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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  August 15, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> tires, yeah. i have busted two in the past week. >> emotional return. students go back to class in parkland, florida, trying to move on after a mass shooting on campus last year. >> it is a bittersweet day for everyone. i think everyone is glad to get back. >> the new security measures in place. >> contaminated serial. new testing shows cheerios and other popular breakfast foods contain trace amounts of the harmful weedkiller roundup. >> at this point, i don't know that we know to what extent or how much somebody would have to eat in order to have harm occur. >> which cereal has the highest levels of the dangerous herbicide. and innocent bystander done down. the father of four hit by a stray bullet intended for someone else. police are continuing now to search for the person who
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opened fire. welcome. i'm alex savage. >> friends say the victim was a hard-working family man. we are live in the newsroom with more on how his coworkers are remembering him. >> reporter: the company he worked for launched a facebook page to help his widow and four children. the company is also teeming with oakland crime stoppers double the reward in an effort to find the shooter. >> 40-year-old kristin valdes was a devoted father of four who lived in oakland. >> he was the primary breadwinner. he was a very good father. he took care of everything, it sounded like. >> his life came to a tragic end early saturday morning just after 2:00. oakland police say he was on international boulevard when he was shot. according to family and friends, he was waiting for his ridesharing vehicle when the shots were fired. another man was hit by a bullet and he was taken to an area
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hospital and is expected to survive. however he was pronounced dead at the scene. >> you see the news but when you live the news, it is a lot harder. >> for 16 years, he worked for the bay area beverage company he started off loading trucks and later worked in receiving. his coworkers describe him as a funnyman who was always willing to help out. samuel maye showed us what he used to drive on this forklift. he told us about his friend through a translator. >> he would make coffee for everyone. that is one thing he remembers. >> i am shocked. sometimes i try to forget things. and the memories come to my head and i am crying sometimes. >> we just miss christian. we want to support his family as much as we can. they are in tough shape.
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>> the company has created a gofundme account to raise money for his widow and four children whose ages range from 6-17. company officials are also working with oakland crime stoppers to double the reward in hopes of making an arrest. >> police have not released any information about a suspect. >> so many unanswered questions for those families -- the friends and the family. thank you so much. how fire officials are taking part in a procession to escort a fallen firefighter who died in the mendocino complex buyers, back to his home state of utah. how fire honor guard began a procession -- began a procession at the eversole mortuary to take the body of battalion chief matthew burchett -- back to his home state. these are live pictures from sky fox. you can see we are flying over the sonoma county airport in
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santa rosa where this procession has come to an end. the body of that fallen firefighter is going to be loaded onto the airplane and then flown back to utah where the firefighter's from. you can see from this shot there -- obviously an emotional scene on the ground. the procession ends here at this and only -- sonoma county airport. the body of this firefighter will be put on the plane and brought back to utah where he is from. again, he was killed fighting the mendocino complex fires, reportedly hit by a falling tree. we have more from santa rosa. we will have a live report coming up on the ktvu fox2 news at 5:00. and the california wildfires may be behind rising levels of carbon monoxide across the country. research from nasa dated from july 30th until august 7th shows carbon monoxide drifting over the united states.
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this map shows rising levels of it reaching as far as the northeast. carbon monoxide of course can lead to poor air quality and it can state in the atmosphere for about a month. warmer weather this afternoon. temperatures rose 3-6 degrees from yesterday. more sunshine as well. here is a live look at sfo. mostly clear skies in san francisco. right about 66. low 80s, santa rosa. oakland, 70. mid-70s, livermore. san jose, 74. a look at the 24 hour temperature change. over 5 degrees at half moon bay where we have more sunshine along the coastline. by 2:00 in livermore and areas over napa, 6 degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. a look at the onshore breeze. still continuing through fairfield. gusting to near 30 miles an hour. temperatures -- even though warmer, still benefiting from the afternoon seabreeze. getting into the days ahead, it will pull back. not diminished completely. it will pull back.
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inland areas are expected to return to the 90s. a look at the storm tracker. you can see mostly clear skies. just a little bit of fog off the coastline perhaps near half moon bay and the near point reyes. into the evening, it will move back across the bay. partly cloudy skies to the east bayshore tomorrow morning. as well as the northbay. perhaps not as widespread. then it will remove itself from the bay area again as we get into the afternoon. mostly cloudy skies. 60s and 70s tomorrow. 59, vallejo to start the day tomorrow. as we get into the afternoon, near 90 for some of the hotter locations. 89 degrees at antioch and concord. southbay, 89 expected. look -- around the bay, low to mid-70s for the sure. northbay, 85 expected for the afternoon high in santa rosa. temperatures continuing to climb as we get into the bay
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area weekend. i will have a look at those numbers coming up. students at marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland, florida return to class today. they found stepped up security at their school. we have more on the emotional day for students. >> a lot of emotions going on. it is still a challenging time for many of the students and faculty. >> students at marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland greeted by a heavy police presence as they return from summer vacation. it is the first new school year since a shooting in february left 17 people dead. and the school is touting millions of dollars and security improvements made over the summer including 18 new safety monitors, classroom blocks and updated surveillance. but for many survivors, anxiety from the shooting persists. some are still hoping the national focus remains on gun control. even as the school tries to move on. >> all forms of gun violence need to be recognized for this to become a movement. >> all students will have
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lanyards with i did a vacation. the number of armed guards has been significantly increased. some parents say that is not enough. they want medal detectors and don't understand why they are not in place. >> how are you going to tell me that nobody else on the campus will have a gun or knife in her backpack. >> school officials said they learned from the february shooting and the goal now is to identify and end threats before the violence starts. >> our threat assessment team will be significantly enhanced. so when there are students identified who have challenges, we have to make sure we are doing the right kind of intervention. >> the accused shooter, nikolas cruz, making another court appearance wednesday. he faces the death penalty if convicted. in tampa, florida, fox news. the school year, every middle school and high school in contra costa county will offer new programs on preventing campus violence. the county is partnering with the sandy hook organization for
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"know the signs" programs. the nonprofit will pay for a team of certified trainers. the classes focused on empowering students to identify and reach out to classmates who show at risk behavior and who may be a threat to themselves or others. >> they can spark up a conversation with a young person that might be -- might be the impetus for them to all the sudden feel connected to the school campus and community. >> officials say elsewhere in the country, they know of threats on at least two different campuses that have been thwarted as a result of the training. oakland is seeing an increase in the number of people willing to accept low income renters with a federal section eight voucher. >> housing officials and the mayor say it is all because of a plan they put in place to give the landlords incentives to sign up. >> the oakland housing authority launched a program in january of this year. some benefits, landlords who sign up to offer section eight housing for the first time get
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a $500 signing bonus. the city does pre-inspections taking care of the process before attendance is found. end of the tenant leaves the apartment for any reason, the city will pay the rent for up to two months until a new tenant can be found. >> to expand that supply of valuable protected affordable housing for our most struggling families. and he will tell you that the average income for our section eight -- is just over $19,000 a year. that is hard to live in oakland on that amount of money. >> six months later, the oakland housing authority said the incentives are working. they say they have added 75 new section eight property owners. some of them have added multiple units of affordable government-subsidized housing. currently, two families moved into this apartment using the section eight vouchers. he says he probably could make a little more on the private rental market. >> but how much do you
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actually need? you should have seen the look on the mother's face when i gave her the keys and she has a secure place to live -- a nice decent place to live. that is worth more than money. >> reporter: the money for these incentives comes from the federal government. the city of oakland had to apply for a waiver from hud in order to use the money this way. so far, the city spends about $140,000 a year providing these incentives. and the housing director says they plan to continue this program indefinitely. they say they are still looking for more property owners to sign up for section eight housing. in oakland, ktvu, fox2 knows. and paul manafort -- how will jurors react to the surprise moved by the defense team? >> a new study shows damaged roads and bridges in the bay area are costing drivers thousands of dollars in car repairs.
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breaking news in solano county. the chp says they have arrested a driver in connection with the deaths of a chp officer and another man. two officers were killed last friday during a traffic stop in fairfield. the officer was on his motorcycle and pulled over emmanuelle who was driving a white saturn suv. they were on the shoulder of interstate 81 a pickup truck slammed into them.
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we are exciting to learn more details about this arrest when a news conference happens at 5:30 p.m. tonight. we will of course bring you whatever new details we learn about this case. the white house announced today that president trump is revoking the security clearance of former obama era cia director john brennan. the white house is signing -- citing his erratic behavior. and accusing him of wild outbursts. brennan has been deeply critical of president trump recently calling his joint news conference with russian president vladimir putin in finland "nothing short of treason." last month, president trump threatened to revoke security clearance if two other obama -- of them to other obama administered -- administration officials. closing arguments wrapped up today in the trial of paul manafort. the case now heading to the jury with deliberations getting underway tomorrow. >> prosecutors describe a trove of evidence including tax evasion and bank fraud against manafort. laura blanchard is live outside
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the courthouse in alexandria, virginia with details of manafort's defense which i think surprised a lot of people. >> reporter: good evening. the jury has been released for the evening. the judge asked them to not read or watch any tv news and not do any research tonight. they will be back here tomorrow morning when deliberations will begin. this evening, we also saw paul manafort's defense team. they came out and spoke briefly to the press. they said paul manafort himself is quite happy with how closing arguments went today. >> the defense thinks they have made a strong case. >> lawyers for paul manafort never called a witness. instead, opting to go after rick gates, manafort's former deputy. >> he is the heart of the prosecution. at the same time, the prosecution had a ton of witnesses. they have had a lot of evidence. it will be an uphill run for mr. manafort. >> gates made a plea deal
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with prosecutors in exchange for testimony including details on how manafort allegedly defrauded banks and avoided paying taxes on millions. they also went after manafort's messy finances saying that he did not have money and needed cash flow to pay for his lavish lifestyle. >> the prosecution has attempted to look at the testimony as that of a co- conspirator and someone that told jurors in his own words that he committed several crimes with manafort over several years. >> manafort's lawyers say the government is desperate to convict their client and say they have not met the burden of proof. >> reporter: and while this trial is not over yet, manafort is facing a second criminal trial. those charges are related to his political lobbying work in ukraine. some of those charges include tampering with the witnesses. alex, heather. >> the jury deliberations are beginning tomorrow. thank you. president trump's supreme
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court nominee quietly met with two democratic senators on capitol hill today. judge brett kavanaugh sat down with senators joe donnelly of indiana and heidi heitkamp of north dakota. west virginia senator joe manchin sat down with him in july. all three of those senators are facing tough reelection bids in republican states. other senate democrats are calling for more up brett kavanaugh's paper trail from his time in the white house under president george h. w. bush to be made public. republicans say there are plenty of documents out there. >> the best way to get a sense of how a judge will perform in the future is how he or she has performed on the bench in the past. >> brett kavanaugh's confirmation hearing is scheduled to get underway on september 4th. it could last 3-4 days. top senate republicans want brett kavanaugh confirmed in time for the next supreme court term which begins october 1st. back in the bay area, a new study finds that driving on to san francisco and oakland roadways cost the average driver thousands of dollars in extra vehicle operating cost.
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>> we break down the study that points to poor road conditions. >> the study finds that driving on roadways or bridges that need repair comes with a nearly $3000 a year price tag for bay area motorists. there are hidden costs of bad or deficient roads according to a study by trip, which calls itself a national transportation research group. the study found that drivers taking san francisco and oakland roads will spend an average of $2992 a year in extra vehicle cost. the result of driving on roads that need repair such as one with potholes or lost time and lost fuel of being stuck in traffic and costly traffic accidents while they all add up. the report finds that 87% of major, local and state roadways are in poor or mediocre condition. driving on those rough roads leads to tire wear and more vehicle repairs that can depreciate your car's value. that leads to an average of thousands of dollars a year in
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extra operating cost. local drivers say they think the dollar number may be too high but agree that bay area roads have forced them to make car repairs. >> i believe in good tires. i have brand-new tires on my car. you have to keep them up. but gas and frustration -- i try to drive at 4:00 in the morning. if you wait until 5:00, you are hitting traffic. >> i don't spend any more than $1000. i have not had any repairs i have had to make to my car except for shocks. tires, yes. i have busted two tires in the last week. when i had the tires repaired, they had two ribs and them from potholes. >> everyone is probably very aware of how much fuel their car consumes on those long commutes then being stuck in traffic. the group also looked at san jose and found similar numbers as here in san francisco and oakland roadways. in conclusion of the study,
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they turned a little bit political. but -- they put their backing behind senate bill one which raised vehicle registration fees in order to pay for modernizing roadways and other repairs. in berkeley, ktvu, trying to -- fox2 news. following breaking news of a major major back up on the bay bridge. in fact, all lanes in the westbound direction have been closed due to a vehicle crash. we don't know the details about how many vehicles have been involved or if there are any injuries. but we do know that traffic in the westbound direction has been closed. >> according to some of the reports out there, this accident apparently involved a big rig and was blocking at least two of the westbound lanes there -- just the on treasure island. here is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza where obviously you would expect somewhat of a back up on any normal afternoon at this time. you could expect that things are going to start backing up even more significantly because
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it is this crash in the westbound direction on the bay bridge just passed treasure island. the book -- the crash is blocking a couple of lengths. >> it appears from folks tweeting that this involves an overturned vehicle -- that is overturned right near treasure island. if you can avoid the bay bridge, best to do so right now. if you are expecting someone to come home on the bay bridge, it is going to be quite an extensive drive home for them on this wednesday evening. a vehicle crash has caused the westbound direction of the bay bridge to close. a major announcement from turkey today. it is raising tariffs on a number of products imported from the united states. just how is the tariff battle impacting american markets?
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turkey announced it is boosting tariffs on a number of u.s. goods after the u.s. doubled its tariffs on turkish steel and aluminum. turkish officials say the move will impact products from the u.s. including cars, alcohol and tobacco. the u.s. increased tariffs on turkey last week in part, to retaliate against the country for continuing to hold an american pastor on espionage charges. today a turkish court rejected an appeal for the release of the pastor. and traded tensions took a toll on wall street today. the dow was down 137 points and the nasdaq lost 96. the s&p was lowered by 21
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points. along with the trade skirmish with turkey, traders were concerned about signs of a slowing economy in china. for more on how the turkey tariffs are affecting the market, we are joined by oregon stanley financial analysts. how much do you think this is weighing on investors here? >> it was a wild day in the market today, alex. we all felt it. we don't like the pain. if you take a step back and look at the u.s. economy -- we are a $20 trillion economy and most of it happens in the united states. we are not really affected by the experts as much. job support -- we have had 85 straight months of increasing jobs. inflation is low. people are working. we have the sales report that came out today. we are up about a half% from last month. even on the brick-and-mortar stores and retail -- we have a lot to be grateful poor -- grateful for. >> turkey's retaliatory tariffs are targeting a number of u.s. goods.
4:27 pm
paper, rice and things like that. what kind of impact might this have on u.s. companies. >> let's look at turkey. that is the big elephant in the room. we talk about tariffs to turkey. turkey is a democratized country. when we sneeze a little bit, turkey catches the cold. we talk about tariffs. that caused them to go down 40%. why is this important? if they have to go by oil, they have to get it in american dollars. so because it is down 40%, they almost have to pay double. so the market is concerned about this word -- contagious. will be contagious to other markets? if it is, it will create a problem. >> beyond turkey, there are concerns about china's economy slowing as well. why is that problematic for us? >> it is problematic because they really do help the global economy and they buy a lot of
4:28 pm
our goods also. it is fairly important. we purchased a lot of their goods because we repurpose them for resale. we see the chinese economy slowing down. they are reporting a 6% gdp. we really think it is less than 3%. we think the u.s. economy is probably the strongest with a gross domestic product of 3% by the end of the year and we really are trending toward that. we have a lot to be grateful for on this side. the market is very speculative and has fear. but it always comes back to the baseline economy and how that is doing. and all the indicators are fairly positive. >> all right, that is our financial analyst from morgan stanley. >> thank you, alex. coming up, a disturbing study shows some popular breakfast foods contain trace amounts of the weedkiller round up. a 42-year-old -- the 42- year-old north face moving.
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. we continue to follow breaking newses to bay bridge, a serious crash in the west bound lanes of the bring just past treasure island. the chp is on scene. there were all of the west bound lanes were shut down for a time as a result of the crash. we learned that three of the lanes have reopened. >> this will take time to not only move the vehicles and do the investigation but for the
4:32 pm
backup to clear out. these are live pictures of the toll plaza as traffic is really backing up on this wednesday afternoon. we're getting reports that at least one of the vehicles over turned. the good news at least some portion of the bridge in the westbound direction is open and traffic will begin moving following the vehicle crash. >> hopefully they will get things moving soon. the north face is living the bay area and the home office in alameda. a look at the reason they are leaving and the number of jobs at risk. >> it probably was bound to happen given the realities of internet retailing and how a company has to deal with that.
4:33 pm
it was likely this was unavoidable. north face founded 42 years ago and headquartered in alameda is moving to denver. >> they are a great company, it wonderful. they support our nonprofits. >> clothing makers are under pressure from amazon and other online retailers. >> i'm not surprised they are consolidating with a unit they have in colorado. >> in a prerecorded video the ceo of cf corporation is relocating several brands to the mile high city. >> we believe this will unlock collaborations and attract and retain talent and better connect with consumers. besided that corporate
4:34 pm
statement, the bay area is more expensive than the denver area. according to best, a salary of 100,000 buys more. sales taxes are lower, income taxes are 314 -- 3.75% lower. >> vf rested have the million dollars in tax insentives in colorado. and state information says there will be 800 people at the new headquarters with an average salary of $186,000. >> we were lucky to have them here as long as we did.
4:35 pm
>> many. the 650 people will probably take a severance package looking for other jobs in an excellent job market. this is a five building campus closs to a -- close to a ferry terminal on the bay with a gorgeous view of san francisco. it won't be long until this is filled up too. >> that's what all the officials in alameda are hoping for. an ingredient found in weed killer has been found in snacks for kids. it was found in cheerios, lucky charms and quaker oats. researchers tested 45 products and all but two were found with
4:36 pm
the herb side , hush side. >> you've drifted, the where the other farms are spraying their crops about the product. depending on weather patterns it could drift into their farm and get on their foods. >> just last week a jury ordered monsanto to pay $289 million for a former groundskeeper who is dying of cancer. the amateur championship has teed off in pebble beach. >> 312 golfers began the week and only one will be victorious. >> it is one of the premier
4:37 pm
golf events. past winners are jack nicklaus, palmer, wood, three times. from here in it's match play, single elimination until a winner on sunday. >> combine the beauty of pebble beach with the usga and you get the perfect background. >> pebble identifies the greats of the greats. it's a special place. >> the venue is more ideal for the handful of local participants. several of mom advanced -- whom advanced. >> the travel accommodations are edie -- easy for me.
4:38 pm
this is my first you -- us am. >> the story lines are not bad. jackson van paris who's chip on 18 kept alive his dream of being the youngest amateur champ. >> i've thought about it. it great to win the first match. >> regardless of who wins the next wave of great pro golfers is inside the waves of pebble beach. >> these are the up-and-coming stars. we used to say wait five years but they will be on professional tours and getting victories in the near future. >> here's the trophy that will go to the winner of the tournament. and whoever hosts this will have to earn it. they will have to win on
4:39 pm
thursday, friday, saturday and 36 holes on sunday. the rush to save sea loving birds in fairfield. the increase in the number of starving and sick birds what's behind the trend. mostly sunny skies and temperatures warmer as we begin a trend that will carry us into the weekend.
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a bird rescue center is seeing an alarming number of staving -- starving and dying sea birds. thank you for joining us. describe the situation, how many birds and what conditions are they in? >> thank you. we have 100 common bird chicks in care, it not unusual to see baby birds this time of the year, the number is unusual. they are coming in without adults found on beaches from monterey to marin, they are basically healthy other than
4:43 pm
they are under fed. anemic and dehydrated. >> how are you treating them. >> it expensive. we make sure we are clear on what the problem is. are they just having feeding issues or something wrong with the feathers. are the birds waterproof. first thing they do is go through an examation. we give them assisted feeding and vitamins, antibiotics and go through a daily routine of checking their weight, making sure they are improving throughout the 4 to 8 weeks they will be with us. >> what do we think is the cause here? >> it would take more research to be absolutely certain, i think we've the canary in the coal mine if you with.
4:44 pm
waters are warmer. fish are not available in the traditional hunting grounds and i think that's the main cause. there could be other factors but this feels to be part of changing in our ocean. >> you said one hub birds -- 100 birds you're treating. >> they have been coming in since mid-july. this year we had a problem with young brown pelicans. it been one challenge crisis after another. 100 baby mers in four weeks is more than we've seen in years. >> before i let you go, explain why the presence of this bird is significant. >> these birds should not find their way to shore. once they are born they go to
4:45 pm
sea with their father. it is unusual barring an injury to the father the baby would come to shore unless it's a more adult bird. the fact no adults are showing one of the birds and there's no dead birds being seen. this is very unusual, the birds that come to our doors we need to take care of and investigate what's going on. >> thank you. let's hope that all the birds are rehabilitated and released back into the wild. rosemary is here and we're talking about cool weather. >> warming up. for many temperatures came up and it's a trend that will carry on through the weekend.
4:46 pm
it been cool for you, changes are coming. more sunshine this afternoon. warming with 60s and pacifica, half moon bay, stretching through santa cruz. 80s to low 90s, eventually the hotter spots in the upper 90s by the weekend. friday, saturday, sunday. here's a look at the winds outside our door. we have an onshore breeze. sustained. hayward at 14, livermore at 16. throughout the afternoon they pick up and that's what we see. here's the cloud cover, you can see mostly sunny for the entire coast and inside the bay and the inland community. if we head to the sierra
4:47 pm
showers going off. not as bad as yesterday. the monsoonal moisture pushing off to the east. there's a threat of a few showers not seeing it as badly as yesterday. for the state of california a nice afternoon with mostly sunny skies and the east edge of the state with the thunderstorms. 65 in san francisco, we have 70 in oakland. low 80s in nap par -- papa. as we get going partly to mostly cloudy along the coast. these temperatures are similar to this morning. afternoon highs will come up as we get into the 85. for the east bayshore, upper
4:48 pm
80s in danville, low 90s for brentwood. here's a look at the peninsula. 67 in the city of strapp. temperatures -- san francisco. saturday could be the hottest day with only a little change on sunday. millions of americans don't have high quality internet access and silicon valley has a unique competition to bridge the digital divide in this country. thanks for being here today. you held an event called the wireless invasion for a network society. what was the challenge. >> the challenge was two-fold, asking people the build
4:49 pm
community wireless systems. the post disaster scenario. after a major earthquake or tsunami, the phone networks go down. how do you get people reconnected and connected to resources, maps and in the 2nd challenge connecting unconnected or under connected americans around the country. that could be in urban areas that don't have fast enough access. in areas hard to reach or remote areas. we've asked folks to piggyback on existing networks. >> what were some of the most interesting prototypes that people put on display? >> they ran the game it -- gambit. some could fit in the palm of
4:50 pm
your hand. the san antonio housing project showed a prototype. it solo powered. they can keep folks connected. community wifeler -- weir lis. folks from the l.a. media prom. and we had highlander center who built a cell tower in rural tennessee that's community owned and run. >> why was there an issue you wanted to address. >> we partnered with the sponsor of the challenges. they have a long history of doing great work to connect under connected americans. moss illa's -- moss illa's mission is getting folks connected. if they are not connected to
4:51 pm
the web you can't assure the voices. >> with this economy addition -- competition, it down to 14 finalist. there's $2 million, is that the prize, $2 million on the line? >> that's correct. out of the 2 million we gave away $400,000 in the first part of the competition. the rest will be divided up. the two grand prize in each category will get $4 million. next here, nasa is making new efforts to explore deep space including adding a new computer acting as the brain for a rocket.
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the newest research shows if you are working for the money there are two career feels to investigate. recruiting and other websites say 13 of the top 25 best paying jobs might have to guess this are in tech including software development manager and software engineering manager. the top three are in the medical field. doctors make the most with an average about $200,000. pharmacy manager is second and pharmacist is third. glass door says the first thing 70% of job seekers look at is pay.
4:55 pm
nasa is taking another step towards a deep space mission with a test of the rs25 engine which was used during the space shuttle program. fox's willie james explains how the space agency is updating the engines for future space travel. reporter: nasa's test under close watch this week as scientists hope they are one step closer to a future deep space mig to the moon and mars. -- mission to the moon and mars. tuesday's experiment included a new computer which accesses the brain of the engine. the technology will be used on a flight of the new space launch system or sls. >> just like you're not using the same cerused computer you used five years, we're not using equipment we used 20, 30 years ago. >> reporter: a nasa administrator observed a test
4:56 pm
for the first time. >> we are getting ready to launch the largest rocket ever launched in the history of humanity. it will have a bigger payload capacity and bigger way to carry bigger objection. >> reporter: nasa wants to put humans on mars by 2030. this man says the cost is worth it. >> if you look at the small amount of nasa's budget, one half of 1% of the federal budget and look at the return on investment, it's in spades. >> reporter: nasa is planning a deep space test flight by 2020 using the rs25 engines. at the space center in mississippi, willie james inman, fox news. >> that's it for us on this wednesday. ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 is next. ♪[ music ] is it welcome to the xfinity store.
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a firefighter's final journey home. firefighters lined bridges in northern california saluting battalion chief matthew burchette as his body passed by. he was a firefighter from utah. he died fighting the ranch fire in the mendocino complex fire. good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. within the last hour his motorcade arrived at the santa rosa airport where his flag- draped casket was loaded on a transport plane for the final journey back to utah. fellow firefighters stood at
5:00 pm
attention as he was carried onto the plane. ktvu's rob roth was there as the motorcade arrived at the airport and joins us now live in santa rosa. rob. reporter: the procession ended just a little while ago at the sonoma county airport. you can see the flag flying behind me in honor of the fallen firefighter. he is now heading home to utah escorted by the cal fire honor guard. reporter: under hazy skies the procession escorting the body of battalion chief matt burchette went from ukiah to here down airport boulevard in santa rosa. firefighters from cal fire in various fire departments from northern california stood on the side of the road in respect. >> when something like this happens, it's like losing a member of your family. >> reporter: the chief had come from draper city, utah, to california to help fight the mendocino complex fire. he was killed monday night on the fire line at the ranch fire near lake pillsbury. this former firefighter now


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