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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  August 15, 2018 12:00pm-12:59pm PDT

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backups continue. we are sharing some instagram video from k to be photojournalists on the scene. where monitoring developers and will -- and will follow the stories that develops. moving to oakland housing officials say more people are signing up to become a section 8 landlords compared to one year ago. >> housing officials in the mayor's a it is because of a plan in place to give landlords incentives to sign up. >> allie rasmus is live to explain this for us. >> reporter: the oakland housing authority says between 2015 and 2016 about 1000 property owners dropped out of the cities section 8 housing program. earlier this year
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city officials took steps to try to lure some of them back with financial incentives. the oakland housing authority launched the program in january of this year. some of its benefits? one -- landlord to offer section 8 get a $500 signing bonus. the city now does pre- inspections, taking care of the apartment inspection process before a tenant is found. if a tenant leaves the apartment the city will pay the rent for up to two months until a new tenant can be found. >> to expand that supply of valuable protective affordable housing for our most struggling families. he will tell you that the average income for our section 8 holders is just over $19,000 a year. that is hard to live in oakland on that amount of money. >> reporter: now six months later the oakland how those housing authority says the incentives are75 new sectio
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8 property owners must some have added multiple units of affordable government subsidized housing. curtis fleming is one of those owners . the is apartment using section 8 vouchers. he says he could probably make a little more money on the private rental market. >> but, how much do you actually need? you should have seen the look on the mother's face when i gave her the keys. she has a secure place to live. a nice, decent place to live. that's worth more than money. >> reporter: the money incentive program comes from the federal government and the city of oakland had to apply to apply for a waiver to use the money this way. so far in the first six months they have spent about $140,000 on this incentive program. the oakland housing authority director says they plan to continue this incentive program indefinitely. he says they are still looking for more new property owners
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san francisco police are in near market and van nest. when officers arrived they found the stabbing victim who was transported to the hospital . the police have not released any information about the condition of the victim or a possible suspect. traffic flowing on highway 101 in millbrae right now. that was not the case this morning. about 4 am today an suv hit and killed a pedestrian who was on the highway. the driver stayed at the scene and is cooperating with the chp. officers interviewed then released him. they say they do not believe drugs or alcohol contributed to today's crash. they're trying to figure out why the man was on the highway in the first place. >> we don't know. again, someone wandering around in the dark on the freeway is inherently dangerous. >> they just had the misfortune of being struck by a vehicle. >> the man who was killed has not been identified.
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police were on the scene for about three hours this morning before of 101 reopened at 7 amurk and taylor street in the tenderloin district last night. that area was taped off and closed to traffic as police investigated. divorce of the accidents tore the wheels off the bicycle. the car was driven to a parking lot about a block away where police received -- were seen handcuffing one man and taking him into custody. the cyclist was rushed to the hospital but did not survive . his name has not been released. the connector between 880 and oakland is back open. last night a truck slammed into a guard rail and burst into flames on the transition from the north 882 w. 80. sparks from the fire fell from the highway and started a small grass fire just below. the road was closed for two hours before it reopened. two and half hours from now
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a procession will escort a fallen firefighter from the mendocino complex fires back to his home state of utah. a calfire honor guard will escort the body of battalion chief matthew from the eversole mortuary in ukiah to the sonoma county airport in santa rosa. from there the casket will be flown to salt lake city. preliminary reports indicate he died when a tree fell on him on monday. fire crews continue to gain control over the big wildfires burning across the state of california. the carr fire in shasta and trinity counties is now 67% contained. it has burned 330 mi.2. signs of the mendocino complex fire remains at 64% contained. the fire into wallaby county has burned a 46 mi.2 and containment has increased to 28%. carbon monoxide levels appear to be rising because of california's wildfires. research gathered between july 30 and august 7 shows carbon monoxide drifting over the united states. it also
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displays rising levels as far as the northeast. yosemite national park is open once again and visitors are welcome. the valley was closed for 20 days because of wildfire smoke in danger. at the. of the summer tourist season. visitors said theyercome back . >> we are quite connected with the universe so we were totally interest we thought it is going to be like it shall be. >> we are happy. we have been coming here for 23 years straight. we were a little stressed out. >> yosemite valley and is hotels and trails are open again, but some restrictions remain. highway 41 is still closed and glacier point is off limits because of ongoing firefighting efforts. the search continues into the second after the deadly bridge collapse in genoa, italy . we will show some drone video from just above the collapsed bridge. you can see crews looking for survivors buried by the damaged concrete and twisted steel. 39 people are confirmed dead after cars and trucks fell150
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feet from the bridge to the ground below. investigators are trying to figure out what triggered this collapse of the 50-year-old bridge. after the deadly bridge class we wanted to look at the structural integrity of bridges here in california. we found that more than one third of the bridges in our state are more than half a century old. california has 25 california has 25,000 bridges the american society of civil engineers says more than five says more than 5% are structurally deficient. the category ranges from faulty dangerous bridges to ones that don't perform as well as they should. >> with structures, old structures with the kind of traffic and loads we have today you have to look carefully at all the stuff and replace it. >> experts say california still does a better job than other states and countries when it comes to inspections and repairs. california voters have an important decision in november. proposition six would repeal a new $.12 a gallon gas tax to upgrade the state infrastructure . supporters of the initiative
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say the government already collects enough taxes and should spend existing money wisely. opponents say 79 bay area bridge repair and replacement projects would lose critical funding. new study released overnight, driving on san francisco and oakland modes cause of the average driver -- cost thousands of dollars in v we find out the cost of driving on state and local roads. >> reporter: the city finds that driving on roadways or bridges that need repair comes with a nearly $3000 a year price tag for bay area motors there are hidden costs of bad or deficient roads according to a study by trip which calls itself a national transportation research group. drivers taking san francisco and oakland roads will spend an average of $2992 a year in extra vehicle cost. the result of driving on roads that need repair such as one railed with potholes or lost time and lost feel of being
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stuck in traffic and costly traffic accidents while they all add up . the report finds 87% of major local and state roadways are in mediocre condition driving on those rough roads leads to higher wear and more vehicle repairs that can depreciate your cars value. that leads to an average of thousands of dollars a year in extra operating costs. local drivers say they think the dollar number maybe too high, but agree bay area roads have forced them to make car repairs. >> i believe in good tires. i have brand-new tires on my car. you have to keep it up. probably gas and the frustration from slowing down i try to drive at 4 am. if you wait until 5:00 you are already hitting traffic. >> i don't spend any more than $1000. i haven't had any repairs done to my car. tires. yeah. i have busted two tires in the last week. when i have the tires repaired they had two
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rips in them potholes. >> reporter: everyone is probably very aware of how much fuel their cars con those long commutes. it the group also looked at san jose and found a similar numbers as here in san francisco. in conclusion, they turn a little bit political. they put their backing behind his senate bill one, which raised vehicle registration fees to pay for modernizing the roadways and other repair. election results. president trump says he has the team he wants after tuesday's primaries. up next, results from the races around the country including one that is making history. we see a mix of sun and clouds day two of cool area temperatures continue. steve paulson is here with the forecast. students are heading back students are heading back to school biggest school distri.
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...which means you can saynally hyes... the shoes your family wants. find top brands at big savings... ...for men, women, boys and girls all for a whole lot less... the ross shoe event. yes for less. now to some developing news. the white house announced president trump is revoking the security clearance a former obama era cia director john brennan. the white house is citing brennans erratic conduct and behavior and is accusing him of lying and wild outbursts. brendan has been deeply critical of president trump recently calling his joint press conference with russian
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president vladimir putin of the finland nothing short of treasonous. last month president trump threatened to revoke security clearances up two other obama administration officials, but those cases are still under review. a series of late summer primaries are settings of some potential history making races in november. >> right now four states are telling the final votes for their elections. republicans and kansas finally have a gubernatorial candidate. >> more on that story washington. >> reporter: in wisconsin republican state senator leah book mere will face democratic incumbent senator tammy baldwin. supported by the likes of reince priebus and paul ryan president trump tweeted his endorsement today. >> our strong conservative victories, we will take that to washington where they need the help of a strongs conservative to during the race. >> reporter: voters in minnesota rejecting former presidential candidate tim policy for governor.
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the anti-trump polity defeated by jeff johnson who looked for support from president trump backers mister trump expressing his pleasure on twitter righting in parts, you have my complete and total endorsement. meantime, domestic abuse allegations failed to derail the campaign of minnesota democrat keith ellison who won his primary for attorney general. >> we had a very unexpected event at the end of this campaign. that happened. i want to assure you that it is not true. >> reporter: tuesday's primaries also setting up potential history. and connecticut a democratic nominee would be the first black congresswoman from the state. democrats in vermont back to the first ever transgendered candidate for governor. voters in minnesota supported candidates who could become the first somali american in congress. there is finally a winner in last week's gubernatorial primary in kansas. trump back chris kovach has claimed victory overkovach no f
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kelly. in washington with ktvu fox2 news. today in virginia lawyers for paul manafort are trying to reduce his ability the former trump campaign chairman is on trial for tax and bank fraud and is accused of hiding income from the irs and fraudulently getting millions of dollars in bank loans. earlier today prosecutors argued manafort slide it to keep himself flushed with cash and keep his luxurious lifestyle when his income dropped off. there will not be the tweets today from conspiracy theorist and right wing talk show host alex jones. his twitter account is suspended after he tweeted something that twitter said violated its rule against inciting violence. san francisco-based company is the latest online platform to dump content posted by the info were supposed because it violates the company's terms on discriminatory and hateful content. the youtube and apple have also taken down his podcast. tonight santa clarita county vector control will
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spray start those parts of santa clarita county for mosquitoes. the site is pictured and greet in the middle of this map. area include santa clara central park. truxel begin spring at 11:00 tonight and it should take about three hours. people don't have to leave, but you may want to close doors and windows. you should know, the chemicals being used are approved by both the federal and state governments. a state of emergency declared after heavy rainfall in new york early yesterday. the finger lakes region was really one of the hardest hit areas. emergency crews rushed to help about 50 people trapped in their homes . the rising water led to evacuations on seneca lake. cooler than usual. it is. where sing that ball retreat. it is slowly peeling back after it made a really strong surge this morning. it made it well inland. every reporting station at one time said cloudy. now we have hazy sunshine.
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abby normal checked and instead a welcome respite from the sweltering heat. i feel like i can breathe. -- breathe again. yesterday temperatures came in in the 70s in concorde, livermore. low 80s for some. to what it has been for many. inland not so much. the coastal yes. livermore 70 at sfo. some delays due to low ceilings and fog this morning on some arises -- arriving flights. sfo at 61. morning fog retreating. bumping up slightly. still 60s, 70s, and 80s. it is already warming up a bit. 65 four san francisco. three and below average. 63 tuesday. monday was cool at 61. last monday was 67. san francisco has a water temperature of 57 . the mh -- makes a huge difference. more mugginess overnight for the coast and the city and around
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the baby when the water temperatures go from about 51 to 52 to 57 or 58 that makes a big difference. some of the fog still holding on a little bit. a lot of it is burning off rapidly. otherwise, looks like some of that thunderstorm activity is getting pushed out of the area forget week low is spinning in and doing enough to kick it out of the tahoe area. 60s and 70s on the temperatures. 82 lake port. about 2 miles four does four does 4 degrees warmer than that dose than yesterday at this time. west southwest at 20 at travis . the onshore breeze is there. lake tahoe and reno look much quieter today than yesterday picked the fog will be back tonight and tomorrow. not nearly the push that we had this morning is still thunderstorm activity, the monsoon continues into arizona. it's fizzles out into southern california without that airflow to make it happen. 60s, 70s, 80s on the temperatures today. warmer than yesterday but near average or below. warmer temperatures are going to return.
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they will starting tomorrow and then really kick in on friday and saturday inland. the north face is moving east. the company with deep bay area roots is leavingmpany.
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we are watching wall street. stocks are sinking as there is an unexpected drops in profits for chinese tech giant. the dow is down by three
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quarters of 1% and s&p down by almost a full percent. panels is in violation of the world trade industryin pres handover business. the north face outer clothing company is moving out of the bay area. it's parent company will organize its business and move all of its 650 n. face jobs to denver by the year 2020. the alameda headquarters will close . the move also affects a chance for, the maker of bags and backpack's at that same location. it is not clear yet if there will be layoffs. the company was founded in san francisco in 1966. southwest airlines tightening its policy on emotional support animals. next month only one dog or one
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cat will be allowed per passenger to board as an emotional support animal on cut -- on southwest flights. those passengers musto present a current letter from a medical doctor or licensed mental health professional on the day of departure. earlier this year american, delta, and united all tightened requirements for bringing emotional support animals on plains. royal caribbean will prohibit all emotional support animals aboard its international ships. the policy takes effect immediately. anyone who made reservations before july 30 will still be allowed to bring their support animals. this policy does not apply to service animalsort animals. a bay area city that was once known for its high crime rate is now a hot real estate market. the median home price there is nearly $1 million. >> jesse gary looks at why the city of peace -- of east palo alto is becoming a draw for sellers and buyers. >> reporter: andy fullers three
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bedroom, three bath house is getting the final axes. in 1977 worth $39,000. the asking price? $1.2 million. >> there's too much traffic. it is too congested and i want to go to a smaller community and warmer. i would like to move to las vegas. >> with $1 million in your pocket. >> yeah. >> reporter: what is surprising is the city where her house and others sit poised to sell east palo alto. once the nation's murder capital riddled by crime and neglect now the place of million-dollar listings with a median price that has tripled since 2012 according to zillow. >> the seven-figure market is spilling down into places that have historically not been associated with that extreme outlook. >> reporter: a senior economist says one third of all cities with an average home price of
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$1 million or in the bay area. the epa $964,000 medianis expected to crack the million dollar mark next year. >> >> reporter: it's not just east palo alto, morgan oned to crack million dollar club and all fueled in due to population growth and a housing shortage. in -- the influx of jobs connects the rise in property values. fullers some comes with a few of amazon. >> everyone wants to live closer to where they work. east palo alto is not what it used to be . the is getting better and will continue to get better. >> reporter: officials were long time house renters will be pushed to other communities. experts say the current property appreciation rate of 23% here cannot hold forever expect there are a number of changes in the pipeline. higher mortgage rates changes the tax code. it should be a headwind. >> reporter: andy fuller is
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flying the coop while the winds are favorable. >> i'm getting out at a good time. >> reporter: she hopes to land in the n seven-figure nest egg. in east palo alto with ktvu fox2 news. it is the first day of school for many in the bay area including students and one of the south bay's biggest school districts. plus, -- >> the u.s. military ramping up in afghanistan in response to a renewed taliban offensive. i'm kris jenkins in washington and i have the details coming up.
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students at one of the bay area's biggest school districts are back in class this morning. >> the san jose unified school district reported for the first bell today. we were at the school, hoover middle, to meet just a few. >> reporter: after a 76 day summer vacation time to hit the books once again. it is the first day of school here at san jose at the hoover middle school. a big day for the kids. we all remember our first day of school. a big day for the teachers as well. for a number of reasons. the average price of a home in san jose is $1.1 million . the average teacher's salary is abou $at's a big gap. here at hoover middle school it is fully staffed now, but the principal told me it is a big
12:31 pm
challenge. >> i have a 15 new teachers this year at hoover. we are fortunate we found teachers. a lot of people, a teacher moved it to idaho were areas where it is cheaper to live. >> reporter: that is mister quintero. he is the marriott and spanish and social studies teacher at hoover. he admits it is tough at times to get by, but the payoff is far too big when you consider how the teachers are influencing these kids in a very positive way. >> is difficult. i'm living in a studio apartment. it has one window and a door. a lot of money that i spend on rent . the is very expensive to live here. i think what keeps me going is knowing that i'm in a place where i'm very valued. >> reporter: i'm told teachers come from gilroy, the santa cruz mountains, and as far away as a kid -- as the san joaquin
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valley and try to make it work financially . the is a balancing act to be sure. that's the latest here at san jose, ktvu fox2 news . now to the east bay where a school principal is leading the effort to show oakland schools are inclusive. on monday which was the first day of class for oakland unified the principal spent $600 of her own money to buy 20 shirts for teachers and staff at emerson elementary. the shirts have the inscription oakland schools are sanctuary schools. the principal bought the shirts from the district english language learner office which serves almost 3000 migrant students as of last year. she tells us with migrant families being separated at the border and the stabbing death of nia wilson she wants to show that schools are a safe place for children and families of all after the cities and background. some elementary school students in south san francisco had a great first day of school. they all got free backpacks. office tdot donated the
12:33 pm
backpacks for all of the students. a little more than 400 students and another 400 backpacks will be stored to get to students next school year. martin elementary was one of only eight schools selected by home depot for this back pack away. >> we chose martin elementary school because they came to us in the past and asked for help with donations. when the opportunity came to select a school i knew this was the one that we needed to go to. for parents of the students were also given $20 office -- depot gift cards to buy other school supplies. office depot gave the school district another 1000 back tax to distribute to students at other schools. a new school year started today at stoneman douglas high school in parkland florida. that is were 70 people were killed in a shooting rampage in february.
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there were extra security measures this morning including a new buzzer system at the school entrance and special locks on each of the doors of the classrooms. plans to install metal detectors were scrapped earlier this month because of concerns about reliability and invasion of privacy the school board says is still debating whether or not to put metal detectors at all district schools. five teenagers arrested in connection to a car theft in san jose's willow glen neighborhood. the teenagers were arrested after investigators found a stolen lexus who does which belonged to a woman who said it was sold out of her driveway. police said her car had been used in two grimes. other people in willow glenn complained about a series of crimes over the weekend including burglaries, auto theft, and vandalism. that was the sound of the alameda county bomb squad blowing up a suspicious device described as a cylinder that was about 10maintenance worker
12:35 pm
just after 2:00 yesterday afternoon along show mound street near 64th avenue . the bomb squad could not determine if it was dangerous so they destroyed it. a mother in san francisco is still pleading for answers 12 years after her son was shot and killed. >> henry lee has more on her tradition in hopes of bringing her son's killer to justice. >> i'm here. this is the 12th year. i'm back again. >> reporter: a sad summer ritual. paulette brown praying with san francisco police at the street corner where her only some was shot and killed in 2006 expect i was told when this happened it is going to get easier. it doesn't. i can deal with it. i'm functioning. i work and do everything i need to do. this pain never, it never ends. >> reporter: august 14, 2006 17- year-old aubrey acosta left his mom's home for his job as a youth mentor. he saw two gang members
12:36 pm
approaching friends of his who are members of a rival gang. aubrey was not a gang member yelled at his friends to run. the gang members a anchored by the the back more than a dozen times expect for someone to just take him out of this world like that, no parent should have to do with this. no parent. >> reporter: like she does each year she passes out fliers hoping someone will be brave enough to come forward. san francisco police say $250,000 reward remains in effect. >> i know it has been 12 years and i know it's a cold case, but if we can solve one from the 70s and 80s with the golden state killer we can definitely solve this one is only 12 years old. >> i think it's kind of sad that he has been gone for 12 a full years and nothing has ridiculous. >> reporter: san francisco police and aubrey's mother hope you have information that will help crack the case. they say every tip could lead to a big break in the investigation. in san francisco with ktvu fox2
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news a renewed push for more police officers on bart trains and impart stations to reduce crime and violence. the bay area council pulled 1600 people in san francisco, alameda, contra costa, and santa clara counties. about 75% said more police officers are the answer to reducing crime and public health problems on the transit system. others in dealing with problems such as homelessness, drug use, and mental illness is a better solution. los angeles is the first city to use body scanners on it subway systems. scanners were installed this week and will screen passengers for weapons and explosives as they walk to the boarding area. many metro passengers as a scanners make them feel safer on trains and in stations. >> i we don't often know what to look for or what we would be looking for. to know that there is a specific things that people are looking for that -- that are pretty effective like to look
12:38 pm
for a body shoulder something is good. >> anyone who refuses to walk through the scanners will not be allowed to ride. right now a major taliban offensive underway against us backed military operations in afghanistan. >> today at least a 39 afghan shoulders and police were killed in a taliban attack. griff jenkins reports from washington. >> reporter: the taliban were down but not out. now they are back in force carrying out a major offensive against the afghan army. the american troops who support them. on wednesday dozens of troops killed in an attack on two checkpoints in the north well further south security forces fight for control of the key strategic city. the government says they have the taliban on the run. >> afghan security forces strongly resisted and fought against the enemy with high morale. >> reporter: civilians tell a different story. >> the govern n paid attention to the people here and most of the markets have burned down. >> reporter: now the pentagon is sending more resources for
12:39 pm
deploying element of the 101st airborne division to help the afghan military. the white house says president trump is not considering a change in strategy. >> does this new offensive give him the idea that a different profile -- approach is needed? >> no announcements of changes in policy. >> reporter: on the ground a shift in the way you is troops are working with afghan counterparts but the pentagon transitioning to a new configuration where teams are formed, trained, and equipped together with with advisors. >> in the past it was more of an ad hoc configuration where oh we are and advising for -- brigade. >> jim mattis says he expects the taliban to be pushed out of ghazni within the next 48 hours. in washington kris jenkins with ktvu in the bay area plan is in the works in sonoma county to consolidate fire agencies and and firefighters and improve stations expect number tells
12:40 pm
us, the plan will be paid for with an increase in the county sales tax and all it needs is the approval of the voters. >> i don't need to be cheap anymore. i've been cheap for 40 years. >> reporter: augie group says young people can't afford to bid -- to live in the valley and volunteer anymore so as his department consolidates with the big sonoma county fire agency it might modernize the station and equipment plus, pay some firefighters when the tubs fire hit it was just he and another volunteer. >> he had his pickup and i had our small truck and there were three trucks in the firehouse with nobody the man them. >> frustrating. >> yes. >> reporter: teets from sonoma county's largest cities asked and that supervisor's approval for a plan to add almost 200 and firefighters and attend stations where there are gaps in coverage. it is is a signal of rising standards for everyone. 20 --
12:41 pm
>> reporter: with fires continuing across the state -- >> we have to be able to take care of our own. we have to depend on ourselves for the first 72 hours of any activity before we can consider the calvary coming in through mutual aid. >> reporter: in the burn zones as neighborhoods rebuild survivors embrace better fire protection. many won't balk at raising the sales tax a half sent to do it. >> absolutely. >> reporter: do you think most people would pay more? >> i would hope so. i know the people who have gone through this will >> reporter: with 39 small fire companies -- is back there stacked on top of one another almost like jigsaw puzzles. departments in the west sonoma county alone under new campti watch -- wide management. >> you could still keep your logos on your trucks and jackets there was still be that common sense of ownership. we could still have the pancake reckless in the barbecues. what it would allow is efficiency and economy of scale.
12:42 pm
>> i don't feel we will lose anything of our own identity. we are out here, rule, we have this identity. is not going to go away. >> reporter: all nine cities and counties will need to endorse the tax hike before it can go on the ballot. if passed it would raise more than $40 million a year. >> everybody has to be on board. i will tell you, i'm going to line up with firefighters. is everyone else? i hope so. >> reporter: >> the giants looking to sweep those dodgers . the is a fight to the finish. the giants and dodgers battle in a very important and intense three-game series. more warm weather on the way. steve paulson is back in the bay area with the forecast. >> a nice day for a little matinee at the coliseum. days in the mariners are going back at it. more news in just a few minutes.
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a nice snag there and throw by evan longoria. the dodgers tied it up in 8th inning when manny machado brought in a run. in the ninth hansen got a neither hit that would bring in brandon belt. will smith will get the save and the giants get a big win. especially after a rowdy 7th inning. >> did hanley say something to him? >> he didn't like what he slapped at the bat. >> that is going to get them kicked out. >> tempers boiled over in the bottom half of the seventh.
12:47 pm
nick hundley said some words and then got shoved. the benches cleared. the giants catcher was pulled out of the crowd. both rejected. suspensions could also be handed out this afternoon to each of them. the oakland a's and the seattle mariners are just getting underway at the coliseum for some baseball. last night a's beat the mariners to get within one game of the first place to get within one game of the 1st place., astros. robinson cano was back after an 80 game suspension after testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs . the morning dose the mariners jumped to the lead. simeon hit a homer to tie the game in the bottom of the first. in the third jed lowrie was -- put the a's in the lead. in seattle scored one more run but it wasn't enough. the 80s when 3 - 2. let's check back in with steve. it is a nice afternoon here in oakland for some baseball. starting to see some sunshine. >> we have been sing that a lot, the a's win.
12:48 pm
>> keep it going. >> this on his finally popping out. chuck greene says warm since early july in fremont up until monday. i welcome the cooler weather. i never look forward to the september and october offshore wind. i know what he means. we have had all of this without any north or north east breeze. when that happens in fremont the north wins come off of mission.. san jose has a northwest wind gusting at 21. temperatures beginning to bump up. anywhere from 60s, 70s, 280s. still below average for a lot of locations. lakeport 85. 73 in sunnyvale. concorde 74. 80 tracy. overnight lows are going up near the coast and bay. the temperatures around the bay will be a little warmer. 68 oakland. 64 in the city. oakland 68. wise that happen? the water temperatures went out. silly westerly breeze. sfo and
12:49 pm
he would have a westerly component . the the temperatures are up compared to 24 hours ago. about 5 degrees. if it feels warmer it is. the san francisco buoy has water temperatures at 57. that makes a huge difference. when the loza start off that much warmer that is why the afternoon highs are muggy or. that is generating a little bit warmer ocean temperatures and allowing for warmer lows overnight. this is all happening in the last couple of days. fog will be back tonight and tomorrow. a high pressure is nosing in we see some activity in the sierra popping near markleeville south toward mammoth. also around lake tahoe and favoring areas toward mammoth and bishop things are bubbling up in the mountains. frost fog retreats but back tonight and tomorrow. tomorrow we start to warm up. are cooling trend lasts for
12:50 pm
about three days. today is day three and tomorrow in the the temperatures will warm up past average. we have a break after that. warmer temperatures on the way. they really fire up friday and saturday but is up by sunday and monday. a five-year-old girl from santa rosa with a rare form of epilepsy is at the center of a legal battle. >> rob ross tells us the issue is whether she can legally attend a school with the medical cannabis she needs to control her seizures. >> reporter: school is done for the day and kindergartner brooke -- and kindergartner brooke adams is headed home. this five-year-old is attending school under a temporary court order. brooke has a rare form of epilepsy. she needs the thc , the key ingredient of cannabis, to treat her strong seizures. under law cannabis is banned from school campuses expect it is lifesaving. many kids that have this can have long seizures. they go
12:51 pm
into a, because they can't stop them. that is how dramatic this can be. >> reporter: this is video of brooke having a seizure this summer on a san diego beach. earnout -- her mother puts a few drops of the thc oil in brooks mild and the seizure stops in minutes. >> it is like your body is running a marathon in a matter of minutes. >> reporter: brooke cannot be in school without the thc oil close by. the recon valley union school district worries that allowing a banded drug in class could jeopardize millions of dollars in federal funds. the district says the courts need to clarify whether a school district is allowed to place a student on a school campus and administer her medical cannabis in that setting despite legal requirements to keep that same medical cannabis off es. >> i don't see the federal government coming in a for losi
12:52 pm
funding because one kid is takingtheir lives. >> reporter: and administrator law judge ruled work and thc oil can the young girl has a full-time nursing school who carries the medication. work and her mom hope she doesn't have to leave school. >> i think that will be devastating. i'm hoping the judge will realize how insignificant it is to have her medication on campus. >> reporter: the lawyers have about two weeks to submit their final arguments and then administrative law judge is expected to decide, perhaps by the end of september, whether brooke rick can remain in school with her medication. in santa rosa with ktvu fox2 news still to come, more prayers and wishes for the queen of soul. the latest on aretha franklin's condition.
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today a prayer vigil was held for aretha franklin at her childhood church in new -- in detroit. the same church where she got her start as a gospel singer and where her father was a pastor. aretha franklin is in hospice care. another prayer service was held in washington d.c. yesterday afternoon on the north side of the white house. there is a procession plan for a fallen utah firefighter matthew burchett from the mendocino complex fires back to his home state of utah. >> a calfire honor guard will escort his body from the eversole mortuary in ukiah to the sonoma county airports in santa rosa. we will have complete coverage for you today on the four on two. in a few minutes the closing
12:56 pm
bell and we will take a look at some of the stocks . the locally teslas down to 1/2% and netflix more than 3%. you can see on the big board the dow jones is down more than 130 points. a utah girl is a fast learner when it comes to online shopping. for her sixth birthday katelyn was allowed to order one barbie doll using her mother's amazon account. her parents found out she went back and ordered $350 worth of toys, including video games, board games, a toy pony, and she even requested next day delivery. they discovered the expanded order when everything was delivered to her home and a stack of passages is bigger than her. katelyn was allowed to keep just the barbie and everything else was in fact katelyn is not allowed to use the internet for a month. i think you need to make the point when it happens. she will appreciate that one barbie now. >> thanks for watching. don't forget, we are always there for you at. >> thanks for watching. don't forget, we are always there for you can also follow us on twitter and facebookand the 80s. ,,
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>> from the buttery spreads a lot of you use to the new alternative, it is like it. that is good. >> and the brand new butter trending on social media. >> i recommend avacado butter to my clients all the time. >> is there a better butter? >> plus. >> we are finding out what is really in those skinny teas they are promising to burn off all those pounds. a consumer alert. could this fake matcha make you sick? >> coming up next. ♪ >> are you ready to save some lives today? >> yeah! >> i love you dr. oz. [cheers and applause]


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