. we will see if there is warmer weather on the way by the weekend.
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>> ♪. >> good morning. lionel richie, all night long. where looking around the bay
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area. these are live pictures. all night long. >> you have to start dancing. >> dancing in the streets. >> we welcome you back to mornings on two. it is wednesday, august 15. i'm dave clark. >> good morn. i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. let's take a look at the weather with steve. that overcast was moving inland all night long. 60s, 70s, 80s and day three of the cooler pattern. after today bumping those highs up. it is pretty much cloudy for all the reporting stations. upper 50s and low 60s for many. 57 kelseyville. 57 healdsburg. 60s and -- hill valley.
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here is the onshore wind which is still cranked up. thunderstorms over tahoe, mainly north shore. they might fire up again later today. for us the fog will retreat and a 60s and 70s and some low 80s for many. the peninsula, northbound 101 as a drive to millbrae avenue, there has been a deadly crash there on northbound 101. this happened at about 4:00 in the morning where a pedestrian was hit by a car. i'm not sure why the pedestrian was in the freely -- freeway lanes without pedestrian was pronounced dead at the scene. the two right lanes remain closed for traffic is backing up into burlingame. if you want to use northbound to 80 it is a good alternative route. even if you're going to the airport. i would say used to 80. if you want to use northbound to 80 it is a good alternative route. even if you're going to the airport. i would say used to 8380 and then come back around to avoid
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all of that slow traffic or use side roads like el camino real and get to the airport without using the freeway. vacaville, fairfield, vallejo, the solano county super commute has traffic moving along okay approaching the carquinez bridge . 37 and a little slow over the bridge. you can see traffic is okay. southbound 242 at albert they are flaring an accident on the shoulder that caused some slow traffic earlier. here approaching the bay bridge a 20 minute drive from the carquinez bridge to the maze at the toll plaza we are already filled in and the metering lights are on. let's go back to the desk. new this morning, there is a new study that just came out overnight that shows driving on some bay area roads is costing the average driver thousands of dollars in extra operating costs . leigh martinez is near interstate 80 in berkeley to explain why and give us more details on these numbers. >> reporter: this study says
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that by driving on bad or deficient roads or bridges this could cost you nearly $3000 a year just for being a bay area motorist. there are hidden costs according to a study by trip, which calls itself a national transportation research group. the studies found drivers on san francisco and oakland roads will spend an average of $2992 a year in extra vehicle cost. the result of driving on roads riddled with potholes, lost time and fuel by being struck -- stuck in traffic and being stuck -- were being involved in traffic accidents all lead to tire wear and vehicle where an can depreciate your cars value. that leads to an extra $1000 a year in extra operating cost.
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everyone is aware of how much fuel their cars consume on long commutes and being stuck in traffic. this report says that is exactly what is leading up to some of these higher costs. the group is also looking at san jose and came up with similar figures. as a concludes the study gets a little political and said it throws support behind senate bill one. that provides more support for maintaining roads by raising your vehicles registration. in berkeley, ktvu fox2 news also happening today, a sonoma county woman who is accused of killing a man while driving under the influence of drugs is due in court. investigators say 53-year-old sherry rich was driving the wrong way on highway 101 in santa rosa on august 3. they say she hit another car which triggered a crash that killed a 56-year-old man from windsor who was on a motorcycle. court records show previous dui convictions . the court proceeding today will focus on
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a mental competency exam by a psychologist. two people in the hospital after a car crash sent one car off the side of highway one. it happened just before 6 pm last night less than a mile south of san gregorio's date beach. one of the cars involved was driving behind several slow- moving cars in the southbound lane and tried to pass them by moving into the northbound lane. while crossing into the northbound lane it could not move around those other cars to get back into the southbound lane and it hit a car head-on. two adult and a child were involved in this crash. one of the adults has a broken arm and femur. the other adult is in critical condition. both were airlifted to the hospital. the child did not have his -- having major industries -- injuries. lawyers in the paul manafort trailer expected to make closing arguments.
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the former trump campaign chairman is accused of hiding income from the irs and fraudulently getting millions of dollars in bank loans. each side will likely get two hours for closing arguments today, meaning it is possible the jury deliberations could start this afternoon. three president trump and former white house aide omarosa newman continued their very public battle over her new tell- all book. kris jenkins joins us from washington d.c. to explain why this could now become a legal fight. >> reporter: good morning. here is something a lot of yours may not have no, the senate returns to washington today to vote on appropriation bills but were caught in this reality tv show starring president. it is also getting legal and maybe headed to arbitration. >> he is trying to silence me. he is afraid of what i will share. >> reporter: omarosa newman has
5:37 am
been barnstorming through the media promoting her new behind- the-scenes book about life in the trump white house. hurt tour is at odds with a nondisclosure agreement she signed and now the trump campaign wants to haul her into arbitration. >> i'm not surprised. donald trump brags about using litigation to intimidate people. >> reporter: allegations are still swirling that the president is heard on a recording using a racial slur. >> there is no evidence we are saying in this transcript there is absolutely nothing we can find there was just rumors and innuendo about this tape. >> i cannot guarantee anything, but i can tell you that the president addressed this question directly i tell you i have never heard it. >> reporter: some of those watching this play out say the president is throwing fuel on the fire with tweets like yesterday's where he praised chief of staff john kelly for quickly firing that dog. >> you have to question occasionally the wisdom of the ferocity of the pushback given the context here where he is very clearly punching down in a big way against someone who i
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think has limited credibility to put it kindly. >> reporter: manacled newman says she did not break any agreements occur lawyers have two weeks to respond to the arbitration. the real question is how much longer with the insults continue and does omarosa have any more tapes or revelations coming? we will find out. in washington, ktvu fox2 news voters in vermont are waking up this morning after a history making primary election for the first time in any state a major political party is nominating a transgender person for governor. in the general election. christine holquist, a former utility company executive, won the democratic nomination during yesterday's primary about beating out three other candidates in vermont's democratic party. holquist said voters were more focused on what she can do for the state that her gender identity. >> i can handle all the bigotry
5:39 am
and all the grief in the world to know that i am supporting people in a marginalized community. >> holquist will face republican incumbent bill scott in november. also in vermont voters nominated senator bernie sanders for a third term in the u.s. senate. he is 76 years old and when the democratic nomination. he is expected to turn it down and run as an independent. he is also believed to be considering another run for the democratic nomination for president in 2020. in wisconsin a union ironworker known by the name iron stash when the democratic primary for paul ryan's congressional seat . his name is randy bryce who is an army veteran and one the endorsements of aggressiveness, including bernie sanders. he has also been criticized for his criminal record that includes nine arrest. republican voters chose a former aide to paul ryan, attorney brian style, in a five way republican primary to face off against grass.
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present louisiana of south korea says the first step would be to reconnect with north korea by the end of the year. he is also proposing to reopen a manufacturing plant in north korea where south korean businesses once employed more than 50,000 north koreans. it was closed in 2016 for retaliation of north korean missile tests. the south korean president says he will discuss these ideas with kim jong un when they meet for a third time next month. british media are now identifying the suspect in the car attack in london as a 29- year-old british citizen from sudan originally. surveillance video captured the moment when he drove a ford fiesta into a group of pedestrians and cyclists near the parliament building yesterday. no one was killed, but three people are injured. police say
5:41 am
the suspect is not cooperating. counterterror teams are conducting searches and central england, but think the man acted alone. the local recycling industry is struggling with what they are picking up from your curb. officials from the napa and american canyon regions are reminding everybody about some common mistakes one of the biggest involves throwing out nonrecyclable items into recycling cans. things like shrinkwrap, styrofoam, plastic grocery bags, and other soft plastic that can easily get mixed into paper recycling while going through the machinery. that ends up contaminating a bail of recycled materials at the processing plant. the more time the companies it spent on removing those contaminants the more expensive their operations become. aretha franklin fans are gathering at her childhood church to pray. coming up, we have an update on her condition this morning. the aftermath of a san
5:42 am
francisco shooting caught on camera. a neighborhoods plea as a committee member is fighting for his life. good morning. traffic is moving along pretty well driving on bay area roads. with a couple of exceptions. we will talk more about some of the bridges coming up.
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welcome back. in italy the search for survivors goes on after a bridge in genoa italy collapsed yesterday. this is drone video taken from above that collapsed wreckage. you can see crews looking for survivors buried by the damaged concrete and twisted steel. 39 people now confirmed dead after cars and trucks fell 150
5:45 am
feet off the bridge to the ground below. there are some valiant efforts to rescue people found alive. look at this video. firefighters tried working hard to release a person whose car was suspended in midair. they use ropes to get him safely to the ground. you can see that happening here. he was quickly put on a stretcher and rushed to the hospital. we do not know his condition. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the collapse of that 50-year-old bridge. san francisco police are looking for the two men who shot a community activist in front of his home in the bayview hunters point neighborhood. joseph teo to he was returning home from a committee meeting on how to stop gun violence. video from citizens app shows him just moments after being shot five times, including three times in the head. his older brother says he is well known and respected for his work in the community. >> he would see a problem and
5:46 am
attack it as a top-down conversation kind of thing. he goes in levelheaded. >> a lot of folks who know us know we are here to help the community. that is what our focus is what we want to continue to do. >> family and friends are gathered at san francisco general hospital where they are praying for his recovery. a san francisco mother asking the public for help to find the killer of her son. it happened 12 years ago, but no arrests have ever been made. henry lee has that families hope to solve this cold case. >> i'm here. this is the 12th year. i'm back again. >> reporter: a sad summer ritual. paulette brown on the street corner where her only sun was shot and killed in 2006. >> i was told when this happened it is going to get easier. it doesn't.
5:47 am
i can deal with it. i'm functioning. i do everything i need to do. this pain never, never end this. >> reporter: on august 14, 2006 17-year-old aubrey after costa left his mom's home for his job as a youth mentor. on this quarter he saw two gang members approaching friends of his who are members of a rival gang. aubrey was not a gang member but yelled at his friends to run. two gang members shot him in the back more than a dozen times. >> for someone to just take him out of this world like that , no parent should have to deal with this. no parent. >> reporter: like she does each year she passes out fliers hoping someone will be brave enough to come forward. san francisco police say a 250,000 reward -- a $250,000 reward remains in effect. >> i notice a cold case, but if we can solve one from the 70s or 80s with the golden state killer we can definitely
5:48 am
solve this one that is only 12 years old. >> i think it's kind of sad that he has been gone for 12 full years and nothing has happened. that is just ridiculous. >> reporter: the san francisco police and aubrey's mother hope you have information that will help cracked the case. they say every tip could lead to a big break in the investigation. in san francisco, ktvu fox2 news today a prayer vigil was held for a aretha franklin at her childhood church in detroit. new bethel baptist church is the same place where the queen of soul got her start as a gospel singer. it is also where her father was the pastor. reports say arisa franklin is in hospice care. another prayer service was held in washington d.c. yesterday afternoon on the north side of the white house. she has people around the world
5:49 am
thinking of her. we will also get you to where you need to go this morning. sal has a lot to talk about. >> we do. northbound 101, i'm looking at the commute in millbrae on northbound 101 coming up for the airport. a deadly crash happened at about 4:00 this morning. northbound 101 is still going to be very slow as you approach the scene from burlingame. if you want to get up the peninsula use interstate 280 instead of us-101. northbound getting to the airport. we do see acre on the scene and we will have a live report soon. definitely, still chp is there and the right lanes are closed. you can see traffic here is getting by in the two left lanes. we will have more information coming up, but there is a pretty big backup at the scene. let's talk about some of these other commutes. west bound 580, ultima pass pretty slow. getting better in livermore and
5:50 am
hayward -- areas. there is a slowdown right there. a pretty big backup. you can see in the carpool lanes are backed up the fire department has been called and they may have trouble getting through because even these lanes where they usually come in are going to be slow. we have slow traffic almost everywhere at the bay bridge toll plaza. let's go back to steve. we will look at the airport and see how things are stacking up. no delays. the northeast is fine so far. much better than the last couple of days when philadelphia, new york to boston had all sorts of issues. not the case today. the main issue would be around st. louis to memphis. so far everything green. kansas city looks like and st.
5:51 am
louis will be the main focus for flight delays today. santa rosa, concorde has been pretty hot. concorde and livermore took the blunt from out of the 80s and 90s to 75 in san jose. morgan hill the warmest i saw officially at 86 degrees. overcast, breezy, windy. day three of our cooler pattern. low clouds came charging in late last night and continue this morning. probably maxing out. 50s and 60s on the temperatures. the lows are up. we just had that low cloud deck come in so we didn't cool off much. 57 danville, walnut creek. dublin 60. brentwood 59. 60 in el sobrante. pinole 58 . the the delta breeze kicked up yesterday and has no signs of letting up. right now even poor chicago, rio vista have a west southwest wind. in the sierra mainly
5:52 am
toward the central sierra yesterday things popped up on the north shore and toward reno and virginia city. something to watch up they are. kind of hit and miss. the low clouds and fog have moved in. look at the thunderstorm activity with the monsoon going crazy around phoenix. by the time it arrives in california it loses its energy. 60s, 70s, and some 80s on the temperatures. we will see warmer conditions with lows in the upper 50s and 60s. still a day of below average temperatures. we warm up friday and take that into saturday. a ready tied is killing dolphins, manatees, and sea turtles we will tell you where officials declared a state of emergency because of this toxic algae.
5:53 am
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welcome back. the florida governor declared a state of emergency because of toxic algae that is spreading across the gulf coast scientists call it a red tide. it is killing marine life, including dolphins, manatees, and sea turtles. five 5 tons of a fish were found dead on one beach in florida >> red tide is a very slow, very slow death. they're basically suffocating. >> this toxic algae has killed fish since the 1500s, but
5:56 am
officials are saying this year is the worst they have seen. researchers are investigating whether agricultural pollutants like the runoff from sugar cane and other forms in south florida are making things even worse. this algae bloom is causing a terrible odor along the beaches and tourism is hurting. happening today, some big changes are coming to the section 8 housing program in oakland. oakland mayor libby shaft and housing authority are expected to announce a number of private rental units available to low income renters are part of the mayor's plan for section 8 is to provide 17 is to provide 17,000 new affordable housing units by the year 2024. southwest airlines is toughening its policies on emotional support animals. beginning next month only one dog or one cat will be allowed per passenger to get on board a plane as an emotional support animal on southwest flights.
5:57 am
those passengers still have to show a current letter from a medical doctor or a licensed mental health professional on the day there taking off. earlier this year american airlines, delta, and united all tightened their requirements for bringing emotional support animals on a plane. southwest is not the only airline putting restrictions on service animals. the cruise line that is no longer allowing emotional support animals on board. close to $100 million to help victims from last year's northbay wildfires we will tell you the areas that will benefit from a federal grant that was just awarded.
5:58 am
5:59 am
two lanes of a busy peninsula freeway shut down as chp investigates a deadly collision. a pedestrian was struck and killed. what we know so far about what happened. that is part of the new reality that are fire behavior is incredibly dangerous. >> wildfires continue to threaten communities across california. we will get an update as thousands of -- are working to
6:00 am
get deadly wildfires under control. good morning and thank you for joining us on this wednesday morning, august 15. i'm pam cook. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. let's check your wednesday weather. steve paulson has all the information. >> a cool pattern yesterday carries over into today. water temperatures continue to be right where they should be, mid-50s and if you upper 50s. 54 - 56 covers all of it. 50s and low 60s on the peninsula. a lot of low 60s. san mateo, foster city, menlo park. upper 50s even over montero and half moon bay. low 60s union city and fremont. wind at 31 in travis. sierra nevad


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