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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  August 16, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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and metals in baby food. >> the 11:00 p.m. news on ktvu fox 2 news starts now. >> the findings apply to 50 different foods made for babies. hello. i am. i am julie haener. >> and i am frank somerville. -- hello. i am julie haener. >> and i am frank somerville. new information on the findings tonight and what parents should know from ktvu's jana katsuyama. katsuyama. >> reporter: 30% of the products could pose a health risk. others would take 5 servings a day a high risk level. although california a limit there are no federal regulations regulations and that is something consumer reports says needs to change. >> reporter: consumer reports says it tested 50pageed food items. od items. including gerber and beachnut. every item had measurable levels of a heavy metal.
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2/3 had worrisome levels. they are a particular helling concern for babies and toddlers. >> they can get absorbed into the body and they have all been associated with effects on, you know, brain development, ain development, and cognitive functioning. >> reporter: products with rice or sweet potatoes were likely to have high levels. one company responded saying their food is safe. and they added currently no vernment standard or recommendations and we would welcome the that food suppliers can implement across our industry. our industry. >> some heavy metals may be
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coming in to food from natural sources. not because anybody is contaminating the food. that may be the way they absorb things. >> reporter: that presents a concern for families who choose to make their own baby food. >> my wife made the natural foods. she brought the fruit and mashed it herself. mashed it herself. i think they should address this issue and think about what is safe for the kids and put the fda on alert. this is the impact or the harm. >> reporter: doctors say it can take years before there are studies of the health impacts but parents can take action now. >> a good strategy would be to rotate the kind of foods you feed your baby so you are not feeding the same thing day after day after day. if that has heavy metals in it there is likelihood they will ihood they will become higher in your baby. >> reporter: consumer reports launched a petition drive and collecting signatures calling on the fda to take action. theyate guidelines and set a target of zero heavy metals.
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jana katsuyama. thank you. >> on we posted a link to the consumer reports study so you can read to. just look for our web links section. looks like cancer warning signs coming down at coffee shops in california. at a hearing in sacramento they said it is planning to over turn the requirement. this steps from proper 65 that requires businesses to post notices. a non-profit sued saying a chemical in coffee should trigger a warning and a judge e after reviewing stud as officials have -- studies officials have concluded coughery is safe. -- coffee is safe. police looking for a man who posed as a ride share driver and sexual assaulted a woman tuesday night. she called an uber north of highway 92 but ended up getting in the wrong car. police say the driver took her
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to a secluded place and sexual assaulted her. the woman got away and called for help. she told police her attacker was driving a gray four door car with uber and lyft stickers on the back. law enforcement is urging ride sharing companies passengers to take precautions. >> we have to take extra steps. >> the woman was able to provide a description of the man and police created this sketch of the suspect. there have been other similar sexual assaults. in san francisco a man was charged with raping or sexual assaulting four women he picked up. the man accused of killing a chp officer and another man last week is out on bail. the 36-year-old is facing two counts of felony manslaughter and one count of reckless
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driving. investigators say he slammed his pickup truck into the officer and a 49-year-old friday while they were pulled over on the shoulder of i-80. investigators say he was on his cell phone and was distracted while driving. a funeral service for the officer is held tomorrow morning in vacaville. friends started a go fund me campaign so his body could be returned to the philippines. new information in the ghostship warehouse fire. a letter that the district attorney sent to the judge, it says there will be no more plea bargains. the men will now have to stand trial. >> reporter: thof the mithe community by the tragic deaths of 36 individuals re. words the district attorney
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wrote to the judge this week in the ghostship warehouse case. in a letter saying these lives were lost at the hands of the two defendants. the evidence supports that and the people intend to prove the charges at trial. defense thorns a deal but the judge through -- attorneys had a deal but the judge threw it out. >> the judge said he heard us. and that counts for everything. >> i think now we have to wait and see how the outcome of the trial comes about. >> the district attorney made it clear the people will not be entering in to discussions with defense counsel prior to trial. now defense attorneys tell us they plan to ask for the trial to be moved outside of the bay area. >> this case would be tried on emotion and that is what i have been afraid of. >> reporter: victims friends
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and families and friends say he wasn't remorseful. >> if they pin this on me everyone is happy. that is strange to me. no way. impossible that i am completely responsible. >> reporter: still prosecutors say they intend to prove 36 people died at the hands of the defendants and require punishments. ktvu fox 2 news. authorities are investigating the death of a man after police used a stun gun on him. police were called to a home by a neighbor on monday night. officers say the ramzi saad was assaulting and threatening to kill his mother. police say ramzi saad attacked officers and there was a struggle. the district attorney says police shot ramzi saad two or three times with a stun gun and the district attorney said he
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suffered from mental health problems. california lawmakers advanced a bill aimed at discouraging police shootings. it would make california the first state to restrict when officers can open fire. it would change the reasonable force standard to necessary force. the world is mourning death of the queen of soul aretha franklin. she died today after a battle with pancreatic cancer. she was 76-years-old. tonight there were tributes like this one where fans gathered to remember her powerful voice and her artistry. early in her career she spent time in the bay area honing her skill. ktvu's rob roth talked to some
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who knew her back then. ew her back then. >> terrible tom bowden, 79, said he had a feeling she had already died before officially hearing the news thursday morning that the legendary aretha franklin had died at age 76 of pancreatic cancer. >> reporter: he has a picture of the two of them singing respect. before that in the 1960s the future queen of soul was a unknown playing clubs in clubs undertone of the church. and any song fabulous. >> reporter: they became close
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in those days. >> friendship. it was friendship. >> reporter: he was on the same musical bill as franklin in the early days. >> respects highly. >> reporter: here on the sidewalk in front of the b.a.r.t. station there are 88 plaques honkerring musicians. -- honoring musicians. aretha franklin is a part of that history. >> she was a role model. >> reporter: her records were spinning and selling that power house voice that could make queen. >> she will never die. her name will never die. her style will never die. >> reporter: rob roth, ktvu fox
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2 news. >> bay areas are paying tribute to aretha franklin. she was a performer and has been paying homage to the queen of soul for 30 years. and she said the song respect has become an anthem for many. they were playing aretha franklin's music this evening in the castro. coming up, new at 11:00 p.m. caught in the act, the search for a robber who hit two businesses in the east bay. >> warmer weather this afternoon and temperatures continue to climb into your bay area friday. what you can expect for tomorrow and your weekend coming up. >> and new concerns that san francisco's new rooftop park could soon become a destination for the homeless. >> it is a concern. wait till they come up.
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they will make their presence known.
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new at 11:00 p.m. tonight police are asking for the public's help in identifying a robbery suspect. investigators say the person here is responsible for two robberies. this is surveillance video of the first one on july 24 at the chevron station. the second happened on august 6 at a little caesars. the san jose man facing charges in connection with the death of a man in may. the 37-year-old was arrested yesterday. he is held without bail. san jose police determined the victim was killed during a fight. investigators say the two knew each other. san francisco's new salesforce park is open to the public but some are concerned it could be a destination for the homeless.
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ktvu's christien kafton reports, the public space is privately owned and that can change the rules. >> reporter: on a bright sunny afternoon the new salesforce park is buzzing with activity. but in a city struggling with a homeless crisis some worry it will become a destination for the homeless looking for a place to say. >> i have been living in the city for 36 years so i know there is a lot of homeless here. it is a concern. wait till they come up. they will make their presence known. you know? >> reporter: it is similar to other parks in the city. they posted rules for use. including no tents or plastic tarps. head of security says the park has three levels of security. from police to private security officers and embassadors. this is a park, not a
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campground. >> no. it is not. our ambassadors are here to help connect people. >> reporter: she argues parks and public spaces are critical for the homeless to take care of bodily functions and hygienes and worries some spaces are designed to exclude the homeless. >> the transbay transit center reduced the amount of seating to prevent homeless people from being there and when that happens that prevents a public space from being public. >> reporter: the aim is not to exclude homeless, rather a focus on behavior. >> we try to set expectations. we want it to be a park for everybody. >> reporter: they hope the park remains a destination for everyone. >> i mean i hope it works.
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>> reporter: they say one of the best ways to maintain the park is enforcing the operating hours so they can empty the park every night. christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. a warm up over the bay area this afternoon and the warming trend is going to continue into your bay area friday and the weekend. saturday will be the warmest day. the numbers today in to tomorrow. 88 for santa rosa. oakland warmer. livermore 94 tomorrow. you will notice the difference. san jose 84. high pressure continues to strengthen our way. we have the onshore flow but it is weakening and we will continue a weaken friday and saturday. along the coast. 60s in pacifica, half moon bay.
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70s for santa cruz. 80s to low 90s inland. saturday mid-90s. and that is expected to be the hottest day. the winds calmed down. we have a breeze at sfo 17 miles per hour. gusting to 25. the winds and the flow remain on shore and that will be the case for friday as well. keeps temperatures in check. we have comfortable at the coast. cloud cover over the coast line. creeping back across the bay. tomorrow morning partly cloudy skies inside the bay. over the north bay. mostly cloudy at the coast. early burn off. mostly cloudy skies away from your coast line and partly cloudy skies in areas over pacifica and half moon bay. the morning lows, temperatures similar to where we have been. low 50s. and then into the afternoon, 86
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novato. east bay, low 90s danville. san jose 84. 77 san mateo. 67 in san francisco. your extended forecast, temperatures peak on saturday. near 100 degrees. around the bay low 80s. 70s at the coast. cooling on sunday and cooling continues into the extended forecast. into the weekend, some events. east bay the festival of india with a parade, endia's culture and -- india's culture and heritage and a health fair in fremont. north bay, the festival, it is
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a accordion extravaganza. south bay, the festival, food, music, dancing and a kids playground in addition to a parade that wends a big dance party. on the peninsula, the burlingame on the avenue. jazz, rock and blues. in san francisco, the aloha poly blues festival. a market place, arts and crafts and food booths and more. the high street pier, boats and music at the festival of the sea. he sea.
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>> fun stuff going on. in is -- coming up, the giants and dodgers brawl, mark has the fall out coming up next in sports. >> and respect for a legend. paying tribute it aretha franklin who died today at the age of 76. you are watching the 11:00 p.m. news on ktvu fox 2 news. n ktvu fox 2 news.
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. all right. mark in the news room. a suspension, fines and an injury from that brawl. >> bunch of baloney is what it is. this is not what sports is supposed to be about. bad news for giants fans. the fight turns into a problem. the brightest spot on the
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giants' roster. 6-1 record. 2.25 e.r.a. giants won 9 outings. he was injured in the brawl against the dodgers. he sustained a strained hamstring. he will miss one start. put on the 10 day disabled list. and here it is. yasiel puig suspended for two games and fined. nick hundley who started the thing with words. he is just fined. no suspension. i want to know what it umpire was doing. he could he could have stepped in right there and stopped the whole thing. he backs out of the way and it begins. and yasiel puig will begin his suspension on friday. the a's and giants off. football to talk about. and we will do that tomorrow because the raiders and 49ers are just in training camp and don't play till the weekend.
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we have golf. record setting golf. most golfers could never dream of a 59. this guy did. 11 under 59. 11 under 59. one of 10 golfers ever in pga history to break 60. his 20-foot put for bird to finish it. he had a round that included 10 birds and one eagle. three more rounds to play. time to check this out. wild games this year. scores into the 20s. that guy right there. usually a second baseman. the phillies needed him to pitch. he went one inning, 4 hits, two runs. throws at 52 miles an hour. he didn't do too bad. threw 16 pitches. 13 were strikes.
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he gets up for the rockies to end it with a nice catch. yeah. the tigers. 18th home run of the year. no big deal. look at that. the umpire right there, makes the play of the night. bear handing the bat on the bat toss. and finally, it is insult to injury. taking it on the chin in the middle of that 24-4 game. and that is not a good day for the philadelphia phillies. however, to their credit they bounce back and beat the mets in the second game of a double header. imagine playing a second game after you lost 24-4. >> that would be brutal. >> that is the sporting life. >> thank you. >> good night. >> good nigh getting this?
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manny: i'm getting the shot. i'm just not getting what you're trying to do. [ groans ] we're in australia -- it's on the bottom of the globe, so everyone here but me is upside-down. it's geography. it's a good time to tell you -- i dropped luke on his head when he was 1. oh. phil: okay, i'm up. did you drop him, too? [ chuckles ] grab my leg, buddy. here we go. oop. i come from the land down under. he doesn't. i was conceived in australia on my parents' honeymoon. it was a romantic summer night -- their summer -- on a blanket in the park. i still have that blanket. phil's mom left us money for a trip there, and when the rest of the family found out, they all just jumped on board. my mom's grandfather was australian, and she'd spend her summers -- their winters -- visiting him.f. she always wanted me to see it. wait -- you still have that blanket? yeah, silly. it's the one on our bed.


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